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tender-rosiey · a day ago
love, love, love | dazai drabble
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ᴀ/ɴ: I finally posted; this was supposed to be a fluff request but when it turned to hurt comfort, I decided to post it alone 👩‍🦲 SORRY HOPE YOU LIKE IT GUYS also this isn’t proofread so good luck
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love, love, love. a concept you longed for the longest time now. love, with all its situations, is very alluring, isn’t it? whether it’s a knight in shinning armor that comes to your rescue or a man who merely steps into your life to spread a smile on your face and make a fool out of himself just for your sake.
wouldn’t that be sweet?
you dreamt and dreamt of how it would be with that special person in your life. you saw those people all around you, so lovesick, so in love and it made you wonder: how would it be with you? would it the fairytale you have dreamt of or the nightmare you were escaping from?
love is a double edged sword, yes it is; however, you doubt that statement sometimes. how can you not when whenever his hand touches yours, you get flustered and your heart flutters. when he notices and points out those small fleeting details about you that no one seems to see.
it makes you feel cared for, and when his eyes are filled with clear genuine affection when he stares at you with a sense of longing. his heart that you can feel racing in his chest, a feeling he most of the time seems to dismiss, wasn’t he a man afraid of vulnerability?
but on one of the nights, when the moon was the only person keeping you company, your lover entered your room, instantly melting into your touch. the moment your hand makes contact with his face is the moment that you hear an airy chuckle escape his lips.
why was he laughing?
“i never thought i would open up to someone about this as much as i am doing with you right now, but before I tell you, my past is ugly, a dark slash of black in my seemingly white life. and if you choose to leave then i need you to know that i truly care for you.”
and so the words left his mouth like a never ending stream. however, they weren’t as smooth as they usually were. they were hesitant, with each word a look is directed towards you to check, are you gonna run away? are you going to leave? what will you do?
and when he is done with letting out the wicked symphony that was playing infinitely his mind, he looks at you, waiting for a reaction. anything? he prepared himself for the worst, so why aren’t you pushing him? why aren’t you screaming at him that he is a monster?
why is it that your first course of action is to hug him and cry for his pain? he doesn’t know, but he thanks his lucky stars that you are still by his side. he wants to think about the reason, to ask about the reason, but he doesn’t.
because love in its purest form is the willingness to give your everything without expecting anything in return. he laid it out for you, and you accepted all of him. you told him your thoughts and feelings and he worked to make you the most comfortable with him.
so no one can blame you when you tell them about your love. because your love is pure and love, love, love is a fantasy you don’t need to reach out for anymore. it has been wrapped around your finger for along time now.
“belladonna, i can’t wait to see you.”
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boldanimegirls · 2 months ago
Hinata Hyuga
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fizzberry-doodles · 3 months ago
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harriyanna · 9 days ago
I saw this happening on your Twitter, about the whole cosplaying thing. Why is it that white people can cosplay as Asian characters with no issue but Black people can't? They have a problem with everything we do. Like do they not have anything better to do than hate on everything a Black person does??
like i said earlier, white people have a problem with everything black people do. i was just talking about this yesterday, and imma say it again. white people (specific cishet white women) ruin fandom spaces. fandom is suppose to be a safe space and they come in a ruin it because they don't like people of color (specifically black people). cishet white women put their whiteness before their womanhood. many white woman are misogynists and can be just as bad as straight white men.
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detagenderdisasster · 6 months ago
since instagram is turning into a video sharing app have these fb memes i made on my meme account <3
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forgot to put my @ on the images but idc rn i’m lazy i’ll just add it for next time since i’ll probably make more fb memes
edit: HOLY SHIT THANKS FOR 106 LIKES I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS- i’ll be sure to post more fb memes
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ichorstvins · 2 months ago
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joshuasageart · 18 days ago
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🔊New Song🔊
JoshuaSageArt - WiFi Lit
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lishajournals · 4 months ago
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isuuki · 5 months ago
Along with the other minors in anime 🙂
Ik ill get attacked for this but oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️
Creds to @slxtcidal_ on tiktok!
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matt0044 · 4 months ago
Japan is not your Apolitical paradise. Not with Anime. Not with Manga. Not even with Light Novels.
This was inspired by Marzgurl’s “Anime Fans Missing the Point Due to Hate” video and Zeria’s “Anime Is (And Should Be) Political” video. I might not be as scathing as them but I hope to contribute to this awareness.
If there’s one aspect to discourse over the Anime Industry, Translation and Distribution, it would be this fetishization of Japan as a country.
That might sound like a bold statement with quite the loaded term but… it’s excruciatingly hard to think of anything else to describe it as. Especially on YouTube.
You get painful Clickbait that’s made even worse by claiming that “Japan” is trying to cut out the “middleman distribution companies in America.”
That “Japan” hates “Western PC Culture” because the head writer of Digimon Tamers made the cast do an embarrassing reading of what was obstensively his right-winged blog posts in a screenplay.
That “Japan” is mad at FUNimation or anybody who dared to press charges against Vic Mignogna, somebody who had been banned from cons since the late 90s. You know, for his behavior that‘s never been news and only got support thanks to the #MeToo movement.
That “Japan” hates dubs that don’t adhere to the original like with a term associated with Social Justice or Social Media in general. As if many of these productions don’t have the studio’s approval more often than not. As if dubs for Kaguya-Sama haven’t gotten positive buzz because they were anything but 100% faithful.
Or did you decide that you lied about liking Ghost Stories?
Japan isn’t apolitical. Anime isn’t apolitical. The only ones injecting politics into Anime are the Anime (or Manga in the case of adaptations) themselves from the ground up. Not some comedy’s dub that referred Reddit or the patriarchy in a fairly poor joke.
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vill123 · 9 months ago
Me, explaining to someone that criticizing something and still liking it can co-exist:
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tender-rosiey · a month ago
❥ Genshin Voicelines about you
Includes Keaya, Diluc, Albedo, Venti, Childe, Zhongli, Xiao, Kazuha, Thoma and Itto
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
y/n? she is quite the captivating mystery, I never know what to expect from her. So far, she is the only one able to catch me off guard especially when she smiles. She accompanies me to the tavern every time, it’s honestly comforting; but enough about that, if I keep talking I may reveal some…private stuff. Would you like to meet her some time?
You met her? That’s lovely; i hope it was a good time. For me, whenever she is around somehow the world seems brighter and everything goes smoother. Perhaps that’s the effect love has on people, you seem to loose track of time; for that I really don’t know how to repay her…
She is quite the character, I could spend years trying to study her and I would still not have her fully figured out; however, of course like any good lover I do notice when her mood changes or if she wants or is disturbed by something. I do not like when she is down, it puts me in a foul mood.
Oh my happy heart! Her name alone is a beautiful melody to my ear! Y/N, a gorgeous face that blooms under the moonlight; I can not put into words how much I love— I mean I can because I am a bard, but they are never enough to express how I really love her! We should go drink wine together, it will be a blast! Hehe!
Do you see that lovely lady over there? That’s my stunning lover, y/n! She is an absolute sight for sore eyes, don’t you think? But seriously she is so lovable, it’s never a dull day with her and she is pretty good at sparing too! Just my kind of woman.
Ah, I take it that you’ve finally met her. It was but a matter of time, how was your encounter? I would like to assume it was a rather sweet one. Why? Well, y/n is a wonderful lady, the type to make your worries go away in a glance when she smiles ever so brightly. She makes me loose sense of time and not worry about the…matters that concern me most of the time. But enough about that, would you like to come over? I am sure y/n would love to see you again.
Huh? Y/n? She…she is my lover. No, I am not embrassed, I merely still don’t believe it, somehow. I can see her by my side smiling crystal clear, but I can’t help but think that it’s just a fever dream. After all, my karma is still ongoing for the rest of my life; though it has become lighter when she appeared.
You would like to know who was that person I was speaking to? That was y/n, she is my lover and one of my biggest inspirations to my poems. Till this day, I am convinced that she is a blessing from the Archons; I am content with my life yes, but with her around, I can’t help but feel like the happiest person alive.
Ah Y/N! You wouldn’t believe how we met, she was carrying some boxes and clumsily slipped; thankfully though I was there to help her and since then we got closer! Oh you want to know who she is to me now? She is my one and only lover! And my primary taste-tester!
THAT’S MY GIRL! Oh hey traveler! You mean the absolutely badass woman fighting in the arena? That’s my girlfriend and she is pretty strong let me tell you! When I first started dating her, there was a Rifthound that was gonna attack her but I was too far away and feared that she might get hurt, but guess what? SHE DEMOLISHED THAT THING AND SENT IT BACK RUNNING WITH ITS TAIL BETWEEN ITS LEGS!
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taglist: @magenta-cat-drawingss @pompompurin1028 @scul-pted @dazaisdeathwish @requiem626k @nameless-shrimp @shinys-bsd-world-1 @sonder-paradise @ravenina14 @jessbeinme15 @todorokichills @ginneko @missrown
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Everyone seems to agree that the anime community as a whole is horrible and toxic, in my humble opinion even the worst fandom I know of. But why is that? Well, I tried to pick apart the fandom and categorise us into boxes, which isn't the best approach but I wanted to get the bunch of different people in order. So what problematic behaviour have I spotted?
(You're welcome to add on or dismiss this, it's just something I've come up with to make sense of this mess of a community)
The elitist:
All of us know them. They won't consider you a real anime fan, unless you've watched all episodes of One Piece, even if you've watched a lot of other anime already. They love comparing shows and will attack you if you disagree with them.
The power scaler:
They are a subcategory of the elitist, they are all about finding the most powerful, most Chad like character. They only watch fighting-shonen. "Goku solos"
The homophobe
If two male characters are shown to be very affectionate with each other, these guys feel the need to comment "kinda sussy" as if it's something bad or something to laugh at. If they actually like the characters and it's obvious that they might actually have feelings for each other then this type gets very desperate in proving to everyone that "they're just friends, stop shipping them" (eg Killua and Gon; not canon but very suggestive). They have constant beef with people who headcanon characters as queer and ship them with each other.
The transphobe
This archetype is good friends with the homophobe. They make fun of "traps" and cross dressers and get reaaally overwhelmed with the concept of gender bending. Wouldn't be surprised to hear an attack helicopter joke from them.
The misogynist
They love harem and ecchi/fanservice, which isn't bad but they don't care or even notice when a female character gets harassed. Anime often has pervy characters, who don't face any consequences for their behaviours and are sometimes even glorified because their problematic actions are used as comedy (think Jiraya or Sanji). That encourages the misogynist's mindset. They desperately want an anime watching girlfriend but then creep every girl out. "Looking for a Hinata in a sea of Sakuras"
The hater
They love picking fights for no reason and are extremely rude. I've seen multiple harmless posts of fanart or edits, under which several people commented "cringe", which is very hurtful to the creators, even though it's just one word. It's a powerful word and this type blatantly abuses its power to bully. They might gaslight you and think they know better than everyone else, which is interesting, if not ironic, because they often have anime profile pictures of a (main) character who'd never condone their behaviour. If you say that you like Boku No Hero Academia this type will laugh at you. They hate Deku cause he cries a lot.
The informer & translator
They talk about upcoming anime, recommend some and might have an account, on which they explain fan theories etc. They tend to be respectful and helpful. You're appreciated!
The creative one
They are not problematic, they use their free time to be productive and share their work with other fans. Whether it's fanart, fanfic or cosplay, keep doing it! Thank you, we love it and greatly appreciate your effort and service! However, there's limits, which seem obvious but are often overlooked: for example, please don't draw sexy art of a minor.
The shipper
I doubt I have to explain this one. Shipping is completely fine, but again, there's limits: no minors if it gets sexual. And maybe consider whether the pairing is healthy.
The fetishiser
For example fujoshis. You are of course free to enjoy any content but please don't make queer people uncomfortable with your shippings. Someone liking your sexuality feels very weird. It's like the "let's have a threesome"-line that bisexuals and other mspec people often hear.
The roleplayer
They pretend to be a character and then act out scenarios with others. If it's harmless, it's fine.
Honourable mention: The one who has no social media presence and just silently enjoys their anime without having problematic opinions or getting involved in unnecessary discourse
Super chill people, quite rare, very cool but you can't really get hype about anime with them cause they're too calm haha
That's all I came up with. I'm not sure what this is telling us now. I don't think I'm any smarter than before but it feels like I put something into words that really needed to get out cause I've gotten rather annoyed by certain people recently. Maybe see this as a vibe check; did you pass? I'mma call myself out, I don't know whether I'm problematic but I can get pretty annoying with all my discourse, kinda starting arguments when I feel like I gotta call someone out.
Any other opinions?
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chronic-claire-universe · 15 days ago
Anonimously write to your favourite authors and let them know what you think of their works
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fizzberry-doodles · 10 months ago
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kiwiissworld · 7 months ago
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBNnbdPB-lQ TRAILER FOR SEASON 2 I NOTICED SOMETHING.
Wanna talk about how these two may actually be The Clawthorn sisters parents? :3
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apple-bees-post · 5 months ago
This reply section is hilarious🤣
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lishajournals · 7 months ago
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tatsumaki 🌪️
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cozylychee · 21 days ago
2022 anime i'm looking forward to
chainsaw man!
Tumblr media
jujutsu kaisen season two!
Tumblr media
the next episodes of jojo stone ocean!
Tumblr media
my hero academia season 6!
Tumblr media
bungo stray dogs season 4!
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goodnightpaupau · a year ago
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Twisted Visions - Junji Ito 
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