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⚓︎*~Home Sweet Home~*⚓︎ (Daichi x Reader) Drabble

❣︎Warnings❣︎: None :)

❣︎Genre❣︎: Fluff

❣︎A/N❣︎: Sooooo I have come to the understanding that I cycle through these Haikyuu boys like paper and this week Daichi has just been hittin differentttttt. (Daddy Daichiiiiiiii)But either way, I’ve been simping and I couldnt get rid of the idea of domestic Daichi so here’s a quick little drabble. Enjoy ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ



Work was brutal. Everything hurt, and all you wanted to do was take a shower and knock out underneath the warm sheets of your bed. But even more, you wished to be wrapped in your husband’s arms. His big and strong arms that would wrap around your waist at night were all you could think about. The comforts of home were what you yearned for and as you yawned once more in your car. You weren’t even hungry, you just wanted to sleep. Pulling your car into the driveway, you glance to see Daichi’s car ahead of yours. He was home. You unlock the door and take off your shoes before making your way to the kitchen. He faced the stove as he was whistling a random tune. Your feet silently carried you to him and you slip your arms around him, cheek pressed against his back.

“Hi hun, how was work?” He twists himself in your grasp, pushing the strands of hair from your face.

You simply groan into his chest and it was easy to tell it was a very tiring day.

A forced quick meal from Daichi and a hot shower later, you are changing into one of his big t-shirts as he laid on the bed waiting for you. You sleepily carried yourself to bed and flopped head first into the mattress. You can hear Daichi lightly chuckle as your wet hair fans out in front of you. He gently pulls you to him and you gladly cooperate entangling your legs with his. You rest your head under his chin and he wraps his big arms around you pulling you in as close as he could. You breathed in the familiar fragrance of his body wash along with the faint scent of fresh laundry. That along with the distant thumping of his heartbeat, quickly lulled you to sleep. You were engulfed with warmth not only in your body, but in your heart. You held onto Daichi a little tighter almost as a silent thank you. A thank you for the constant love and the forever home he represented.

“I love you.” Your voice came out as a small whisper.

“I love you more”

He kissed your forehead sweetly. And with that, you fell asleep wrapped in his arms.

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❤️Always Team Chitoge❤️

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Winter 2021 Anime Recommedation:

Wonder Egg Priority


Where to Watch: Funimation

Studio: CloverWorks

Total Episodes: 12

Air Day: Tuesdays


Watch if you like

The Monogatri Series

Madoka Magica

Land of the Lustrous


Honestly best watched with as little lead up as possible. With it’s first 3 episodes, Wonder Egg Priority manages to use its crisp and beautiful animation to pull you in to something much deeper and compelling. It certainly isn’t what it may seem based on image alone and is worth giving a shot if you’re an anime fan of any genre.

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