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xosuki2 days ago
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PAIRING: aged up! bakugou x f! reader.
SUMMARY: just a normal steamy time with baku until you tell him you want him to breed you.
WARNINGS: breeding. biting. anal. foul language. mentions of belly bulge. dirty talk. dacryphilia (?) i think that鈥檚 all ???? 馃ゲ
NAVIGATION: click me 馃悋!
FRANKIE NOTE: uhh, this is my first time writing things that involve breeding 'n shit but hope y'all enjoy ! <33
喱(喋*藠岬曀)喋* 喋堚櫋鈥р倞藲
喱(喋*藠岬曀)喋* 喋堚櫋鈥р倞藲
喱(喋*藠岬曀)喋* 喋堚櫋鈥р倞藲
喱(喋*藠岬曀)喋* 喋堚櫋鈥р倞藲
"鈥-katsuki鈥. mmm鈥. katsuki鈥"
as you drowned into lust and bliss, the only things that your mind processed was the chain around bakugou's neck that would clank and dangle鈥攁nd him inside of you.
bakugou's spiky blond hair bounced as he murdered your insides, with your hips twitching and being a whimpering disaster. it wasn't long before you released another orgasm which made his ears twitch.
bakugou was sort of a whiner whenever you too were intimate, which was quite rare if he wasn't swearing every three seconds. his glistening red crimson eyes stared into yours as his as his eyebrows slowly knitted together. he made sure to praise you every moment he got while abusing that cunt of yours. you whined, getting frustrated as he was going slow, probably on purpose just to fuck with you.
"m-more鈥" you whined. "fuck me.. please.."
"you want me to fuck you harder?" he pants, creeping out an exhausting smile. "alright fine then, dumbass." your eyes slightly widened, as he held your legs up, to the mattress pounded you even harder, with a much quicker pace.
bakugou leaned down and kissed your chin, hearing your whines and murmurs in his ear.
you weren't completely satisfied though. as you felt the latex of the condom inside of you, you couldn't help but scowl. it prevented bakugou from painting your needy walls the color you yearned for. that's all you wanted. for him to breed you.
the naughty thoughts of yours was interrupted as you felt his dick reach deep inside you with one of the thrusts. only choked words escaped your lips, where drool seeped through the corners of your mouth wanting this to never end. "you're close, aren't you, dumbass?" he smirks, knowing your body like the back of his hand.
"y-yes.. fuck!" you whimper in his ear.
"you gonna come all over my fuckin' cock as i kill those insides of yours, hm?" he groans.
"yes katsuki鈥" you answered as he gripped your throat with one hand. "p-please鈥 it feels so good鈥 oh my g-god.."
bakugou kept pounding inside of you, and felt you let out a whine, before you came, your eyelids becoming heavy; the blond smiled to himself, panting himself, as sweat trickled down his eyebrow. the pro-hero leaned in and gave you a passionate kiss, as you both moaned in each other鈥檚 mouths.
after a while, you pulled away to catch your breath, before muttering, "take.. the condom off, katsuki.."
the blond then furrows his eyebrows, staring at you kind of weirdly鈥攈is pupils slightly dilated from the current pleasure created from the both of you. you squeezed his hand, your eyes staring deeply into his. "breed me katsuki鈥 please鈥 fill me up inside please鈥 i- i need it.."
bakugou stared at you for quite some time. he already knew that if he did what you asked for, he'd most likely go feral. he wouldn't be able to control himself, and you desperately wanted that. needed that.
he let out a heavy sigh, stroking your lips with his thumb, before planting a soft kiss on your mouth. "you're crazy, you know that? are you sure, y/n? we've never-"
"i know.. i just.. i want it so bad katsuki鈥" you desperately cried.
bakugou stared at you with a straight face, his scary lust-filled gaze intimidating you alone as he pulled out, searching your eyes to see if you were serious. and he could tell you were. you didn't even break eye contact at all.
"dumbass, if i do that then you'll get pregnant." he replies.
"maybe i wanna get pregnant by you.." you coo, your eyes slowly lowering from the desperate need and wants you yearned for. you got tingles just from the thought of bakugou fucking his kids inside of you. you craved it more than anything, probably more than you should have.
bakugou deadpanned before tilting his head slightly. a single breath escaped his lips. "鈥.are you sure, dumbass. like鈥 really."
"yes, i'm sure.." you speak in a more broken whimper. you watched as your boyfriend panted.
"fuck you're so hot when you're all desperate and whiny," he mutters, a smile forming on your lips as you didn't dare break eye contact. "fine, i'll give you what you want, baby. i could never say no to my cute little dumbass."
your eyes eagerly watched him take off the condom, as he intertwined his fingers with yours鈥攕queezing your hand. bakugou breathed slowly, as he went inside of you, making you whine once more, loving every second. "you're so鈥 fuckin'鈥 loud鈥," he spoke between each thrust, taking pride in your embarrassed face.
"look at my cock just bulging inside of that cute little tummy of yours," he points out, as he digs his head into the very crook of your neck, sucking on your collarbone. "you wanna be filled up with my milk huh? wanna give birth to my blond bratty kids?"
you nodded, feeling warm tears run down your cheeks. "p-please katsuki鈥 ngh..!"
letting out the most memorable whine he could ever hear, you felt your back arch as his lengthy cock abused your clit. bakugou squeezed your hands, silencing your whines by kissing you. he wiped your tears with one hand as he fucked you into complete oblivion.
"you fucking whore. my fucking whore," he says in between kisses, licking the bottom of your lip. "you want me to make you a mommy huh? the mommy who carries my children鈥 have that belly as nice and swollen for me?"
"y-yes鈥" you whined, cursing to yourself mentally.
"i can already picture your cute little desperate face," he speaks in a rough voice, biting into your neck. "so so pretty with those tears running down your face. you're so fucking crazy, y/n."
you desperately nod. "i-i wanna have your kids鈥 please fill your kids inside of me katsuki.. i want it so badddd鈥"
"yeah?" he smirks, his low moans sending you shivers. "you want my fuckin' seed filling you up only to run down your leg? want me to fuck you so good that you won't be able to walk in the morning?"
"please鈥. pleaseee鈥" you cry.
you felt so light-headed, wanting nothing more than to feel his milk deep inside you. you couldn't wait, you were too ecstatic. bliss overtook your body as well as pain and of course pleasure. bakugou's pace quickened, as he made your legs wrap around him.
chills raced down your spine, as his moans made you even more soaked. you squeezed his hand, as your legs twitched.
"fuck鈥! i'm gonna fuckin' cum in you, baby!" he growls, fucking you harder after each thrust.
then, bakugou melts inside of you, literally. his thrusts became shaky, as he bit into your neck again before stopping. his warm cum filled deep inside you, leaving you both a moaning mess.
"fuck yeah," he panted watching your eyes roll to the back of your head. "take it all baby. take my cum fillin' up your cute little insides."
"katsuk-" you croak, before letting out a orgasm. you never felt so full before. it was an entire new feeling for the both of you. bakugou stayed inside of you as he kissed your forehead, 鈥攆eeling your legs shake from beneath him.
"kat鈥 katsu鈥 suki鈥 kat鈥"
"aw, did i break you, baby?" he smiles, no better himself. you could hear the shakiness in his voice before he let out another moan. "you can barely even say my name."
you whine, as he pulls you in for a long kiss, before feeling him pull out. he loathed your whines and whimpers so much, it became a mental ringtone in his head. bakugou smiled, full of exhaustion before kissing the sides of your face.
"made me fuck a child into you," he mutters, his hair moving as he laid on your stomach. "now all we have to do is wait, baby."
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shizukais2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 01 "Angel Attack"
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tender-rosiey2 days ago
heyy dont mind me just requesting something since you鈥檙e writing is soo AMAZING i literally binge read your work.
i was wondering how would kunikida, chuuya and dazai would be like with a s/o that isnt from Japan- from another country. s/o can speak japanese but it isnt their first language so there may be some stuff that they have problems with. I also wondered how they would react with the difference in culture (eg. Japanese and UK culture?? is that even a good example?? i hope you know what i mean) between the characters and s/o but if you dont really wanna include that, i dont mind
if you cant do this its okay i know youre busy or you may be going through something (if you are you are not alone and we all care about you鉂わ笍鉂わ笍). if you do doe THANK YOU SO MUCH. have a great day!!馃挅
鉂 BSD Characters with a non-Japanese s/o
Includes Dazai, Chuuya and Kunikida
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
岽/纱: i am honored that you think my work is binge worthy and thank you so much for you kind words; I hope you like this as well and have a wonderful day sweetheart and sorry for being late 馃挄 also this is pretty long so I put a readmore 馃懇鈥嶐煢 I AM SO HAPPY I POSTED THO SO HELL YEAH; unedited btw so if you find any mistakes then ignore them <333
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think Dazai would be really intrigued by a foreigner
Cause like new ideas and he could widen his view and perspectives as well as gain knowledge
So he would be the first one to greet you
Would probably ask you lots of questions after flirting a little ;)
鈥淚 never knew foreigners could look so beautiful, you look very mesmerizing, belladonna.鈥
Cue him being brought back to earth by a smack on the head from you know who
He would think that the times when you make mistakes while talking are adorable
But will also keep them as blackmail
Cause like you know how one word in Japanese could mean gazillion other things and one letter pronunciation being off could give off another meaning
Examples such as kawai which means cute and kowai which means scary
So he would be laughing his ass off when you do mix things up
I think he would also love to know lots about your culture
So everyday is a new topic started by a question from him
鈥淗ow do you say 鈥渨ill you commit double suicide with me鈥 in your language?鈥
That鈥檚 the first question, later on he asks about more things
Now, like I said before, one Japanese word can mean a gazillion other
An example how mushi could mean bug or ignore
In a sentence, for example when a creep is trying to hit on you and you ignore him
You are basically mushing the mushi
MUSHING IS NOT A WORD BTW cause I don鈥檛 wanna spread false information 馃毝鈥嶁檧锔
anyhow, dazai cackles whenever you mess up
Especially when you are interacting with another person
You wanted to call a kid cute once but instead called him scary (kawai and kowai)
And dazai was just there laughing his ass off
While the kid was just :(
If you speak Japanese with a somewhat accent then he thinks it鈥檚 quite adorable
Teaches you about the Japanese culture ever so enthusiastically
鈥淗ow about you taste this?鈥
鈥淚 GOT KIKUFUKU FROM A DEAR FRIEND OF MINE! He recommended the zunda and cream mochi.鈥
I didn鈥檛 mention this, but mans learns how to say 鈥淚 like you.鈥 In your language and confessed to you like that
He noticed that you were silent for some time so he asked 鈥淒id鈥 not say it correctly?鈥
Nah you were just going to get tackled osa鈥
Dazai also goes by 鈥淚 am the only one who can tease you about your accent鈥
He knows you are trying your hardest and won鈥檛 let anyone make you think otherwise 馃槫
That鈥檚 why he compliments you a lot about your speech
Is MESMERISED when he hears you speak your first language the first time
鈥淵ou sound wonderful speaking in your mother tongue, belladonna.鈥
If you are normal like me and your personality changes depending on the language you are speaking then he will be surprised by the range
Dazai: O-O
He shows you off and keeps boasting about how you are a beautiful foreigner and a proof he can get even the most attractive person to have his eyes laid on
鈥淒azai, shut up and continue working, and stop teaching y/n filthy words in Japanese.鈥
Staying away from your country and family is very hard
So dazai being the expert in reading people knows that you are feeling down and homesick
So what does he do?
Easy; take you out for a stroll and acts twice as energetic and dramatic than usual, also with a side of getting himself in more funny situations just so you can smile
Tumblr media
(Such a pretty hat on such a pretty man)
Anywho this is how y鈥檃ll meet because mafia life is dope
鈥淎 new person will be joining the port mafia.鈥
鈥淭hey are foreigners, so please respect that they might or might not struggle with some things; Chuuya, I want you to show them around.鈥
And that鈥檚 how a cliche love story began
While you guys were walking the halls of the mafia silently he asked 鈥淪o, how鈥檚 your country like?鈥
Cue you describing how it鈥檚 there and the things you love there
And him being intrigued by everything you say, so naturally more questions follow
He also tells you about Japan and the culture in return and adores how you seemed so genuinely interested in what he is saying
And it鈥檚 never an awkward conversation with his ginger self
He confessed through a letter in your language pls
Now you know why was he asking you about the meaning of random words
Though you sensed the usage of google translate 馃檴
It was really sweet nevertheless <3
Chuuya malfunctions when he hears you speak your mother language the first time
Literally dies
鈥淕od that sounded heavenly鈥o it again.鈥
Obviously gets caught off guard when you change personality when you switch languages like damn duality is hot
He teaches you useful words
He also teaches you cuss words to freely insult anyone because he ain鈥檛 letting you get insulted without knowing so and not having a comeback >:(
G L A R E S at anyone who makes fun of you while you talk
Like that he never wants you to feel cast out so he brings in anything that will stop that feeling
Though he might chuckle at your mistakes and accent because he thinks they are cute af
And corrects you gently while NOT making you feel like a dumb idiot
I think Chuuya has the tendency to try including you to conversations
Someone could be talking about something they like and he would just go 鈥淥h! Y/N likes that too, don鈥檛 you, dove?鈥
And that helps you in learning further Japanese because practice makes perfect and you get to see everyday convos
Not sure if planning a bomb is an everyday conversation though
I have mentioned before that I STRONGLY believe that gift giving is Chuuya鈥檚 love language
So he gets you anything related to Japanese culture that he believes might be to your liking
鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 need to get me a samurai鈥檚 armor.鈥
鈥淏ut it looks cool and powerful?鈥
On the more normal note
He gets you trinkets and food from different parts of Japan when he visits them cause why not
He loves learning about your culture too
Especially since it鈥檚 a part of you, he always asks questions about it
You guys can go on for hours talking together
I feel like conversations with Chuuya are actually fun and rarely get awakened once you are close to him
Mans died when he saw you wearing a kimono for the first time, you looked so stunning :(
And he will try his best to find your country鈥檚 traditional outfit and wear it for you
Whenever you are feeling homesick, he is ready to hug you and offer to go there for sometime
And when you guys can鈥檛, he will let you redecorate a room in his house to your taste so you can feel more at home
It later on becomes the bedroom for you guys
Tumblr media
As you would figure out, he is pretty professional at first, but he does show his interest in your culture and country politely
鈥淭hat seems interesting, can you tell me more about it?鈥
In secret he is in love with your accent like ITS SO ADORABLE AND ADMIRABLE HOW YOU ARE TRYING SO HARD
One time he chuckled out loud accidentally and mumbled what you heard as 鈥渃ute.鈥
But then he switched and started working loudly to distract from what he said
Maybe that鈥檚 why his face was red?
Slowly but surely you guys get together
He confessed to you normally but he did get you a lovely bouquet of the flowers known in your country
You asked him to help you with your Japanese and he of course agreed
However, since he was a math teacher since he is a normally strict person, his teaching is the same with strictness
But worry not, you get head pats, forehead kisses and sweet 鈥済ood job鈥漵
鈥淭hat was great, y/n; onto the next one.鈥
鈥淵ou pronounced the middle incorrectly, if that happens while you are talking to someone then they will think that you have a prisoner at home.鈥
You know, at the beginning of your romantic relationship he would rarely go to you for questions about your country and culture
He would just sit in front of his laptop and search for it himself
Why? He is just a bit shy or rather reserved about asking you and plus he wants to impress you with what he already knows
But that didn鈥檛 work for the period of time he was hoping for
Because one time you came into his room with snacks so he doesn鈥檛 starve overworking himself, you found him asleep in front of the laptop
You gently chuckled and were planning to carry him onto the bed but you noticed what was written on the screen
鈥淧opular dishes in (c/n)鈥
鈥淕ifts that resemble extreme love in (c/n)鈥
鈥淲hat to avoid doing in order not to offend a (c/n) citizen鈥
To say you were touched and sweetly overwhelmed is an understatement but I am totally so out of words right now so deal with it <3
When he woke up the next day, you were clinging onto him all day and he just buried his face in your hair/shoulder (no height discrimination 馃敨)
Dazai somehow found out and kept on teasing him about how whipped he is for 3 weeks or so because he is dazai
Also, he still searches but when he wants to double check something he goes to you and you guys discuss what you know about Japan and your country
Of course while completely having fun and enjoying your time, you still feel homesick at times
It can鈥檛 be helped :(
But your lovely boyfriend is there for the rescue with a rather very unique way
And I am not being biased, it鈥檚 just kunikida cares deeply for those he values and I feel he would go through anything for them 馃ズ
One day he called you into a room away from the agency, it was pitch black
You had no one around you and the door closed right after you entered
You were about to attack whoever you heard but then you heard something
It was the traditional music of your country
Following that white fabric surrounded the room and a projection was revealed above you
When it turned on you saw a video of your country all around you, including the popular events and landscapes
You then felt a hand place a controller in yours
The screen then switched to simulator of a character living in your country
With the controller you were able to move like you are actually there
鈥淚 noticed how you were feeling homesick lately; I hope this helps.鈥
If that isn鈥檛 sweet then I don鈥檛 know
Obviously you thanked him a lot and hugged him until y鈥檃ll couldn鈥檛 breathe
鈥淚t鈥檚 nothing, I am just glad you are fine now.鈥
aw <3
Tumblr media
taglist: @magenta-cat-drawingss @pompompurin1028 @scul-pted @dazaisdeathwish @requiem626k @nameless-shrimp @shinys-bsd-world-1 @sonder-paradise @ravenina14 @jessbeinme15 @todorokichills @ginneko
Tumblr media
copyright 漏 2020 tender-rosiey
do not copy or plagiarize or you will be reported
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petal-web2 days ago
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釁& 鈽 `` so sad in my head feelin' like a curse 雮橂姅 旮胳潉 鞛冴碃 猡(馃Ш") " 頃 鞚检澊 鞐嗢姷雼堧嫟 雮搓皜 靹犿儩頃 瓴冹潃 鞁れ牅搿 鞛戨彊頃橃 鞎婌姷雼堧嫟 陹 馃枛馃徎 陹 驴 釁
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shizukais19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 02 "Unfamiliar Ceilings"
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