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spike-spiegels · 19 hours ago
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✶ 3k Followers Celebration ✶ ↳ @zuura asked: Fruits Basket + Favorite Romantic Relationship
If I’m going to keep living, I want to do it with you.
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xosuki · 22 hours ago
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PAIRING: sub! aged up! bakugou x f! dom! reader.
SUMMARY: its your birthday & bakugou agrees to do whatever you want!
WARNINGS: pegging. oral. anal. darcryphilia. (?) semi-drooling. domination. one facial scene. swearing. begging. gagging.
A/N: you have been warned. y/n or you in this case is going to be dominating bakugou. expect what's expected by the warnings above ! :D
"—i don't understand why i have to wear this stupid shit!" bakugou yelled, standing stiff in the doorway with an adorable maid outfit. he saw you smiling eagerly and glared at you.
"because katsuki it's adorable! and besides, it's my birthday remember and you said you would do anything~"
bakugou crossed his arms and cutely pouted.
"fuck you!" bakugou yells, as he turns away.
"aw come here," you coo, as bakugou walks towards you, his cheeks turning bright pink. "oh don't be so dramatic. you're always being the dom in the relationship what's wrong with me being one?"
bakugou shot you a glare as he sat beside you. "don't be stupid! you're too innocent and shit to ever dominate me."
you giggled. "too innocent?"
"no no, you said i'm innocent remember?" you repeat, starting at a slow pace and stroked his cock. "i'm so innocent that i'm stroking your cock, huh?"
the blond panted, occasionally seeing the smug expression that remained on your face. he felt so embarrassed. he wanted more than anything to just fuck you himself, but he knew he couldn't. it was your birthday, and he did agree to whatever you asked him too.
"fuck…" he muttered, as you stroked faster, before bending your head down to lick the tip of precum that leaked. "y-y/n…"
"so adorable," you hummed, licking the sides and the top just to purposely tease him.
bakugou rolled his eyes back, as his hand softly rose up to grip your hair but you quickly smacked him, making him wince. "nope. no touching, baby."
"h-ha?" he exclaims.
"you heard me," you snickered, placing kissing over his lengthy member as you continued to strike him. "since you wanna be a little brat, no touching me, heh."
bakugou panted, as his breathing became hitched more and more as you slowly started to give him head. as you took him into your mouth halfway, poor boy wanted more than anything to face fuck you or grip your hair, shoving him down deeper.
you were in control though.
not him.
"y/n… fuck… you little shit… embarrassing me like this… ahh.."
you giggled as his cock was deep inside your throat, reaching near the back and making you gag. bakugou watched as your head bobbled. his moans were a lot different though whenever the two of you were intimate. they sounded… bratty… and whiny. which was not like bakugou at all. it made you smile, knowing only you could have this amount of power over him.
"let me…" he started before he couldn't finish.
"let you what?" you asked, removing his thrashing member from your mouth to speak.
bakugou glared as sweat beads raced down his forehead. "let me… let me cum dumbass… i- i need to fucking cum, now."
"excuse me?" you teethed, with a sinister grin. "i dunno, it sounds like you're commanding me when you should be begging me, katsuki."
the blond watched as you pinched his nipples through the dress he wore, and he let out a hiss. "beg? who do i look like… begging for you, idiot?"
you smiled. "katsuki, quit being such a brat. unless you're too scared and embarrassed to beg for me."
the blond stared at you — furrowing his eyebrows in annoyance. "i-i'm not fucking embarrassed, damn dumbass. but fine… let me… let me cum y/n please.. i just need to cum."
"you don't need to," you corrected. "you want to."
bakugou angrily sucked his teeth. "fine! i wanna cum, okay?? let me fucking cum—i can't take it, fuck…"
"okay, you can cum now." you smiled, stroking his angry cock.
bakugou panted, as his own breathing raced against him. he let out a whiny moan as he released onto your face, making you giggle. "begging for me like a good boy."
"don't… call me a good boy.." he glared, his cheeks turning red at the comment.
"yeah yeah," you teased, before pushing bakugou over, and smacking him leg. "now, bend over."
"bend.. over?" he repeated. "i'm not supposed to do that dumbass. nice fucking… try.."
the blond stopped speaking as he met your serious lust-filled gaze. he found it hot but at the same time scary. he always saw you as the innocent little girlfriend who he'd fuck into oblivion. how the tables have turned.
bakugou sweared under his breath cutely as he obeyed, the sounds of the small bells on the maid outfit filling the room. you lifted up the dress, and smacked his cute, pale rear.
he winced, feeling his ears burn with rage and embarrassment.
"look at katsuki bakugou about to get fucked by his girlfriend," you grinned, pointing at the mirror in front of the both of you. "aw, you look scared? what's wrong, baby?"
bakugou stared at the mirror, panting a bit from how riled up and horny he was. "shut up… you know i'm doing this… for you, idiot."
"mmhm," you hummed, before walking over to the nightstand and attaching a pink lil strapon around your waist.
bakugou gulped as his eyes met it's gaze. "the fuck are you gonna do with that?" — "don't tell me you're gonna… put that inside of me dumbass. by saying you're gonna… fuck me this isn't what i thought you meant…"
"oops," you sly smiled. "you'll be fine. consider it as a taste of your own medicine, hm?"
bakugou tensed as you smothered lube all around below before you did the do. you smiled, holding the dildo that strapped around your waist. you held his waist, making the toy collide with his sensitive entrance near his rear.
"a-ah fuck!" he whined. it was an entire new experience for him. bakugou getting dominated? please.
you hummed, before slowly going inside of him. it was big, you couldn't lie — but thanks to the lube, it slipped right in. bakugou's eyes widened, as he tried to silence his moans. this was an entire new feeling unlocked for him.
"you can moan, you know," you teased, feeling yourself all the way inside now. "i wanna hear my boyfriend."
"i swear y/n.." he muttered, choking on his words. "i'm gonna get you back for this."
that's right when you smacked his ass, watching it turn a cute color and giggled. "don't threaten me, katsuki. i'm the one that's inside of you right now."
"fuck! me…." he wailed.
"sure!" you grinned before ramming inside of him, clenching his waist.
bakugou choked on nothing, as drool made its way down the corners of his mouth. "n-no dumbass i didn't mean it literally… fuck!"
you smiled, seeing bakugou's spiky hair bounce cutely as you fucked him. his moans were so breathy and whiny it even made you hard. he was practically a sailor, only colorful words escaping his mouth as his eyes slowly rolled to the back of his head.
"y/nnnnnnn~" he whimpered.
"you're taking me so well, baby," you smiled, talking over his loud moans and cries. "…like a good boy."
"fuck you… fuck y- ngh!"
bakugou moaned out loud, his thighs clenching as his tongue rolled out of his mouth on his own. he slowly fell into the ecstasy that caved its way into his stomach. he wanted more. he wanted you.
"please… fuck me harder—!"
a smile escaped your lips as you heard those words. from a desperate, horny bakugou katsuki himself. you did, and watched as he continuously hit the bed, wanting more and more.
as you pummeled your way into bakugou's entrance, his cries, pleads, swears, and everything else became a mental ringtone in your head.
"remember what i wanted you to call me?" you cooed in his ear, feeling his body heat directly next to you.
"you- you're really gonna make me… say it?" he cried, tears forming on the corners of his eyes.
"yes." you complied.
bakugou mentally sweared, as he let out a whimper from the constant pleasure occurring beneath him. "okay… fine… m-mommy… please… fuck me dammit. you.. you wanna fuck me so bad then fucking do it. i don't… i don't care anymore.."
"goooood boy." you sang, as you followed by what he said.
you did, and watched as the loads of bakugou's confidence got thrown out the window as you fucked him. bakugou choked on air and his words nonetheless only whimpering your name and swear words.
he dug his head into the bed as you pummeled into his soaked walls. bakugou cried out over and over, wanting more and more as you kept going. only his moans and the sounds of skin slapping filled the room.
"so….. deeeep…." he wailed, becoming a grunting mess.
before you both knew it, bakugou felt a knot welling inside of his stomach. he grunted, feeling his ears become hot — as the sounds of the bells rang on his dress.
"y-y/n i mean mommy fuck! please.. ngh… ah.. let me cum please… i wanna cum so fucking bad… let me cum please… please…."
"go ahead, katsuki." you cooed, before pulling out. bakugou came hard, letting out a breathy orgasm, as he collapsed in exhaustion.
he watched as you cleaned off the toy, and placed it back where you got it, his crimson red eyes full of lust and embarrassment. bakugou laid on his back, trying to catch his breath.
"did i go too rough, katsuki?" you ask, crawling towards him to cuddle.
"no, dumbass," he replied, a shakiness in his voice. "you fucked me… so good… damn you for… making me say shit like this."
you smiled, and showered his face with kisses. "that's a good boy," you cooed, running your hands through his spiky locks.
"i told you… don't fucking call me a… g-good boy."
you giggled, and kissed his cheek. "i'm glad you enjoyed it. that was only one position though, you softie."
"s-shut up, dumbass and cuddle with me before i kill you.."
"mhm, okay." you grinned, digging your head into the crook of his neck.
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schwarzfee · 13 hours ago
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randomcitizenshipper · 23 hours ago
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I love these two idiots more than I should...
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anti-lucifer-league · 4 hours ago
Hi!!! Could you do a headcanon where the obey me boys have fangs (cuz demons and whatnot 🐒) and MC (gender neutral) is kinda like 👁👁 "why do I like that?"
Ofc! I agree with Mc- fangs are hot!
Tumblr media
Lucifer kinda has that vampire vibe about him already
Whenever you’re near him you take the opportunity to hug him, looking up to see his fangs gleam at you
They’re very sharp.
You like making him laugh to try and get his fangs to come out.
He doesn’t get why you like them..
When his fangs come out, they kinda sit on his lower lip, giving him a ‘gummy smile’
It’s adorable.
When he blushes and begins rambling about how he would never be in love with a human like you, you can see his little fangs shining in his mouth
They’re kinda blunt, but it’s still obvious they’re fangs
Levi’s fangs make him look like a whole ass anime vampire
Like he’s straight outta ‘Help-the-hot-vampire-in-my-class-is-in-love-with-me!’
Levi’s fangs kinda pop out when he’s stressed or just gaming and zoned out
You like to lie down in his lap, staring up at his face
From that angle you can see his vampire teeth
He seems like the male lead in a teen drama about vampires
Which you would happily watch
Unfortunately, you rarely see Satan’s fangs. They only come out when he laughs. When he laughs hard
You spend a lot of your free time trying to make him laugh
Just to end up with him looking at you weirdly
Asmo is a sexy vampire already
Seriously, this guy already got the ‘never ages’ thing.
When he grins his fangs show
You smile a lot when you see them
Unlike the other bro’s, Asmo is very aware you’re trying to see his fangs. He thinks you’re adorable
Beel’s fangs are the bluntest among the brothers
He eats a lot of food so they kinda wear down
Holy heck though, his fangs have to be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen
When Beel’s eating, his fangs show in a little grin
You’re glad he enjoys eating, and you’re also really glad you get to see his cute little fangs
Dark, brooding vampire with a hint of childishness
Your favourite type
When he sleeps, his fangs show in his mouth
Watching him sleep is your new favourite thing
Seriously this guy is such a brooder when he’s awake, but when he’s asleep he’s adorable..
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sadlysoulx · 23 hours ago
[10:48]— When they met you for the first time in a k-drama way
Tumblr media
Characters» Yamaguchi, Ushjima, Sakusa, Kyotani.
Trope/plot» they saw for the first time in a kdrama way, love in first sight lol
Warning» diabetes and cringe, my favorite best and worst combo for my writings.
Tumblr media
You balanced yourself on your tippy toes, groaning when your fingers barley reached the book you wanted.
A hand interrupted your vision, it easily took the book you were planning to get. You turned around, seeing a kind and handsome freckled face smiling down at you.
"I'm guessing you want this?" He softly said, not breaking eye contact and raising the heavy book.
You smiled and took it in your hands.
"Yeah. . . Thanks," You breathlessly said, smiling at him.
He smiles back, shoving his hands in his pockets as a light blush began dusting his cheeks. "You're welcome,"
Tumblr media
You walked down the stairs, angry that you friend ran off without you. Your fingers furiously fly around the screen of your phone, making out curse words and sending them to your said friend.
But all of that was forgotten when you tripped on your own foot. You had let go of your phone in shock and you were flying down the last steps of stairs in what seemed like slow-motion.
You prepared for the impact, but instead you were surrounded by strong arms and warmth. You looked up, still in shock.
"Are you okay?" The man's deep voice sent shivers down your spine.
You can't force yourself to speak but instead blush from how he looks down at you in worry.
Tumblr media
Rain splattered down his back and Sakusa panicked. He did a 360° turn, trying to find something to shelter in.
But instead he saw you, holding an umbrella above your head.
His heart went fast as he took in your beauty and his heart went faster when he realizes you were walking to him.
You stopped infront of him and raised the umbrella so that he can fit in.
"I think you need this more than I do mister," You smiled.
Sakusa shyly moved his curly wet bangs out of his eyes but he didn't say anything.
"I– I think you right," he finally says, laughing.
Tumblr media
Melodious music echoed down the hall and curious, Kyotani's feet seemed to take him to the room where it came from.
He, himself, is not a musician but he admires the person who can make such masterpiece like this.
Kyotani slowly stopped infront of the door. Hesitantly, he twisted the knob and turned it, opening it quietly.
He peeked in and he raised his eyebrows in amusement. You were sitting on a bench and your fingers were expertly playing the white Grand piano.
He flinched when a note went wrong and he watched when you sighed. You stood up, making him panic and try to leave. But he hit his head on the doorway.
You turned around, surprise to see someone watching you.
"Are you okay?" You laughed.
Embarrassed, Kyotani rubbed his head and turned to the side, cheeks flushing.
"Yeah, thanks for asking,"
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yaoisex · 7 hours ago
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This episode was purrfect! 
A precious LQ cat
Tumblr media
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