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Levi x Reader


Okay so, I found out today that Levi wished he would have a tea shop and man, I need some comfort and happiness for this baby so… let’s pretend we know the ending of snk and he survives and they all do have a normal life finally

Also I hate this aaand the reader is gender neutral (I think), enjoy babies ♡


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I’m more than halfway done with my requests as well as a personal fic and I’m so excited. I might reopen requests at the end of the week! Fics will be posted within the next 1-3 weeks.

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Hi lovelies, I haven’t felt much like posting recently for mental health reasons. I was wondering if you guys would be interested in some mental health themed imagines? Eg, Imagine Illumi comforting you after a nightmare etc etc. I’d probably do themed imagines for the whole of March and might take a few suggestions or submissions. I welcome your thoughts!

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I’m doing pretty well, especially now that I have requests so of course you can ask! Rather… you must! I love requests. I hope you’re doing well too UwU

So my dear star, I love the concept and I’ll do it with pleasure. As always my HCS imply a typical scene, and what I imagine the boys would do in the situation you asked for. 

Also little off topic: I chose to call everyone of you star. Because follower or not Anon or not everyone that supports me is like my star. My pen-name is Moon because the moon can’t shine properly without its stars around!

Oh and pictures are from Pinterest, credits to the amazing artist!

 That being said, hope you enjoy!

 GoM Study Date



 The setting is: his personal gym (muscle-boi!💙)

 You looked at your watch and sighed, the time was the same and it coincided with his training, so when you came to his house you looked at him a little bit pissed.

He looked at you and raised an eyebrow “yes…sweetie?” You pouted and crossed your arms “it isn’t a coincidence that we are study at the same time of your training is it?”

He nodded “of course it isn’t, dummy… I wanted it to be like that” he saw your angry stare and he raised his hands in defense “wait I’ll explain the reasons: first of all my concentration is at its maximum when I train, and doing two things that I have to, gives me more time afterwards to stay with you, and you help me during my training so it’s a win-win strategy… trust me sugar we will study”.

And to your surprise you were studying indeed, at first he was lifting weights and you studied a subject, then he was running on the electric treadmill and you revised another subject and in the end you were reviewing the last subject and he was doing push-ups, this part was a bit quizzical because you were seated on his back while he did that. “Daiki … you sure I’m not hurting you?” He shook his head “you’re perfect exactly where you are so no worries … babe, moreover you’re the best training-company…I forgot to add that in the list of reasons”.

You smiled and shook your head, then you finished everything smoothly and as soon as he finished his push-ups he went closer to you “see? We have lots of time to spend together… now you have to admit I’m a genius” and you scoffed and then pinched his nose “you were just lucky!” And he faked to be offended “Oh really…now watch how I vent my sadness on you!” And a tickle-attack began: instantly you were on the floor laughing too loud and he was smirking, then you looked at each-other and as you tried to catch your breath he whispered “it’s still early for you to breath normally” and with that he kissed you, the intensity let you prospect a make-out session and you were happy to comply.  



 The setting is: The attic (mysterious-boi!💚)

 You were beginning to question your study dates… why on earth did he choose the attic each time?! It was good indeed, a very silent place but also… a little bit cold and scary?

“Shintarō… I was wondering… why are we studying in the attic? I mean… your room could be perfect too couldn’t it?” And he looked at you confused “Y/n… Are you for real? You didn’t realize why I’m arranging our study sessions in the attic?” You shook your head, and you felt even a little sorry for him… he seemed pretty invested in the attic. So he snorted and adjusted his glasses “well… of course it’s because you love Harry Potter … and you even made me embarrass myself by making me say that aloud… I thought the place was suggestive and better for you…but if you want we can go downstairs in my room”. You felt so stupid… he was so caring to learn every little thing you liked… how could you not think about that?! So you vigorously shook your head and smiled at him “thank you really! I was so focused on studying, that I didn’t realize… sorry Shintarō… but actually the other motive was that… I’m a bit cold…” You didn’t see well, but you could swear to have noticed a little smirk on him, as if he had predicted that too. “Well… I have to say that the only minus of this location is the cold…but I’m prepared for that too…like every good slytherin”. So he had indeed plotted something, in fact he took a blanket and put it on his shoulders, signaling you to come in his warm embrace, you blushed a little but then you smiled and went to him “from what I know slytherin are pretty ambitious too… do you agree?” He smirked and this time you saw that clearly “well … what can I say… I always obtain what I want …one way or another-nanodayo” and he ended the sentence by kissing your head and making you giggle, he could be such a gentleman when he wanted. Now you were the coziest person in the world, your boyfriend was hugging you from behind, and with you two cuddling like that…studying was the most pleasant activity in the world.



 The setting is: the kitchen (hungry-boi!💜)

 You ran to open the door: your boyfriend Atsushi was already there and you invited him happily inside. Today the study-date took place at your home, because you two liked to alternate the places. You were hoping that your boyfriend would at least behave in your house, but as he greeted you he said “Hi Y/n-chin…I wanna study in the kitchen” and you sighed, of course he wouldn’t have made you choose, even if you were in your house, so you shook your head and said pleadingly “with none other choice …right?” He looked at you, inclining his head confusedly “mh… no why? I need to get my refill or I won’t concentrate” then he crouched to be in front of your face “…please Y/n I’m doing this for us… so that we can study… I have my food-supply here don’t I?” You pinched his cheeks and laughed “you’re too cute Acchin… I can’t say no to you can I? And…yes you have your food-storage here… so no worries… let’s go”.

Actually you already knew that and you had everything already prepared on the kitchen table: snacks and books. As Atsushi saw that, his expression enlightened “you’re the best Y/n-chin… that’s why you’re mine! And mine alone you’re more important than food … I can’t share you!” And you giggled, he was still upset about that time when Himuro made a joke about sharing you…too cute this tall-boy!

The funniest thing is that the kitchen really helped Atsushi to stay focused, you finished without troubles and you were pretty satisfied. “Mh…ah no! Wait! I wanted to try that particular cookie …that’s why… I had it preserved… oh well it’s alright keep munching it …” You gave up because he was already devouring it, but then… you felt his shadow upon you, he was that tall even when seated, and as you looked at him you gasped while he kissed you, helping with his tongue the remains of the cookie in your mouth… it was… sweet…and that was his way of caring for you so you were accustomed  to it, when he detached a little from you he whispered “you’re the only one I don’t share…remember… my food is your food.”



 The setting is: his personal library (rich-boi!❤️)

 You were always a little anxious whenever you entered in your boyfriend’s house… his housekeepers greeted you gently as always… but… the pressure was still a little bit high, but at the end of the long corridor you saw him, smiling at you and you walked towards him and so did he, then he took your hands, squeezed them and kissed your forehead, whispering “don’t be nervous, I’m with you… today we’re studying at my library, I found useful books for our school project”. Look at him… he was the best both at school and at leadership… you calmed instantly in fact.

“Okay… Seijūrō… lead the way…I’m actual curious”. His house was so big that one time you studied in the garden, under a gazebo, then you studied in his study-room, another time in the terrace and this time in his library. He liked pretty much to show you around, you were the first to be this close to him after all.

When you arrived in the library, you gasped, you felt like Belle in “Beauty and the Beast”, except for the fact that you already had your Prince. So as you were comfortably seated, you saw lots of books and the tea already set for you two. The time was that of the “Tea Break”.

You looked at the books and smiled “those are perfect for the project thank you and mh-” he shushed you by putting a sweet canapé in your mouth, it was delicious.

“You know… Y/n it’s said usually duty first and then pleasure… but… you are my pleasure so… I can’t respect it…that’s why we’ll have a little break first, do you agree?” And you nodded, while finishing your canapé, then you felt his eyes on you and blushed a little “d-do I have something on my face?” He drew near and nodded “indeed my precious…let me clean it” and he licked your cheek in order to clean the cream, you blushed hard now and gulped, then he smiled innocently “now I bet we can start.” He had just recharged you, without you noticing it… so you nodded eagerly, studying with him was like a dream.  



 The setting is: his living room (golden-boi!💛)

 “Y-n-cchi! Come on in…I’m so glad to see you, I was stuck in my studies as usual… you’re my salvation…everything is already prepared in the living room!”. Your sunshine, a.k.a your boyfriend Kise Ryōta, had just called you at the last minute because he needed help with a test he had the next morning, he did this every Saturday actually, and you giggled non-stop, because you waited for his call impatiently. You put your personal slippers on, of course half of your things were in his house and of course half of his things were in yours, and entered “so you are again stuck in History aren’t you? I knew it… you hate dates THAT much!” And he nodded, sulking “I-It’s just that…. I love the battles but not the motives or the dates…just the battles… but before that… do you wanna drink something darling?”

He was already trying to procrastinate, wasn’t he? He was just too cute and you wanted to hug him tightly, but you had to resist… study came first so you went to the kitchen and prepared two glass of juice, you two liked the same flavour, and you went to the table in the living room without looking at him or his lethal stare would have made you crumble.

You breathed again when you managed to get to the table safely, then you called him with your index finger “don’t distract me, the sooner we start, the sooner we finish”. He came reluctantly and sighed “I’m sorry Y/n-cchi… but it’s just too difficult… just thinking about that…makes me give up”. You sipped your juice and then an idea came to mind so you said to him “turn towards me sunshine” and when he did you kissed him, taking him by surprise and then you smirked “well… every right answer you give to me…I’ll reward you with a kiss…deal?” His eyes were shining, you could swear to have seen flames in them, so he smiled and licked his lips, you always had a countermeasure to keep him focused, basically you were always together so you knew everything about him, and so did he, that’s why he said teasingly: “you sure are able to fire me up, darling”.



 The setting is: your bedroom (shy-boi! 🖤)

 You began preparing everything an hour before his arrival, were you excited? Well yes! Your cute boyfriend was coming over to study with you, you still remembered when he politely asked you help, his voice was so low that you had to go as close as you could to listen properly and then you accepted immediately, it was the first time Tetsuya came to your house not as a friend, but as a boyfriend!

You were in front of the door looking at the watch, and when the exact time came, your bell rang and you opened straight away “hello Tetsuya! I was waiting for you, come along!” Actually you had also cleaned your entire house, just to be sure. Kuroko was the greatest observer and you wanted to make a good impression. He smiled at you “thank you Y/n-chan…you’re too caring as usual…so may I ask where we are studying?” You nodded and showed him to your room “here of course! I’ve prepared everything and it’s enough spacious for us!” He stayed a little at the entrance, he was nervous, you were his first partner and this was his first time entering in his partner’s room, he had to keep calm, so he breathed and then entered. You looked at him a little suspicious, you were afraid to upset him in any way possible, but he didn’t seem to mind that. You were seating one in front of the other, and you took your glasses, you had to use glasses just for reading and nobody knew about that because at school you used contact lenses but you thought that your boyfriend had the right to know. When you looked up at him, you saw his surprised expression, then he realized and panicked a little “I’m…sorry… it’s just that…is the first time I see you with glasses on…I was enchanted” and you blushed “oh well… usually I put contact lenses on but…not when I’m at home…it’s a secret between us ok?” And he smiled, actually he preferred to be the only one outside your family who knew about that, you were too appealing with your glasses on, but that was his secret alone. After 3 hours of intense study you two were spent, and without noticing you had collapsed on the table. Kuroko woke up first and rubbed his eyes yawning, then he saw you sleeping with your glasses still on, he gulped and carefully removed them, but then he couldn’t resist the urge to caress your cheek tenderly, he took off his sweatshirt and put it on your shoulders, then he kissed your nose and whispered “I’m really glad I met you” and decided to wait for you to wake up, because everything about you, even your sleeping form was beautiful for him.    

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🍬Taffy: Headcanons

BNHA Boy Flaws

Izuku appreciating his s/o’s interests

Cuddling with Iida

Dates with Iida

Tenya Iida as your boyfriend


🍬Lollipops: Imagines

Laser Tag (Bakugo)


🍬Gummies: Matchups










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Awww sure thing!!!!🥺 This is so cute omg I hope this Leorio comfort makes you smmmmmile<333 AWWW THANK YOUU!!!!<333

You sigh loudly, tossing your pen on the floor and throwing your hands into your hands. Everything was just piling up like crazy. You had so many unfinished assignments, so much exhaustion in your body. Today was not your day. Nor was yesterday, nor the day before, nor…..yeah you just couldn’t catch a break. 

“Hey bab-” Leorio’s excitement flattens as soon as he enters your room. Just from your posture alone your boyfriend could clearly see you were hitting a wall. Even though you have been trying to hide it, all throughout the week Leorio has been. able to tell you’ve been having rough time. He knew lately your classes were assigning more and more work, and that mentally you just weren’t in a place to handle it. Just as he was about to ask if you were okay, a better idea popped into his head. He tip-toed over to your slumped body, tapping your shoulder softly. “Get up! It’s time to go!”

“Go where?” 

“On an adventure of course!” 

“But Leorio I hav-AHHHH” you tried to back out until you were thrown over his shoulders. You try to protest yet again, but suddenly give up as you can tell Leorio has no intention of letting you stay at the desk any longer tonight. 

Once outside, he places you into his car before driving. You lay against the window, looking out at the dark night sky as he drives along the road. He has never taken you this way before, leaving you confused as the car accelerates. He puts on some soft music, quietly singing along as he drives around. After a few minutes, he pulls off the side of the road and parks. You raise an eyebrow as he begins getting out, telling you to come join him. 

“Where are we?” 

“Who knows,” he shrugs. “But we’re together so that’s what matters~” he pulls you into his arms as he begins peppering your face with kisses. You smile at his actions, giggling softly and rolling your eyes at his new found cheesiness. He takes you by the hand, pulling you to a patchy spot of grass where he flops down on the ground. He reaches his arm out, pulling you down and on top of his chest. 

“Look at how clear the sky is. You don’t see a sky like that everyday, huh?” he runs his fingers through your hair. You hum out a response, slowly melting into his touch. “If you look right there, you can. see Brain’s belt.” 

“Babe….you mean Orion’s Belt,” you chuckle causing him to get embarrassed. “Look that one is Orion’s Belt and if you look a little that way you can. see the. Big Dipper,” you point at the sky. “You’re not even looking,” you sigh as you turn and notice he’s staring at you with a soft look on his face. 

“That’s because the only star I need to see is right here with me~” he smiles widely making you laugh and blush. He pulls you into a soft kiss, then begins trailing those kisses up and down your neck, tickling your soft skin. You can’t hold back your laughs as he continues to kiss up and down you, blowing soft raspberries into your skin and biting the skin time to time. His lips then come back to your lips, pulling you into a deeper kiss than before. He pulls you closer to his body as he pours all his love into the kiss, making your heart almost fly out of your chest. 

“I love you ______,” Leorio smiles as you two pull away, resting his forehead against yours. 

“I love you too Leorio,” you smile widely as you allow yourself to relax against him. All those previous washing away, even if it’s for the time being. “So much.”

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Originally posted by immanime

request from anonymous: “uhm i forgot what was my request before so i’m sending a new one 😂 a fic/ oneshot for levi and his s/o while they’re currently on a ‘break’. like, a huge and nasty fight happened between them that lead them to take a timeout from each other and it has been a few weeks since then and they still haven’t spoken to each other until one day either one of them saw the other with someone else but they’re not cheating, it was just somebody they know at work (or some random soldier from the garisson if u fancy doing this in the aot realm 👀) and so without thinking they confronted them which resulted to another fight but this time they were able to make up and solve their previous issues. i’m sorry if this was too specific ;-; you can put your own taste to it if you’d like i won’t mind! 🥰 tysm!”

request status: CLOSED 

pairing: levi ackerman x fem! reader / song inspiration: house of card by BTS

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I’ll be finishing up my requests today and tomorrow and will be posting them throughout the week! Thank you so much to all who submitted something!

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Hello my dear namelessanon! Thank you so much for your request it’s so cute and I love the dynamics!

Also my HCS are a bit peculiar, basically I’m unable to do bulleted lists and so I always imagine a typical situation, but still I hope you enjoy and sorry for my prolixity!

Also pictures are from Pinterest!




 It couldn’t be true could it? He had just misheard… how in the earth… not in the entire universe could a splendid soul like Y/N like someone as useless as him??

“Uhm… eh-he… eheheheh… Y/N let’s look better for other things Ranpo-san might want as snack!” How he regrets the statement he has just spoken… your shining personality was extinguished in an instant and… so he did an error… b-but how come?! You had whispered, it was partially your fault and not just his insecurity! Ah be a man Atsushi… it was your fault only of course! You have upset Y/N! Good job great first medal… gosh he had to remedy the error but… how?!

You didn’t spoke much during your way back to the Agency, or rather you didn’t spoke at all and this was sad and frustrating, this morning he was greeted by your smile and your usual contagious energy and now you were sad because of him, see?! He had not the worth of being loved by someone as special and bright as you! Even everyone else at the agency noticed your change of mood oh how disastrous his actions were, it was Y/N’s welcome party too! This was a totally catastrophe …oh wait… Dazai-san was able to make Y/N laugh that’s a relief… or not? Why was he being angry at himself? Could it be… well without a doubt he felt something for Y/N… and he was understanding that only now… he was indeed unworthy for their love.  B-but no! Shake your head vigorously Atsushi! Y/N undeniably said “I’m happy to be here alone with you, actually I… li-li…ke… you Atsuhi-kun” this was what played constantly in his head so it was a given… I-It’s… uhm… ugh… BREATH DUMMY! Have the courage to say what it is! It’s mutual love… or at least interest! Look at Y/N their smile was what mattered to him, he couldn’t imagine himself without their presence and so it was time to act. He had to try to act like he actually could feel brave enough to fight for what was important. And so he went towards you and took your hand, leaving you and the rest speechless “u-uhm… A-Atsushi-kun? I-Is something the matter?” He gulped and then shook his head and breathed to gain back his composure “y-yes… yes that is! C-Come with me…please!” And he began running with everyone in the back cheering you two up. When you were distant enough he stopped and let you gain back your breath then he turned towards you and put his hands on your shoulder “I-I… uhm… have to apologize for before! Actually… I … thought to have misheard you… because…you see… a splendid person like you couldn’t possibly want to spend their time with someone like me right?? B-But… seeing your smile extinguished like that… made me realize that I… I want to make you always smile so… If you still find me worthy of your precious affection… I’ll… accept … and I swear to make you always happy!” He closed his eyes scared to death of a refusal…how could he be so clueless at everything, that’s why his eyes snapped open when he heard you sniffing… HE HAD JUST MADE YOU CRY?! He was paralyzed and didn’t know what to do. Today was indeed a bad day, but then you graced him with your smile and he was a little moved too, all the more when he saw your smile. You nodded at him “mh-hm… I-I… really like you…and you already make me WAH!” He yanked you towards him and hugged you tightly “never again… I swear to God… I’ll never make you cry or sad ever again!”  



 You were desperately trying to revert him back from his berserk mode… normally only Dazai was able to calm him, but strangely since your arrival at The Port Mafia, Mori-san always put you two on missions together because you had a positive influence on him, according to what your boss stated, even if Chuuya himself was against you going on a mission, you were just someone he had saved and that had nowhere to go so the Port Mafia welcomed you, but… to him you were more than that and since you were important if someone only dared to get a little bit too near you he would destroy them without hesitation.

Now you were crying and shaking him, while he kept screaming and so you screamed back at him “CHUUYA PLEASE COME BACK TO ME! I NEED YOU… I CAN’T LOSE YOU BECAUSE I… I LOVE YOU DAMMIT!”

In his berserk state he saw a light and he reached out to that, and soon he regained his consciousness back and you sighed in relief. Actually you didn’t regret your confession, a part of you wanted to see his reaction so you hoped he had heard you.

He shook his head and patted your head “thanks a lot Y/n you saved me back there… finally I’m able to live without that suicide maniac… so really… thank you” and he looked at you smiling fondly, but your expectant eyes soon lost their usual light and he was a little taken aback by that slightly change. He was recalling someone’s yell … well of course it was yours, but… what were you saying exactly? He heard it yes… but only in a distance… if he recalled correctly ‘Chuuya… please …come back’ and he stood up abruptly, so you followed him, well he was certainly tired so he wanted to rest soon in his room, but he seemed still lost in his thoughts.

And he was indeed, what did you add after that…hmmm … oh! ‘Come back… to me… I…’ Wait he stopped a little in his steps, because he was incredulous … was that really what Y/N said or… what his brain wanted them to say?! Anyway he couldn’t recall anything else so let’s keep it ‘I … need you… I can’t lose you…’

Wow this is amazing… he was shivering a little… could someone actually really care about a monster without a past like him?! Amazing… but he had to try harder… use your head a little sometimes would you?! Stupid hat-head… wait… wait wait… WAIT! ‘Because…I…I…’

Now you were back at the Port Mafia and he was acting in an increasingly strange way, but you followed him anyway because you were still a little worried about him after the mission.

In the meantime he was trembling for real … but with excitement… he recalled the last part too ‘I…love…you…’ that’s why without a second thought he took you by your waist and kissed you, so you didn’t have any choice, but to indulge him and after the passionate kiss you wanted to speak but he anticipated you “Y/n… I… love…you …too… that’s why you’re able to prevent me from becoming a monster… you make me a better person… so don’t you ever dare to lose again the brightness your eyes have!”  



 He was running happily while you were accompanying him to China Town, because he wanted to buy his favourite snacks and you were the only one with whom he wanted to go and without exceptions! He was now hopping to spot the right store and you were observing him and a smile formed automatically on your lips. You couldn’t deny it anymore, you liked him, especially his childish yet serious attitude, he knew his weaknesses and he knew his strength and that made him a respectable and amazing person, he had no problem to state the truth and to say what was wrong and what was right even in front of  Fukuzawa. You didn’t know the details though, since you worked at the café under the Agency, you were a mere human, without any particular ability, but so was he, even though his brain was something crazy and you were fascinated by him. The strange thing was that he got attached to you just because you knew about all the peculiar snacks they have at China Town, even if deep inside you wanted his interest in you to grow into something more, but it was probably something impossible, but you were in any case resolved, you wanted to try

And say for accident that you liked him, only to test him and to make either your wish come true or your delusions arise. It was a risked you wanted to overtake, because Ranpo was the only one that said to you ‘I think you’re a fine person…so… don’t doubt about yourself, my judgement is always right thanks to my super-ability!’

He probably wanted to just make you feel better, but with that sentence he had made you fall in love with him.

You woke up with Rampo shaking you “Y/n! Don’t go in your mind palace and leave me alone here! I was about to get lost!” And he pouted, so you looked at him and laughed a little “how could I loose track of someone so dear to me… someone that I care so deeply about?” His usual smile transformed into a serious expression, this was an important information to process he needed to consult with his co-workers so he pointed at you “take me back to the Agency please! I don’t know the way back.” He observed you, your expression faltered a little, but he saw you trying to maintain your composure, so that meant he had just made something bad, that had made you sad or at least disillusioned.

You two came back and he waved at you as you went back to work and so did he.

“Uhm… Dazai…Kunikida! Tell me what the paraphrase ‘I care so deeply about’ means please!”

The two men looked at him confused and Dazai intervened “uhm… Ranpo-san… did someone confess to you? BECAUSE THAT IS THE PARAPHRASE OF LOVE!”

And Ranpo went in detective mode “mh… I see, so Kunikida explain me what the word love means… sorry Imma too lazy to look up at the dictionary now!”

And the other man adjusted his glasses “well… I can look it up for you… wait a minute” and he went to grab a dictionary “Ranpo-san…here it says: ‘a strong feeling of affection for somebody that you are sexually attracted to’… so I guess… this answers you, right?”

He snapped his fingers in victory and then he ran downstairs and suddenly opened wide the café’s door and screamed “Y/N! I JUST NEEDED A CONFIRMATION, I ALSO FEEL A STRONG AFFECTION FOR YOU AND I AM SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO YOU TOO!” You were serving a costumer and your plated fell to the floor crushing soundly, but you smiled and looked at him “yes that’s exactly that Ranpo! Thank you…”



 He was strolling leisurely with you next to him, he really liked days like these. Just normal quiet days with the only normal person he knew, you. You were his escape route he defended these chances he got to spend with you with all his might. He was even intrigued to write a novel about your story, a normal story of a normal person, that had the bravery to spend time with an odd one like him and with the Guild, if a Guild was still there though. He knew a day may come, a day in which he would have to leave you, because he had a dangerous occupation and so… this dreamy situation was just an illusion, you were to perfect to keep staying here. And even if he wanted to protect you and he succeeded in doing that, how could he let a pure person like you suffer?

You arrived at your usual place, an hidden treasure that secret garden, your usual bench hidden at the centre, your usual relax and quality time together. All that he wanted, the usual. He was a simple person, he wanted others to think that he was extravagant, but the reality was different. He wished for times like these. Times with a person close to his heart, a person like you.

“Uhm…Mister Poe?…you have been quieter than normal…is everything alright? I need to tell you something actually…m-may I?”

He smiled and looked at you “tell me anything while I meditate, I’ll listen don’t worry, the more focused I am the better”.

And so you took a long breath and nodded “w-well… the truth is that… I… how to say this… I don’t want to get separated from you, I listened a conversation and It seems you’ll have to leave soon… so… please take me with you… if you think of me as an important person to you, like you are to me…”

He continued to stare in the distance, the moment of truth huh? Evil fate, you anticipated his predictions a little bit too soon.

He remained silent and soon rain began pouring, he had to answer you but he couldn’t. His normal determined self was afraid and so he tried to fight his fear by laughing, hard… and harder… and even harder. His hysterical laugh made you jump up from the bench, the rain was wetting your face, so tears would be well hidden, but still you didn’t want to wait his answer and you ran away as fast as you could and he bit his lip, he didn’t want to cause this, but his fear for the first time dominated him, the fear of losing his precious person.

He looked up, the rain was beautifully unfair to pour at a time like this wasn’t it?

But so was Karl his racoon, that beat his head. “Ouch… why Karl? Can’t you see I’m desperate?! I just ruined everything…” and the racoon beat him again “huh? You think I’m a lost cause why? Bring Y/n with me? This is absurd… they would be in constant danger wouldn’t they?” The racoon shook his head and bit Poe’s cheek “eep! Karl you’re being a little bit too aggressive today… wait… did you just imply that they… long for me? So does that mean… my passion is corresponded? Oh for the love of God I have to make my platonic love concrete don’t I Karl?!” The racoon finally patted his head instead of beating it and licked Poe’s cheek instead of biting it, that’s why he sprinted to you, his determination back in milliseconds.

“Y/n! Oh my dear Y/n … have the patience…no the mercy… to forgive a fool like me… my angel” and you halted your steps and turned towards him “mister Poe… I don’t understand…” and then you gasped, yeah he knelt before you and took your hand and you were all flustered “please mister Poe… refrain that pose… it’s raining and you’ll dirty your clothes!” He wasn’t actually listening, but he shook his head “I can’t stop my overflowing love for you Y/n… this rain resembles it… unstopping and unperturbed… I’ll take you with me… you are an important person to me… do me the honour of blessing every of my remaining days with your companionship” and he sealed his proposal by kissing your hand and making you also kneel in front of him “yes …mister Poe… gladly” and you two hugged in that blessing rain.



 He was looking out of the window and smiling stupidly for no particular reason, or rather… he was watching you working happily and dealing with customers. You worked in the store located exactly in front of the agency, it was a pleasure to see your smile as you continued without a pause in your duties.

He started looking at you when a day suddenly you came in the agency to deliver something, then he discovered that you had a bookshop that was also a stationery shop, so of course the Agency would need it and it was perfect directly in front of them.

Anyway, that day you came and your smile radiated the entire Agency, everyone was soon more energetic and he couldn’t stop looking at you, for the first time he was able to think about something that didn’t involve Naomi, his little sister. At first this destabilized him, but then he couldn’t help it, actually he invented any kind of excuse to go there or to go out just to say hi.

“Biiiig brooootheer te-he! Please listen to me…your beloved little sister!” Naomi was about to jump on him but he blocked her “y-yes… ehehe… tell me …but don’t start touching me please”. Naomi pouted, she was wiser than she looked though, in fact she had already understood what the change of behaviour in his brother was: he was interested in someone… that someone was called Y/n and she… well, of course she was jealous, but she was also beginning to understand, that her brother as well as her could indeed have a companion, but she just struggled to accept this new realization, but she had to hide it from Junichiro.

“Well dearly big brother… you have to go in the store you love that much, we have an order of books and pens I think I don’t know… but everyone insisted that you had to go… even if I strongly opposed… you always go … after all” and then she saw the overwhelming evidence, he changed completely, he seemed so in peace with the entire universe, he loved that person that much.

So she stomped out very angry. He was looking at his sister in the meantime, but actually he wasn’t sorry, not anymore, of course he loved Naomi, she was his family, but… he wanted to have a person next to him, yes a person that could spend time with him and with whom he could hug and talk about everything, a companion that was what he wanted. He didn’t know how or when this need started to arise, he just knew that he was now running excitedly towards Y/n and nothing could stop him, not even Naomi.

He arrived panting and when you saw him enter, you smiled and soon went to him “Tanizaki-san good morning… oh… did you run? Wait take a seat”. And you brought him a glass of water, he was such a wonderful young man, he loved his sister as well as his work and even if sometimes he was a bit insecure, there were other times when he became impulsive and strong and you loved that double aspect of his personality.

“Oh yeah…Y/n… I have an order from the Agency” he showed you the paper and you nodded, then you gave him the box with the order, he was smiling at you and ready to go, but then you called out to him and he immediately responded, so you sighed a little bit anxious “well… I uhm… was about to go to collect a big order and…since I am… alone… I was wondering if you could be so kind to accompany me… you see… I like spending time alone with you as much as possible…because I like-” you were interrupted by his sister that was pulling him back, he was panicking: a part of him wanted to stay, another one knew he had to go… what if you came into danger because of his occupation at the agency?

But then he saw you lowering your head in sorrow, and when he was on the other side of the road he broke away from Naomi and gave her the box with the order, Naomi was about to protest but stopped as soon as she saw the fury in his expression, he spoke through his gritted teeth “Let.Me.Go.For.Once.I.Want.To.Stay.With.Them.Deal.With.It.” And he ran again towards you and hugged you from behind with force, causing you to stagger and making a book fall “T-T-Tanizaki….san?” He shushed you with a kiss on your neck and then whispered “I like you too… and I’ll accompany you wherever you want”.



He was happy to come back to the countryside once in a while, after all he grew up there and he liked to greet people from his childhood, moreover for an odd course of actions you were also going and he was extremely happy. He had discovered you and your passion to keep a vegetable garden thanks to your grandma, one day he had helped her like he always did whenever she went shopping and he encountered you there, humming while watering your beautiful vegetable garden, you were a natural everything was perfect and he felt at home in an instant. Since then he kept visiting and you gave him your vegetables, your garden was very productive after all! And in a little time you began to look forward to his visits, you really liked his stories about the countryside, and probably he really liked to tell you about it because you were the first one that actually listened and understood what he was talking about.

That’s why when such a fit mission was proposed to him, he declared that he would have taken you with him, causing a general panic, because you were a simple citizen and you couldn’t possibly get involved with the Agency’s danger, but he insisted and stated that he would have protected you at all costs.

And so you three went on the mission, yeah Yosano came too because you two alone was too dangerous.

But Kenji wanted to let you see the real thing, the real countryside endless expanses of cultivation and how the men worked out there.

You were pretty excited yourself and when you arrived and saw lots of person do the very same thing you did, but in a much smaller scale, you smiled truly grateful and he was looking at you fondly, while Yosano shook her head and smirked pleased to see that rare event, Kenji was always spacing out and never seemed interested in something, so discovering that side of him was very pleasing, she knew a secret nobody else knew.

Kenji brought you everywhere, introduced you to everyone and explained all that was to know in detail, seeing him so invested made you the happiest, but then a strange group arrived abruptly with the car on the fields, ruining the plants, they probably were the ‘target’ Yosano and Kenji spoke about, Kenji was about to go but you grabbed his hand “K-Kenji… d-don’t go… d-don’t leave me…” you were scared for him, but he shook his head and brushed your hand away “I have to go Y/n…” and your face became ashen, he noticed it of course, but he had to protect both you and the village, his stomach was empty so it was alright.

In fact in seconds the task was done, and the mission accomplished, despite his imminent collapse from fatigue, due to the aftereffect of his ability, he managed to come to you, you were seated on a sofa, in an house of a very gentle old man, waiting in worry, he saw you, stumbled towards you and got close inches from your face, to whisper “Y-Y/n… d-don’t be sad… I won’t succumb for… something like that… I have you… to protect… don’t I?” and he smiled a little, waited patiently for your response, and after you nodded he collapsed on your legs, so you shyly put your hand on his head and began caressing him sweetly, now you knew that you had nothing to fear, all you needed was to keep your faith in him, like you always did, while waiting for his visits.  



 He was pacing back and forth relentlessly, biting his nails. He had an appointment to discuss the new Mafia plans, he was, if not an executive, at least the most powerful member at the Port Mafia, and of course the boss wanted his presence during these meetings. That’s why Ozaki, a really executive, came to pick him up and when she saw the ‘Port Mafia’s dog’, like he like to portray himself, in that preoccupied state, she laughed a little, causing the young man to instantly look at her, and when she saw his expression she had the last confirmation: “Ryunosuke-kun…do you perhaps have…the problems all the greatest poets deal with since generations? Should I say it aloud for you to realize?” He paralyzed, he didn’t want to hear that, he wasn’t ready. Nobody even cared about him, so he replied nervously “PLEASE DON’T-” and he coughed, due to the struggle and Ozaki shook her head “you need to listen to the word to convince yourself boy… the fearful word is called L-O-V-E”.

And he snapped falling to his knees, so it was true… he was indeed interested in Y/n, a person that got involved by accident in one of his mission, since he was always ruthless, a person that managed to escape with wit and not just with brutal force, what if he had upset them in any way?

He discovered that Y/n was also friend with his sister, so in some kind of way they also protected his family… so why did they had to look at him with that sad expression and leave him that night.

Well everything started two days, well actually nights, ago: Gin, his sister, couldn’t go meet Y/n and so he went in her stead, and after he explained to Y/n what had happened, his heart made a strange movement, as if it flipped upside down, when he saw their delighted expression, at first he thought he was having an heart attack, but then he survived so that hypothesis was excluded.

Then you two began strolling calmly through Yokohama, it was quiet pleasant, the first night without a dangerous mission, it had somehow a cathartic effect on him, he was beginning to consider you more respectable than Dazai, all the more now that he had abandoned the Port Mafia for that useless Agency. You were becoming the most meaningful person to him right next to Gin.

He was a little bit behind you and when you stopped, he stopped and waited, but you remained turned and then said calmly “you know…actually I knew Gin’s situation, it was an escamotage we two devised, just so that me and you could talk like that. The truth is, I really like spending time with you and your sister, I consider you two my family…but… while Gin is like a sister you… are like something more than just a brother… I don’t know if I explained that correctly” you were afraid to turn to face him, so you waited for his answer, but he remained silent, so with eyes closed you ‘looked at him’ and smiled, but he saw… your lips were trembling and he didn’t know how to act, it was an emotion too big for him, someone that considered him important, someone so bright turning as dark as him, he was at fault. He wanted to reply, but he didn’t know how to process it, for the first time his temper wasn’t short and he remained there, shocked, looking at your figure grow smaller and smaller in the distance, you were gone, and he was feeling even darker than the usual, he wanted to respond that you too were important to him, but he felt like his black personality could obscure your light one…and he didn’t want that.

So now he was debating with himself and Ozaki called for Gin pointing at her brother’s pitiful state.

Gin just did three things: she knelt before him, put her hands on his shoulder and said “what are you waiting for? Wake up and go where you have to be right now… my brother wouldn’t be so irresolute”.

This magical sentence made him instantly rise up, he thanked both Ozaki and Gin and then stated “I won’t be able to attend the meeting, please inform the boss” and he began running and the two looked at each-other and smiled “sure thing…lost dark kid” Ozaki whispered.

He found you reading at the usual public park, he calmed his cough a little, then came right in front of you, you ignored him and continued your reading, so he sighed, took a seat next to you and took the book away from you. “Do you need something in particular?” You said not daring to look at him and he bit his lip “I need you to look at me” and you didn’t listened so he took your chin and made you look at him “I was wrong the other night… because I was a stupid coward… but … I also consider you much more than a sister… so please when you’ll feel like you’re able to forgive me… stay with me and Gin, forever”. He was directly looking at you, and you saw that his eyes were sincere, he saw your lips trembling again while you nodded, but this time you looked bright again and he couldn’t resist the urge, so, with a small peck, he kissed you: “you were inviting… but I won’t try something so impulsive again, not before you give me your fully approval… so the next move is up to you…Y/n”.  

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req / Hi hi!! It’s so cool to see more jjk blogs rising up! Can I please request Inumaki relationship headcanons? (๑❛ᴗ❛๑)♡ I hope you have an amazing day!! @aliteama

a/n not @ me writing a whole essay because i’m infatuated with toge. thank you! I hope you have an amazing day too :)

  • the best boy and you can’t change my mind
  • Inumaki may be quiet, but he is not a shy person. The only who can make him shy is you. 
  • So if even the thought of him asking you out crosses his mind, he’s gone. 
  • He’s just worried about how he can get his feelings out to you. He can’t verbally tell you, and he doesn’t feel like texting you is that intimate or sincere. 
  • Don’t even get me started about how he’s nervous you might not even share his feelings because he can’t properly speak with you :( he may or may not be insecure about that. 
  • But after much convincing from the other 2nd years because it’s so painfully obvious that Inumaki likes you, he finally gets the idea to just right you a note with his confession on it. 

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Dabi X Reader One Shot NSFW


Originally posted by lovingtonystarkismyfulltimejob

Today is your 23rd birthday, and what better to do than go clubbing? You put on your most tightest and revealing dress and head to the club near your apartment.

It was a saturday night, so it was destined to be packed. As you’re getting closer to the club, you can hear the music blasting from the outside.

When you walk into the club you get greeted by the strong smell of alcohol, you didn’t even need a drink to be drunk at this point, the smell already gave you the courage you needed tonight.

You walked over to the dance floor, getting stares from everyone. Men would stop dancing with their partners just to get a look at you. You didn’t even bother to look at them, since you weren’t planning on leaving with anyone, but oh how that was going to change.

As you were swaying your hips along to the music, you could feel a pair of cool eyes staring you down. You look around and lock onto a pair of ocean blue eyes. You admired the tall mysterious man for a minute, taking it all his features. He had some pretty noticeable scars, but that didn’t make him any less attractive.

The man continues to stare at you as you move your body along to the music. Eventually people start to leave, leaving you, the mystery man, and the tension between you two. As you’re dancing, you feel a strong pair of hands grip onto your waist.

“It’s about time you introduced yourself.” You say as you grind your body against his.

The man chuckles and digs his calloused fingers into your waist. “I’m Dabi.” He says, as he grinds his hips in rhythm with yours.

You smile and tilt your head against his chest. “I’m Y/n.” You say.

Dabi looks down at you and smirks, then slowly trails his hands up towards your neck, stopping to wrap his hands around it.

“So beautiful.” He says at he stares into your eyes.

You look at him and bite your lip, causing him to tighten his grip around you. “Let’s get out of here.” Dabi says as he nibbles on your earlobe.

You smirk and grab onto Dabi’s hand and lead him back to your apartment.

Once you and Dabi get back to your apartment, he waste no time. He swiftly picks you up, and digs his hands into your hips.

You smirk and wrap your legs around his waist and inch your face closer to his ear. “Down the hall. First door.” You say as you lick his ear lobe. Dabi chuckles and begins walking towards your room.

As Dabi opens your bedroom door, you begin nibbling on his neck and sucking on it. “Naughty girl.” Dabi says as he tosses you on the bed. You look up at Dabi with your eyes coated with pure lust.

“Undress for me.” Dabi demands, as he pulls his shirt over his head.

You follow his orders and begin undressing yourself, as Dabi watches you. Once you are both complete undressed, Dabi walks over to the bed and climbs on top of you. “You look good when you’re under me.” Dabi says as he leans down to your neck, and starts leaving feather like kisses all over.

You let out a small whimper, as you feel his hot breath hit your neck. “Desperate are we?” Dabi says as he places his hand around your neck and leans up.

You look into his blue eyes and nod your head. Dabi chuckles a bit and spits on his fingers, then puts them on your clit. You let out another moan at the feeling of his fingers touch you so suddenly.

Dabi begins rubbing circles around your clit as he tightens his grip around your neck. “How bad do you want it?” Dabi says, as he slowly moves his hips closer to yours.

“I want it bad!” You whimper, as desperation takes over your body.

Dabi smirks and lifts your legs up and puts them on his shoulders. “Now, you are going to be a good girl and take it, okay?” Dabi says as he lines his member up to your entrance.

“Y-Yes sir.” You whimper.

Dabi smiles and slowly inserts himself inside you, earning a low two moan of you. You grip onto the sheets as Dabi slides the rest of his cock inside you, causing him to stretch you out completely. “F-fuck it hurts.” You whimper.

Dabi looks at you and cups your face with one of his hands. “You’re doing so good, doll.” Dabi says.

You look up at Dabi and bite down on your lip, as he moves himself slowly.

Dabi does this for a minute, letting you adjust to his size, before he starts going faster. “S-Shit you feel so good, doll.” Dabi grunts as his grip around your neck tightens.

“F-faster” you moan.

Dabi smirks and starts going faster, as he activates his quirk causing him to burn your neck. You yelp out in pain and pleasure, at the burning sensation. “Now everyone will know who you belong to.” Dabi grunts as he gets rougher with his strokes.

You grip down on the sheets, as Dabi’s strokes get faster and more aggressive. You let out a loud moan as you feel him hit your g-spot on repeat. “R-Right there.” You moan again.

Dabi continues to go at the same pace, making you and him both reach your climaxes. Dabi leans down and starts kissing you roughly and his dick starts to twitch inside you. “I-i’m close, Doll.” Dabi groans in your mouth, causing you to shiver.

You let out another loud moan hinting that you’re also close. Dabi continues to thrust himself in and out of you until you both cum. You both let out shaky moans as you both hit your orgasm.

Dabi continues to thrust into you until a flushed look appears on both your faces, letting each other know- you reached your orgasm.

Dabi let’s out a shaky breath as he slowly pulls his dick out, letting cum drip everywhere.

“I’ll go get a towel.” Dabi says.

Dabi quickly grabs a towel and comes back, he uses the towel to wipe your clean then he throws it aside.

“This was fun, let’s do it again?” He asks, grabbing his clothes.

You give Dabi a smirk, “Come over whenever.”

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no cuz bokuto the type to dance with no music playing. like you guys would be vibing and hed just pull you up and just make u dance with him. it doesnt matter where yall are, bokuto will pull u up and hold u against him as u both sway to nothing. he expects u to twirl him too. like he’ll give a look like “🥺” and you’ll know that he wants to be twirled. he’ll hum a tune sometimes if he has a song stuck in his head and he’ll get so excited if u hum along with him. after a couple times, you’ll get used to the random dancing and just rest ur head on his chest and close ur eyes as he rests his chin on ur head and yall just dance. all of his friends have gotten used to it by now but its a cute to watch u guys :(((

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Sure thing! This was hella hard for me to write cuz I normally don’t write that type of reader😭✋🏾(Requests are open!)

Sanemi with a soft bean//Headcanons


Warnings: none!

  • He thought you were annoying at first, but the more time he spent with you, he got used to the way you act and fell HARD.
  • He thought there was something wrong with him, but when Mitsuri and shinobu assured him that it was just romantic feelings, he immediately went in denial mode

“Feelings!? for that sod?? Hell no!”

  • Every time you’re around him or if you talk to him, his face gets hot and immediately turns red. Poor baby, he cant help it lol

Sanemi’s face immediately reddened “Q-quit smiling at me idiot! I cant stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that!”

“Sorry! I cant help it… it’s just that you look really handsome today a-and I couldn’t keep my eyes off you.”

*Sanemi axe. has stopped working*

  • Thinks it’s cute when you try to act tough around him
  • If you work at the butterfly estate, he’s going to pretend that he’s hurt or purposely get hurt so you can fix him up😂
  • Loves when you kiss his boo boos better. (He turns into a big baby when you do that)
  • He loves scaring/pranking you but he immediately apologizes cuz he most likely made you cry
  • Over time, he learned to lower his voice when he’s around you as well as not cursing as much
  • Idc what size you are Sanemi👏🏾 is👏🏾 spooning and 👏🏾 holding 👏🏾 you👏🏾 like👏🏾 a👏🏾 baby👏🏾
  • If anyone makes you cry or hurts your feelings, he’s beating their ass. Nobody messes with his baby while he’s around. periodt 😤💕
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yu nishinoya // handjobs

I wrote this for my own self indulgence. Its nsfw. Sue me.

Noya’s fingers scramble against the bedsheets in desperation. Her fingers feel like heaven curled around his cock, stroking him with such delicate touches, almost like she’s worshipping him.

He’s embarrassed, it’s the first time a girls ever touched him like this, nevermind someone as beautiful as her.

“You’re shaking Yu.” Her voice is barely above a whisper. “Do i really make you this nervous?”

Noya knows if he dare open his mouth to reply he’ll be a moaning mess of incoherence, so he just nods his head slightly. She hums happily, a soft smiling dancing across her lips.

“You look so good like this.”

And Noya certainly isn’t vain, but he has to agree with her. He knows his cheeks are flushed bright red, his shorts hanging low on his hips, just enough for his cock to peek above the waistband.

Noya manages a small smile back, before he watches her hand work his cock, moving slowly up and down. Her free hand sneaks its way to the tip, her thumb rubbing the pre cum around his swollen head.

“Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum.” Noya chokes his words out between the embarrassing whines of pleasure. He’s still trying to hold some sort of dignity, though he can feel it slip through his fingers when she leans down to kiss the tip.

“That’s the idea Yu, I want you to come, all over my fingers.” She’s really testing his restraint at this point. Noya whines again, his nails scratching at the bedsheets.

He’s pretty close, and she definitely knows it. Her pace quickens slightly, her thumb swiping across the tip every so often. Noya arches his back, pushing himself harder against her hand.

He just wants to cum, have that sweet relief and feeling of euphoria before bed. He always sleeps well after an orgasm.

“I can feel you twitching, you gonna cum all over my hand Yu?” He grits his teeth together, throws an arm across his eyes. “Or do you wanna cum on my face?” Noya can feel her warm breath against his cock, and mixed with the sinful movements of her hands its all suddenly too much.

He has just enough energy to prop himself up on his elbows, eyes glued to her face as he watches the hot spurts cover her face. She sticks her tongue out, eyes half lidded as she oh so happily takes every drop. Some of it lands on her tongue, some drips down her chin and Noya is pretty sure he’s never going to see anything as hot in his life.

He flops back down against the bed, his legs still shaking slightly and his breath still ragged.

She leans over hum slightly, just enough for him to see her cum covered face.

“C'mere.” Noya smiles at her, wanting nothing more than to return the favour

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I’m sorry, I love you kenma kozume x gn!reader

warnings- none, just really cheesy fluff/ kinda angst if you squint, that might make you blush. this is gonna get no reads or notes because the last couple times i tried posting, they didn’t get likes, so this is really only for my pleasure i guess :(…. jk jk, unlesss

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ ༉‧₊˚✧

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Originally posted by nanakorobiyaokii

request from anonymous: “hello! May i request for a levi fic where his female s/o sneaks out when he’s asleep and sneaks in when he wakes up but he notices it. She seems like she’s cheating and he gets hella angsty about it but when he thinks he’s gonna catch her, it turns out she was planning an anniversary surprise with the help of their friends and he gets hella soft :> modern au or not depends on you hehe” 

pairing: levi ackerman x fem! reader (modern au)

note: omg, i’m a fuckin dumbass and read that as birthday instead of anniversary. i hope it’s okay if that’s what i wrote instead. 

request status: CLOSED

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Hi there! My name is Topaz, I’m 19 years old, and I go by she/her pronouns! I’m an artist who also enjoys writing, hence why this new writing blog has been born haha (˘˘)

I enjoy writing just about anything, but especially fluff and angst ! I also love to write headcanons, platonic stuffs, comfort, and even some nsfw on occasion ;) all of my work is going to be gender neutral unless stated otherwise !

♡ Requests are officially open! ♡

To start off, here are some of the main fandoms I am in and who I will write for in said fandoms:

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𝔎𝔫𝔬𝔴𝔦𝔫𝔤 ℌ𝔦𝔰 𝔖𝔢𝔠𝔯𝔢𝔱

✯ 𝙿𝚊𝚒𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚐: 𝙺𝚒𝚛𝚒𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚖𝚊 𝙴𝚒𝚓𝚒𝚛𝚘

✯ 𝚆𝚊𝚛𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜: 𝚂𝚝𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚕𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚞𝚊𝚐𝚎 (𝚠𝚎𝚕𝚕 𝚋𝚎𝚌𝚊𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝚘𝚏 𝙱𝚊𝚔𝚞𝚐𝚘)

The Bakusquad is in Sero’s room playing but then Mina suggested something, “Are you guys up for Truth or Dare?” All of them said yes but Bakugo needs some convincing from Kirishima to make him join. “C'mon Bakubro it’s gonna be fun,” Kirishima said dragging Bakugo away from Sero’s bed and making him seat on the circle that the group made by sitting next to each other on the floor.

Bakugo couldn’t do anything so he gave up and go along with his friends. The game was fun and the dares that they made are idiotic but at the same time funny for example Jiro dared Kaminari to be his idiot self for the next few rounds and when they made Bakugo wear one of Mina’s outfit.

“This is fucking bullshit! My back itches from this shit,” he complained that made the group laugh. It was Kirishima’s turn and Mina is the one who will ask him, “Truth or dare spiky boy?” He chose truth and Mina squealed, “Is it true that you like Todoroki?” Kirishima looked at her with a confused look on his face.

“Huh? You mean Shoto? Yeah I like him,” he answered and they bursted laughing. Bakugo laughed too and it just made Kirishima more confused. Todoroki Shoto has a twin sister that he is protective of, his sister’s name is Todoroki Yukime. Shoto can use fire and ice while she can use fire and snow, they have the same hair and eyes.

“I meant Yukime-chan, Kiri,” Mina said in between her laughs. Kirishima blushed at the thought of her. “No.. Yes.. No.. Shit.. It’s not like I hate her but.. Yeah I like her,” he sighed in defeat and Mina did her haooy dance and Jiro smiled. Mina and Jiro are the closest friends of Yukime and they both know that she likes him, like a lot!

The boys in the room started to tease him for not confessing.

“Why didn’t confessed yet? Are you afraid of her brother or you are afraid to get rejected? If you’re scared of half and half we’ll beat the shit out of him,” Bakugo said and the boys nodded.

“I’ll use my tape so he wouldn’t move once you lay your hands on her.”

“I’ll use all of my quirk to just stop him for murdering you if you kiss Yukime,” Kaminari said and they laughed. Kirishima is still blushing over the fact that they knew who he likes and felt grateful for having friends like them that supports him.

“Ok guys! Let’s set up a plan for Kiri’s confession!” Mina shouted and they heard a knock on the door. “I’ll go see who it is,” Kirishima stood up and went to get the door but he wasn’t expecting to see Yukime standing there with a box of cupcakes on her hand. Kirishima frooze when he saw you wearing the hoodies he picked for her. She smiled sweetly at him and showed the box of cupcakes she was holding. “Eiji, I made these for you! Eat them up, ‘kay? See you later!” Yukime said once she handed him the box of cupcakes.

Kirishima blushed harder once she was gone, she called him Eiji, wore the hoodie he picked for her and made him some cupcakes? How lucky can he be? Once she was gone out of sight the group shouted and you can clearly know that they are happy at what they saw. “You lucky spiky bastard, can’t really believe that she used his first name to call him,” Bakugo said and Mina was shaking the frozen Kirishima.

“She was wearing the hoodie he picked for her too! Oh, cupcakes, they smell so good but that’s yours. So let’s go ahead and plan already!” Mina said and shut the door so loud. “What are the ways we can make her agree to let him court her?” Sero said and the guys thought really hard but Jiro has her answer.

“Yukime doesn’t really want some luxurious things and she is the opposite of Todoroki when it comes to every thing. She wears things that depends on her mood and so the way she eats is like that. I think she likes guys just like Kirishima because when we asked her about it she said she wants a guy who is gentleman and the completely opposite of Bakugo,” Jiro said and Bakugo was furious. “Why the hell she said that?” he asked in anger and he was posed like he was ready to fight any moment.

“Jiro’s right! Let’s do some things that Yukime will find cute!”

☃︎The next day☃︎

“Guys, did you saw who put this in here?” Yukime asked and held the rose up. “Oho, somebody must have a death wish for putting that on Yukime’s table,” Mineta said and laughed. Kirishima on the other hand was nervous as hell and was scared to ruin the plan that his friends made just to make his crush say yes once he ask her to let him court her.

He was watching the whole scene and Shoto took the rose from Yukime and burned it to ashes. “B-brother! Why did you do that!?” she angrily asked him and Shoto went back to his seat and sat. Yukime was furious about what he did to the poor rose, it was her favorite flower and her brother just burned it?

She activated her snow and let it turn into ice and she shot her brother, “Next time you do that I’ll be the one to freeze and burn you to death.” After she said that she set up his brothers’ things on fire. Shoto glared at her for doing that, the whole Class 1-A was shocked bevause they haven’t seen her so mad before and what’s more shocking is that she got mad for burning one rose.

“Whoever gave me that thank you and sorry for my brother’s action earlier,” she said and sat on her seat. Mina and Jiro went to her to have a conversation then the bell rang and Aizawa walked in.

The class started going off smoothly and it is now one on one combat between the students. They were cheering for their friends to win, however when the last two students were up the whole class suddenly got quiet.

The last two were Shoto and Yukime and the way they look at each other is intense. They look like they can murder each other right there right now. The battle between them started when Shoto froze his sisters legs by using his ice. He thought he got her but Yukime melted it by transfering the heat throughout her body.

The battle between the twins lasted for a good ten minutes and Yukime was the winner. They cheered for her and congratulated her for winning. The bell around the campus rang indicating that it’s lunch. The girls walked together to change back into their uniforms. Mina, Jiro and Yukime were the last ones to leave the locker room.

“So, Yukime-chan, did you found out who gave you that rose huh?” Mina asked when they were heading towards the cafeteria. “No I still don’t,” she said and let out a sigh. In her mind she was hoping it wasn’t Mineta. “You know Yuki why don’t you just confess to Kirishima already?” Jiro suggested at her friend and she blushed.

When Mina and Jiro noticed it they giggled, “You look so cute Yukime-chan.” They arrived at the cafeteria and Jiro suggested that she would be the one to get their foods. Mina dragged Yukime along to where the whole Bakusquad were seated everyday and made her seat beside Kirishima.

Jiro when to where the were and handed them their food with Kaminari following her behind holding some trays too. Yukime was nervous and so Kirishima, it’s a natural freling when you were seated beside your crush right?

“Weird hair why are you still not eating huh?” Bakugo asked Kirishima when he noticed he still haven’t touched his food. “Uh.. Nothing,” he answered and cleared his throat loudly. “Eiji, do you feel sick? You’re like a tomato,” Yukime asked and checked his temperature by putting the back of her hand on his forehead.

Kirishima blushed harder when her hand made a contact with his forehead. “I’m fine Yukime, thank you for worrying,” he said while stuttering and a small smile. “Aww, you look like a couple. Why don’t you just date already?” Mina butted in and the group teased their friends who were blushing so hard.

The lunch already ended and they were back at their classroom. Aizawa walked in and said, “You are dismissed for today. The principal and the teachers will be having a meeting this afternoon.” After he left the room the class shouted in delight.

They headed back at their dorm and Yukime stared at the wall on her room for some minutes. “Should I make some cupcakes for the rest of the class?” when she decided she would she opened up her phone to send a message at the Bakusquad group chat. “Guys, wanna go shopping some ingredients with me?” When she hit the send button she immediately got replies from them.

Bakubro: Nah, I’m going to do the homework.

Alien Queen: Sure! I’ll get ready in a sec!♡︎

Idiot Pikachu: Sorry Yukime-san, Sero and I would be gaming until night.

Tape boi: Kaminari said it already.

Jiro: Yeah, wait for me and I’ll come to your room.

Spiky hair boi: Sorry pebble but I have stuffs to do.

Hot Snow: Ok, after I got to finish those cupcakes I’ll go and deliver them to you!♡︎

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