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#anime incorrect quotes
It's Finally Happening!
Courier: *Kneels down on one knee*
Doctor: Oh my! It's finally happening!
Courier: *Falls over*
Doctor: looks like my poison is kicking in!
Doctor, surveying Courier: Wow...I REALLY didn't think this through. *Sighs* He's even more useless now.
Doctor: I feel kind of bad.
Doctor: Weird feeling. Not used to it.
Doctor: Didn't love it.
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Grell: Oh my darling bassy~ You and I on Halloween night… We’ll have a little date, collect some souls. Forget about that brat, it’ll just be you and me.

Sebastian: I’m not interested.

Grell: Oh, what a shame. I had found a litter of kittens near my home.

Sebastian: Well, I guess I could reconsider…

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Teru: Kou, what in the world are you doing??
Kou: You know what, Nii-san, can you stop being so judgmental all the time? I'm sorry I'm not perfect like you, but I'm always just trying my best and do what makes me happy. So I could really do without the judgement!
Teru: I was going to ask why you're in the fish tank, but nevermind then.
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Bokuto: Don’t look so judgemental!

Akaashi: Aren’t you the judgemental one for assuming that I am judgmental because of how I look?


Bokuto: Now you’re just trying to hurt my brain and my feelings!

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Shiki: You think you stand a chance?
Villain: Not only do I think I stand a chance, I know I will destroy you.
Shiki: The only thing you will destroy restaurant bill!
Villain: Yes Shiki and I... wait what?
Shiki: You heard me, we are going on a friend date later, I'm inviting you to a 4 star restaurant, all expenses paid.
Villain: That is a little short notice, I don't have anything nice to wear and...WAIT NO!
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[yakulev lying together in bed]

yaku to himself: I wonder what’s he thinking about?

lev talking to himself: do cats have famous cats? like kitty perry or lady catcat. maybe catlid.

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