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#anime nostalgia

For Episode 06, we talk about Gundam Wing webrings. This was one way fans found likeminded sites: you joined a webring, you put their html fragment and banner on your site, and then visitors could find your site on the webring’s list and click from your site to other similar sites. 

While chatting about that, we got distracted remembering one particular webring: the Society for the Defense of Duo’s Intelligence. In fact, SDDI was a mailing list for people who are sick and tired of Duo being characterized as a stupid baka in fanfic. This was a dominant characterization in a lot of bad fic of the era. Members of the mailing list with websites could join the webring. Above, you can see one of the banners, an example of how HTML fragments were shared so people could easily add the banners (plus a second banner example), and the rules for joining. The website is archived here. 

I don’t think I was a member of the mailing list. IIRC, in this time period, I possibly did not have my own email address due to being 11-years-old. But I do remember this group and various bad fanfic characterizations. Duo as a goofy “random” “baka” XD and Heero as a cold, unfeeling bastard. Upcoming, I’ll share a submission from a listener about defending Quatre from his own terrible tropes. 

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