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haruka-kaida11 hours ago
My skateboard
- hey haruka-chan- called me aiko
"Why do you and Mrs. Haruka hate each other so much?"
I thought about it for a moment, since my father went to prison she became distant and I developed a contempt for her because she should be in prison, not my father, since my mother was the one with the scam
-Sometimes people just don't get along , there is no other science-I said taking out the kettle already boiling, I served the tea in a cup for Aiko and put a sachet of coffee in another cup for me
-And how do you get along with your father, haruka chan? -
-I get along well with him, although I don't see him that often
-mmm...-the girl nodded
After that mini conversation Aiko finished her tea and I sent her to sleep since she was yawning a lot, she went and left me alone in the dining room, when I finished my coffee I checked, again, my phone is 3:53, almost the 4 now if it's late, I went to my room and saw Aiko in my bed, I lay down next to her, wrapped us up and fell asleep.
The next day Aiko was the one who woke me up
-Haruka-chaaaan, geeeeeeeet up- she said shaking me
-ayyy why? - I said sleepy
-I got hungry- still shaking me
-It's fine, it's fine, I'm going to prepare breakfast there- getting up
-yey! - says the girl going to the kitchen
I follow her and and I make some pancakes with cream that I found there, I put them on a plate and handed them to her, I wasn't that hungry so I made myself a coffee again. I got a message from hiromi asking if I want to go out with him and Akira
"hey, do you want to come to the mall? We'll have lunch there, what do you think?"
I had Aiko, they already knew the little girl but I don't know and the girl will want to come with me?
-Hey Aiko do you want to come to the mall with me and some friends? - I asked
She thought about it for a while and answered- Yes, that would be fine.
I replied to the boy based on what Aiko said
"Okay, I'll go but I'll bring Mr. Hang's girl to Aiko, you remember her right?"
"cool !, and if I remember her and there is no problem, we will have fun, I promise!"
-We will eat there, right? - Asked the girl
-Tsk- yes, of course-smiling- goes to get ready yes?
-yes yes- she finished eating and went straight to the room and got dressed- I'm done! - she yelled
-It's cold today- I told
-Yes! - putting on a sweater
-Wait, I want to bring something- I said to go to my room
-What?, what thing? -he said following me
-this- I showed him my skateboard
I have this thing for as long as I can remember, my father gave it to me on my birthday number 6 , it is very precious to me since it is the only gift I have received from my father, sad? Yes, but at least he dedicate to the gift, or so I think, meh it's great
-your skateboard?-she said confused
-It's not my skateboard, it's the skateboard- I said marking the "la" in the sentence
-And how will I go? -
-Not that you are going to roller skating? -looking in the little girl's backpack for the skates
-Yes, but I don't know if I have them in my backpack
-as that no?- I said taking out the skates
-oh, there they were, let me put it on
gave her the skates and helped her put them on, then I shook off my skateboard a bit, which had a bit of dust from little use, we went out and skated to the mall.
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elisama00a day ago
馃尭 English
Hey, I was just practicing some poses and coloring. Oh, this is an OC, BUUUUT the hair... Well the color, idk... Just D: ugh, idk maybe blond hair would be better (?). Oh well...
Hope you like it. 鈽猴笍
馃尭 Espa帽ol
Hey, s贸lo practicaba algunas poses y coloreado. Oh, este es mi Oc, peeeeeero, el cabello, m谩s que nada, el color de cabello, no s茅... S贸lo D: ugh, no s茅, tal vez el cabello rubio le quede mejor (?). En fin...
Espero os guste. 鈽猴笍
#anime #animegirl #pose #poses #cute #cutegirl #Oc #chicanime #chica
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tigerbaconathomea day ago
What's better then tiger bacon?!?!
鉂 Amazing content鉂
馃挌Message back to every DM馃挌
馃挏Talk to you all the time!馃挏
馃АRaffles dinner virtual or in person If in area馃挍
馃挋Will talk video games and anime with you!馃挋
Tumblr media
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tigerbaconathomea day ago
What's better then tiger bacon?!?!
鉂 Amazing content鉂
馃挌Message back to every DM馃挌
馃挏Talk to you all the time!馃挏
馃АRaffles dinner virtual or in person If in area馃挍
馃挋Will talk video games and anime with you!馃挋
Tumblr media
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haruka-kaida2 days ago
I just hate her
-You are finally coming Hakura-chan- says annoying Aiko
-I'm sorry, the popcorn was made late, what are we going to see? - I said sitting on the bed, next to the little girl
-Pixar's new movie "soul" - she says pointing to the television
-well and put it
Aiko put play and started the movie, the movie is good leaves you thinking.
When I finished Aiko was already sleeping and I was crying because of the message from this one, I am not cry with the movies but it this exactly it came to me, now everything and nothing makes sense, God I urgently need a therapist.
I grabbed my phone and saw hour 2: 47, it's relatively early, tidied up the room a bit and collect Aiko in bed, I think I'll make myself a coffee or tea I'm still not sleepy, by chance she checked my pants pocket and I see the intagram and number of the coffee boy, Takeshi is his name, if I remember correctly, I thought for a moment to contact him and talk to him ... maybe I will tomorrow
I go to the kitchen and I made me a coffee
-haruka-chan? - Aiko appears in the kitchen behind me
-oh..Aiko, did I wake you up?
-Yes ... I didn't see you and I came to look for you-she says sleepily
-Sorry, do you want some tea? Or do you prefer to go to bed? -She asks him, I crouching down to his height
-I prefer tea, I already lost sleep
-ok, go to the table yes?
-alright- she's going to sit on the chair
I put water in the kettle and put it on the stove, I lean on the table and see the photos on the wall, they were photos of my parents and me together, it brings me a bit of nostalgia but that photo is cut into the face of my father, the old woman is insane
- hey haruka-chan- she called me
"Why do you and Mrs. Haruka hate each other so much?"
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miapeachyb2 days ago
Tumblr media
Morning my ONLYFANS sub to see it all 馃樈馃樇鈽猴笍馃枻also com chat with me!!鈾ワ笍馃樈
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haruka-kaida2 days ago
Old woman badly fucked
It already about 6 at night and Aiko was convincing Mr. Hang to stay the night at my house, I have no problem with that, he has already done it, the problem is that my boss is ... a complicated man
-please sir haaaaaaaang-begged the little girl
-I don't know Aiko, sure you have no problem with her staying with you, Haruka? - he looked at me
-no, not at all, boss, you know I have no problem- I say
-I know , but what about you mother? -I wonder, he knows that my mother and I do not get along
-My midre is loaded with work, and does not come home until the next day-
- And the school, Aiko? - the man asked the girl
-The mafestation will last 5 days- she said running to hug me- please let me go with Hakura-chaaaaaan-she beg he, again
-Well, take she Hakura, take your backpack Aiko- agreed the man handing the backpack to the younger redhead
-Thank you thank you thank you! -
-Okay, let's go- I said to the little girl- I'll bring it to you tomorrow when it's my work shift, ok? - I asked
-Ok Bye! - he say
"Bye Mr. Hang!" He said goodbye to the girl.
Outside the premises I asked for a car to pick us up and he did, the car arrived, we got in and got to my house, it's not a big deal, damn poziga, I hate this shit of home but it's the only thing I have. We entered and Aiko went straight to my room, not without she took off her shoes before, I did the same and checked if my mother was not there, great She's not here!, she fucking workaholic.
- Well Aiko, what do you want to do? - I asked once taht I entered my room, it is not big or small, it is the only place in the house that is pleasing to the eye, I don't let many people enter, here it is like my burrow.
-How about seeing a movie- she proposed
-I like your idea, take the remote control and look for something in Netflix, Amazon or Disney plus- I passed the control- I'll go for sandwiches- I said for to go to the kitchen.
I opened the fridge and took out 2 pots of ice cream, soft drinks and ... "insert the song of I hate my mom" my cell phone, they were calling me, grab the device and I answered, I didn't even see who is
- Hi, are you calling little dragon *, who's talking?
-I already told you to stop calling yourself so is pathetic
-ah hello old woman, what are you calling for?
-Not one how are you, spoiled girl? How disrespectful you are- said the woman on the other side of the line
-How if I care, why you called?- I said preparing popcorn
-I call you to check the papers that are on the table
-What papers? - I asked looking with my eyes
-the papers on the dining room table, idiot- she says
-ah ya, yes here they are
-well, now take a pen and with your useful hand make your signature- explains
-Don't talk to me like I'm an idiot like you- I said irritated but counting the orders
-Look, you little idiot, I'm not going to deal with you now, just do it, okay? please- said the woman
-Yes, I did- I read a little of the paper before writing my signature, "work travel authorization".
my mother is an alcoholic and needs the authorization of a relative to go on work trips, my father cannot sign because he is in jail, the only one left is me
-How long will you go, where will you go and when? -I asked, it is not the first time that she suddenly leaves
-5 months, United States and tomorrow morning I'll go home to pick up my luggage- she said- please don't get in trouble, I have enough with your incompetent father, yes, idiot?
-yes, old woman badly fucked- I cut suddenly
I can't stand she, it's good that she's leaving, my spirits rose even more, I took out the almost burned popcorn, I put them in a topper and I went back to Aiko
*Hakura calls himself this like that since his name "Kaida" literally means "little dragon", he does not like his mother because his father was the one who chose that name and the reason why Hakura dyed his hair red and not another color
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