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#anime smut
cvtqr · 6 months ago
Eren having a breeding kinky so keeps fuckying (y/n) in mating press over and over again
pairings; eren jaeger x reader
content warning; breeding
Tumblr media
“eren! not so-, not so fast please!”
you didn’t think you could possibly take anymore. for the past hour, eren has just been fucking and breeding you.
it was a mess.
“sorry baby, i just can’t get enough of this sloppy little cunt”
he looked down into your eyes before reaching down and slapping your clit, making your body jolt foward.
“so, so sloppy.”
he brought the same hand back up, shoving two fingers into your mouth.
“next time i come back you better be fucking pregnant, understood? you want me to make you a pretty little mommy, don’t you?”
you shook your head yes, slightly choking on his fingers before he pulled them out.
he didn’t last much longer before he shot his cum right up inside you. he pulled out soon after, placing his hand over your cunt.
“you’re not going to let any of this go to waste, right?”
you shook your head no.
“no, no i’m not eren.”
“you sure? hmm, even if i do this?”
he removed his hand, now placing it on your lower stomach above your cunt.
he pushed down, and pushed down hard. you really thought you could keep it in but the pressure was too much and everything starting spilling out of you.
“oh nooo, would you look at that! guess we gotta go again, y/n. what a shame.”
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savagetrickster · a year ago
BNHA | Todoroki Shouto (NSFW)
Words: 4750
Themes/warnings: 18+, aged-up, explicit (!!), doctor au (mildly implied), breeding kink, semi-public sex, edging (well, attempted), mild usage of anatomical terms...idk :/
Tumblr media
Recently married to Shouto, she should have known she would be bombarded with playful questions about children. 
Being invited to a baby shower made thinking about the next step inevitable but that did not mean that she was ready to answer them.
Naturally, most people would think about children as the next thing after marriage.
Everytime she thought of their life after marriage, there were always uncertainties.
There weren’t even vague plans to think about. All that came to mind was them...just being, well, them.
Shouto, a veteran doctor despite his age which was considered young in the field, contributing his expertise in the U.A. Hospital ran by Dr. Toshinori Yagi 
- the “Symbol of Hope” himself. 
And her as a lecturer in a university.
Both just going about with their working life as they were before they made things official.
Nothing new. Nothing more.
She wasn’t particularly passionate about more, given how everything that was going on between Shouto and her was just so comfortable. 
But words made by nosy people who were checking in into their marriage life always struck her with one question or more accurately, a giddily strange feeling.
Did she want them? Her feelings always leaned toward the “yes” whenever this topic was brought up.
How about Shouto?
She wasn’t too sure. It had always been a topic they tip-toed around, particularly her since she knew well of his traumatic childhood. 
When she managed to muster the guts to bring it up, his response to her question was lukewarm. But one thing she did know was the doubt he carried in himself when it came to the idea of fatherhood, no thanks to his own dad.
Even until now, she was still wavering.
So feeling overwhelmed and lost for words about what to say to their friends, she turned to seek his help but only to find herself captured by a deep, dark gaze bordering between seriousness and something else...much more heated.
She didn’t know what to think about the prodding hunger she saw in his eyes.
Absolutely clueless that it had something to do with the sight of her holding their friend’s new bundle of joy.
She would have figured it out if she connected this strange fixation to how she had found him lingering before the display of baby clothes while they were shopping for a gift earlier.
She would have realized that answer had always been there-
-that during his working hours, Shouto would always be left staring almost wistfully at the closing door behind his expecting patients, if he were to ever encounter any, was the answer to her question.
Absentminded, slender fingers continued to twirl around her slightly damp hair draped over the fluffy bathrobe around her as she stared out at the view of city lights through their bedroom window.
“What if you two end up having a kid with pink hair?”
A hum of amusement went through her as she played around with that question once again in her head.
This was the one thing that stuck with her from the baby shower they left.
The calm silence enveloped her quiet form as she mused over the possibility with the thought of Shouto’s hair.
As if he could read her mind, the muffled cacophony of running water in the pipes burst free through the bathroom door Shouto pulled open, tearing into the silence.
Through the window with a sky dark enough to make it a mirror, she could see him strolling out into their room with a single towel tucked loosely around his waist and a hand ruffling through his damp hair with another. 
The scent of his body soap growing stronger as his legs brought him deeper into the room, close enough for her to take a whiff.
“Hey, babe.” She nibbled on her lower lip thoughtfully. “you think it’s possible for us to get a kid with pink hair?”
“Pink hair?” Her eyes despite being on the apartments across theirs caught a stuttered pause in his actions.
“You know, with the red and the white in your hair.” The finger twirling her hair halted briefly, “Pink could be possible.” 
“And how about their eyes?” She didn’t know what was with her tonight. 
“Do you think they will be heterochromic like yours?” 
Thoughts she was always hesitant to share were tumbling out of her mouth like they had minds of their own.
“O-Or what if we had twins...?”
This time, he stopped altogether. 
Something stirred in the depth of his blue-grey eyes as he stared into her back, clinging onto every word with bated breath like they were words of gospel. 
“...maybe each of them will have a full head of red or white.”  
The same yearning hunger from earlier was pounding in his heart and racing in his head. 
An ache raw and needy enough to be carnal and instinctive.
One that he had always been adamant about suppressing around her, even after two months long of their marriage life. 
He knew what he wanted for them. 
Even before they were officially married, recurring imaginations of her round and swollen with his baby was where he constantly found his thoughts fleeting to, but refused to indulge in them.
Always silently worried that this fever was stemmed from... that man. 
That he was becoming like him even though he was the last person he would ever want to be.
Was there a cold, calculative reason behind why he wanted to get her pregnant so badly? That he was driving himself crazy with these wistful thoughts?
What if he was just like his dad? An action of self-interest that he could profit from.
He knew these weren’t it but he couldn’t bring himself to put the burden on her shoulders.  What he wanted was the last thing he cared about. 
All that mattered to him was hers. 
And only hers.
That one question she sprang onto him about kids that day was what got him wanting. 
The answer she gave him when he fired it back at her - “That’ll be so amazing, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that.” - wasn’t clear.
But now, it was. 
"I'm as curious as you, you know." -a startled gasp rushed out of her as strong arms appeared around her waist, her eyes flying up to the window to see her figure in the dark reflection now loomed over by Shouto's tall, broad form. 
The thoughts running in her head were forgotten as quickly as they were formed.
Her eyes widened. "Yo-You are?"
"I see that you have absolutely no idea what you do to me, holding onto that baby in your arms just now."
The woodsy scent of his body soap engulfed her along with his sturdy, chiseled body pressed flush against her back, the curl of his muscular arms flexing as he held her snug close. 
"Of how much I wanted to take you right there and then so that I could put one into you."
The hunger in the depth of his eyes stirred as his hand left her waist to press lightly into her navel. 
"Wondering about how ours would be like too,” Underneath his hand splayed across her lower abdomen, her thighs pressed together at tingles jolting up her core. 
“So why don't we find out together?" 
The low, dangerous edge in his voice sent a shiver of chill down her nape and her slick arousal running down her thighs. 
"...once I get you fertilized through and through, of course." The doctor in him was evidently leaking through that one word.
And it was hard to miss.
Sprouting medical facts and terms like a walking medical encyclopedia with a straight face had always been something she found hilarious and teased him about.
It had never come across her that they could sound so...erotically dirty to her ears. And so intoxicatingly powerful, enough to trigger a hungry ache running in her heating walls.
Head hazy and saturated with heat, she nodded against him with a whimper she could barely manage through her lips.
Goosebumps crawled over her skin at the nearly tangible feral urge in the tension holding his body to hers. 
“Take off from work tomorrow,” A demand ripped through his words as his lips pressed into the side of her neck, “You’ll be too sore to go in by the time I’m through with you.”
The subtle, quiet dominance Shouto always held over her in their heated moments was coming out, baring its fangs at full force. 
The bathrobe around her body slipped off her shoulders and crumbled to the floor around her feet in one fell swoop at a strong tuck of the belt around her torso.
Her skin instantly tingled to the cold nips of the cool air lingering in the room as his hands found its way back onto her. 
One slipping between her thighs his knee nudged firmly apart and the other finding it way up her torso to meet her breast with a squeeze.
The warmth of his palm pushing into her hardening nipple and his fingers playfully drawing friction over her sopping slit made her eyes water slightly and her legs quiver even more. 
A needy groan choked in her throat as the lights across their bedroom window wavered behind her slightly tearing vision.
“Shou-Shouto, the window…” She forced a gulp down her throat, “...People can see us.”
His lips tracing along her jaw with kisses paused. “I hope they enjoy our little show then.”
A chuckle puffing lightly across her skin as an edge of his lips turned up to form a smug smirk, his heterochromic eyes glinting darkly. 
“Because I’m about to fuck you right against this window so that everyone can see how good you can take me.” 
As if to emphasize his point, he moved them closer to the glass. 
Shivering at the cold touch meeting her skin, her protest against having any audience evaporated along with all rational thoughts as soon as he pried through her folds with a single finger. 
Eliciting a drawn gasp at the delicious drag he made pushing in, her own fingers curled into the cool glass at the pleasure jolting in her throbbing walls around his.
Between the nipple tugged and rolled in his warm fingers and the other grazing lightly across the cool glass even to the slightest movement, her eyes glazed over with dazed heat at the opposing sensations on her breasts. 
“You know what's good about having a doctor as your husband?” Shouto murmured, lips lingering on the side of her head. 
The smirk on his face was also evident in his low, breathy voice
"I know exactly where to put my fingers.” He prodded her slit wider with one more finger, the edge of his lips lifting higher to the sharp jolt of her body responding to the insertion.
Something in her tightened with an aching need, heatedly clenching her melting walls around his prodding fingers. 
“Sh-Show me where then,” A giddy moan rode through her sultry tone,”...Doctor.”
Shouto had to force back a groan at that, the effect of her words showing through the spurt of his pre-cum coating over his erected cock.
“Very well.” A growl reverberated in his chest against her. 
His lips parted to run his tongue along her ear, instantly drawing a sharp shuddering breath from her.
"Prepare yourself," Loud squelch rasped between her slick-coated inner thighs as his fingers dug their way around and paused against a certain spongy spot.
"Cause Dr. Todoroki here will make sure he breeds you properly.”
Then his fingers moved, stretching and stroking along it with elaborate, emphasizing pressure. Hitting her with a flash of pleasure that nearly made her knees buckle under her.
Sensing her imbalance, his hand left her breast to hold her waist, pulling her steadily against him. “Keep up with me, love.”
Shouto pressed a kiss to her temples, with the tender gaze softening his heated eyes. But it was gone in snap. “We’ve got lots of work to do.”
His fingers moved again.
The glass before her lips fogged to every hasty exhale she shook out. 
Shaky whimpers accompanied each delicious stretch and toe-curling pleasure his fingers worked against the particularly sensitive spot. 
Her yearning ache to be filled was thriving on every white flash of pleasure his fingers curled into her weeping cunt, clenching hungrily for his cock standing slick and leaking against her ass. 
The warm coat of his pre-cum smearing over the round of her ass made her greedy and desperate for him.
“Fuck, Sh-Shouto...please, I-” 
His fingers paused against her throbbing walls.
“Is that what you should be calling me?”
His hand on her waist grazed its way down to give her clit a teasing roll.
A sharp intake of breath sifted responsively through her nose as her back arched sharply to the single electrifying tinge shooting up her spine. 
“I mean...D-Doctor.” A desperate sob broke into her needy voice. 
"That's it, love." Shouto pressed another kiss to her temples. "What were you going to say just now?" 
His fingers continued to twirl her sensitive clit in tight, elaborately slow circles, almost in sync with the ones curling provoking waves of pleasure against her walls.
"Go on, tell me what you need."
The soft,  delirious whimper slipping through her panting, parted lips was growing giddily high and helpless by the seconds, responsive to the relentless rising thrills of pleasure Shouto made with his fingers.
“Doctor please,” Another moan choked in her throat as her arousal dribbled shakily to the floor between her quivering legs.
“I need you to get me pregnant…” She turned her head over her shoulder to meet his intense gaze, gulping deeply. “I want you to give me everything you've got till I’m so so full.”
Her ache for him was almost tangible in the crack of her plea, enough to take his breath away and his own needs for her tightening even more in his cock. 
The constant pouring flow of her slick fluid coating and leaking around his plugged fingers was urging him to sheath himself in. 
He could feel his own resonating need even stronger now within his cock, its swollen, bulging head blushing furiously to the agonizing pressure in the lining veins along his girth
Suppressing a lusty whimper to his own arousal that was threatening to break his dominating demeanor, his hand moved away from her clit to hook under her left leg.
”Even as a doctor, I have no idea how much is enough to impregnate a woman,"
There was a breathless strain in his husky, brooding voice,
"...but I always keep my promises.” 
He hiked her leg high against the glass. “So don’t worry, love, I’m taking off from work tomorrow,” She couldn't help groaning at the wide sudden stretch between her moist, puffy folds.
Shouto panted hard against her neck.
“Even if it meant needing to pump you full of my sperms over and over again, I will do it.” There it was again. 
Her walls clenched needily for his cock resting on her slit.
Only Shouto could make anatomical terms sound so dirty.
"Alright," A kiss was pressed against her head again. “I’m coming in.” A guttural moan ripped through his words.
And that was all before she felt him push himself through her parting slit. His hoarse moan strained in his throat as he entered with careful penetration. 
Her own moan was dragging through the air along with his as her eyes fluttered to the electrifying wide stretch he parted with his cock, prodding against her heated wall with its generous broadness
Lens of wavering tears filled her eyes at the lengthy girth wedged almost too fittingly between her. 
Curling her toes, she felt the veins along his girth dragged delicious friction across her walls. 
She stifled with a gaspy whimper the moment its swollen head settled snugly against the deepest part of her with a firm strong prod, accentuating its presence within her with a light bulge against the skin on her lower abdomen.
Their sighs mingled harshly as soon as he bottomed up in her, completely sheathed between her clenching walls. 
His hand splayed low on her stomach responded to the tent he made against her  with a soothing rub, his calloused thumb brushing over her skin gently.
“Good girl,” His encouraging voice dipped with a strain at the tightness clamping fit around him that was so...excruciatingly sweet. “ take me so well.” 
Then he moved. 
Greeted immediately by a sharp cry as he pulled out fast to his tip and plunged right back in with a strong roll of his hip, setting his thrusts in a powerful, furious pace right off the bat.
Every fierce drive into her sent her slick fluid leaking around his plugged cock, dribbling down on the scattered pools at their feet. 
Her breasts jiggling against the window every time his cock pushed back into her. The tight, clenching muscles across his taut, broad back rippling to every pummeling thrusts. 
She could see the movements of oblivious residents through the windows across theirs but none registered in her head.
Too focused on the sensations wrecking her with intense, hazy carnal heat to care.
His thick, generous girth rushing into her cunt, filling and stretching her at every roll of his hip was too addictive for anything else to matter.
Along with his low, breathless grunts against her neck, the audible slippery squelches their mixed fluid made at every sweet friction between them was making her see white again and again.
Her nails digging into her palms against the glass as sultry moans accompanied the clutching greedy heat building inside her. The white flashes between her blinks grew brighter and brighter as the edge came close.
“Oh yes,” Her giddy moans quivered to her rocking body, “Th-This is it, Doctor, this is it…”
A chuckle left him between his breathless grunts. 
“Oh god, oh god, I’m-” 
“F-Feeling so good on my cock, aren’t you?” His chest expanded rapidly against her arched back. “But not yet, love, not yet.”
With that, Shouto tore himself out of her with a hissing grunt, his slippery, coated cock springing splatters across the floor below in his haste.
Whining at the sudden loss of him within her, the hot brimming pleasure he left behind made her turn around but was instantly met with his eyes, hungry and prodding into her heated ones.
Before she could say a word, his arms slid under her legs, the curl of his biceps flexing as he lifted her, her surprised gasp brushing over his shoulder. 
And in the next second before she got a good hold of him, she was lowered to their bed, feeling her back sinking into the plush duvet with another gasp rushing out of her.
Her eyes quickly found his as he kneeled before her, pushing her thighs apart to settle between them again. She could feel her walls clutching over nothing but their mingled arousal, impatient and desperate to release the tight knot within.
“...Shouto?” The dangerous glint like a feral fang in his intense eyes piercing into her made her breath hitch. 
Sensing the hunger in his body behind her seconds ago and seeing it on his face was a world apart. 
“Look at you,” He watched the trickles slip out of her sopping slit with a groan. “You’re so beautiful, all spread out like this, just for me.” 
Shouto shifted over her, waves of clenching taut muscles rippling down his sculpted torso as he set himself between her. 
His lips hovered over hers and his blazing eyes prodding into hers. 
“As much as I want to fuck you from behind, I want your pretty eyes on me, love.”
His fingers digging lightly into her thighs pushed her wider apart to accommodate his broad figure. 
“And burn how hard I breed you for us into your memory.” 
The dazed, wavering look in her eyes staring back at him made the edges of his lips lift. 
The heat in the depth of his eyes was an enigma.
A strong carnal glint with its edge softened by a tenderness that made her nearly forget to breathe and her heart pounding with a desire resonating with the one she could see in those heterochromic eyes. 
”We’re doing this for our first child,” Warm affection softened the jade in his voice, “and I want us to see this through together.” 
His hand met her cheek with a tender caress, his thumb stroking across her skin as his eyes stared into hers. 
“Oh of course, Shouto,” She moved a hand over his. ”...of course.” 
There was so much more she wanted to say, but the words were not enough to express what the look in his eyes invoked. 
“I love you so much,” Her voice barely above a whisper. “I can’t wait.”
“I love you too, ” The glint in his gaze danced as he lowered his lips to hers. “ much more.” 
His reciprocation left his hovering lips in a whisper before descending on her lips with a kiss. 
The muscles running up his thighs to his taut back ridged against his skin as he pushed himself forward, prying apart her sobbing slit with his cock, a whimper sighing from her between their mingling lips. 
Their thoroughly lubricated skin made his penetration easier and swift.
Her longing walls molded around his broad girth in a tight needy fit immediately as if relieved and delighted to welcome him back. 
Caressing her head between his big hands, he tilted his head to his fiery kisses he pushed upon her lips, tongue running and exploring every corner of her moaning mouth. 
The ferocity in his greedy lips was full of love and lust with the same intensity shown in the thrusts he drove into her.
His growling grunts reverberated back at her, running down to their hastily meeting hips. Down to his cock, tightening and bulging to accommodate to his building load. 
The headboard of the bed thudded repeatedly against the wall as their intermingling fluids squelched loudly to the passionate rolls of his hips.
The significant pressure within his girth was hard to miss from the satisfying strain it pushed against her walls. 
Breathing hard against each other, the need for air parted their lips.
Her moans were freed, tumbling out of her parted bruised lips as soon as he broke away and leaned back to admire her flushed face. 
“That’s it, that’s my girl,” His eyes flickered down, watching the fluid secreting from her wet cunt sputtering around his plunging cock. ”You always take me so well.” 
The slightly visible deep, fast prods of his thrusts pushing against her stomach drew his eyes to them, immediately shaking a shuddering breath of him. 
The mere sight of it was provokingly strong enough for the carnal desire to pump her full of his seeds to hit a new high in his rocking body.
Spurning wistful desires he held long inside him to cloud his mind once again as his eyes dug intensely, marveling at the prods poking up at her. 
“Fuck, why are you so beautiful?” He couldn’t help the whimpering groan that left him at that thought, his heated eyes wavering back at hers with a strong yearning at the images invading his head.
Of how precious and beautiful she would be round and swollen, growing his child in her womb if the load threatening to burst impregnated her.
“Y-You’ve no idea what you do to me, love.” His helpless neediness was leaking through a crack in his dominating demeanour, 
“And once I get you pregnant, I know you’ll look even more beautiful,” His words panting out between furious thrusts-
”...that you could fucking kill me.” - ended with a deep grunt.
Her heart was thumping hard in her chest while she was hanging onto every word. 
Like she had broken through a water surface, her rasping voice burst out of her in a gasp in the midst of her breathless moans. “Sho-Shouto, I want to make this happen for you.” 
The powerful message in his words swaying her in every way possible. ”I know you’re going to be the best dad.”
Tenderness softened the piercing glint in his eyes.
“And you...” Panting lips stretching shakily to a smile, Shouto leaned over her once again, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “...the best mom.”
His hands on the curve of her thighs pushed her wider apart, eliciting a small gasp from her as he pinned her knees lightly against the soft plushness below. 
Eyes fixated on her with a hard glint in them, the roll of his hips shortened into curt, furious snaps. 
His harsh, choppy breath puffing over her shoulder in a shuddering haste as he clenched his eyebrows in concentration, pounding his swollen, aching cock mercilessly into her.  
Her moans were rising higher and higher to the climbing heat within her. Gaining a delirious and sultry quality in them as her body rocked and jerked under him.
She couldn’t barely hold a single thought together in the heat saturated in her head. 
Her fingers were digging desperately against his broad back, dragging and clawing across the rippling taut muscles jumping and clenching to his hammering thrusts, as if it was her lifeline.
“Shou...Shouto, I-” Tears ran down her cheeks as she sobbed weakly, helpless to the powerful plummeting thrusts he was wrecking into her between her legs. “I’m-” 
Another jolt of pleasure ripped another sob out of her before she could finish.
“Al-Almost there,” His voice dipped with deep strain.”...Keep up with me, love.” His hands left her legs to hold hers with a squeeze.
The white flashes between each weak, fluttering blinks blazed and burned into her vision as she drew dangerously close to the edge.  
Close enough for the next thrust to push her completely off it. 
Bursting a loud sob out of her mouth, her body arched sharply up toward his rocking body as her orgasm came crashing down on her, spilling an explosive cascade of her release over his rushing cock.
Relishing in the painfully delicious clamp around him, his grunts escalated to guttural growls while her moans lost its strength, withering into gasps and whimpers.
He leaned back with hands pulling away to hold onto her thighs, her hands responsively moving to clutch tight onto the pillow under her head.
Sweat clung his hair to his forehead as his eyes never left hers. Even more piercing and determined than ever, he pressed on.
Crooks of his elbows under her thighs, his broad back curved with a small arch, his hip jarring out to accommodate the hammering thrusts his cock rutted into her.
The bulging biceps of the arms under her quivering thighs flexed frantically to his hasty movements.
“Ey-Eyes on my cock, love,” Her eyes drifted down from his. “...I want you to watch your pretty pussy overflow with my cum.” 
A sultry moan rode through her throat at the erotic sight of his cock burying flash fast into her. 
Along with the harsh, sexy pants he expelled, she could hear the slippery, lewd squelches accompanying him loud and clear.
Slamming against the wall behind, the thuds of the headboard rattled loudly along with his urgent thrust. 
His snapping movement grew desperate and frenzied as his own release approached fast, drawing closer and closer.
And when it did, the final fierce prod into her sent the headboard behind slamming against the wall with an equally strong, harsh thud.
Under his stiff, arching back, the tight muscles in his thighs held in a tight clench as Shouto pressed himself into her, his eyes clenching close as her greedy walls squeezed him.
The feral growling undertone in his grunt mingled with the giddy long moan fleeing from her wide parted lips as he pumped his seeds into her waiting womb like he had promised.
Joining her heated wavering gaze, his hungry eyes lowered to watch the rich coat of his seeds leak out of her, running over his cock.
“Look at that,” A satisfied smirk curled his lips as heavy pants rattled through his words, “I think I filled you up pretty darn good.”
An amused laugh puffed out between her harsh breathing.
“At this rate, someone’s definitely becoming daddy in no time.” 
A chuckle left him between his labored pants.
“I hope so.” Shouto leaned over her to press a lingering kiss on her forehead.
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vomwit · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
these are just my headcanons on how some of the bnha boys are like during sex (: the links are to nsfw twitter videos, so if that’s not your thing then i advise you to skip this post.
-> izuku midoriya, katsuki bakugou, shoto todoroki, eijirou kirishima, & denki kaminari.
Tumblr media
izuku midoriya...
eating out - midoriya prefers to eat your pussy with gentle, precise licks. he wants to savor your delicious flavor, and make you last as long as possible. will draw out your orgasm as long as possible.
intercourse - he loves humping into you. midoriya will not try to hide his moans, and he whimpers and begs when he’s deep inside you. this boy hugs you close when he’s about to cum, nutting deep inside of your hole and sucking on your breasts. if you don’t finish before he does, he’ll get on his knees and finish you off with his mouth like a good boy.
katsuki bakugou...
eating out - believes oral should be a mutual-benefit type deal. your pretty little mouth needs to get busy if you wanna cum on his tongue. his hot breath on your lower lips as he moans from pleasure make you go wild. also will push your head down on his dick—definitely not opposed to being rough(with your consent, ofc).
intercourse - mans all time favorite position is hitting it from the back. he’s an ass man, so it makes sense that he wants the best possible view of your ass clapping back into him. also literally will not change positions— just fucks you like this until he pulls out and busts all over your back (:
shoto todoroki...
eating out - shoto’s a basic bitch. no crazy positions or anything,, he’ll just be content laying on his stomach with his face buried between your soft thighs. he can’t help it as his hands wander up your stomach and grab your tits as you grind on his mouth.
intercourse - oh god, this man. he’s so soft for you, even in the bedroom. his favorite way to “do the deed” is with your small body in his lap facing him, sitting on his cock as you both embrace each other. shoto will nuzzle his face in between your breasts, hands cupping your ass as you slowly hump his crotch. he likes to pull out and cum on your inner thighs.
eijirou kirishima...
eating out - kirishima is determined to make you feel fucking incredible everytime he tongue-fucks you. absolutely loves laying on his back as you straddle over him, riding his face into oblivion. will slap and squeeze at you ass, savoring the way your flesh jiggles.
intercourse - growls and groans loudly as he bucks into you, hard. his teeth are in your neck as he slams balls-deep into your tight center. he’s not exactly the most gentle when it comes to sex, but that’s what you love about him. he won’t stop until you’re screaming. kirishima will usually finish inside of you.
denki kaminari...
eating out - man goes IN. denki can’t get enough of the way you try to clench your thighs around his head. he stares up at you, moaning into your folds as he ruts against the mattress. he could cum just from eating you out.
intercourse - just typical, fast-paced teen sex. you guys will try out all positions; missionary, cowgirl, doggy... he favorite position is probably when you’re on top of him, using his dick for your own pleasure. denki will tap your thigh to tel you he’s about to cum, and will kneel above you, stroking himself until he releases all over your tits.
Tumblr media
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katsuhera · 7 months ago
brat tamer levi ackerman
Tumblr media
pairing: levi ackerman x female reader (y/n)
scenario: you and levi are roommates and you neglected to do your share of the cleaning. levi comes back from a long day of training with the scouts and immediately notices the dust on the sills and the plates in the sink. so, he chooses to punish you.
tw/warnings: nsfw, light use of restraints, cursing (i curse like a sailor), some crack idk, brat tamer levi, orgasm denial, spanking, tears
wc: ~3.5k
Tumblr media
“y/n, what the fuck is this?” levi spit out, glaring at you with his pointer finger raised, dust and grime coloring his fingerprints.
you hadn’t even heard the door open, as you’d been recovering from a bad day yourself. being roommates with levi was hard at times, but you’d gotten used to it over the past year. you had kept up a pretty long streak without problems with your roommate cleaning schedule that he set up just over six months ago. but today, you just could not bring yourself to mop and clean. today was a shit day, and three hours prior, you mentally shut down and hoped levi would be understanding when he came home. cowering on the couch, you now realized how unrealistic of an expectation that was.
“i… was just having a bad day,” you said hesitantly. “i’m sorry. i’m really tired, i’m kinda just out of-”
“so you think that you get to just neglect your responsibilities just because of your feelings?” he huffed. “just in case you forgot, you’re not the only one who lives here, brat.”
hints of anger began to bubble in your veins. he didn’t have to fucking call me a brat, you thought, as you tried to control your breathing.
“it’s one day, levi. leave me alone, i’ll get to cleaning later.”
“get to cleaning, now,” he ordered. you clenched your fists.
“i know that you probably had a rough day training and being stuck in captain mode, levi, but in case you forgot, you’re not my captain. you’re my roommate. have some fucking empathy sometimes,” you growled.
he smirked.
what the fuck? you thought. why is he smirking? oh fuck, maybe he’s really mad-
pulling out his handkerchief, he wiped his fingers clean of the dust and flicked it onto the kitchen table as he slowly made his way over to you. if you weren’t already trying to sink into the couch, you were now, cursing yourself for not originally just staking out in your room.
“you want me to have some empathy, brat? you’re right, i did have a rough day today. i’m tired and all i wanted was to come back to a clean house, like i normally do. yet, it’s not clean and i’m being told to have empathy, of all things.” he halted just a couple steps away from your place on the couch. a long pause made you gulp, your heart faltering and skipping a few beats.
you always knew how other women viewed him, seeing the way they’d ogle his features and muscles when you were both out on occasional grocery trips or walks. you, though, had never taken the time to think of him that way, especially considering that you were roommates.
levi’s pretty hot, huh, you thought to yourself, looking up at him with a grimace. he might be 5’2 but jesus his jawline… and his hair… and his muscles... but why the hell am i thinking about that right now? he’s literally so pissed, bro i’m fucked maybe i should just apolo-
you felt a finger on your chin, lifting your face so that your eyes could meet.
“i don’t know why you chose today to be a brat, but i guess i’ll have to show you what’ll happen to you now because of it.”
you looked into his gray eyes, usually dull and intimidating, but your breath hitched a little as you realized there was a hint of something more in them. his eyes glinted with a tinge of lust and… was that… mockery?
he smiled.
unable to process any of your thoughts or emotions, you only started to realize what was happening as you took in his firm grip on your wrist, his odm gear on the living room floor and the fact that he had already dragged you halfway to his bedroom. he shut the door behind you as he pulled you past the door frame, while you tried to control your breathing.
your eyes followed his frame as he set aside his jacket on his desk chair, running a hand through his hair. he sat on the edge of the bed, looking over to you expectantly.
“well? get over here, brat,” he said, smirking and patting his lap.
“... what?” you managed to choke out. there was no way he was insinuating what you were thinking, right? dirty thoughts swirled, making your mind hazy and unfocused.
“i’m going to punish the brat out of you. tame you, if you will,” he said flatly. “so hurry up. and strip.”
your prior thoughts vanished, disappearing like a poof of dust. yet somehow, your body moved mechanically, as if with a mind of its own. you were still trying to soothe the gigantic question mark in your brain and the dryness of your throat, but your clothes were being shed all over his floor, one by one.
finally clad in just your panties and bralette, you simultaneously cursed and thanked yourself for wearing a lacy matching set today. you had absolutely no plans for this, but earlier when you came home and showered, you decided that maybe wearing a matching set could help to lift your mood.
levi’s annoying smirk only got darker as he looked you up and down, feeling a tightness in his crotch, though he’d rather die than admit it this early. you looked fucking good, he thought. he couldn’t wait to see you with your ass up and tinged red with the marks he was planning to give you.
“lay across my lap,” he said, mustering all his strength to make sure his voice didn’t come out strained.
you obeyed meekly, not even knowing what to think anymore. you made yourself comfortable, face down and ass up over his lap. you closed your eyes and bit your lower lip, completely unaware of what to expect.
i can’t believe this is happening right now, with levi of all people. my roommate?? really y/n?? these thoughts echoed in your mind but soon subsided as the wetness in your pants and longing in your core became impossible to ignore. just as you were balling your fists in anticipation, he made his first move.
a resounding smack! echoed around the room. you felt your right cheek jiggle back into place as you made sense of the situation - he just smacked your ass. but with what? that didn’t feel like his hand--
turning your neck slightly to look back at him, your eyes widened as you realized what he was holding.
what the fuck!? a duster!? where did that even come from?? that clean freak maybe i shouldn’t even be surprised-
a second smack terrorized your left cheek. that one stung, you had to admit, and you bit down on your lip to distract yourself from the tears starting to cloud your vision. a soft touch comforted and massaged your ass before a third smack inevitably rang through the room, causing the tears you fought so hard to hold back spilled down and onto the bedding.
“oi. brats don’t get to cry,” levi said simply. the hits seemed to continue over and over and over, stinging and encouraging the growing ache between your thighs. your ass was numb and hot at the same time, and you couldn’t focus on either feeling, until suddenly you realized your lips and the wet mess that had slowly been accumulating were exposed to the cool air in the room. before you could even utter a noise or turn your head, you heard a plastic-like object clatter onto the floor and levi plunged his fingers inside of you.
suddenly, you were hyper aware of how long and slender his fingers were - graceful when they were holding his teacups, assertive as he used them to point and order around members of his team, and all too experienced when it came to finger fucking you.
scissoring inside of you and reaching places that you could never reach on your own, you couldn’t help but let out a moan and buck your hips slightly, at the same pace with which he was pumping in and out of you.
“that’s right brat, keep going and let everyone in this building know how i’m making you feel right now,” he growled.
red and white spots were forming and popping in your vision as sparks were flying in your head. there’d been a tension, a tightness building up gradually in your core from the moment he gripped your chin to look upwards at him, and it felt like that tension could break at any second now.
“f-fuck, levi! fuck this feels so good- i- levi! fuck!” you gushed out, words spilling out of your mouth haphazardly as you were desperate to reach your climax. fuck your roommate relationship, you just wanted - needed - more--
his fingers slid out of you as easily and quickly as they entered, and a whine inadvertently escaped your lips. he flipped you over easily onto your back, his gaze piercing your eyes. you shrunk a little at how intimidating and noticeable the desire was in their depths.
“open, brat,” he said, and before you could do anything, he shoved his fingers into your mouth, forcing you to cleanse them of your slick. you sucked obediently, your hands moving automatically to clutch onto something.
“OI! did i say you could move or touch me? you’ll have to be taught a lesson for that,” he said. “seems like you’re even more of a brat than i originally thought.”
without a second thought, he took his fingers out of your mouth and lifted and placed you in the center of the bed.
“spread your legs,” he said, undoing the top few buttons of his shirt. god, he looks almost angelic like that, you thought to yourself. you were about to obey, but then a certain thought flashed across your mind, seeming to sparkle and glow at the edges. a smirk equally as sly as the one he wore earlier started to spread across your face.
“what if i don’t want to?” you said, increasing the tone you hit on certain words to make it clear that you weren’t going to be his obedient little slut anymore.
“oh?” he said. his eyes narrowed, and your breath hitched, waiting for his next move.
he dropped his chin, letting out a low chuckle. “so you wanna keep being a brat, huh y/n? fine. have it your way,” he said, finally making eye contact with you.
not once breaking the eye contact, he unbuckled his belt slowly and beckoned to you with his index and middle fingers. you shook your head.
“really brat?” he sighed. a new energy took over him, and he was suddenly on top of you, and swiftly pulled your hands out from where they were hiding, under your back. kneeling next to you on the bed, he looped the belt around your wrists and pulled them tight, ignoring the yelp of pain that came out of you.
“shut up y/n,” he spat. “i told you to not be a brat, right? this is your punishment.” pulling a handkerchief out from his bedside table, he looped it around your eyes quickly and silently, and a complaint bubbled to your lips as you abruptly lost your right to see.
“i told you - shut up,” he said. you could hear the mischievousness in his voice, just itching to torture (pleasure?) you further. you had half a mind to complain anyway, but the growing sense of need in your core was reminding you that he didn’t let you cum earlier, and he knew you were so, so close…
so, you bit your lip. maybe you’d try being a brat again in a little bit. you were hypersensitive to sounds - the rustling of some type of fabric that you secretly hoped were his clothes, and smells… you couldn’t get over how clean and refreshing everything in this room smelled, save for levi’s own husky and woody body scent.
as you lay almost naked in pitch darkness, breathing shallow and wetness pooling between your legs, your thoughts hurtled around what this could mean for you and levi as roommates.
i guess i always knew he was attractive, you thought admittedly. but i never imagined we’d ever be in this position right now. fuck, i wonder what he’s going to do to me next, i can’t believe how good his fingers felt-
you felt a hand reach beneath your back and unclasp your bralette and push the front up so that your tits spilled beneath, on display for all to see.
your nails forced crescent marks into your palms as you bit down even harder on your lips and anticipated where he would touch you next. you felt his thumb and finger pinch and grope your nipples, his tongue assaulting the other, and-
“ah!” you cried out, surprised at how sudden the fingers on his other hand entered your core. they drilled in and out of you even more quickly than before, easily and expertly finding that perfect spongy spot inside of you that made your back arch and breath escape your lungs. “fuck! fuck, levi! oh my god-”
“louder, brat.”
“FUCK, LEVI! oh my god, p-PLEASE! i’m so- i’m so close, i-” you nearly screamed. the coil in your core was expanding more and more, and you were sure it was going to snap if he didn’t stop.
the tongue swirling around your nipple, biting and grazing the peak suddenly left, your nipple escaping his lips with a small pop!, a chill running down your spine as the cool air replaced his mouth. you shuddered, as you felt his hair graze down your stomach as he made his journey down to your pussy, leaving kisses and bite marks along the way. your mind was grainy as you struggled to chase your orgasm, despite being so close, until his tongue darted into you, accompanying his fingers.
he licked up all of your slick, paying attention to every inner corner and spot of your velvety walls, as his fingers pumped in and out of you first at a rapid, then slow pace.
beneath his handkerchief, tears started to ooze out of your eyes as you arched your back and clutched your hands together, hopelessly struggling against the leather band he restrained you with. you curled your toes as levi’s tongue and fingers brought you closer and closer to your climax.
“what are you doing, brat? cum for me,” he gasped, in between licks.
on command, your orgasm flooded your entire body, your vision going white with tinges of black, toes curled and all of your muscle strength used in your arms in your fruitless attempt to break free and clutch his hair, clutch anything-
“i can’t-” you managed to choke out, struggling to catch your breath. your body was heaving, as his ministrations forced you to handle wave after wave of pleasure. “levi, oh my go- fuck!”
his tongue continued its assault on your clit, lapping up your juices leisurely, but his fingers pulled away, leaving you with a sense of emptiness. he pulled his tongue away too as you whined, missing the contact but grateful that he wasn’t overstimulating you.
before you could wonder what he was going to do next, you felt something glide along your entrance.
he ripped off your blindfold, and you blinked, eyes adjusting to the light.
he hovered over you shirtless, grinning, his left hand supporting his weight on the bed, and his right pumping his cock. you couldn’t help but take in every godlike detail about his body. how were his collarbones just the right amount of sharp and deep? his abs - how were they so clearly outlined? and his arms… the vein running down his forearm was all you could think about before his voice snapped you back to reality.
“brat! oi!” he gnarled. “oi! i want you to watch me as i fuck you.”
your mouth opened in surprise, and you inhaled sharply as he suddenly thrusted into you.
it took all of levi’s mental strength to keep his composure as he watched your eyes roll back, your lips forming a little ‘o’ as he pumped into you. he supported himself on his elbows as he nestled his face next to your neck, continuing his rough pace, and you couldn’t help but shudder at how his breath tickled your ear.
“you don’t know how long i’ve been wanting to do this, y/n,” he breathed.
you were too focused on the building tension in your center, heightened with each thrust, that your head spun as his words brought you sharply back to the present.
“you were so wet for me, you know,” he said, ruggedly. “did you want this all along too?”
you whimpered softly. you never thought you could be so turned on by levi, your roommate, but you bit your lip and nodded weakly. his right thumb and index took hold of your chin again, turning your head to face him.
you never noticed how his gray eyes could sparkle and be host to so many emotions. you sensed not only lust and desire, but also hopefulness and warmth. caught up in the feeling of being fucked senseless and also in your thoughts, you failed to notice his face inching closer and closer to yours, until his lips crashed down on your own in a wet yet controlled kiss.
you were achingly close to cumming again, and it seemed as though he were aware of that. continuing to pound into you, levi made sure with each thrust to brush his pelvis against your clit and hit different angles inside you until you were practically being fucked dumb. between responding to his kiss and riding the high that his cock was giving you, you had no time or energy to form coherent thoughts.
“answer me, brat,” he said, breaking away from your kiss. your eyes followed the trail of saliva that connected your faces.
“yes,” you whimpered. “yes, i- fuck! levi you make me so we- oh god, f-fuck i’m so close-”
he chuckled, and suddenly gripped a fistfull of your hair with his right hand and with his left, your waist, flipping you over into doggy all the while continuing to pound into you.
you buried your face into the bed, arching your back - subconsciously wanting to make sure his view was worth it. he responded with a slap, then gripped your hips and pushed your back down into a deeper arch, drilling into you even harder.
you wanted to cry again, as you felt his balls slap against your clit with each thrust. you were dangerously close to cumming again and you honestly weren’t sure if your body could handle it.
“you know i can feel you clenching, right brat?” he barked. “you don’t get to cum until i tell you.”
you swallowed thickly, unsure of how long you could hold out. frankly, levi was unsure too. his view was perfect as he slammed into you over and over - he watched your ass cheeks bounce back and forth and the way your slender back arched into him, the side of your face teary and red, your hair perfectly messy…
levi was close to his own climax too, but he’d be damned if he didn’t make you cum at least one more time before he finished. the hand gripping your hip snaked forward to reach your clit, and rubbed teasing circles into it as he watched your eyes roll back in complete and utter ecstasy.
“i want to hear you, y/n.”
a guttural moan escaped you lips as you indulged yourself completely, bucking your hips to match his rhythm, feeling vibrations tingle throughout your body as he continued to fuck you senseless and stimulate your clit.
“louder, brat!”
almost screaming, there were barely any words you could think of or say besides his name.
“LEVI! FUCK- LEVI- oh m- fuck levi,” you cried. “levi, please, please i’m so clo- fuck, please-”
“cum for me, brat.”
again, as if on demand and only for him, hot waves of sheer ecstasy rolled through you as levi hurtled towards his own climax as well.
“please- in me, ple-” you mewled, desperate to feel him fill you up with his hot seed.
levi had been holding back for so long that it took just those words for him to finish. groaning, he slowed his pace as thick white ropes of cum filled you up, his cock pulsating with each spurt. looking over at you, he smiled to himself at how peaceful you looked, eyes closed and mouth slightly agape.
he pulled out, watching as trickles of cum followed, oozing out of your entrance. flipping you over onto your back, he undid the belt around your wrists, and flopped next to you.
“think you’ll still want to be a brat to me again, y/n?” he grinned. your eyes fluttered open, your mind still hazy and not quite able yet to comprehend his words. you were dully aware of the trickle between your legs, but the blood rushing back into your wrists coupled with the comforting circles his hands were massaging into your body canceled out any discomfort you felt.
smiling, you responded. “actually, i think i might have to be a brat more often.”
Tumblr media
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ashestospace-fics · 6 months ago
The "Undatetables" main Kinks
Characters Obey me: Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon, Solomon
Reader: Gn
Tags: breeding kink, dumbfication, bondage, spanking, Chocking
Part 1 : the demon Brothers kinks
Breeding kink, it doesn't matter how you look at it this man has a huge breeding kink. It's almost intoxicating how much he can fill you up to the brim, round after round for hours. His words of making you his and filling you up with his offspring it's just another part of this huge plate. It will leave you shaking knowing that he could and probably knock you up with whatever magic he possess if you guys were actually planning on having kids. All while he has that sweet sunshine of a smile on his face.
He always starts so sweet and gentle with you, that it never fails to catch you off guard when he suddenly snaps his hips against you and goes into an animalistic speed, watching the small bulge in your stomach moving up and down as his face remains with a small content smile. It's near the end of each of his climax, that's when he starts to lose composure and start growling and saying he's gonna breed you like a whore. (Press breeding position A LOT)
Every time he overfills you to the point is spilling, he always catches what's leaking with his fingers and shoves it back in, the sight of you shaking always brings something in him as he cooe's words to you not to take his seed into waste.
Bondage, Barbatos is a very compose demon, so this was one of the least of things you expected to get yourself into when he said he wanted to try something out with you the first time he mentions something new in the bedroom. Let's say that after that things got upgraded as he bought new things to tie you up with.
Maybe is the weird sadist part of him that likes to see you struggle against handcuffs as he fingers you at a slow pace. Gloved hands gently stroking your inner thigh as he works his fingers into you as you squirm and shake under his grasp. The sound of his name giving him an ego bust each time you say how good it feels.
Very decorative when it comes to this stuff, everything he puts on you is a gothic aesthetic. Either weird skeleton hands holding you back to a black leather belt with jewels.
This guy is a sadist, so he's very into spanking and choking. His character really goes through either gentle Dom or a harsh one. Depends on how well behave really.
Solomon just loves having you bend over his lap as he spanks you over and over, skin darkening as you moan at each strike of his hand. Watching you get aroused just by a few hits has him smirking with how pathetic you can get.
But when he wraps his hands around your neck and watches your eyes cross back? He can't help but fuck you harder as you choke between each moan and attempt to breathe. Having you clench around him tight and down just makes him hold on grip tighter as he pulls you closer.
(Man had me thinking for hours)
Dumbfication, he never thought that getting fucked silly could make him actually forget all about his Sins at the moment. He never imagines how good something he swore never to do made him fall so quickly on cloud nine.
It's not like you guys have sex all the time, it's mainly on special occasions, of course, his still a holy man. But when you do get together, you make it worth it for him to ache for it later and make that little head of his wonder back to you. Just the overwhelming pleasure of him falling down the edge over and over again as you fuck him silly as you hold him still is always a dream as you hear his voice go horse. It's worth it forgetting all his pacts for a moment when it's with you making him feel so good.
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hellavile · a month ago
carnal, toji.
Tumblr media
five months pregnant and toji does his best to fulfill his baby’s needs. cooking, cleaning, buying whatever you want. since he’s been home more frequently, he’s taken notice how careless you've become with showing your body, your pregnancy making you hotter so the clothes are slim to none. one thing he cannot fucking take is how plump you’ve gotten everywhere. mainly your tits.
Tumblr media
wc: 1.6k
cw: nsfw. pregnancy kink, quickie, sucking, nipple play, size kink, breeding kink.
now playing.....all we do, trey songz.
   FUCK, there's no fucking way. It's only been five months into your pregnancy, there's no way you should be this fucking thick. It's after midnight now, one of the many repercussions of being pregnant was having a hard time falling asleep early. Toji fed you well, or he should say the two of you, craving vodka penne pasta with shrimp and Italian sausage—without the vodka, unfortunately. Currently, you're in the bathroom getting ready for bed, playing your music as you sing to yourself, applying lotion to your breasts as you stare at yourself in the mirror. Toji is witnessing this all, laying in bed originally watching tv while waiting for you to finish, but caught glimpse of you and immediately lost interest.
  He's been trying to hide his erection ever since you walked out of the living room leaving the dishes to him. Ever since he took paternity leave, he's been noticing how careless you've become with clothing, slim to none at this point. Oversized shirt and shorts turned to shorts and tank tops with no bra, and finally thin slip-on nightgowns that were way too tight, hugging your curves. He doesn't know if you're teasing him or you were genuinely uncomfortable in clothing now. He never asked. Seeing you so plumped up now, face fat, hips wider, tits flourishing. He wants them in his mouth so badly his jaw aches. When's the last time he's touched you? Maybe two weeks ago? He can't even remember that. It was long ago.
  He swears he doesn't want to disrupt your peace, humming to your favorite song and smiling endearingly at your stomach—but he couldn't take it any longer. The man was pulsating below, precum leaking from the tip and he'll be damned if he hid in a room and jerked off like some teenager when you were here, already naked, warm, and lathered in body cream he could smell from the bedroom. This carnal desire to have you was fucking him up.
  He approaches you with just a robe on, enigmatic figure entering the dimly lit room, the only light gleaming from the candles. You don't see him, more like hear him and his heavy footsteps, bopping your head to the tune. You feel when his long fingers tangle through your scalp, clasping your hair in his hold. He doesn't mean to be feverish about it, pulling your head back causing a gasp to fall from your parted lips, connecting eyes inside the mirror. They're iniquitous, and that glare you familiarized yourself with is the reason why you're pregnant now.
  It's best you stay silent until he spoke first. His sable hair falls over his eyes just a bit, lips pressed in a firm line before you see him stare directly at your chest within the mirror, a prominent moan coming out from the back of his throat, raspy and needy.
  "When did they get that fucking swollen?"
  The air from his heaving hits the side of your neck, face heating up when you feel his dick press against your back, hard as a rock, visibly twitching.
  "For a few days, I think they're finally filling with milk," you say innocently.
  "God, don't say that," Toji hisses, taking both of his rough palms and gliding them around your waist, trailing them up to grab at your tits, heavier than before. Toji makes a pained noise, swiftly turning you around and pressing you up against the sink, your eyes wide with curiosity the moment he bends his head to suck at your collarbone, kissing and leaving any sort of mark. Your puffy lips widen, clutching the nape of his neck as he attacks your chest, his thigh right between your legs with his cock resting on your stomach.
  One jerk of your hips he has his hands over to pull you closer and your clit is brushing against his thigh, sinking your teeth into your lip as he latches his hot mouth around your nipples, giving you small kitten licks before sucking and rolling his tongue around, all the while observing as you writhe before him.
  "Toji," you whine, gyrating your hips to ride his thigh, barely needing it with how much pleasure you were enduring just from his mouth in your chest. "They're too sensitive."
  Still, he doesn't say anything. Upholding his brutal attack on your swollen tits. The way he licks them, teasingly slow with a hint of roughness has you clutching his hair now, moaning and tossing your head back. He's rolling his tongue, sucking them in his mouth, and rocking you forward to grind on his thigh.
  "Fuck, wait—ah," this feeling is so dissimilar, the heat rushing to your skull and your clit throbbing with every lick he gave. Toji notices you're holding your breath, eyes filling with tears before you find yourself cumming, arousal coating your inner thighs and his knee. He groans as if thankful, never stopping as you twitch and cry out, using both hands to shove him closer. This is the first time you've ever came like this, your head spinning, admirable yet disoriented.
  Toji lets you go with a lewd pop, saliva adorning your chest. He stands to his full height with lust in his eyes, finding that extremely fucking hot he nearly came right then and there. He licks his lips, grabbing your chin to tilt it upward before sucking on your lips, sticking his tongue in, and kissing you passionately, wet lips smacking.
  "Be a good girl and let daddy fill you up," he pants, too hazy to respond to him. You're still in shock that that happened, and that fast. "Wanna cum so deep inside your pretty pussy. That's my fuckin' baby in there, right here. You're lucky, I'd give you another right now if I could."
  Toji continues to kiss you, words becoming gibberish at this point, slurring his words and sloppily mouthing your entire body, mostly your neck since he knows that's your weak spot. He's so lost in having every part of you in his mouth that you're forced to grab his slim waist and push him away, seeing how puffy and red his lips were now.
  "My feet hurt," you pout and whine.
  "Sorry," he forgets, gathering his sanity for only a few seconds to lift you bridal style and carry you to the bedroom safely. By now his robe is off, and you pull off your own, skin feeling sticky and hot, definitely needing another shower after this. Biting at your nails, you follow Toji as he gathers two big pillows and sets them in front of you, pulling you to sit on your knees, the pillows a barrication for your belly. You beam sweetly at the gesture.
  "Comfortable?" He asks with concern, stroking your cheek. You nod. "Good. I can't hold off."
  Toji stands behind you, facing ahead and wrapping his forearm around your throat, putting you in a gentle chokehold, not too hard to make you nauseous. Both of you are at the edge of the bed, comfortably leaning forward into the pillows while Toji's free arm balances himself by flattening his hand on the mattress. It's not long after until he's sheathing his cock deep into you, his eyes scrolling to his skull when you claw at his arm and choke out his name, pressing your ass back to fully bring him in.
  "Shit," he gasps, stilling his hips and grinding into you, your slickness encircling the area of the room. "Gonna fuck you now, okay?"
  "Hurry," you croak, feeling another orgasm nearing, the pillows in front of you stimulating your soppy clit even more. You bite into his arm, screaming as he rotates his hips and fucks you hard, grunting by your ear and grumbling all sorts of expletives.
  "Fuckk, fuck me, baby," he's dragging out his moans, grounding his cock feverishly, dropping forward with you and panting by your ear, your face pressed into the bed as you scream and cum harder than you've had in a while, drenched cunt gushing around his cock, eventually squirting, reaching behind you to tug at his hair and ride out your orgasm, twitching and babbling words he could barely hear.
  If it were any other time, he'd be ashamed for reaching his high so quickly, but being as though he's had blue balls for hours, hell, even days—he didn't give a shit now for cumming as hard as he did, whimpering like a bitch as you wet the bed and soaked his thighs, still humping against you like a wolf in heat. Satisfying your needs and his own by filling you with his cum as he promised, cock jumping into you the more you tensed, Toji soothing your shaky body with gentle kisses and belly rubs.
  "I'm way too sensitive now," the both of you laugh as you lift your head with teary eyes, catching your breath and humming to ease your heart, Toji not wanting to pull out, feeling too comfortable, ready to fall asleep just like this but he knows he needed to give you water asap.
  "Don't move," he's wrong, your grip on his arm keeping him still.
  "You'll vomit if you don't drink something. You know how you get."
  "I'm okay, I promise," smiling weakly, you pull him along with you as you turn on your side, fully facing each other, truly spent. "Stay inside me."
  Toji groans, pecking your lips. "Don't have to tell me twice."
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savagetrickster · a year ago
Number One Hero.
BNHA | Midoriya Izuku x Reader (NSFW)
Themes: 18+, aged up, breeding kink, penetration, mild praise kink, fingering
Tumblr media
The thunder outside their apartment clapped, roaring ferociously. Bright lightning continued to split across the dark, gloomy sky, merciless in its strike against the earth.
The stifling tension within the apartment was thick and heated. The pent-up frustration and needs sent hands roaming across their naked bodies. 
He didn’t even know how the argument they had in the kitchen spiraled into an intimate, passionate search for their release.
It all started with the rumors about her and another Pro-Hero, even though she was already married to him.
This was common for Pro-Heroes; the media and the fans somehow found it entertaining pairing them up. 
He knew he shouldn't be bothered by those sensationalizing words.
He was a patient man but even he had his limits.
The constant words of their rumored intimacy grated on his nerves for weeks. 
No matter how many times he tried to brush them off, the possessiveness that nagged him just wouldn't stop.
Izuku frequently found himself trying to suppress the gripping emotion because it always led him to the carnal urge to impregnate her.
It probably had something to do with his desire to have his own offspring; something that they had expressed before their marriage.
Or possibly due to the fact that the rest of his friends were already parents.
Or perhaps... because he just wanted to mark her.
He didn't care what it was, but this time, he was giving in.
He was done trying to stop himself.
The world needed to know.
The simple act of looking back at the deep hunger in his eyes was enough to send an exhilarating jolt down her body.
The ache in her heated core seemed to resonate with the need in his eyes. 
Hers was evident in the wet and slick fluid coating the marbled island top under her raised bare thighs. 
Most of them were spilling over his sensually moving fingers.
A whimper fell from her lips at the daring stretch he made with just two fingers. 
Her eyes flitted down to watch his intricate work on her weeping cunt.
She tried to bite back a second whimper when his two digits moved again, imitating a scissor as he stroked her walls. 
"Don't hold yourself back, (Name), I want to hear you." 
Even with the softness that appeared in his eyes when he looked up, the deep hunger in them never left.
"But I-" 
A startled cry tore through her sentence just as another finger joined the other two, stretching her even more.
"Good good, that's it." A satisfied glint flashed in his eyes.
Then his fingers came to an abrupt stop.
Raising her gaze, the deep thoughts written in his eyes told her that he was mulling over something. 
She frowned.
But about what?
She stared at him. 
A whiny plea for him to continue was threatening to leave her at what felt like an excruciatingly long pause of his teasing fingers. 
Her mouth opened.
Then snapped close when she heard it.
"Her period just ended a week ago so it’s been five days since…" Her eyes flew wide. “...She should be the most fertile these few days.”
(Name) blinked. She had always known Izuku was a meticulous person. The entire shelf of his notes sitting in his study was the proof of it. 
But...her monthly cycles as well? Why would he-
Realization seeped in her widening eyes.
“Izu,” Her gasp broke into his incessant mumbling and brought his concerned gaze to her. “Are you...Are we trying for a…” 
A blush formed on her cheeks. She couldn’t bring herself to say the word.
Even though it had been something she had been wistful about since their marriage, she had always kept it to herself. 
She didn’t want to bring any unnecessary stress to him while he was fighting with his life out there as the number one hero.
(Name) could tell he understood her implication from the reassuring smile on his face.
His other hand slid across the marbled top to intertwine with hers.
He met her eyes and said-
“Should we let things take its course this time?” -with a squeeze around her hand.
Oh, of course. 
She wanted this. For a long, long time.
“Then do it, number one hero.” A look of challenge was tossed at him with a sultry purr.
The aching cock in his boxers felt painfully tight at her smug words.
His title, in particular, had kicked off all sorts of restraints he placed on himself. 
Nothing else mattered now. 
“Brace yourself, (Name).” 
The fingers in her were tugged out. 
“I'm gonna make sure you're so full of my cum that the probability of your pregnancy is a definite hundred per cent."
Arms hooked under her legs, she was lifted off the counter and swiftly brought to the confines of their bedroom.
The slick thread of her warm, sticky fluid clung onto his fingers even as he slipped them out of her soaked core. Only detaching with a snap when he lifted his hand to his face.
Her skin rippled with goosebumps at the sudden coolness brushing across her wet, pebbled nipples. The loss of the warmth tugging and rolling them sent an awakening chill down her. 
The heaves and falls of her perky breasts quickened as she watched the mouth responsible for the heated tugs and suckles on them, give an elaborate, thorough lick across his scarred fingers.
The whiff of her arousal entering his nose was intoxicatingly sweet and so...her. 
The fact that this exquisite fluid over his skin was secreted from- 
His eyes were drawn back to the wide opened legs before him 
-there, where they were going to make their baby in, made his throbbing cock ache even more against his stained boxers.
A strangled groan fell out of his lips at the mere thought, his licked fingers dropping away from his face.
A piercing glint of resolve filled his green eyes as he lowered his face to her waiting, weeping cunt.
He was going to make sure he pumped her full of his seeds tonight.
The small gasp from her stroke a thrill of amusement as he dipped his tongue into her. 
The sharp cry shooting out of her mouth at the mere twitch of his tongue sent another thrill of amusement.
The strong, muscular arms curled around her squirming legs tightened their grip as he welcomed her entrancing scent into his nose.
He didn’t dwell long. 
The hunger for another taste of the fluid he licked off his fingers drove his mouth forward, his tongue immediately setting itself to work. 
The spiking gasps above him accompanied the desperate tugs on his hair every time his tongue reached a point of pleasure.
Her gasps rose into tattered moans as she felt the ache between her legs grow provokingly stronger at every flicker of his tongue.
It was...too much. 
The pull of her quivering legs over his broad shoulders prompted her to sink back into the bed. The moans that wouldn't stop leaving her were rising higher and higher as she felt him delve deeper into her.
He could sense her approaching release from the frantic movements made by the walls around his tongue. 
Izuku pulled away, eyes following the glistening juicy trickles as they slipped out ,as if chasing after his leaving mouth, and seeped into the mattress below. 
She was ready, more than ready.
A smug glint flashed in his eyes as he tugged his gaze to the desperate eyes pleading him. 
The rapid falls and heaves of her chest showed her struggle against her rising, burning need. 
It painted a dangerously enticing picture; one that ignited a spark of sadism in him.
"Please?” He feigned ignorance.  “Please what?"
It wasn't really his style, but he found himself enjoying it nonetheless.
She clenched her eyes close against the deep crave rippling through her. She could feel her body's impatience. 
She met his eyes once more, her dazed eyes wavering. "I-I need you." 
He took his time to slip off his boxers.
The possessiveness within him made him patient enough to wait for their, no, his desire to be heard. Said in her voice.
His plump, leaking cock sprang free as soon as the damp boxer was tugged away.
Her eyes drifted down from his teasing eyes with a greedy gaze, as he had expected.
"Izu…" The crack in her voice sounded so delicious. "I need you to…"
"Louder." The edge in his voice hardened.
A satisfied glint flashed past his green, prodding eyes.
"That's better." His gaze softened on her as he moved to plant himself between her legs.
The swift tug of her legs over his biceps was accompanied by a startled cry from her.
The towering stance over her offered him much to see.
An animalistic deep-rooted lust welled up inside him at the sight of the bruising marks littered across her body - most on her neck, three on above her collarbone and one right below her left nipple.
They etched well into her skin but they weren't enough.
He needed something more permanent. Something that screamed his.
His hand held his hard, aching cock to her, the swollen tip pressed snugly against her slick entrance.
The responsive whimper at the contact flamed his carnal instinct even more.
"I will make it happen, princess, I promise you." He locked his eyes with hers. "I doubt the media would dare pull another stupid rumor on you when you're carrying my kid." 
He inched his cock forward into her entrance with gritted teeth, the weeping folds pushed apart with a loud, wet squelch. 
A shaky breath rushed out of her immediately at the stretch.
"...who am I to this world, (Name)?" 
Izuku held back a grunt.
"The-The number one hero."
He could feel himself ready to burst inside the tightness around him.
"That's right," His calm voice strained, "And when you're carrying our baby, I want you to remember how I have filled you full and satisfied today." His chiseled chest rumbled with a low growl.
A chill went down her spine at his words. 
Something stirred within her. 
The promise held in his tense, green eyes made her sigh giddily - knowing him, something would be growing inside her very soon.
Mind fogged with hazy heat, she could only nod.
That was her only warning before his cock rammed into her, completely stretching her in one swift thrust.
Her strangled moan joined his as an electrifying pleasure jolted through their joined bodies. 
"You feel…” Izuku resisted against the wave of euphoria persuading him to spill. “...wonderful." 
A shuddering groan escaped her as he shifted her legs over his broad shoulders. 
The change in their position made his cock slip inevitably deeper into her. The mad rush of thrilling pleasure made her gasp.
Face hovering hers, his big hands slipped down to intertwine with her smaller ones as he drew himself back, right up to the tip.
The speed he rushed back in surprised her.
Enough to force a shriek tearing through her mouth. 
His thick cock plunging back in sent a white flash of jolting pleasure ripping through her.
Pinned by the fierce, determined look in his eyes, stuttering gasps puffed through her lips at every time he rammed into her. 
Each penetration carried a purpose.
Deep. And full of resolve.
Just like the man himself.
Even with the air-conditioner at full blast, the bedroom felt In this heat, every sound seemed to be amplified.
Wet squelching sounds accompanied each thrust.
The feral gutturals from the depth of his chest made her toes curl.
The squeaks and groans their bed made under them, as if protesting against the speed rocking her.
She could feel the flames of her arousal heating up her aching core even more. 
Her shaky gasps ascended to mewling moans as she watched him.
The intense, focused look on Izuku's face was the added fuel.
The sinfully breathtaking sight of him working so hard for them was so deliciously erotic to her eyes.
Her own primal need ran wild at the image before her.
"Y-Yes yes, fill me." Her eyes blazed, "I will bear your child, number one hero." 
The responsive cock wedged between her throbbing walls bulged, swelling up instantly at her words.
"S-Say that again."
A growl tore out through Izuku's gritted teeth.
"I'm-I'm yours." She resisted a groan at the drastic stretch his thickening cock made. "Wh-When I'm round with your kid, I will proudly tell everyone that it belongs to the number one hero, you."
His lips stretched with a smirk. 
"Good girl.” 
The next thrust was rammed into her with emphasis, just as familiar jagged lines of One For All mapped itself out across his muscled body.
A startled cry rang out at that one, particularly sharp intrusion. 
Through her heavy lids, she realized with a soft moan that he had activated his quirk. 
He was going to use One For All just to…
The wall around his swollen cock clamped down even tighter at that thought.
He could read her excitement just from the little action.
"Ex-Exactly," Izuku tried to speak through a shuddering moan at the sweet clench around him. "...If I'm gonna impregnate you, I have to do it as the number one."
The hammering pace in her rocketed through her at an alarming speed the instant the words left him.
He gave her no chance to assimilate his erotic words.
Moaning screams tumbled out of her as she felt him pummel his big, swollen cock into her over and over again.
He was ferocious just now. But now with One For All activated, he was a beast.
Every drive into her was on the mark; quick, precise and powerful. 
The force made the bed underneath shake with her under his powerful stance.
Knees bent into her, her breasts jiggled aggressively to the frantic ruts of his hips. Her hardened nipples tingled with ticklish pleasure every time they rubbed against her knees.
White flashes flew past behind her eyelids as she struggled to keep her eyes open.
She could feel it in her cervix. One deliciously wide stretch after another. The pent-up pleasure wouldn't stop climbing.
"I-Izu, I'm close-" Her words ended with a fleeting gasp.
"Do it." Izuku's commanding voice cracked. 
The pressure in his cock was overwhelming, loaded and so ready to burst. 
The next rough shove driving through her broke the dam. 
Her grip on his hands tightened with a squeeze.
A whimpering moan escaped her as she felt her release rip through her. The pressure within her rose sharply as her orgasm spilled her slick juice over his moving cock.
In the midst of her vocal response, she heard a hissing grunt from him as his rutting hip flew into a raging speed.
He was relentless, hungry for his own release.
"Why are you so...perfect?" But the soft affection in his words was a big contrast. "Oh god, oh god, I-I love you so much!"
He looked agonized, as if there was more he wanted to say.
His hectic thrusts ramming into her were wild and desperate.
The burning gaze on her softened. "Ready to take everything in?"
Her heart gave a fluttering squeeze. 
His hands tightened sharply around hers as her body began to rock even more vigorously to his frantic thrusts.
The hot, blistering harsh pounding of his  cock was making her see white flashes behind her eyelids.
Her cries and whimpers of his name stuttered just as he delivered a final powerful slam into her.
(Name)’s eyes rolled back.
Her broken sobs joined the loud growling moan shredding its way out of his throat as he buckled erratically into her.
Face scrunched up to the searing pleasure riding through him, he relished in the squeezing tightness around his cock, feeling her walls milk him hungrily.
A delirious sigh escaped her at the hot burst inside her, her legs quivering over his shoulders. 
She could feel herself being filled as ropes after ropes of his thick seeds spurted fiercely out of his throbbing, twitching cock.
Grunts fell right out of his lips, one after another as he continued to plunge in and out of her to the very last drop of his semen.
The warm stirs of their mixed juices inside her resonated with his slowing hip until he stopped with a satisfied wavering sigh. One For All deactivating along with his quieting movement.
"Did I hurt you...?" His panting voice was gentle.
"No," (Name) shook her head with a weak smile, "...Perfect, you were perfect."
His cock stayed snug inside her as he leaned forward and sought her lips for a sweet, long kiss. 
Hands digging in his broad back, she relished in the softness behind his slow, sensual lips on hers. The kiss he played on her lips made her feel like she was made of glass. 
They pulled apart.
She felt her breath catch in her throat at what stared back at her when he drew away.
The gaze in his green eyes was eager yet so...delicate.
“...I can’t wait, (Name).”
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trash-pandasss · 2 years ago
My friends: You’re so innocent!
My family: You’re so innocent!
Anybody that meets me: You’re so innocent!
The world: You’re so innocent!
Me, reading smutty fanfiction at 3 am: *chuckles in the dark*
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lewdbabies · a month ago
How BNHA characters react to “Is this seat taken?” Part 2💗
Tumblr media
(All characters aged up💗)
Part 1 on my page 💕
warning:MDNI18+,Smut,Language,Raw sex, praise kink, degradation kink, Breeding, choking etc
Shoto Todoroki
“Oh? What’s this now?”
He’s reserved and isn’t the type to enjoy such a public setting but the feel of your soft bare thighs under your skirt clouds his judgment.
Nuzzles lovingly into your neck, admiring your sweet scent.
Gently massages the dip of your hips, his knees hook under your legs causing your thighs to part widely as he spreads his legs open.
“Such an inpatient girl…you couldn’t even wait till we got home hmm-“
Whispers deeply in your ear his thick voice rumbling through your ear drums.
His fingers inch toward your warmth finding the slick crotch of your panties, he traces the line of your wet slit.
To your displeasure he remains safely above the barrier of lace, teasing you with each brush of his calloused fingertip.
“I’ll take this time to get you nice and ready for the Punishment that awaits you “
“Haha what’s this Sunshine? Some kind of prank, Are we recording for a video?! Hey Dad!”
Waves at the non-existent Camera smiling big and toothy.
“O-oh I see it isn’t a video huh? Well then I understand what’s going on now “
Runs the flat of his tongue up the length of your neck, His palms trace the line of your curves groping the plush flesh beneath your clothes.
In quick flash his hand permeates disappearing through the fabric, a breathy gasp falls from your lips as you feel your pussy stretch around an invisible force.
“Can you feel me deep inside you, haha with my quirk I can fuck you right through that pretty little skirt.”
His wrist protrude through the plaid of your skirt as he fingers your stiff clit, thrusting deeper inside your soaked walls.
“You feel so good clamping down on me like that…you’re just begging for me to breed you sunshine“
“Feeling alittle naughty are we?”
Tucks a stray hair behind your ear as she nips at your blushed earlobe.
Her ears wiggle in excitement as she teases the peak of your hard nipples through your thin top.
Traces teasing circle just under the hem of your skirt, your hips swirl urging her closer to your needy heat.
“I thought you learned your lesson about playing silly tricks on Mommy”
“You want to cum don’t you Rabbit”
Grabs your throat gently as she pushes your panties to the side plunging two fingers into your drooling core.
“Mmm just like that bounce on my fingers bunny”
Strokes your plush walls at a breath taking pace, your ass bounces against her thick thighs as you find sweet release.
“This is highly inappropriate y/n”
Despite his protest, he pulls your back harder against his chest holding you firmly in place.
Squeezes the pudge of your tummy causing you to yelp and jump away.
“Where do you think you’re going brat since you wanted to embarrass me it’s only fair I embarrass you”
Cups your jaw yanking gently until your eyes meet his red blaring gaze. Stares intensely into your lustful eyes unblinking, His hand rest just between your legs preventing you from tightening your thighs.
“I can feel your pussy throbbing against me little one…you must have been wanting this all day”
To your surprise he Spider-Man kisses your parted lips dipping his tongue inside to taste you as his fingers explore your wet folds.
He pulls away allowing you to gasp for much needed air, His hand stays on your jaw forcing your back to arch as you look at him.
“You don’t cum until I grant you permission too Slut”
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jooonie · 6 months ago
Scout Uniform
Levi Ackerman x Reader Smut
Tumblr media
summary: Y/n struggles with her Scout Uniform and has to get help from her Captain.
“Wake up you idiot!” Is all I heard as I emerged from the bathroom with freshly tied back hair. I looked to see Connie dragging Sasha out of the bed by her foot. An awful thump emitted from the room as her ass made contact with the hard wood. Sasha’s blanket unraveled to the ground with her, revealing a half eaten piece of bread that she must have stolen from last night. Connie sighed as he reached down to pick it up.
Just as Connie’s fingers grazed the stale bread ever so lightly, Sasha’s hand shot out and roughly grabbed his wrist. My eyes widened at the scene that was untangling before me. Sasha looked like a feral dog, and Connie looked like he was about to shit himself. I couldn’t help the small giggle that passed by my lips, I shook my head and walked into the main room. I saw a few familiar eyes look my way before going back to whatever it is they’re working on. I heard light footsteps behind me before a soft voice spoke up,
“Morning! You ready for training?” The voice asked. It belonged to Armin, causing a large grin to stretch over my features as I turned around. Ever since we were younger, I could never figure out how Armin was always so positive. I could definitely take after him. I let out a light sigh and a chuckle followed as I folded my arms under my chest.
“Yeah I think so. Where did they put our gear?” I asked him as I noticed everyone else had already put their gear on. Armin turned around and pointed over to a separate room, the door slightly ajar. I gave Armin a smile, and a parting pat on the head as I made my way to the room.
When I reached the door I opened it slowly to give anyone inside a warning that someone was entering. When I scooted past the door, I only saw Annie. I gave her a small, cold smile and wave. Which she didn’t return. She only barely gave me enough room to squeeze past her that way I could grab my ODM gear.
Annie and I haven’t been on good terms since...well ever. Back at training camp, we were assigned to fight one another. She was a tough one to beat, I’ll give her that. Ever since that day all it’s been between us is hard frowns and sharp glares. At least we both have a silent agreement to not let it affect our work.
Once I grabbed my stuff, I walked all the way back into mine and Sasha’s room. A wide eyed Connie left the room, visibly shaken up. I scrunched my eyebrows together as I rounded the corner into the room. There Sasha sat, on the floor, with her hands greedily shoving bread into her mouth. I pushed my lips into a fine line as I reached for the door behind me, shutting it to allow privacy. I walked closer to her and sat on my bed in front of her as I began to speak.
“What did you do to poor Connie?” I chuckled, quickly removing my pajama shirt to replace it with the white button up. Sasha seemed to snap out of her food trance before looking up at me with wide, innocent eyes.
“He tried to take my bread.” She answered, short and simple. I let a huff of air escape through my nose as a response, buttoning the last button before standing to remove my pants. I examined the crumbs on the floor, grimacing at the thought of Captain seeing that.
“Sasha you really should clean your m-” I started to say before the door slammed shut. I paused and stared holes into the door as if she were still standing right there. I groaned and muttered to myself as I reached for my gear.
I pulled the leather over my shoulders, and began to fasten the straps...but they wouldn’t lock. I tilted my head in confusion, unbuckling it and trying again.
“...what?” I asked myself. I just shook my head and decided to move to another part of it and just come back to the shoulder straps later. I stepped into the other half of my harness, bringing it up to my thighs. They weren’t locking in place there either. My fingers began to shake as I realized I was going to be late for training because of my stupid gear.
I ran to the door and swung it open, seeing nobody left in the house. I whispered curses to myself and ran into the room I had originally found my gear in, hoping for an extra pair. Much to my despair, there was not. I threw my head up and tried to calm my nerves, telling myself it isn’t that big of a deal.
“Dammit!” I screamed, hitting my fist on the wall. Today was supposed to be very important, as we were going to train and actually go and kill a few of the stray titans that were causing issues. Why isn’t my shit working? And why now!?
In the middle of my temper tantrum, I heard the door to the gear room squeak open. None other than Levi Ackerman walked in. My Captain. I quickly brought my hands up, one in front of my chest, the other behind. I averted eye contact with him as he just stood there. Using my peripheral vision, I watched his eyes work their way over my body. Suddenly it was excruciatingly hot in here.
“What are you doing, brat? Everyone is outside. Training.” Levi said in his low, stern voice that never failed to make a shiver run down my spine. I swallowed my thick spit and quickly swiped a stray piece of hair out of my face before returning my hand to my chest. I watched Levi’s hand come up in a waving motion, signaling for me to stop saluting. Which I did.
My hands, now having nothing to do, found each other in a nervous panic. I didn’t know how to explain to the Captain that I couldn’t figure out how to put my own gear on. It’s so embarrassing, and makes me feel like a useless little kid asking for a parent’s help. Still, I could see Levi was growing impatient. I decided to take it on the chin and tell him my issue.
“I uh- I can’t get my harness go on.” I mumbled out, playing with the loose strap that sat on my leg. I could have sworn I heard Levi chuckle before he took large and heavy steps over to me. I held my breath as he examined the leather on my shoulders. Levi and I were just about the same height, so his forehead was just inches away from mine. Way too close.
“Hm.” I heard him mumble. Suddenly he crouched down onto his knees. I dared to look down at him as he looked at the straps. I saw his hand come up from the floor, reaching in between my legs and grabbing the other end of the buckle. I felt my knees lock, his knuckles grazing oh so lightly over the inner part of my thigh. He made a sound of confusion as I felt the buckle pop back open again. He slapped his hands down on the floor before looking up at me.
“Turn around.” He ordered. I almost let out a squeal. He wants me to turn around? My- my ass would be right in his face. I can’t do t-
Hands grabbed my sides, strong fingers dug into the fabric of my pants before forcing me around. I caught my hands on the wall to stabilize myself. As the burning feeling of his hands still lingered on my body, I couldn’t help the growing sensation that started to bloom in my stomach. I felt my face burn a crimson red.
“H-Hey Captain? It’s okay-” I tried to say but was once again cut off by large hands. This time he had both hands wrapped around one of my thighs. I couldn’t help the squeal that escaped my throat as I quickly turned around to look at Levi. All he did was glance up at me, and I couldn’t help but notice a little bit of amusement in his eyes. He must have noticed my red face, and heavy breathing.
“What’s wrong Cadet? Your face is so red, and you haven’t even been training.” Levi pointed out. I quickly tried to hide my face by looking up at the ceiling, feeling really embarrassed. I tried to ignore the feeling of Captain’s fingertips coming from my ankles and going up to my knees. Chills spread throughout my entire body as I continued to stare up, noticing the cracks in the ceiling and the dust collecting above the shelves.
I felt Captain’s hands on my body again, but this time they were on the zipper to my pants. I quickly looked down, and saw strong fingers working the button. He paused for a bit, and part of me wanted him to keep going. He brought his hand up to the side of my leg and tapped the leather on my legs.
“Step out of these.” Levi ordered. I swallowed the thick lump that built up in my throat and brought the bottom half of the harness down and off of my body. I left it hanging at my sides as is remained somewhat clipped at top around my chest. Quickly, Levi’s hands found the top of my pants again and started to slowly tug down. I couldn’t tell if he was trying to be a tease, or if he was giving me enough time to say no.
Either way I still let him pull my pants down.
Once my pants fell around my ankles, with shaking legs I stepped out of the fabric. Levi moved them off to the side before scooting even closer to the lower half of my body. I felt his hot breath against my inner thigh, hugging my skin and making it hot. I watched his face scoot up to my hip and felt his pointy nose hit my skin. He dragged it across my stomach, lifting up my shirt with his hands. I let out a light sigh as I shifted on my feet.
Suddenly I felt the lightest bit of pressure come off of my body, and looked down to meet Captain’s gaze. He had my panties lifted up off of my body with his teeth. He gave me a lopsided smirk before letting go of the elastic and letting it smack back down on my skin. My body jolted at the feeling and my hands found the wall behind me to keep me standing upright.
I looked back down again, eager for his next move. He took both hands, and looped his fingers around my panties before pulling them quickly down my ankles. He kept eye contact with me the entire time, causing my breathing to become even more sporadic.
I felt the cold air hit my pussy in a delicious way. I sucked my bottom lip in between my teeth and started to rock my hips up towards Levi’s face, looking for any touch or friction. I didn’t have time to bother with his noises of amusement, I was too lost in my arousal to care. Once again I trailed my Captain’s hands and watched as they landed on my harness again. He used one hand to lift my leg up, and the other to slip the leather back around my bare legs. It was cold against my skin, a perfect contrast to how hot it was in here.
Hands. Rough, calloused hands dragging up my soft skin. Scratching ever so slightly up my sides before pulling roughly at either side of my shirt, making buttons fly everywhere. Those same rough hands pushed themselves underneath my bra, tugging and pulling at my boobs. I pushed my head against the wall, feeling the rough skin against my sensitive nipples.
“Captain!” I screamed as his hot mouth made contact with my folds. His tongue pushed past the skin and grazed over my clit before going all the way back to my opening. I felt my knees start to wobble, and grabbed onto Levi’s wrists tight. I felt his mouth leave my heat before reconnecting with the skin around it, teeth grazed the skin before catching some of it and biting down. My body nearly collapsed as Levi chuckled against me. He licked the teeth marks that he left behind before roughly grabbing my legs and putting them around his head. I nearly hit the ground, but I supported my back on the wall and wrapped my thighs tightly around Levi.
“Make sure you’re quiet brat.” He mumbled into my folds, the vibrations spreading all throughout my body. I brought my hand up to my mouth to try and keep quiet. It didn’t work too well as Levi’s tongue dug into my clit again. I bit my hand in order to keep quiet. I saw Levi look up at me through long, black hair.
“Careful now.” He chuckled. I scrunched my eyebrows together before noticing what I was doing, and quickly taking my hand away from my mouth. I tried to laugh at his bad joke, but he went right back to work, making a strangled moan escape my throat.
Suddenly I heard voices coming from outside, and recognized them as Jean and Eren. Are they coming back already?
“L-Levi. Captain- Captain I think someone’s coming i- ah~” I tried to warn him, which only seemed to elevate his actions. I felt his warm tongue flick up and down my clit even faster, his hands still playing with my nipples. I couldn’t help but focus on the voices that were getting even closer to the front door of the house.
“Stop Levi.....stop.” I tried to get Captain to quit, but I barely said it above a whisper, like I didn’t actually want him to. I couldn’t help it as my body began to shake, I threw my head back again, trying to stay silent that way nobody would know that the Captain was eating me out.
“Oh my god oh my god oh my god- Captain!” I yelled out, basically riding his face as I let go all over his lips. I felt him moan into me one last time before licking one last stripe up my heat before dragging his rough hands off of my body. I looked down to see a disheveled Levi. It was quite cute. I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit as I saw a smile tug at his lips. I watched as Levi reached over to my clothes, but paused before picking something else a lot smaller off the ground. He examined it before looking up at me with amusement.
“This is one of the pieces to your buckles.” He said as he handed it to me. I held it in the palm of my hand before looking at Captain. “Looks like you’ve got an enemy.” He finished, getting up and making his way out of the room. Not long after he left, I heard him talking to Eren and Jean.
I examined the tiny piece of metal one last time, seeing as it’s been cut off. I tried racking my brain around who did it. It didn’t take long to figure out.
“Fuck you Annie.” I cursed her out loud, but thanked her in secret.
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savagetrickster · a year ago
Wet Dreams  (NSFW) | BNHA
Tumblr media
Whew, sorry for the delay! I had such a busy week I couldn’t fit in any time to write this. Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm for this one :D It’s like super late at where I am already and I only proofread this twice so there may be some errors here and there (I hope not)
*nervous laughter* I am scared tbh, of what you guys think about this.
Themes/warnings: 18+, aged-up, overstimulation, daddy kink, suggestive breeding kink
Tumblr media
Over the two years to them now as students of Class 3-A, she had to say that dating Tenya Iida was...interesting.
Being the class president and who he was, he was someone who had a firm belief in reserving sex after marriage. 
Reluctance was always his response before he loses control; something about seeing him trying to hold himself back was stirring.
Somehow whenever she managed to get him so worked up that he couldn’t resist, he was a beast. 
One hell of a kinky beast. Who could leave her legs shaking, her eyes rolling back and her aching with trembles for more. 
Even after being fucked so hard by him, she would find herself soaking wet the next time she saw him. 
His thick thighs and the broad, meaty girth between was like they were tattooed into her memories and her core.
Etched so well into her that her dreams were always hot and full of him.
That was how she woke up today. 
The bedsheet under her was stained with her needs for him and the urge to get him to pound into her again, just like what she saw in her sleep.
The last time they did anything close to what she dreamt was months ago. 
She couldn’t take it anymore. These dreams haunting her told her that.
The small vibrator stuffed inside her now paled in comparison to him, but that doesn’t mean it was useless. 
A mischievous glint sat in her eyes as she approached him, delighted to find him sitting on the couch with eyes fixated on his phone, an arm hanging loosely on the armrest. 
It was still early and being a Saturday, most of their classmates slept in, given by how empty the common areas were.
But of course, for Tenya, he would be up early regardless of the day. 
“Morning, babe.” 
In one swift motion, she slipped under the arm holding his phone to his face and straddled him. 
Arms sliding over his broad shoulders, her chest was pressed up against his hard one while making sure her naked folds were right where she wanted to arouse with the powerful little device waiting inside. 
“Good morning, (Name).” His chest rumbled to his distracted voice, a hand resting on her waist.
Clearly engrossed with whatever he was reading on his phone.
But that was okay- 
A smirking glint entered her playful eyes. 
-he wouldn’t be any longer. 
Her thumb pushed into a button on the remote in her hand.
She forced back a moan the moment low vibration began to traverse through her heated core. 
The muscles in her thighs clenched as she focused her weight on his crotch, waiting for his reaction with bated breath.
Much to her delight, she felt his body underneath hers jolt sharply with a startled gasp, his hand around her waist tightening.
The tension in his body fell as soon as her thumb pressed into the stop button.
Her lips pressed against his shoulder moved right next to his ear. “Did you feel that?”
“...Wha-What was that? His warm breath shuddered against her skin.
“That was-”
“Good morning, guys!” 
Their heads turned and were greeted by Uraraka with Asui trailing behind. 
“Good morning, Uraraka-chan! Asui-chan!” 
Her thumb shifted away from the stop button.
“Morning Urara-”
A choked moan interrupted Tenya’s words as he was met with another set of vibrations.
She suppressed her urge to burst out laughing.
“What’s wrong, Tenya?” Feigned concern softened her face as she patted his back. “You okay?”
“I-I’m fine.” Tenya murmured through gritted teeth, his shaky hand left her waist to push his glasses up his nose. 
“St-Stop...” He slipped a trembling whisper to (Name).
His eyebrows clenched to the delicious thrill of heat grinding against him, trying his best not to make any more sound. 
“You’re probably coming down with a sore throat, Iida-chan.” Asui pressed a finger thoughtfully to her cheek. 
“Yeah, he is probably coming down with something.” 
Her thumb pressed into the button, sharply increasing the tremors between her legs.
A strained sound sitting between a hiss and grunt rushed into her ears immediately.
Her teeth bit down on her lips as she tried not to moan to the warmth prodding up against her, jammed right between her leaking slit.
“S-Shit…” Amusement curled her lips at the curse under his breath.
She loved it when he cursed - from the word out of his mouth to his erection poking her, she knew he was losing it.
She just needed something more.
“Don’t worry about Tenya,” She drew away from his shoulders, using her movement to roll her hips against him as she shifted to smile at the girls reassuringly, “He’ll be-”
It was fast and so abrupt.
A hasty mutter akin to ‘sorry we need to discuss something privately’ lingered with the girls in the gush of wind they left behind.
The nauseating discomfort brimmed in her chest at the frightening speed Tenya hurled them out of the lounge in as she clung tightly onto him. 
In her next blink, they were in his room and Tenya was locking the door behind them.
“T-Tenya, I-”
She felt her next breath puff out of her as the dizzying speed of his strong arms plucked her off him. Her forearms were propped against his desk before she could get a grip on their situation.
Fingers curling around the remote he stole from her hands, his hands flew down to her hips in a bruising grip to pull her toward him, the zip of her dress went down and her ass shifted to stick out behind her.
A choked moan elicited out of her as his thick fingers shoved and dug into her folds in an almost urgent pace. 
In the mix of the stirring heat rumbling with the vibrator and the strains his fingers made against her walls, her body shook with a searing pleasure.
Her hands struggled to slip the spaghetti straps off her shoulders but mustered through it anyway, her dress falling to the floor with a dull rustling thud. 
She couldn't really tell how many fingers he stuffed into her but the daring drastic stretch was enough to make her toes curl up. 
Adorned with a red flush flustered across her cheeks, her lips fell apart in a silent whimper as he prodded and stretched her.
The wet, lewd squelches responding to his burrowing fingers were too loud to fall past her notice, fanning her carnal needs even more. 
Her arousal continued to pour over his plugged fingers, dripping down on the collected puddle between her legs.
"Ten...ya," a deep gulp went down her throat, "I need you to-"
"Tenya? Tenya?" His voice was low but edging with a dangerous tone. 
The slap across her ass rang out with a harsh clap against her skin.
"I-I mean...Daddy." A helpless whimper left her as her eyebrows clenched at the stinging pain rippling across her butt cheek. 
“At least you got that right,” his calm and even voice dipped almost menacingly, his hand flying to the buckle holding his pants, "After what you pulled just now, you think you deserve to demand your needs?”
“No, I’m-”
A sudden wider stretch made by the intrusion of another finger inside her drew a sharp cry out of her, the scissors movement invoking quivers down her legs. 
Oh god, yes...this was the beast she was looking for. The absolutely sexy side of Tenya Iida only she had the privilege to see.
“I’m-I’m sorry,” Saliva trickled down to her chin as she panted harshly, mustering her words through the jolts of pleasure distracting her, 
“I’ve been craving for you for months. So much that my nights were always filled with dreams of you fucking me. I need you, Daddy, please.”
His hard glint behind his glasses on her arched back softened slightly, shifting the crumpled jeans pooling at his feet aside. 
“I see,” His working fingers paused against her walls. “so I’ve been neglecting you, huh.” 
She nodded weakly.
The thrumming within her suddenly intensified, ripping her next breath out of her.
“But it would be a little too easy if I just gave it to you, wouldn’t it?” 
Among her gasping whimpers, she heard a smirk in his voice.
“So share with me, what exactly did you dream?” 
Strong vibrations rubbed thrilling shivers into her throbbing walls as his fingers slowly and elaborately retreated through her with the vibrator within their grasp.
“Of...Of me riding you.” She managed before gulping deeply.
“Is that all? His fingers paused to push the vibrator into her heated walls, spiking her whimpers with a choked cry. “Doesn’t seem like you need me that much.”
“N-No, not...not just that, y-you beat your cock so well into me that I always end up pregnant in those dreams and I’d always wake up wishing those were real.” 
The juddering intensity inside her was retching trickles and trickles of her slick arousal out of her cunt, spilling over his fingers as her folds quivered along her trembling walls. 
“An-And this is how much I need you.” A sob ripped through her panting words,  “So...please, I need you to fuck me right now!”
Breathless sobs scattering into the room was joined by his strangled moan. 
The vibrating device between his fingers ceased as his stunned gaze bore into her.
Behind his glasses, his widened eyes wavered as a trembling breath shuddered out of him.
Shit, she dreamt of...that? 
The image of her rounded and swollen with his baby painted in his heated mind by her words jolted a rippling throb through his aching, bulging girth. 
Provokingly arousing enough to ignite an explosive splutter of his pre-cum from his erection pressing against his boxers - too soaked to be a mere stain.
Tenya yanked the vibrator out of her in one move and flung it aside along with its controller- 
the harsh curt jerk of his fingers from her clenching walls forced a surprised cry from her. 
-before moving the same hand to tug his boxer down.
Splatters of his pre-cum landed on her accentuated butt cheeks as his cock sprang free. 
His hand ran a testing stroke over his generous length as he planted himself right behind her sopping cunt, discarding his boxers behind him. 
“Sorry love, I can’t make you a mother right now,” 
Dark blue eyes glimmered with primal lust as he watched his hand run his hard cock through her dribbling slick fluid soaking her folds. 
"But I've never wanted to fuck you more than I do now." His growl could be felt, reverberating to her as his cock prodded against her weeping cunt, ready to push himself in.
Her breath instantly hitching with a gasp as his swollen girth stretched her slit apart.  
She knew what was coming, but there wasn’t enough time to prepare herself for it.
The tight muscles running down the back of his muscular thighs clenched as he thrusted his hip sharply forward, plunging through the thick coat of her arousal with an audible, slippery squelch.
Her tattered moan lingered behind his growling grunt, her eyes nearly rolling.
Oh fuck, he was so...huge.
“Always so...” A hiss sifted through his gritted teeth, his glasses slipping lower as he drew himself back to his tip, trying his hardest not to spill doing so. “...tight.”
Her shaking hands curling tightly against his desk as a drawling moan rode through her as the veins lining him dragged delicious frictions against her in his draw-back. 
“Ye-yes...yes, just like this.” Her sighing words reducing into incoherent babble as she relished in the wide tug straining her overheating walls.
A rough shove back into her seared her vision momentarily with a startling flash of pleasure and forced a curt shriek through her mouth.
Whimpers and giddy moans stuttered out of her as she marvelled at the satisfying heat of pleasure his ramming pace set her in.
Her clothed breasts shook to every harsh snap of his hips. Her arched back was trembling to every rush of pleasure through her.
The firm muscles in his sculpted thighs right up to his taut ass rippled and clenched, announcing his hammering thrusts.
Before him, her wavering eyes staring in a daze at the neat row of books before her as her body jerked every time his cock rushed into her, prying her wide open over and over again.
“O-ohh daddy,” A pleading whine drawled sultry through her parted lips as lusty carnal desire burned into her clutching walls at every plunder. 
Her mind was high, heated, and hazy with the alluring recollection of her dreams. 
“I…” A deep hunger was gnawing and stirring within her. “I can’t wait for the day you could fill me up.”
A sharp exhale left his hasty expanding chest with a shuddering moan at her words. He could feel the building load in his cock straining tight inside her relentless squeezing walls.
“So-Someday,” His hands dug deeper into her hips as he mustered through his grunts. “I’ll be sure to do that.”
The ruts pummeling into her grew more passionate with speed and power as her needy moans and mewls drifting to his ears resonated with his own greedy ones.
Pushing his glasses up his nose with loud pants, Tenya reached a hand up her arched back and held her hair in a wrapping, firm grip. 
Sweat crawled down the sides of his face as he smirked down at her. “And you’ll be calling me Daddy for real once I put a little Iida into you.”
Her walls clamped responsively around him.
The smirk on his face faltering instantly as a breathy groan rumbled in his chest to the merciless tight grip around his pumping cock. 
Her delirious, sultry sigh fleeting into the lustful air curled a tighter coil in his cock.
Each time her walls gripped and squeezed him, his pulsing cock yearned for more and pushed him to slip an arm under her leg, hiking her up as his thrusts flashed fast inside her.
Sobbing moans tumbled through her as her body rocked against the desk. 
“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m-”
In the dense heat, the rattling light slams against the wall behind his desk thudded fiercely almost in sync along with the furious, wet squelches between their vigorously shaking bodies. 
Shattering blaze of pleasure shuddered through her fiercely convulsing walls as her mouth hung open in a silent scream at the shocking thrill flashing past her hastily blinking eyes.
With her electrifying release wreaking through her, her arms lost their strength to hold her up; in the movement, her face was inevitably pressed into his desk and her ass was pushed up even more snug against him. 
A strained groan left him through his gritted teeth as his jaw clenched in his struggle against the ravenous grips her squeezing walls made. 
Mustering through her urgent needs with a grunt, his hips continued snapping against her, his cock burrowing into her in a furious, frenzied pace. 
Sweating broad back held in an arch, his taut thighs clenched and rippled furiously as he angled his hip with emphasis, pounding into her leaking slit with fervor in his thrusting slams and in his heated eyes. 
Between his wild ruts, both hands held her firmly to him as he fought for his own release.
Even in the aftermath of her high, the bright flashes of pleasure searing her clenching walls wouldn’t stop. 
Each wide, drastic stretch of her cervix was addictive and jolting enough to send her eyes nearly rolling back between his desperate thrusts.
Her mewls rose higher and raunchier to his elaborated, ambitious delves into her.
A harsh breath puffed out of his parted panting lips- “Fuck.” 
-and with that, Tenya yanked himself out of her with one drawling, strangled grunt, in time to spurt white, rich cum over her.
She shuddered a gasping whimper as she felt his warm, slick load splatter and coat her behind.
Her own arousal was freed out of her clutching walls, dribbling in thick coats onto the floor as she turned around on shaking legs to wrap her arms around his waist.
“...Tha-Thank you, Tenya, I really needed this.”
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zeeroweenies · a month ago
what’s mine is yours
Tumblr media
ft. baji and chifuyu
cw ✿ friends with benefits ; face slapping ; praise-ish ; mouth spitting ; unprotected sex ; degradation-ish (?) ; vouyerism.
baji smut. no i don’t gaf 🤨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Wait, her mouth isn’t wet enough.” a calloused hand finds its way through your hair roughly pulling you off of the cock that was deep in your throat, baring your neck as you loll out your tongue for what you know is coming next. A line of spit falls from Baji’s mouth into yours, making your cunt clench around nothing as he gives your cheek a condescending tap.
“Hurry up and make him cum, tired of waiting.” Kei’s rough voice breezes through your ears as your mouth glides up and down Chifuyu’s thick length, delicate hands working at whatever wouldn’t fit.
Your eyes flit up to the jet black haired boy, lips coated in strings of drool as you give his tip teasing kisses, fingers stroking him at a faster pace. “Chifuyu s’okay, want you to cum in my mouth.”
“Oh, fuck—” Your already ruined face is even more ruined as thick ropes of cum paint your face white with pleasured groans leaving Chifuyu’s mouth as a rough hand comes down to tangle themselves in the strands of your hair, milking him until his thighs begin to convulse.
“Bet your girl doesn’t get you off like this,” Keisuke quirks from beside Chifuyu with a tiny grin, baring his sharp canines.
“No she doesn’t. Fuck.” he grits.
It was all coming back to you how you ended up in this position, legs parted wide for both males with your leaking cunt visible for them to see.
It was a shame that his girlfriend broke things off with him at a time like this, Baji breaking the news to you when he brought him around by practically asking, no— telling you to fuck his best friend. “Chifuyu’s girl broke up with him, but you’re gonna make him feel good for me.”
Poor Chifuyu, you thought. That’s too bad, he’s really cute too. That dark hair and those dreamy blue eyes were enough to make any girl melt, his girlfriend definitely messed up dropping someone like him. It’s okay, you and Keisuke are gonna teach him how to please a woman real well.
You were wet, so fucking wet. It glistened off of the folds of your pussy, dribbling down into the insides of your thighs that made both men lick their lips at the sight. “See that? Her clit’s getting bigger, means she’s about to cum.” Chifuyu gives a confident nod of affirmation.
The thumb on your swollen clit begins to work faster, overwhelming your body with pleasure making you whine at the stimulation. “Put your fingers in her.” Chifuyu immediately prods two fingers at your hole, spreading your slick around the area and coating his fingers in your cum before pushing them in, cock instantly throbbing when he’s met with an explicit moan from you.
“Fuck,” You release a dragged out cry. Feeling his slender fingers stretch you out in just the right manner as his eyes flicker up to you, heart panging in his ribcage at the way your pussy tightens around his digits just from fingering you.
Shockwaves ripple through your entire body, toes curling as the tips of his fingers massage up against your sweet spot. “She’s gonna cum,” He deadpans, thumb rubbing messy circles on your clit. “I feel it.”
Your nipple falls from Kei’s mouth with a loud pop, words meant for Chifuyu with his gaze locked on you as he massages your tits with his huge hands. “Make her cum then.”
A cocky smirk creeps up on his lips. “You hear that, pretty? You can cum for me now, give it to me.” Chifuyu encourages, your mouth falling wide open as your high washes over you, broken cries leaving your throat and creaming all over his fingers.
“Sto– stop…” A breathless whimper leaves your lips, beginning to feel the overwhelming effects of your orgasm encompass you as both men lazily play with you like the toys they shared when they were kids, exchanging smirks between each other.
“Don’t stop,” Kei mumbles against your lips as he pinches your hardened nipple between his fingers, cock pulsing at the way you let out a little whimper from the pain. “My slut likes getting her pretty pussy played with, right?” He says near threateningly, five fingers coming up to close in around your throat.
There’s nothing you can do but lay there and nod, feeling Chifuyu’s wet mouth close onto your sensitive bud ripping another orgasm from you as his fingers scissor in and out of your walls, body trembling and crying against Kei’s lips feeling him darkly grin at your vulnerable state.
“Fuyu’s gonna fuck you now, okay? No running.” He gives you a sweet peck on the lips, contrasting with the warning tone in his voice as a smile appears on his soft lips when he sees you shake your head yes obediently. Always such a good whore.
An almost sad whine resonates in you when Kei’s figure disappears from over you and is replaced with Chifuyu’s. The powder blue-eyed male not looking down at you, but what’s between your legs. He swears it’s the most beautiful cunt he’s ever seen, all puffy and wet with your pretty little clit swollen just makes him lick his lips at the sight. Baji was seriously keeping this all to himself?
Keisuke didn’t mind sharing you with Chifuyu in the slightest. He’s been his best friend since the sandbox, they’ve shared everything since they were kids. And now, he’d share you too. What’s Baji’s is his, right? But that doesn’t mean he isn’t a little territorial over you at times. Sure Chifuyu is his best friend, but you’re his girlfriend, and he couldn’t help but feel just a little envious seeing his best bud about to stick his dick inside his girl. Still though, it was hot.
“Her pussy’s pretty, don’t know if I’ll fit in her though.” The two men chuckle deeply, watching as Chifuyu spreads your legs wider to get a good look at your glistening cunt.
“Don’t cum in her, she’s still my bitch.” Baji warns through his flickering grey irises, watching Chifuyu roll his eyes before he brings his tip up to your slick folds, gliding his fat cock up and down your pussy with ease. You look up at him with eyes of adoration, met with a low groan when you push your hips up invitingly, anticipating the moment he finally sticks his cock in your pussy.
Fuck, you’re so desperate, he was gonna enjoy this. Both him and Baji. “C’mon put your dick in her cunt, stop being a pussy.”
With enough of Kei’s lecturing Chifuyu inches forward, hissing as his tip slowly stretches out your tiny hole. It takes a while before he can push himself all the way in, small cries in pain consoled by gentle praises on the way there when he’s finally buried to the hilt. He was balls deep in your cunt, he could tell how full you felt just by the way you weakly pulsed around him and your mouth gaping open with no words coming out.
“How’s it feel? Where can you feel me, baby?” Chifuyu asks, beginning to set a slow rhythm with his hips. “Here.” you whine, brows furrowing before your big pretty eyes flit down. “In my tummy,” it comes out choked, drunk on the way your boyfriend’s best friend’s cock feels inside you. “So big,” you babble.
“Tight, isn’t she?” Baji perks up from where he’s leaning on his elbows, smirking knowingly.
“Tightest I’ve ever had, fuck–” A curse slips out, your snug walls constricting him so tight that he could barely even move. “Baby, you gotta loosen up. Don’t you wanna cum?”
“I d– I do,” you cry breathlessly, involuntarily clenching around his cock forcing a groan from him. “Stop fighting me then, let me fuck you.” His breath fans your ear, voice sending shivers down your spine as you whine desperately.
Chifuyu’s hand snakes up to your throat, not choking you but just resting there as he snaps his hips into you. “Slap her around a little, she loves that shit.” Kei pipes up, a satisfied smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as his rough palm lands hard against your cheek hard pulling a whimper from you. “That hurt?” Chifuyu coos, false sympathy laced all in his voice as you nod. “I know baby,” he smirks
Tears flow freely down your cheeks when you eventually loosen your grip on Chifuyu’s dick, allowing yourself to give and feel the sweet pleasure of him slamming himself inside you as your nails claw into his biceps with your head thrown back.
“Go– gonna cum,” you cry.
Chifuyu should’ve been sad. His bitch dumped him and left him for dust but all he could think about was how pretty you looked crying on his cock. Your pussy was the best cunt he’s ever been in for a long time, and considering how long he and his girlfriend have been together that was saying something.
He allowed himself to get caught up in your moans, the tiny whines you tried to hold back when he pounded you a little too hard and the pretty expressions your face contorts in when he hits your sweet spot. His girlfriend never moaned like this, she didn’t tell him how good his cock felt when he was fucking her but you did, and with each hard thrust he was forgetting all about his ex and thinking more about you.
“Wanna cum inside you, you gonna let me?” His brow quirks, earning a puzzled look from Keisuke as he sits up to interrupt. “I said do—”
“I want it, wanna feel it please Fuyu,” You pull him down against your lips by the arms, completely getting lost in your highs and each other as he drives his hips into you faster, feeling his orgasm hit him like a truck. You feel it when he fills you up, sloppily kissing his lips as he fucks his cum into your tight cunt milking him of every last drop he’s got.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” his thrusts slow down, allowing you both to recover from your orgasm. He’s breathless against you as you give tiny pecks to his bottom lip. When he pulls out there’s cream on his dick, followed by his cum oozing from your twitching cunt in a thick white trail.
Baji felt left out, like a third wheel in his own relationship. And it didn’t help seeing you two look all lovey dovey into each other’s eyes like some kind of dumb in love couple. He had to admit though, watching you get fucked by Chifuyu is something he wouldn’t mind seeing more often. Don’t get it fucked up, you’re still his girl. Of course there’d have to be some rules set in place, there was no way he was about to let Chifuyu think he could take his bitch.
“Kei, can we keep him?” You snap him from his thoughts when you look up at him with those puppy dog eyes, Chifuyu’s face cupped between your hands like some new chew toy you want. Chifuyu’s waiting for an answer too, black hair sticking to his forehead as his blue eyes practically beg Kei to say yes.
“Whatever.” Baji rolls his eyes followed by a sigh as he stands up to go find something to clean you two up. “What’s mines is yours, you know that.”
Chifuyu smirks to himself. Hm, maybe break ups weren’t so bad.
Tumblr media
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aizawaskittycat · 11 months ago
#391 HAWKS N DABI X F READER?? Wreck.. me...
A/N Sorry for the wait but it’s here now :) And yes i agree wholeheartedly, these two can wreck me anyday. I hope this is alright, threesomes are hard to right bruh. But it was fun so 🤷‍♀️ This wasn’t proof read I’m sorry
IN BETWEEN - Dabi x f!reader x Hawks - 18+
#391 “I thought we agreed to share her”
Dabi had you placed over his lap, with him leaning back lazily against the headboard, and your thighs on either side of his hips. He gripped your thighs as your tongues moved over each other, lazily making out after the tiring day you’d both had. You sighed into the kiss, and felt Dabi smirk, knowing how pent up you were. 
His hands slowly moved further up your thighs, under the hem of your skirt, and towards your ass. His fingers skimmed the edge of your lace panties before running lower, back down the curve where your ass meets your thighs. He then gripped onto you and started slowly grinding you against his crotch, giving you just enough friction to feel it against your clit. You felt the bulge of his dick grow slowly underneath you and moved your hips along it, drawing a gentle sigh out of Dabi’s mouth. 
As you disconnected your mouth from his, preparing to move lower down, the door creaked open, revealing a rather tired looking Hawks. You saw his eyes widen slightly as he took in the scene in front of him, but he quickly regained his composure and let a smirk fall across his face; a smirk that you knew all too well. He pulled his jacket off, being mindful of his wings, as he approached the bed, closing the door behind him.
“Well isn’t this a pretty picture,” he remarked, seating himself beside you and gently running his hand down your arm. His gaze then fell on Dabi, who you noted looked rather pleased with the situation, “but i have to say, I’m quite offended. I thought we agreed to share her.” They shared a look that made your stomach turn in anticipation.
“Well, you’re here now aren’t you? So how about you stop complaining and get on with it?” Dabi countered, knowing how easy it was to rile Hawks up.
Dabi’s hands, which had remained on you during that exchange, lifted up and bunched your skirt up around your waist, exposing your underwear to both of them. They’d seen a similar view plenty of times, but always managed to seem somewhat impressed by your body, accentuated by the thin lace of the panties they’d picked out for you. You felt Hawks move behind you to pull your top off, and lifted your arms to allow him to do so. As he did, Dabi leaned up to place his mouth over your nipple through the lace of your bra, sending a gentle sensation through your chest. 
After discarding your shirt, Hawks grabbed your hips roughly, pushing his fingers underneath the band of your underwear and pulling your ass back against his crotch. He then pulled his hands away, letting the panties snap back against your skin. Hawks then reached around you, lowering his hand and rubbing circles over your clit through the panties. A small whine left your throat as Dabi gently thrust his hips up to rub against you.
“Please- fuck- I need you. Need to feel you” You gasped as Hawks’ hand pushed your underwear to the side and moved his finger against the rim of your pussy, gathering your juices before returning to rub against your clit. 
“Well how can we say no when you ask so nicely?” Dabi nods his head at Hawks, and the winged-man removes his hand and pulls your panties down your legs, throwing them haphazardly off the bed. You felt Dabi reach below you, and pull his cock out of his jeans rubbing it slowly with his hand.
“C’mon then baby, take what you want” he said lazily. You wrapped your hand round his dick as he let go, kneeling up slightly, and lined it up with your entrance. As you slowly sank down on his cock, you felt Dabi sigh, his head rolling back slightly in pleasure. Hawks’ hands were running up and down your sides in gentle encouragement. You felt him bury his head in your neck and place small kisses along it, whispering words of praise into your ear between each one.
Once you felt comfortable, started to grind your hips softly, creating friction between you and Dabi. His hands gripped your thighs and felt the walls of your pussy move against him. A small grunt left him as you started moving up and down, bouncing on his cock. You let out a series of whines you felt the head of his cock brush your cervix, and the sides of his length move against you. As you built a steady rhythm against Dabi, you felt fingers gently brush against your pussy, right along Dabi’s dick. You slowed down to allow Hawks to take control and felt his slip a single finger inside you, stretching you even wider. This caused you to let out a much loader moan, which made Dabi’s cock twitch inside you.
“Fuck babe, think you can handle it?” Hawks questioned. Though from the tone of his voice you figured this was more teasing than him showing actual concern.
“Mhmm, pleeaaase. I wanna feel you both.” The high pitch and wobble of your voice encouraged both the men to continue. Dabi gradually moved his hips off the bed, pushing further inside you, before pulling back down and repeating. Hawks joined him by moving his finger carefully alongside him, stretching you out for him. It wasn’t too long before he slipped a second finger in you, working you open even more. When you started quietly begging, he pushed in a third and a fourth, feeling your pussy open up for him.
“You ready baby?” This time he seemed more serious, ready to stop if you were genuinely uncomfortable.
“Yeah, I’m good. Please hurry up I’m so close” you pleaded.
You heard the zipper of his jeans and waited only a few seconds before the tip of his dick pressed gently against you. He pushed in slowly, carefully joining Dabi in the heat of your pussy. 
“Can we move?” Dabi breathed after a few seconds, clearly enjoying the tight grip of your walls against his dick. You nodded your head, a felt Dabi gingerly pull out of you until only his head was inside. As he went to push back, Hawks slid his cock down, and the two of them groaned in sync at the opposing feelings of your walls and the others’ length moving against them. They gradually built up their pace, and before long they were pistoning in and out of you vigorously, keeping you full and stretched out on them. Your back arched as you felt your climax approaching fast, and were thrown over the edge by Dabi’s thumb against your clit. 
You spasmed around them harshly, creating even more friction than before, and felt liquid gush from you, covering their cocks and Dabi’s crotch underneath you. With you clenching around them and delivering uncontrollable moans, the two men came almost in sync, releasing hot cum into you and plugging you up with their cocks.
As you steadily came down from the high of your orgasm, Hawks tentatively pulled out of you, and you sucked in a breath as you were no longer stretched so far. Hawks collapsed sideways next to you on the bed, flinging his arm over you and sighing as you rested your head in the crook of Dabi’s neck, feeling tiredness overcome you. Dabi softly rubbed circles onto your back, coaxing you into sleep. You felt yourself slowly drifting off in the arms of your lovers when a loud bang rocked through the room, causing you to jolt upwards. The three of you turned your heads towards the noise to see the door swung open and a dent in the wall where the two had collided. The concerning thing though, was the rather disgruntled looking Shigaraki who loomed in the doorway, who appeared to be attempting to glare at all three of you at once.
“If I hear one more fucking noise from this room I will not hesitate to turn you all into a FUCKING PILE OF DUST!” he exclaimed before slamming the door, leaving the three of you in silence once again.
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t0wnspersonb · a year ago
Rest (Bakugo Katsuki x Reader)
Tumblr media
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,515
I’m literally in love with Bakugo Katsuki. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while and I might make this a small series, I love me some domesticated shit and I hope you guys do too. This is the first smut I’ve ever written so please keep that in mind as you’re reading lmao. I hope you enjoy it!
Bakugo sighed deeply as he dropped his duffle bag to the ground with a soft thud. His red eyes burned with exhaustion, his body felt incredibly heavy tonight after his shift. 
It wasn’t that he disliked being a top pro-hero, far from it. 
In fact, if someone were to ask him if he hated or loved being a hero he would scoff at them and blast their ass.
Of course he loved his job.
Becoming a pro-hero was his dream, the ultimate goal in his life. The amount of hours, blood, sweat, and tears he had put into his training was not for nothing.
Of course he fucking loved his job.
But sometimes. 
Sometimes he wouldn’t mind being able to rest.
Like now.
Now, all he wanted to do was eat and sleep.
Bakugo flipped the light on in the kitchen, taking notice of the just washed dishes in the dish rack and the scent of cleanser lingering in the air.
Y/n must’ve cleaned up before she went to work. He thought briefly before opening up the fridge to see what was available to eat. 
His expression softened once he laid his eyes on the plate of food wrapped up with a note on top.
Missing you a lot today, don’t overwork yourself.-Y/n
After reheating his dinner he sat down at the table, sighing deeply once more now that he was finally off of his feet.
It had been a long couple of days. A couple of weeks of nonstop back-to-back hero work. Which meant that Bakugo was rarely home, either arriving far too late into the night, or leaving far too early in the morning. There were only small traces that he had actually been there, a coffee cup left in the sink, the bathroom being damp still from a shower.
It was weeks like this one that were incredibly taxing on Bakugo, and that was because he never got to see you. 
His wife. 
It also didn’t help that your work schedule at the hospital was just as busy. Almost seemingly as the exact opposite of his.
He figured you had another night shift tonight as he headed to the bedroom.
But he froze at the doorway.
The tightness in his body melted completely as he gazed at your sleeping figure. 
You were curled up under the blankets, fast asleep, and completely unaware of the tall man staring at you.
Bakugo couldn’t move fast enough.
All he could think about was curling up against you tonight, holding you close, and burying his face into your hair.
He had missed you too much.
He stripped down to his underwear and moved to slide under the blankets, his expression further softening as he noticed that you were wearing one of his t-shirts.
Carefully coming up behind you, he moved to wrap one of his arms around your waist. He pulled you in close, tucking you into his chest easily.
But you were roused awake from the sudden movement.
“Katsu?” you mumbled softly, eyes still heavy with sleep but you shifted your body so that you were facing the warm solid man now next to you.
“Go back to sleep.” he grumbled, both of you settling down against one another. He peered down at you with a gentle expression.
He had never seen anything more beautiful. 
“How was it today?” you hummed softly, slinging your right arm around his broad shoulder, your leg kicking up to wrap around his waist. 
Bakugo wrapped his fingers around your thigh, tugging you closer. His hand was big and warm, the roughness of his palms and fingers felt perfect against your soft skin. 
A touch you were desperately craving the past couple of weeks. 
“Dumbass Deku got overrun with the villains we were chasing down, I had go and save his stupid ass.” he grumbled, moving his hand up to slide into your shirt, his fingers tracing patterns into your back.
“Hmm.” you sighed softly, nuzzling your nose against his collarbone, inhaling that familiar burnt caramel scent.
Both of you were quiet for a moment, enjoying each other’s company. It was clear that both of you were exhausted, but neither of you had gone to sleep just yet.
There was a hum in the air.
A familiar one.
You looked up at the man that you’ve known your entire life. His eyes were closed, but you knew that he wasn’t asleep.
Your gaze started at the top of his head. His spiky hair was more disheveled than usual, but you knew that it was incredibly soft and perfect beneath your fingers.
Moving your eyes further down you took in his perfectly arched eyebrows and long lashes, but beneath that you noticed the dark circles framing his lower lids. 
Frowning softly at your husband’s apparent lack of sleep you continued your search against his face. 
His nose was perfect, and just below it, those soft full lips.
Your stomach flipped pleasantly. A familiar feeling bubbling in your lower stomach.
He was fucking beautiful.
And that was just his face. You knew that his body was just as perfect, if not better.
It was as if Bakugo Katsuki was sculpted from the gods themselves. 
How you were married to such a beautiful man, you didn’t know. It was then that you started to be more aware of those muscular arms that were wrapped around you. Those strong, thick fingers gripping your upper thigh tightly.
Your heart rate picked up, and you shifted slightly, attempting to get closer to him.
“Stop staring at me, shitty woman.” he grumbled, cracking one eye open to peer down at you. “It’s fucking creepy.”
Now you remember how you ended up with this beautiful man. His shit fucking personality. 
I guess it’s true when they say you can’t have it all, you thought dryly. Of course your husband couldn’t be a gorgeous man without having some kind of flaw. 
It was actually a wonder how you guys had been together so long. 
Childhood friends turned lovers.
You had been by his side since birth it felt like. 
Considering your mother and his mother were good friends, it was bound to happen that you two would be as well. 
You were the complete opposite of Bakugo. 
Kind. Sweet. Gentle. 
You weren’t in the hero course when you had gone to U.A., rather you had gotten into the support course.
Which wasn’t a problem for you. You didn’t want to become a hero. Rather, being able to help behind the scenes and being able to support those that wanted to be on the front lines, protecting and saving people, like your husband.
“Don’t be mean Katsu, I haven’t seen your grumpy face in weeks. Can’t a wife just look at her husband?” You grumbled pinching and pulling his cheeks.
He huffed angrily, grabbing your wrist and attempting to pull your fingers away from his face. “Let go, that fucking hurts.” he growled. “Stupid woman, you think I want to come home and be pestered like this?”
You snorted, an amused expression on your face as you ignored Bakugo’s increasing insults and attempts at stopping you from pulling his cheeks, increasing the pressure of your fingers on his face.
“You little shit.” he growled. He gripped your wrist tightly and shifted one of his legs to be between your thighs and moved, heaving you onto your back. Your wrists were pinned on either side of your head, Bakugo above you.
Oh fuck.
The position you were in caused your heart rate to pick up once again. Your eyes flickered down his body, appreciating the bulging muscles and the way his boxers now hung lower on his hips. 
The smirk on his face wasn’t helping the situation either. 
“Like what you see?” he sneered.
You rolled your eyes and moved your leg, shifting it up so that you could press your knee carefully against his crotch.
You could feel his growing bulge. You felt the rising blush in your face and looked away from him, going to move your leg down from its current position. But Bakugo was too fast for you, he grabbed your leg and hitched it over his hip and settled himself between your legs. Pressing himself to your center.
You couldn’t help the whimper that escaped your lips. 
“Why are you getting all shy now?” he teased, rolling his hips against yours. 
“Sh-Shut up.” you gasped, lips parting in arousal. “You haven’t even kissed me yet Katsu.”
He chuckled slightly, and released his grip on your wrists, allowing you to slither your arms around his neck, sliding your fingers into the back of hair. He leaned closer down to your face, one his hands grabbing at your jaw, the other one propping himself up to keep most of his weight off of you.
And then he was kissing you. His lips hot and urgent against yours, his tongue already poking through your lips, eager to taste the inside of your mouth.
You moaned softly, arching your body into his as your grip in his hair tightened. 
Bakugo growled against your mouth, grinding into your core harshly.
All thoughts of sleep are now gone. All Bakugo could think about was you, and how much he wanted to be inside of you. It had been far too long since the last time he'd had you, and now, he wasn’t going to wait any longer.
“Fuck, what do you want?” he growled, pulling away from you and seeing your swollen lips. Your eyes were wide and bright, full of want and need. 
His stomach churned pleasantly.
Before you could answer him his fingers were already where you wanted them the most. He rubbed at your clit in harsh controlled circles, his red eyes dark and filled with need as he gazed at your moaning flushed face.
“K - ah - Katsu. Please,” you whimpered, gripping his hair tightly between your fists. Your hips moving along with his fingers.
“Please what? What do you want?” he sneered, applying more pressure before he pushed your panties to the side, his middle finger sliding against your wet slit, but not fully penetrating you.
You felt tears gathering at the corner of your eyes, it had been too long. All you wanted was him to fuck you already. 
“You. I want you please.” you moaned out, bucking your hips up, urging him to enter you already. “Please Katsu, I missed you so much.”
He missed you too. He was tired of the foreplay already, he needed to be inside you. 
Snarling loudly he all but ripped the clothes off your body before removing his boxers. His member stood tall and gorgeously thick against his stomach.
Your mouth watered at the sight, you wanted it in your mouth.
“Later.” he growled, noticing the look on your face. “I want to fuck you already.”
He spread your legs apart, gazing at you hungrily before taking his cock and rubbing it against your glistening slit, and then he rammed into you.
You cried out loudly as Bakugo set a brutal pace. Hard and fast, and incredibly deep inside your pussy.
It had been too long, your body needing time to adjust to his intrusion, your walls stretching to fit his thickness.
But he wouldn’t let you. Bakugo gave in to his desire and set a pace that had you gasping to keep up. 
Fuck did it feel good though.
The familiar pressure building up within yourself, ready to snap at any minute.
Bakugo was snarling above you, lost in the pleasure of your warm, wet walls gripping him tighter and tighter. He knew you were almost at your limit, he was too. 
He knew he wasn’t going to last long, it had been too long since the last time he was inside of you, but he needed you to cum first.
His grip was bruising on your hips; his mouth sucking and biting at every inch of skin that was within his reach. You knew you were going to have marks in the morning, but you didn’t care. 
His cock rubbed into the deepest parts of you, leaving you breathless and shaking. He always made you feel so full. 
“You gonna cum on my cock princess?” he growled, reaching down and rubbing your clit again. 
Your back arched, your head thrashing against the pillows as your pleasure began to build further up. “Katsu - ngh - I’m close.” you whimpered out.
He smirked, pulling out of your pussy before slamming himself back in.
And that was it.
You came hard, crying out and trembling beneath him, your wetness gushing out and staining the sheets below.
He snarled loudly, jackhammering his hips into yours as he chased his release before groaning lowly in his throat and spilling himself inside of you.
His hips finally stilled, he leaned forward and pressed his mouth against yours softly before trailing delicate kisses against the bites he had left scattered across your throat and collar bone. 
He stayed buried deep inside of you as he continued to soothe your battered body.
Bakugo knew that he was never gentle when you guys made love. He knew that his pace was always rough and harsh, but the aftercare was a different story.
After the intense fucking he always gave you, it was important for him to take care of you tenderly. He carefully pulled his softened cock out of you, hushing you softly as you whimpered from the loss.
He watched as his cum seeped out of you, smirking slightly to himself before he pressed a gentle kiss to your hip and got up to the bathroom to get a warm wet cloth to clean you and himself up.
When he came back you were already on the verge of falling asleep again. He sat near your legs, pressing a soft kiss to your knee as he cleaned up the mess he made between your legs.
You hissed softly, your lower body sore and sensitive. He hushed you once more as he finished cleaning up, tossing the cloth somewhere behind him, he’d take of that in the morning.
Starting at your hips he trailed his soft lips up your body, pressing the sweetest kisses into your skin, gazing at you with gentle eyes.
The aftercare was his favorite part.
You were so fucking beautiful like this, completely drained after all the pleasure that he had given you. Your skin littered with his marks, your lips red and swollen from his intense kisses, your hair a ruffled mess around your head after moving it back and forth so much. 
He pulled the blankets over your bodies as he settled next to you, wrapping his arms around your body tightly.
He pressed a gentle kiss to the top of your head, your eyes closing automatically, sleep ready to take you under.
“I love you Katsu.” you breathed softly, pressing your face into his chest. “So much.”
“Go to sleep.” he grumbled tenderly, placing another kiss to the crown of your head. “I got you."
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depraved-empress · 3 months ago
Spring Heat
Tumblr media
Dom fem reader x Hawks
Summary: Spring is here! The cherry blossoms are blooming, the spring wind is blowing and Hawks' heat is coming. Wait, what?
In which it's the Hawks has heats in spring trope because of his quirk but with a dom reader twist.
Tumblr media
Because Tiktok reminded me of the trope and I wanted to write one with my own spin on it. Fuck this took so long why the hell am I so lazy?
Cw: Dom fem reader, virgin Hawks, super sensitive Hawks, overstimulation, female penetration, handjob, blowjob
Tumblr media
Your brow furrowed, a frown on your face as you stared at your phone, ringing a call to Hawks.
He always takes time off for a week on spring and usually, you would have left him on his week off, thankful that the usually workaholic Hero is for once taking a break.
But not this time. With the current state of affairs, heroes can’t catch a break, always being needed somewhere.
You hate the fact that you have to do this but you’ll have to force him to come to work.
But to your frustration, he’s not picking his phone up which is unusual for him. Usually he would have picked all phone calls from you because you rarely call him unless it’s for something important.
You glared at your phone, annoyed as Hawks once again didn’t answer. Hearing the door to your office open, you see one of your co-workers- the next in command after you- come in.
“Is Hawks-san coming in?”
Your lips thinned. “He’s not answering.”
“I see,” A frown was on your co-worker’s face. “What if you go to his place then?”
You raised an eyebrow. ”Should I really be doing that?”
“Well he gave you a key, right?”
“Yeah,” You shrugged. “I’ve been there a few times.”
You’re one of the first employee to work in Hawks’ agency and you’ve known him since he was 18.
Since you were the only person with a copy of his key, you had taken it upon yourself to check up on him, usually when he’s injured and is housebound.
“Then just check up on him,” Your co-worker suggested. “I mean, maybe he’s really not doing well? I mean, I know this happens every spring but…”
“You think it’s something more?” Your eyebrow couldn’t help but raise.
“I mean, yeah? Maybe he has spring allergies?”
“Severe enough to not make him come to work?”
You sighed. “All right, I’ll check on him after work.”
So later that day, after work has finished, you’re standing on the front of Hawks’ complex.
You knocked on the door, frowning when no one answered. Pursing your lips, you fetched the spare key that Hawks had given you and opened the door.
The lights were dim, no one in sight. The kitchen was clean but there’s a couple of crumbs here and there.
Suddenly you heard a faint voice, coming from a door on the far left.
“Hawks?” You called out, brows furrowed in worry.
You heard a whining sound on the door and you hesitantly knocked. "Hawks? It's me."
A faint noise and then-
The door opened.
Tumblr media
Hawks whined, hand stroking his hard cock. Whimpers spilled out of his lips as he came yet again on his hands but his hardness did not recede.
He sobbed, he hates spring. He doesn't like that his body became this much more sensitive. He craves more but he doesn't know what. He has always been left alone when he started having heats and he doesn't know what to do besides doing what seems right.
Through his sobs, a faint voice entered his ears. He whimpered, confused before his eyes widened when a knock on his door along with your voice alerted him with your presence.
Before he knew what he's doing, he's scrambling to the door naked and opened it.
You were standing there wide eyed and he could see you take a step back when you saw him naked.
He didn't want you to go!
He barrelled into you, wings and arms wrapping around you as you fall down on the floor, sobbing on your neck.
"Please, please, please," He sobbed, grip tightening further when you tensed. "Please don't leave me alone."
Your arms hesitantly wrapped around him, ignoring his nakedness and the fact that his cock is literally rubbing your bottom clothes.
"Hawks..." You said hesitantly. "What's wrong?" You whispered in his ear, worry in your voice.
He kept on crying, slowly explaining what's happening.
"I-I usually get these... heats I guess you could say." He started, whispering. "It started on my puberty and I've been dealing with it ever since. I-I don't know what to do." He whimpered. "I don't r-really know what I should do and I'm all sensitive all over and I want something b-but-"
"Shh," You cooed, rubbing his back. "Let's go inside your room okay?"
"Don't leave," He pleaded.
"I won't," You promised.
Tumblr media
Somehow, you found yourself on his bed- naked if not for the fact that you're still wearing your bra and panties- him under you and whining how your hand feels so good stroking his cock.
"Ngh!" Hawks came on your hand, moaning loudly, feathers trembling with his body.
You raised a curious brow, eyeing his cock that hasn't even soften a little.
"And you've been dealing with this since you hit puberty?" You mumbled, leaning down between his legs.
He didn't hear your mumble, too focused on feeling his orgasm, whining when you licked a long stripe on his cock.
Whimpers left his lips as you placed little kisses all over his cock, hands gripping the sheets tightly when your tongue darted between your lips.
Feeling your warm mouth suck his tip, he whined, feeling himself cum again.
Surprised, you choked on his cum, feeling a bit dribble out of your chin as you drank. Wiping it away with the back of your hand, you went back in and slowly put his cock in your mouth, mouth reaching the hilt as you feel it hit the back of your throat.
You pulled back until the tip is only in your mouth then went back in, deepthroating him. You settled in a slow rhythm, bobbing your head as his moans rang in your ears.
"Aaah~!" He closed his eyes in pleasure, moaning loudly as your mouth enveloped his whole cock.
He had never felt this kind of pleasure before, his hands were never enough for him to get satiated. He whimpered when your hands suddenly played with his balls.
Before he knew it, he came once again, crying out your name as he does.
Ready this time, you managed to swallow all of it before you pulled away, sitting on your knees.
He whined in dismay as you pull away, hazy eyes looking at your direction.
"More..." He whimpered, hips bucking up in need.
Your lip twitched despite the situation. Never in a million years did you think that you'll ever hear Hawks beg.
You pulled your panties off you, tossing it aside and following it with by unclasping your bra, tossing it where your other clothes are laid forgotten.
You hovered on his cock, slowly descending down and closing your eyes as he filled you up, letting out a long moan.
Hawks' whole body twitch at feeling your walls, finding it warmer than your mouth and he came again, crying out with a bit of drool leaking out of his mouth.
You shivered at feeling his hot cum inside of you, clenching your walls on his cock as you placed your hands on his stomach for balance, slowly thrusting up and down.
A sigh left your lips, feeling your clit twitch in arousal as you ride him, head throwing back as his cock hit your spot.
"Aaah!" You moaned loudly, joining his own moans as you started riding him faster, lust clouding your mind.
Biting your lip, you looked down on Hawks, a shiver of lust going through your spine at his expression.
His wide eyes are dazed from pleasure, mouth open and moaning loudly, drool now dripping down his chin. Dried tears on his face, eyes red but still tearing up at the corner.
Your walls involuntarily clenched at the sight, bouncing faster and faster, pure need taking over your mind.
Hawks looking like he'd just been fucked dumb was a beautiful sight and you're gonna milk it for all it's worth.
I wonder what he would look like when being pegged? A thought suddenly popped in your head. You groaned, one hand going between your legs and reaching for your clit, rubbing it in desperation.
Hawks couldn't think, hands still tightly gripping the sheets as you fuck yourself on his cock, eyes dazedly locked at you. His breath hitched at the pure lust in your eyes, face sweaty from exertion and mouth opened as moans came out of your lips.
A long whine left his lips and he came once again on your hole, shooting his warm cum. He slumped back on the bed as he rides his high, trembling still from the pleasure.
Suddenly, he noticed how tired he was, lids heavy and almost closed. He could feel his cock soften now, relief coursing through his body, so much so that he passed out, sleep finally taking over.
You panted, catching your breath and you looked down at Hawks' sleeping face. You gently smiled at finally seeing his peaceful face, eyes softening at the sight.
You sighed, feeling his cock now soft in your hole, gently pulling yourself out of his cock, shivering at feeling his cum drip out.
You sat between his legs, sitting in the back of your knee before slowly positioning yourself to sit on the side of the bed, feet on the ground.
You felt tired, a yawn escaping your lips and you debated between cleaning the both of you up before joining him in sleep or sleeping now and just clean later.
Feeling his feather brush against you and his hand obviously searching for you, you huffed.
Fuck it.
You laid back down, curling on his body and feeling his wing wrap protectively around you. Your arms encircled his waist and you sighed in contentment, closing your eyes.
Both of you have a lot to talk about, but that can wait until tomorrow.
Tumblr media
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savagetrickster · a year ago
Caffeine Rush (NSFW) | BNHA
Tumblr media
anime  |  character:  bnha  |  bakugou katsuki
word count: 17,845
Themes/warnings: 18+, aged-up, praise kink, blowjob, fingering, spanking, overstimulation, swearing, mild degradation, unprotected sex 
Tumblr media
The office building that made Ground Zero agency was quiet and still. The appointed office hours were over hours back. 
Most staff had already retired for the day. Among the black, lifeless screens on the desks, only hers stayed running bright and full of words on its screen. 
The cursor behind the word on the tail of her report was left to blink repetitively as she dragged her feet to the pantry. 
Her head felt numb with mental exhaustion as the weight of the nearing deadline reared its ugly head once again as the dreading thought of it reminded her again. The uneasiness and brooding anxiety that it brought about was no help in elevating the stress on her.
Between her heavy thoughts about the report taunting her from her computer screen, her legs brought her to the coffee machine. 
Her hand fell into a mechanical motion as it placed her mug on the dispenser and lifted to press the Espresso option on the LED screen.
This was her third, fourth. Wait, or was it the sixth? 
It didn’t even matter anymore.
She just needed to get through one more night of slaving away to finish it, and she would be fucking done with this long-due paperwork.
It was stupid of her to procrastinate so much; now she had to pay the price.
In the lonely silence of the pantry, her weary eyes watched the dark coffee dribble over her mug, sending one central ripple across the smooth steaming surface. 
Her hand returned its grip to the handle once again, tugging it out of the dispensing holder. 
A yawn left her as she turned away and instantly greeted with a startled-
“Fuck-” As the coffee in her mug was sent swishing and splashing over its rim as her hand collided into something solid with a curt jerk.
The scalding sting over her hand made her hiss. Her eyes flew up with irritation, her mouth opening to yell.
And she froze.
Then her eyes widened, horror seeping in when she realized she was staring at the angry face of...Ground Zero himself.
Her eyes followed his gaze down to the coffee dripping off his pants.
Well, shit.
A hasty jumble of ‘Oh my god, I’m so sorry’ tumbled out of her mouth as she placed down her mug on the countertop behind while her other hand tore a handful of paper towels.
Her knees met as she quickly lowered herself before his stained pants. 
Maybe it was the nights spent over the stupid report. 
Maybe it was the coffee.
It seemed that all common sense or whatever would have kept her from grabbing the front of her boss’s pants had died along with her overworked brain cells.
Her apologies continued stumbling out of her mouth as her hands worked in a hasty pace on his pants, her eyes focused on wiping away the spillage.
Too caught up in her guilt and her panic to realize anything else-
The warmth in her hands was trying to pull away. 
The stuttering mess of curses uttered above her.
The stiffening within her grasp.
He just returned from a long day outside to take some stuff and his craving for the aromatic bitterness of coffee was what brought himself straight to the pantry the moment he stepped through the main door. 
It was absurd to think he would end up being groped by a female employee in the pantry. The brewing words he wanted to yell at the woman with fell at every brisk rub down him. 
Bakugou could feel the resisting voice bubbling in his chest growing quieter at every stroke. 
Fuck. While this was bizarre and all to him, the jolting thrill running up his length sent a delicious chill up his spine. 
A particular thrill of friction brushing over the protruding vein on his clothed erection shook his next breath out of him.
Loud and harsh enough to draw her eyes up to him, her hands pausing.
And was met with a flustered yet irritated face glaring back at her.
Her eyes drifted back to her hands blankly at where her fingers were wrapped around - something was thick and kinda...lengthy. 
In her hands was Ground Zero’s...oh wow.
She always had dirty thoughts about her boss but damn, this was not what she had ever imagined herself doing. 
Along with muscular, lean built and tall stature that could give models a run for their money, the bulge accentuated in his flattering, somewhat fitting pants was a big distraction for the females in his agency...or maybe it was just her. 
Exactly as she had imagined, he was indeed...big in her hands.
And it was...
Her fingers tightened slightly. ...hard.
A responsive jolt accompanied by a hissing curse made her jump, slapping her with a cold splash of realization.
That she was on her knees in her company’s pantry, caressing her boss’s cock.
Oh shit.
Her hands flinched away from him as if scalded and her legs scrambled to get her away. A bright, red blush colored the flustered horror on her face.
She was so fired. 
So so FIRED-
“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” 
Her eyes raised to find him looking down at her with a towering glare brimming with impatience and frustration.
“You think you can just get away like this?” 
“I’m so sorr-”
“Weren’t you just fondling with my cock?” His usual husky voice sounded rougher and breathless. “Who the fuck said you can stop?”
She stared, stunned. Wondering whether her ears were failing her as well. 
But clearly they weren’t because she could hear an intriguing strain in his voice.
The struggle in his gruffness and the red eyes prodding into her sent a needy ache within her, feeling a gush of her arousal soaked through her panties underneath her dress.
A slip of her eyes from his face, a shiver ran through her at how his nipples on his well-defined pecs were poking through the tight clad of his hero costume on him. 
Her eyes slipped even lower.
The huge tent prodding through his pants made her eyes waver and her breath quivered through her lips. 
Was she high from all the coffee? Or had she officially gone nuts?
She wasn’t sure what, but she didn’t even want to care.  
The man of her dreams himself was offering himself to her. 
She could feel her body trembling with a strong ache. The long, yearning ache that had followed her through the years and pushed her to join his agency.
An ache to be filled by Bakugou Katsuki, the world’s second strongest man.
An ache to feel him shove his cock into her.
An ache to make her wild thoughts about him come true.
She felt the last straining thread holding herself back snap as her hands flew forward, immediately working on the buckle around his waist.
Her lips were stretched over his leaking cock as soon as it sprang free from his pants. 
The pre-cum spilling over from his swollen tip smeared over her lips as she moaned giddily at the melting heat in her mouth.
The hand tugging harshly onto her hair dug even more pressure into her scalp as a throaty groan joined her muffled moan.
“Ye-Yeah, show me what you’ve got.” 
A grin stretched across Bakugou’s face as he pressed himself harder into her, feeling his cock sink deeper into her warm cavern, her moans spiked with a choke. 
“And I’ll give you a good one later.” 
His hand left her head to join the other clutching onto the edge of the countertop behind her.
Her walls clenched to his words just as her eyes watered at the pressure pressed to the back of her throat.
Fuck, he was as thick as she had guessed. But she had never imagined he would be so...veiny.
She drew back and relished in the heavy pants and moans from above, tracing her tongue daringly across the trails of veins running along with his lengthy girth. 
Her hands raised to join her mouth, adding on with tightening squeeze as she lingered at the tip of his bulging cock. 
A slow, elaborate lick across the weeping slit on it, her throat swallowed with a  deep gulp.
Almost instantly, a dragging grunt rumbled through his body. 
Humming in delight at what she heard, her cheeks hollowed as she started to suckle heatedly over the hot running tip. 
Within the firm grip of her hand, she could feel his thick girth filling up, growing thicker as she welcomed more pre-cum into her.  
The husky moans from above light a smirking glint in her eyes as she reached a hand up his length and clamped over his balls with a teasing curt squeeze.
Immediately, the husky moans from him hitched with a broken grunt. 
Her walls clenched tight at how erotic that sounded.
“Y-You take my cock so well. Do you think you deserve to be fucked by me?”
The small collected pool of her own arousal on the floor beneath her heated cunt was rained upon by another surge as her walls convulsed with need.
“No, I-I don’t,” His stiff cock popped free from her mouth, a slick thread of her saliva remained connected to its flushed, bloated tip. 
“Bu-But Bakugou-sama, you deserve to be inside me.” Her eyes were fogged with hazy heat and her cheeks red. 
His cock spluttered another rush of pre-cum. 
“I-I’ve been ready for you ever since I laid my eyes on you.” 
His red eyes shook with his expelling breath as a carnal jolt rippled through him, his cock tightening even more with the growing pressure within.
“Strip completely,” His eyes blazed as he spat his order, “Get on that table and show me how much your pussy wants me then.”
Tumblr media
Clothes were strewn on the floor in an irregular trail to the broad table sitting in the center of the pantry. 
Propped by her arms behind her, her legs shook with effort to keep her thighs wide apart for him. 
Her heated cunt wouldn’t stop leaking, trickles of her slick fluid continued to join the collected puddle on the table below as the man took his time to approach.
The way his hungry gaze sat fix on her weeping folds stretched wide enough for the chills from the air conditioner to tickle her. 
Red eyes took in the sight before him greedily.
The clench of her eyebrows on her forehead
The way she bit down on her lower lips. 
Her face flushed red and her breasts rising and falling with harsh pants.
And the way her raised thighs were spread wide apart for him.
“Look at you,” Bakugou stopped before her, his lips forming a smug smirk at the sight for the glistening trickles slipping out of her, “...Already dirtying my property with your slutty pussy.” 
Her breathy pants spiked with a moan as he pressed two fingers to her clit, pinching it briefly before moving down.
A gathering of her warm arousal coated his fingers as they ran lightly over her-  
“I haven’t even done shit yet,” -and paused to pry her sopping folds apart. “But fuck, you’re already so wet.”
A gasping whimper puffed out of her as his fingers pushed through the thick coat and into her aching walls. 
The wet, lewd squelch dragged through the air as her wispy whimper rose to a drawn moan at the delicious thrill his fingers made as they bulldozed their way into her sensitive walls.
She found it hard not to stare at the way his erected, weeping cock prodded against his toned stomach. Wondering with a wistful sigh about how it would feel inside her.
“Ba-Bakugou-sama, I-” A rough shove of one more finger into her tore a startled cry through her words. 
“You what?” His lips widened with a grin as his fingers curled and stretched teasingly within her pulsing walls.
Her eyes raised to his, staring back helplessly at the amusement in his dancing red eyes, trying not to give in to her aching desire to return to his cock. “...fuck me.”
Her struggle against her straying eyes was not missed.   
“Aren’t my fingers already doing that?” His knowing grin widened. “Oh you this?” 
His calloused fingers inside her suddenly sped, thrusting through her walls vigorously.
Gasping moans rode through her throat as fast, furious friction of the loud, lewd squelches accompanying his pumping fingers rubbed the heated air between them frantically.
The building pleasure within her was making her dizzy with euphoric fever as her moans rose. 
Uncontrollable hot tears escaped her dazed, wavering eyes as she watched his fingers work heatedly between her wide opened thighs.
Her walls were convulsing, resonating with her urgent need to release the pent-up pressure inside her. 
Not even coffee could keep her this awake. 
The jolting thrills were shaking her overstimulated body. “Baku-Bakugou-sama, I’m-” 
His fingers were ripped out of her before she could finish. A startled moan elicited out of her at the same time.
The slick threads connecting his fingers to her spilling cunt quivered as Bakugou brought his hand up, his eyes admiring the result of his work with a satisfied glint.
He brought his heavily coated fingers before her panting, parted lips with a smug, intense gaze. 
“Clean up this shit.” His gruff voice was commanding and blunt.
Her lips immediately latched onto his fingers, hastily lapping up her own fluid. It tasted weird on her tongue, but she didn’t bother too much. 
She could feel her body shivering with impatience and frustration. One big gulp down her throat, her eyes raised to him with anticipation, in time to see his hand run over his cock.
“I think it’s time I give you your little reward.” His eyes met hers. “Be grateful that I, Ground Zero, even considered putting my cock inside you.”
“Tha-Thank you, Ground Zero.” Her eyes followed his hand as it slid over his swollen tip. 
“Bakugou-sama suits your mouth better. Eyes up here,” The edge in his voice hardened. Her eyes raised to his obediently. “Thank me properly if you want me inside now.” 
A thrill jolted through her cunt.
Fuck, in her head where her imagination ran wild, he was always the dominating one but witnessing it with her own eyes...Shit, she never knew he could be any more sexier. 
“Thank you, Bakugou-sama.” A sultry purr reverberated in her chest as she sighed giddly at the sinful sight the way his leaking arousal was giving away his own needs for her cunt.
Today was probably by far the best day of her life. The sex gods if there were any, were smiling down on her.
“Now, get down onto the floor on all fours.”
Her slick arousal cascaded down her thighs the moment she eagerly set herself on her knees. Her  softly arched back accentuated her ass as her excitement ran through her throbbing walls.
A shuddering chill ran up her spine at the light brush of his cock across her protruding ass as Bakugou planted himself behind her.
His eyes narrowed at the gap between her thighs.
“Is this how you show me your gratitude?” His hand landed on her butt cheek with a harsh slap. She responded to him with a sharp cry as her body jolted.
“Open wider.” A sharp sting rang across her other butt cheeks as another slap landed.
“...And I’ll fuck you like the little slut you are.” 
His words sounded to her ears.
With a shivering whimper, she obeyed, lowering herself with forearms propped shakily on the floor beneath her. 
Her butt cheeks spread open as she pushed her thighs apart for him.
His breath shuddered out of him as he watched the quivering threads of her slick fluid stretched, following the widening space between her sopping folds she made from parting herself.
All these...
A strangled groan escaped him. 
...for him.
The tight pressure strained in his bulging girth even more. Fuck, he couldn’t wait anymore.
His hand slipped up her arched back and wrapped itself tightly around the end of her long hair, her back arching even more to his firm grip on her, as his other slathered his needy cock over her dripping slit. 
The delirious whimper shuddering down to her cunt fanned his carnal ache to shove himself in.
The tightening grip on her hair was her only warning before his hip shot forward. His cock plunged through the pouring flow of her arousal and buried completely into her in one powerful rut.
The bright flash of pleasure searing through the sudden big, wide stretch of her cervix forced a choked moan out of her, hot tears spilling out of her widened eyes at how thick he was.
“Fu-Fuck,” A trembling grunt shook out of his lips as he drew himself back through the walls clamped in a vice-like grip around him. “What a tight little bitch you are-”
His cock rammed in one bruising thrust, shoving an instantaneous sharp cry out of her mouth.
More continued to tumble out of her as he continued to hammer into her, his hand tugging harshly onto her hair like it was his rein.
The other hand in a clutching grip on her hip as his cock drove fiercely through her pulsing walls. 
Helpless sobbing moans forced out her mouth at every rough snap of his hip. Her eyes nearly rolled back every time he pounded into her.
A sly grin stretched his panting lips as he thrusted mercilessly into her
“Too much for you?” A slap on her ass drew another cry from her. 
Somewhere between his powerful ruts, his hand had left her hair and joined the other on her hip in a harsh grip. 
His intense gaze glared into her as she staggered weakly on her shaky arms with giddy whimpers and groans. She was a slobbering mess beneath his towering stance.
“Keep up with me.” A growl ripped through his words as he gave her another slap on her ass.
In the smothering heat ramming between her clenching walls, she was beginning to see white flashes behind her fluttering blinks. 
Blazing brighter and brighter as she felt his rushing cock push her fast to the edge. She couldn’t anymore. 
It was too...
A tattered shriek broke her voice as a starburst of electrifying ripple shattered through her shaking body, her orgasm instantly flooding his relentless cock with her rich arousal.
The hiss sifted through his gritted teeth as Bakugou bit back a groan at the hot burst and her rapidly gripping walls that were engulfing him greedily.  
Fuck. This was it for him too.
Along with the squeezing tightness around him, the overpowering load in his cock forced the rolls of his hip to grow hectic and furious.
Her fleeting moans joined his breathless groans as he chased his own release with a fervor blazing in his red eyes, ramming hot blistering thrusts into her.
His desperate thrusts were accompanied with slippery, frantic squelches loud enough to mingle with harsh claps of their slapping skin as his hip met with her flushed ass heatedly.
One particularly sharp, powerful thrust forward forced a growling moan shredding through his mouth as his hip snapped into her and buckled erratically.
A loud sultry groan dragged through her throat as she felt the bulging tip of his swollen cock nestle into the deepest part of her with a rough prod. 
The hot burst of his thick rich seed spluttering fiercely inside her made her eyes roll back.  
The back of his muscular thigh clenched as he held his spurting cock snug inside her, expelling a wavering satisfied sigh.
Her dragging groan ended with a delirious whimper as she relished in the warm fullness inside her, her walls stirring their mixed fluid with fluttering clenches.
One thought ran in her hazy head as she crumbled to the floor, amused and amazed.
That she had done it.
Her dreams came true.
That she had actually fucked one of the hottest men alive.
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lordkilluazoldyck · 10 months ago
if your requests are still open can I request a soft fluff with kurapika if you’re chill with that..? also hope college is going well for you so far!!! have a good day and make sure to drink water and take breaks!! 🥰
Soft Fluff with Kurapika
masterlist | guidelines
summary: kurapika is a badass but like super in love
warnings: cursing probably, v fluffy
author’s note: yes!! i did this in a drabble type thing, so i hope that’s okay,,, but college is good :) i hope you also have a super good day & remember to drink water too!! you’re so sweet!! 🥺 we should be friends!!! if you want, of course 💞💗💘
Tumblr media
In all honesty, Kurapika was tired.
He’d been training for days on mastering his nen abilities and in his opinion, he’d been away from home for far too long.
Of course, home to Kurapika was a little bit different than home for everyone else. In fact, when he thought about it, he even found it odd.
I mean, Gon and Leorio both had a real home. Hell, even Killua had one, as sick and twisted as it was.
But for Kurapika, home was not a building. It wasn’t a giant mansion on top of a mountain, or a little house on an island in the middle of nowhere— no. Kurapika’s home was you.
He made the decision to return home and resume his intense training after seeing you for a little while.
After making the long journey to you, Kurapika opened the door to be met with silence. The darkness of the building hadn’t surprised him in the slightest— in fact he already knew it would be that way.
You were sound asleep in bed by the time he got to you. However, upon hearing the front door opening, you awoke. Still in a state of half awake-half asleep, you decided it best if you waited to see if it was really him.
Kurapika’s chains clinked together as he reached for the door handle. He opened the bedroom door and couldn’t help the smile that crept up his face.
You heard his steps as he approached you. His hands were warm as he moved a piece of hair from your face.
“I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long, darling.” He whispered to you.
You smiled softly and opened your eyes.
“I missed you more than words can convey, Kurapika.”
He shook his head and walked away, getting ready for bed.
“I don’t like being away for so long.”
“You’re a badass nen user now though, love.” You smiled widely at him.
He laughed. “Indeed.”
You felt your eyelids grow heavy as he took a shower and found yourself almost asleep again by the time he came back.
You felt the bed dip and Kurapika’s arm wrap around you and pull you close.
“I love you, yn. More than you’ll ever know.”
Kurapika decided to stay awake for a little while longer. He wanted to stay this way forever. He wished with all of his heart that time would just pause for him, just for a bit. You were safe and close, and he was happy. Genuinely happy.
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