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pumpkins scream in the dead of night:

prompts: pumpkins / return from the dead

words: 1.2k

They all looked between Bart’s two actually pretty well carved pumpkins and Conner’s half-finished passing resemblance. Tim muttered something about the S shield apparently not being that easy to carve after all.

“My pumpkin would beat all your pumpkins in a fight.” Conner said, with all the confidence of someone who has completely misplaced it.

“My pumpkins would kick the shit out of your pumpkin.” Bart replied, like it was totally obvious. Looking at the state of Conner’s pumpkin, maybe it was.

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What Young Justice thinks of Tim VS. What Tim is actually like.

I really and honestly feel like the biggest wasted potential in Young Justice was Young Justice never actually finding out what Tim is like.

Tim spends all of his time pushing himself past his limits, and pretending to be extra tough because of his insecurities about being the powerless ones making him feel they might not want him on the team if they found out.

But yet Tim is this anxious, insecure, naïve kid, that has no idea what’s going on, and I just feel in my heart that Young Justice finding that out to be so dang interesting. It would make for such a new interesting dynamic yet they never went in that direction sadly.

They plant the seeds at the end of the series, with Cassie showing that she then knows that Robin is an act, and Tim showing up at himself in the very last issue, but Teen Titans elected to ignore that to make Tim a mysterious, show off, loner instead. Partially regressing him, and just plain making him out of character.


It’s not even a subject matter I think I ever seen in fics, but I really find the idea fascinating. Even Tim’s size is smaller since his armor at the time had molded muscle and extra padding, and I figure Tim probably had lifts on his boots. You can tell in the issue Tim’s in the baseball uniform and he’s much more skinnier.


Am I the only one that genuinely wishes they did a story on Young Justice finding out what Tim is like as Tim Drake?

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There’s a support group for people who have trauma due to Darkseid, both heroes and villains can come. It was founded by Mister Miracle & Big Barda, other members include: Secret, Empress, Slobo, Impulse, Jessica Cruz, Cyborg, Blackfire, Dex-Starr, Orion, Gamma Knife, Azrael, Starfire, Little Barda, Power Boy (only came once) and it’s open for anyone to join if they want support


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