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Snippets from The Disappearance of Amamiya Ren: Part II

Part I is here.

Part Two:

It’s an exhausting three months that follow.

Akechi Goro wakes a free man years after the rest of the world had forgotten he even existed. The former detective is shaky and confused when he wakes. The nurse, when Sojiro speaks to her, reveals how strange the boy’s return to the world was. Dead to the world one second, blinking awake and rasping a reply in a conversation only he knew the next.

“He was saying something about someone being sentimental.” The nurse tells him, face pinched as she peers into the hospital room where the gaunt man is being coached through small exercises by his physical therapist. He has a long road ahead of him getting back muscle mass and balance he lost while laying stationary for so long. Sojiro doesn’t envy him the coming months.

The nurse meet’s Sojiro’s glance with a soft, uncertain expression and he knows she’s going to tell him something that’s going to break his heart even more than it already is. 

“He asked where Amamiya-San was, kept saying they had just been talking.” The nurse looks equal parts apologetic and sad, her gaze a little misty as she speaks.

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Okay so, hopefully people have thought of this before, and I just haven’t seen it, because I’d be super disappointed if I was the first to think of this, but imagine:

Persona 5 Leverage Au

Like, think about it:

  • It could take place after the game is over, maybe a year or two later.
  • And everyone is trying to go back to living a normal life, perusing their passions, being contributing members of society.
  • And yet, they all find themselves using what they’ve learned in the metaverse, and their stronger personas (because if SEES can learn to use their personas and skills in the real world, so can the PT) to correct the injustices they keep seeing.
  • And it keeps getting stronger, because sure, they want to be a part of society, but all of them are just so drawn to correcting the injustices they can’t ignore anymore, to being the Phantom Theives again, that their original aspirations just seem to pale in comparison.
  • And so eventually, during one of their get-togethers, Ryuji is the one to broach the subject.
  • “We can’t just do nothing anymore, can we?” He says. “I can’t just sit back and watch all these things happen.”
  • “None of us can,” Akira/Ren agrees, because he’s had it the worst of them. He knows so much now, has so many skills, and yet he feels so listless, like none of it truly calls to him.
  • “We can’t use the metaverse anymore,” Makoto reminds them. Makoto, who planned to become the police commissioner but who sees just how corrupt the police are, how much she’d have to bend her morals to even get close to that goal.
  • “We don’t need the metaverse to make changes to society,” Futaba, who’s spent her time using her skills to take down corporations and other, far worse hackers. “And we can use the magic our personas give us in the real world now.”
  • And after a bit of debate, everyone agrees.
  • Imagine: Akiren and Morgan as their best masterminds, of Ann using her improved acting skills to become an excellent grifter along with Haru, who knows how to play rich folks better than anyone, and can break out the axe when needed. Yusuke forging whatever papers and documents they need, Ryuji and Makoto being the hitters and the getaway driver, and Futaba of course backing them all up with her hacking skills. Every in the group could of course be considered “the thief”.
  • Essentially, the Phantom Theives who continue bringing justice against those who would hurt others and get away with it, even without the metaverse. Give me a PT who stay together (and maybe even polythieves?) and keep fighting alongside each other, because they know firsthand how much the little guy needs people fighting for them.

Idk, I’m just saying. If any group of Found Family deserves a leverage au, it’s these guys.

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Akira Kurusu (@JustJoker): Finally got ahold of my death certificate! Bout to hang this bad boy up above my bedframe

Ryuji Sakamoto (@ForRealRyuji): Oh HELL YEAH!

Makoto Niijima (@MakotoNiijima): Why are you like this?

Ann Takamaki (@NoComplaining): Send pics!

Yusuke Kitagawa (@YusukeKitagawaArt): Don’t gang it above your bedframe, the lighting there is terrible

Futaba Sakura (@TheRealAlibaba): BRUH POGGERS

Haru Okumura (@OkumuraCEO): I’m not sure that’s something to celebrate


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Ren: In French, you don’t say “I miss you”, you say “tu me manques”, which means “you are missing from me”, and I think that’s beautiful.

Ann: In America you don’t say “you all”, you say “y'all” which means “you all” unless there’s more people, then you say “all y'all”, which means “all you all”, and I think that’s beautiful.

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Ann: We need you in Tokyo.
Akira: What? Why?
Ann: It's Ryuji. It... doesn't look good.
Akira: I flew here as fast as I could.
Ryuji: Dude, I'm fine. I just grew a goatee.
Ann: It doesn't look good.
Akira: I think we should pull the plug.
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Ann: Umm, Ryuji, about Akira and Akechi...
Ryuji: Don't worry about it, Ann. Akechi will probably leave soon. They hate each other.
Ann: Well... they are hating each other in your room.
Ryuji: ...
Ryuji: Ah?
Ryuji, bursting into his room, interrupting Akira and Akechi passionate makeout: WHAT THE FUCK!
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