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#ann x shiho

Snippet from my (other) overly complicated Akeshu Time Loop fic where everyone except Akira (mostly) remembers the previous year:

Akechi Goro’s apartment was nothing like what Ann had expected it to be. Though admittedly her imagination had been a bit conflicted on what she should expect.

The shiny, polite Ace Detective facade he showed the world suggested she should expect a living space ripped straight out of a designer magazine. Attractive but stiff, nice to look at but difficult to actually live in let alone be comfortable in when visiting.

On the other hand, what she’d seen of his other side - the feral, blood thirsty and thoroughly nasty Black Mask - made her think of a dungeon like space. Chains on the walls, maybe one of those disturbing cluttered spaces shown on crime dramas when the heroes were hunting a serial killer. Pictures with blacked out eyes pinned to the walls, red string connecting disparate and terrifying thoughts and images, a collection of weapons on display.

What she got was…neither of those.

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Absolutely! I love these two, especially through my play through of P5r. Idk why exactly, but there just so cute vbefubveiu.

-They had always had a thing for each other. Ryuji had actually assumed that they were already dating.

-After the situation with Kamoshida, everything came into perspective for the both of them. And it all sort of came out naturally.

-Of course, with everything that happened, they weren’t able to spend as much time with each other as before- what with Shiho transferring and Ann joining the Phantom Thieves.

-But at any opportunity Ann visits Shiho. In fact, she ends up practically moving in with how often she stays over.

- Shiho’s mom absolutely adores Ann, because why wouldn’t she.

-Since they’re so close, Ann struggles to keep her identity secret from Shiho. Both emotionally and in how bad she is at lying. Although she hadn’t outright said it, Shiho managed to figure it out on her own.

-Ann doesn’t realise how they’ve basically both become a couple since said heart to heart- until Haru outright asks if they’re dating.

-To it, she discovers that all the other Phantom thieves had just assumed they were.

-That’s when Ann realised how obvious how she felt about Shiho was, and with a push from Akira, she decided to be upfront about it.

-Luckily for her, Shiho was basically on the exact same wavelength.

-Shiho has heard all about Mika, and is ready to throw hands if she ever has to come across her. Or at least have a very aggressive conversation.

-Shiho shares Ann’s appreciation of desserts, however can’t keep up in their snacking sessions.

-They’re just out there being adorable, and Shiho pretty much becomes an honorary Phantom thief. 

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