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Eat everything out of a mug. Everything. Don’t even question it. Basically the science behind it is that it’s a smaller portion and you usally always want to eat anything that’s on your plate blah blah,since it’s just a mug there isn’t even that much to eat. Also dark colored mugs are where it’s at,that is again,some weird brain thingy where your brain associates darker colors with being full.

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I was listening to Anna by Harry Styles and my mom asked me what I was listening to so I showed her. It felt so stressful, I don’t know why, but I feel stressed when I show the music I like, somehow I feel so personal about it sometimes. It’s so strange 😅

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It’s not going to be too much of a spoiler that “Those Left Behind” will have a happy ending.  Eventually.

I do have this absurd family image:

Agnarr is dealing with a particularly obnoxious ambassador.  They demand to see Queen Anna, to which Agnarr states that the Queen is attending to essential state matters.

The day is over and Anna and Kristoff are late for dinner.  With a sigh, both Agnarr and Iduna calmly walk to a rather nondescript door, a storage closet or something like that.  Agnarr knocks on the door.

Agnarr:  “Dinner’s ready,  Oh, and next time, try the one three doors down.  This lock jams.  The other one only locks from the inside.”

There’s a frantic rattle at the door and we hear Anna grunt in frustration.  With a sigh, Iduna opens the door.  Thankfully, both Anna and Kristoff are only mildly disheveled.

Anna:  “So, uh…how did you…?”

Iduna:  “We were young once, dear.”

Agnarr:  “I have to say, it’s good to be back in the castle again.  We didn’t have much privacy in that little cabin.  I wonder if I remember all the nooks and crannies?”

Anna blushes at the implications.  She quickly changes the subject to dinner.

The next time Anna and Kristoff need a little private time, they arrive at the door Agnarr recommended.  She finds the door locked and decides to find another area for some surreptitious snogging.

Moments later, both Agnarr and Iduna emerge, immaculately dressed.  With their royal duties greatly diminished, they’re not above having a little fun.  Even after all that stress in the forest, they can still be playful.


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So, this is a super simple silly story comprised of pictures of toys. I made it for my wonderful friend after she encouraged the shit out of my normal toy loving shenanigans. It’s a lot of photos so under the cut it goes.

Elsa loses Anna! Oh noes! Luckily she’ll have help looking for her~

One hot day, Elsa went outside to meet with Anna for a walk. But Anna was nowhere to be found!


So Elsa walked around and looked for her, calling her name loudly. “Anna! Anna, where are you?” she yelled. It was unusual for Anna not to meet with her and she was a little freaked out.


She heard a thud behind her and turned around to see her friend Pepita. She was surprised to see her so suddenly.

“What’s wrong?” asked Pepita.

“Anna is missing! She never misses our walks!” Elsa replied.

“I knew something was wrong…I’ll help you look,” Pepita offered.

“Can I ride on your back?” Elsa asked, excited at the prospect.


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anyway today was my eight month anniversary with my beautiful amazing sexy wife. and i am trying to be positive because i kinda feel dismal! so enjoy the nice parts of my day today: flying a kite, these nice lily of the valley and bleeding hearts that grow in her yard, and being very in love.

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Iduna is the actual 5th spirit, not Elsa, not Anna… Elsa and Anna are just embodiment’s of the 5th spirit because they are Idunas daughters

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I saw it in my twitter tl and I had to scroll past.

Not something I want to read considering it’s the retelling of a movie I dislike.

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P2-In the end, the char gets what he/she believes is the ultimate happiness in life but ends up being miserable. The char then has this huge revelation that his/her dream job or whatever doesn’t make the char truly happy if the char has to sacrifice being with the ppl they love. I feel like the F2 ending is like this EXCEPT the chars don’t have that revelation moment. The creators dehumanize A & E by showing their ultimate happiness is no longer each other, it’s something else.

P3- The creators try to pass this off as being the ultimate happiness for them. For A, they say happiness is being in a position of power and being engaged. But A never wanted to rule without E and if you are engaged to someone you don’t truly love, it feels empty. For E, they say learning more about her powers and having no responsibility is her happiness but if she doesn’t have A to share her new found freedom with, what’s the point? If they are not together none of it means anything.

I have nothing to add because you said it perfectly, anon.

Thank you!!!!

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