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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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i spent a week in athens with my little cousins and i didnt wanna leave but now im home with a new laptop and im gonna be acrtive once again

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So heres the thing. I really don’t like bts and today i got out with a friend of mine and she made me listen some other kpop groups which i didn’t like as well BUT THEN I HEARD BLACKPINK AND IM FUCKING I LOVE. HOLY SHIT THOSE GIRLS ARE AWESOME AND GORGEOUS AND FUCK ME

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Today was the last day of my exams and that means it was thw last day of School and IM SO FREAKING HAPPY and that summer is gonna be amazing and OMG

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I’m stressing and being anxious because of my exams, im in an unstable state and i just wanna cry, i cant find the courage to study and all my mum is doing is roasting me and being mad because i didn’t went well on my IT one

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i have to learn maths theory till tomorrow and i just don’t know how because i have to write them down about million time to qctually learn them and i just dont have the courage. does anyone have any tips ?

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