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7. episode you could watch over and over?

the wire and explorers!! the wire bc im weak for garashir and i LOVE garaks development through that episode, and theres so many good julian scenes. and explorers just makes me really happy!!!! i love jakes relationship with his dad and the end of the episode is so unexpectedly sweet when they make it to cardassia. also the b plot with julian is really good and makes me happy too :) oh and ALSO civil defense because i just. Love the premise and its so funny

10. when did you become a star trek fan?

i think it was at some point in middle school when i first started watching tng!

13. favorite captain?

sisko!! he has such a good arc and i honestly just love his personality. hes like a Dad to the crew and hes also a really amazing Actual Dad and i would trust him with my life :-)

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It’s the self centered space case, Anne! I remember a looooong time ago conversing with @emmeryn-whatcha-say and her saying “diva +  space makes me think of Judy Jetson” so I incorporated retro futuristic motifs. Anne I also thought of as calm soul who likes to let her mind drift thinking about space. When she actually does come back down to earth, the most emotion you’ll see out of her is mild annoyance. I kinda headcannon that she dreams of space all day as a way to ignore how dysfunctional her family is. Growing up with 12 other siblings can’t be easy. I also kinda feel she thinks very highly of beauty standards and always says “ a lady must never do this or that….” etc.

anyways i’m trying to put more effort into these. I’m going to working on her demon form soon too so look forward to that.   

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