gonna open up my submissions and asks again since i FINALLY made a dent in my inbox. i'm still going to be a bit inactive here though, i'm not feeling too well to post properly <3
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tolkienrsb · a day ago
TRSB2022: Welcome + Schedule
Tumblr media
Hello hello, TRSB-ers!
We hope 2022 is treating you kindly so far.  Here at TRSB Mod HQ we have started work on this year's event, and there are a couple of things we would like to share.
First of all, please welcome the lovely @gratuacuun​ to our mod team!  That's right, there are six of us now.  Your other event mods are @joyfullynervouscreator​ (AKA Raiyana), @lathalea​, @naryaflame​, @ettelene​ and @hauntedsiriel-blog​ (AKA Findekàniel).
Secondly, please find below our dates for 2022:
1st April - suggestions spreadsheet opens
15th April - sign ups open
8th May - artist sign ups close
15th May - art drafts due
20th May - gallery open
22nd May - author sign ups close
29th May - claims
(***TBA - additional claims***)
5th June - post claims check in
12th June - final art due from artists who chose the “free rein” collaboration option
26th June - check in #2
31st July - check in #3
7th August - final art due from all other artists
14th August - final check in / deadline to abandon your fic to a pinch hitter
4th September - fics due in collection
9th September - reveals
12th September - staggered Tumblr reblogs begin
Please note that these dates are not all on the same day of the week!  For example, fics are due on a Sunday, so people have the full weekend to write, but then revealed on a Friday, giving the whole weekend to read.
Hope that's got you excited...keep an eye on the blog for more announcements over the coming weeks, and don't forget that as per our previous posts, in the current year we will only be accepting two submissions per artist, in order to keep numbers manageable.
xoxo, the TRSB Mod Team
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wangxianficrecs · 14 hours ago
BIG Announcement (a prelude)
Tumblr media
So... I've been kind of buried in duties lately, and bitched about it a little on my other blog, and @silverstark had a great idea, which I'm going to (glacially) put into action.
I will be peeling off the Fic Finder and I'm In The Mood For A Fic aspects of @wangxianficrecs and giving them their own, whole, modded blog @wangxianficfinder. Which you all should go follow immediately (and then be patient while I get it smoothly up and running).
I am currently transferring all the old Finder and Mood posts over there, for your browsing/archival pleasure. And I'll spend a couple of months posting current ones on both sites, to give you all time to transition.
@wangxianficrecs will still be here, of course, but I'll revert it back to just recs (and follower recs, and author announcement boosts). This way, I can share with mods all the work that goes into the Finder and Mood posts, and maybe be a little less overwhelmed by seeing 80 asks in my inbox every morning.
Also, I've been neglecting the reading/reccing/photoshopping hours that are the heart of this blog, and I miss it.
~ * ~
The only reason the Finder and Mood posts are so amazing and comprehensive is because of the sheer volume and participation of all of you followers. The hive mind really started kicking in on this blog after, like, 3k of you joined in. (There are over 7k of you now, isn't that AMAZING?)
Tumblr media
I really do love you all. Thank you for working with me, and for being patient!
~ mojo
(maybe reblog for a signal boost?)
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themerlinlibrary · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The Merlin Library Discord
The Merlin Library (TML) is a Merlin fandom server created by fans, namely @lyskari and @zaharya.
The Merlin fandom is large, with thousands of works, ranging from artwork, to video edits, to fan fiction, and more. We wanted to create a place where all these things can be shared, while providing an open, fun, neurodiversity friendly environment. There's channels to chat, share recs, write, create art, and much more – or you can just lurk, whatever you're comfortable with.
If that sounds like an enjoyable place for you, we’d be very happy to have you join our little community. <3
Join us at TheMerlinLibrary (or if the vanity-URL doesn't work, join us here).
Hope to see you there!
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nsfwflint · a day ago
RIP Anons
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Finally joining @ggidolsmuts in the war on shitty anons and I strongly suggest other writers do the same. It's unfortunate for the good anons out there, but the number of people trying to start shit by hiding behind anon is getting to be too much for some of the writers in the community. I'm sorry for the anons that aren't shitbags, but this will help writers stay in a healthier headspace and lead to better writing and a better community.
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rokunamizine · a day ago
Preorders Open!
Tumblr media
🧶 Preorders for The Way You Remember Me: A RokuNami Fanzine are now open!
Our zine features art, merch, and stories from over 40 artists and writers celebrating Roxas and Naminé! 
All profits will go to the charity RedRover 🧶
🌹 Bundles 🌹
Tumblr media
🌹 Digital Twilight Town ($15) is our digital-only bundle and includes a digital version of the zine in PDF format, Chia’s beautiful floral-themed cover art as a desktop wallpaper, an original phone wallpaper by Sami featuring iconic RokuNami moments in Naminé’s signature crayon style, a black-and-white coloring page ready to print at home by Holley, two matching icons by Mel featuring Roxas and Naminé joined together by the red string of fate, two matching icons by Has of Roxas and Naminé playing a humorous game of telephone, and ten fun and expressive emotes of Roxas and Naminé reacting to each other by AmyHayanora, perfect for Discord. This bundle can be added to physical bundles for just $5! 
Tumblr media
🌹 Crimson Strings of Fate ($25 + shipping) is our zine-only bundle. Featuring over 90 pages of original RokuNami-themed art and writing by 32 artists and 12 writers, the zine is 6 x 9 inches, perfect bound, and in full color. All unlocked stretched goals will also be included!
Tumblr media
🌹 The Other Promise ($35 + shipping) is our “paper goods” bundle, ideal for any collector who wants to curl up with a hot cup of tea and read through the zine! It features the physical version of the zine, a fun date-themed glossy purikura bookmark by MageofSpace, a custom-cut matte bookmark by AoKagi capturing all the elegance of a stained glass window, an adorable A5 sticker sheet by Tixca featuring Roxas and Naminé’s adventures, a beautiful print of RokuNami’s most moving moments and memories by SomniumArs, and a romantic print of Roxas and Naminé tenderly embracing amid flower boughs and fluttering fabric by Sakuraloid. All unlocked stretched goals will also be included!
Tumblr media
🌹 Destinies Intertwined ($45 + shipping) is our next bundle, perfect for anyone who loves buttons and charms! Speaking of which, this bundle includes the following: a heart-shaped button by APTICHO (so you can hold the power of a RokuNami Station of Awakening in the palm of your hand), a heart-shaped button of RokuNami making a pinkie promise by Letshareapaopu, an idyllic acrylic charm by Anoko with a rose-gold sakura clasp, and a double-sided lollipop charm by Forze.del.male that looks good enough to eat. The physical version of the zine makes up the base of the bundle, and all merch from “The Other Promise” is a part of this bundle as well. All unlocked stretch goals will also be included! 
Tumblr media
🌹 The Way You Remember Me ($60 + shipping) is our ultimate bundle and well worth the price! It includes the physical version of the zine, the digital version of the zine, and all merch included in the other bundles. In addition, the following items are exclusive to this bundle: an enamel pin full of beautifully-designed RokuNami symbolism by TeganNat, a gold-plated, heart-shaped pin by Nico featuring RokuNami embracing, a darling rubber coaster designed by Enmoire, ideal for keeping your tables and surfaces safe, a sweets-themed pencil pouch by Wondy for all your best stationary, and a 4-inch standee by Sera, perfect for displaying on any shelf. All unlocked stretched goals will also be included!
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blancweek · a day ago
ALRIGHT, YOU’VE CONVINCED US. We’ve heard you loud and clear, and Blanc Week 2022 is a go! But first, we need your help!
Before we set a date, we want to know what kind of prompts you would like to see this year. (That and the answers to a few extra questions that would really help us out.) If you have any ideas, please fill out this Google Form, and let us know!
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nymphobunnie · a day ago
anyways, um, yeah!
new blog is @prttypet
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icarus-suraki · 10 months ago
Important Announcement:
April Fools Day (April 1) is one week away. To that end, I just want it known now, well before the day, that this blog will NOT be posting any jump scares, fake announcements, freak-out posts, fake hackings, fake emergencies, fake news, and “gotcha!” stuff on April Fools Day. We’re staying safe and chill around here.
I’m honestly not into April Fools Day, really, unless the jokes are obvious and silly--like Rickrolls and Dad Jokes. Rickrolls and Dad Jokes are just traditional. 
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tylorswift · 8 months ago
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angelwilhelm · 4 months ago
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young royals season 2, coming 2022
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shadowandbone · 10 days ago
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pichikui · 6 months ago
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Danny’s BACK! 
Excited to announce that I’m working on an official upcoming Danny Phantom graphic novel! Woo! I’ll be writing and illustrating the book, with color and background assistance from the amazing @arkrevner!
NOTE: This isn’t art from the book, I just wanted to draw a ghost boy to celebrate! :)
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prozdvoices · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
I voice CAT VIPER in the English dub of ONE PIECE, this character has been an absolute joy to play. and as a longtime fan, it’s a BIG HONOR
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entertxinmyfaith · 2 months ago
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Currently crying, screaming, throwing up.
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ask-whitepearl-and-steven · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thank you, as always, for your patience and grace while I struggle through my irl stuff! I know I’ve been extremely quiet on this blog, and more active on my main. Please understand that this is not because I’ve given up on the comic or have grown tired of it - I’ve just grown tired in general, and I needed to be able to draw my own stuff to recharge my mental batteries. 
Next week, you’ll have another episode of WD!AU on your hands! I’m working on the following ones. I’ll be working on them regardless, but the posting will probably slow down to once every two weeks, or once a month. 
As a warning - I will probably stop posting the full comic on tumblr, and you’ll need to go to tapas to read it. 
This isn’t something I want to be doing - tumblr’s new interface disallows more than 10 images per post, and even though I have been refusing to turn on their BETA design, the old interface is now glitching for me. 
I’ll likely be switching to posting only the previews of the episode, and then posting the full thing on tapas only. If you have issues with that... talk to tumblr! 
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rokunamizine · 2 days ago
Cover Reveal
Tumblr media
🧶 We are excited to reveal our beautiful cover by the amazing bomunari! 
Preorders open tomorrow, January 22, at 12pm CST!
予約注文の開始は明日です!1月22日午前3時JST 🌹
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upthehillart · 2 months ago
Hey hey! I’m back! 😇
Gaahhh finallyyyy the art inspiration/motivation angels have graced me after.. what, 2 years almost?? And now I’m drawing again!
I already have some things in the works, see some sneak peeks below! I don’t know how often or how regularly I’ll be able to post, I might be all over the place, but the promise is, at least a little bit of new art IS to come! 🥰
I haven’t been very active in the fandom during my hiatus, so I don’t know what kind of tropes, headcanons and trends are going around in fan content lately, but I’ll do my best to fit in hahah I’ve missed all of you so much!!! Sending lots of love to everybody! ❤️
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evertidings · a month ago
Tumblr media
i hope you’re ready to go clubbing because chapter six of When Twilight Strikes is finally live!!
fake-dating trope? fake-dating trope
do some reconnaissance at the club
listen in on some interesting conversations, or just gossip. because that’s fair too
read two povs from the ro you choose to attend the club with and get a deeper insight into each of their characters
enjoy some found-family moments
and more!!
in terms of stats, the update brings the game to a total of 221,543 words (+ 64,263) and again, if there is anything that won’t load or seems to be glitching, please just RESTART and allow dashingdon to reset itself.
lastly, just a reminder that this is the last update on dashingdon as the game will be moving to twine, which is looking to (hopefully) launch sometime in february. i hope you all enjoy the chapter and please let me know what you think <3
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no-droids · 10 months ago
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