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icarus-suraki · 4 months ago
Important Announcement:
April Fools Day (April 1) is one week away. To that end, I just want it known now, well before the day, that this blog will NOT be posting any jump scares, fake announcements, freak-out posts, fake hackings, fake emergencies, fake news, and “gotcha!” stuff on April Fools Day. We’re staying safe and chill around here.
I’m honestly not into April Fools Day, really, unless the jokes are obvious and silly--like Rickrolls and Dad Jokes. Rickrolls and Dad Jokes are just traditional. 
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nearlyisms · a year ago
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Today's announcements.
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justcatposts · a year ago
I have an important announcement to make 😻 
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pichikui · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Danny’s BACK! 
Excited to announce that I’m working on an official upcoming Danny Phantom graphic novel! Woo! I’ll be writing and illustrating the book, with color and background assistance from the amazing @arkrevner!
NOTE: This isn’t art from the book, I just wanted to draw a ghost boy to celebrate! :)
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spudinacup · a year ago
Unacceptable Behavior.
There are very few things on the list of ‘will make spud contemplate canceling the comic entirely’, however, I would like to congratulate some of you for finding one.  You see, I have a minor issue with individuals deciding that they won't get answers from me, so the wave of harassment from entitled anons decides to flood people I care about. 
It is becoming blatantly apparent to me that upon my break some fans of the comic have decided to go into the inboxes of my friends and family and send lovely messages such as: 
Tumblr media
Upon stating that they would in fact, NOT betray my trust if they knew about anything they received lovely messages such as this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This here? This is unacceptable. This is childish. 
The fact that I need to make any kind of statement on this is utterly and completely ridiculous. 
Tumblr will not receive a page Sunday.
Patreon will update as normal.
You’re grounded. 
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no-droids · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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transformativeworks · 7 months ago
The Archive of Our Own Reaches Three Million Registered Users
Tumblr media
We're happy to announce that we have reached a new milestone at the AO3: we now have three million registered users! Click through to find out more and to download our celebratory wallpaper for your phone or desktop:
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tfatwsdaily · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Sam Wilson’s birthday is on the 14th of April and TFATWSDaily team is hosting an appreciation week event for him!!
If you would like to participate, here are the prompts:
day 1/ april 8th: favorite quote(s)
day 2/ april 9th: favorite outfit(s)
day 3/ april 10th: favorite relationship(s)
day 4/ april 11th: favorite scene(s) in any Marvel movie
day 5/ april 12th: favorite scene(s) in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
day 6/ april 13th: favorite quality/ trait
day 7/ april 14th: free choice
Make sure to tag #tfatwsdaily and #samwilsonweek21!! We encourage everyone to join!!
And please reblog this post to help spread the world!!
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bonelyheartsclub · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
SF!Sans’s new name has been chosen, and it’s Nox! short and pretentious, just like him ;) i’ll be uploading a new patch of the game with this change soon.
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upthehillart · 7 months ago
Hi everyone!✨
Yes... I plead guilty for not having posted any updates for so long... So here I am to do just that.
I apologize for having been pretty much gone during 2020. It’s been a weird year, to say the least, and I’ve gone through an extensive list of changes myself.
(If you’re curious: I moved twice (now I’m back home in Lithuania, living in my own place!), I’m meddling in new projects professionally, I relearned to drive, I ended and started relationships (I have a girlfriend now!!🥰), I reconnected with my family and old friends (after having been away for years for college), I’m exploring different hobbies, rediscovering myself, and overall just slowly going through changes while also navigating this global situation.)
As a consequence, I’ve had little time/energy/interest for this Harry Potter world. So I apologize for what seems like a sudden abandonment of the fandom. However, Harry Potter - and drawing - will always be a huge part of my life and I would love to be able to return to this as soon as it’s a possibility.
This HP world, with all of you included, has provided me with shelter for years when I needed it, and while things are a little different now, I do miss it. So I ask for your understanding, and I am wishing for an eventual return of mine ❤️
I really hope you are all safe, healthy and well! I miss you! ❤️ And happy holidays!
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spudinacup · 11 months ago
2 Week Long Hiatus.
Tumblr media
Hey guys!
I have decided after a lot of back and forth to take a 2 week hiatus from the comic.
There have been some things in my life recently that have begun to have an effect on my mental and physical health and require me to take a step back. Usually, I will try to take a small hiatus between the chapters but due to not taking one this time around I've been working without a buffer and it's begun to take its toll on me.
We'll pick up on pages again next Sunday, September 6th.
I need to take some time for me to breathe. This does mean no stream today, but I may do some later in the week for patrons and public depending on how things go. 
Stay safe, wash your hands, and be happy y'all!
See you in a another week.
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xiaq · 9 days ago
Big Freaking Announcement
I’m not sure how to say this because I’m trying to temper my excitement with the knowledge that some folks might be disappointed (or even angry). I guess I should start with:
I’ll be taking Like Real People Do down from AO3 in 48 hours.*
If you want to go download it before it’s gone, now would be the time.
But why? You ask. Well, that’s the exciting bit.
As I was writing LRPD, it sort of ran away from me into something that was a lot less fan fiction and a lot more original fiction. And then I had so many ideas about future stories I could write (Martel and Okezie, Matts and his future queer partner), but I didn’t think I could write them on AO3 because, well, they wouldn’t be fic! I also, simultaneously, realized that academia was not the pretty pastoral walk in the park I expected. After talking to my therapist about what I actually wanted to do with my life, I reworked LRPD into a piece of original fiction and started sending out queries.
I’m DELIGHTED to report that I’ll be signing a publishing contract with NineStar Press. Not just for LRPD, but for a whole series of books about queer hockey players. I am so excited.
Some questions you might have:
Why are you removing the fic version?
That's required as part of the publishing contract for copyright reasons. If I could legally leave it up, I would!
They’re publishing all 150k words??
Yes, but LRPD will be separated into two books that, in their current form (as I undertake revisions) are about 80k words each.
When will it be published/where can I find it?
I don’t have a date yet, but it should be within 6-12 months and I’ll keep everyone apprised of things via Tumblr and IG. You’ll be able to find it at bookstores or amazon or directly from me if you want a signed copy!
Will you still write fic?
Of COURSE. Most of my fic is written purely because I love the source material, and it’s so immersed in that material (Sherlock, Bond, Harry Potter, TOG, The Mandalorian) that I couldn’t (and wouldn’t want to) scrub it. I like playing in these universes and I have no desire to stop. The awesome thing about potentially being an author full-time one day is that I can likely write more fic if I don’t have a standard day job (especially one like professor-ing) taking up the majority of my time.
Will you do a book tour?
Possibly. It depends on initial sales and some other things, but I’ll definitely do some signings in Austin/Dallas/Houston, etc. provided there’s interest.
Why would you Betray Fandom by scrubbing fic and then selling it?
I fully support writers scrubbing their fic and publishing it, provided they tell me where I can buy the new version and give at least a day's advance warning before they remove the fic online. I have and will continue to support fic writers traversing the line between fic and original fiction because I don’t see anything wrong with that.
I’m tired. God, I’m tired. I've been working 60-70hr weeks and trying to squeeze in 30 minutes of writing before I fall asleep each night since my weekends involve either More Work or Hiking/Climbing. I'm barely getting a chapter of fic finished per month. My schedule is definitely better now than it was 3 months ago, but I'm still super busy and have little time to write for myself. This is a chance for me to get paid to do a thing I love that will also, hopefully, facilitate me living a healthier, happier, life. I’m going to take it. *I'm going to try and remove the individual chapter content while still leaving the work up so I have access to all the comments because they basically sustained me through graduate school and I don't want to lose them. Does anyone know if that will work?
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drcolorzine · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Thank you to everyone who pitched in with a vote, now it's time to say CONGRATULATIONS to Celestia Ludenberg, the final winner of the DRCOLORZINE prom poll!! 
Keep a lookout - we have a special little something planned for the prom queen herself!♡
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jeonchemstudy · 9 months ago
psa for all studyblrs
recently i took a look at the study community on twitter and i found that there is an outrageous amount of reposting going on, from both studygram and studyblr. people on that site are taking photos from other platforms and passing them off as their own aesthetic, crediting either pinterest or no one at all. 
so i urge all of you to be cautious and be vigilant of what you post on this site and what you post online in general. it’s up to you what sort of action, if any, you want to take if you find out that your photos have been reposted. i’m sure some of these study twt folks are well-intentioned, and a lot of them are much younger than many of the studyblrs i know. but reposting without credit in an attempt to pass off someone else’s hard work and space as your own is unacceptable, whether it’s notes, bullet journal spreads, or an aesthetic room. it is unfair and also deeply unnerving to find another person trying to pass off your own homework or desk as their own. 
so to all studyblrs, please be careful with what you post. and if you happen to be on study twitter as well, keep an eye out for reposts, with or without credit, and reach out to those whose photos have been taken. i’m sure the creators will be very grateful to hear from you. 
tagging some studyblrs and mutuals who may have a vested interest in this to spread the word and signal boost:
@philology-studies @studyblr @study-van @coffeeandpies @sonderstudy @myhoneststudyblr @rylie-studies @coralstudiies @studylustre @ex-injuria-jus-non-oritur @365text @studycris @saltwaterstudies @bulletnotestudies @cancerbiophd @sosiaalitieteet @studywithyashu @museeofmoon @starrystvdy @starryeize @kjemi @mujimilk @gaaaandaaaalf @elleandhermione @athenastudying @goblinstudies
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upthehillnsfw · 5 months ago
Hey everyone! Long time no see! :)
(Regarding why I have been absent, read the post on my main blog here!)
Some of you have noticed that the pillowfort links are no longer working. Apparently, the platform is down indefinitely for security reasons, and since I have no idea how long it would take until they brought it back up, I need to find an alternative place to store my work so that all of you could continue being able to access and enjoy it.
I was thinking of just uploading all of the old works to AO3, since it seems like a reliable platform where censorship wouldn’t be a concern. Would that seem like an option for you guys? 🤔 Does anyone else have experience with posting +18 artwork on AO3, and would you recommend that? 🤔
Either way, it will probably take me a few weeks to get that accomplished, so that all art is uploaded there and all posts are updated with new links, so please be patient! 😇 I’m working on that!
Thank you!! I hope you are all safe and well!!
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moonless-if · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Demo TBA
Tumblr media
You are one of the illune, a moonless guard tasked with the protection of the minds of the Royal Family of Spala, and now with the mysterious disappearances of an increasingly large amount of your people.
Set in a fantasy world inspired by ancient mediterranean civilizations, you play as an illune - a moonless mind guard - of the royal family. Unlike humans, moonless have no magical talents but the ability to walk the sleeping minds of others. It is something which historically has made the moonless outcasts of Spala’s society, but since gaining the trust and favor of both the royal family and the senate, things are changing for the better for your people.
Or they were, until moonless started disappearing under mysterious circumstances from the capital city Amelare.
Tasked by the royal family, with only rumors of the missing moonless suffering from strange dreams leading up to their disappearances, you and a small group of companions set out to find out why this is happening. But what will happen when the very same dreams begin to affect you? And what will you do when you discover a far bigger scheme than you could have ever imagined - and truths about the moonless people that will shake the realms to their cores?
Tumblr media
The Moonless is the first book in a series of interactive novels, with features including:
The Moonless. Play as a moonless, a homebrew fantasy race of giant, magicless beings.
A fully customizable MC. Decide name, gender, pronouns, appearance, weapons and specialization, among other things.
Build relationships. The Moonless is a relationship driven story, with six potential romance options of different sexualities and genders: two gender-selectable, one non-binary, one female and one male, as well as one (potential) poly route!
Investigate a mystery. Discover the reason behind the disappearances of the moonless people - and the history of both your people and yourself.
Choices that matter. This game is heavily character driven, with choices that will affect your character, your companions and the world at large!
Note: This game and blog will be for a mature audience (18+). Content warnings will be listed in the demo, and include (but are not limited to) violence, strong language, and sexual themes.
Tumblr media
the doppelgänger. SILAS [late 20s, gender-selectable, romanceable by any mc]
As the proxy of the heir to Spala’s throne, Silas has spent most of their life living as someone else. Now outside the palace, they are free to lead their own life and yet they seem content to quietly follow you. What else do they hide underneath their mask beside their face?
the smuggler. RAINN [early 30s, they/them, romanceable by male and nb mcs]
Like all moonless, Rainn has a distinctly non-human appearance. Dark indigo skin with white, cloud-like patches, lavender hair, and bright silver eyes, they are the very image of a stormy night. But through they easily stand out in a crowd, they’re a master at stealth and an active part of Spala’s moonless underworld. A face from your past, but what are their feelings on your reunion?
the apprentice. KHALIDA [early 20s, she/her, romanceable by female and nb mcs]
Though young and untested, there is more than meets the eye with Khalida. Quick with a blade and nimbler than most, she relies more on her physical skill than her magical talents. Loyal to a fault, she was devastated when her mentor became another moonless to have gone missing. Determined to find them, she will stop at nothing to bring them home.
the captain. MAL/MALIK/MALIKA [mid 20s, gender-selectable, romanceable by any mc]
Always with a twinkle in their dark eyes, M would hardly strike anyone as a mighty warrior, and neither do they want to. As the Captain of the Little Fortune, a private merchant vessel from al-Makani, all they wish for is fun adventure, passionate romance, hold the danger, please.
the unknown one. [REDACTED] [age unknown, he/him, romanceable by any mc]
He calls to you in your dreams, but there is no face to put to his voice. Moonless - because who else can walk the dreams of others? - with motives as murky as any marsh and a rage to rival the seas. As you search for answers, one question echoes louder in your mind than any other: why does he sound so familiar?
Tumblr media
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drcolorzine · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Colors of Despair is an upcoming for-profit Danganronpa fanzine that focuses on the theme of colors! We're super grateful for all the support on our launch post, and now we want to hear from YOU!! 
Our interest check will be open from today until December 25, so please take the time to share your thoughts! Tell everyone you know! ♡
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