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After a break of over a month, I’m happy to announce that this blog’s back to being active!

My Rk1k heart is ready to dive right back in.

Prompts are open, if you have any.

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hey yall, expect some info regarding random things about the character’s stats, nature, and parents (why parents? mainly for some design ideas and why they have certain moves)

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Quick Update

I’m still alive! Just have been taking a bit of a break from most social media to avoid toxicity over current world and fandom events.

Been focusing on mental health and visual art. As for my fic, most will NOT be continued due to recent revelations about certain people.

That being said, I will not be deleting any fic that is posted - I spent a lot of time and effort creating those worlds, and will not allow one asshole to send it off into the void.

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Thank you to everyone who participated! The winners are:

First Place: @mcytkin

Second Place: @nerdy-geek

Third Place: @enderniki

If you three could send in either asks or DMs (whichever you’re most comfortable with) to this blog with what prizes you would like, I’ll get started as soon as I can.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported and followed me, I can’t appreciate you all enough!

This definately wont be my last raffle here but I might do something different for the next follower goal considering how quickly we’re hitting milestones.

Take care everyone!

Mod Ph1lza ♥

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I MEAN sad one



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Just as I expected, I’m not going to be working today. So I’m going to have the floor open for questions you guys may have. Honesty day begins now (at 3am).

I’ll keep the floor open until I go to bed tonight. Not like here in a couple hours but I mean like I’ll get up from sleeping and then when I go to bed the next time, that’s when the floor will close.

You can ask personal stuff but I won’t answer weird questions like where I live and stuff like that.

Keep in mind I’m married. And yeah. Floor’s open. Have also been thinking about another game to play, this one pertaining to a little series I started on my main blog for my characters & pertaining to Animal Crossing! (: keep an eye out for it. Will probably be posting it soon.

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Treasury yields move after Biden’s stimulus announcement

Treasury yields move after Biden’s stimulus announcement

[Breaking News Tv]

U.S. Treasury yields on Friday gave back some gains made in the previous trading session, when President-elect Joe Biden announced the details of his $1.9 trillion economic stimulus plan.
The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note dipped to 1.112% at 4 a.m. ET, while the yield on the 30-year Treasury bond fell to 1.851%. Yields move inversely to prices.

Treasury yields…

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I have deleted my editing blog due to personal reasons. I will back later, though I will not repost anything.

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Just as a heads up for my followers!!!

I’ll be reblogging/scheduling my kinktober fics with the least notes, please give them some love, i loved working on them! :(((

alright, thats all i have to say!!

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Samsung Unveils the Most Intimidating Camera Phone Series - Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Unveils the Most Intimidating Camera Phone Series – Samsung Galaxy S21

Never miss that perfect shot again! Samsung has unveiled the new Galaxy S21 5G and S21+ 5G, designed to revolutionize video and photography, with beyond cinematic 8K resolution so you can snap epic photos right out of video. It has it all in two sizes: 64MP, our fastest chip and a massive all-day battery.  

The S21 Ultra is surely looking like one of the most formidable camera phones ever seen,…


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Important announcement on Third Mainland Bridge

Important announcement on Third Mainland Bridge

Works and Housing minister Babatunde Raji Fashola said the Lagos Third Mainland Bridge, partially shut since 24 July 2020 will be reopened to full traffic by 15 February.

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lil psa

hello all! just wanted to put it out there that i’d (publicly) like to go by a nickname, cee! i was thinking about those small chances where an irl could find one of my blogs/seeking an extra sense of anonymity, and i thought why not take the extra measure.

it’s just from the first letter of my name (+ prospect hehe) so you can call me that, or just c!

if we’re mutuals and we’re talking in private please continue to call me by my proper name, and if i already have a tag on your blog, feel free to keep using it, i don’t mind! this is just for stuff that’s out in the open 💞

mentions are ok to use my real name with too (ex. if you’re screaming @ me :))))

so things like asks or reblogs i’d prefer the nickname 🥰

tagging some friends @filthybookworm @nobie @dindja @mitchi-c @agent-catfish-kenobi @frannyzooey

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hi, im goin on another short break, just lost another family member to this horrible disease, i just cannot do anything or think of anything rn. I’ll be back later, for the millionth times pls just take care and stay home, i’m tired of all these deaths its like my life is clouded by darkness or some shit, idk but yeah ily and stay safe.

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please vote for stray kids on seoul music awards when you have time! voting tutorial here:

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Official pokemon diamond & pearl remakes announcement:

It links to an article, which says this in it:

“The Pokémon Company plans to officially reveal the remakes of Pokémon Diamonds and Pearl for Nintendo Switch in February, according to sources close to the company. In addition, this new installment will be different from Pokémon Let’s Go, the remake of Kanto released in 2018, maintaining the classic Pokémon capture style, according to the Pokémon Center.”

The fact that it’s not going to be like Let’s Go is a red flag to me, as Let’s Go was the best pokemon switch game compared to Sword & Shield. It had:

- better follower pokemon animations
- better battle aesthetics
- better graphics. Compared to the barent landscapes in sword; in Let’s Go there was no empty spaces, every city & route was full of life because it had a full landscape.
- partner pokemon
- ride pokemon

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new post coming out soon! ✨ totally not another suna drabble hehe

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I have basically finished the task of updating and organizing my Masterlist! 

To not spam the dash or tags, I have queue the rest of the pieces to the permanent masterlist. So as they queue up on the dash, by noon tomorrow the list will be filled out. 

1. Finn & Arthur’s Masterlist’s are empty because I haven’t written for them yet. John & Michael have one request each. The rest is Tommy. 

2. I’m going to be pinning the permanent masterlist to my homepage. So the masterlist that it was is now my 2020 Masterlist and I left a link at the top to the permanent one, so everyone has it. 

3. Telling the Shelby Family (Wedding Series AU) - Link is broken, tumblr has been mixing up my links on stories this week. But I’ll fix it when tumblr decides to cooperate.

4. We’re still have Christmas/Holiday Spirit on my blog in January. Once I wrap up organizing, I plan on finally writing these holiday requests.

5. I will hopefully open regular requests in February. Want to do some Valentine’s/Lovey Prompts too. 

6. For now, I won’t be writing Finn Cole requests. Just because I don’t have motivation to write for him right now, but maybe will again in the future. 

Big shoutout to @amysteryspot for your help with telling me how to do all of this!! You’re the best! 

If anything doesn’t work or is broken please let me know!!

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Part 3 of Change our Fates is coming out TOMORROW (January 15th, at 10pm EST)

If you missed the first two parts, you can read them here! Part 1 / Part 2

If you want to be tagged in the third part, let me know!

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