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samanthadalton3 minutes ago
What are you? Mtfl mc? 馃槀馃槀
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xwuxianx8 minutes ago
I love this skin sm.... he looks happy 馃ズ
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unsweetangel32 minutes ago
My friend said in the group chat that she still doesn't recognize the members of bts so obviously I had to send every picture of every member
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lynns-art-blog35 minutes ago
Hey Tumblr, why do you keep telling me I have a notification, when the last notification was from a few days ago?
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petboymart40 minutes ago
YAY!!! i mean. yeah. good. or whatever. i鈥檓 really glad you answered so fast because i am running out of shoes :( the new pair you got don鈥檛 taste very good. i don鈥檛 care what we play !! just wanna do somethin with you. please !!
bokuto 馃惗
awe of course honey !
how about we go for a walk ? i didn鈥檛 get my cardio in today, swamped with work all day
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geekyanglophile42 minutes ago
I swear between the ride or die revenge plotting and the bickering over sci-fi references, Brainy and Lena may have even stronger sibling vibes than the Danvers sisters.
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13tinysocks53 minutes ago
Since both you and Abby appear to have a thing for fictional murder men, may I suggest you listen to the song 'Killer Love' by Madame Macabre where she is singing about being in love with slashers, tho you might've already heard this song considering how Madame Macabre is pretty big in the Creepypasta community from what I've seen (tho I could totally be wrong for I am unfortunately afflicted with dumb of ass)
Though neither of us are attracted to men in the slightest we simply can NOT leave the asses of fake murder men unslapped. ITS OUR CIVIC DUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Never gave that song a full listen before but I'm glad for the rec bc I did and really enjoyed it.
Ur rite tho, she's big! Madame Macabre has been a fixture of the cpp fandom 4 years. She made The Seer and a shit ton of fan songs. Queen shit.
Here's a sameish vibe song: Cat Ghost - Mono
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whipped-cream-writings55 minutes ago
[300 followers appreciation post]
Tumblr media
i am,, quite honestly in awe of all the support and kindness i鈥檝e received in the last few months. getting to 100 was shocking in it of itself!! thank you sm for being so welcoming and sweet <3
鈥攖o my followers
thank you for putting up w me! ik i talk abt myself a lot and my posting schedule is a mess, but thank you for supporting me! everything means a lot, and if you鈥檝e ever sent a kind message, know that i think abt it a lot and appreciate it so, so much 馃グ
鈥攖o my moots
where do i even begin omg,, thank you for being so sweet to me !! even if we don鈥檛 talk as much as we used to, seeing any of you on my tl makes me smile. all of you are so talented and kind and i鈥檓 gonna give you a kiss ^3^
鈥攖o the character anon mods
you are angels. each of you. WHHDJS in all seriousness thank you for indulging me and showing up whenever i need it and thank you for making me so so happy. i would literally die for each of you <3
Tumblr media
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almondmilklatte58 minutes ago
gay discourse makes my head hurt so bad and being able to talk to gay people irl is nice for the people who can but some people legit cant talk to gay people irl bc its like. gayness is still very stigmatized and tbh its even still stigmatized even in 鈥減rogressive鈥 places the existence of safer spaces for gays doesnt erase that omg when people are like lil nas is doing too much about being gay or kid cudi is or hozier is and its like. u dont even know u obviously understand nothing about gay people but how can u if gay people dont even udnerstnad htemselves. A{pdojasosapafijsadosihsidhis
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goldenshoyo59 minutes ago
my mouth is hurting again :(( I hope it鈥檚 completely better tomorrow but I think that鈥檚 wishful thinking anyway any character anons out there wanna stop by? 馃挆馃ズ I would really love it 馃挆馃ズ
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something-tofightforan hour ago
I just finished WestWorld season 2... there are so many parallels it makes my head spin and you do so well addressing the different sides of how people can interact with the Hosts. Can I ask you to help me think through some things?
I love how the show asks questions - should the Hosts have been created? was it vanity or grief that brought them to life. And then, what kind of responses do people have to things they brought to life??
Maeve is my favorite character, Maeve and her friendly human pets ahaaa, but this season was really important for Logan as well although we don't see much of him.
He doesn't survive to see the Hosts develop some sort of sentience but I also don't think he's ever quite fooled into thinking theyre human, especially once the demonstration gives the game up. I get the sense Logan is really perceptive - he's a savvy businessman and you write him that way and I love it!! But he's also something of a dreamer and he's gentle in a way that leaves him so painfully vulnerable when the line he sees between safety of the park and the care he probably has to use in his daily life is blown apart. I don't quite understand why he sleeps with... all the Hosts at the demonstration though? Do you think it's to show he's already playing a game? Or just that he's too human (vs Maeve saying to one of the techs that the tech "makes a terrible human... that's a compliment")
I get your point from the other ask that he's probably not a jackass in the real world. At least no more than the next businessman. He comes off as sort of a gamer-bro in S1. I know if I were in Westworld I probably wouldn't be eager to shoot just because the Hosts are meant to look so lifelike I wouldn't feel comfortable stepping into that uncanny valley... but I also know and love people who get waaay too invested in their video game lives so I don't think park Logan is that bad. He just knows something is off with William but sees it too late. Doo you think, had he lived, Logan would have maybe believed in the Hosts' sentience eventually? I'm also not sure what it would have taken, another path besides rehab, for him to survive William and his father. Most of the people in his life seem immeasurably cruel or careless. And while my sympathy for him is definitely colored by my adoration for Ben's work, there is something deeply sad about Logan that Ben gets across and that makes Logan believable and sympathetic. I also loved your head canon that he is meticulous about not lying.
I don't think "he" has an opinion at the end of S2, he's just a face narrating a tragedy but I like to think he'd have loved Maeve too - he willingness to do anything for her daughter (But maybe that's just projecting.) Who do you think his favorite host would be? Sorry for the long message!
Hey, Anon! You bring up a lot of really good points here. (Under a cut for people that don鈥檛 want a block of text.)
I think at first, it was a combination of things that brought them to life. Ford鈥檚 got the opinion that he鈥檚 smarter and聽鈥渁head鈥 of everyone else - and I think Bernard really just wanted to prove that the capability existed. Bernard always looked at them as a learning experience; Ford thought of the Hosts and the park as something he could control, something that he could use.聽 Without the Delos investment, Argos wouldn鈥檛 have been able to survive. They wouldn鈥檛 have had the money to expand, or to create the narratives or to invest in the tech ... but once Delos was there, it became even more money focused.聽
Logan, I believe, had a genuine interest in the technology - what the Hosts meant for the world at large, what getting in on the ground floor would do. But with Jim - and William? It quickly turned into what, exactly that money could be leveraged for. Was it meant to be a place for the super wealthy to go and let themselves be free? Yes. But it was also more than that - information collection, Guest monitoring ... testing ... there was so much we learned in S2 (and S3) that were going on behind the scenes ... In the 25-30 years after Logan died, the whole aim of the park changed - to suit Delos. (And William... and to some extent Jim). So whatever the case was when the idea of fthe Hosts and the park was conceived wasn鈥檛 the end result. And that鈥檚 sad to me.聽
Maeve is my favorite too. I wanted to throw Dolores off of a cliff for most of season 2 and most of season 3. I did really like how each of them had a favorite - Dolores was Arnold鈥檚, Maeve was Ford鈥檚.... they were two complely different builds, two completely different personalities ... and we see how that turned out.聽 That鈥檚 the thing about Logan: he doesn鈥檛聽ever think they鈥檙e human or treat them like it. He鈥檚 seduced by the park and what it offers, by the ability to use the Hosts to his liking, but they鈥檙e not humans. They鈥檙e robots. And I don鈥檛 think that would have changed even if he鈥檇 been around to see what they became by the time William was old. That鈥檚 why he鈥檚 such a good businesman. He always sees the truth of the situation, can pull out the bullshit. He missed the mark with William - sort of - but only in that he underestimated William鈥檚 desire to live for himself when there was something that he truly wanted.聽 He never wanted Juliet in the same way that he wanted Dolores. I really and truly feel that he used Juliet to get a foothold into Delos, whatever that might have accomplished for him. I think that it took that snap - that moment when Logan pushed him over the edge in the park - for him to realize what he was capable of, and because Logan was so deep in the game, he wasn鈥檛 quite able to see when someone else (William) wasn鈥檛 quite playing it. It鈥檚 sad.聽 Because he was just doing what he always did, and it ended up being his downfall. At that point, Dolores wasn鈥檛 sentient. (Or at least she wasn鈥檛 highly聽sentient. Her actual memory of William no matter how many times she was reprogrammed is proof that there was something just beneth the surface ... but not to the extent that William believed.) He sleeps with the Hosts at the party because they鈥檙e there for him. To him, it鈥檚 not different than going to a party and blowing through different men and women in one night. If he鈥檚 going to invest, he needs to know what he鈥檚 investing in. He needs to be able to sell the fact that these are the real deal - that they will fool others. And Logan knows sex. He knows decadence, and he likely knows what it鈥檚 like to be with someone that is less than focused ... so if they can pass his test, they can pass anyone鈥檚. There鈥檚 no consequences to sleeping with these Hosts. No pregnancies, no STDs no worry that a literal orgy is going to get leaked to the press ... partially, he鈥檚 playing the game. Partially he鈥檚 just being himself.聽 And that鈥檚 not my headcanon - Ben Barnes said that that鈥檚 one of the core characteristics he FOUGHT for on set and with the scripts. As Logan, Ben did not once lie. Everything he said was true - and important - when it came out of his mouth. Everyone expects a character like Logan to lie, but he doesn鈥檛. And it shows who he really is as a person even when his actions might point otherwise. That鈥檚 probably one of the reasons why he butted heads with his father so much; he could bullshit for work or whatever, but when it mattered, he wouldn鈥檛 lie.聽 I think I would 100% be able to blackhat in the park. Maybe not a shooting spree or a murderous rampage or anything like that, but I鈥檓 not paying that much money per day to ride around on a horse and have conversations with robots. Give me more.聽 He would have needed to go no-contact with his entire family in order to survive his father. I think that eventually, if Juliet hadn鈥檛 been so broken by the loss of her mother and brother that she would have seen through William鈥檚 BS - so she might have come around to Logan鈥檚 side, but I also believe that with William in the picture, she would have had to be completely cut off, too.聽 He has an addictive personality - power, money, status, drugs, the park, freedom聽... and that wouldn鈥檛 have changed, even if William hadn鈥檛 left him there to die. That scene where he鈥檚 at the Delos party and Dolores is there, and he calls her 鈥減retty girl鈥? She ruined his fucking life, and he鈥檚 so broken and out of it that he can鈥檛 even remember her name. William did that to him. Dolores did that to him ... and he has no one.聽
Ben鈥檚 portayal of Logan is one of the reasons that I鈥檓 so mad he鈥檚 wasting his time with YA bullshit. He can do so much. SO MUCH. With his talent and his facial expressions and his attention to detail ... but he鈥檚 fucking clapping shadows into existence instead. It鈥檚 infuriating.聽 I think he would have appreciated Maeve鈥檚 focus. I think he would have loved Hector. (He probably did love Hector at least once or twice). I think he probably would have liked to give Teddy a hard time. I think he really聽would have liked Bernard.聽 Don鈥檛 ever apologize for a long message; I love talking about Logan!聽
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ohferalan hour ago
tristan has managed to last this long without kisho ruining katsuki鈥檚 day with their existence and frankly i find that impressive
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