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huffylemon · 2 days ago
Alright, so tumblr staff is acting like as if we tumblr users have enough money to pay other tumblr users.
tumblr forgets that their user base is basically just a bunch of alley rats huddled around a slice of cheese
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tokkytikky · 3 days ago
Your techno design is so elegant I love him.
Thank you Sin! Is it the lack of shoes that sells it? /j
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
not at the moment, I honestly don’t really have any plans/date for opening commissions again, but if it happens I’ll post about it to let people know :>
Tumblr media
yo shoutout to old friend for leaving a good memory in their wake! I’m glad my icon/art makes you smile dear anon, have the best day :D
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shanastoryteller · 4 days ago
Happy Pride!!!!! Zuko and Lu Ten continuation please?
a continuation of 1
He's twenty years old with a eight year old to take care of. He lies about his age so Zuko doesn't have to. The war has exhausted him enough that it's easy for people to believe that he's older than he is, for them to believe he had Zuko when he was a young, foolish teenager and is just trying to do right for him now. It's almost true, anyway.
He raises Zuko at sea. They go from ship to ship, doing work that needs doing. It's easy to find work as a firebender on and Earth Kingdom ship. There's no one better to man the engines and control the heat of the steam engine, but most fire benders won't take that kind of work, especially for a foreign nation.
Lu Ten does it gladly. It pays better and he's valuable enough that they don't mind a man coming aboard with his curious, troublemaking son.
Zuko, or Lee as he goes by now, loves the ships. The crew is always amused by him and teaching him is the easiest way to keep him from getting himself into trouble, so that's what they do. One day while they're docked the captain shows Zuko something new. He rents a little sail boat and takes him out and teaches him how to sail a boat that relies on wind alone.
"You sure your son's a firebender?" he's asked with a hearty slap to the back. "He loves it out here so much you'd think he was a waterbender."
"I could say the same thing about you," he points out, but he's more focused on Zuko's delighted grin than anything else.
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maybanksslut · 3 days ago
Which member of Måneskin do you find the most attractive?👀
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hansoeii · 4 days ago
Off topic but if u watched chinese bl have u seen word of honor-
Of course I have!! I even made this! :)
Tumblr media
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shanastoryteller · 2 days ago
happy pride!! dean x seamus in siat? 
The thing about being dormmates with Harry Potter is that they get a lot of interview requests.
Ron and Neville do too, but they always ignore them.
Seamus, however, believes in escalating a situation.
"One of these days they're going to actually publish the things we tell them," Deans says, laughing as he drapes himself over Seamus's shoulders.
"Merlin, I hope so," he answers, leaning back into his soulmate. "I've been dropping enough hints that they're more likely to believe Harry really does have a harem rather than a teenage militia."
When Umbridge tries to expose the RA, no one will publish her story.
No one wants to be the one to tell her that she probably just stumbled on Harry Potter's hidden sex dungeon.
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spaceman-earthgirl · 4 days ago
21 for supercorp, please :)
I combined two for this one because they fit so well together. 21. "Go back to bed before you collape." and 34. “You should be in bed! You can barely stand upright.”
Lena rubs at bleary eyes, briefly wondering how comfortable sleeping with her head on the table might be before she pushes the idea from her mind. She can sleep when she’s done, this is more important.
A noise at the door draws her attention, and she really shouldn’t be surprised to find Kara standing there, leaning against the door frame, but she is.
Lena is on her feet immediately. “You should be in bed! You can barely stand upright.”
“I’m fine,” Kara waves off the concern. Lena doesn’t miss the way she’s still holding herself up by the door frame. “What are you doing? I woke up and you were gone.”
It had been tough, leaving Kara sleeping, pulling her hand from where it was settled over Kara’s in favour of dragging herself to the laboratory. But then she’d remembered the gash on Kara’s forehead, dripping blood, the tears in her suit and bruise on her cheek, a sight burned into her mind, a sight she never wants to see again.
Which is why she’s in the lab now, making upgrades to Kara’s suit, to make sure something like this never happens again. “I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I’d get some work done,” Lena lies.
“You’re tired, you should get some sleep.”
Lena swallows. “I don’t want go home.”
“I never said you should go home,” Kara says, pushing off from the door frame, still slightly unsteady on her feet.
“Go back to bed before you collapse, you should be under the sun lamps.” Lena hates seeing Kara like this, hates that she’s hurt, hates that she couldn’t help or stop this.
“I’ll go back to bed if you join me? You need sleep too.”
“But,” Lena starts, looking back at the work she’s started.
“It’ll be there tomorrow,” Kara promises, cutting in.
Lena can’t say no when Kara’s eyes are wide and hesitant so she walks with Kara back to the med bay, arm tucked through Kara’s to make sure she doesn’t fall even if she’s looking stronger than Lena had been expecting considering how bad she’d looked earlier in the evening. The cut on her forehead is even completely healed now, which is reassuring.
Lena tries to take the seat next to Kara’s bed, where she’d been sitting most of the night, but Kara doesn’t let her, she tugs her forward instead.
“Come here, please?” Kara asks, shuffling over to make room for Lena on the bed, switching the sunlamps off as she does.
“No, you need to heal.”
Kara shakes her head. “I’m fine, I promise, and I’ll turn them back on in the morning.” A pause. “I could just really use a hug from my best friend right now.”
There’s no way Lena can say no to a request like that, not that she would, except for the part where she’s not a particular fan of the sunlamps being turned off.
Lena smiles when Kara immediately wraps her arms around her when she lies down, when Kara presses as close as she can and rests her head on her chest.
“Much better than any sunlamps,” Kara hums. “I’m feeling better already.”
“I thought you said you were fine?” Lena replies, even as her heart skips multiple times in her chest. Kara must be able to hear it, even without superhearing she would be able to, head resting over her heart.
“Shhh, go to sleep,” Kara says, completely ignoring Lena.
Lena can hear the smile in her voice.
“Good night, Kara,” Lena says, relaxing into Kara’s embrace, deciding this is a fight she isn’t going to win.
“Good night, Lena.”
Tomorrow, Kara can rest under the sunlamps some more (Lena knows that if her and Alex tag team, they should be able to convince Kara to spend a little more time under them) and once she’s well rested herself, she can work on the suit to make sure no one can ever hurt Kara again.
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iloveyou3000 · a day ago
You don’t take being Transgender seriously.
what are you gonna do? cis my gender?
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ink-ghoul · 3 days ago
Little grians my beloveds <3 your art always makes them look so cute
What are u head canons? Also if u wanna say others that aren't just for them I would love to hear it! I really like read people different head canons and all that -🌱
Tumblr media
grian gets paper cuts often from crafting firework rockets for flying, he wears bandaids for that reason. Tango (who is more experienced) gives him advice of how to protect his hands from that
along with rockets and TNT crafting, he is a mess of gunpowder dust when he is working
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angeloncewas · 6 hours ago
People were being dicks in the discord and not liking that a "cc" joined the election (which was for fun). Petty shit. It is so stupid. She is allowed to have fun with the fandom if she wants to - as long as it doesn't cross too many lines like.
Congratulations, Tumblr. You have participated in a certified mcyttwt moment. Except not, because this is Tumblr, and you're the ones that did it.
Not to knock Electra, but fun fact, I have more followers on Tumblr than she does. Hell, y'all don't know this about me, but I have about 3x as many Instagram followers as she does. I think she deserves more clout and I'm not trying to call myself a big name, don't get me wrong, but if this bullshit is about the fact that she's a content creator you're not only stupid as fuck, but you're also discrediting every artist/writer/editor in on it. Are they not creators too? 420Techno (sorry to bring you up) streams - are they not a creator?
Basically, dumb shit. If you're taking this for-fun election that seriously you should go do some research about actual elections near you. And if you've got names (I won't post them) I would love them. I don't wanna accidentally interact with bitches.
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cloudyvisions · a day ago
Could you do Nct dream reacting to you not being able to take all of their cock the first few times you have sex together? Thank you so much!!! (P.s I literally love your writing, I hope you have a wonderful day💖💖💖)
thank you for being so sweet!! 💕 i love your request & i hope you like this
nct dream reacting to being too big the first times you have sex
warnings: sexual themes; mention of size kink, corruption kink, fingering, oral, slight discomfort for the reader, a bit of degradation.
(!!!) this post includes chenle and jisung under the “read more” cut.
he treats you very gently. mark doesn’t want you to be in pain because of him and he is very sweet about it when he realizes how much you’re struggling to take his dick. he can easily put his own desire on the back burner and take it slow for you, guiding you through the experience and soothing you with whispered praises when you huff and moan in frustration.
but then there’s also the part of mark that loves the fact that you can’t just take his cock with ease - the first time you try to have sex definitely activates a size kink he didn’t know he had. mark often catches himself jerking off to the thought if corrupting you. whenever he recalls the soft sounds you make when he’s slowly fucking you, he can’t help but imagine how good you would sound for him when he is making you take him, your whimpers of frustration slowly turning into cries of pleasure. mark will keep all of this a very private fantasy for a long time though. he won’t let himself be rough with you the first couple of times - or ever - as long as he is not sure whether you can handle it.
it’s not like he is upset by the fact that you can’t take his cock - but he has to admit he gets a little frustrated at first. not with you of course, but renjun might get in his head about it; unsure if him not being able to get his cock inside of you is due to him not turning you on enough. his doubts quickly disappear when he notices how enthusiastically you react to everything else you try in the bedroom. renjun doesn’t mind exploring all the other ways you can make each other feel good first - letting you grind on him at your own pace, watching with hooded eyes how you twist both your hands around his length to get him off or spending hours between your legs with his soft tongue on your clit and his nimble fingers dancing around your entrance.
by the time you tell him you want to try taking him inside of your pussy again, renjun is prepared with lots of lube and a huge foreplay repertoire. being an expert at eating you out and fingering you at this point, renjun makes sure to coax at least three orgasms out of you before deeming you relaxed enough for him to try taking you again.
very bashful and apologetic at first. jeno knows he’s big, so he already feared that this would happen. he almost seems embarrassed by it and you can’t help but laugh at the way he’s apologizing to you like his huge dick is the worst inconvenience you have ever encountered. jeno needs a bit of reassuring that you actually love his cock and you want it inside of you badly- you just need some time to get used to the stretch.
similarly to mark, jeno is still very conflicted in this situation. after you let him know how much you actually want to be able to fit all of him inside of you, it’s just too much for you to handle at this point in time, his embarrassment is quickly replaced with a desperate need. his ego secretly loves how the fact that you can’t take his cock yet is a confirmation of how big he is, but he doesn’t want to hurt you (at least not accidentally, not like this). the mixture of arousal and shame that comes with watching you struggle to take him gives him a rush that he never felt before. even after you get used to him after a while of having sex, jeno still loves the way you whine when he slowly pushes all of his cock inside of your pulsating walls for the first time. he’ll definitely make you tell him how big he feels to you whenever he’s fucking you deeper and deeper every time.
haechan isn’t thrown off by it at all. on the contrary: he sees it as a fun project for both of you to challenge yourself with. after the first time the two of you get more intimate and haechan realizes you can barely take his fingers let alone his cock, he makes a thorough plan for how to work you up to taking all of him slowly but steadily without hurting you. maybe a bit too thorough, considering he spends night after night fingering you with just one finger, watching your arousal leak out of your fluttering hole and onto his palm. even as haechan feels you relax and open up for him he’s still telling you “shhh baby, we need to take our time,” whenever you cry out for him to just add another finger. he slowly works you up to two digits, then three, then he buys you dildos increasing size to really train you for the feeling his cock. the process is a little frustrating for both of you at times, but it ultimately works.
by the time haechan finally allows himself to try fucking you for the second time weeks later - but only after almost an hour of teasing and foreplay - you can take all if him easily. where there was a stinging discomfort for you the first time around, now there’s a dizzying amount of pleasure mounting quickly with the blunt pressure of haechan stretching you out with inch after inch of his thick cock. you both know that you’re ready to take him this time, but neither of you anticipate how fast you cum - the buildup from all the weeks of craving haechan inside of you and his relentless teasing finally snapping with only half of his length buried inside of you stretched walls.
he absolutely loves it. there’s something so innocent and adorable about you not being able to take his cock yet that makes jaemin’s head spin with the need to corrupt you. rather than diving into preparations for you to adjust to his impressive size or - god forbid - listening to your pleas for him to just make you take it, jaemin takes to teasing you about the whole thing. for a while jaemin only fucks your thighs, cooing at the soft whimpers that fall from your lips whenever his leaking tip catches on your aching clit as he grinds forward.
jaemin can be mean with his words, but he’s still so gentle with how he touches you. his favorite thing is making you spread your legs for him, kneeling between your open thighs and jerking off to the sight of your naked body while the fingers of his free hand collect the arousal at your entrance and slowly rub it all over your sensitive clit. when jaemin cums, he pushes just the tip of his cock against your tiny hole, watching thick ropes of his cum shallowly shoot inside of your pussy and leaking over your thighs. even when you wrap your legs around him in an attempt to get him deeper, jaemin refuses to fuck you until you beg for it. he might call you greedy and messy for the way you thrash and whine for it, but he still makes sure to take it slow and stop at any sign of your discomfort while steadily praising you for every inch of him you manage to take.
he usually takes things as they come. so when a heated makeout session on his couch has both of you desperate for more and it’s only when his pants and boxers are pushed to his ankles and you’re squirming in his lap uncomfortably with your panties pushed to the side that you realize he’s too big for you to take without an extensive amount of preparation, chenle is ready to shrug it off and move on to other fun stuff you can try for now. you on the other hand are not as relaxed about the situation. it’s frustrating, because you wanted his cock inside of you so badly and now you’re embarrassed that it’s just too much for you to handle.
when chenle realizes how dissatisfied you are with the situation he pulls you back onto his lap after fixing both of your underwear and softly cups your face in his hands to make you look at him. “it’s okay, hm? you know, i didn’t expect you to be able to take it all anyway, baby,” he reassures you - but there’s something about his tone that seems so condescending, so dominant, that his words don’t do anything to ease the embarrassment or arousal twisting in your lower stomach. and of course chenle notices immediately, a lazy smirk spreading on his lips and his hands settling on your waist to help you roll your hips against the prominent bulge in his boxers. both of you cum shortly after with chenle still cooing at you and groaning promises of how he’ll ruin you soon against your skin.
i’m not going to lie; jisung freaks out a little. rationally he knows this can happen and he definitely spent some time thinking about the what ifs before you first get down and dirty, but when you tell him to slow down or stop he short circuits. jisung is extremely worried that he hurt you. he slowly pulls out all the way and keeps apologizing for not being more careful. he’ll definitely feel guilty, chastising himself for being too caught up in the pleasure of feeling your tight heat wrapped around him and failing to realize you were struggling before you said anything.
but if you tell him you liked the feeling of him inside of you, you just can’t take more of his length because he’s just so big, jisung will slowly stop worrying and actually feel kind of proud. jisung will go back to fucking you with gentle, shallow thrusts while watching in awe as your expression softens and he can read the pleasure he’s giving you all over your face as he slowly works up to a steady grind right up against your sweet spot. jisung is definitely feeling elated that he can get you off with just so little of him buried inside of you. and when your orgasm has you shaking in his arms he’s more than relieved that he’s not the only one who’s overwhelmed by pleasure anymore.
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bunnvoid · 2 days ago
sorry i dont have an outfit ref but tim or jason in a skater outfit?
*gasp* skater Jason, I love this idea
here they are!
Tumblr media
two skater bros
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captainkirkk · a day ago
This would be an absolute disaster, and yet I want to see it so bad?? You know what, fuck it, let’s do it
I’m thinking tomorrow night, so Friday 8pm AWST?
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wolfythewitch · a day ago
how the Fuck do you learn that through hamilton akdhjdhdkdhd ?????
Afagsgsgs I thiiink it was king George? Yeah king George had the disease and went mad from it
People were speculating that with the appearance of the word “insane”, as well as the lyric “I’m so blue” from the song What Comes Next, that it was a nod to the illness, which had stained his piss blue. It also drove him mad in the latter years of his life. Historians are unsure if it was specifically that illness that drove him mad, or if it was his medicine, or a build up of tryptophan in his liver, but whatever it was, it turned his urine blue.
Funky info
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noteguk · 2 days ago
*slides you a 50 dollars bill* any chance we can get that face sitting bi couple drabble?
I turned this into an extra otherwise I would never finish this. Also if you see any mistakes no you didn’t. Thanks for the imaginary 50 bucks, I appreciate it 😎🔥
warnings; smut, face sitting that turns into 69 😳, oral (f and m), dirty talk, male masturbation, a little bit of overstimulation, very vague and barely there deepthroating
Jungkook was unstoppable when he got his mind made up, and that was something as rare as it was dangerous. So, when he just dropped one night that he couldn’t stop thinking about you sitting on his face, you knew it was just a matter of time before his wish became reality. Not that you would complain about it, of course.
Jungkook’s tongue lapped around your heat, playing with your sensitive entrance as his hand wrapped around his hard, heavy cock. It was leaking so much, throbbing against his pelvis every time you rolled your pussy against his face, your fingers intertwining in his soft strands as he licked you clean. It wasn’t really that much about you, you noticed, but about his own desires. Jungkook probably liked that position way more than you, if that was even possible.
“Close, close,” you breathed out, voice high-pitched and airy.
At your needy sounds, he groaned against your pussy, his hand pumping his cock faster, needier. Jungkook didn’t think he’d be able to last long, not when you looked so fucking perfect above him, your wetness just dripping down his face and rubbing all over his lips.
Through your heavy-lidded eyes, you saw him fisting his cock and, as much as you got hot at the idea that Jungkook was getting off to eating you out, you also wanted to help him a little — repay him, if you will. So, in a burst of courage and delirious thought, you shifted your weight forward until your chest was touching his lower abdomen.
Jungkook’s lustful, hazy brain couldn’t quite keep up with the sudden switch of position, so he got out a mere, “What are you—“ before you wrapped your mouth around his cock, sinking down on him. “Oh, fuck, baby, that’s so— shit — that’s so fucking hot.”
You only hummed around him, which turned into a moan once his eager mouth returned to play between your folds. It was ridiculously hard to concentrate when Jungkook was squeezing your ass and sucking on your clit, and it seemed that he was going through the same issue, unsure if he should focus on your pleasure or at the amazing feeling of your tight, warm mouth around his aching cock.
The crash of your orgasm overtook you so fast and so suddenly that you couldn’t hold back your surprised yelps and moans as you came, throat tightening around Jungkook’s cock and making him raise his hips, silently begging you to take him deeper, to suck him harder. With your legs wobbly and his tongue still toying with your sensitive clit, you whimpered as you raised the speed of your movements, bobbing your head up and down and using your hand to pump the places you couldn’t reach.
Jungkook moved his face back so he could speak, his voice muffled, drunken by pleasure. “Gonna cum, princess,” he breathed out, fingers digging to your ass. “Fuck, you’re gonna make me cu—“
You barely had time to prepare before he was releasing inside your mouth, your tongue lapping his tip as you sucked him through his high, taking him through the same rollercoaster of sensitivity he had just put you through. Jungkook groaned loudly behind you, calling your name between curses and broken praises, voice slightly higher under your restless, merciless movements. Eventually, you stopped once you realized you had already cleaned him up.
“Shit,” he said, clearly overwhelmed. “Why did it take us so long to do that?”
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shanastoryteller · 2 days ago
Happy Pride!! May we get some non binary Ed please?
a continuation of 1 2
Ed has run several experiments leading to inconclusive results.
He likes it when people refer to him as a girl. Getting called ma'am doesn't piss him off like sir always has (he'd always just blamed his hatred of the military for that one).
But he likes his current pronouns and hates being called anything but Brother by Al, although Sister from Elysia is okay. He doesn't like wearing dresses, although as Winry pointed out, he's been running around with long hair, skin tight leather pants, low cut tank tops, and heeled boots since he was twelve, which isn't perhaps the most masculine of wardrobes.
"Why isn't this bothering you?" Ed asks, some of his frustration spilling out.
Roy cautiously looks at him from over the top of the newspaper. "Should it? You've never fit into any box anyone has ever tried to place you in before, Ed, I don't know why you think you should start now."
Every once in a while that bastard says something that makes sense.
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plumb1tes · 4 days ago
Ok but Sakura’s cute two piece tho. Super cute as hell! Im love!
yea i was worried they'd just put her in something more masculine looking but im happy she's looking absolutely gorgeous in her pink frilly swimsuit!!
Tumblr media
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wolfythewitch · 2 days ago
Bones!techno would fuck dw!techno up so much. Fw!techno would be a mix of eating popcorn at the sidelines and hesitantly trying to break it up
True! Dw!techno may be a god but centuries of being a hermit is bad for social interaction
Man crumbles to the slightest bit of peer pressure
Fw!techno would simply sit back and watch, and would only break it up if it was causing property damage
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