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popfizzles · 4 hours ago
Scoopy Banoopy
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scoopy banoopy :)
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wither-rose-circus · 16 hours ago
Last Life has made Mumbo realize some things about himself, that's what's going on with him /j
You marry one man-
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calcium-cat · 2 hours ago
In the world where dream slowly grows up and remembers , I feel like he'd finally figure it out in his late teens and by that point he'd just look and at his life with all the brothers and go "wait these guys are supposed to be evil?" And " WAIT, wait a damn minute, my brothers evil plan was to what ? Give me a childhood ? To love me?" Dream can never see noots and the others as evil again, all he sees is his dumbass bothers. Why play hero when you can prank your dumbass bros
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bdoubleowo · 20 hours ago
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stop being funnier than me on my own blog
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pocketramblr · 58 minutes ago
Every fanfiction is safe for work if your coworkers and boss can't speak a lick of English
Oh now that's a benefit to bilingualism I never considered, I love it lol
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wenofqishan · 5 hours ago
will you bless us with one last xuanxian brainrot scenario/thought before you go you're truly a champion for this ship but we'll soldier on within you im sure
wenofqishan may fall but my greatest legacy (my xuanxian posts which inexplicably have 1k+ notes) will never die. what better way to celebrate that than a final push of my initial agenda: everything is just so much funner if jzx has a crush on wwx
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Tumblr media
bonus! the face of someone who solely rushed down there out of unemotional distaste for wen chao and wang lingjiao, and who was not worried about wwx when he fell at all:
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bazgallaghermilkovich · 11 hours ago
What do you think is the coupliest thing Ian and Mickey do that they wouldn't wanna anyone to see them do?
I think they like to celebrate anniversaries for every special moment in their relationship (apart from their wedding anniversary) w just each other
They don't go all out, just a little cupcake Ian got for Mickey from their favourite bakery, or a pie they made together, sometimes even just sharing the last Snickers bar in their house (they divide it in half but Mickey still ends up having more because Ian shares a bite of his half with Mickey because he knows Mickey loves them)
And they don't let everybody know or see because it's something only for them; only they know why the first kiss anniversary is so important and special or why Mickey making pizza rolls for Ian on their first date anniversary makes him go ☺️🥰 or why Ian gets Mickey sunflowers every year on the date they were reunited in prison (he chose them initially because he wanted to joke about how yellow reminded him of their prison jumpsuits but then he found out that they signify unwavering faith and unconditional love and went ‘Oh 🥺’).
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cadaverkeys · 9 minutes ago
okay this is getting too far *writes it down on the sheet anyway*
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skittle-bug · 20 hours ago
could u draw tommy + sunkist <3 maybe hangin out gaming ...
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i dont think she can technically use a switch with paws but shes still gonna listen to him talk about it :]
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sidsinning · 18 hours ago
tbhhh as someone who loves villainess plots i still can’t get over how wasted chloes character is. like they butchered her character development on purpose so now everytime i see queen bee i get sad because of how good it would have been to see chloe grow as a person. why put effort in creating a good backstory for her and make ppl empathize w her and then forget it aaa. if they REALLY need a villainess kind of character lila is right there ahaha
if you wanted validation for your Chloe redemption fantasy you definitely did not come to the right blog🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
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posallys · 21 hours ago
WHAT? Wait hold on, even APOLLO said percy is handsome. Anon, I’m sorry, but respectfully, you’re incorrect.
literally. i haven't read toa but i saw pieces of it and didn't apollo say that he looked handsom like his father?? and also he said sally was "strikingly beautiful" or smth like that. percy really hit the fucking gene lottery like. boy is GORGEOUS af.
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thankskenpenders · 23 hours ago
How did no one mention that when Ken has a moustache, he looked like a pedophile Ned Flanders.
okay I'm turning off the ask box until I start updating again
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horrible-nether-portal · 21 hours ago
“Do you want some green?” This is the eighth time he’s asked someone and the eight time he’s received a cutting glare and the third time someone has thrown it back at him.
There’s green dye dripping down Dream’s fave by now. It rolls off the edge of his mask and drips onto his hands and he doesn’t understand why nobody wants his green. They liked blue! They’d loved blue—and there wasn’t such a big difference between green and blue, is there? So why wouldn’t anyone take his green?
He doesn’t know, he just wants to make people happy. But maybe green, kind of slimy things don’t make people happy. Maybe he doesn’t make people happy and maybe Dream should just fade away and—
“I’ll take some green.” Dream turned around—it’s more like a floaty rotation really—and George is standing there, cupped palms extended and sunglasses hiding his eyes.
“Are you…are you sure?”
“Yeah, I’m sure. Hand some over.” The green dye dribbles from Dream’s hands and rolls off his fingers into George’s carefully cupped hands. George doesn’t look like he’s sure what to do with it now, he even looks a tad lost and Dream fiddles with his green-stained hands.
“It’ll—well it should dry soon. It gets all fluffy and squishy but then it won’t drip everywhere.” He explained carefully, a grin spreading across his face like soft butter. Finally, someone wanted some green! And it was making George happy too. Maybe he’d tell everyone else and they’d stop giving Dream bad looks and throwing the green at him!
Maybe Sapnap would take some—maybe Dream could make everyone happy again.
(For Ghost!Dream)
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jasontoddsguns · 19 hours ago
Adopting animals is a gateway drug. Orphan stealing is genetic. Damian's gonna reach adulthood and immediately start collecting children.
Okay, so here me out. I think it’s more nurture than nature. Dick collects baby hero’s like crazy in ever Teen Titans run, Jason definitely had his moments with ‘Tyler’ and with the kids in DeCeased, Tim isn’t old enough to start the cycle yet-
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okruee · 37 minutes ago
no don themed kit announced on today's livestream. disappointing >:(
ugh. so disappointing... so disappointing.
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inukag · 20 hours ago
the sight of inukag walking home with baby moroha in inuyasha’s arms 🥺 i’m hoping we get more flashbacks with them in it. really like the manga in comparison to the anime- the plot seems more intriguing to me too right now.
Tumblr media
it's this one for me 🥺 The mangaka probably saw the positive reactions people had on twitter so maybe we'll get more! Not everything is perfect in the manga either but at least he seems to know what the fans want to see...?
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calcium-cat · 5 hours ago
Wait a second, teen Dream isn't allowed to go outside of the hideout at all! That's a bit messed up in my opinion. I mean, I get why Nightmare and the gang wouldn't want to lose him somehow in the multiverse but still. Eventually there going to have to expose him to the outside world, they can't keep him locked up forever. ( I hope this don't come off as too harsh. It's just the fact Dream is 16 yrs and his only friend is a bullfrog is very unsettling)
Dream is allowed some places, like the antivoid and outertale, and only with supervision. But other than these exceptions, he's confined to the dead, dark world they live in.
Partly because it’s too dangerous for him to be in other AU’s. Dream is a capable fighter, but he can’t use magic. No magic means no teleports or portals, making him an easy target. So while nothing would probably go wrong if he joined their outings, it’s a risk they don’t want to take. 
They also don't want to risk Dream running into any particular skeletons either. And by they, I mean mainly Nightmare. Dream has been dead to the multiverse for years now, and he'll do anything to keep it that way. Just like he'll do anything to keep his brother from discovering the truth.
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ask-avengers · 12 hours ago
Okay, let me see if I get it. Loki is alive, Tony is alive, Nat is alive, Steve has not returned to the past, there is a Pietro of another timeline, a Loki that is named Sylvie of another timeline and two other Peter Parker. The question that stays is, how is all this possible? Stephen a little help, please?
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