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i took an hour or so to reply to this cos i didn’t follow the page so had to request and wait to be accepted lmao but eeeeek, go on paige!!

for context, this page posted the thing paige posted about BLM and someone commented on it saying ‘she just needs to focus on her cheating husband’ so her and her sister went off on them ahaha x

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aw sick!! what kinda dog is urs?? my baxter (though i also call him meatball) is a beagle/boxer/pittie mix :o)

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“Oh.. Uh.. No- I don’t. I wasn’t really planning on going, to be honest.” 

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……….pls…this is the cutest compliment ever….ur cute….oh my gosh….🥰

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“Be stronger perhaps, so I can protect Meredith without having to comply to Katherine’s wishes.”

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His hands were smashed as part of interrogation. Then, he was sent to a lab to be an asset for investigation. When he agreed to cooperate, he underwent surgery to have his hands reconstructed and have a neutralizer installed. The stitches mark where the “tails” of the receptors are, which are connected to the neutralizer in his brain.

How and why did it come to that? Still writing it.

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Oh my god, I’ve never thought about an atla/knb crossover! That would be incredible. I’m trying to think who would bend which element, but it’s hard lol. Do you have any ideas? 

God, now I”m just thinking of an akafuri atla au, where Furi is the avatar who ran away because he didn’t feel like he was good enough for so much responsibility, and Akashi is the banished prince trying to earn his father’s favor and when they eventually team up Akashi realizes that Furi is actually kind of cute and… lmao I need to stop. 

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that’s natural, i was nervous the first time i posted something on here!! just be sure to use the tags to get your work out there, they’re a writer’s best friend!!

you can tag me in it if you want to 😌

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