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no, kid. but the kink community IS queer, so maybe take a deep breath and several seats.

you’re beating a straw man and it’s dead horse. i literally don’t give a shit about you.

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How many villains does a fantasy story need?

I think as many as you see fit for the story. My story will have three over the course of six books. All have their place in the story as a whole. There’s two that are more anti-villians and one that is more of the major villain.

If you have more than one villain they should have be connected to each other. Ex: Litwin and Padma are two of my antagonist. Their married and like everyone else they want the throw. Thanks to Padma, a one of my main six turns of the others.

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if you're still taking prompts, could you please write fluff 2 or 11 for steverhodey?

I’ve never written for SteveRhodey before, so this is a new experience! Hopefully this is fine! I’m going to do 2 for this!

2. “Is there a reason you’re blushing like that?” 


Galas are, to put it mildly, boring. Now, Steve would never shirk his duty to the Avengers by skipping out on a public appearance and losing some goodwill for the team and himself, but, god, does he wish he could just show up, shake a few hands, then bolt and spend the rest of the evening watching some nature documentary while munching on a few hot dogs from that 24/7 cart near the Tower. All this posturing, all of these fake smiles, gratuitous touching, and hushed whispers remind him far too much of the time he spent being a dancing monkey on stage, holding up motorcycles and punching “Hitler” in the face. 

He sighs as he adjusts his tie, leaning his elbows on the table, eyeing the champagne glass in front of him. Alcohol doesn’t have an effect on him like it used to, but he wishes it did, if only because that means the night would go much, much faster. 

“Honeybear is making a bit of a last minute appearance,” Tony says from across him, both to no one in particular and directly at Steve, picking at the insultingly small portions on his plate. “The company he was supposed to liaison for dropped out last minute. He should be here in–” he pushes his suit sleeve, looking down at his Rolex– “half an hour, maybe? So, you might want to stay for a little bit, Rogers.” He winks teasingly before tapping the table twice and getting up, no doubt to seek out either Bucky or Pepper. 

Steve regrets ever telling him about his crush.

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i keep thinking about that scene of like. taako on a tree with his rifle during the war and he shoots the guard who was really just a kid but he gets shot too. i think about it a Lot. also dont worry about you're nobidy til someone wants you dead!! gah it's. good enough that you're posting it at all. good luck with the rent stuff i hope it gets resolved soon!!!

tyyy anon!!! i think there’s a branch of my landlord’s branch open with limited hours downtown so imma call them on monday and hope for the best!

:0 that scene was written by @anonymousalchemist and i agree, it’s a very very good scene

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Are you currently taking applications for boyfriends or husbands? Maybe even teddy bears?

Sure. You can send your application straight to my DMs. The requirements are you must have reliable transportation and a steady job.

There’s extra requirements for the postition of boyfriend/ husband, you’ve gotta be willing to be a step parent to a toddler.

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hey cam! that’s a really nice name & i hope you’re able to figure out if it fits you without too much trouble 💞

you’re very sweet, thank you!!

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twitter is a hot mess rn bc of billie liking that post and thankfully she's unliked it but the damage has already been done :((( billie stans, kpop stans, and solo harries are all dragging louis bc like two louies tried to "cancel" billie and it is a MESS

ugh yeah I’ve seen it, I assume she didn’t mean any harm by liking that pic, but I’m not surprised it caused chaos lmao I’m glad people are also trending support for louis but I hope he doesn’t see any of the negativity!! twitter being a hot mess part 763945

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What's the little spiky thingy you put on Sniper's hat? (I forgot the name of the hat, sorry)

well he wears a slouch hat (or a hat modeled after one) and personally i find it quite odd to look at slouch hats that dont have rising sun pins on them! just personal experience and habit. usually its drawn very small so i can never put a lot of detail into it but it is. meant to be a rising sun pin. plus :))) :))) it fits in with some of my headcanons and stuff! (the hat was originally his father’s)

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Anon​​​​​​​​ said :  🥃 how close have you been to planting a big fat wet on on one of your classmates?
       『 Meme || Accepting


       “I so–I so woulda Frenched Bakugou las’ training alone! Dude fuckin’ BLASTED ME INTO A WALL! Then ‘cradled me’n his arms when I couldn’t get up! Only reason I didn’s cuz errbody was ‘round’n fuckin’ Aizawa told us to clear out. I was that close!

       An’ don’t get me started on Kaminari, there’re SO many times I coulda! The amounta times we get in each other’s personal space? Have ya seen that smile? How could ya NOT wanna kiss’im? The best part is it’d probably be like tonguin’ an electric fence–which I have done! I wanna try it with him more’n anybody fer that reason alone!

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😇, 💋, 💡

😇 - What was your character’s last good deed?

Dodge didn’t have a lot growing up. Most of his life, it was just him and his mother, struggling on a daily basis just to get through the week. Now that Dodge has a good job, and has made a better life for himself, the man loves to pay it forward. Whether it’s paying for a strangers coffee in the morning, or buying a hot meal for a person in need, Dodge enjoys giving back t the community in anyway he can.

💋 - Your character was kissed by someone they can’t stand. Why/how did it happen?

If that ever happened to Dodge he’d probably be shocked as hell about it. If anything, he probably just annoyed the shit out of the person he couldn’t stand until they felt the need to shut him up with a kiss. Dodge loves to annoy his friends for fun.

💡 - What is the best idea your character ever had?

Moving his mother, little brother and himself to New York with some of the money his “grandmother” left for him after she passed away. New York provided a fresh start for him and his family, and even though they do struggle at times, they’re in a better place and they’re all happy.

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speaking of suffering, are M!As still up? can we get fusion flare, please? feel free to ignore

Fusion Flare: The user brings down a giant flame. This attack does greater damage when influenced by an enormous thunderbolt. Muse is now engulfed with flames. However, s/he doesn’t feel any pain from the flames and the burns. Extreme pain is imminent after the M!A ends, and the muse has to be rushed to the hospital.


“This…. this is fine…” He’s on fucking fire.


(M!A: Fusion Flare 0/5)

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I really really love how your letter necklaces look, but when I tried to download the whole set, the link wasn't working. Then, I tried to download them all individually, but the links stopped working after "F" I think. Could you please fix this? Also just wanna say, your work is amazing

asldhasljkd thank you omg. but yeah they are not all out yet smh. i had a night of pure 𝒾𝓃𝓈𝓅𝒾𝓇𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃 and thought i was going to finish all 26 but only did 3 lmao. so. i went ahead and made the site listing thinking i would have them finished aha. so.. coming soon i promise!

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You strike me as a person who's read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

I have! So yeah that headcanon is indeed canon.

I’ve read it a couple times, have had some fun discussions about it, and think Victor is the stupidest person in that novel.

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basil & lady's mantle

basil — have you ever fallen out of love?

“maybe just once, and even then i’m not sure. i’ve loved a lot and i don’t know if i have it in me to stop loving someone completely. and honestly, that’s kind of a bad thing.”

lady’s mantle — do you have a favorite comfort item?

“not entirely— i’ve never been very materialistic. i didn’t even grow up sleeping with a teddy bear or anything. i think i find more comfort in people.”

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