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athena-ingachaa minute ago
the main three鈥檚 favorite flavors/taste?
馃挅Miss Angel prefers sweet, but not too strong. So flavours like strawberries and vanilla.
馃挏Elaine is more on the zesty and spicy side.
馃挍Havu leans more towards bitter and rich, or something so bland to the point where it has no taste. So like black coffee, dark chocolate, etc / or plain donuts, bagels, etc.
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sunwithmoona minute ago
15, 16 & 18
15. You鈥檙e locked in a room with the last person you kissed, any problems? Oh hell no! just more kissing would occur, for sure!
16. Would you rather it be sunny or rainy? Sunny! i loveeee sunshine.
18. Are you wearing jeans, sweatpants or pyjama pants? Pjs! :) comfy comfy.
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pyroclastic727a minute ago
Hey, just wanna let you know that @/stevenfallsvc posted a drawing spoiling a pretty big part of True Colors, so avoid that if you can! (I wanna let them know that the episode isn't out yet and people are trying to avoid spoilers but I don't wanna come off as rude?? help??)- IDFS Anon
Th- the one that's tagged #amphibia spoilers? I have that blocked...
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underfell-crystal2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Poet gets more food for their dazzling performance of Hamlet. Good job, bro.
Frog fishes. Wonder what they'll catch.
Spidey hunts the other anons. Back on the murder trail.
I get fresh food because I made a wooden cow.
Science takes after Frog and picks flowers.
Tumblr media
Science, Spidey, DnD, Frog and I survive!!
The squirrels don't appreciate Poet's Romeo and Juliet performance and kill them. Rude.
Tumblr media
RIP to the deity of drama themselves.
~~End of Day 9!~~
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mothernatures-sons2 minutes ago
馃様 guess we're not going to be friends... i was born on Nov. 22nd
wow! almost a sagittarius! water and fire right on top of each other
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justvibingwhilecrying2 minutes ago
hi hello what is your favorite type of music/song rn? I shall now disappear forever. farewall internet stranger!
WNENNE I'd say my favorite type of music is weirdcore/dreamcore like ex. jack stauber
Also just songs in Spanish (y'know how it is when you're Hispanic but you were born in America and it's this cultural divide where you don't feel like you belong in any culture, idk man it makes me feel better)
But my favorite songs right now are Ojos asi by shakira, One Day by lovejoy, literally every ycgma song, and Animal Cannibal
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macybeckham72 minutes ago
馃Okk, let鈥檚 get in bed
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kiyachi-tickles2 minutes ago
鈥淚t almost makes me feel ticklish just looking at you!鈥 Lee Todo Ler Kirishima
"It almost makes me feel ticklish just looking at you!" Kirishima gushed, wiggling his fingers in Todoroki's armpits.
"KIRISHIHIHIMA! STOHOP!" Todoroki begged, loosing his composure.
Kirishima had experimentally poked Todoroki's side in a way to get him to express more. And when he realized that his friend was ticklish, he instantly pounced on him.
The redhead looked down at his friend in awe. "Who knew you would be sensitive, Todoroki!"
The fire-ice hero was losing his mind. He wasn't used to these stupid ticklish sensations rushing through his body. He wasn't used to not being in control of his own laughter.
"PLEHEHEHEASE GEHEHET OHOHOHOHOHOFF!" Todoroki begged, kicking and rolling on his side, hoping that would help him in some way.
It didn't. Kirshima was still able to keep him at his mercy.
"You're gonna need to do a lot more laughing from now on, got it?" Kirishima said, taking a peek at Todoroki's uncharacteristic expression.
"Not yet!" The redhead smiled. "I think everyone should know about this little weakness of yours!"
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teesumu2 minutes ago
- chaotic anon
HAHAAH YOU DIDNT MISS IT THIS TIME YAY tho technically you caught the one I did for the missed one
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cherrymasala3 minutes ago
Any boys u currently talking to right now?
Ya dad
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study-van3 minutes ago
Youth & persona馃榿
Youth - do you feel your age?
I was just talking about this with my friend and nope, I still can鈥檛 wrap my head around that I鈥檓 19 and will turn 20 in December, I still feel like I鈥檓 16 or something
Persona - what鈥檚 your mbti? your enneagram type?
I just know my mbti which is INTP apparently
spring asks
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kittenscully3 minutes ago
consider this: who cares if someone excitedly posts about a "hot take" thats actually something many people have already said. this is tumblr, not a term paper. if someone is new & excited & noticing things that they think are 'revolutionary' but are already well-noted by people in the fandom but they just haven't seen them yet then... so what? genuinely so confused why you would be critical of that.
consider this: maybe i care because i was respectful and considerate and looked back to fandom history and worried a great deal about saying things that were redundant or irrelevant ? and i thought a lot about how i handled all of it and waited a long time before trying to post much meta or fic because i knew there was tons of content already and wanted to do it right and not make a fool of myself ? and i dislike a space that i once occupied being treated like this by new people who clearly don鈥檛 realize any of that
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shawnsmusical3 minutes ago
Fully agree anon but a lot of Jewish people (not all) are guilting people by saying it鈥檚 anti Semitic and 鈥淚srael is defending itself鈥. Mans is scared of everything. He won鈥檛 say anything.
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slapnap3 minutes ago
ok but i saw people talking ab rugby dream ,,, what about rugby sapnap w those thighs of his 馃槼 n when rugby players wear those skintight black shorts under their kit shorts (pls tell me u know what i mean i have v v limited sports knowledge i just like rugby man thigh) but how good would saps thick ass thighs look in those dear god 馃ゴ
omg like the scrum shorts?? sapnap is the perfect rugby player. tackle me to the ground please. in ur short shorts.
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jonghours4 minutes ago
I want to see his skin now 馃憖
ominous but you shall receive kjasdlfads
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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akookminsupporter4 minutes ago
Ah, the award show mask thing. I remember ARMYs were heavily criticized and mocked by kpop stans on Twitter for jokingly pointing out, 鈥淗ey, all the idols only wore their masks AFTER BTS wore theirs. They set such good examples!鈥 Kpop stans were so, SO mean that night, telling ARMYs, 鈥淒uh, we鈥檙e in a pandemic, of course they wear masks,鈥 as if they weren鈥檛 mocking BTS just before for wearing them when using mics. When articles came out saying idols were influenced by others to keep wearing masks and setting a good example, it was silence from kpop stans. Also, they mocked Joon鈥檚 English speech so much for no reason?! It made perfect sense yet they were laughing at how he sounded even though he鈥檚 not a native speaker. And that was ONE night. I鈥檝e left stan Twitter which I was on for less than six months, and I can鈥檛 imagine the things BTS and ARMYs have had to face before and since then. BTS really only have ARMYs, and I hope ARMYs that don鈥檛 see the way BTS is completely mocked, harassed, and attacked with racism, xenophobia, and homophobia by others wake up soon. I can鈥檛 鈥減lay nice鈥 and sing Kumbaya with kpop fans because I know most of them hold some kind of resentment towards BTS.
The criticisms about the masks and the microphones were so weird, I think that was my first experience with kpoppies and I understood why many ARMYs said the things they said about them. The criticism about Joon is stupid. The guy is smarter than probably all of them combined.聽
BTS only has ARMY and ARMY has proven that that is more than enough. Well if you call yourself an ARMY and you don't see all that, you're really not an ARMY.
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plaidnsweaters4 minutes ago
Saying without even looking at you, I know you鈥檙e blushing right now 馃暩
muttering quietly, no 鈥榤 not... taking another sip
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cherries-n-rocknroll5 minutes ago
How do you get the text colors for the pride tags
Magic 鉁 no just type it and it鈥檒l turn colorful once you publish it
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