seiishindraws · a day ago
I want to kiss Frye on her big-ass forehead❤️
youre gonna have to get in line like the rest of us.....
Tumblr media
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carpisuns · a day ago
hi carpisuns!!!!!!!! are there any movies you think adrien or marinette would love or ones you think they’d watch together?
Honestly i think they are both big romantic saps who would be into the cheesiest awful romance movies and they KNOW they’re awful and cliché and poorly written and maybe they’d be embarrassed to admit to people that they watch them but they just can’t help projecting themselves onto the characters lol. even if it makes no sense. Marinette is like “what if I were a busy professional working woman in the city and l had to suddenly move to the country and learn how to farm and my neighbor was a hot rancher named adrien agreste and he could show me how to milk cows and then we could make out in the barn….” And adrien is like “what if ladybug turned out to be a vampire and her skin sparkled in the sunlight and then she fell in love with me even though I’m just a human but she thinks I’m worth it and eventually she could bite me and we’d be in vampire love forever…..”
Meanwhile alya and nino are horrified with their best friends’ extreme lack of taste and are always trying to get them to expand their cinematic horizons but adrien and Marinette are simply looking for daydream scenarios so they don’t care if it’s basic
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tojisun · 2 days ago
just had flashbacks to my phase of being obsessed w incubus!toji. like the horns and tattoos are hot and then u get to have dream s*x w him??? constantly winning
STOP OMG THATS SO HOT 😭 (btw here are blurbs because i have no self control) // prev?
Tumblr media
incubus!toji feeds off of your arousal so he always drives it to its peak. he visits you in your dreams, crafting the most unholy scenario because he wants to feel your guilt and the way your lust ebbs you away from your picture perfect innocence.
dreams with incubus!toji started with teasings and fleeting touches — his attractive human form grazing shoulders with yours, his bigger body a breadth away from your shaking one, his arms encircling around your nape only to retract it after every hitch of your breath.
then, when you were about to tear your hairs from your scalp, incubus!toji finally fucked you. in his demon form.
incubus!toji’s demon form was a towering beast: big wings, big horns, big spade-ended tail. his cock was the size of your thigh. you knew it wouldn’t fit. it couldn’t. but incubus!toji knew the ways of your body more than you ever could — he made it fit.
incubus!toji pushed your legs so close to your chest, folding you in half using only his sheer strength, and you felt immeasurably smaller compared to him. he prepared you with his fingers and his tongue, and you have lost track of how much you’ve cum from those alone. you’ve screamed your voice hoarse, moaning and whining and whimpering like the cock-drunk slut you were, and he shivered in pure ecstasy. incubus!toji has never met anyone as delicious as you.
you were a slobbering mess when the thick head of incubus!toji’s cock finally breached your sensitive folds. it was so big, you came from the head alone. he laughed loud as you spasmed, your head falling back to the pillows, exposing the column of your neck and allowing him to litter it with more bite marks.
incubus!toji’s cock stuffed you so full. your mouth had fallen open when you felt his cock kiss what you know was the entrance of your womb. you didn’t even know it was possible for anyone to reach that deep in you, but there you were — your belly bulging out to make room for him.
every thrust, every slide in-and-out of his cock, left your mind in shambles. nothing else mattered at that moment, your body fully engulfed with the need to be fucked and ruined. you’ve cum and squirted at each of his humping, but incubus!toji did not stop fucking you earnestly as he sought out his own orgasm. and when he did— oh!
incubus!toji bred you.
when you woke up, your pussy leaking and your panties soaked, you had thought that it was just another of your dreams. then, you noticed webbing ink peeking from underneath the laces of your underwear, and when you tugged it up to take a full look of what it was, you gasped.
incubus!toji marked you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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wolfythewitch · a day ago
i see we're talking about canes! local cane user here, a couple things to keep in mind:
- phil would likely use a 3 or 4 ended foot as theyre best for mobility in rough terrain and are best for balance and mobility
- i think phil would also possibly benefit from a walker at times, and also its okay for one person to use multiple disability aids interchangeably depending on the circumstances!
- phil having a collapsible cane would be cool (note i have one and theyre funky)
- usually with canes you use them on the opposite side of the body needed to be assisted, as you use them like if you walked with both sides at once thus helping balance/relieve pain on that side (ex if your left leg hurts when you went to take a step, youd use your cane on the right side at the same time). so if phil were to use the cane its likely hed be an ambulatory cane user (someone who uses canes on both sides)
- using a cane alone requires a lot of arm and shoulder strength, so thats important to keep in mind he'll have to build that strength
generally id say find cane users/wheelchair users/amputees etc to check with because a lot of the time these things can get! deeply offensive in aspects people might not even realise (ableism is within us all, even the disabled)
Funky funky I am taking down notes
It's kinda funny cause I'm not even planning to draw dsmp Phil that much LMAO I draw hc!Phil fanart more, but also this is really interesting to learn about and I love character details
About the collapsible cane, that is funky yeah! I'll have to look into that, but I'm also thinking of hiding a weapon within the cane? Like a little reference to urahara's cane in the anime haha, so that might make the collapsible part. Uh. Difficult
I have two close friends who are cane users so I'm definitely gonna slide into their dms at some point lmao, but I'll also look into wheelchair and walker stuff if I decide to go further into drawing anything for this (I haven't drawn dsmp in weeks I just realized that wowie)
But also if you have some trivia/info about disability aids feel free to just drop them in my inbox too! I don't answer all of them cause I don't want to clog up my blog but I do read them all :D also gonna be asking questions here if I try doing research and get confusing answers haha
Also I found a pic of this cane with like an ice pick at the end and I don't know how functional it would be but it looks neat if you guys want to see lol
Tumblr media
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vividstilinski · 2 days ago
congratulations on 3k bby!!! can i request smut prompt #7 “i love it when you kiss my neck” w our man austin butler😍 write it anyway u want i’ll love it!
i love it when you kiss my neck - austin butler
note ; ok wait i just had an amazing idea for this like it’s ur WEDDING NIGHT and it’s soft cute passionate sex and just yes omg. austin would definitely be praising u for everything u do i cannot
warnings ; intoxication, suggestive language
you had never been so intoxicated with love before — perhaps alcohol was involved, but that was beside the point — with your entire family, friends, and of course, your lover, austin. the wedding ceremony had been a success, despite the ring bearer dropping the ring twice and the single people crying. the reception was full of drunk people, high on life and happy to see another young couple in love.
however, you had really begun looking forward to the wedding night, because austin had been teasing you all throughout the wedding. first, it started with the quickie in the limo after the ceremony. then, it continued on with the garter toss, where he kitten-licked your clit after disappearing under your gown.
regardless, you had been needing him all day, and it felt as though the night would never end. you didn’t want it to be over, but you were ready to cherish special moments with your husband. one of them hopefully including him bending you over the nearest surface and fucking you ruthlessly.
the trek back to the hotel room was infuriating; you had never wanted him to be inside of you the way you did at that moment. your core ached every time he so much as looked at you, and he had pressed a kiss to your temple, whispering, “soon, my love.” you then proceeded to nuzzle up to him as much as humanly possible, feeling like a kitten in heat.
when you had finally barged through the entrance of your room, you nearly tackled him, ripping off his dress shirt and collapsing onto the bed. “baby, baby,” he laughed as you peppered his face with kisses. “calm down, hun. let’s go slow tonight. we have the rest of our lives together, ya know?”
you sighed, but soon perked up at the realization that you two really did get married. he was forever yours, and no one could take that away from you. he smiled lightly, cupping your face in his hands. “i love you, [y/n]. so much. i couldn’t imagine being stuck with anyone else.”
“i love you too, husband,” the goofy grin on your face made his body tingle in happiness; knowing he had made the right decision in marrying was more than enough pleasure for him. he hooked his finger under your chin, pulling you back in for a tender kiss, your lips dancing along each other as if they were meant to forever.
you began to kiss down his neck agonizingly slow, and he whimpered at the contact. you knew exactly where his sweet spot lied, and you pressed your lips against it, sucking gently. austin audibly moaned, head sinking into the mattress. “oh, baby, i love it when you kiss my neck,” that motivated you enough to continue, and you decided that perhaps he was right — slow and steady did win the race.
the rest of the night was spent with slow, gentle kisses and passionate love-making, and you wouldn’t have had it any other way.
join the celebration here!
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grizzly-bear-official · a day ago
do bears support trans rights?
yes absolutely!!
Tumblr media
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oifaaa · a day ago
I’m torn between the thought of Tim cloning Jason after he dies instead of becoming robin himself and I can’t tell whether it’s better or worse than the canon story. You come back to life after hearing there’s a new Robin and come face to face with yourself.
The idea of someone cloning Jason and that clone being given to Bruce to replace Jason is actually not a bad idea for a story tho I don't think it would be Tim doing the cloning bc like he couldn't even successfully clone kon when he was part of the teen titans how's he gonna clone Jason when he's 13 lmao but also it gives the same vibes as Roy/wills arc in the young justice cartoon only the clone Jason will be the tiny one while the original will be the taller one
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laquilasse · a day ago
My partner and I both adore ace attorney, but he loves your art beyond belief and every time I ask what he wants our future to look like he sends me a string of your Narumitsu art.
Anyway, my point is thankyou for bringing so much joy to my favourite person and for bringing so much comfort to the both of us.
Tumblr media
B..BRO.....that's so sweet that's so. I'm touched I hope you and your partner have all the happiness of narumitsu without the life altering tragedies
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steadfastconviction · 18 hours ago
I don’t know if it’s been done, but what about Jake recognizing your perfume? You arrive somewhere separately and he just knows you’re there. (That happened to me once and I’m not over it tbh)
a little known fact about me is that i am, in fact, INSANELY into perfume. it's like the one ~expensive~ thing i let myself buy every now and again - i tried to be pretty neutral in the description of the smell but i'd be happy to talk perfumes extensively any time lmao
my fiance once in a store was like “someone else is wearing your perfume” bc it was a day i didn’t wear it and i also felt it was very sweet + tender just like one of those moments where youre like “:O someone notices these small things about me!”
little blurb under the cut, i hope you like it! 
Pairing: Hangman x gn!reader (wears perfume, but no gender signals other than that)
WC: ~777
Warnings: Minors DNI - Mentions/implications of sex, mostly just fluff though
He thinks it’s probably never taken so long to get off a plane. It’s been a long six months, six months longer than he ever wanted to be away from you. When he was younger, before he met you, he almost liked deployments. He wasn’t leaving anything behind then, and the opportunity to go somewhere new, show off for a while, and meet new people was worth the risk of not coming back. Sometimes the risk of not coming back was part of the appeal, even, an opportunity to show everyone that he could beat the odds, could pull through no matter the circumstances.
But he hadn’t had you then. Hadn’t had you when they’d called him back for the uranium mission. If he had, he might’ve even fought tooth and nail not to go, not when you’d be waiting on him back home and the risk was so high. Not when he’d be leaving you behind, would never see your smile again, would never get to sleep with you wrapped up in his arms again, would never get to feel the way your nails dig into his skin when you come. It wouldn’t be worth it now. All the glory in the world isn’t worth losing you or leaving you alone.
So it’s been a long six months to be away from you. And the wait on the plane is too much when he’ll have to then go through baggage claim and catch a cab home to see you. You’d been busy with something, couldn’t pick him up, and he’s itching to see you again, so any unnecessary delay seems borderline catastrophic.
When he’s finally allowed off the plane, baggage claim is slow. Numerous people have lost their luggage, apparently, and while he isn’t one of them, the crowd of delusional hopefuls is blocking the way of retrieving his own suitcase. Finally, he jerks it off the conveyor and sets out for the gate.
There’s a few other soldiers on the flight, and there’s an undeniable sting when he sees them embracing partners, crying and shaking in each other’s arms. Even the less dramatic reunions between civilians put him on the edge of crying, somehow. You’ve made him a sap, taught him what it means to really care about someone. While he was no stranger to relationships when he met you, the others had never made him feel home the way he does with you. Leaving had never felt like this - like it was interrupting his real life, the one where you were waiting for him at the door, in his bed every night.
He’s musing on this as he starts to trek toward the exit, but then he smells it. He smells you, sweet but not saccharine, distinct but not overbearing. He’s never cared much for perfume, hates the way he’s gone on dates and tasted it on their neck, artificial and cloying on his tongue. But he’s always loved yours: not too flowery, doesn’t remind him of being stuck in his grandmother’s car with motion sickness due to the stench. And you don’t wear it on your neck, had once said something about spraying a bit in your hair instead.
Because I heard men don’t like the taste. You’d giggled and it had made his heart rate pick up, the forwardness of the assumption that he’d be kissing your neck later in the evening and the foresight to plan on it. He wanted, above all else, to feel wanted, and that deliberate choice made it obvious you did.
There’s a chance it isn’t you. But with the way it would make him feel to see you here and now instead of after a half hour long cab ride is worth the potential embarrassment.
“I know you’re here!” He bellows, earning some stares in his direction, but he knows it will make you laugh. “I can smell you!”
And then you’re throwing yourself into his arms, laughing into his chest. He can feel tears soaking through his shirt, his arms wrapped so tight around your midsection he’s worried he might be hurting you, but it’s the only way he can even attempt to express how badly he’s wanted this moment.
“Should’ve worn a different perfume,” You murmur into his neck. “I wanted to surprise you.”
“I’m glad you didn’t,” He says, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “My favorite smell in the world. Makes my heart melt in my chest, honey.”
And, suddenly, all of the setbacks seem not so bad. With you in his arms, the prospect of being back home looming soon in the future, it’s all been worth it.
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dailymumbojumbo · a day ago
Did you forget to tag grian in the post before today's?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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buckys-little-belle · 2 days ago
Hey maybe as an idea to continue the little terror acts of fairy what if she wants to pick shiny crystal rocks for Eddie as a Champaign prop or something but it actually ends up being glass shards? Maybe cuts her hand on one or something I don’t know it’s how you want I love your writing style of that particular story btw
Hellfire Babysitting Club (Part Five)
Little Shiny Things
Eddie Munson x Little!Reader (They/Them pronouns)/ The Hellfire Club x Little!Reader (They/Them Pronouns)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings - Talks of cuts on hands, talks of glass, reader picks up glass, uses of bandaids and other medical supplies, shallow cuts but fairy picks up glass so they aren’t exactly perfectly fine
Notes - THIS IS EXACTLY HOW EDDIE LOOKS AT GARETH I SWEAR YOULL UNDERSTAND IN A SEC I JUST AHHHHH, this is really short, I had a longer draft done, but Tumblr ate it, and I genuinely can’t remember half of it’s plot. So please enjoy this short chapter!
SFW - Please keep all interactions with this post and with this blog SFW
- - - - - -
Y/n stood at their locker, a note in their hands, backpack slung over their shoulders. ‘Meet Gareth at our spot, I will be late. - Eddie.’ The note said, the messy writing written in black ink, clearly rushed.
Y/n huffed, confused as to why Gareth would be there too, they didn’t need a babysitter, at the moment. A little frustrated Y/n went to their next class, allowing themselves to get lost in the work in front of them.
- - - - - -
When the bell rang Y/n went back to their locker, placing books inside, and taking what they needed for the night. Rushing to the back doors, located closest to the field they needed to cross, they tripped, scraping their knee. The shorts they were wearing not giving any protection from the ground.
Y/n stood up, determined to get to the meeting spot, hoping to not slip, they didn’t want to prove anyone wrong in thinking they needed a babysitter. Y/n could do this themselves, they had bandaids in their bag, and they could stay big.
“Hey Fairy.” Gareth called out, sitting ontop of the picnic table, his bag on the bench, a notepad and pen in hand.
“What are writing?” Y/n said, sitting on a bench and pulling their bag up beside them, grabbing their first aid kit.
“A list of props for Eddie’s upcoming campaign.” He mumbled, looking to the sky as if he was asking it for answers. Quickly looking back down and jotting a few more words onto the page.
“Can I see?” Y/n chuckled, Gareth in the moment, not noticing how funny he looked.
“Mhm.” He mumbled, tilting the paper for them to see, things like ‘rocks’, ‘twigs’, ‘cape’, and ‘blue scrap fabric’, were written down, the biggest word being ‘CRYSTALS’ at the top of the page, a number one in front of it.
Y/n looked away, thinking about what they had at home, what they could contribute. They stood up eventually, slowly walking away from the table and closer to the thick forest, looking at the ground for twigs and rocks. Slowly they began picking up a few rocks, some twigs, and accidentally some dirt. Y/n chuckled again, walking towards the table to put things down when a twinkle distracted them. A small shiny peice of something sat under a few flowers, shielded slightly, but the sun was still able to highlight it.
Y/n crouched down, placing the things in their hands down in a small pile, leaning in towards the shiny thing. Thinking it could be a crystal, perfect for Eddie’s campaign, Y/n scooped it up, not taking a second to examine it. Immediately pain began to radiate through their hand, their palm warming. Looking down Y/n saw the small amount of blood on their hand, not too much to alert professional attention, but enough to begin slipping. The confusion and stress of the situation too much to handle, especially after a long day of school. “Gare?” Y/n whined, turning towards the boy.
Gareth had immediately perked up, his nickname ‘Gare’ only being used by Y/n when they were little. Looking over he saw a small grouping of green and yellow glass in the terror’s hand. A few of the smaller pieces poking slightly into their skin. “Okay, okay, crap.” He exclaimed, dropping the notebook and walking towards a now sobbing Y/n, grabbing their hand and slowly picking up the grouping of glass.
Y/n winced, the feeling uncomfortable but also reliving. “Hurts.” They whispered, looking up at Gareth, hoping for some sort of comfort or anything from him.
“I know, I know.” He said, walking the two of them over towards the picnic table, sitting Y/n down, him crouched down in front of them as he panicked.
“Fairy?” A distant voice called, clearly the voice belonged to Eddie. “Little Terror?” He sound louder, more frantic.
“‘s Eds.” Y/n whispered, silent tears streaming down their face as they slightly smiled, looking towards Eddie who had now turned into the clearing.
“Jesus H Christ.” He sighed when he saw Y/n crying, and their hand bloodied. “What happened?” He asked, taking Gareth’s place, crouching down in front of Y/n and grabbing their hand, his eyes quickly taking in the damage, then looking disapprovingly at Gareth.
“They grabbed a thing of glass off the ground.” Gareth murmured, he was quite literally there to keep an eye on Y/n, they had had a rough day and Eddie just wanted to be extra cautious because he was going to be late. Eddie looked up towards Gareth, anger clouding his eyes. “They were big, and they were just wandering!” Gareth exclaimed, trying to save himself. “I swear, I only had my eyes off of them for a second!”
“Enough.” Eddie said after seeing Y/n getting continually stressed, the more Gareth raised his voice. Eddie grabbed Y/n’s bag, opening it and grabbing a smaller bag, one that held some basic first aid items. He pulled out some bandaids and then rummaged through their backpack again. “Where is your bear?” He questioned, looking at Y/n confused. They always had their special bear in their backpack, just in case they needed some known comfort.
“‘s lost.” Y/n cried, their emotions going up and down rapidly. “He fell out a few days ago.” A pout was evident on their face, just pure unhappiness engulfed Y/n.
“How about we get you another one?” Eddie said, talking to distract Y/n from their hand, now being cleaned. “We can go shopping after the next meeting hm?” He hummed. Y/n winced as a bandaid was placed on one of the small cuts, but they nodded. “What will you name this one?” He asked, placing two more bandaids on other cuts.
“Maybe Eds?” They asked, their tone soft, and their face warm from crying.
“You can’t name it after me!” Eddie chuckled, planting a few kisses over Y/n’s hand, making them giggle.
“Then ‘m not sure.” Y/n sighed, looking at Eddie now and not their hand.
“You can name it when you see it.” Eddie suggested, standing up and packing the things he had taken out back into Y/n’s backpack. “Okay let’s get going.” He sighed, grabbing Y/n’s good hand and leading them out of the woods. “You’re off babysitting duty for a week.” Eddie said as he turned towards Gareth, Y/n chuckling.
“Eddie seriously?” Gareth questioned. “It was an accident!”
“I know, you just need some time to learn from it.” Eddie said, sounding oddly wise beyond his years.
“That’s bull-“ Gareth began.
“Don’t” Eddie said, finishing Gareth’s sentence. “What has you giggling little terror?” Eddie asked, now diverting his attention to Y/n who still held onto his hand.
“You said duty!” They screamed, a wide smile on their face as they pointed at Eddie. “Duty, duty, duty.”
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onlymingyus · 2 days ago
Hiiiiii I’m a new carat, and I just can’t stop thinking about at the end of a concert going backstage to see horny boyfriend Vernon that just fucks you at his dressing room all sweety and not caring if anyone hears.
Hi! Welcome to Caratland. I hope you are enjoying your stay lol.
cw; vernon x afab reader, unprotected sex, fingering, hand job, exhibitionism
Tumblr media
You could hear the sounds of the crowd as you sit in one of the dressing rooms waiting for your boyfriend. Your fingers playing lazily with the lanyard around your neck as you start to feel impatient until the sudden rush of nerves takes over.
The sounds of laughter, exchanges of jobs well done, and to take a few minutes to rest and get changed so that they could get back to the hotel could be heard from the hall making you look up only to smile when you see Vernon grinning at you from the doorway. With once glance back he moves in and shuts the door behind him as you take the few steps quickly towards him closing the space.
"It was a great show, I was..." He nods to your words but cuts you off with a kiss making you laugh as he turns and places your back against the wall his hands gripping at your waist. "You...you were watching from the side the entire time?" His words were raspy as he spoke moving his kisses along your neck.
You moan out a yes as his hands push your dress up. "I was watching you. I couldn't take my eyes off you most of the night. I wanted this the entire time. Fuck..." You whine leaning your head back against the door with a soft thud as Vernon's fingers push your panties to the side and his fingers slide between your already wet folds.
"Vernon..." He nods again as he quickly undoes his jeans, your fingers working to help him along. Your hands push his pants down with his briefs before you wrap your fingers around his cock making him groan loudly against your throat, his fingers curl up into you as he pushes you against the door.
"Shh...they will hear us." You hear him laugh against your skin before he kisses at your neck. His hand moving to tug your leg up around his hip so he can line the head of his cock up with your entrance as he leans back to look at you. You moan his name as he slowly pushes into you, one hand keeping your leg in place as the other is against the door by your head.
"Let them hear us. I don't care...I can put on another show."
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nctsplug02 · 20 hours ago
JENO CEO PLEASEEEE like fluffy smut omg thank you 🧎🏻‍♀️
genre: fluff and smut
warnings: office sex and oral sex (m receiving).
Tumblr media
“.. and, as you can see, this area here is current under construction because we’re planning to build a little aquarium thing for people to see and take pictures of. it’s going to be filled with fishes and—?” before jeno can finish his sentence, many gasps can be heard.
he and the person he was talking to turn their heads to see what everyone was looking at and gathering around.
he makes his way past the crowd and looks outside to see..
“excuse me,” he says to someone as he bumps into the them while trying to make his way to the exit.
he sighs and rips off his blazer before walking outside, into the pouring rain. “honey,” his voice is soft as he calls for you. “oh, hi. i’m sorry to show up out of the blue but, you forgot your lunch so i thought i should bring it and—?” he puts his jacket around you and tilts your chin up to his.
“you can explain inside. let’s go.” he takes your hand but you stop him. “my heel is stuck in this stupid thing.” it was a drainer for whenever it rained. “fuck,” he mutters under his breath as he attempts to pry your heel apart from the drainer.
“don’t pull too hard, it’ll break and these heels are very expensive.” these white Dior heels were gifted from jeno as a six year anniversary gift. “baby,” he tilts your chin to look at him, again. “we can buy you new ones.” you shake your head. “but these are special. it’s our six year anniversary gift. and, these are expensive so i don’t want you buying another one for me.” he chuckles softly.
“you’re adorable.” he gives you a quick peck and continues his attempt to pry your heel from the drain. “i didn’t think it was gonna rain today, im sorry.” he stays silent, it was just him concentrating.
he sighs and holds up your heel so your eyes are on it. “got it.” your eyes sparkle with joy. “oh, i love you!” you throw your arms around his neck and begin to press kisses all over his face, especially his lips.
finally, he helps you up and brings you inside the building. everyone mutters quietly as you and jeno walk past them. the both of you, drenched in wetness.
his white button up, now see through and showing off his sexy molded body. and, you. your yellow shirt showed your black bra, it was embarrassing.
jeno hates the fact that his employees crush on you every time they see you.
the way they drool over you and give you hungry eyes as you walk past them.
he quickly brought you into the elevator and brought you to his office. “you cold, baby?” he notices you shivering. “j—just a bit?” your teeth chatter causing giggles to erupt from you and jeno.
he presses down on a button and clears his throat. “lily, i need two coffees please. both black, no ice and two creamers, please and thank you.” before his assistant can speak, he removes his finger off the button.
he walks around his desk and faces you. “my pretty girl.” he sighs and squeezes the marble material desk. “i’m sorry that i made you come get me in the rain. i wasn’t expecting it to rain but it did. and, i was on my way to go house hunting with my mom but then i saw your lunch sitting on the table so i thought, i could just quickly run and bring it to you but nope. my shoe got stuck and then it started raining and everything.. just went terribly wrong.” you cry out into his chest and he comforts you with a fat grin.
knock knock.
“mr lee?” he turns his head to see his assistant. “ah,” he pats you as he pulls away and takes the two coffee mugs from her. “thanks, lily.” she pushes up her glasses and nods before slowly closing the door.
“here, baby.” he says, walking up to you and handing you a mug. “thank you.” he hand the two vanilla creamers.
as jeno leans in to take a sip out of his coffee, the phone rings. “fuck,” he sighs and takes a quick sip before going to the phone.
“yes, lily. sure, im not too busy at the moment. so, just send them to my line.” he speaks professionally.
as he continues to speak, you smirk to yourself. thinking from a while then, he had teased you a few times when you were on the phone.
it didn’t matter if you were calling a friend, your sister, your mom, he had found a way to be on his knees and eating you out— or, with his fingers buried in your cunt.
you silently clear your throat before setting your mug aside and slipping off jenos jacket.
“yes, we do.” jenos eyes follow you, every move. his eyes move down as you drop to your knees, crawling over to him with your back arched. you sit on your knees in front of him, a smile on your lips as you watch him squint.
“mm,” you hum, pointing to his dick. you pout when receiving an answer you didn’t want. you tilt your head and whine.
he silently sighs and juts his chin out, gesturing that if you wanted his dick, you’d have to take it out yourself. you sit up more on your knees, undoing his belt and undoing his pants.
you look up at him when reaching his briefs. you bite your bottom lip, giving him a needy look. “i’m actually fully booked that day, i could check with my assistant and ask her what days are f—free.”
his cock springs out, semi hard. you silently giggle to yourself when his cock freely bounces in front of your face. you take ahold of his dick and he shivers, he stammers over his words.
“y—yeah, no. i’m perfectly fine. thank you for asking.” he clears his throat and clenches his jaw at you, which you shrug at.
you wrap your lips around his tip and he instantly tenses at your warmth. you move in on swirling your tongue around his tip and licking at his slit.
you bring your hand up to his balls and you fondle them. jeno bites his fisted and tosses his head back. “yes, we do.” jeno says with a relaxed tone.
you bob your head, taking him down your throat. his tip jabs your throat making you slightly gag. your eyes water and your nose becomes slightly red. your cheeks heat and your throat aches.
jeno places his hand on your head and slightly yanks on your hair. you squeeze your eyes shut tightly as the aching sensation spreads around your scalp.
jeno’s close.
you can tell by the way his cock twitched and the way his face scrunched with pleasure. “ah— i’m sorry, i—i have a meeting to attend at t—the moment. s—so, please call back and i will get to you as—as soon as possible.” jeno quickly hangs up as the person understands.
“fuck,” he immediately swears out loudly. he grabs the back of your head and shoves your head until your nose touches his abdomen.
he holds your head down before cumming down your throat with a loud and long groan. “fuck, baby.” he sighs, rutting his hips into your mouth.
finally, the man pulls away making you gasp for air. “i’m sorry, honey.” his tone was soft and sweet. “god, im sorry.” he lifts you off his knees and cups your face. you shake your head, wiping your lips. “i’m okay, im okay.”
he gives a smile and kisses you passionately. “i love you.” he says against your lips. “i love you too.” you giggle as he dips you and kisses your neck.
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a-witch-named-crow · 15 seconds ago
Dear god, that is a very large 5.
5. Do you have any writing superstitions? What are they and why are they 100% true?
Congratulations, you have nailed it. I have no writing superstitions that I know of.
Thanks for playing!
ask game
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wolfythewitch · a day ago
Thinking abt Phil’s cane, if he’s lost two whole (extremely heavy) limbs that were previously attached to his back, he’s gonna be listing forward and idk if a singular grip cane is realistically gonna be enough? Like his balance is Fucked Up a C-cane or functional grip cane might not be enough, two forearm crutches could work, though I don’t know if the possible risk of overbalancing and falling forward would still be a problem with the canes
Additionally if the blast went all the way to the bone, or at least deep enough that his wings were ruined enough they had to be amputated then he is going to be in severe pain and have extremely severe muscle damage, so excessive weight on his arms/shoulders/upper body when using his cane/crutches would exacerbate the issue and be extremely painful
So honestly a wheelchair could work the best
Sorry to dump this in your inbox lol I am disabled and go a bit crazy for realistic disabled rep in fantasy situations haha! Hope this is a little bit helpful
Oh sick yeah! I considered that, and I dooont really know how fast healing is in Minecraft compared to irl but I'd say a bit more sped up, do you think it would be possible for him to go from wheelchair to forearm crutches to cane in the span of a long period? He does help with rebuilding L'manburg and also is pretty active during then, making a secret bunker and seeing techno and everything, but according to lore that took place over many months so I think we could work around that?
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vividstilinski · a day ago
congrats on 3k!! to switch it up a little, can u do angst 17? the reader finds out austin cheated or vice versa
do you think i deserved it? - austin butler
note ; i love the angst prompts they are truly my fav. also lowkey can we discuss how homeboy austin is highkey a cheater like he did vanessa so dirty and it all makes sense why i love him😫 anywho in this imagine austin will be the cheater <3
warnings ; angst, talk of cheating
picture after picture of your boyfriend and his co-star, olivia dejonge, getting cozy at a restaraunt in australia. every tabloid, every tweet, all confirming your worst nightmare. texts flooded your inbox, voicemails being left asking if you were okay. you had only been focused on your breathing, trying to maintain a pattern so you didn’t pass out.
since you had seen those pictures, you hadn’t spoken to him in days. he didn’t even realize you had seen the pictures; he was just so lost in his own world that he forget about his girlfriend back home that needed him. instead of waiting for him to realize you two weren’t speaking, you printed out every single picture that had been released of them, stuffing it into an envelope and taking the next flight out to queensland, australia.
you had ended up exactly where you had needed to be; in front of your boyfriend’s rental apartment, the one you had helped him find. your hands trembled as you tried to prepare yourself for what you might see behind the door. the envelope remained stuffed in your hand, becoming damp from the sweat that glistened on your palms. with all the strength you could muster within you, you knocked.
you heard footsteps, lock unlatching, to reveal austin. his hair was disheveled, dressed in a muscle tank and blue sweatpants. his eyes widened at the sight of you, heart nearly falling to his stomach as he tried to stammer out words. “[y/n] —“
“is she here?” you asked calmly, grip tightening around the white envelope.
“what? i —“
“the girl you cheated on me with? is she here?” you asked again, maintaining eye contact as best as you could. he found it harder to keep your gaze, knowing he couldn’t lie to you.
“good,” you nodded slowly, and he watched your reaction carefully. “well, i came to drop these by,” you shoved the envelope into his chest, and he tumbled back slightly from the impact. “goodbye, austin.”
you began to turn around, knowing that if you didn’t leave now, he would see you completely break, and you couldn’t let him win like that. “wait! [y/n]! hold on,” he chased after you, footsteps padding on the concrete as he latched onto your arm, whipping you back around. “it’s not what you think.”
“did you kiss her?” you waited, praying that maybe, just maybe, the answer wouldn’t be what you already knew it was.
he looked down at the ground, kicking a rock with his foot, “yes. i did.”
“so then, yes, it is what i think,” the tears were now fully enveloping your eyes, and any second now, they would begin to paint your face. his eyes softened at your expression, guilt wracking his entire body. you wanted to turn around on your heel, but you just had to ask once, before you removed him from your life forever. “was it worth it, austin? throwing away our five years together for her?”
“n-no, [y/n], baby, i swear i—“
“do you think i deserved it?” your voice shook with anger.
he shook his head immediately, “n-no! [y/n], i’m a fucking idiot. please don’t do this —“
“goodbye, austin,” you smiled at him lightly through your tears, ignoring his cries into the night, leaving him behind with the realization that he had lost the love of his life.
join the celebration here!
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kiwi-draws · 17 seconds ago
do you have any mspaint tips! canvas sizes too!
ughm i dont really have any. i dont do that layer trick people figured out i just kinda. draw! id look up some tips online cuz i know jack shit lmao
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