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bro i saw it on my fyp (it was a stitch of someone else basically saying “it hurts to see someone else living your dream) and tbh it didn’t even cross my mind BUT IT HAS NOW

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definitely going to, probably would start with donghua, but not right away bc i like it give it some time before adding a new fixation 😌

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She felt herself get yanked off the floor by the massive creature and looked into his empty eyes. She wanted to say something, but her throat had twisted itself, and now all She could do was wait and see what He decided to do with her.

After a long silence, be gently set her her back down and turned away again, C̵o̶m̷e̴ ̶a̴l̷o̵n̸g̵,̶ ̷L̷i̴t̴t̴l̵e̸ ̶M̸a̷g̵e̸.̸.̸.̶ ̶Y̷o̴u̷'̸v̵e̷ ̸f̴i̵n̸i̴s̷h̷e̸d̴ ̶y̵o̸u̶r̸ ̴e̵r̶r̴a̴n̴d̵.̸

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I think you should get whatever slasher or idea you want! I’m in the middle of getting a slasher sleeve (been halted because of COVID, I only currently have two pieces of the sleeve) and I tell my artist ideas that I like or just what films I want to incorporate. Like, after I get my Jason finished I’ll probably get something related to The Shining and I know eventually I’d love to get something related to House of 1,000 Corpses and Chucky.

Whatever you choose, just remember that it is on your body forever (duh, Karen). If the idea of getting something Jason related just because it’s Friday the 13th doesn’t thrill you – then don’t get it. If your thing is more like, idk, Scream I would think about something from that film you could use as a tattoo idea. Perhaps the mask or a giant, 90s cell phone with blood. This is just an example obviously. I usually take at least half a year (most of the time a full year) to consider my idea/design before making an appointment. But everyone’s different! I’m not saying that’s what you have to do. 

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Tbh I don’t know because I check my tumblr at different times for myself. Some days I don’t open up tumblr until the evening, other days I am able to come on in the morning. So it varies and I never know for sure when I receive asks. Like did I get it the night before? Or that morning before I got up? Who knows 🤷‍♀️

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Yep, that’s all very true! Thank you for your support Alexandra ❤️

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Thank you that is so kind (:

As for plotting - I don’t think I’m good at it. Have a vague idea and as you flesh it out try to keep in mind how the various characters will be affected. Try to anticipate any plot holes and always have a rationale for why something is happening. Even if not explicitly stated. There has to be purpose in your actions and it should culminate to affect the end result.

It’s nice to have a skeleton idea of what you want from the story. Like, I really wanted to write the fall of SKB and have the reader thrown into the events that preceded it. So I didn’t know how tf we’d get to that point, but the further I wrote, the clearer the path toward that event got.

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Night: How are you?

Eh, a little stressed but not too bad compared to yesterday

Black: A piece of life advice?

Don’t rush into things, but don’t put it off either. If you feel you need to wait for whatever reason, you’re allowed to, but don’t wait until the last possible minute either. Do it whenever you’re comfortable enough.

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context is important but for most, it’s usually backhanded apologies that are intended to manipluate (or at least in my personal experience) the other person

if the people genuinely feels like a bad s/o and that they aren’t good enough i feel like there are different ways to say that. again, for me, saying “i’m sorry i’m not good enough.” or whatever when you get called out for something you did wrong doesn’t feel right. it feels (and sometimes is) like manipulation yk? just seems like a backhanded apology and when you grow up with emotionally manipulative parents you tend to be more wary with that shit because it seems so similar to your parents old ways

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