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#anon <3
inarizahki · a day ago
PLS HAIKYUU HUSBANDS + PICKING THEM UP WHEN THEY’RE DRUNK pt 2 with Osamu, Suna and whoever else!! Samu would def get the munchies and make you take him to get fast food at 3am
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cast: osamu, suna, matsukawa, hanamaki, ushijima, aone, meian, futakuchi, tsukishima, hinata warnings: alcohol a/n: again, drink responsibly kids
[pt. 1]
Tumblr media
wants you take him to his restaurant because why spend money when he can just make his own food. only problem is he’s swaying like a tube man and would be a danger to himself and all his fingers if knives are involved, so you drive to a convenience store instead.
“that looks disgusting.”
you pause midway in lifting the food to your mouth and sigh, “it’s a convenience store onigiri, ‘samu. it’s not supposed to be gourmet.”
“bet the filling tastes like- like piss,” osamu slurs, glaring at the offending thing in your hand. “the s’nothin’ like kita’s...”
“no one’s rice is like kita’s.” you roll your eyes and take a bite. 
osamu falls silent, looking all kinds of betrayed, before glancing at your mouth and mumbling, “is it better than mine?”
“of course not. can’t even compare.” 
his chest puffs up. “knew you had taste. s’why i married ya.”
drinks until he’s out like a light. no one can wake him up except you and when you do, it’s only barely. clings to you like a koala by draping himself over you, but he’s gigantic and heavy, so atsumu and osamu have to help carry him to your car.
“rin,” when you pull up into the driveway and round the front of the car to open the passenger seat door, you giggle at the sight of suna’s head lolling back against the headrest. “baby, wake up. we’re home.”
“riiin,” you whine sweetly, leaning forward to brush your nose against his cheek, “wake uuup.”
you nearly shriek when a hand wraps around your wrist and tugs hard, pulling you into the car and onto suna’s lap. warm lips ghost over the skin on your neck.
“let’s just stay here for a bit.”
just can’t keep his hands off you. sidles up to you when you arrive, grabs at your waist, presses his face into your neck, nips at your earlobes, murmurs the filthiest things in your front of all his friends with absolutely no ounce of shame.
“why...why’re you wearing so many clothes...” matsukawa mumbles against your skin, “take ‘em off for me, doll...”
“issei, your friends are right there.”
“...they can watch if they like,” a hand slips under your top, the other trailing up your thigh, “but no touching. you’re mine.”
“issei!” heat rushes to your cheeks and when you look up...
“makki, put your phone away, i swear to god.”
a lot more vocal than normal, rambles on and on as you pretend you know what he’s talking about. tries to pee anywhere and everywhere and you have to physically stop him from doing it in places where he could actually get arrested.
“i can’t talk to you like this, ‘hiro,” you looks up towards the sky, trying not to hear what’s going on in the bushes in front of you.
“like what?” 
“oh my god, don’t turn around!” you shriek at the sight of him about to face you, his hand still on his dick.
“oh my bad,” hanamaki turns back around and sighs, doing a little jiggle to finish up. “man. i should marry you. you’d be good for me i bet.”
“‘ did marry me.”
“...really?” hanamaki turns and squints, finally done, propping his hands up on his hips. you sigh at the sight of his unzipped fly being proudly displayed. “well can i do it again? i don’t remember.”
looks sober until he opens his mouth and starts talking about the strangest topics. gives everyone whiplash because he smiles. and blushes.
“my wife...” ushijima starts, staring down at the empty glass in his hands with a small smile, “is very beautiful.”
“yes i know,” tendou sighs. “she’s very beautiful and smells like heaven and you’re so very much in love with her. i’ve got the powerpoint presentation memorized.”
“she’s also standing right behind you.”
the absolute sweetest, follows you obediently into your car when you arrive to pick him up, shakes his head when koganegawa pleads for him to hang out a little while longer. a little clumsy and uncoordinated and hovers over you like a lost puppy the entire night.
“’nobu,” you chuckle and bat away his big hands, “i got this.”
he lets out a displeased grunt and you smile, leaning forward to kiss away the frown on his lips before finishing your task of helping him out of his jacket.
you place a hand on his chest, pushing him back until he’s lying down on the bed. “get some rest, love.”
"you’re...not coming?” 
“i’ll be right there,” you whisper, pulling the blankets over him and rubbing his arm, “promise.”
is usually surrounded by msby fans when you arrive because his height and looks unfortunately make him far too recognizable. so charming it’s like he’s not drunk at all, but you know him well enough to spot the signs.
“ah,” meian blinks at the sight of you before his face breaks out into a wide grin, “here for an autograph too, beautiful?”
giggles burst out of the group of fans around him.
you arch your eyebrow at him, unimpressed. “you already gave me your autograph. on our marriage papers.”
the giggles grow in volume.
"i see.” meian looks a lot more sober now and straightens, nodding gravely. “i suppose we should consummate that tonight then.”
sarcasm and disrespect dialed up to a hundred. tries to pick a fight with everyone but it’s not very effective because he just sounds ridiculous, so no one really pays attention to him.
“don’t touch my girl.”
“oh my god,” you drag your fingers down your face, “enough, kenji, get in the car. let’s go.”
“i’m serious,” futakuchi’s barely even standing, bracing himself heavily against the open car door. he points at the man he’s talking to. “don’t touch her.”
“kenji, that’s aone.”
“she married me, see. you...y’can’t have her.”
“kenji, he was your best man.”
annoyed drunk. hates everything and everyone...except you. you’re alright. 
“so you don’t get lost,” tsukishima explains when he grabs your hand, scowling down at you like that’s something you do on a regular basis. “...dummy.”
“kei...” you try not to laugh when he nearly trips over a fire hydrant. “you can barely walk.”
“yeah and?”
“nothing,” you shrug innocently, “just thinking maybe holding my hand is more for your benefit.”
“don’t be stupid.”
“excuse me?”
“...nothing.” tsukishima looks away with a slight flush on his cheeks and mumbles, “...sorry. didn’t mean it.”
the human equivalent of the heart eyes emoji. so unbelievably bubbly and excited. flushed cheeks, wide eyes, looks at you like he’s falling in love with you all over again.
“you’re really pretty.”
“awww, thank you, baby.”
“i’m a professional volleyball player, did you know?”
“yes shou,” you reply with the patience of a saint, all too familiar with this routine, “you play for the black jackals. you play for team japan.”
he doesn’t seem to hear you. “m’gonna win big ‘n become successful...”
“you were in the olympics last year, shou.”
“...‘n i’m gonna marry you one day.”
“we are married, sweetie.”
Tumblr media
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mintitty · 12 hours ago
panties of the day?
Oooo I haven’t gotten to do this yet!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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astralselfships · a day ago
I need support. I need advice. I'm so in love with a fictional character, but the problem is I don't think I'll ever be able to fall in love with someone physically here... I want to get married someday. I want to have kids. But like- nobody will be this character and I don't want to force myself to be with someone just because they show interest. They won't be the same... no one is as good as him... and I hate this. I'm overwhelmed... I feel unhealthy...
Anon, dear, there is nothing to worry about, no reason whatsoever to call yourself unhealthy. But hear me out: it is more than valid to feel overwhelmed by this experience, especially if it spirals and seems out of control.
I promise you it is NOT uncontrollable or a situation that needs to be hated. Most of us who self ship are, or have tendencies at least to be idealists at heart, and this is beautiful! It's totally alright to daydream and love your F/O for as long as you're alive, because if you feel it as love, then it is so!
Don't worry about the future too much either, lovely! Life has crazy ways of unwrapping itself in front of us as we keep on marching on, so don't stop doing what you love because life is NOW, not in the future when you will be ready for a real life family. Give it some time!
I know and understand perfectly why you feel overwhelmed, I do too sometimes and I'm sure me and you are not the only ones who feel this way. If you'd like to talk about it more, don't hesitate to dm me. Remember I'm always here for you and everyone else who needs to vent or share their thoughts!
Take care of yourself and of your F/O and embrace the love you have for them, I admire you for loving someone so strongly, even if they're fictional at the end of the day. <3🌸
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bellatrixscurls · a day ago
hi babe!! :) are u gonna do the sub jamie and step mom one shot??
Tumblr media
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twitchy-witchy-gal · a day ago
it’s the last month of the year, respond with your favorite pictures of yourself this year.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ikaroux · 4 months ago
HII i havent really submitted anything before so i hope this is ok! could i ask for the "When it comes to wake you up after a “restless” night. (Diluc, Zhongli, Kaeya)" but with albedo? its totally okay if not! thank you for reading!
Answer below ❤
"When it comes to wake you up after a “restless” night" Xiao/Venti/Albedo
Headcanons NSFW (18+)
Not for minors !
Summary: Your lover had completely exhausted you, not letting you sleep until the early hours of the day. He is the first to wake up to get on with his daily chores, leaving you to sleep a few more hours. Noticing that you are still asleep as the morning is about to end, he decides to wake you up by himself... forgetting that you were still naked under the sheets.
Diluc, Zhongli, Kaeya part 1
Tumblr media
Xiao is a HYPER sensitive man, both emotionally and physically.
You can be sure that once he has tasted the pleasure of the flesh, he will come back for more.
He loves you more than anyone else on Teyvat and he considers sex one of the best ways to show it.
In public, Xiao is often reluctant to touch you. He will tend to stare intently at your hands or lips. If you surprise him, he will turn his face away abruptly, trying to hide the redness on his cheeks. (He doesn't know you can see it on his ears, so cute.)
Don't tease him, he might take it the wrong way, yell at you and run away, you won't see him for a couple of days. Gently hold his hand, if you do, you can be sure he won't hesitate to touch you again.
He loves it when you kiss him. Whether it's his cheeks, his lips, his hands, he loves your touch. You soothe him... He who suffers continuously from his karmic debt, from his past sins, you are an infinite source of happiness in his eyes.
When you are both alone in Xiao's room at the Wangshu Inn, he will be very affectionate. He will often wrap his arms around your waist or chest, peppering your neck with sweet kisses.
Xiao warms up quickly. Be prepared for intense, daily sexual activity!
But don't worry, he's learned to control his own orgasm. He'll only let himself come when you've had yours.
Like I said, this man warms up quickly. Want another round? He'll be ready in a second and as many times as needed!
Xiao had not slept all night.
When you plunged into sleep, Xiao had to leave reluctantly to perform his yaksha duties.
The sun was already high in the sky when he returned. Too exhausted to pay attention to his surroundings, he didn't notice your sleeping form in bed, instead heading to the shower to clean up and cool off. The day was particularly hot, which Xiao couldn't stand. He quickly removed his clothes, tossing them aside. He noticed his reflection in the mirror, littered with bites and hickeys from last night. Red flushed in his cheeks as images of your lovemaking flashed through his mind.
"Tch."-He turned away from the mirror sharply, too embarrassed by the excitement that was slowly building inside him.
The cold water did him the world of good and when he came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist, he froze in place when he heard a moan. He thought at first that you were awake for a long time, probably downstairs helping Verr. He'd forgotten how much sleep humans could need, so when he thought about it, he hadn't let you rest until the early hours of the day.
He cautiously approached you. Your legs were bent over, you were clutching a cloth that looked like one of his tops and, by the archons, you were still naked! Quickly, he felt his sex harden at the sight of your body, which he had adored only hours ago. He always thought you were beautiful, with or without clothes. How was he supposed to let you rest when he found you with nothing on!?
"Damn it! This woman is going to drive me crazy." - he said in a desperate tone.
Xiao climbed onto the bed, straddling you shamelessly. He turned you on your back, instantly waking you up with a scream. He silenced you with a rough kiss, ripping off the tank top you were holding, freeing your chest of all embarrassment. His hands came to cup your breasts whose nipples were already hardened, massaging them greedily. He let go of your swollen lips to better admire you.
He kissed your skin, moving down from your neck to your chest and finally your lower abdomen. His hands tenderly caressed your skin, moving up your thighs to your knees, spreading them further apart as his face approached your womanhood.
"Xiao... Please." - you planted one of your hands in his hair.- "I love you Xiao."
"(y/n) - He gently kissed your inner thigh. - "I love you too."
He dove between your thighs, making sure to take you to heaven.
Tumblr media
Venti loves the act of love, such an intimate, human act that allows him to express himself as much as his verse.
He is originally a wind spirit, sex is a totally unknown thing to him. He didn't even think he was capable of feeling emotions like desire. Having lived with humans has made him discover all the possibilities that a heart offers.
You have radically changed his life. Love was no longer just a poem to him, he lived it, felt it, desired it. He cherished and protected you more than anything else. You will notice that he is completely different when he is with you than when he is with his friends. He is gentle, serious and loving as you are with him.
He loves physical affection! Whether at home or away, he will never hesitate to kiss or cuddle you.
He will never force you to do anything. He'll always make sure you agree to anything he does.
When you're home alone, he likes to make you sit between his legs and then put his hands on the warm skin of your belly. He loves to tease you when it's just the two of you, your laughter is his salvation!
Venti must have his fix! I told you, he loves your touch and when he is really excited and well... Be prepared for him to over-simulate and not get much sleep...
Venti had been up for a while dressed and walking the streets looking for a good breakfast to offer you. Often men and women he passed would ask him why he had such a wide smile on his face, Venti would simply tell them that he was just very happy. He was always happy with you, but every time he had carnal relations with you, his heart was full of it.
He bought you apples, juice, bread and a good piece of cheese! To add to your pleasure, he paid for it with his own hard-earned moras. Satisfied with his purchases, Venti went home. He prepared a tray for you, beautifully decorated with a flower from Cecilia, which he brought to your room.
The room was pleasantly lit by the soft rays of the morning sun. Seeing that you were still asleep, Venti placed his tray on the table that decorated your room. He walked over to the bed, jumping on it to kneel on the mattress next to you.
"(y/n) Wake up!"
"Wake up!" - He shook you lightly before leaning down to kiss your neck.
"Still sleepy ~"
Venti laughed to himself. To tease you, he pulled the blanket off your shoulders before remembering that you hadn't put any clothes back on last night. He opened his eyes wide at first, his cheeks slightly rosy, then flashed a small, sly smile.
"Venti! It's cold!" - The naughty expression on his face froze you in place. -
His hands moved slyly over your body.
"Too bad, I'd gotten you a breakfast like you like.... - he kissed your belly and then each of your breasts, forcing a moan from your mouth. - "Haha, too bad, we'll eat it later! I have another meal waiting for me... "
On his words, he nibbled your lips making his fingers flow to your sex...
Tumblr media
Like Diluc, Albedo hides his game very well.
It is true that at the beginning of your relationship communication was complicated. He was not used to having conversations with others, preferring the company of his books and alchemical materials.
He put a lot of effort into himself for you (and only for you).
Albedo is not shy about physical contact, although he won't initiate it on his own, if you hold his hand or ask him for a hug in public, he will accept without hesitation!
He won't say it directly, but he loves to feel you against him. You only have to see the slight smile on his face to understand that he likes it.
Like Xiao, Albedo will be completely addicted to you after your first time. He'll often give you suggestive looks or kiss you on the neck and behind the ear to let you know that he wants to.
He carefully studies your every reaction, recording every point that makes you moan with pleasure. He's good, really good.
Albedo can be really hard in bed. He'll tend to start out slow until he gets carried away with his desires. Kiss the mark on his neck and you can be sure that you will end up the next moment in bed or on any surface where he can take you!
It is when Albedo returns to Mondstadt after several days away from Mount Dragonspine, that he will tend to have long sessions with you. He is usually more romantic and sensual, he has missed you and wants to make sure you know it.
Albedo had been up for a long time, working on the research he had brought back from Dosdragon and hadn't had time to read it over.
He had barely slept for a few hours, his eyes burning a little, but he was used to it. Coffee in hand, he read each line, correcting from time to time formulas that he had written.
After rereading his documents once, twice and then three times, he put his pen down on the kitchen table, sighing with fatigue. He removed the three cups of coffee he had drunk in the last few hours and washed them in the sink.
He looked at the clock, it said 11:49. He wondered if you had gotten up without him noticing. Curious, he looked around the house for you, calling your name softly.
When he got no answer, he went up to your room to see if you were still sleeping. When he opened the door, he spotted your form draped under the covers. You were lying on your stomach, your hair strewn across your back. Albedo noticed your nakedness when he saw the parting of your buttocks protruding from the blanket.
He looked at you for a long time without moving, just enjoying the view, but eventually he took his sketchbook to immortalize the moment. After a few sketches of you, he placed his material on your bedside table before lying down next to you, admiring your sleeping face and pushing a few strands of hair over your face. He stroked your skin, touched your lashes, watched your features until you opened your eyes, smiling at the sight of your lover.
"Hello there."-You intertwined your fingers with his hand that brushed your lips. -
You moved closer to him, snuggling into his arms. His eyes never left you, even when he lifted your chin to kiss your lips. It is at this moment that his hands strayed in your back, skirting the line of your spine, stopping a moment in the middle of the way to stick you a little more to him, to finally finish its race until your buttocks. He caressed them languorously, enjoying the noise of rubbing of his skin against yours and the moans that you let escape from your throat. Finally letting go of your ass, he moved down your thigh to your knee, grabbing it to place it on his hip.
Your excitement was palpable by the flush on your cheeks and your misty eyes. He loved having this effect on you.
Once he had you securely locked to his hip, he let go of your leg and moved up to your sex, stroking your clit with his fingertips. You were already ready for him, but he wanted to take you for the first time with his hand. He easily planted a finger inside your womanhood, slowly rubbing your walls before adding a second finger.
"Albedo, j-je, aaah, don't tease me please! - He smiles at your comment. -
"You are so beautiful, let me observe you a little longer..."
The bulge in his pants hurt, but he was a patient man, very patient...
Tumblr media
Hi! No worries, I don't mind at all, I'm even happy! I love Albedo, I wasn't going to do the same headcanons for him but it motivated me! Thanks for your request <3
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stylesharlow · 28 days ago
imagine being friends with jack and everyone thinks you guys are dating because you’re always acting like a couple
thank you for this request, friends to lovers is my comfort content hehe
ps. the part that's in italics is a past event
(Y/N) and jack have been best friends for years, there was virtually nothing that they didn't do together. she travelled out to see him a handful of times on each tour, they constantly hung out, and were close to each other's families.
jack, urban, and (Y/N) were a solid crew with an easy dynamic between the three of them, and nobody outside of this circle paid much mind to the unknown girl that was also with them. as jack's fame grew he was careful with how he spoke about her, knowing how the media liked to scrutinize his every move around women. he refused to put her through that.
however, even though they saw their friendship as completely normal, it was still heavily scrutinized and became somewhat of a spectacle over time. it started as a twitter thread that (Y/N) found accidentally when she shamelessly searched her name alongside jack's
"jack and (Y/N) dating proof: a thread" she scoffed to herself as she read the title, this should be good.
as she looked through every photo she became filled with anxiety, from an outside perspective this looked very convincing, but to her there was a reason he held her hand in most of them, there was a reason for them laughing together, there was a reason they were alone eating together. the hand holding always originated from the same issue.
she snuck a nervous glance towards the store windows, jack noticed she had gotten quiet.
"you okay?" she couldn't stop looking outside and was stalling any time he mentioned heading out from his shopping trip.
"um...yea...there just weren't that many photographers when we got here." ah, the paparazzi, the worst part about his job.
he made her look him in the eyes as he told her, "just hold on to me, we'll walk right into the car. i gotchu." those eyes and that smile. immediately she felt safe, this was just jack, she just had to listen to him and it would be fine.
he held out his hand and she grabbed it, strong and warm, everything would be fine.
that day was vivid in her mind as she looked through the photos of her gripping jack's hand and doing her best to hide behind his tall frame.
she locked her phone and sighed deeply, dating jack...
a few years ago that would be completely out of the question, but now...she wasn't so sure. they would most likely always be friends but she could definitely see the draw that had suddenly made everyone so attracted to him, she wasn't blind.
she put off thinking about it and refused to read that thread again, and any other consequent rumors that were being published in real articles about the two of them. (Y/N) almost completely forgot about all of it by the time her and jack were attending one of druski's parties, she hadn't seen him in a few tour stops and was very excited. she didn't run into him immediately and was pulled into another group of friends who were introducing their new friend will, he was hitting it off with everyone, especially (Y/N).
jack was outside sitting with a few guys smoking a cigar, enjoying the calm before entering the loud party to look for (Y/N).
"yo jack congrats on your chick man, she's fine." he started coughing, not expecting that to be the topic of conversation
"my what?"
"oh c'mon that girl you're always posted up with, i think she's here now." realization struck, jack was definitely aware of the rumors and actively tried avoiding them in interviews, he didn't think that needed to follow him home too.
"nah man it's not like that." he moved to extinguish his cigar eager to find her knowing for sure she was here now.
another one of his friends joined the questioning, "so you're telling me you're not hitting that." he gave jack a look of disbelief and laughter came from each person in the group, except jack.
he looked down with a smile he didn't mean, trying to hold his patience together, "i'm heading inside, but don't ever say that shit again brother." he patted his shoulder twice wearing the same empty smile and stalked inside taking deep breaths.
jack quickly found her in her typical group outside of him, he wanted to run up and hug his friend but stopped himself when he saw her clearly talking to a new face in the group, a new guy he had never met. jack was trying to be happy for her but it fell flat, all he wanted was to catch up with her privately and leave this party.
he lost steam and decided to just give her a hello and goodbye all in one when he greeted her.
"my fault i don't mean to interrupt, i haven't seen you yet." jack lightly touched the side of her arm, and the look (Y/N) had on her face when she turned to see it was him made him wish he had the desire to stay here with her tonight. she hugged him tightly saying how much she missed him through the hug before introducing him to the new guy, will, was his name.
"nice to meet you man, hey i'm actually heading home, got a show tomorrow and i'm beat." the disappointment on her face was clear.
"no way, everyone just got here!"
"i'm sorry been a long-"
"bro that shit i said outside, that was my bad man, it's just jokes." jack heard the familiar voice of his friend coming from behind him and without turning around said another goodnight to (Y/N) and will and headed out the door.
(Y/N) turned to jack's friend, "what was that about?" the man just shrugged.
as jack sat in his apartment scrolling through instagram watching people's stories, his doorbell rang. he was shocked to open it and see her standing there, looking very annoyed with him.
she pushed past him and stood in the front entrance of his apartment with her arms crossed, "what the hell was that? i haven't seen you in weeks and you leave me with a dramatic exit."
"my fault, i'm sorry, those guys i was with in the beginning pissed me off."
"yea i could tell, wanna talk to me about it?"
instead of answering jack gave her a hug and just held her until she unfolded her arms and hugged him back. he changed the subject.
"really did miss you, m'sorry."
before she could pull away he asked, "stay over tonight?"
she laughed lightly, "i came here right from the party, i'm not prepared."
jack only sighed at the nonissue and took her to his bedroom where he pulled out sweats and instructed her to change.
when he reentered the room later, she was sitting on his bed scrolling through her phone. "we haven't had a slumber party in forever."
"don't call it that." jack smiled and let out a laugh.
"did you expect another girl to be in your bed tonight, cause you had the makeup remover and spare toothbrush at the ready in there." she pointed to his bathroom with a smirk.
"nah, that's all you." she suddenly remembered the twitter thread and thought of the field day they would be having right now.
after another beat of silence she thought it would be easier to find humor in the anxiety she felt towards the dating rumors, "you know i saw the weirdest shit on twitter the other day, a lot of people think we're dating." jack saw her scrunch her nose at the end of her sentence, feigning disgust, he clutched his heart like he was in pain and sat at the end of the bed.
"would that be so bad?" (Y/N) froze where she sat and felt like the air was sucked out of the room.
"i mean, we're just- i don't- we can't-"
"woah, woah, relax, it's just me." he grabbed her hand in his like he's done countless times before and gave her that same smile, with those same eyes.
"this is how i see it, there's a guy at that party right now that would be happy to be in my position, but here you are in my bed, wearing my clothes, staying the night." his thumb traced light circles on the back of her hand and her face grew warm at his words.
"so..." he moved closer to her on the bed, "how much would change if i kissed you right now?"
(Y/N) gulped as his hand moved out of hers and to her neck, up to her cheek, "not much, i suppose."
jack wasted no time closing the small gap between their lips.
y'all have no idea how hard it was to stop writing this
please be honest with me is my writing too long? LOL i have so much fun with these prompts and can't stop writing. feel free to reply to this and be honest if i should cool it lmao
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nnsfwskz · 3 months ago
perv!felix headcanon? Felix n reader are bsfs and gets turned on by the reader doing literally anything 😩 he figures out readers kinks and is constantly teasing em and slowly grinding on them, thinking they dont know- Like the reader is 100% sure and does everything in their power to make lix horny. When he finally snaps he fucks the shit out of reader 😩😩 sorry if this was long GENGWHWGE
don’t apologize i love long concepts <3
「 request something or share your thoughts 」
✦:˒ perv!felix x bestfriend!reader ◞⁺☆.
so we all know he’s touchy and cuddly with friends but with you-
he’d always find a way to touch you
when he’s laughing he’d lightheartedly slap your thigh, keeping his hand there for a bit longer than necessary
he’d always hug you loving to either feel you against his chest or grind his bulge into you
whenever you’d go shopping he’s show you the sluttiest outfits ordering you to try them on just so he can admire your body
movie evening? lix will find a way to look for a movie with many sex scenes and when they’re on he’d focus on your reaction
that the way he slowly but surely found out so many kinks of yours
and he’d only use them for his advantage
you like choking? he’d choke you ‘jokingly’
mandhandling? he’d tickle you and hold your wrists together over your head (++ straddling your body, knees on both sides of your hips)
don’t get me started on pet names (little one, baby, angel)
he thinks he’s just so slick
shocker he isn’t - you found out pretty much immediately
you found out from the way his lips turn into a smirk as you let out little moans when he massages you (definitely not inspired from the video of him and hyunjin)
you found you from the way he’d grind into you
from the way he cuddled into you during sleepover - pressing his boner against you when he thinks your asleep
from the way he quite literally drooled while watching your body when he thinks your distracted
and most definitely from the way you hear him moan your name one night with his hard length in his hand
and it’s only fair to tease him right?
so you’re wearing your shortest and tightest clothes whenever you meet him
sitting on his lap purposely and moving to get him hard comfortable
and when he found out he was ANGRY
i mean you teasing him all the time thinking you could dom him
not with felix
he’d just pin you down and show you what you have been missing the last weeks
telling you what a filthy slut you were for teasing him
and how he knew you enjoyed him being pervy
his hands would run all over your body before he’s take advantage of his knowledge about your kinks
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christowhore · 4 months ago
here are a few andy barber fics that i have read, loved, and highly recommend ! (please make sure to comment and reblog the fics below, your interaction can go a long way)
summer fun - @serendipityrogers (nextdoorneighbor!andy)
angel sin cielo - @fairyevans (married!andy)
our little secret - @planetofawe (stepdad!andy)
secrets - @darlingsteve (dadsbestfriend!andy)
rosebud - @kthynes (husband!andy)
mexico - @simplystevies (bestfriendsdad!andy)
you and i both know - @worksby-d (dark!nextdoorneighbor!andy)
coffee shop romance - @just-one-ordinary-fangirl (divorced!andy)
do you dirty series - @balenciagabucky (married!andy)
habeas copulateus - @drabblewithfrannybarnes (husband!andy)
not the only one - @darkficsyouneveraskedfor (dark!husband!andy ft. dark!jake jensen)
what a lie - @bemine-bucky (married!andy)
to be so loved through it all - @geniedetails (silverfox!andy)
loving you - @andysbubba (husband!andy)
empty threats - @thesummerpetrichor (stepdad!andy)
answer it - @afriendlyblackhottie (babydaddy!andy)
girl next door - @honeydulcewrites (nextdoorneighbor!andy)
at the edge of a precipice - @bluemusickid (husband!andy)
to bear witness - @peachyteabuck (dark!single!andy)
diving bell - @buckyownsmylife (dark!librarian!andy)
private eye - @queenoftheworldisdead (dark!married!andy)
one cup sugar, one cup spice - @avintagekiss24 (nextdoorneighbor!andy)
worry - @stuckymuse (husband!andy)
training - @infernal-fire (dark!boss!andy)
*works may contain mature content- 18+ only. please be respectful to the dark content creators. read all warnings carefully. viewer discretion is advised.
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bvcksbunny · 26 days ago
Could you do a rafe smut where he is absolutely obsessed with the reader. Maybe the reader tries to hide/ghost him and he finds her.
𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐞, 𝐎𝐧𝐥𝐲 𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐞.
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 | dark!rafe cameron x reader
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 | you were his, even if you didnt know it. He will prove it
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 | sexual activity. non-consenual sex, stalking, murder, violence
𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐭𝐡 | 1.2k
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 | okay, this one is about to get dark, cause I've been watching YOU and reading a bunch of dark! fics so I know this is about to have joe Goldberg's fucking internal monologues. im sorry in advance.
𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐬 | outerbanks , rafe cameron
Tumblr media
your every movement, he had it memorised. he adored the small details, like how your hips shook when you walked, or the way your laugh hit his ears. he was infatuated by every sense of you. He missed when he was the one you would find yourself leaning on him more often than not. He knew this, he knew when you were coming to him, he saw what caused you to lean on him and did everything to lightly nudge a situation towards you that would end with you in his bed.
he found himself completely occupied by you, spending all his time watching you carefully from a distance, trying to slowly steer you towards him. that was until, one day you were gone, taking different routes to where you needed to go, not staying confined to your usual routine. even going as far as to be hyperaware of your curtains, closing them more often. He needed to hear from you, know you're okay.
sending a message, you were friends enough to message right?.
haven't heard from you for a while
want to get something to eat?
read 7:47pm
read... left on read, you wouldn't do that to him, surely you wouldn't have ignored him. maybe he should send another, no he can't. It will make him look desperate. Maybe he will just go and check in, what if you're not okay, what if you had gotten hurt?
rounding the corner onto your street, the dark cool air of the night. the familiar flicker of the street lamp that was four houses down from yours. your lights were on, your curtains weren't drawn like the recent normality that it was. he had made it, the shadow of your car was sat at the front.
your kitchen light now switching off grabbed his attention back to the house. looking up towards your room, as it was the only light on in the house. eyes gazing to see another figure sitting on your bed, you standing in front of him, in between his legs as he rubs the back of your thighs. you seem stressed, you picked your hand up to the side of your face as the guy sitting on your bed tilts his head. Did he do this to you? is he the reason for your stress?
The guy then pulled you in by pushing the back of your left knee cap, guiding you on top of him while placing a passionate kiss upon your lips. Rafe not pulling his gaze from you, convincing himself that this mystery guy is manipulating you into sex, due to your distressed looking state. His stomach twisted in anger when he saw the stranger pulling your shirt off your body than pushing you chest-first onto the best.
Nothing could convince him that you would do this consensually, there was no way he could comprehend that you would do this with anyone but him. He couldn't recognise the man who was bedding you, all he knew was that it wasn't him. he continued to watch your hair stick to your back as you arch in an incredibly delicious way for this stranger and he held your hips, joining you both at the hips.
he stood there watching as two sweat glistening bodies twisted around each other in a way so painfully for him. unable to understand why or how this has happened to him, why he had lost you to him. he was determined that you were designed for him, that your body was his only to enjoy in this state. unable to understand the moans were of pleasure, not pain because he wasn't the one pleasing you. This man was the reason you were avoiding him, he just didn't want to believe it until now, but now he knows this to be a solidified fact, from the way you were screaming for him.
It wasn't difficult for rafe to find this man, he had a sense of determination that was reserved for you. A man from the cut, someone rafe was unknowingly familiar with as he would sell to him every week. A man, rafe believed, wasn't deserving of your attention. A man, that no one will miss.
with a swift hit to the skull with a golf club handy from the back of his car, he knocked him unconscious. minimal blood in a place full of accidents. no one truly cares about anyone from the cut, or so rafe thought.
during this, the unbearing silence between you and the guy who had just left your house was not normal. Knowing that you had a shadow but trying to believe that he wouldn't kill someone for the sake of keeping you, it got a little too hard to see the good in rafe when hours went by and still no response from the man you spent the night with. someone you have been seeing for weeks.
rafe, dragging the man out of the car, stopped by the marsh, throwing his body into the water. slowly watching him drift off to be lost at sea. A smirk plastered on his face as he knew he was one step closer to keeping you. Now, all he had to do was make you forget. forget his filthy touch on your more than perfect body. He was a man on a mission, driving to your house, not bothering with discretion.
pounding on your door with anger and purpose, anger from the sights he endured of someone assaulting you, purpose knowing he can be the one to make you forget. there was nothing standing between you and rafe anymore. he had taken care of the obstacle.
opening your door with red eyes, evident of crying that was from the stress of the radio silence you had received from the guy you were seeing. you knew something had happened to him, that rafe had happened to him. upon realising who was standing on your doormat you when to close the door hastily.
the leather shoe of your ex-lover stood in front of you stopping the door from closing as he forcibly pushed his way into your home. it was obvious he was deep into insanity. with a smile and a sadistic laugh he grabbed your shoulders with a harsh squeeze, "we can be together now." leaving a foul-tasting kiss on your mouth.
trying to push him away he threw you onto your bed, your back painfully hitting against the headboard as he stalked towards you, grabbing your knees and forcing them open. he situated himself to kneel inside your legs, keeping one large hand on your thigh to stop them from closing, as the other ripped at your pants.
when satisfied with the lack of clothes he then spoke "pretty, all mine" before plunging himself deep into you, pulling a painful sob from your chest. you sat there frozen as he continued to violate you. whispering chant of "mine" and "no one else's" as he pistoned in and out of you excruciatingly.
when he had finally come to release he had done so inside of you, further playing into his fantasy of binding you to him. "what did you do?" you said with tears falling from your puffy eyes, looking up at him with nausea.
"We can finally be together now, he won't be bothering us anymore"
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rainbowparadisebht · a month ago
He’s wearing the dick tshirt during national coming out day😌
Tumblr media
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inarizahki · 19 hours ago
Broke: Y/N having an incredibly rare pregnancy where each baby has a different father after a threesome/gang bang
Woke: Y/N getting pregnant with babies of the same father who makes fun of the other man until he gets you pregnant, calling him a cuck and goading him into fucking you faster, harder, more desperate to fill you up than ever before. (Example: Oikawa knocking you up and teasing Iwa by saying his cum is the most potent/strongest, perhaps Iwa not letting Oiks fuck you until he's knocked you up this time around)
Thoughts? 👀
HELP?? i’m still at work but this would not leave my mind so here are my thoughts:
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+, minors dni, cucking, rough sex, oikawa bullying iwaizumi skskdjjs, breeding, dubcon
Tumblr media
it’s like you can feel him in your throat, that’s how hard and deep he’s fucking you right now.
“s-slow down,” a choked sob of his name rips out of you when a particularly harsh thrust jolts your body up the bed. “Ha- Hajime!”
Iwaizumi looks gone, all sense and reason lost as he thrusts into your cunt at a vicious, merciless pace. it’s carnal, brutal, you can feel the strength of his body behind every stroke and your thighs tremble with the effort of keeping up. you’re not sure you’re very successful- there’s not much you can do apart from lie there and take it, your helpless moans filling the room alongside the bed creaking in protest under the pounding of Iwaizumi’s hips.
“can’t,” is all he grunts out, jaw clenched, pupils blown wide open as he stares down at you. his hands curl into fists where they’re braced on either side of your head. “got…got a job to do.”
you’ve lost track of time, unsure of how long the two of you have been at it. two? three? how many loads are in you right now, sloshing around in your wet heat? the sheets under you are damp- damp with sweat and cum and only getting more soaked the more Iwaizumi rams into you. your pussy, tender and at its limit, gushes around his cock.
“gotta try harder, Iwa-chan,” a voice that comes from off to the side taunts, “never gonna knock her up like that.”
“shut- shut up.” Iwaizumi snaps, though it lacks bite given how breathless he is.
Oikawa, naturally, doesn’t shut up.
“just say the word,” he hums, “just say the word and i can show you how it’s done.”
“fuck you,” Iwaizumi spits out, never tearing his gaze away from yours; it’s like he’s trying to convince himself and you, “i can…i can fucking do it.”
“better fill her up as much as you can then,” Oikawa adds, sighing as he slides a hand down his pants and begins to stroke himself to the sight of you getting fucked into the mattress, “it only took one shot from me, remember?”
how could anyone forget, when your little daughter is sleeping so soundly in the next room? when she has your features but Oikawa’s eyes?
the reminder—that Oikawa had to step in and give a helping hand last time, that Oikawa has something of yours that Iwaizumi doesn’t—seems to be the last straw.
Iwaizumi pulls out of you, giving you no time to recover before gripping one of your thighs and flipping you over onto your front. he pulls you toward him, fingers digging into the flesh on your hips as he shoves his cock back into you with a guttural groan, the feeling of your tight walls hugging his throbbing shaft almost too much for him to bear.
a choked sob, from both pleasure and pain, rips out of you. your cheek presses into the pillow beneath you as harsh thrusts begin to rock you forward again.
“when i cum…” Iwaizumi pants and grips your hips tightly to yank you back onto his cock.
“…don’t spill a single drop.”
Tumblr media
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lavenprinz · 5 days ago
tenderness in the rain (the common trope of romance)
Tumblr media
word count of 1.3k angst under the cut written as a response to the ask - "Childe's childhood sweetheart getting insecure with how much time childe is spending time with lumine." art creds
You admit that Liyue is not your familiar Morespok as the clouds heave with gentle droplets and not crystalline hail of your hometown. Would Childe too become accustomed to the landscape of Morax’s creation and no longer yearn for the icy winds of Snezhaya? Perhaps, that’s why he feels distant and more acquainted with Lumine, the saviour of Liyue. Who wouldn’t be drawn to the eye of the storm that surrounds the mystery of the traveller, hailing from the stars that alight the night sky? If the citizens were glowing lanterns, Childe was the waning moon and Lumine the brilliant diamonds accompanying him. Such negative thoughts in the evening made you sigh into your cooling tea, feeling no appetite for the seafood feast of Yue cooking as it only reminded you of the man of your affections, who no doubt at this moment would be pestering the illustrious adventurer for a spar.
At times like these, you miss the chilled bottles of alcohol that you could indulge in the taverns of Morespok. The burn of beverage could no doubt wash away the intoxicating insecurity that had you craving for Childe, desires engraved in your every waking moment. You mused that it was merely wishful thinking, for he had pervaded his way into even the escape of liquor, memories of late nights flooding your mind, reminding you of your youth with Childe. You had spent your rebellious phase with him, taking stinging shots of vodka together as teenagers, yielding to the charm of underage drinking. The subsequent headaches and scolding were shared together, hunting for foxes as repentance though the trudging trips into the snow only etched his captivating form against the pale mountain caps into your mind. You smiled to yourself, longing to be soothed by the visage of his comforting back or be swathed in his warmth, imagining him offering you his coat in the midst of shivering. If only these were drunken daydreams and not your sober self so you could have an excuse for the emotional thunderstorm in your heart.
Having been done with your meal a considerable time ago, you placed Mora on the table to leave for your temporary quarters only to be met with the bursting of the clouds above you. The light rainfall felt like a reflection on your weeping heart as you strolled onwards, how could the rain dampen your already crushed mood? When you rounded the corner past Wangsheng Parlour however, you found that, yes, the rain could cause you to fall even further apart, thunder rumbling through the city as your gaze met Lumine’s.
She had an umbrella held above her head by none other than Childe, sheltering her from the water with a fond expression, locked towards Lumine’s face. She must have noticed the wounded look on your downcast face as you turned around, heart dropping to your stomach hearing her shout of your name. You were grateful for the rain, hoping it could conceal the rivers of tears that fell from your eyes. You had never wanted to admit it, but the scene confirmed to you that your childhood sweetheart has grown up, without you and to other lovers. She’s so perfect for him, I should be happy, not hurt.
Absorbed in the dejected emotions consuming your heavy heart and miserable mind, you didn’t pay attention to your surroundings nor the obvious lack of rain soaking your form as you walked in silence. You flinched when a gloved hand brushed a tear from your cheek, eyes flicking up to see Childe, the stormy expression on his features making your heart sink even further. Ah, I must’ve interrupted their date. You tried to find the words to apologise, only managing out a soft spoken “I’m sorry-”
“For what? Who made you cry?” Huh? Who made me cry? You let out an incredulous scoff to yourself, finding humor in the situation and mumbling a half-hearted excuse, “Nobody, it’s not like it matters. I must’ve bothered you and Lumine, that’s why I said sorry.”
“Of course it matters to me y/n, who would dare to make my beloved upset? You could never bother me, don’t apologise for no reason.” You choked at the sudden mention of “beloved”, taken aback by the conflicting statements of Childe to your heart’s dejected state. Stunned speechless, you could despondently cry as his arms made his way around you, eyes closing shut in a desperate prayer that this wasn’t a delusion. Childe’s heartbeat against yours felt real. It was racing, just like your thoughts and his low murmurs of ‘there, there’ accompanied with his hands running through your hair had you defeated in his embrace. I’m so in love with him. I can’t help feeling sad and happy at the same time, how strange. You could feel yourself calming to the sound of his reassuring tone, heart returning to ease. How a simple motion of being held tightly by Childe could make your world’s axis realign and find the courage to ask, “Who's your beloved?”
“It’s you, of course it’s you. It’s always been you, ever since we were foolish kids and even now as we stand in the rain. You made me happiest when I saw you again in front of me in Liyue, where I was far from home and you. You make me happy now, in my hold and I promise you, I will get revenge on whoever made you cry.”
His comfortingly familiar voice in your ear made you bury your blushing face into his collarbone, too tickled pink to tell him the now embarrassing truth and misunderstandings in your doubtful mind. “If you can’t tell me immediately, that’s fine. Though, sweetheart never turn away from me alright? Tsarita’s mission has been difficult and you have been my light in this harrowing tunnel of change. Soon enough, we will return after this mission is complete and I will have you in Snezhaya, where we belong.”
You felt a smile curve your lips upwards, feeling at peace at last in this turbulent storm of a night. In the distant earshot, you could hear Paimon exclaim to Lumine, “Finally he’s made up with y/n! He’s been so pent up recently, always wanting a fight because he doesn’t want to bother y/n who seemed distant.” Lumine hushed Paimon, “Shhh… I don’t think we’re meant to be here. Let’s not bother the lovebirds, I bet he hasn’t even confessed his feelings for her yet!” Paimon’s cordial exclamation of “What a bad boyfriend!” made you giggle to yourself which made Childe part from you, a worried expression on his handsome face examining yours for any change. Feeling courageous with the turn of events, you leaned forward, placing a fleeting kiss on his lips before pulling away. “I like you, Childe. I always have since our childhood and I felt insecure that you were spending so much time with Lumine. You made me cry but it’s all okay now, just as long as you become my boyfriend!”
Out of breath from the hurried jumble recounting your feelings and thoughts and abrupt proposal of formal relationship after the nervous kiss, you prepared yourself for rejection by closing your eyelids, only for them to open wide at the feeling of Childe’s lips pressed passionately against yours. He seems to steal your breath from your empty lungs even more, leaving you breathless as he pulls away with a beaming smile on his face. “I’m so glad that you like me too. I will never let you cry again because of a reason that is my fault and easily fixed. I’ll be your boyfriend y/n, your husband if you would let me too. I love you.”
© all the original writing belongs to lavenprinz, 2021
A/N: and that’s a wrap <3 i have listened to too many sad songs trying to get in an angsty comfort mood but i’m over it and i hope this is a comforting/ pleasing ending for you all !!! i totally live for the miscommunication idea and that no, childe was not purposely ignoring you, he just felt that you were feeling off and was waiting for you to come to him and tell him! he cares about your feelings very much but respects you ehe (that’s why he waited for you to tell him abt it!!! but u crying made him go :OOOO) . lumine def supports you <333 you just mistook his friendly gaze as ‘tender’ towards her hehe. plz have a good day after reading this and know that you r very important n loved esp by me !!!
note: my blog contains adult/dark content. please do not interact if you are a minor.
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sweetdreamsbuck · a month ago
soft dom bucky w lots of praise😫😭
jesUS YES because Bucky is a fkn pleasure dom!!! everything about his need for control comes from a place of care and concern and wanting to so desperately pleasure you. he gets off knowing he is the only one that can make you feel this good and fall apart the way he expertly does and he's such a little shit about it. constantly having to let you know how good you are for him and how good you make him feel. and he is SO into overstimulation, you can't even remember a time where touching you meant any less than at least 6 orgasms
oh baby, doing so good for me-- fuck. my beautiful little angel, taking my cock so well. wish you could feel how good you feel milkin' the life out of me. look at her, wrapping 'round me like a vice. shit baby, feel me all the way up here? only i can fill you like that. such a good girl for me. pussy was fucking made for me. that's it, come all over my cock again like a good girl. my good girl as you start to come down from you fourth high of the night, crying out his name because it's the only thing you're thinking of, your eyes flutter open to look towards his flushed face and see that damn look in his eye. he grabs your ankles and pulls you closer to the edge of the bed, wrapping his strong arms around your thighs and kissing up your left knee, humming into your skin mmm so perfect for me angel
bucky, please! don't think i can take any-- he cuts you off with a kiss to your throbbing center
oh but angel. i need another taste or two of my pretty girl, she won't mind, right?
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maskedlittlevixen · a month ago
Tumblr media
🍂🦊These big thick diapees are keeping my butt warm in these cold autumn months, warms me up to tinkle whilst I'm out and going about my day...little do people know ! 🤫
my favorite season too 🦊🍂
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2-dsimp · a month ago
Remember that demon Diluc and nun reader? Well demon smocches
Let’s keep the smooch train rolling✨
Tumblr media
Not gonna lie you almost had this man burning the entire house down with his flaming horns, as his blush magnified to a deep red with your unexpected request
Que flustered demon boi
“Y-you want a kiss? From me? Well I suppose I shouldn’t keep you waiting for too long my love”
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rxnswhxre · 18 days ago
putting this here because bully! baji go brrr
sweet, innocent, docile you, have been chosen to be the one to help bully! baji with his studies. through many difficulties you've learned that bully! baji learns the best through visuals and hands on activities. you both have a science exam a week from now, the topic? human anatomy. so in order to learn and name the different parts of the human body, baji tells you to pull your panties down and spread your folds apart, how else would I learn if you don't properly show it to me he tells you, and as his good tutor, of course you'd do anything to help a struggling student, maybe even cock warm him while studying since it claims it helps him
ok maybe this has gotten too long that's it, thank you for listening to my Ted talk of bully baji
Stop because I almost busted a nut
Bully! Baji is so mean to everyone, except for you, he takes it easy on you because he finds you cute. So naturally he asks you to help him study, because let's face it, he's not that bright. He gets by on pure intimidation. He doesn't even ask you to help him, he just demands it, because he knows that a sweet little thing like you would never say no to him. Studying with Baji isn't too bad, he pays attention for the most part, but when it comes to more intimate areas, he loses focus. So here you are, completely bare on your bed, with your textbook open beside you while he slides his hands along your tits, ghosting his hands over your pebbled nipples. Then down to your needy cunt. Baji wastes no time in touching you, because he knows that he's the first person to ever touch you like this. This goes on for the week leading up to the test. Then finally, Baji wants more.
"I think I've got it all down now, but I just need help with one more thing, I wanna feel your pussy stretched around my dick. What do you say? Think I've earned it?"
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kshira · 2 months ago
No thoughts only messy pussy job with Rindou, head very full 🥲
hi welcome back to my mind rotting of men; tonight i introduce rindou and a pussy job i had to google what this was beforehand
rindou wouldn’t like this at first, particularly for the fact he wants to be inside you but you digress. you’d straddle his lap, give him a show with rubbing your cunt across his warm cock—easy goes it, the boy will be handsy. slap his sticky fingers away and intertwine them together, coo in his ear how good he feels sliding between your wet folds, he’s on edge already, tsk. “but i wanna be inside you baby, pleeaaase” he draws out the last plea whimpering as your clit rubs against his cockhead. he throws his head back, hitting the wall and probably has a dull ache lingering in his head now but he couldn’t care less. you rock your hips again, rolling over his dick, the feel of his length twitching with the amount of your juices coating his cock. “ah, b-bout to—fuck!” he covers his face in embarrassment with his arm, pretty moans slipping from his lips when you swing your hips faster, your slick now painting his legs. rindou cries and begs when you motion your slick hole across his cock, twitching and shooting his load all over your cunt. rindou’s breaths are uneven, whimpering at the sensitivity while you still hump against him. “do it again please” he cries, tears pricking at his vision, and you do, the poor boy deserves it. <3
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nnsfwskz · 21 days ago
ahh you've basically gave me a green card
like i've seen some videos where he literally grabs wooyoung's face and tells him to look at him and not the others
oh the things i felt after seeing that...
and his jealousy is so obvious oml
like imagine you're with the rest of ateez just hanging out or even having a party or whatever and you're bit too close to one of them unintentionally (like you're just friendly or whatever)
and san just glaring at you from across the room, maybe if it gets too much he would literally grab your hand and drag you away
uhm?? give me those videos?? immediately (<3)
-> here’s the video besties
(also don’t tell mingi but i’m thirsting hard over san atm)
the fact that he’d have zero problems with showing everyone you’re his and he’s pissed off i-
imagine him just walking up to you at a gathering and wooyoung or a friend of yours immediately knows what’s going one when he sees san’s face. and san would be so pissed cause why isn’t your full attention on him?? he wouldn’t care that by that time literally everyone around you knows what’s going on when he sits down next to you, one hand gripping your thigh as you practically hug his arm.
he’d also be that guy to just randomly grab your wrist and be like “guys excuse us, we’ll be back eventually” and fuck his jealousy out on you.
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quivvyintheclouds · 2 months ago
Hey'yo!!! Do you think you could doo platonic! cc!dream team, streaming, and angst :)
m.list | event masterlist wc: 178
Tumblr media
being friends with the dream team was very cool, there was no doubt there. however, with their hectic schedules and your own schoolwork, there was rarely ever time to hang out together. you were always tired from having to go to college and to work nearly every day of the week, and when you finally had time to relax and hang out, the boys were either streaming or asleep (because of their damned sleep schedules). it's always "sorry, i have a video to edit," or "sorry, i'm too tired. we had a stream train," but never "sure, we can work together on call," or "I'll move the recording to tomorrow because i miss talking to you." oftentimes, it felt like you tried too hard to make time for them when they didn't bother to do the same for you. you wondered, if you stopped putting effort into hanging out with them, would they forget about you? maybe the rift that came between your friendship was inevitable. you do miss them sometimes, but perhaps this was for the better.
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