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#anon answered
the-iceni-bitch · 2 days ago
🌹- Under the mistletoe please 😘
Listen, this one is gonna be so much slutty fun, I’m stupid excited about it.
“I’m so glad you grew this beard, Stevie.” You ran your fingers through the soft hair that covered his jaw, tugging on it a little and biting your lip when he let out a deep purr. “Santa Daddy is fucking right.”
“How many of those weed cookies did you eat, doll? Ow!” He laughed softly when you snapped his suspenders against his chest, slapping your ass in retaliation before taking another sip of his beer. “You keep teasing and I’m gonna have to take you into the guest room and do something about it. We’re gonna get a fucking reputation.”
“I think we already have that reputation, Stevie.” You winked when he squeezed your ass again, leaning into him a little and humming. “So we might as well…”
“Hello lovebirds!” Bucky sidled up to the two of you with a very sloppy grin on his face, resting his head on your shoulder and nuzzling at your neck. “Did you happen to notice where you’re standing?”
“What? Oh fuck.” Steve sighed when he looked up and saw the mistletoe that was hanging above your heads, frowning a little when he turned back to Bucky and he still had that stupid look on his face. “Barnes…”
“Merry fucking Christmas, gorgeous!” Buck pressed a filthy kiss to your lips before either you or Steve had a had a chance to react, sliding his tongue between your lips and waiting until you let out an involuntary whine before pulling away. “Stevie.”
If you thought the kiss he gave you was nasty, it was nothing compared to the way he kissed Steve. You could only chuckle while you watched him press his whole body against Steve’s, his fingers tangling through the longer hair at the base of your boyfriend’s skull as Steve growled involuntarily when his tongue tangled with Bucky’s.
“Shit!” Bucky grabbing Steve’s crotch snapped him out of it, the brunette just moaning softly when he gave him a soft squeeze before he sprinted off with a cackle when Steve tried to swat him. “Barnes! You’re a fucking slut!”
Slutty Bucky deserves everything, I will accept no arguments!
Come join my 6k/birthday/anniversary sleepover!
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pnkbloom · 2 months ago
Hello. can you write about how Draken, Koko, Mikey and Izana would react when S / O fell asleep in their arms? Please
You fall asleep in their arms
A/N: I’m still working on getting all of your requests out ASAP!
Manjiro (Mikey):
He absolutely loves it.
Without a doubt, he finds it to be his own sort of comfort whenever you do so.
The feeling of your weight being pressed against him, and seeing you in such a peaceful yet breathing state puts him at ease.
He’ll always makes sure to check up on you to make sure that you’re comfortable and still breathing every 10 minutes (seconds)
But if he finds himself becoming sleepy too, he’ll just wrap his arms around you while trying to get comfortable himself.
(Which of course doesn’t take long at all.)
He’ll sometimes find himself rubbing your arm softly, or lightly playing with your fingers.
Yet if you manage to wake up before him, don’t even think about trying to move.
He might be asleep, but he’s still aware of your movements.
If he even feels that you’re trying to ease out of his grasp, he’ll cling onto you tighter while muttering out to you.
“No, stay right here.”
“But Mikey-“
(Fine, fine, you win you big baby!)
Ken Ryuguji (Draken):
If he feels like you’re sleeping in an uncomfortable position, then he’ll reposition you with the quickness.
(He doesn’t want you to be uncomfortable or wake up with any aches, pains, or numbness.)
He doesn’t mind you falling asleep on him at all.
(I mean, he’s your boyfriend after all. He’d be offended if you didn’t want to fall asleep in his arms.)
Expect him to trace patterns on your back and secure his arm around your waist.
Head kisses and soft ‘I love you’s’.
You don’t have to worry about a blanket either because he holds enough heat for the both of you.
Whenever you wake up at random times, he’ll just caress your back until you fall back to sleep again,
(It’s a really comfortable sleeping mechanism that he knows that you love.)
He tenses up as soon as he feels you snuggle into his hold.
He wasn’t expecting you to fall asleep so easily in his arms.
(Let alone allow yourself to get comfortable with him holding you so quickly)
But he relaxes as soon as he realize how soothing it is to have you this close to him.
He’s always staring at you in the most admirable way too.
You’re just so beautiful to him in this relaxed state.
He’ll definitely caress your cheek and try to sneak a few kisses from you while you’re asleep.
(You know, since he’s known for doing that a lot)
Most times he’ll just let you sleep peacefully and wait for you to wake up.
While other times he finds himself falling asleep with you too.
Overall, it doesn’t matter what he does or what’s going on.
As long as you’re here in his arms sleeping peacefully, that’s all that matters.
He’s not tense, per say. But he does still himself to register what’s going on.
You were asleep in his arms right now?
He kinda likes it.
You look peaceful in his embrace. Not to mention you look even more beautiful in this state.
He thinks that he’ll stay in this position for a while longer to admire you.
It honestly makes his heart skip a beat to know that you’re this comfortable with him.
And the fact that you’re securing your arms around his neck while snuggling into his shoulder makes him blush a bit
(Just a bit. It’s not like he’s internally trying to calm his brain down or anything like that. Of course not.)
He’s a bit awkward with his hands at first, but after a while he decides to carefully place them on your waist.
And of course he hugs you close to him because this is the closest that anyone has literally ever been to him.
(Physical wise of course.)
And even though he’s sure that you can’t hear him, he still whispers an ‘I love you’ to himself.
Thanks for requesting and reading! 💕💕
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violetlilysunshine · 6 days ago
Jheeeez we thirsting over Chris on this fine Sunday? I’m just imagining lying in a cabana on holiday with him, tracing my fingers up his arm as we both read books and then going back to the room n getting destroyed lol
We’re always thirsting over Chris in this house 😂😂
Kinda got carried away oops
18+ - licking??, doggy style, multiple orgasms [reader receiving], dirty talk
You’re laying back on your lounge chair, legs folded over each other, crossed just right so Chris can’t see the good stuff. That tiny swimsuit leaving only the goodies to the imagination.
You’ve half been paying attention to your book, half watching the water drip off your man as he plays in the ocean.
He takes a spot next to you and you roll onto your side quickly. Your hand reaches out to trace over his tats and outline his muscles. Your book is totally forgotten.
“Keep doin’ that, darlin’, and I’m gonna have to take you inside…”
“Who said I didn’t want to go inside now?” you quip, raising your brows as you outline DODGER on his peck.
“Don’t tempt me,” he whispers, opening his book and turning onto his side so his back is towards you.
You quickly lean over and replace your fingers with your tongue, gliding over his arm, tracing the outline of his bicep.
The second he feels you make contact, he closes his book. He lets you play for just a second before he sits up and gathers your belongings. You jump up, helping him hastily to throw everything into the bag. His free hand finds yours and tugs you towards the rental house.
You’ve already cum twice, clothes discarded around the living room, entryway, and small hallway connecting the two.
Chris plows in and out of you, holding you by your hips. If you’re being honest, he’s the only reason you haven’t collapsed completely, your arms gave out after your second orgasm, face collapsing into the couch cushion.
“That’s it, baby, squeezing me so tight,” he grunts, moving his hips at lightning speed.
You can only moan in response, reaching one hand behind your back and wiggling your fingers.
Chris chuckles, slowing his hips a bit and reaching one hand to meet yours.
Hand holding has always been the best part of sex with Chris and he knows how much you love it, so he makes sure to do it always for you.
He leans forward, stopping his hips completely and folding himself over you. He squeezes your hand twice before he whispers in your ear: “you’re gonna cum once more for me, then I’m gonna cum, then I’m gonna pull out and watch me drip out of you, and then I’m gonna push it back in with my tongue, and you’re gonna cum again, sound good darlin’?”
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marvelswh0re · 5 months ago
Jealous loki x reader smut?
Jealousy, Jealousy // Loki Laufeyson
Did I listen to 'Jealousy, Jealousy' by Olivia Rodrigo on repeat while I wrote this? Of course I did. Anyway, enjoy! Requests are open so if y'all want something, just let me know ;)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Word Count: 1883
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it.) Choking. Pet names. Possessive!Loki (because he's a warning in himself.) NSFW. Swearing. Oral sex (F! and M! recieveing.) Fingering. Little bit of cockwarming at the end.
Summary: Loki gets jealous when Thor puts his hand on you so he reminds you who you belong to...
Tony Stark threw great parties, sure, but when you hated crowded rooms and loud music, it wasn’t that great. And to make matters worse, you’d lost Loki somewhere in the crowd.
“You’re a sight for sore eyes, aren’t you?”
Turning, you found Thor gripping a glass of what looked like whiskey. Flushing scarlet, you dismissed the compliment with a roll of your eyes.
“You flatter me,” you said, words dripping with sarcasm. “But I’ve got to go find your brother.”
Spinning on your heel, you were about to walk away when somebody rushed past you, making you stumble backwards into Thor.
“Easy there, Y/N,” Thor chuckled once you righted yourself, one of his hands finding its way onto your shoulder. “Someone might think you’re一”
“Get your hand off her,” Loki’s voice was barely more than a whisper, but the threat that it carried spoke volumes. And the black suit that he wore made him look like an omen of death; a very attractive one at that. Loki’s gaze burned darkly, almost branding as he glared between you and his brother, before he slipped his hand into yours and led you away.
Back in your room, a soft sigh slipped past your lips as Loki's hands threaded themselves into your hair. The two of you were on the couch, where you’d planned to spend some time reading, but Loki had kept distracting you with little touches. His mouth brushed against yours, teasing, but it took no effort on your part to close the gap between the two of you. You slid your tongue along the seam of his lips and he opened for you, welcoming you in, and a growl rumbled from the back of his throat.
“I hated seeing my brother’s hand on you,” he muttered. “I bet you liked it though, didn’t you?”
“What? No.” You pulled away, confused, but saw the darkness in his eyes and understood.
“Don’t lie to me, I know you can’t help it. My little slut just got confused about who she belonged to, didn’t she?”
As you were, with your legs either side of his lap, you could feel him hardening beneath you. Ever so slightly, you lowered yourself onto the growing bulge and shifted your hips forward, then backward, grinding against him. You’d play his game; it’d end well for the both of you.
“Yes, I guess I did.”
Leaning forward, you pressed feather-light kisses to his exposed neck, working your way down from the underside of his jaw to the base of his throat.
“Well then, I suppose I should teach you a lesson,” Loki drawled, his hands going to your waist.
"I’m going to fuck you so hard," he ground out, pulling you away so you were forced to meet his gaze, “that you’ll never forget who that pretty cunt belongs to.”
You shivered, a pleasant chill working its way down your spine. Your heart kicked into a thunderous beat and you suddenly couldn’t get enough of him. With ease, Loki flipped you so you were under him, and pressed you into the couch cushions.
With a slow grace, one that seemed out of place in the heat of the situation, Loki slid your pants down and off, tossing them aside. Then, beginning from your ankle, he peppered kisses across your skin. From your shins up to your thighs, everywhere his lips touched burned, in the best possible way. And when he pressed feather-light kisses to the plane of your abdomen, a shudder worked its way through you, and your hands found themselves in his hair.
Hooking his fingers into the waistband of your underwear, he quickly removed them and was in between your legs once more. The heat of his breath upon you was enough to make your toes curl, and you suddenly wanted him so badly that it shocked you. You gazed down at Loki to find him already looking at you, his eyes alight with passion and jealousy and lust, all at the same time.
At the first stroke of his tongue, your head fell back and your eyes fluttered closed. His name slipped from your lips and it was nothing short of unholy. Your chest rose and fell with great, heaving breaths, and you squirmed beneath the pleasure that was working its way up through your stomach, coiled tightly like a spring, loosening with every sweep of Loki’s tongue. You tugged at the ends of his hair, pulling him up towards you, and kissed him hard. You could taste yourself on his lips and it sent a strange sense of exhilaration through you.
“Don’t make a sound,” he murmured.
Loki brushed a stray strand of hair out of your face before attaching his lips to your own once more, swallowing your moan when he pressed a slender finger inside of you. Another. You writhed beneath him as his fingers curled within you, making him hit the spot you desired with a shift of your hips. Jaw slack, you looked down, at where you could see his fingers moving in and out of you, and groaned.
He paused, shooting you a warning glare, before continuing.
Moving your hips in time with his fingers, you raked your nails down his back. A soft grunt slipped from Loki’s lips, almost animalistic, and you could somehow tell that he was going to snap any second now.
It was your soft whimper that brought him undone.
You whined at the loss of contact as he pulled his fingers out of you. Moving with such fervor you thought he may combust, Loki shrugged his already unbuttoned shirt off his shoulders and scooped you into his arms. Wrapping your legs around his waist, the stiffness of him beneath his pants pressed against your sensitive core, and you failed to hold in your little gasp. You attached your lips to the bare expanse of Loki’s neck and he groaned as you dragged your tongue up his throat.
You never made it to the bed.
Loki shoved you down until you were kneeling on the softness of the plush carpet in his bedroom. You watched as he undid his belt and pulled it from the loops in go, making quick work of the zip of his fly. Tugging his pants and boxers down in one go, the considerable length of him was finally free. Your toes curled in anticipation. Fucking hell, you’d never get used to it.
Taking his cock in your hand, you pumped him a few times before flattening your tongue against the base and dragging it all the way to the tip. Looking at Loki from beneath lowered lashes, you blinked slowly, tauntingly up at him.
“You like that?” You whispered, before taking him in your mouth, hollowing out your cheeks. Loki’s moaned ‘fuck’ was answer enough for you. And though you were kneeling before him, you knew you had all the power.
“Take it all, darling. Come on, you can do better than this.” His taunting was turning you on even more, and so you worked harder to please him. One of Loki’s hands found its way into your hair, bracing you by the back of the head as he pushed you down on him. You took him deeper without protest, managing to keep your gag reflex in check when he hit the back of your throat and started to thrust into your mouth.
At one point he bottomed out and held you there, nose brushing against his groin, and you swallowed around him. His head fell back, Adam’s apple bobbing as he moaned, and it was probably the hottest thing you had ever seen. When you tapped the back of his thigh, Loki pulled back, his cock slipping from your mouth with a small ‘pop.’ You kissed your way up the plane of his stomach, the expanse of his chest, until you reached his mouth. Your lips locked into a passionate kiss, the taste of him on your tongue and yourself on his lips was almost undoing.
Backing up toward the bed, you pulled Loki with you, never once breaking the kiss. The backs of your knees hit his mattress and you caved, crawling back onto the sheets. Loki followed, pressing you into the cushions.
“This okay?” He asked once he was lined up at your entrance, his jealousy disappearing for just a moment
“Yes,” you replied without hesitation, never breaking eye contact with him.
“Good,” was all he said before he plunged into you, sheathing himself to the hilt. Your mouth fell open, eyebrows knitting together, and a long moan rumbled from your throat. Rolling your hips to match the pace of his thrusts, your breath coming out in gasped pants, one of your hands gripped his shoulder and the other drifted down and snaked around his waist, pulling him deeper.
Loki’s cock hit that spot inside you, over and over again, and a guttural moan ripped from deep within your chest. You arched your back, pressing yourself flush against him, and Loki’s hand snuck up to wrap around your throat. Your eyes widened and, despite barely being able to string two coherent thoughts together, you bit your lip and smirked at him.
“You’re mine,” Loki hissed through gritted teeth as he thrusted mercilessly into you, hoisting one of your legs over his shoulder to give himself better access. Your heart, already pounding against your ribcage, seemed to stop. The hand around your throat squeezed a little and you gasped, eyelashes fluttering as you struggled to keep your eyes open, to keep your gaze on him.
“Say that again,” you managed to get out, the words dribbling from your lips in one breath.
“You,” Loki’s pace slowed, almost stopping, “are,” one long thrust, “fucking,” he pulled out all the way, breathing heavily, "mine."
He snapped his hips forward, filling you completely in one quick thrust. Unable to take it, you fisted your hands in the sheets, squeezing your eyes shut, and just let pleasure overtake you. Heat worked its way through your stomach, up through your chest. Loki resumed his pace, but this time it was faster, more sporadic, and you could tell he was close.
But you were closer.
You cried out, arching your back off the bed, as your release rocketed through you. You could hardly breathe, practically hyperventilating as Loki continued pounding into you, chasing his own orgasm. He burrowed his face into your neck, holding you close, moaning obscenities into the skin of your throat. With one final thrust, Loki shuddered. You let out a low hum of pleasure as you felt him spill into you.
Slowly, you lifted Loki’s head from where it was tucked into the crook of your neck, despite the shaking in your hands, your arms, your whole body. Placing a soft, tender kiss to his lips, so unlike the frantic heat of the throes of passion just moments ago, you gazed up at where he loomed over you. Noses touching, you just stayed there, his cock softening inside you, staring at one another.
You reached up, brushing a few sweat-slick strands of hair out of his face, cupping his cheek. He nuzzled into your hand, his gaze never leaving yours.
“I’m yours,” you whispered, and Loki smirked.
“And don’t you forget it.”
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mystic-kitten-writer · a month ago
Limerence au where Zuko is already married to Mai, so Yue is a Royal Concubine instead of Consort?
The spice 🍵
An idea I toyed with a while back, and let me tell you. One, I feel sorry for making Mai a bitch, but damn does it makes for some good fucking drama.
The wife versus the mistress - and we all know who Zuko would pick in a heartbeat. Enjoy my small drabble because I couldn't resist~
Tumblr media
AU: Limerence (Royal Concubine AU)
Pairing: Zuko x Fem. OC (Ying Yue Jiang) & Zuko x Mai
Tumblr media
A dance.
Looking over her shoulder with a mischievous smile, her cheeks were as pink as the flowers that blossomed. His steps followed suit just a few feet away, unable to hide his hungry gaze.
She was a flower in his eyes. A poisonous flower that was slowly but surely killing every resolve he had. Twisting her body behind another bush, her red dress swaying in the warm breeze.
Her sweet scent carried effortlessly, and he had to groan because everything about her was addictive. Seeing the gold that decorated her slender fingers as her hand hovered over the greenery. Disappearing behind another sharp corner.
Like a cookie trial, her giggles beckoned him, and he didn't realize that he was running. An eagerness, a need, anyone who watched saw a man desperate to indulge.
Turning the corner sharply, coming face to face with her soft expression. Her doe-like eyes staring up at him as she bit her lip. An innocent appearance, so small compared to him. She fit in his arms like two puzzle pieces coming together.
But that warmth spread throughout his body, not from the warm weather but from just laying his eyes over her. He was in trouble.
So much trouble.
Because he, the Fire Lord, ruler of this Nation was falling in love. Not with his wife but her.
His royal concubine: Ying Yue Jiang.
"Fire Lord Zuko~" she hummed, bowing from her hip as tiny hairs tumbled from her bun.
The golden ornaments and gems were gleaming under the sun and matching Yue's elegant dress. Off the shoulder sleeves, teasing that soft and silky skin of hers. Yue's long earnings grazed her shoulders from her greeting, yet another present from him. She always managed to wear all the lavish gifts he had bought her, but they both knew it was only for show.
The way her eyes always lit up when he came into view. Her whole posture straightened, a smile emerging. Both of them were lost in a sea of emotions that made them feel heated. That was the real gift for her and him - just seeing each other.
Not realizing he was already reaching forward, cupping Yue's cheeks as he pulled her near. He needed her close, to feel her skin against his. To see and breathe and know every single thing about her.
"I told you to refer to me as Zuko when we're alone."
"But they're watching," Yue whispered, shyly looking downwards, and he frowned.
The guards were all acting ignorant, keeping their mouths shut. They could always be trusted, turning the other cheek whenever it came to them. But he knew the same could not be said for those people, knowing exactly who she was referring to.
The ladies-in-waiting, his dear wife's eyes and ears.
Leave, let her go. He spent far too much time with Yue already. Gave her too much power. Her only use, purpose, was his pleasure.
Yet here he was.
Giving her complete control of not just a section of the imperial garden but the whole damn thing. Sitting on his lap while he worked for hours, spending whatever time he had to spare with her and waking far too many mornings in the comfort of her bed.
The cherry on top? He was bringing her into political meetings. Letting her have a say, give her opinion.
It was unheard of, wrong, for a mere concubine to hold such power and influence. Sure, she may be the highest of concubines, but at the end of the day, she was merely a pretty puppet for the Fire Lord, to him.
Yet, he couldn't view Yue that way. She was different. All her decisions, inputs, had caused the kingdom to brighten. The people appreciated her company and kept her safe.
Mai may have been his wife, but everyone knew who the real Queen was.
With an eagerness, he leaned, capturing her pouty lips with his, and he could feel her melt. The soft sighs of bliss, her hands were falling over his chest as he naturally pressed her body up a tree.
His hands caught her, intertwining as the softness turned in desperation. It was like she knew what he wanted to say—wishing to say the same thing back.
He couldn't care less that those women were going to deliver the news to Mai about his unscheduled time with his concubine - yet again. As long as he had Yue in his arms, he could push the lectures, the dread that would arise when he went back to his office for a moment.
"Zuko-" Yue gasped, unable to keep her eyes open as she squeezed his hands tightly. That small moan that left her lips as she trembled under his figure, and he drank up every whimper.
"Have dinner with me. I'll stay the night."
"A-again?" She moaned, the kisses moving downwards, peppering her neck.
He could feel her pulse rise, her knees buckling as he couldn't fight back the temptation to bite. A need to claim, to declare that this was the women he longed for day and night-
"Concubine Ying Yue." A voice hissed, and he could feel her body still under him.
He pulled away, unable to unsee the look of fear that washed over her. Yue's skin was pale, a cold sweat building as she scrambled to stand straight. With stumbling steps, she dashed around his figure, bowing lowly and not raising her head.
The grip he took satisfaction ripped from him in seconds.
Yue scrambled to speak, to give a formal greeting. She looked frazzled, the neckline of her dress far too low, giving away what was about to unfold. As her swollen lips parted to speak with that honey voice of her, a harsh tone cut her off.
"Why have a tongue at all if you can't use it to speak? Ah, I guess it is fitting for a concubine. It is only used for pleasure after all."
His eyes narrowed, and his glare was met with the same intensity.
A cold beauty, that was Mai, his wife.
Tall, fit, a leader and ruling with an iron fist. Checking all the standard boxes for a perfect wife for a Fire Lord. But the atmosphere between them was less than ideal, her tongue far too sharp like her knives.
The tranquillity, the love in the air, changed in a snap. The gentle breeze felt like a whip against one's skin, the flowers cowering.
With an upturned nose, Mai ordered, "Leave. Your presence is not wanted or needed."
"Stay." He refuted, and he saw the flash of anger over Mai's face.
It was insulting for the Fire Lord to overturn their partners' orders. An assertion of dominance that was uncalled for. A figurative backhand, especially within this context.
Yue's golden eyes looked terrified, unsure whether to leave or stay. Within a snap, the whole situation turned into something dangerous.
Despite not seeing Mai's hands from under her draped sleeves, he already knew her clasped hands were a death grip. Mai's eyes held a fire; her lips pressed tight as she spoke with forced calmness.
"You've been spending a lot of time with this concubine. Bleeding into your private and work business."
"That is for me to oversee."
"The court is starting to gossip."
"Let them."
"Zuko." Mai hissed, and he quickly corrected her words, "Fire Lord Zuko."
It was then the mask fell—Mai’s steps haunting as she stared at Ying Yue and him with a look that could kill.
"Have as much fun as you want, Fire Lord Zuko. But if you think this concubine could ever take my position, be Queen, think again. For I refuse to be demoted by a peasant."
"She's a royal concubine-"
"She's a whore with some measly title," Mai interjected, and he saw the look of grief flash over Yue's eyes.
Her head hung low, shoulders limp. He felt his heart squeeze, wanting to comfort her because Mai was right. Yue was supposed to be a toy, like all the other ones people had brought him. Look pretty, amuse him, pleasure him. But why couldn't he let her go?
Mai's voice pierced the air once again.
"The people may love her, but those are not the people you must win over; it is the counsel. I was raised for this position; she was raised to be nothing. Don't mix your pleasure with duty."
He felt his hands ball, clenching his jaw because that was always what it came down to. Why he swallowed back those words every single night when he laughed, made love to her and held Yue to sleep.
All he wanted to do was say those three words once in his life and mean it. And now that he has found someone that has captured his heart and soul, someone who can confidently say it to, he can't.
Forced to scream in his mind, I love you.
Tumblr media
Copyright © 2021 Mystic-Kitten-Writer, inc. all rights reserved. No reposting, modifying, or translations of any kind are allowed. Thank you for your cooperation.
Disclaimer: I do not own any Avatar characters besides any original characters I have created.
Cross-posted on Ao3/Tumblr/Quotev/Wattpad to discourage plagiarism.
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It's not feminism fault that Loki show had shitty writing. Literally most its female characters (like Ravonna, B15, C20) are treated like garbage
No one said it was feminism's fault that Loki had shitty writing.
It's just the poor understanding of feminism on the writer's and the director's part that contributed to such terrible, shitty messaging in the show that ended up being more misogynistic than feminist.
Mike writes about and speaks about feminism like a hard right winger trying very hard to pretend he's a Liberal, but ends up talking like he's parodying feminism. And yeah the female characters of colour are treated like shit, while they elevate their white, radfem girlboss, who was horribly abusive to Loki.
And radfem ideology isn't feminist at all, it's just another type of sexism. There is absolutely no sense of equality in radical feminism and there is obviously no desire to uplift women, only to victimise us, and make excuses for us when we do shitty things on the basis of our gender.
The show has shitty writing because of the faulty understanding of feminism, and inherent sexism and racism, and queer phobia. Not feminism itself.
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pyrokinesis · a month ago
Bruce: okay so we need to contact someone who has experience with this highly rare science math stuff knowledge or whatever idk
Jason: *dramatically spins around in his chair* oh? you rang?
Bruce: how did you do that that chair doesn’t have wheels
Jason: *points at his heelys* Physics, anyways I hear you guys need someone to fake a scientist at NASA and since I died before I could choose my career I'll do it myself, also to shove it at nazis
Bruce: We were gonna ask one of the scientists at the Watchtower, but alright
Jason: *puppy eyes* Really, dad, you would do that to your firstdead?
Dick *from speakers* That's not how you're supposed to use that word!
Jason: Quit complaining, you owe me 200$
Dick: Fuck you!
Jason: Anyways, *turns his chair to the side* will you let your son do the honor, and infiltrate into NASA, oh dear papa?
Bruce: FINE!
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jimineos · 3 months ago
your moots as shinee?
vsjwkwjwjsksn it took me so long because i have like four to five moots i actually talk to, please don't mind my antisocial hating humans ass I'm sorry 😐😔
Key: @trippy-dejun yes ma'am we stan that sassy devil energy in this household. @oh-niceskirt one scary yet iconic individual who shares my kinks
Jonghyun: @taemin-jaemin MY CHILD, MY BABY, I ADORE YOU.
Minho: @ikcnic amazing? check. talented? check. gorgeous? check. godtier material? mega check ✓
Taemin: @taemin-jaemin AN ABSOLUTELY EVIL CHILD *sprinkles holy water* GET AWAY FROM ME DEMON
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firehananas · 6 months ago
Can you do sniper mask when he has a crush on you? Lol
Guess I can  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
No Spoiler | Gender-neutral
At first, he tries to deny it. Could there be a worst timing for flirting when you can possibly be turn into a mindless killing machine, being killed or worst ? He probably just miss social interactions since he became an angel. It’s just some silly attraction, nothing more.
Still, he can’t help himself to make mental notes on his s/o. The way they speak, the way they may fight, what kind of things they like or dislike...
He tries to distant himself as possible from them, hoping his crush will fade. If his s/o notices it and confrontes him, he’ll just said he needs space right now and assures them it’s not their fault - which is true. 
If it didn’t work... well, his first though would be something close to “that’s it, I’m fucked”.
He stops avoiding his s/o but he tries to not being clingy either. He doesn’t want to make his crush that obvious. 
Still, you can notice changes. He’s acting more protective, asking them to team-up with him for patrols or/and fights...
Hates when they fight in the first line : even if they are both trying their best, he’s not omniscience either and the idea to loose them right in front of his eyes is haunting him. 
He’s generally more curious about his s/o than before. He’s trying to picture how they lived before all this mess. He feels a little bad he can’t reciprocate but, oh well, it’s not like he can do anything about it. Yet, he’s more eager to have his memories back.
He's melting inside every time they smile at him or comment on anything positive on him. He’ll mumble something flat like “it’s my job”, “sure” or just “thanks” while he’s actually overjoyed. If you are attentive, you may notice he's smiling right after. 
He won’t initiate the flirt. He’s still on his position : it’s not the time to be suave and all the jazz. If his s/o is oblivious to his feelings, so be it. It may be for the best.
Yet... he won't resist to the temptation very long if the other side approaches him. He won't deny either he's crushing on them if asked, answering nonchalantly while he's actually super nervous.
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gch1995 · 29 days ago
"how much of a sellout George Lucas is" I mean me personally, I do find it weird how the fandom has done a total 180 in their attitude towards him and generally treat him like a saint, but what do you mean by sellout?
I mean, the Disney Star Wars sequels are the biggest insult to the lessons of the first generation into the second generation of the Skywalkers. The Republic and the Jedi Council started off as a corrupt system. They had good intentions, but they enabled slavery in impoverished communities. They treated their Jedi soldiers like emotionally repressed cult members who were allowed no personal lives or close connections outside of their organization. They took in infants they started training at 4 as recruits in the Jedi. They had the shady Emperor Palpatine under their nose for 14 years as a politician and suspected nothing when fully experienced masters who’d been with the Jedi for a long time turned to the dark side, like Dooku and Maul. The Jedi Council had no idea how to raise these children to be emotionally/psychologically healthy functioning adults at all and they weren’t trying to. They were grooming them to be slaves to their Order.
While all of the members in the Jedi were mistreated by the elders in the Council because of Yoda’s bad system, they particularly emotionally/psychologically abused and neglected Anakin Skywalker because he was older than their other recruits when they took him in at 9 years old. He came from a traumatic background of slavery and oppression, they treated him like the black sheep of their cult, he got the brunt of the council’s abuse, and they didn’t do anything to help free his his mother and the other people in his home planet from slavery. This gave him completely valid feelings of anger and fear that they kept telling him to just get over because they made him “dangerous” for having, rather than encouraging him to talk about before handing him a lightsaber. They allowed Palpatine access to Anakin Skywalker alone from the age of 12 for “political reasons,” giving him opportunity to groom this kid for the dark side from right under their noses. This all culminated in Anakin Skywalker finally losing his shit at 23 years old by turning to the dark side and pledging himself to Sidious in his desperate fear over losing his wife.
Was Anakin a very selfish man in his fear who holds a level of responsibility for the terrible choices he made as an adult in his intense desperation to avoid potential abandonment? Absolutely. Did he become an addict who gave up fighting when offered the chance for redemption by Padme in his fear and anger at misperceived sense of betrayal when he saw Obi Wan walk out of that ship with a look on his face that made him sense he was ready to kill him? Absolutely. He may had untreated trauma, mental illness, and it is understandable why he got addicted to the high of the new dark power. However, that’s still no excuse to murder children or to recklessly force choke Padme. That is still not an excuse to not even try to take the risk to stand up for himself and make the right choice out of fear, though. The fact that he does have enough sense to feel intensely guilty about it afterwards means that he knows he could have and should have talked to Padme more.
That being said, I also can’t completely hold all accountability on Anakin for his fall to the dark side because the level of privileges he held to escape out of the Republic safely were so limited since he had no fortune, family, friends, or connections outside of the Republic and the Jedi Order. He came from slavery and poverty. His wife had a job as a Senator in the Republic. The Jedi Council were shitty parents/guardians and shitty at their job as “space therapists.” Yes, absolutely meditation can be helpful as therapy for BPD and C-PTSD sufferers, which are the mental illnesses that Anakin Skywalker has the most symptoms of, but you also need to know that it’s okay to talk about those negative feelings without being judged. You need to know that people will allow you catharsis to deal with those feelings. You need to know that you have a shoulder to cry on and a sympathetic ear to listen if you open up. You need to know that your negative feelings are going to be heard without being told you’re “evil” or “dangerous” for having them.
Anakin really only got that from Padme in the prequel movies. At least, somewhat. She was willing to give up that life to run away with him because she loved him. However, she was also a senator of the Republic, who never really tried to do much to help the poor, or understood just how rough it was for Anakin to constantly feel terrified about being forced into poverty and slavery again. Yeah, Obi Wan tried better than most of the Council, particularly in Revenge of the Sith, but he usually just blew off Anakin’s fears as insignificant when he tried to open up to him about them. He was still a member of an emotionally repressive cult who had been indoctrinated into it from birth, he wanted to let Anakin know he cared, but he was way too dedicated to the Order. He saw this boy as a little brother, rather than the father figure Anakin expected him to be. In AOTC, Anakin tells Obi Wan how he’s the closest thing to a father he’s ever had and he loves him, but Obi Wan says nothing in return. Then in ROTS, Obi Wan tells Anakin “You were my brother Anakin. I loved you.”
Obi Wan Kenobi and Padme were the only two somewhat healthy emotional support systems that Anakin had in the prequel movies and their roles were still both planted in the broken system of the Republic. Yeah, Padme was willing to leave with Anakin after she found out he turned to the dark side and offered to run away from it all with him after she heard about his crimes, and yes, Anakin absolutely did take the coward’s way out by refusing the offer, though I highly doubt he intended to kill her when he did that, or that he have would have force choked her at all for simply refusing to go down that dark path with him if he hadn’t been under the wrong impression that she brought Obi Wan Kenobi to kill him and they were having an affair behind his back. Not an excuse for his crimes or the force choke of Padme at all, but I can understand why he didn’t want to give up the power at that point when it was all new to him and he would have been in poverty, on the run, enslavement, or cult-like enslavement if he had agreed to her offer to run away together when he’s constantly been trying to escape the effects of it in a broken system that did nothing to help the poor.
The Republic and Jedi System was an abusive, classist, corrupt, and hypocritical system, in spite of its good intentions, that prophetically needed to fail Anakin Skywalker, so he would feel influenced to turn on them to become Palpatine’s accomplice and help him destroy it as Darth Vader because he had this really cataclysmic strength in his power with the force. Did all those innocent people actually deserve to die? No. However, this kid growing up to help the Sith destroy the Jedi Order was the only thing that finally made most people realize that they fucked up in their negligence and complacency with a system that was messed up, in spite of its good intentions.
So for the next two decades, the Empire terrorize the galaxy with Darth Sidious using Darth Vader as his killing machine. We meet Luke Skywalker, and he’s the neutral good hero everyone needed to save the galaxy all along. Unlike his father before him, he had a good childhood, he had a healthy support system that’s fostered a strong sense of faith in his moral compass, so he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and fight for what he knows is right in regards to other people, no matter how much Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda, his father, and Darth Sidious all try to convince him otherwise. He’s willing to murder a lot of people in self-defense. Luke’s biological father kills his aunt and uncle in cold blood, he hurts him, his friends, kidnaps him, cuts off his hand when he refuses to join the dark side recklessly, and offers Luke up to Sidious to kill when he continues to keep refusing to join the dark side. Luke would have absolutely every reason to despise his father Anakin Skywalker, and want to kill him in vengeance or self-defense.
However, much like his father before him, Luke does really value close attachments, family, and friends so much so that he is willing to believe there is good in them and sacrifice his life for them, so when he has a force vision that Han Solo and Leia are in danger he lets Obi Wan and Yoda know that he’s leaving training to go save them. When Darth Vader tells him that he is his estranged biological father Anakin Skywalker, he’s rightfully angry, in denial, and terrified at first. Then, he confronts Yoda and Obi Wan about not telling him that Vader is his father Anakin Skywalker, and refuses to kill him. He can now recognize in that moment in ESB when Vader kidnapped him, told Luke that he was his father, and asked him to join him so they could kill the Emperor and rule the galaxy together, that in his own broken, dark, and twisted, way the good man that Anakin Skywalker was beneath the mask of Darth Vader was trying to reach out for his son’s love and companionship for help because he was tired of being Sidious’ slave to darkness after so many years. He only wanted power to rule the universe if he had someone from his family he felt he could love and trust to do it with him because he was afraid of being abandoned and lonely.
This is what gives Luke the empathy and strength to keep insisting that he knows the good man Anakin Skywalker is still under the dark shell of Vader in there in ROTJ, even after every awful thing that Anakin has done to him, his guardians, and his friends. He doesn’t have to feel afraid anymore, and he can make the choice he knows is right by just being true to what he believes to be right as Anakin Skywalker, not a Jedi, not a Sith, just the man who loves his family enough to turn back to the light to free himself from all the darkness, fear, anger, and self-hated consuming him, so he can save them instead. Thus, Anakin finally does find this inspiration to do so through Luke’s compassion and empathy for him by sacrificing his life to save him from Sidious after offering him up to him at the end of ROTJ because he realizes he’s tired of living in constant fear, anger, and self-loathing.
However, while Anakin Skywalker finally dies happily at peace with himself after years of being a slave to someone else with authority over him in his fear, the legacy of Vader lives on for pretty much everyone else, but Luke who knows that his father died by turning back to the light to save him because he offered him compassion and understanding when Anakin was lost in the darkness, rather than killing him, or turning against him in hatred.
Thus, the cycle of abuse and corruption in the galaxy is finally broken after two decades of the Empire ruling through Luke Skywalker convincing his father Anakin Skywalker to turn back to the light and kill Sidious by pretty much doing what he knows is right, rather than deferring to anyone else who tries to make him compromise his morality.
We didn’t need more of a story to tell after the OT and PT movies. We really didn’t. Yeah, there were certainly parts of the PT movies that could have been a bit more fleshed out, such as Anakin’s and Padme’s romance, Anakin’s childhood of slavery, and Anakin’s days in the temple as a Jedi padawan. However, I don’t think we needed to spend seven seasons focused on the Clone Wars with Anakin. I really don’t. Then, there’s also the fact that Anakin, Padme, and Obi Wan aren’t even the same characters anymore. Anakin’s more endearingly awkward, boyish, conflicted, emotionally unstable, and traumatized side have been undercut. He seems to act more like a man in his 30s. His, cocky and possessive side have been flanderdized. He doesn’t strike me as much as that emotionally vulnerable and sincere 19-22 year old young man he was in the prequel movies, which makes him less sympathetic. Padme is a snarky two-faced bitch, rather than kindhearted and loving. Obi Wan is too much of a hypocrite. Ashoka makes no sense as Anakin’s padawan when taken in with his reaction to the Council rejecting him the position of master as a knight after four years on it in the context of ROTS.
He’s not nearly as intelligent, nor does he look or feel sincere anymore when he says anything, whereas with Hayden Christensen’s Anakin I did get a sense that he still expressed his feelings and reacted genuinely. Those occasional outbursts he had before going to the dark side sincerely felt like someone who was slowly breaking from the inside out after being told over and over again to get over it every time he had valid feelings of anger and fear that he never got encouraged or taught how to release healthily.
While not an excuse for his crimes at all, part of what made Hayden Christenen’s version of Anakin (you know, the one that George Lucas originally envisioned) so tragic was that this young man still felt like a boy who was way out of his depth and trying his best to stay afloat for 14 years with the limited resources he had to survive in such a toxic environment. Then, he finally went haywire when he realized how easily this new power could be used as a release for all those pent up negative emotions of anger and fear recklessly in the heat of the moment because he couldn’t handle dealing with the guilt and shame of the horrible choices he had just made to try to learn that new power to save his wife. We know that Anakin has always been triggered by fears of abandonment.
After cutting off Mace Windu’s hand in a selfish impulse to learn this new dark power that Palpatine who has groomed from the age of 12 says can be used to save his wife, he’s like “What have I done?” He looks fucking exhausted! He looks broken. He looks uncomfortable in his submission towards Palpatine now that he realizes this guy is a Sith Lord, but he’s willing to sell his soul to him because the odds are against him trying to do the right thing anyway, he is afraid, he is tired of trying to fight to be good in an order that has always treated him like a black sheep of their cult since day one and offers little to no emotional support when he tries to reach out most of the time, anyway. His impulse control over his emotions has been weakening since slaughtering the Tuskens in AOTC for killing his mother in a reckless rage, and after getting this new dark power he gets high on the feelings of invincibility it gives him, and snaps.
He came on rather awkward and too strong with Padme at first in AOTC, but like it didn’t seem like he was intentionally trying to be cringey or too forward. It’s just that he lived in a cult with emotionally repressed monks who never let him talk to form relationships with other people outside of the temple and was socially less mature for his age as a result. He still allowed for Padme to make her own choices, though. I do not understand how people don’t have the ability to get this.
TCW’s and Disney’s version of Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader were written to appease the venomous and entitled fanboy bullies in the fanbase who could never accept the fact that this character got written to be emotional, relatable, and sympathetic. They are the same ones who constantly bitched about Luke Skywalker being too much of a soft, emotional, and moody teenager, unlike the gruff, rugged, and emotionally reserved swashbuckling Han Solo action hero type. Sure, Luke and Anakin had angsty teen moments, though I’d argue that Anakin had more valid reasons to complain about life sucking than his son when he was growing up because his life genuinely was a constant tragedy with little to no relief in between, but their relatability and strengths were in how emotionally driven these characters were. They were led by their emotions of compassion, anger, love, naïveté, deference, and fear, for better or worse, and fanboys can’t stand that in action heroes. They weren’t driven by rationality, duty, or a desire to push away love.
These were the types of male lead characters that George Lucas originally envisioned for Luke and Anakin to be, but he sold them out to appease the entitled fanboys who kept bitching that Darth Vader needed to be this entity of pure evil who was completely responsible for his fall to the dark side, was always destined to be that way because he wanted to be, and keeps choosing to reject redemption for twenty three years every time a retconned survivor of Order 66 shows up who offers him compassion after recognizing him, he confirms he’s Anakin, has a brief flash of humanity, and then mercilessly slaughters them because he likes being evil, enjoys staying with his abuser as his killing machine. The strength of Luke’s character in his father’s redemption arc now has been undermined in Disney canon and TCW since he’s no longer one of the few people out there to recognize that Darth Vader was a shell of a monster that everyone else saw to cover up the deeply broken and twisted man Anakin Skywalker underneath it all.
My point is that if George Lucas really had any integrity at all, he wouldn’t have signed over his franchise to writers who he knew wanted for Anakin, Luke, Leia, and all these other characters to be more one-dimensional tropes. He wouldn’t have caved in to the bullying of the whiny fanboys in the fandom who kept insisting these characters had to be generic action movie heroes and villains by letting them be rewritten.
#anon answered#star wars meta#anti tcw 08#anti disney star wars#anti George Lucas kind of#like I both appreciate that he came up with these characters and stories in the ot and pt series but hate him for selling out#pt star wars#jedi critical#luke skywalker#anakin skywalker#padme amidala#darth vader#you had a good story going on in the ot and the pt movies with Luke and Anakin as the leads#we didn’t need to see any more than that#hayden christensen#also I know a lot of fans like ashoka tano but her character doesn’t make any sense being assigned as Anakin’s padawan#she just does not make narrative sense at all when you consider the fact that yoda wouldn’t allow him to be a grandmaster in ROTS#why would yoda give Anakin a padawan but not a position as grandmaster on the council four years after being knighted?#that doesn’t make any sense#also like the pt!movies and novelizations Anakin worked really hard to please the Jedi council#to be honest he cared too much about their validation rather than sticking to his own moral compass because he wanted to be a ‘good Jedi’#if pt!movies/novelizations Anakin ever rebelled it was in secret from the council and he still beat himself up over it#whereas TCW 08’ Anakin really is that lazy and entitled brat who thinks he’s safe because he’s ‘the chosen one.’#and that wasn’t who anakin skywalker was with the Jedi council in the movies or novels#he tried really hard to fit in with the Jedi order even if his gut instinct told him he was wrong#and it was this deference to authority figures with power over him in anakin that led to his undoing#pt!movies/novelizations would have been honored to be given a padawan
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the-iceni-bitch · 18 hours ago
Would Jealous Ransom be more protective and go home and fuck reader, show her how she belongs to him and mark his territory, or would he beg to be fucked, kinda having her mark her territory over him, him being subby and begging her to reassure him his daddy is forever his.
Jealous Ransom is super possessive and protective and he definitely takes a little more of a dom role, but he for sure wants to have reader mark him up to. I’ve actually teased it here and here.
I will say that once he gets it all out, he can turn a little needy and more subby. This is especially gonna be true once he meets Steve, because that dude is such an ass in the worst way and even though he would want to fight that dude, it’s definitely gonna make him self conscious, cause the man is still some grade A beef. He’s got nothing to worry about though.
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pnkbloom · a month ago
Hey, Hope you're doing well!! I was wondering if I could request a reaction for TR boys, specifically, Draken, Mikey, chifuyu and Mitsuya where the reader has horrible sleep schedule and stays up for days and then just ends up crashing. I hope this isn't a lot and thank you in advance!! Have a wonderful week lovely♡
Note: I’ve returned from my mini hiatus once again. I really needed a break from everything due to September really kicking my ass.
But I feel like I’m in a better headspace now! I can now focus on getting my ideas along with these requests done! 😌 Also, thank you anon for your kind words! I hope you enjoy this!
Tumblr media
Manjiro (Mikey):
He’s at a crossroad about how he feels about your sleeping schedule honestly.
Trust me, he absolutely HATES the fact that you practically never sleep.
But he also finds it impressive that you can actually hold out for this long?
(Like I said, he’s at a crossroad about it 😭)
He doesn’t know if you’re just forcing yourself to stay up past your limits or if you really just can’t sleep sometimes.
But when you do finally crash, it’s a bit of a shock to him.
One minute you two were bidding your goodbyes to each other in the doorframe of your front door.
Yet in the span of a second when he began to turn around, he caught a quick glimpse of you going completely limp while standing up!
(Be lucky that he didn’t move away, cause that face plant would’ve been TERRIBLE!)
He couldn’t really do anything but smile down at your unconscious form in his arms as he began to carefully place you over his shoulder and make his way to your bed.
“If you wanted me to stay with you a tad bit longer, why didn’t you say so?”
(The audacity of him to be smug and take advantage of your sleep deprivation just to have an excuse to be with you longer is baffling!)
(But it’s also endearing. You know it is! 😭)
Unfortunately for you though…
You ended up waking up at 2 in the morning with cotton mouth, your outside clothes still on, and a snoring Mikey with a snug grip around you while using your breast as pillows.
You tried to move, but of course he wouldn’t budge for ANYTHING!
Yet when you tried to sit up, his grip became tighter as he rubbed his head against you.
“Noooo, stop moving and go back to sleep.”
“I have to change my clothes and reposition myself mikey.”
You tried to reason with him but he still didn’t budge until he really got tired of you trying to move away from him.
So being the brat that he is, he ended up taking your clothes off and tossing them to the other side of the room while rolling you over on top of him instead.
“There, now be still.”
You rolled your eyes at him while snuggling your head into the crook of his neck.
“You really can be so bratty sometimes.”
Although you whispered it to yourself, it didn’t stop Mikey from squeezing you slightly while placing a kiss onto your forehead.
If getting you to finally sleep while being cuddled in his arms is considered being bratty, then he’ll be the biggest brat you’ve ever known.
Ken Ryuguji (Draken):
He doesn’t like your sleeping habits at all.
Like it seriously brings a scowl to his face whenever he just looks over and sees that you haven’t had a wink of sleep in the past few days.
Most times, he doesn’t even ask you if you’ve gotten any sleep anymore.
It’s usually the same response most of the time, but he does remain concerned and watches you throughout the day to pick up on any signs of you possibly collapsing.
And just as he figured, it only took a matter of time before you lulled over and collapsed.
(He just wasn’t expecting you to do so while bending over to tie over your shoe.)
It was the moment you tried to stand straight up again that he noticed that your body was going right back down.
Luckily for you, he was able to squat down quick enough and catch you on his back.
“Seriously? You just had to fall asleep right now?”
Of course he was kinda complaining about how irresponsible you are with your bad habit while carefully carrying you home on his back.
(It’s so adorable because he’s carrying you just how he carries Mikey but with wayyy more security. 😭)
And once he gets to your house, he goes straight for your room and puts you down gently onto the bed.
He undresses you carefully and puts your favorite night slip on before taking off his own clothes and getting into the bed with you.
For a while he just lays on his back and contemplates about how to tackle this sleep deprivation problem for you.
He doesn’t want you walking around like a zombie all because you can’t get a decent amount of rest every night.
“Ken, I’m sorry.”
He looks over to you and instantly gets into his usual big spoon position while pulling you close to him.
It wasn’t unusual for you to mutter a few things in your sleep every now and then, but he wasn’t expecting you to utter an apology.
“Baby don’t apologize, just try to get as much sleep as you can for me ‘kay?”
He sighs in contempt while drawing little circles onto the side of your thigh with his finger.
(Such a husband 🥺)
Honestly, this bby is a worry wart when it comes down to your sleep deprivation.
He’s calculated so many factoring possibilities that could happen if you didn’t get any sleep.
(Even though a good portion of them are really just him overthinking.)
He hates the thought of not being able to help you with this problem physically.
But that doesn’t stop him from finding other solutions to deal with this problem.
Expect him to ask you a bunch of questions regarding this topic also at the most random and inconvenient times.
“When was the last time that you got a full night's rest?”
“Do you normally wake up in the middle of the night and find yourself not being able to go back to sleep?”
“Have you tried any sort of melatonin or aromatherapy?”
(He’s just trying to help, so please bare with these questions 😭)
Yet, it wasn’t until one day that you two were talking about other methods to help you out that you finally decided to give in and crash.
You two were lying comfortably on his couch while he was scrolling through and reading an article out loud to you about some other methods.
He was halfway through the second paragraph when he suddenly felt your breathing slow down and the weight of your head became heavier.
You were finally asleep and he couldn’t help but shake his head and smile to himself.
“All it takes is for me to read an article out loud to you?”
He placed his phone onto the nearby light stand while placing one arm over his face while the other secured itself around your midsection.
It felt as if all of the concern and worry had been lifted off of his shoulders (at least for now).
But he made it a top priority to make sure that you sleep for the entirety of the night and the first thing that he was gonna do in the morning was go out and get these remedies for you.
But for now, all he cared about was you resting peacefully in his embrace.
You two would be in the same boat if he didn’t know how to manage his life as it is now.
I mean, just think about all of the responsibilities he has?
Being a designer, taking care of his sisters, being on toman, making sure that all of his friends stick together, plus making quality time for you?
It’s a lot for an average person, yet somehow Mitsuya makes the shit look EASY!
However, you two both know the reality of being sleep deprived and the consequential outcomes of this situation.
He won’t pester you with questions or try to haggle you to go to sleep since it’s obvious that it’s something that you’re struggling with.
But he does worry about your health whenever he sees you up and doing anything without a wink of sleep.
“Sweetheart, are you sure that you don’t want me to do it for you?”
“Mitsuya, I’m fine. All I need to do is-“
And that’s all it took for him to scoop you up bridal style in his arms and carry you back to your room and onto your bed.
“All you need to do is lay here and rest that pretty little head of yours.”
He couldn’t believe that you clocked out so quickly like that, but he surely was happy that he was there to help you when it mattered the most.
Plus, this just gives him an excuse to get some work done in bed while making sure that you get enough rest.
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d0ntcallmepeanutt · a month ago
Post a selfie?
Tumblr media
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violetlilysunshine · 5 days ago
Would like to be fucked on the back porch of Chris’ la home out in sun, full skin to the wind
Alright alright alright moving on
18+ - semi-public sex, outdoor sex, unprotected sex, doggy, riding, reader takes charge
“Pleaseeeee,” you whine, hanging on his arm in the kitchen, “it’ll be fun!”
“What if someone sees?”
“That’s why you have the privacy fence, bub,” you remark, “no one’s gonna see.”
“If someone sees it’s your fault,” he says, giving in and beginning to pull the shirt over your head.
“I’ll take that,” you answer, unhooking his belt as he walks you backwards to the sliding glass door.
He bends you over the patio table, the perfect height for him.
He lines up, teasing your folds with the head of his cock. He gathers your wetness, rubbing it down his length.
“Ready, darlin’?”
“Yeah, bubba, just go…” you whine breathlessly.
“Look at you, drippin’ wet and I’ve barely touched you,” he laughs, continuing to tease you.
“Bubba, c’mon!”
“Be patient, little lady,” he laughs.
You stand up straight, backing him up, and taking him by surprise.
He steps back, “what’s wrong? Did I go to far?” he asks worriedly.
“No,” you say, placing your hands on his shoulders and walking him back to the lounge chair, “I’m just not in the mood for waiting.”
You push him down to sit in the chair, immediately throwing a leg over his lap.
His eyes widen as he looks up at you; a smile graces his lips and his eyes sparkle. He’s always wanted you to find your confidence and take control and now here you are, on his patio, getting ready to ride him. He’s never loved you more.
You grab his member and line it up with your opening; you sink down on him quickly, head falling back and your hands coming to rest on his chest.
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Cheerleader bonnie or lifeguard bonnie
Which one do you think kai would pick?
I get it. I get why you would ask this. I mean, this is bae in a swimsuit
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And as much as I can see Kai pretending to drown just so Bonnie could give him mouth to mouth. That look of pure bliss on Kai's face when he found out Bonnie used to be a cheerleader says it all.
Tumblr media
Pretty sure it's the moment Kai realized he had a new kink. You can't tell me he's not thinking of all the naughty things he would do to her in that cheerleading outfit. For that scene alone deserve an entire fic dedicated to Kai being able to live out his fantasies with cheerleader!Bonnie. If only someone had written one..
Tumblr media
But yes, if Kai had the chance, he would have been at every goddamn practice, game, tournament whatever just so he could be front row to this..
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mystic-kitten-writer · 2 months ago
Yandere! Zuko hcs?
TW: yandere (so toxic ass behaviors).
Tumblr media
"I'll be back, and when I do, I promise I'll buy a treat for you as well," You'd cheer, cheeks rising and your eyes turning into beautiful half-moons. With a soft smile, Zuko would nod, letting his hand caress your cheek, "Can't wait."
It isn't until your figure dashes down the hall, does Zuko's fake smile drop. His stare stone-cold, and without looking over his shoulder he'd speak, "I want an eye on her every move. Anyone who dares talk or even comes into breathing distance of her, report."
A mere nod, the guards knowing better than to question because this was Zuko, a sly smirk on his face.
A possessive, man, but he isn't controlling by any means, he's worse than that.
You see, he loves how naive, innocent, you are. A heart of pure gold, so sweet. It was like you were made for him because he feeds off it.
Painting a perfect illusion of freedom, because he would never do such a thing as control you. Why would he when he can merely manipulate the people around, or better, the world?
Every person who has spoken ill of you, past 'partners,' (now that brought the most joy) in a snap of his fingers they went poof - but of course, when you heard of the terrible news he'd play a facade of ignorance. The first person who'd hug you and say it was alright because that's what he has shaped you to be.
Stripping independence, making you rely on him for every single thing, on the excuse of 'protocols/rules.' But he had to give some wiggle room.
You see, he treats you like a bird, trapped in a beautiful cage of his doing. Distracted by his honeyed words and gifts, the tea parties and balls - you'd know no better. And just when you started to venture, tug at the lock, he'd have two options.
Distract you once again, or manipulate you so you'd be the one to apologize for not 'listening to him.'
Tears in your eyes, as you begged him for forgiveness, after everything he has done for you, the least you could do is listen to him, right?
Zuko, craved attention, needed constant reassurance. And that came in the form of having you on his lap while he worked, or giving you fake paperwork to work on so he can have a watchful eye on you. Once again, it came back down to giving you a false sense of purpose when your real use was to be his beautiful lil' princess for his pleasure.
If you really pissed him off, though, he had no problem grabbing your arm. Throwing you over his knee, a spanking should do the trick, "Act like a brat, get treated like one." And naturally, you're the one to apologize because he's never in the wrong.
"This hurts me more than you. If only you listened."
Zuko also can't help but be rough during sex. It's his nature, he always says, but it's more than that. It's not the pain he inflicts that gets him off. It's the mere thought that he's the one causing you such distress, yet you cling to him desperately.
And you can't forget the constant bite marks, even slight burns on your skin. Always well placed, so they are barely hidden along your neck and collarbones. But with one quick glance, a slight breeze or lower neckline, it was clear as day. You were his, and he was going to make that point very clear. As if punishing any guard or maid for merely laying an eye on you wasn't enough.
Tumblr media
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tokyokookmin · 2 months ago
Anyone who still doesn't believe in Jimin and Jungkook's love is defying the universal rule: "First time is a mistake, two times is a coincidence, and third time is a pattern." Even Jimin himself confirmed it by singing the first line of Serendipity which is "All of this is no coincidence" and just before that, Jungkook's birth date appeared. The eclipse symbolised the union of the two celestial bodies, the sun and moon, which symbolises forbidden love. In the beginning of Black Swan's performance, the eclipse happened, the moon encircled the sun, once more symbolising the union of the sun and moon. Jungkook saved Jimin from the deadly black swans, and if we look deeper, then observe how even in reality Jungkook is willing to lose everything for him and it's not just the games. He lost himself in his love, as well, and will lose everything and more when the time comes. Even the sun dies every night to let the moon breathe, so she could shine with all her beauty and glory. They were given the titles of sun and moon for a reason and there's a reason why the eclipse exists. The world is bleak and depressing, but I think there's a hope for them. ❤️
This is beautiful anon. Thank you for educating the new jikookers, means a lot.
The song 'serendipity' isn't just a random song, it is more than that. JM is conveying his love in there, no wonder why this song is JK's most favourite song on the album. It's their love story.
Tumblr media
The GCF-T isn't a random travel video filmed by jungkook, 0.96% of the video consisted of JM. If it was a travel video, Jk would have filmed more of the scenery in the city and not his 'buddy'. It's even more heartbreaking when you find out that the fact that in every GCF, jimin isn’t smiling at the camera. he’s smiling at jungkook and jungkook is probably smiling back at him. this isn’t jimin, this is jungkook’s jimin. "running, running just to keep my hands on you"
Tumblr media
"Even the sun dies every night to let the moon breathe, so she could shine with all her beauty and glory. They were given the titles of sun and moon for a reason and there's a reason why the eclipse exists."'s a review!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jungkook is love, he devoted himself to Jimin. They both love and trust each other. They cherish each moment. After all these years, they are still in love. Real love exists, love comes in different forms, it may be an "I love you" from him/her but it's a form of love. It's hard to express your fondness to your lover, I know that lol. . The love stares, the flirty moments, the silly jokes are something that many of us cherish in our relationships. it's incredible how Jikook has expressed their love in a form of art which is dancing.
Ending this with a quote
“He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” – Emily Bronte
Tumblr media
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pyrokinesis · a month ago
Broke: Tim is the smartest Robin
Woke: Jason is the smartest Robin
Bespoke: Jason is the smartest Robin, but he lets everyone think he’s not because being underestimated is always a good thing
I think people underestimate how smart Steph and Jason are as people and Robins, and I'd say Jason is the smartest Robin even if Dick has more experience simply because he managed to pull Under the Hood event and even make Bruce's brain sweat for so long
Also he really doesn't hide in my opinion, he just has a wide range of terrible writers, but even L*bdell gave him moments of being a genius
Though I appreciate your thoughts and I think that's a great take and Jason would hide in certain situation what he knows or how much he knows so he could have an upper hand and because he's a dramatic genius at heart
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rulaien · 2 months ago
Not me imagining the demons having corruption kinks bc hear me out,they fell over lilith loving a human so they love humans bc deep down they value them like other angels and demons. And theyre literally rebellious against their father so they love humans bc they veiw them as equals but victims of circumstances.whats your thoughts on it?nsfw and sfw please.
Tumblr media
Alright, this gonna take a while and wild too lol, I won't be doing the NSFW part cause I have no idea how to write it honestly so sorry, HUGE spoiler warning to those who haven't finished season 1! Also, I'm following the canon storyline cause I prefer the canon lol...—
It depends honestly, like in my perspective they would because of their little sister aka Lilith. In the storyline in the game, it said that Belphie was the first one who love humans and value them first.
Since Belphie was interested in humans to the point Lilith also start to be interested in humans too, I would say the brothers also start noticing Lilith's little Hobby too.
When they heard that Lilith falling in love with a man, they accepted it since they also value humans more than angels and demons even themselves!
And when they heard that Lilith give him a forbidden apple, they were shocked at first but even more shocked when Lilith will be wiped out of existence just because of that and so on. They then start a rebellion against their father/god.
Making them failing to Hell and losing their sister but got reborn as a human, so in my thoughts.
I don't think they have-ish of corruption kink cause of the human race— so either way, it's a nice POV though :)
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