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#anon asks
wooteena · 2 days ago
i think about this all the time but when I think of techno and bbh I’m always like “wow. These guys talking is kinda weird…odd acquaintances!” and then I remember they’re both best friends with skeppy. they’ve probably talked quite a bit. I saw a stream with all three of them once and felt like it was illegal.
skeppy & bbh = ok
skeppy and techno = ok
techno and bbh = equally matched but from entirely different worlds. i feel like if they made eye contact the earth would emplode
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letmebegaytodd · 2 days ago
if cats lived in the mojave benny would have like 7 and they'd all be named things like 'Party Pooper' and 'Flutter bum' and they would have their own suite
Indisputably canon.
Benny's cats (all of them are siblings):
Tumblr media
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moodymelanist · 2 days ago
nessian prompt request for your consideration, thank you! “I read our kid a book about the things snowmen do at night and now we’re taking a walk at two in the morning to show them the actual snowmen don’t do anything.”
this is so 🥺🥺🥺🥺 taking a quick break from studying for finals to bang this one out, I hope you all enjoy 💙
Cassian could feel his wife’s death glare on the back of his hand like a brand, but it didn’t stop him from continuing to lace up Seraphina’s snow boots.
“You really promise the snowmen don’t do anything?” Sera whispered, her hazel eyes slightly wide with worry.
“I promise,” he replied. He finished tying her shoes and stood up, reaching for her much smaller hand before turning to look at Nesta and Nasima with a wide grin. “And we’re all going to prove that they’re regular degular snowmen, princess.”
Cassian had made the mistake of telling his daughters a story about what snowmen did at night, and considering they were both under ten, their imaginations had ran rampant. After a few hours of their terrified questions, he’d announced that they would go out in the middle of the night to prove the snowmen were innocent. Nesta had been pissed, but after a few rounds of Mommy, please, she’d eventually relented.
“We are making this quick,” Nesta hissed, angrily shoving her coat on. She was much gentler with Nas, taking her time to help their youngest daughter bundle up, and he couldn’t help but smile even harder at how adorable they both looked.
“Very quick,” Cassian agreed. He examined everyone to make sure they were adequately covered before moving towards the door. “Let’s go look at some snowmen, ladies.”
Sera found his hand quickly once they were all outside, practically gluing her small frame to his much bigger one as . His heart almost burst out of his chest from how much she trusted him to protect her, and he had to stop himself from picking her up and pressing kisses to her adorably round cheeks and dark curls.
“We’re doing one lap around the block, and that’s it,” Nesta said from next to him, her cheeks already pink from the cold. “I love you kids, but I’m not freezing my butt off any longer than necessary.”
“Relax, Nes,” Cassian replied with a grin. “You know I’ll warm you up when we get back inside.”
His wife just rolled her eyes. “You’re insufferable.”
“Daddy, I thought we were gonna look at snowmen,” Sera whined, pulling on Cassian’s hand to get his attention.
“Daddy can multitask,” Nas chimed in loudly. “He tells Mommy that all the time.”
“Let’s focus on the snowmen,” Nesta interrupted, her cheeks flushing as she avoided looking at Cassian. “Keep walking, my love.”
They continued walking around the block, the girls becoming more and more relaxed as they realized they weren’t in danger of any snowmen attacks. By the time they looped back around to their house, any thoughts of killer snowmen had completely vanished, and Cassian was regretting going on any kind of stroll at two in the goddamn morning.
“Mommy, can we build a snowman before we go inside?” Nas asked, blinking her gray-blue eyes up at Nesta.
Cassian held back a laugh at how quickly his wife crumbled under those puppy dog eyes. “Yes, but a small one.”
Sera whooped loudly and ran off to join her sister, the two of them giggling furiously as they gathered fresh snow to make a snowman with. Cassian made his way over to Nesta and threw an arm across her shoulders, both of them sighing happily as they watched their daughters have the time of their lives.
“Thank god for winter break,” Nesta muttered. “Their sleep schedules are so fucked.”
Cassian hmmed his agreement and leaned in to kiss her temple. “They’re lucky they’re so goddamn cute.”
“They learned from the best,” she said, snuggling into his warmth as they kept watching the girls. Sera was showing Nas how to pack the snow properly so they could form a proper base for the snowman, and Cassian couldn’t stop himself from smiling at the obvious love between the two. He’d been so worried about starting a family all those years ago, that he wouldn’t know how to raise them considering his turbulent childhood, but seeing his daughters like this had long erased those fears from his mind.
“I love you,” Cassian told Nesta after a minute, the words bursting out of him.
“I know.” Even if he wasn’t looking at her, he would’ve known she was smiling. “I love you too. Now let’s help these two build this stupid snowman so we can go the fuck back to sleep.”
“Aye aye, captain,” he agreed.
tag list: @iddragyouwithme | @perseusannabeth | @bookstantrash | @nestaspegasus | @a-court-of-valkyries | @angelic-voice-1997 | @rowaelinismyotp | @live-the-fangirl-life | @sv0430 | @brieq | @positivewitch | @sayosdreams | @confusedfandomslut | @talkfantasytome | @simpingfornestaarcheron | @vidalinav | @swankii-art-teacher | @heartless--aromantic | @that-little-red-head | @secretlovelybeauty | @hellasblessed | @starksravings | @dustjacketmusings | @katekatpattywack | @the-red-reading-hood | @claralady | @hellasblessed | @duskandstarlight | @arinbelle | @gwynberdara | @mrs-shadowsinger04 | @houseofcalores | @imsointobooks | @silvernesta | @planet-faerie | @teagoddess99 | @champanheandluxxury | @catplayinvioline | @flora-shadowshine | @nerdperson524 | @story-scribbler | @vasudharaghavan | @dealfea | @snickerdoodlechittybangbang | @charming-butt-insane | @highqueenofelfhame | @julemmaes | @oversizedbats | @spoilersteph | @readingismyonlyhobby
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kedreeva · 2 days ago
hey, after seeing so many ppl talk about how it’s possible to have your cats be happy and healthy indoors, I‘ve been thinking about getting an indoors-only cat. I looked at some shelters in our region and was surprised to find that they all advise letting your cats outside and actually only let you adopt if you guarantee you will, with the exception of cats with transmittable diseases. I was wondering if you‘ve encountered this stance among ppl working with animals before and where it comes from. I understand it is very common to think cats need to free-roam (I thought that for most of my life too because it was just the way things are often done), but I thought ppl working with animals would feel differently.
First- You can take your cat outside without letting them outside unsupervised and free roaming. Catios are a good option, as are cat tents, and leashes. These are all ways to allow your cat to safely experience the outdoors.
Second- shelters and rescues are run by people, and a lot of people haven't been educated in how to properly care for cats indoors. You can't know what you don't know, and all that. They are often dealing with people who are in charge setting the rules and there's nothing which requires those in-charge people to do anything but "do things the way they've always been done," whether or not the-way-things-have-always-been-done is any good or not. And there's a lot of people still stubbornly laboring under the belief that the only way to enrich a cat's life is to let them outside unsupervised and off leash. It's not, but convincing them otherwise is laborious, if it can be done at all.
Third- people absolutely hate being told that they did something they thought was right but it was actually wrong. They HATE it. And people have been keeping cats that go outside unsupervised for so long that anyone attempting to alter it not only has to fight against the above, but also the human nature effect of resisting thinking you've done something wrong when you thought it was the right thing. It is really, really difficult for most people to move past that and into the growth that comes from "I didn't know better, but I am learning better so I can do better from now on." Especially in animal care, we see this a LOT- look at betta fish for a GREAT example. When I was in HS, almost everyone, everywhere, kept these beautiful fish in vases of some kind, little pints of unheated water, because we were told they could live in a tiny puddle, that they could breathe air. But, as time went on people began to learn that, actually, betta fish should be in at least 5 gallons, with plenty of hide space, and a heater. That they do better like this, live longer, stay in better condition. We learned how to do better, but it took a lot of years, 20+ years to regularly see that change- and yet.... I still sometimes see people keeping betta fish in vases.
So yeah, I've encountered people that have outdated knowledge of an animal's care, but that doesn't mean it's right. It just means where I've encountered it hasn't caught up to how things can be better.
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soldier-poet-kings · 9 hours ago
Whatever you do, do not imagine Orym showing Fearne and Dorian around Zephra while the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Do not imagine Orym watching Dorian, his eyes the same shade as the sky, his dark hair, skin and clothes contrasting beautifully with the delicate pink flowers. Do not imagine the wind picking up, blowing flowers and petals that gently settle into Dorian's hair. Do not imagine Orym with that memory as he druidcrafts a flower into Dorian's hair. Do not imagine any of that!
Are you proud of yourself, Anon? Are you proud!? Look what you've made me do!
Tumblr media
Honestly though I couldn't get this out of my head until I did something with it and now I'm tired.
I had just enough energy to spit this out but not enough to finish it. oops.
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yanderemommabean · a day ago
Everyone else seems to be going for the nagas. Me though, even though I'm scared of spiders, I'm going for the driders. More limbs equal more ground covered in snuggles!
That and their webbing and oviposition may fit into my bondage and breeding kink... not to mention fangs for biting...
- crystal bean (I know I've come off of anon, but I got too embarrassed with myself...)
You’re fine hun, no judgment here!
I bet the Drider would coo and croon as they pump you full of eggs, watching your walls stretch and take one after another. “That’s it~ don’t struggle now, I can’t have my precious mate and younglings hurt during this!”
-Mommabean (I too am horrified of spiders, but the power of horny helps with that thanks to the internet lol )
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kellyvela · a day ago
Cersei met Maggy at the age of 10 and threaten to tell about her future. She attacked Maggy in the end and killed her friend Melara. Dany met Mirri at the age of 14 and bargain her freedom with Drogo life. At the end she killed Mirri. Seems like mirroring situation.
Ohhh.... Cersei and Dany antagonizing two maegis and the maegis cursing them back???
Cersei and Dany parallels???
It's almost like what GRRM said:
"Cersei and Daenerys are intended as parallel characters --each exploring a different approach to how a woman would rule in a male dominated, medieval-inspired fantasy world."
"His biggest lament in splitting A Feast for Crows from A Dance with Dragons is the parallels he was drawing between Cersei and Daenerys" (Maggy the Frog is introduced to us in A Feast for Crows!)
"While discussing how he writes his female characters, he also mentioned that splitting the books as he did this time meant we didn't get the parallel between how Daenerys and Cersei both approach the task of leadership, which is a bit of a shame."
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dourpeep · 2 days ago
Had this thought while I was spacing out in my extra time during exams
Bedo is like that one kid that never pays attention to classes and is always in his own world doing something else(sketching probs) and never studies, but still somehow aces every test.
Xiao probably always looks like he’s spacing out and paying attention to anything else but the class going on, but is especially diligent in History class just because Zhongli is the teacher. Gets average marks in tests(except History, mf aces that insufferable pain) just because he can’t care enough meaning he could get higher marks but doesn’t care enough to do so
Scara probably fails a few classes while others are average, but has like one or two classes he always aces. I bet you this mf has even handed in an entire blank sheet with only his name written before “Just because.”
- 🔒
I don't even have to add anything to this, it's perfect as is-
But I will hehehehehhehe
Featuring: Albedo, Xiao, Scaramouche, Kazuha, Gorou, Venti
Albedo?? Nodnod yes. Absolutely.
The trick is, is that there isn't a trick. The sketching that he does actually helps him remember what they're going over in class (or even is a visual representation of what they're learning) and while he doesn't study, his notes?? Immaculate. They're to-the-point yet also in-depth and everyone knows that if you need to copy anyone's notes...Albedo's are the best to.
Not...not that he really lets people. He's more than happy to teach them himself. Probably does tutoring as a tutor.
Xiao seems like the type of person who'd prematurely go over the course materials.
So maybe the week before, he'll already be reading ahead, taking notes, asking questions (though, ofc notably only with his favorite professor, Zhongli). But other than that?? He doesn't really feel the need to study more. He's doing really well, better than most of the class, and can even (though he wouldn't purposely) afford to fail a few tests without worrying too much about his grade.
Also very smart but he's too stubborn for his own good.
He's the type of student that no one really wants to have, but also can't really complain about either because he doesn't act up (apart from being a pos about turning in blank stuff) and it's not like they can get mad because a student isn't good at a subject.
Most likely submitted that blank test in the class that he's absolutely acing just to prove a point.
I'll add a few more >>
Kazuha is similar to Xiao and Albedo where he kinda does his own thing during class, staring out the window, balancing a pencil on the tip of his finger, humming (much to his seatmate's distate). He's not particularly incredible nor is he bad at any subject. Very cozy average.
He puts effort where effort is due, but doesn't feel the need to go above and beyond because he'd rather save his energy for any extracurriculars he has going on. Probably takes martial arts or even assists/teaches on his own time.
Gorou, as a student is above average! He's someone that a lot of people look up to, probably a student leadership position like on the council or perhaps some sort of student committee where he helps people figure stuff out for themselves and helps plan student activities.
He does his best to do better in classes because he wants to be a good role model to those who look up to him, but there are times where he doesn't do so well and it's impossible to not notice. Slumped shoulders, knitted brows, worrying at his lip w/ his teeth--nothing that a pat on the back won't help though. Overall, very cheerful and most people on campus know who he is.
Venti is actually a TA which, once you get to actually know him, is really fitting! Otherwise, most people know him to be a little lackadaisical and wonder what he's always doing on campus when he doesn't seem to have a set schedule (because he doesn't, as a TA) and is often seen lounging around the music hall or courtyard.
That being said, he is (or was?) a pretty good student when he was still studying--in fact, that's one of the reasons why he was able to get a TA position so quickly. Lots of networking with his professors, really getting to understand the subjects he was learning and all that jazz.
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foxybananaaaz · 2 days ago
I hope you enjoy your little elucien fanfics it's the only time you will read them together and you don't even wright them happy how are eluciens so delusional enjoy the delusional bliss while it lasts
Thank you! I very much will enjoy my Elucien FanFics!
Tumblr media
Also, the way Silver Flames went, and the one bonus chapter, the odds look to be that I will be enjoying an Elucien Book.
Go enjoy your ships fan art with the two of them smiling. You probably won't see them happy together. Especially after his bonus chapter.
Now sweetie, go back to your own lane. You aren't welcome here in the Elucien section.
Also, it's WRITE. Not WRIGHT. Learn to spell sweetie, you'll be more threatening then.
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lettheladylead · a day ago
hc: Scrooge leaves his bedroom windows open every night in hopes that maybe Goldie will come into his room.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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loveyourownsmiilee · 15 hours ago
i think with brenna directing we will get eddie 'heartyes for evan buckley only' diaz cause she did give us the balcony scene where it was hearteyes galore and she understands eddie probably in the same way ryan does so i think we're going to get a win there, also we're gonna get carla, buck, eddie, chris and taylor all at the christmas party scene so that'll be interesting
Oh I don’t have a single doubt that we won’t be getting Eddie giving full fledged heart eyes to the love of his life. Brenna does that best and I am fully expecting it!! But I can’t wait to see how Carla being back and T being at the party will play out tbh. I’ll die for Eddie to give Buck heart eyes while his girlfriend is around. Just add that onto the pining storyline for Eddie 😌
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wooteena · 2 days ago
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letmebegaytodd · 2 days ago
I just got a sunset sasparilla pin from Etsy and it came in this little Bennycore baggie and it made me think of you immediately.
was it..was it this pin? because that shop is run by my beloved friend @ceilingcow, and the bennycore bags are because of me (which is very sweet) asdfgyhjk
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dreamings-free · a day ago
“Sessions” lol watch them both show up tomorrow…patterns are amazing
I’m predicting a nice high turtleneck for louis 😆
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valkyrayn · 22 hours ago
so recently i was feeling down because of my weight and that I'm too skinny for my age (and height)
so how about having a session with Vyn and y/n telling him about it and lots of praising sex with vyn ?
– ✨
awww anon. if no one has told you this today, just know that you're beautiful <3 this fic comes with very real emotions bcus i too, had insecurities about being too skinny. and people would always point it out to me as if i'm not already aware of it myself. so a bit of a trigger warning cus i mentioned some of the things that these people have said to me. but a lot of praises from vyn from there onwards! hope you like it <3
ps. i'm not that great with writing Vyn yet cus i've only started to stan him recently so i hope this is okay lol
Tumblr media
Pairing: Vyn Richter x afab!reader
Words: 2.0k words
Tags: mirror sex, creampie, dirty but sweet talking, slight tw: comments on physical appearance, dr. vyn helps you with your insecurities, porn with a tiny plot (a nice change for once)
Tumblr media
This session was long overdue. It feels strange sitting across from him like this and having him speak to you in a tone that you’re not used to. This is no longer your boyfriend.
This is Dr. Vyn Richter.
You voiced your insecurities to him a couple of days ago but immediately brushed it off as something trivial and that it’s something that you have to deal with yourself. Of course your boyfriend being the psychoanalyst that he is, sees right through you. To be fair, it doesn’t take a psychology expert to know how much it’s been bothering you. But you have been with him for quite some time now and at this point, he probably knows you better than the average person, even yourself.
Sometimes Vyn will catch you standing in front of the mirror after getting dressed – and one second you’re happily twirling around, admiring the material of the dress and the next you’re smoothing it down against your body, sighing dejectedly at your reflection.
‘Why can’t I be taller…and less skinny?’ he hears you say behind the half-opened door. When he finally makes his presence known, you glance at him with a smile on your face, so convincing, you could even fool yourself.
Despite him being aware of this, he never pushes you to talk about it. “When you’re ready, you can have a session with me,” he suggests instead.
He knows that you’ll never feel comfortable with bringing it up in an everyday conversation, proving once again that he knows you all too well. And true enough, it feels entirely different talking to him about it in this professional setting.
These insecurities would sometimes eat at you, clouding your brain until all you can hear are these voices in your head pointing out every flaw that you see in yourself. You’ve convinced yourself that you’ve gotten better over the years; but after hearing someone comment on your weight and how you should ‘eat more’ and ‘doesn’t Vyn feed you enough?’ the voices have since returned and continue to torment you.
And so here you are, finally opening up the floodgates, revealing the whats and the whys, not sparing any detail – speaking with so much hatred and anger for yourself that you don’t even realize the tears streaming down your cheek until it lands onto your fist.
The sound of pen scratching against the paper catapulted you back into the present, making you fully aware now of all the emotions that you’re feeling and it’s too much – and you wonder how you’ve lasted this long without ever talking about it.
You watch as he closes his notebook, then runs his fingers along its spine – his every move putting you in a trance, bringing a sense of calmness back into you. And gradually, you feel the anger dissipate as you blink the last few drops of tears from your eyes.
Vyn stands up from his seat and extends his arm towards you, his hand open, inviting you to grab onto him. You look up at him as you reach up and take his hand.
A tiny moan escapes your lips as you watch him run his fingers in between your breasts - his touch light and sensual. Vyn has stripped you from all your clothes, one piece of clothing at a time while you stand there in front of the tall mirror, obediently watching his every movement – almost as if he’s put you in a trance.
He takes a handful of your breast and starts kneading it gently, occasionally pinching your nipple with his fingers and lightly tug on it. He keeps doing this to stimulate you, your other nipple now standing hard at attention, begging to be touched as well. He grabs onto your small hand with his and places it onto your left breast, closing your entwined hands together against your flesh.
“Touch yourself. Feel how good it is.”
You moan at the feeling of your own hand against your mound, so soft and gentle. You hardly ever touch yourself like this because it hardly ever crosses your mind to do so – partly to blame is how your mind convinces you that you’re not attractive.
But now, in front of the mirror, as you relish in the pleasure of touching yourself, you are finally starting to see yourself as how Vyn sees you.
Sweet, beautiful, sensual – all the adjectives that you never thought you’d associate yourself with.
You whimper softly when he starts moving his hand down your sides, dipping into the slight curve on your waist before lightly squeezing it.
“This small curve on your hips…” he trails as he brushes his fingers over your skin. “You know it’s my favourite, right?”
Vyn stands tall behind you, staring into your eyes through the mirror as he continues to roam his hands all over your body. And there’s just something about watching yourself being touched by him that drives you completely unhinged with desire, aching for him to be inside you. But Vyn enjoys taking his time with you, always making sure to touch you everywhere on your body, heating you up until you have no choice but to beg for him to fuck you. The worst thing about it is that he knows how desperate you are for him to be inside you - and yet, he never gives in so easily.
He wants to worship your body first, making sure not an inch of your skin is left untouched. He wants you to learn to love his hands on you, to ache for his fingers brushing against your skin; wants you to think about it even when you’re outside of the bedroom.
You never think about it until you were at a cafe with him last week. It was a simple touch, innocent, gentle and nothing even remotely sexual about it. And yet, you feel like your body is lit on fire and the idea of having sex with him in the restroom suddenly didn’t phase you. And that’s exactly how you end up being fucked against the door of the small cubicle as you cum around his cock, screams muffled by his hand pressed against your mouth.
And it all makes sense now. He wants you to feel good just for being you.
Vyn brushes your hair to the side, letting it fall over your left shoulder so he can lean in and place kisses on your neck. The feeling of his hot breath fanning your skin burns you up even more and you feel lightheaded from all the blood rushing to your head.
“Look at yourself in the mirror… watch as I push myself inside you,” he whispers into your ear. And suddenly he’s lifting you up, wrapping his arms on the underside of your thighs, carrying your full weight with ease. You’re so small against him yet so ready and willing for him to take you as rough as he wants to.
His cock stands erect under you, and you watch as he positions himself against your aching hole, drenched with slick and ready to receive him. “You’re so fucking beautiful…” You moan in unison when he finally sinks you onto his length, taking all of him in with ease because of how soaking wet you are for him. You throw your head back, eyes shut from the pleasure as you feel your walls start clenching around him.
“Keep your eyes open. Watch how you take my cock,” he orders you. “Such a beautiful girl... so perfect.”
Through half-lidded eyes, you watch as he slowly slides his cock in and out of you in a torturous pace, making sure you can see how you take every inch of him so easily. It’s a sight that will burn into your memory, inevitably haunting you again in the future and arousing you at inappropriate times.
One particular hard thrust from him sends you reeling, your walls convulsing around him as you ride the orgasm. Vyn keeps himself still until you come down from your high, his grip tightening around your quivering thighs to keep you steady against his body.
“Does that feel good, my love?” He says next to your ear and you only manage to nod weakly in response. “Good girl.”
Vyn releases you gently, one leg at a time but still keeping his hands on you; only letting go for a second to make sure you’re able to stand on your own. You stare at your fully naked self in the mirror, unfamiliar emotions consuming you – relief, acceptance.
The cruel voices in your head fall silent. You feel sexy and attractive, even in all your naked glory – every inch, every flaw, as you face them like this, slowly but surely, you will learn to accept them. Every single person is different and you’re you. And nobody can take that away from you, not even the voices in your head.
“Bend over for me,” he says, his voice deep but not demanding and yet you find yourself obeying him as you slowly bend forward and place your hands flat against the wall on either side of the mirror. “Keep watching yourself,” he says as he lines his cock at your entrance, pushing only his tip in until he’s sure you’ve locked eyes with your reflection.
You watch as your lips form into an ‘o’ shape when he finally drives his cock into you, going in as deep as possible that you can almost feel him touch your cervix. He grips tightly onto your hips to keep yourself steady so he can slam himself inside you steadily but with a force so strong, it almost sends you over the edge again.
Your body jerks forward with every hard thrust, sending waves of pleasure throughout your body and making it difficult to keep your eyes open. But you try your best anyway, locking eyes with Vyn through the mirror as he stares at you, his own mouth hanging open. “Fuck, look at you…” he trails.
Bringing his arms around you, he pulls you upright with his cock still lodged inside you. “Look at your beautiful tits, begging for my touch.” He says as he palms one of your breasts, leaving the other one to bounce with each rough thrust.
“Your beautiful hot cunt is squeezing around me so tightly…feels so good.” His words spur you on even more towards your orgasm. The smell of sex in the room overwhelms you, clouding your every senses and all you can feel now is him, shoved so deep inside you, his cock hard and twitching as your walls continue to desperately grip onto him.
“Cum for me, beautiful. Cum all over my cock.”
With one final punishing thrust, he forces the orgasm out of you and it sends you screaming his name over and over like a prayer. You convulse around him, legs trembling uncontrollably as you cum, covering every inch of his cock with your juices. He starts driving himself into you once again, dragging your orgasm until you feel your legs give out. Vyn keeps his arms around you when he finally reaches his own release, grunting loudly as he rut his hips violently against you, painting your walls white with his seed, claiming your body.
You whimper weakly as you watch your combined fluids trickle down your thigh, it looks so obscene you feel yourself blush at the sight. A long sigh escapes you when he finally pulls out and you whine as more cum leaks out of you and drips onto the mahogany floor.
He turns your body around to face him then wraps his arm around your waist to pull you closer – both your bodies hot and soaked in perspiration. He leans down and kisses you sweetly on the lips and you sighed against him in relief; content and satiated.
“Thank you, Dr. Vyn,” you say and he smiles at you before gathering you in his arms, carrying you all the way to the bedroom so you can both resume your lovemaking for two more hours until your legs truly give out.
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yanderemommabean · a day ago
This may be late but nagas all the way!!! They would amazing cuddlers I think, that and petting the tails would be awesome!!!
Not only that but some snakes live in colonies or “Snake Balls” for warmth, so you could quite possibly have a bunch of interested nagas wanting to “Keep you warm too”
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toiletwipes · 2 days ago
Thinking hogwarts au
Where simpbur slips a 'tiny' drop of love potion in reader's food...and reader is like a sick love puppy. Simpbur kinda feel guilty but hey, atleast he got to holds reader in his arms
What about after when the love potion wears off and they're still there and they're like well since I'm already here-
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playssilly · 2 days ago
If you don't mind, could you write something about hero shielding villian with their own body and taking a bullet which was meant for them? Maybe the supervillain or the superhero shot it at villian but hero took it, and now that's it's all ended, and villian is now sitting by hero's hospital bed with a tear stained face looking at their selfless hero?🥺 how will they react or say when hero wakes up?
I LOVE THIS IDEA 💕 It reminds me of the writing I put out before--(I love these types of situationss!!!) I went with a knife instead of a bullet, but I suppose it works anyways ^^ Hope you enjoy! Like the last prompt I posted, sorry it took so long!
Warnings: Blood, injuries, hurt, knives, mentioned abuse (not descriptive)
Not her.
Her ears were ringing.
She hadn't really noticed that before, but somehow it had gone silent. Well, besides from the ringing.
High-pitch at that--She pressed a hand to her ear.
Something wet...She vision blurred in and out as she held her hand out.
Red... blood. That's blood--Her ears were bleeding.
From what?
She had gotten hurt; she knew that much. There was a stinging...dull compared to the ringing.
There was some type of murmuring. Again--cloudy, just like her sight.
Someone was talking.
Who, then? She squinted--She was laying down.
[Superhero]--and [Villain]. That's right--that's who it was. She could hear that so often calm and chiding voice...but it was worried, no, maybe...panicking.
Maybe panicking was the right word. She didn't know anymore: she couldn't make any of the words out over the ringing--...His lips were moving...her name?
She hummed, a soft frown on her face. She couldn't tell. She should be able to tell if he was genuinely talking or not...but she couldn't hear his thoughts or his actual voice--it was just blandly loud. Noise--but nothing to understand.
It was her voice this time, tongue coated in iron--
'I can't hear you.'
She wanted to say...
She couldn't tell if she said it or not.
. . .
"[Hero], [Hero]! C'mon--" He gritted his teeth. This really shouldn't be happening. That should be his wound, his blood that should be spilling on the ground right now. Not hers--On his father's grave, not her. "Please--[Hero], C'mon just..." He pushed down harder.
"Can't--" His beloved hero finally spoke, oh--blood spilt from her mouth. When did that get there? Why was there so much blood--where were the paramedics?-- "Hear 'ou..."
"[Hero], It's okay--It's okay, just focus, okay--? Help's almost here!" That idiotic 'friend' of his hero spoke frantically, trying to tear their sleeve. The fabric too well-crafted to be torn so easily.
He focused back on his hero.
His hero--Heavens, he didn't like thinking like that. Though, she was more of his hero now than ever, tagged some possessive claim all because of [Superhero]...Oh.
Oh, He was going to kill them.
He wanted to snap at them--but the idea of [Hero] dying with that being the background noise...that'd be a terrible way to go, wouldn't it?
Not like it wasn't already. Dying from taking an injury that was for your enemy, given by your teammate--friend, even.
Dying by....not dying.
She was hurt--but she wasn't going to die. She couldn't die like this.
. . .
Why would she jump in front like that?
There had been shouting, [Hero] adamant that they didn't have to hurt [Villain] anymore to get him to surrender, going back and forth, begging them to just hold off a little while more, then to [Villain], a plead that it would end up okay, that he'd 'be better off' if he'd come with her.
They didn't understand why [Hero] would care so much of an enemy...Someone they just needed to take in--it's as if they were talking to a child.
Trying to convince [Villain] that he could 'leave,' and that she'd look after him--Whatever all that meant, [Hero] shouldn't be that kind to someone like [Villain]. He had done so many things where people got hurt--lost their lives.
So then, why was she trying to be considerate to him? Speaking as if he was a child with an abusive caretaker--He had no right to be treated that way.
...Yet, the way he crumbled when [Hero] ultimately got hurt...
[Villain's] power had dispersed around the two of them as he fell to the ground with her. A static-y barrier--A protection they had never seen him make with his power.
Her name spilling from his mouth over and over again--her real name, and her hero name. "[Hero], [Hero], [Hero]---"
It was a constant now.
They blinked--
Oh, by the winter was so bloody.
Red stained [Villain's] hands, red dripping from [Hero's] mouth. She had tried to say something yet seemed to come out.
They didn't notice their hands clawing at their own sleeve, their voice bubbling with words of useless comfort.
It wouldn't rip, no matter how much they dug their nails into the fabric, it didn't rip--
Where were their knives? Some blade that would help--where'd they go?
...One was in [Hero's] side.
One they couldn't even glance at.
You kept the knife in--to keep the blood in--
[Villain's] hands pushed harder around the blade.
Their blade--they had thrown it--it was for [Villain], yet his foot had stumbled over the debris scattered over the ground—and [Hero] had blocked it from him.
Stars, they had caused this.
. . .
The paramedics had finally gotten there and transported the three to the hospital. [Superhero] had insisted that they stay near [Villain], some purpose of arresting him. Some purpose of...well, whatever they were thinking...
The three of them were now in a hospital room.
[Hero] had been given what the doctors could give. Whether that was stitches, morphine--whatever it was, [Villain] couldn't care less. As long as it helped her. As long as it kept her alive.
[Villain] was just sitting there. He had dragged a chair to the bed and hadn't moved since.
[Superhero] kept an eye on him for a long while after all of them had sat down...yet they couldn't continue it.
Watching him as if he were going to hurt her--kill her even--after how he had fallen to his knees with her...
Well, they guessed that wouldn't make much sense. If anything, [Villain] would want to hurt them if they had truly cared for [Hero], right?...
They stood up. "I'm..." Their voice sounded out of place in the silence of the room--"I'm going to ask the doctor some questions if you want to come too."
[Villain] didn't respond.
They opened the door. "...Then--I'll be back."
No response, he was still stuck inside his head.
...They left him alone.
After all of that, [Hero's] heart was still beating.
He had to focus on that.
Her heart was still beating.
It kept going on the monitors. A contestant beeping: a sign that she hadn't died to protect him. Still, that idea was suffocating.
After all he had done.
She was the opposite of him.
Helpful while he was helpless. Even so, she tried to help him. Tried to convince him he could leave and--and be safe. Safe with her, she'd protect him, help him.
Why would she be so...selfless after all he'd done? How could she be so protective over someone she'd only seen one bad thing happen to?
It was one moment. One moment of weakness.
[Villain] had done something bad--Heavens, he couldn't remember what--but [Supervillain] had struck them.
It was their right after all, he was their ward, they had the right to put them in their place--but [Hero] had witnessed it. And would continue on when she saw him about how she could get him away from [Supervillain].
That she could keep him 'safe.'
He hadn't understood what it was that made her want to do that. Just because he couldn't remember what he had done wrong--why [Supervillain] had hurt him--doesn't mean that he didn't deserve it.
So why?
Why would she want to help? Why would she offer it?
Why would...Why would she care for him?
They're enemies, aren't they?
His vision blurred.
He didn't realize when it happened, he had just noticed that all of a sudden...He was crying. A strange heat covering his face, and tears clouding his eyes.
When did that happen?
His hand lifted to rub the tears away, but they kept falling.
Really--when had his life become like this? Doing what he was with [Supervillain], hurting peoples' lives if not destroying them completely. And then there came a peaceful little hero, pleading for him to let himself be helped. To wish the best for himself.
Hadn't he already had that?
His chest heaved.
...Maybe not.
Maybe [Hero] was right.
That all she had done was for him to notice that working for [Supervillain] wasn't good for him.
It was normal for him, if he were to agree with [Hero]... Let her whisk him away--protect him--What would her world look like?
Heavens--Enough of that--just...when was she going to wake up?
He just needed her to wake up.
He couldn't breathe.
He just needed her to--to not die.
His voice caught in his throat. He bent down, cupping [Hero's] hand in his, "Don't die..." When did his voice get so weak? "Please, don't die."
That hand moved in his.
He blinked, barely moving the tear in his eyes--his head shot up, scattering to meet her face.
Those eyes stared back at him.
Her eyes closed in a soft smile.
She was always so resilient...of course she wasn't going to die here.
"[Hero]...I--I'm sorry--I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, they jus-" His voice did it again. Catching on the lump in his throat--"You got..." He swallowed--"Heavens, you got hurt because of me."
She hummed, her vocal cords stressing as she spoke--"Yes,"
"--but it was by my own actions."
"Will you?"
He blinked.
"Join me--that's what you were thinking, right? I almost got you back there," Another soft smile, sad, in a way. "I would've if we had more time."
Ah...He always forgot. She could get in his head so easily...had she been listening this whole time?
"I can take care of [Supervillain]."
Not in your state--He didn't speak it, but she heard it anyways.
"I will." Her eyes were locked to his, "I promise I will. You'll be safe with me."
He could feel her poking around in his thoughts, listening. Yet he couldn't force her out, couldn't even think to put up a barrier. She...was always trying to protect when she didn't need to. She always wanted others to feel safe around her--was this just another one of those promises people break?
...No, she wasn't the type to.
He sighed, stuffing his face in his hands.
Really, who was he to decline? If she wanted to try, she could--..No, she'd get hurt. Much more than she was now. He couldn't risk it.
He finally pushed [Hero] out of his head, voice ripping as he dragged himself out of his head.
"Let me protect you for once." His face didn't move from his hands. "For once, leave it alone." His mind kept silent. "It's not your life; why're you so enamored with protecting it?"
He could feel the silence sinking in the room. Some part of him started screaming. Oh, why had he opened his mouth. That was the type of thing he wasn't supposed to say--
"I did it because I wanted to. I look into your life because I want to, I protect you, others, because I want to." Her voice was soft. Oh, her voice was soft. "[Villain]," He met her eyes, those hues melting him from where he sat. "Because I want to, I'll protect you. Because I want you to be safe. That's why."
[Villain] couldn't help but blink mindlessly back at her.
He didn't have the barrier up again, wasn't trying to keep her out of his head--because it really was just blank, all blank.
"How...? [Hero]..." He groaned, stuffing his face in his hands again. "What am I supposed to say to that?"
"Agree with me," She hummed. He could hear a smile in her voice. "Just say 'ok' and go along with it. Let me help you."
...Maybe it would be okay like that.
Maybe it'd end up fine if she were to 'help' him. She was his hero, after all, right?
His eyes met hers again.
He didn't notice the sad smile on his face until she smiled back.
...He didn't mind staying by her side a little longer.
Me while writing this, not thinking about superpowers: 'Hm. Yes, well, it seems that all of a sudden they have them.' It works! it works, so I'm not getting rid of it :)
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