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#anon asks

not a dumb question!! i didn’t know either until it was brought to my attention. so basically, mitch kinda got shit for streaming. i’m not exactly sure what was said, but it was explained to me that people were saying negative things so he just stopped streaming. i didn’t really watch his streams, but it sucks that he stopped. these guys have fun doing this and i wish people would respect that!

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If you mean the one that just got posted, it’s not mine, just a fic I really liked and wanted to share. 

And as for quirk use, besides the obvious Shindou quirk. Shinsou could absolutely use his quirk to put you under and command you to cum until you’re a twitching mess. Bakugou could use his quirk to spank your ass until it turns color. Shouto could use temperature play on you, rubbing your clit with warm hands before turning it to cold. I dunno if this is feasible but I have always loved the idea of unbreakable Kiri fisting you. Shoji and Tamaki are obvious…tentacles and double penetration.

And Shigaraki could turn you into a lovely pile of ash in the bedroom.

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Oh I understand completely! My friends IRL don’t know the extent of my kinks at all (and yeah, it’s especially the incest and watersports.) A lot of the people I talk to online know about them though, and it’s reading fanfiction that helped me get a lot more comfortable with some of them.

So yes, if we burn in hell together, please save me a seat 💞

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Would it really be any different..?

Still interesting… might be something to look into more

On one hand, it’s very very much implied that Void has goodness in his core somewhere and that he’s just going along with what he knows he has to do now that’s he’s summoned and that he and Kirby are one in the same.

On the other hand, would this mean that Void as Kirby deals with things in a much more violent manner and that Void Kirby is a god/deity of love and peace?

Interesting indeed..

-Mod Taranza🕸

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To be honest, I’ve been trying to figure this out for YEARS, and I still have no idea. People tell me they’re confident it’s the 5th, and others are just as sure it’s the 6th. I just celebrate both days for him. I mean, he probably deserves two birthday celebrations anyway, right? 😂

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hdjgdhh thank you

yeah i’m very winding and metaphor-heavy so i get it

that’s sweet of you to say 💛

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