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#anon asks
devilprimez2 minutes ago
No wait..TFP MEGS. Sorry can鈥檛 read.
First Impression -
Crack addict
Impression Now -
Petty, shitty crack addict
Favorite Moment -
The end of the first season where he teams up with the autobots for a minute... I love that shit
Idea for a Story -
I would've liked to see more pre-war stuff about him - just to see exactly what went down between him and Optimus instead of having it be told through exposition and flashbacks and what not.
Unpopular Opinion -
Idk if this is truly an unpopular opinion or not but his whole "no one can kill Optimus but me" thing drags tfp as a whole down. Like tfp is a show that wants to be taken seriously but it's hard to when the stakes are completely arbitrary.
Favorite Relationship -
Tbh I dont really like any of the existing dynamics he has with either the autobots or his subordinates and I sure as shit dont ship him with anyone either. I guess his whole dynamic with Soundwave is interesting?? Given that he was kinda there from the beginning and Megs shows favoritism towards him a lot of the time.
Favorite Headcanon -
I dont think about him enough to have any
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buckycuddlebuddy2 minutes ago
I can just be anon 馃枻?
Here is link 1:
Link 2:
thank you! and of course you can!
link one - two
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somanywords5 minutes ago
Hi cass~~ how are you!!! I finished like half the work on my to do list and now I lack motivation since my sister is sending me tfatws memes :DD-馃尰
why hello sunflower!!! how lovely to聽鈥渟ee鈥 you! half your to-do list, that鈥檚 awesome! i鈥檝e got about half of mine done too, i鈥檇 say, and now i鈥檓 scrolling through tumblr and reading fanfic and ignoring the other half... my sister isn鈥檛 sending me fatws memes though, which is sad. 馃槈
how are you doing? reading anything good lately?
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gothham5 minutes ago
dykewing on twitter who's a white person is posting about your take on cass stans/steph and calling steph a "sanitized white girl" LMAO
I could see her point if I was just talking about Steph, but I mentioned Damian in the same sentence and the whole conversation was centered around him. I literally only mentioned Steph one time and it was a joke! Also, she's white and all of the Cass stans are also white! Anyway, she unfollowed me and we were mutuals for two years 馃槶
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bisexualemmettcullen6 minutes ago
If twilight was made today who would be on the soundtrack
ah i love this question 鉂わ笍
- of monsters and men
- flora cash
- billie eilish
- muse is still there because duh
- hozier
- vance joy
are some i can think of off the top of my head
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kindofokayimagines6 minutes ago
richie prepping himself for when his mommy gets home馃樆馃構, also hiii angel baby!!! how are you?? hope you鈥檙e doing amazing and hope you鈥檙e exams are going well!!! <3 and I LOVE THE NEW FIC, OH MY GOD ITS SO GOOD, UGH YOUR MIND >>> and oh my god yes, i love giving song recommendations!!! it makes me happy to recommend songs that i love that i think other people would love!!! some songs of my favorite songs from her mine, hello kitty, platform shoes, alone, e-boy, touch my body, daddy af, and troubled paradise but all of her music is so good!! (also would you be okay with me giving you more recommendations?? like i said it makes me happy to see people like songs i that i recommended to them!! and did my last ask send in? cause my tumblr has been having issues lately) -馃尭
hi cherry baby!!! ahh it makes me happy when i see you in my inbox!! and yess omg like maybe they have one of those remote control vibrators that the reader controls for him while she's at work 馃ズ and im good cherry, thank you!! exams have been stressful but i think/hope im doing okay, how have you been? i hope your day鈥檚 been good!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH CHERRY BBY DJDKKD THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY AHH<33 馃挄馃挅馃挅馃挄馃挅馃挄馃挄馃挅馃挅 and ahh thank you so much okie okie i'll let you know what i think ahh im excited i love when people give me song recs!!! and yes of course go ahead and send in as many as you want cherry, and ahh no i don't think your ask sent? sorry baby :( do you remember what it was? tumblr is so annoying sometimes
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aspirationatwork7 minutes ago
Okay but isn't it similar to a fetish if someone only cares about stereotypes instead of the whole person?
Firstly, @volley-ball-101 wasn't saying "the only thing that I care about in a person is gender"
Secondly, liking men or liking women......isn't a stereotype. I don't understand what point you are trying to make with that
Thirdly, a "gender fetish" is literally just having a type. If someone finds ginger hair attractive, is that a fetish? If someone finds freckles attractive, is that a fetish?
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cncothoughts8 minutes ago
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obeyme-ever10 minutes ago
Oh, strange combination, but both are good choices! I鈥檓 having a pretty good day. Somehow, I still have time to do things I want to do, so I鈥檓 squeezing in some time for video games before I return to the grind! I鈥檓 excited for the weekend - 馃懢
Well Im not eating them at the same time 馃槀 Oooh! have fun!
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pad-foots10 minutes ago
i have a headcanon that tony hates birds...i can't explain it but it seems right. Also Steve hates winter because in the 40s Bucky bullied skinny steve and threw snowballs at steve which caused steve to constantly get sick
HSHDHS i totally get what you mean like he seems like the type to specifically hate pigeons as well
40s steve my beloved, couldn鈥檛 even handle snowballs :,) i also imagine he鈥檇 especially hate when it snows bc of seeing bucky fall down into the snow y鈥檏now? steve + winter is a No
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yutassecretheaven11 minutes ago has a tumblr blog now, just letting you know 馃憠馃憟 - 馃浉 also sorry for not replying to your messages, i honestly didnt know what to say
does that mean he鈥檚 gonna talk to me? oh no 馃槼
and it鈥檚 okay bean. 馃挄
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authorchanlove11 minutes ago
Ooooh so you think I鈥檓 pretty??
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authorchanlove12 minutes ago
Hi! I just want to say it makes me so happy seeing you enjoy all of your interests here. You should never feel bad for having things you enjoy! You're not betraying anyone switching between interests, I promise. You probably didn't need me to say that, but I wanted to remind you just in case :) I hope you have a good day/night!
Awwww, anon!!! Thank you so much!! That means a lot to me??
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kindofokayimagines13 minutes ago
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littlefreya13 minutes ago
Freya I'm new here do u know how to add links to ur bio like u did with your masterlist?
Hey darling, welcome to Tumblr. In order to put a link in your bio, just go to settings > Customise your theme and then you can use a URL code in your bio.
The code is: <a href=鈥漣nsert your URL here鈥>write a description</a>
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sapphothetical13 minutes ago
Seeing you mention the aro/ace spectrum to another anon really made me feel better. I think that I am probably somewhere on the ace/aro spectrum. I have never kissed anyone and honestly don鈥檛 think I ever want to. The world makes me think that I should want to and that if I ever feel anything for anyone it would be invalid without kissing her. Just mentioning the ace/aro spectrum meant a lot to me. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.
of course my love!! it warms my heart to hear you say this thank you thank you. i am truly sorry that the world makes you feel this way, i know how hard it can be. just remember that there are people out there going through the same experiences as you and there will always be people you can talk to. i am so proud to be a part of a community full of such lovely people like you. i wish you all the best and i promise you things will start to get easier. sending love and take care,
pip <3
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anniesardors13 minutes ago
The hand on the back scene looks like she may be comforting or reassuring him about something 馃ズ
I know!! She is definitely reassuring him about something and it鈥檚 just too sweet 馃ズ
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serostuffsmh15 minutes ago
Your outfit is adorable! - 馃惐
Thank youusu <3
It鈥檚 my 鈥渉old it together, jen鈥 fit
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immortal-enemies16 minutes ago
When do you think the Ty killing Thule!Kit Fic will come out? The idea was super interesting, imagine being such a Queen to think of that. Also is there a reason you don鈥檛 like Blackdale? Cause every other ship in TLH honestly has a reason to not like them but I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e seen anyone not like Blackdale the most I鈥檝e ever seen is that they鈥檙e boring. Just genuinely curious haha
Maybe in a few weeks, depending? I'm halfway done with it and I have to edit it, and school is a thing now 馃様
And AWWWWWWW!! THANK YOU! I was very proud of myself for thinking of that (麓鈭╋健鈥 岬 鈥健鈭ー)
Yes, I absolutely do. Here! I just answered another ask about it! 馃槃
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iiasha16 minutes ago
also @ anon who asked about blog recs I thought I responded to it but I'm literally not seeing the post??? might have been eaten. but basically I said tbh I'm not sure lmao tbh idrk know any other blogs that are both kpop and talk regularly about work/tech stuff (if that's the energy you're talking about) 馃挃
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