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#anon asks
wooteena · a month ago
as someone who only got absorbed into the dsmp around the disc war finale, what was the button in the control room for? ive seen a lot abt how it was tommy n not eret who pressed it but like. what it Do
i think its best you watch for yourself anon
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rudjedet · 26 days ago
do you have a favourite Egypt fact about how humans have always been so truly human?
Oh, I have so many. The fact that we know of dog names, for example, or that we can see thumb prints in certain items of pottery or the little bits of graffiti made by workmen on unseen places of stelae and statuary, how much crown prince Thutmose loved his cat, or the entirety of medicine, because what is more human than seeing pain and trying to alleviate the suffering?
But one of my favourites that I don't talk nearly enough about is the attendance lists of workmen (most notably from Deir el Medina). On these ostraka, the scribe of the village would record which workman was absent on which day, often with a reason for the absence appended. The most common reason is simply given as "mr", "ill". Very rarely, the illness is specified, such as workman Nakhtamun who, in year 40 of Ramses II's reign, on day 16 and 17 of the first month of Shemu, was absent because of an eye disease. One of his colleagues was once let off work for a day or two because of sore feet (cause otherwise unspecified).
Deaths or sickness of a family member, or even the sickness of a fellow workman who wasn't otherwise related, were also reasons for absence, and one of the most common workplace hazards was being stung by a scorpion. Though some of the reasons for absence are of the type "oh sure pal", such as Paneb claiming his cow is sick (look Paneb we know you, you just woke up hungover and didn't feel like going in to work), others are downright interesting for their cultural implications, such as absences where the reason given is connected to a wife or daughter.
The most common suggestion for that particular absence is that the woman in question was menstruating. However, based on the overall absences with this reason, it seems a little tenuous because it would mean that the women of Deir el Medina menstruated very rarely, hardly ever. The latest suggestion is that we should see this absence in the light of the wife or daughter in question giving birth, and the rituals and festivities surrounding that.
Now thanks to these attendance lists we've been able to reconstruct morbidity patterns, and through those inferred the existence of seasonal, short-term infectious gastrointestinal diseases that would have plagued the villagers and affected morbidity rate and health patterns. And that is the most humanising thing, if you ask me.
The people of Deir el Medina lived, laughed, and occasionally shat their hearts out, just like the rest of us.
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wolfythewitch · 23 hours ago
Hehehehehehe thank youu!! Here’s a sort of rough explanation of the animatic, tho tbh it can be left up for interpretation
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There’s also like how the frames relate to the lyrics themselves but those are self explanatory
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technicallya1manband · 11 days ago
Imagine Groose, but he sounds like Kronk
Groose: Oh, right. The loftwing. The loftwing for the wing cerimony, the Crimson Loftwing that Link will fly, Link's Loftwing. That loftwing?
Groose: Haven't seen it.
Alternatively, he speaks to the little birds
Groose: Uh, tweet, tweet-tweerer, tweetie twee-chirp?
Little bird: *chirps back*
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ciredin · a month ago
Hello!! I’m not sure if you’re still taking requests but if you are I was wondering if you would be interested in doing an erotic (possibly) depiction of Avallac’h giving Lara her first rune tattoos in the style of your dp?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
With pleasure, my dear anon!
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letmebegaytodd · 2 days ago
my dirty confession is that the first time I played fnv I joined caesers legion bc i was a kid who didn't read or understand the lore I was just in a percy jackson phase and thought haha romans!
Tumblr media
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wolfythewitch · a month ago
"Weakness: N/A" for techno. Even as Just A Dude hes too powerful
Tumblr deleted my reply but jokes on them I took a screenshot
Tumblr media
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makeste · a month ago
Why do you think Katsuki allows Kaminari to treat him in such a friendly, carefree manner? He sort of just… lets Kaminari move him around, dress him up, call him whatever, and just takes it from him, when it feels like he wouldn’t let just anyone do that…
no, I definitely don't think he’d allow just anyone to do it. there are a few things that factor in, I think.
Kaminari is very nonthreatening. like, that's not to say that he's a wimp or anything (far from it, I think he's a total badass). but he is extremely friendly and approachable and also very humble and self-deprecating. basically he's the type of person who makes it easy to let your guard down around him. super chill, and juuust mean enough so that he doesn't come off as fake or super-sensitive, but otherwise he's incredibly kind and accepting. and all of this is very important when you're dealing with someone as paranoid as Kacchan.
Kaminari is also just a naturally touchy person. he's like this with everyone, not just Kacchan -- the scene where he's sitting in the classroom absentmindedly playing with Ojiro's tail immediately comes to mind. and so after a while you kind of get desensitized to it when you're hanging out around someone like that.
Katsuki secretly doesn't mind it. he is introverted, but I don't think he's necessarily touch-averse. it's just that he's constantly trying to maintain his tough guy image, and so letting people get all touchy-feely with him all the time is counterproductive to that. and he also has issues with letting himself be vulnerable around others, so if there's a risk that the physical contact is actually going to make him Feel Emotions, he's usually quick to shut it down (this has happened several times with All Might for instance). but all of Kaminari's friendly touches are extremely casual, so there's no real risk of emotions getting involved. and because Kaminari is like this with everyone, it doesn't make Katsuki look any less manly by comparison, so he's basically cool with it.
lastly, Kaminari is extremely talented at finding ways to give Katsuki an excuse to participate in something without compromising his reputation. the thing is that Katsuki actually does care about his classmates, and enjoys hanging out with them (within reason) and taking part in stuff like the band performance and the Christmas party. but because he doesn't want to seem like a sappy loser, he can never just agree to anything without first putting up a fight. and Kaminari, with all of his friendly obstinance and persistence, has basically mastered the art of putting on just enough of a show to allow Katsuki to give in while still preserving his dignity. sneaking up on him to "trick" him into wearing the band t-shirt and Santa outfit, "goading" him into helping with the New Year's preparations by threatening to withhold his portion of the meat, and so forth. the other kids have all gotten pretty adept at this too, but Kaminari is exceptional at it.
so yeah, basically Kaminari is just elite at wearing down prickly bastards until they finally give in and accept his friendship lol. that, and Katsuki actually enjoys the friendship. deep down he really does have a warm gooey center, and Kaminari is fully aware of this forbidden knowledge, and just enough of a bastard to take full advantage of it, god bless him.
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littlefreya · 2 days ago
I think about Henry's chest hair 24/7. It's becoming a problem. Please, tell me there is a cure for my illness.
The cure is...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There is no cure. You will never be free.
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dourpeep · a month ago
do you think xiao has like,,, a bulge kink? 👀 maybe one day when he was fucking you, he just notices how there's this bulge forming in ur lower stomach area everytime he thrusts inside and without himself even realizing, he uses his thumb to press that area (pretty hardly i might add) which makes u trash around and immediately cu- ok i'll stop there ( ͡°⁄ ⁄ ͜⁄ ⁄ʖ⁄ ⁄ ͡°) i-i just think that scenario is kinda h-h-hot,,,
((NSFW 18+))
I have Scaramouche down with a bulge kink (like that's a surprise) but Xiao??! 👀
I'm being spoiled by my anons-
It'd start out entirely innocent, or at least as innocent as Xiao bottoming out in you over and over can get-
He usually takes you while holding your hips so he has better control of what angle and how deep...but one day he runs his hand over your hip and up to toy with your nipples only to feel the soft give of your stomach suddenly—press back? Huh.
So he continues thrusting, paying it little mind and his hand slides the rest of the way up. Moments later, he finds himself dragging his fingertips back down over your stomach only to feel it again right as he thrusts.
But that can't be right....right?
Pressing down on the bulge, he snaps his hips back up into you, drawing out a delicious cry from your lips. Sure enough, the space just below his fingers bulges up. Realization quickly dawns. So, of course, he presses harder.
Archons above, the fact that he's hitting you so deep, filling you so well that there's visible proof—
Xiao growls at the thought. The fact that he can feel you clench down harder and sees the signs of your orgasm suddenly...
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wolfythewitch · 18 days ago
Philza left a comment on your newest vid
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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makeste · 9 days ago
In relation to your post on C:320, love your point of Bakugo is actually the best person to call out Deku for the viewing everyone as Extras because he's speaking from experience, because when I first read that bit I did think 'Well that's quite hypocritical mister only uses mildly insulting (at best) nicknames or the exact term extra for everyone'. However given as of C:318 he's still using the term lowfries it feels like it undercuts how powerful that could have been a bit. What do you think?
first off, just to clarify, back in 318 he didn't actually call them "small fries" or "losers" or anything like that; he literally just used a plural form of the word "you" (i.e. "you guys"). it's just that out of the various Japanese words for you (anata, omae, etc.), the one that he used (temee) happens to be the rudest one. but everything Katsuki says is rude, because that's just how he talks. so it really didn't mean anything in this instance.
however, even if he had actually called them extras, tbh it wouldn't have undercut the moment at all in my mind. because the thing is, even if he calls them that, he's not treating them like extras at all. they're his equals. he could have left them all back at U.A. and gone after Deku himself, but he didn't. because he's learned the importance of teamwork, and he's come to trust in his classmates' strength. they've all been working together in perfect sync for the past couple of chapters. he knows when to sit back and let one of them handle something, and he knows when to step in and play his part -- as he did when Deku used Smokescreen.
and that's the thing with Kacchan -- with him, you really do have to look at his actions more than his words, because he often does say things that on the surface appear to be very hypocritical and condescending and insulting. and if his actions even remotely matched what he was saying, he would indeed be the terrible, irredeemable person that so many fans even now still see him as. fortunately, his actions usually do not match up at all, but instead reveal him as the person he actually is -- someone who cares about other people far more than he could ever comfortably acknowledge.
like, please pardon me for going off on an entirely different tangent now, but I feel like the last couple of chapters are really the perfect example of this. it's the contrast between everything he says to and about Deku --
"that damned nerd."
"he's screwed up in the head."
"wow, real inspiring! all hail the mighty inheritor of One for All!"
"do your worst, you All Might wannabe!"
"I guess once you start being able to do anything you try, everyone around you starts to look like an extra, huh?"
-- versus everything his actions tell us about what he actually feels about Deku.
Deku was literally the first person he asked about as soon as he woke up in the hospital.
he completely disregarded the fact that he had been LITERALLY IMPALED THROUGH THE CHEST and was still in a considerable amount of pain, and took off running toward Deku's bedside the second he heard that he hadn't woken up.
as soon as he found out Deku had left, he correctly predicted the exact course of action Deku would take, right down to the actual words that he used.
and upon realizing this, he described it as "the worst scenario I can think of," and immediately leapt into action, taking command of and mobilizing the rest of the class.
he wore a fucking tie for Deku's sake. like what else can you even say. that's true love right there.
he showed up fully prepared to throw down for the sake of dragging Deku back home, even though his wounds aren't fully healed yet.
he immediately saved Deku from the rampaging crowd.
and even while in full insult mode, he couldn't go more than two sentences before making a comment about Deku's wellbeing ("are you smiling now?").
and in fact, let's talk about that last part. because over the last two chapters, Kacchan has thus far made references to Deku being the heir of OFA (which he thinks of as a cursed power), Deku emulating All Might (who has the exact same "never takes himself into account" mindset, according to him), and Deku sneaking off without telling anyone. literally every one of his remarks is actually a comment about the various behaviors that we know he's actually very worried about. in other words, if you look beneath the surface at what he's actually saying, all of these supposed insults lose their bite real fast.
that damned nerd = I'm worried about Deku.
he's screwed up in the head = he never thinks about himself before recklessly leaping into danger and it scares me.
the mighty inheritor of OFA = the latest in a long line of lonely people who all lived harsh lives and ultimately sacrificed themselves for the sake of their mission.
are you smiling now? = what happened to the Deku I knew who never shut up about wanting to save people with a smile?
do your worst, you All Might wannabe = I know you're determined to follow down the same path as All Might -- even if it kills you -- but we're not backing down, and we're not going to leave you.
you didn't even tell us anything before you left = I thought you trusted me enough to know that I would have your back.
I guess once you start being able to do anything you try, everyone around you starts to look like an extra, huh? = you're doing the same thing I used to do, looking down on everyone who you think can't keep up. but when you do that, you lose sight of your own weaknesses. I learned that the hard way and I don't want you to make that same mistake.
anyway, so that wound up being a very long tangent lol. but basically, for my money Kacchan is one of the least hypocritical characters in the series, because most hypocrites are people who say nice things, only to have their hypocrisy revealed through their actions. but Kacchan is the exact opposite. his actions are where he is the most honest. and so yeah, when he says this to Deku in 320, he means it, and he's right, and he should say it.
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letmebegaytodd · 5 days ago
Cant wait to pay $9.99 for your premium bennyposting
oh i would never charge for any of my content, but especially bennyposting, premium content like that deserves to be free to the masses
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dourpeep · a month ago
Hello, i want to req kazuha x f!reader and if you can do nsfw, please 👉🏻👈🏻 since it's kazuha, maybe he's more like soft!dom. Thank you!
IEHFIEH OKAY OKAY I got really excited about writing this so it's a WHOPPING 3K WORDS! So many words
Kazuha's another Xiao situation for me, it seems...not to mention my favorite to write is very painfully obviously soft doms. That being said, I did make him a little more flirty than his voice lines suggest.
The poem that is referenced in the fic is In the Sea of Iwami by Kakinomoto Hitomaro!
Drowning in You
Summary: At first, you know little of the mysterious ronin's past, but little by little, you find your fates entwined.
Contains: ((NSFW 18+)) Kazuha x afab!reader, soft dom!Kazuha, reader is traveler but not Aether or Lumine, small mention of alcohol, hint of overstim, poetic
How vast, the ocean seems to be, even more so in the dark of night. Above, the sky is a spattered array with thousands of glittering stars, the moon but a sliver. The ship gently rocks in the calm waters as a meager dot upon waves. Despite the moon's position already setting back down along the dark curtain of night and the crew's final decision to retire to their quarters, you're awake.
Lost in all the thoughts of how you've just begun to experience all Liyue has only to now be well on your way to Inazuma.
The dangers that others have spoken of, that you know are to come…you’re sure that your resolve will be tested once more in the unfamiliar land.
The silent repose is interrupted by a voice.
"May I join you, traveler?"
As you've come to find in the few days you've been aboard the Alcor, the red-dressed man often sits and watches the way the waves roll along the surface of the ocean and the birds soar across the sky. Lost in all that the sea has to offer, there's hardly a moment when he's not tuned in to the whispers of nature in quiet appreciation. Though, you notice, never this toward morning.
Shuffling to the side, you pat the solid wooden deck beside you. He takes a seat with legs folded beneath him.
"It's beautiful tonight—the gentle breeze, the sounds of the water hitting the hull...I fully understand the appeal. But why is it you're still awake?"
Before tonight, you've hardly heard the gentle timbre of his voice. The raspiness—whether natural or from his own fatigue, you're not sure, but a feeling of warmth settles. It swirls, tempting. Breaking your thoughts, you politely meet his gaze.
"Thinking, of everything, I guess."
You pull your knees to your chest, resting your chin on them. Though it’s a warm night, the breeze provides a chill from the ocean.
"Of Inazuma, too."
Kazuha hums in understanding.
Once more, the silence of the ship and sea envelop you to drift back to your thoughts, closing your eyes and forgetting what your handsome companion just stirred in you.
But your mind drifts back to him regardless.
Your heart quickens at the thought of him staring out towards the sea, the sun shining down just right and highlighting pale hair and scarlet eyes.
There’s little doubt that he’s caught your eye, handsome, with an aura of unknown strength. A wanted man, from what Beidou has told you. Forever on the run and far from home. She fully believes there’s no need to worry, but you know others might think otherwise.
They whisper how it’s certain with the breathtaking skill he displays in his swordsmanship that his abilities come from a multitude of experience. Speaking of the way he keeps so to himself. A samurai with a lack of a master.
A ronin.
It’s not surprising, the rumors that spread quick.
Though, you find, the speculation of danger quickly dissipates once the realization of his gentle spirit and knack for poetry comes to light. He’s gentle, you realize. Kind.
It’s hard to believe someone as free-spirited as he would be a criminal.
Kazuha is patient, body turned so he’s facing you while you think, examining the look upon your features. The realization that you’ve been lost in your thoughts about the very man warms your cheeks. You finally speak up.
“And you?”
“Most of the same,” He replies. “There’s no need to worry—about Inazuma, I mean. After what I’ve seen, I trust in your abilities.”
His hand settles atop one of yours. Its touch is warm.
“I may not be able to join you, but I’m sure of this.”
You look back out to the deep blue waters. But he doesn’t move, not until you look back into eyes the color of the very maple leaves he dons.
Expression serious, Kazuha leans closer. The skip in your chest worsens the heat that creeps up your neck and cheeks. But as quickly as he does, he pulls away, his hand returning to lay in his lap.
“Away I have come, parting from her / Even as the creeping vines do part. / My heart aches within me…”
Wistful, he recites, and turns his gaze to the moon.
“A poem, from my homeland. Bittersweet in it’s meaning. Whether he sees his lover upon his return—it isn’t known.”
“Do you? Miss someone?”
He chuckles, shaking his head.
“Not quite in the same way. A friend. Though I can’t help but wonder what it’d be like to have someone like that. Someone to hold so dearly within your very being that the thought of being without them brings physical pain…”
A hand lifts, pressing to his chest as if trying to feel for heaviness.
The two of you watch the night for a bit longer in silence.
As your long and arduous journey dwindles, you find yourself seeking Kazuha’s company more and more.
Unbeknownst to you, he does the same.
Most often, it’s between duties on the ship, arms leaning against the wood banister as you both watch the waves and birds as they meet in swoops. They glide with wings tucked, diving into the murky waters, soon to break back through with a prize.
An osprey, he tells you.
The pleasant bird-watching comes quickly to an end before you’re both swept back into work until late afternoon when the crew gathers to drink and celebrate.
After all, there’s only a few days left until you finally dock at your destination and the night is beautiful and clear.
You find Kazuha tucked away towards the quarterdeck.
With everyone else scattered on the main deck, the two of you are left alone with the waves and wind.
“You’re not going to join them?”
He looks up from his drink, setting it down before rising. Despite the way the sun has set, you can clearly see the mirth dancing in his eyes. Kazuha stops a few inches away from your face with his head tilted in question.
“Weeks we have known each other now…should I be offended that you’re still asking that?”
Clearly the unimpressed look on your face is enough to make him chuckle and apologize.
“No, I won’t be joining them. Not when I’d rather stay away and have you to myself instead.”
You flush and give him a little push. Again, he laughs and apologizes but you know that he doesn’t mean it. Regardless, you brush past him to sit where he was before, patting the deck in a way not different from that first night. All the same, your heart skips a beat.
“May I join you, traveler?”
A smile spreads across your lips. “Of course.”
So he sits and the two of you find solace in the little conversations you have.
It’s nice, to have someone to be close to, to share interests despite having backgrounds so distinct. He offers you a bit of his drink and you take a sip, holding it between both your hands. The face you make, he decides, is unforgettable just as it is hilarious. But his innocent enjoyment only lasts so long.
A dribble of the deep liquid beads at the corner of your lip.
You miss the way that his attention flicks to the way your tongue peeks out to catch the glistening drop.
Kazuha shifts, eyes flicking from your lip back down to the cup in your hand.
When his hand touches yours, guiding you to place the cup down, you snort. But he continues so he can interlace your fingers with his, to hear the way your breath shifts and sees how your pupils dilate when you realize the difference in his mood.
Would you mind if he were to…?
When your lips part and your eyes lower to his, he gets his answer.
"I hear the way that your heart beats loudly in your chest, your breath bated...” Really, his own hammers in his chest, louder than the crash of waves against the ship’s hull. He squeezes your hand.
“Just as I can feel your desire."
And truthfully, you know he’s noticed the way your gaze lingers on him. How when you two accidentally brush hands that you don’t immediately pull away. Not anymore.
Small flashes of little interactions with him come to light.
Finally, he leans in, and you find that his lips taste of the lingering bitterness of wine, tongue sweet as it laps at yours. He looses himself in the velvet of your lips and how they seem to meld to his so perfectly, the music of your sighs filling his senses and your heart beats like the rumble of the ocean.
To know what it’s like to hold someone so dear…this must be what that is.
Languid, your lips move against each other’s, reluctant to stop. Under the light of the maroon sky, you’re cloaked in the warmth of his body against yours.
When he finally parts, you’re laying against the deck with him hovering above you.
“I don’t want to regret this—the mere thought of being apart…”
He brushes a stray hair from your face, fingertips tracing over the curve of your cheek.
“Even if it means I will be risking my life, I will follow where you go. Destiny has made its mark, so who am I to break it?”
How can you refuse, seeing the sincerity of his vow, trusting the very man you met and befriended and come to love in a few weeks’ time? To know his gentle nature, the way that he seems always so aware of the world around him, the carefree way he approaches all he does—you’d known, somewhere deep within, that the moment he asks to accompany you, you’d selfishly say yes.
But it’s all too much to express in word, so you pull him down to meet you, desperate and yearning.
It’s easy, natural, the way that you melt into each other, fumbling as he helps you stand up—to make your way to his quarters between kisses.
The others still are above deck celebrating, unaware of the blossoming bloom between you, the private quarters void of anyone else. The door to his room swings open as soon as he turns the knob and you take him by his lapels and pull him inside.
The door closes with a soft click.
Setting you down upon his berth, he meets you for another kiss before beginning the tedious task of undressing. Even in a hurry, he carefully folds each article, ensuring their safety. When he turns, you’re left bare as well, looking at him through halfmoon eyes.
In his lungs, his breath is caught.
You’re beautiful.
So he says it in word and in the way that he guides you to lay with his body between your spread legs.
You utter his name, cupping his cheek. He leans into your touch while you guide him back down to you. It takes little for him to follow your movements, drawn in like the sweet song of a siren.
He claims you in the kisses peppered over your lips and jaw, dragging down to dip in the hollow of your neck. Beneath him, your pulse jumps and your neck flexes. So he continues, reverent. Pledging loyalty with every brush of his lips against your skin.
Yours, all yours.
Busied with the sensation of him, you relax, offering yourself to his touch. His unbandaged hand travels over the soft planes of your body, cupping breasts and hip, careful as it travels to press fingertips into your thigh. It lingers, so close.
The feel of your hand timid on his chest encourages him to explore the sensitive skin of your inner thigh before finally, finally tracing along your wetted cunt.
His fingers tease, sliding up and down along it, making you shiver beneath him. A sight to behold, one that makes his heart sing and stutter at once. And they draw out a shaky moan when they press into you.
He takes his time in the movement of his fingers, coaxing you with a curve and the dulcet tone of his voice in your ear.
Left with his name on your tongue, your arms wrap around his neck, wanting him closer, closer. He obliges. All you want in this moment is him—impatience running quick.
Kazuha is taken by surprise when you take him into your hand, marveling at the way his hips press closer to your touch.
It’s strange to be touched this way, even with his past experiences. How it feels to be caressed by you so intimately, just the idea of it being you beneath him, touching him, him touching you. He wants more of it. And so he bucks into your hand with hot desire coursing through his veins.
For a while, the two of you delight in each other’s bodies.
When he draws his fingers from your core, he doesn’t bother with the way your slick clings to his skin, replacing your hand around his cock with his own and propping himself up with legs kneeled and hips slotted between yours.
With bated breath you observe as he gazes into your eyes.
Even so smoldered with desire, they’re impossibly clear and gentle, reflecting the very swirl of emotions you feel with every thump of your pulse. Leaning closer, Kazuha brushes his lips to yours, slow.
“You’re trembling—are you cold?”
The room feels fine despite your state of undress, though he continues before you can speak.
“Allow me to warm you up...”
When he finally kisses you deep, his hips press into yours and fill you.
The ship sways, each rock back and fourth amplified with how he holds you close to him, how he whispers sweetly in your ear and describes just how good it feels for you to squeeze around him like that. Once more you’re swept into all he gives you.
Kazuha thrusts, every movement deliciously slow. The brush of his cock against your walls makes your eyes flutter and your lips part with every gasp.
Every sigh draws him in deeper. Slow, fluid.
With the ebb and flow of his movements, you find yourself lost. He is the raging tempest dragging you down to the murky depths yet is the same gentle wind that cools you. You’re lost in the way that he moans your name in your ear and hips barely pull away from yours before burying back deep.
You—spread beneath him with your legs bent to his sides—in the dim light drives him. Kazuha finds that no matter where he looks, how close his body is pressed to yours, it’s never quite enough. Every sigh that’s drawn from your lungs is the voice that calls to him to wander.
He’s mesmerized.
Each push stirs that need in you for more, coming to life in the way that your body arches to meet his. Almost…as if feeling him against you is your lifeline—a deep, unyielding need. The same strange feeling that he knows is coming to life within him. And with how you so sweetly grasp at his shoulders in your hands, he’s certain it is.
His arm slides down, hand flat against your lower back to lift your hips. Eager, you comply. A few strokes of his hips with the delicious drag provided by the new angle, and you cry out in whimpers.
“Right there—please, please-“
Murmuring your name, his lips press to your ear and his hips speed up as he searches for that spot once more. He’s good—feels so so good.
A kiss to your temple accompanies the quick build of the knot deep in your abdomen, pulling taut and teasing your release.
“Where should I touch you?” The croon of his voice calls.
You guide his hand between your writhing bodies, a shock of pleasure jolting when the pad of his finger brushes against where you’re most sensitive. Only moments pass before your vision flickers, body tensing and a choked moan escaping past your ruddied lips.
It’s too much—his careful movements to hit the right spot and the way his fingers trace over your skin and he finds himself lost in the feeling as well. The lingering feeling of your high sends shocks with every movement he gives, both of you left trembling. Shaky hands try to grab at his chest and arm, pulling it away.
He stills, just holding you close.
He can feel it again, the flutter of your pulse, when his lips pepper kisses along your jaw and neck to bring you back to him.
Finally back from your high, Kazuha carefully slides from within you in lieu of laying by your side. You’re still breathing hard when careful movements pull the blanket from the foot of the bed over both of your forms. With an arm draped over your now covered hip, he smiles soft.
The wind howls outside.
"Do you really mean it, Kazuha?”
He lifts his arm so you can turn onto your side, looking up at him with your head on the pillow. It’s cute the way the soft material forms around your cheek. But you’re still waiting for his answer.
The ronin simply places a kiss on your forehead, the warm brush of his lips punctuating his words.
“I will follow you til the day the sun ceases to shine—so long as you are by my side, the wind shall blow and the tides ebb. This shall be my vow to you...”
It isn’t until your expression relaxes, lulled to sleep by his warmth and the gentle rock of the ocean, eyes closed and your breathing even that he speaks once more. It’s quiet, save for the creaking of wood and the faraway shouts of the crew above in their revelry. Here, laying besides you, the feeling within his chest carefully tended to, Kazuha finds a new purpose. A newfound desire.
“…whom I love with a love / deep as the miru-growing ocean.”
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wolfythewitch · 28 days ago
AAA TY!! I had a lot of fun :D also
Tumblr media
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lettheladylead · a month ago
I obviously love EVERY scrap of Goldie content you make so I have a question- do you ever think there's a situation where Scrooge convinces Goldie to publicly be his date at a big family event? For example if Donald and Daisy tie the knot sure she can make herself scarce but also I can imagine Daisy asking her to be in the ceremony because she's NICE and DAISY YOU CAN'T JUST ASK HER TO WEAR YOUR PEACH BRIDESMAID DRESS. (Oddly specific? Yes. Do I just want to insert Goldie in every possible clan McDuck scenerio? Also yes.)
ok this isnt quite the same thing but you reminded me of a headcanon i have that goldie often crashes events because scrooge doesnt invite her. and shes not gonna go as scrooge’s date unless he specifically invites her. but he’s not gonna invite her because he 1. doesnt think shes interested and 2. if she IS interested she’ll just crash it, right? anyway here’s way too long of a thing
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kedreeva · a day ago
How on earth can a mouse hold TWELVE babies??! :0 I used to breed mice for a research lab & the most I’ve ever seen is 7-8
Oh man. You can't have been there long, or maybe didn't have too many mice, because the most babies I've seen at work was 22! The most I've seen at home was 29!
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dourpeep · 13 days ago
What if you hold Xiao's face in your hands and start listing the reasons why you love him while peppering his face with kisses and he gets all red but he doesn't try to stop you
-no primogems
whoop whoop I'm sleepy time to write another drabbleeeee
Until You Believe
Summary: Xiao's having a hard time believing in your feelings. Time to fix that-
Contains: Xiao x gn!Reader, fluff, kinda confession?? But you're also already dating
His cheeks are softer than you thought they'd be, warmer too.
When your thumb brushes over the soft shade of red that colors them, he scoffs.
"I don't understand why you insist on this."
Leaning in, you press a kiss to the tip of his nose. You don't miss the way that his irises dilate at the affection.
"Shhhh, just let me do this."
Lips press together, no doubt in begrudging compliance. What could be so important that you'd whisk him away from his duties at this time of night?
Xiao chooses to ignore the fact that he easily could leave when your lips press to his.
"Let me love you, okay?"
The soft feel of your kisses press over his cheeks, lips, nose and forehead making him melt and lean into the familiar touch of your hands upon his cheeks. Every kiss, every whisper of adoration that leaves you leaves his chest clenching. It's almost too much--almost. But he doesn't pull away.
Not when you murmur his name so sweetly.
The word catches his attention.
"You're always so sweet to me, Xiao. So sweet, and gentle, and understanding."
This time, your lips press to his forehead, just above the purple diamond adorning it. His eyes flutter shut.
"You do know that I notice when you go out of your way for my sake too, right?"
Gold reveals when his eyes meet yours, wide.
How did you-?
But you just caress his cheek with a smile.
"I know that..." Another kiss to his cheek. "That you get uncomfortable in crowds and how busy you really are. But you always seem to have time for me."
"It isn't that-"
Then, the thought dawns on him.
What you speak of is true.
In fact, in the months passed, he's slowly adjusted his patrols to work around your free time.
Rather than afternoons spent donning his mask and defeating demons plagued with that horribly familiar miasma, he spends them accompanying you to the Harbor. It's easy to forget just how different he is from the people scattered around when he's beside you.
Often times, he notices when you are running low in a certain thing--ingredients for your favorite dish, some material for alchemical purposes--and without hesitation, he goes out of his way to patrol in places he knows the items are.
The smile on your face and the accompanying kiss as a thanks was only part of the motivation.
So...why did he?
His brows furrow and you kiss the space between them.
"What is it then, Xiao?"
As if your voice sparked a light upon the realization, he sucks in a breath.
Slowly, his own hands lift to cup your cheeks, thumb stroking the skin of it just as you did to him. It was clear now, what you were saying--what you said.
" you."
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wolfythewitch · a month ago
Wilbur: *tryna keep his identity super secret from Techno at all (awfully excused) costs*
Meanwhile Philza stumbling into Techno covered in dirt and blood: You won’t believe the type of night I had today, mate-
Phil and techno have been friends through a lot, Phil kind of treats the restaurant like safe haven to just rest wheeze
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