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#anon asks

There is not a single person on this platform that knows my secret weakness and IT WILL REMAIN THAT WAY. 🥺

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Hey, dear anon! ❤️

Thanks for the ask and I will try to answer to your questions! 😊


So for the question n°1 :

Honestly, I didn’t even knew that show existed. 😅

That show is not very popular in my country but that show seems to be interesting!😊(I wish to have Disney + account to watch that show. 😭)

Questions n°2 :

As I said I don’t know what the show is but after searching in Google I can understand why you like Randy Cunningham ! 🙂

He seems to be a very interesting character and he’s the only one who grabed my attention with the villain. (because he looks like an asparagus. A bad asparagus! 😨)

Well maybe I will be able to watch that show but it’s hard to judge with just pictures. 😅

But yeah Randy Cunningham seem to be very cool and great!

Questions 3 :

Sorry, but I can’t do a Randy Cunningham x Female Reader. 😥

I don’t know anything about the show and I will be very OCC and I am a little uncomfortable about writing about a character that I don’t know anything about!

I’m so sorry! 😨🙏

Please take care of yourself! And thanks again for the ask!

~ Mod Rosa ~

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It sounds like you were craving some physical connection. I think this is understandable considering the spacifics of the LDR you’re describing.

You need let go of the notion that you did “something wrong” and absolve yourself of the guilt associated with your actions.

Then you can ask yourself whether the pain caused by revealing your “indiscretion” is something that you’re willing to cause.

If I’m reading the situation right, you are committed to this new relationship but needed that missing ingredient, the human connection. Rather than exposing yourself you may want to use this as a reason to demand more from the LDR.

We need “connection” and if your LDR is unwilling to provide that connection it could be they’re afraid you will reject them, or they are not as committed to the relationship as you.

I say you need to confront your LDR and let them know that you need more from them.

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wow,,, thats Badass. also yeah tis sweet now :D 

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everyone point and laugh

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Yeah! I shit on Judaism a lot but it has a lot of really pretty shit going on, especially for the time being (aka ancient times)

The laws themselves are varying between making sense and being weird, and so is jewish thought.

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Oh! She still uses it? That’s rad. Shocking though considering I’m 99% sure she hates me lmao. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, to answer your question: no anon sorry I don’t have commissions open right now, I’m about to be taking more classes and I have art obligations to a contract of mine that comes first. Plus I’ve been more into writing lately and that usually means less art. Thanks for asking though 💖


Originally posted by trapstrblog

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No, no, no, no (I’m the one getting hit, but only in bed occasions), yes but only tattoos, yes, no (if you like killing animals for fun leave my tumblr account, like NOW), no, yes, no, no, no, yes, no, yes, no, no, yes, sometimes, yes

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I’m not sure why I am just now seeing this, and I apologize for the delay in response.

My secret talent is…

I don’t know that I have a secret talent to be honest. I can sort of sing okay. I was in choirs and stuff growing up but I’m VERY shy.

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i’m going to assume the courseload for my courses are higher??? i’m taking 5 courses rn and currently every single week i have (scheduled) 2 written assignments, 10 quizzes, and other projects + labs ???? i dunno if you just somehow have 20 quizzes a week or sth but yEAH IDK !!! i’d love to be ur friend heheh !! ans also nono u are not nosy i’d love to share my poem with u but i don’t want to share it with everyone that follows my acc !!! so idk how to go about this situation 😳✋

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At this rate im going to give in and actually make one dear god


….not that i dont want to of course

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interesting…yeah, I can see it. Comes across all quiet-like but is secretly kind of feral. 

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Hey Anon!

I have a lot of thoughts about Buck being adopted speculations.

At first when I saw that Maddie is keeping a secret away from Buck regarding their childhood that will lead to Buck Begins, my first thought was that “Buck has to be adopted!” But then I started thinking some more and came up with other possible scenarios:

  • Maybe Maddie & Buck are half siblings and Buck is the product of an affair. Maddie found out about it when they were younger but opted to keep it away from Buck to protect him. She may have overheard their parents discussing it one day or they could’ve just told her because she is older than Buck by a lot so she would have been old enough to know this secret and hold onto it for years. Her finally coming clean about the truth of his parentage can throw Buck in for a loop and lead into Buck Begins, where we find Buck discovering who he really is aka where he comes from biologically. He has lived 28 years thinking he’s apart of this family and come to find out that that is not his real identity. I’m gonna bet that that secret will mess with him and show us a different Buck. He will probably go on a journey trying to find his real birth parent and figure out who he is with this new knowledge.
  • Also let’s talk about Buck being adopted. I feel like this can be a very big possibility because we know his parents are the absolute worst (even from that little clip) but also because of what we know of Buck as a person. The boy has abandonment issues, self esteem/self worth issues and doesn’t think he has anything important in his life besides his job. He throws himself into dangerous situations because he doesn’t think that if anything were to happen to him, that anyone would care. He’s been in 3 major life threatening situations and we’ve never seen his parents come visit or show an ounce of concern for him or his well-being. We also know he left home and traveled to South America and I can bet that the reason for that was because he had a shitty home life and needed to get out asap. Maybe he is adopted and his parents never cared for him because he was never their own, hence the indifferent behavior they have towards him. He even says, “Nothing I ever did was good enough.” I think the reason for that is because he tried so hard to live up to their expectations his whole life but was always found to be a disappointment to his parents. If he is adopted and he finds out he’s adopted, I think it’s gonna hurt him tremendously. Not only did his birth mom give him up but he ended up with a family that was the absolute worst to him. I really hope this is not the case because I think it’s gonna change Buck tremendously. He will have to go on a journey to find his birth parents and where he comes from. He’s gonna battle his inner demon of not being enough for anyone to stay for him (since he was given up) and it’s overall gonna be a struggle to watch him go through all that. I dont know I hope he’s not adopted.
  • I also think it could be that Maddie is adopted, hence why the parents took more of a liking to her than they did their biological son. I know people who adopted and they ended up loving their adopted child in a more special way than their own biological children so maybe that can be the case here? And he finds out that Maddie is adopted and he’s so upset that they treated their own biological son horribly while maybe treating Maddie differently. I dont know I hope honestly no one is adopted but I don’t know what else the secret can be honestly.

Sorry that this ended up getting out of hand. I think it’s very likely that he can be adopted but then again I don’t know what the writers have in store for us. I won’t be surprised if he’s not adopted and I won’t be surprised if he is. I guess we will just have to wait and see. I hope this was ok for you anon! Thank you for asking me 💗

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I would say final one of the night but we’ll see lmao.


This shall be fun, they’re an interesting set. I’ll be judging based on Book 5 Percy and just Kronos as if he were a full Titan form. If you’d like a different time period for Percy or Luke!Kronos lmk.

Physical age

Percy would be 16 and Kronos whatever fucking age he wants but most depict as an adult of some kind. So 20s minimum.

Definite imbalance here leaning towards Kronos

Mental maturity 

Percy was forced to grow up a lot over the period of the war and while he’s not fully mature, he has a lot of knowledge and an unfortunate amount of understanding of the world. He’s grown rather cynical and a bit bitter but is fiercely loyal and knows how to stand up for his ideals. He’s grown hard, like a diamond.

Kronos is over 10 thousand years old but we get to apply immortal rules yay! Kronos is very knowing, has a lot of experience, and is theoretically very clever and cunning. I’ll pretend like canon showed that for the purpose of this breakdown. For that he’s definitely got control of most anyone involved in any relationship with him or around him.

There’s an imbalance leaning to Kronos but not hugely thank to trauma.

Emotional maturity

Percy has been forced to grow up a bunch emotionally and also has a shit ton of trauma to work through so someone get on that. He is overall very mature emotionally because despite the trauma he has been given chances to work through things and talk to people, which some people didn’t get. When he gets angry he isn’t really in control though. Percy is definitely not in a healthy place, but he is mature about it. He has a general control of his emotions and has a maturity to understand them and deal with them in a mostly healthy way.

Kronos… I mean he ate his kids out of fear and paranoia. He isn’t really quick to anger though, more arrogant and confident. He does get angry though and when he does he clearly looses control but also has a narrow focus on dealing with what made him angry so it isn’t wild. He’s overall got a strict hold on his emotions but is pretty good at dealing with them. I’d say he’s emotionally mature if you excuse the paranoia.

There’s a rough balance here but due to not having all the trauma to deal with cause he caused it, it leans to Kronos

Power imbalance

I mean, Kronos is the Titan King, but it would also depend on what the situation around this relationship was. I can think of at least three different imbalances so…. really dependent on the situation.

Imbalance depends

Over all

Kronos def has the power in the relationship but then, based on the fics I’d say you all like that lmao.

Send me an ask about a relationship.

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Considering a lot of the ideas are from anons that tall ass better give my anons some credit cause their beautiful brilliant minds fuel the fandom too, but if he’s actually lurking on my blog i will laugh SO hard

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FOR MY CLASSes YOU PICK YOUR CLASSES BASED ON YOUR MAJOR!!!!!! and yeah 5 class is usully considered a full time student here in canada fjdndjdndn ALSO IF WE MERGE INTO ONE WE WILL BE PERFECT SUGAR + COFFEE RESISTANCE >:))) yes i wld love to share cold resistance fUNNY STORY i am known as a human heater among my friends bec my hands r always warm <3 and it’s a win for me bec i get to hold hands AND PHYSICAL TOUCH IS MY LOVE LANGUAGE!!!! also also i wld love to share my poem but i don’t wanna share it JDNDJDN so if u wld like to keep ur identity a secret you can keyboard spam a side blog and let me know what it is so i’ll send it there <3

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