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#anon request
aa-lionheart · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anon Request
you can do an edit of buck looking at chris and eddie after the earthquake with rosa diaz's line "I’ve only had Arlo for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him, i would kill everyone in this room and then myself"
This really went through Buck's head
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ax0lotly · 21 hours ago
Hello! If it's not too much to ask but could I request the dorm leaders with a female crush who's quite literally a Disney princess please? You know sweet to everyone, helpful as can be, good singing voice, animals love her, etc etc. Thanks!
Of course it's not too much, dear anon! I've seen this request somewhere... hm.... but I'm not going to remember it because I really want to be original, so here you go, anon! ☆ I'm sorry this took soooooooo long, it was my first time writing and I reallyyyyyyy wanted to catch the character's full traits and personalities! (The mods weren't allowed to know of this request's existence for... obvious reasons (^ ^ ;) ) Please don't let this flop... I spent 4 days on it :')
Tumblr media
🌹👑Riddle Rosehearts | リドル・ローズハート - You were always quite the special one, weren't you? - At first, seeing how different you were made Riddle confused and cautious of you. Being aware of what your true intentions are and if you'll cause trouble to his dorm or him in any way. - Don't worry, when he gets used to your antics and cheerful personality, he opens a completely different view of you that he had never thought he had before. - You're probably one of the kindest people he has ever met. You seek to help others- even though it brings no benefits to yourself. Even if it meant damaging or ruining your reputation here or anywhere at NRC- you didn't care, you just wanted to help. - People thought of you as a "goody-two-shoes", but he could see that you were just trying to be helpful, and he appreciates the thought. You were just being you, and being so caring was one of your traits. - Being a dorm leader and having to control his dormmates is no easy task, it can be infuriating or overwhelming for Riddle, and he is grateful for everything you've helped him with, Trey and Cater can only do a certain amount, and your assistance has always been welcoming. - You're so sweet and nice too, you kind of remind him of Kalim, as people say, "a ball of sunshine". You're his vibrant rose in the middle of a perishing and wilting garden, standing so bright and warm.
- He's the type to offer you lots of advice and help, saying that he's just returning the act, but he deeply cares for the person and he worries about them.
- If you pay attention closely, you'll see that your voice calms him down a lot, whenever you sing something or hum a little tune, it puts him on cloud nine. Whenever you catch him listening, you give him a little smile and congrats, you now have to calm down a flustered red strawberry. You even called him cute- What kind of magic is this? Why is his heart fluttering?
- After being nagged by Ace and teased by Cater, Trey, and Che'nya, he finally understands that he's in love with you. Dense boy will probably take 2 or more days to process that fact, forgive him, his mother never taught him about catching feelings!
Tumblr media
🦁🥏Leona Kingscholar | レオナ・キングスカラー - Quite a weird herbivore you are.
- You were quite the oddball, sometimes when looking at you he barely scoffed. You seemed way more RSA than NRC, why are you even here? You should join Neige and his little friends or something.
- Always poking your nose in unwanted business and getting others out of trouble but tainting your reputation tremendously, he's weirded out because of how... different you are to other herbivores.
- He's reluctant to talk to you nor be around you because he's got the biggest ego you can ever find, so good luck getting through that.
- If you do succeed, then Leona will start to acknowledge your helpfulness and capability. (Not like he'll ever say that out loud though, so don't bother thinking about it)
- Seeing you rushing and urging Ruggie to sleep, forcing the overworked hyena to rest, and ignoring his grumbles and protests is amusing. Ruggie would sometimes rant to him about "how you're stealing his money and hard work" but Leona knows well as heck that he's grateful for you caring about his wellbeing
- You want something that surprised him? Well- believe it or not, what shocked him the most was you being so sweet and kind to him even if he did all those horrible things to your friends and doing underhanded tactics to achieve something. Yes, you're kind to everyone, but you not worrying or minding his dark past and his obvious flaws was a nice change of pace for him.
- Well look at that, animals love you. He could see that from the way that crow headmaster called you a "beast tamer" and how Cheka was immediately attached to you, so this wasn't much of a surprise. He will never let this out, not over his dead body, no sir, but your relaxed face whilst enjoying yourself with your fellow animal companions is something that lightens up his mood. Ruggie caught him staring at you one time and now he wants hyena meat for lunch
- If Leona falls for you, both of you will be in a hell of a ride, flirts and teases... everywhere. Don't worry- it's very fun and exciting!
Tumblr media
🐙📜Azul Ashengrotto | アズール・アーシェングロット - Oya?... How delightful!
- Azul will probably be one of those people who try to benefit as much as possible from your help. You want to help? Well, Monstro Lounge's kitchen has some orders to be delivered! You can provide assistance? How about coming up with new ideas for the lounge's menu? You won't mind not getting paid, right? It's your fault for suggesting to help after all, fufufu...
- Reminding you that he's grateful for your work and how he's looking forward to attending things with you almost every single time, making it seem so common and unsurprising when Azul showers you with "gratitude" with his famous gentleman mask. You know damn well that he has some seriously shady intentions.
- Azul might live a life of luxury behind lies and deals, but he still has problems of his own, of course. Budgets, offers, troubles, prices for foods, and all sorts of necessities for his lounge is definitely something hard to handle, even with his additional 6 legs. He barely uses them but they're still there
- Yes, Jade and Floyd are helpful enough, Jade sorting out files, documents and managing the staff's behavior and Floyd maintaining peace... the more violent and, scary way, but work and time don't wait for anyone as papers pile up on Azul's workspace every day, drowning the poor merman in stress.
- And that's when you come in, looking all mighty and excited to offer a hand, not bothering to pay attention to the fact that Azul will probably scam you and make some really shady deals with you, mostly aiming for your prized possessions or skills.
- At first, seeing that, Azul thought of you as "ignorant" and "naive". Dumb, maybe. Who in the coral seas would step right into a predator's den with a carefree smile like yours? Watching as you sweep the floors whilst humming a weird tune, he can't help but smirk deviously as he plots what kind of schemes he can use with you to achieve more and more.
- If you ever manage to break down his cold, sadistic barrier, Azul will be harsher on you with his word choices and crack his gentleman act around you in private. Not like he dislikes you, as he claims. You do know that "the closer the people, the more they fight", right? Azul's exactly this type of person, but don't worry, he's not too mean.
- After reaching that point, he'll start to focus on your skills more. Not like he wasn't before, he's full of plans, remember? But when he actually cares, he craves your voice and its calming effect on him, washing over him like those soft waves from the sea. The fish from tanks loved to trail after you as you walked by, how fansinating~
- If he actually starts to fall for you, yep, another flirty person on the list. He tries to court you, but if you ever try to tease him back, he'll go bright red and lock himself in his room. Jade and Floyd have a LOT to talk to him about, I wonder what they're going to say...
Tumblr media
💎🐘Kalim Al-Asim | カリム・アルアジーム - You're so nice and kind!
- Kalim's heard of a student that's just as caring and ditsy as him, and golly, it's you! Look at you, you're so cheery and amazing!
- You kind of remind him of Jamil in a way, you're so helpful and talented! Jamil's friendly and genuine to you since he knows that you're not capable of kidnapping, poisoning, hurting, or harming Kalim in any way (No offense- but this is NRC, is it not?) and he thinks that he has to babysit the both of you, but it's fine since you're not as much of a bother and a troublemaker like Kalim.
- You're always up for helping or assisting someone! Hard or easy tasks, you're bound to aid the person until the very end, he finds that always so admirable!
- Whenever you hang out in Scarabia, it's like there are two burning bright balls of energy instead of one, and it always lightens the mood and cures everyone of any stress or negativity. If someone's feeling down, you're very quick to act and Kalim's always there to support you no matter what!
- Jamil's sour moods are not rare, so with you around, it's easier to calm him down and let him rant freely to you. He's not allowed inside of the room whenever you're listening to Jamil, so he doesn't know what's going on but he trusts the both of you! It's worth staying outside every time because when you both are done with the session, Jamil always looks way happier than he was before!
- Caring for others meant less time to care for yourself. Kalim knows that and sometimes, he couldn't help but notice the stress and burden creeping onto him, drowning him in negativity and self-doubt.
- You're a quick person to notice his weird personality traits, so whenever he feels down, you're always there to cheer him up with some dancing, moving around to the music without a care in the world. If he preferred something quieter, the both of you would be riding the carpet, soaring up high in the sky whilst singing wondrous duets and tunes.
- Aren't you just so special? The animals adore you! From the colorful peacocks to even the elephants, they all love your company! It's like love at first sight! He gushes.
- He probably won't notice himself falling for you, because the both of you are already so close! The signs of him falling for you are pre~tty subtle, like when his ears blush when you hug him or how he's so giddy after your touches. Beware, when he realizes his emotions, he'll be willing to spoil you rotten! His love knows no bounds!
Tumblr media
🎭💄Vil Schoenheit | ヴィル・シェーンハイト - How unique.
- Vil's first impression of you was that you were another Kalim. Not much of a troublemaker, so at least he doesn't have to keep a close eye on you, like Epel. Your fashion sense is.. decent. Levels below his, but still alright for a fellow potato.
- He didn't really notice your presence around NRC, forgive him, he's too busy attending to his photoshoots and lecturing the other unruly potatoes in his dorm. He is totally not side-eyeing Epel.
- The most striking thing about you that had caught his attention was your carefree and easy-going nature. You merely brushed off any inconvenience, not letting any negativity get in the way as you strolled by, wearing that beaming smile of yours.
- He has been living in constant comparison and trepidation, so you were a nice way to set the pace. You constantly reminded him of how beautiful you found him, just like Rook. He wouldn't think of your compliments at first, since he's so used to them at this point.
- However, if he understands that your praises weren't to raise your popularity by being around him, using him for your own self advantages- he'll start feeling less tense around you.
- How you see him- not as a widely-known celebrity- not as an amazing, charming and handsome queen- but as Vil. Not Vil Schoenheit, only Vil. Him, and him alone, as his own individual. It always makes him proud at how he has managed to entrance you, purely of his own skills and hardworking manners, not just by his looks and appearances.
- You're always eager to help him, too. You wouldn't ask for anything in return, all you wanted was to provide assistance. Vil might be suspicious of you at first, but when he realizes that your intentions are pure, he'll be glad to have you around as company when Rook is away spying on a certain lazy lion.
- Since you've caught his eye, be prepared for his nags and constant lectures on how to improve your beauty and image. Not like you weren't before- now you're going to need a stronger barrier to fight off those rambles of his. Don't worry, just like the other boys, he means no harm, he just wants you to show off your potential- your full beauty hidden inside.
- Your voice is something very relaxing and entrancing- impressive, he thinks. Maybe if he were to invite you to VDC, would you accept..? Who is he kidding? Of course you will.
- You think Vil doesn't detect his romantic feelings for you? Oh, how insulting. He's obviously aware- so is Rook- about his own emotions and thoughts, so he'll find out about that little fact pretty soon. Again, this man's ego is very big, so he won't outright show his little crush on you unless absolutely necessary and in private, away from his fans. Courting, flirting, gifting is obviously not a problem for him, so prepare your heart!
Tumblr media
🎮🎧Idia Shroud | イデア・シュラウド - You remind him of those isekai'ed protagonists from animes...
- His first impression of you was one of those cheery normies. One day Ortho made him get out of his room and "get productive", luck was not on his side because you bumped into him. Your sweet aura scared him so much that he just 'noped' out of there as fast as possible. When Ortho asked why, he said that it was a "positivity overload".
- He swore to Hades he'd never exit his room again, or at least outside somewhere where you wouldn't find him and catch him in one of your daily talks. He's so overwhelmed by your happy vibes that he forgets to breathe sometimes. When you get dragged away from him, he'll flash to his room and rant on and on about how annoyingly nice you are and how that was "disturbing the forces of the school".
- Seeing his older brother like that, Ortho was relieved that his nii-san was finally conversing with other people except for his 'gaming partners' and Azul and took the opportunity to introduce you to Ignihyde, giving you a full tour.
- Idia almost got a heart attack when he saw you and Ortho walking and chatting merrily in his way when he just wanted to go and claim his newly bought manga. He had never run so fast in his life before away from the both of you.
- Seeing him act like that, avoiding you, made Ortho sad. Ortho thought that because of him, Idia didn't want to communicate with people, resulting in Ortho's mood dropping quickly. Idia quickly noticed that and hurried to assure him that it was not the case, and had to reluctantly accept Ortho urging him to befriend you.
- Mumbling and groaning about how "normie-ish" and "cheesy" this was, Idia begrudgingly became friends with you, as he has to deal with Ortho pulling you, the sunshine ray that blinded him so much, into his cramped room.
- Idia was honestly expecting something WAY worse to happen, but when you proved to him that you weren't that much of a bother, he let his walls slip JUST a little bit. A little bit, he insists.
- Sometimes you humming along to an ost he and you really liked or listening to his daily rants made things more.. durable and comfortable enough. He has to admit that your singing wasn't that bad, not as top tier as his Vocaloid waifu though, yeah, no. But you're still good!
- He still remembers one time he had to go outside to take a test and he walked into you just laughing with a bunch of animals. Birds were resting on your arms, a DEER nudging your leg, sparrows and blue jays perching on your shoulders as you cheerfully sang to your little companions. Wait- Is that a cat?- Can he... pet it??? (You let him pet it of course, and now he's on cloud nine)
- Ortho is delighted at the sight of his brother being way more productive than when he last recorded and flexes off how his nii-san's health stats are way higher than before! You can't help but beam and coo at how adorable he is! Ortho is absolutely precious!
- Everything goes well and swell until Idia notices the most dreadful thing ever-He's done the most cliche thing ever- fall in love with you. What kind of event is this??? He's VERY unprepared!! Now he's most likely to isolate himself to process his own feelings. Step into his room in the middle of his ranting sessions about you and he'll burst. Literally or figuratively...? Well- his hair... I'll leave that to you to find out-
Tumblr media
🐲🔮Malleus Draconia | マレウス・ドラコニア - How amusing you are, child of man.
- Let's just say that you're quite the famous one in NRC, for your distinguished personality, rumors already spreading after the first day of your arrival. Sebek somehow caught wind of them and ranted to him about how "unsuperior you are compared to his young master" but what piqued his curiosity was that instead of ignoring you like Sebek did to everyone he deemed "unworthy", Sebek was now complaining on and on about you. So he decided to visit this unique human in the infamous Ramshackle dorm.
- When he arrives, the familiar image of the rundown down greets him as he hums, watching his green fireflies fade into the air. That's when he spotted you sitting on the balcony, petting Grim like he had been your best friend for your entire life. He already knew that you're going to be an interesting one.
- He decided to approach you to start a conversation, hoping to know more about this 'special' child of man in front of him. You undoubtedly noticed his presence and widened your eyes, fixing your posture before... smiling at him. How... strange. He was expecting you to run away from him, not this... informal greeting of yours.
- Surprise, surprise! You invited him for tea inside of your dorm, even though it was very dusty and unused. (You sheepishly rubbed your nape at that.) He was intrigued by your bravery, for he was one of the strongest magicians in Twisted Wonderland, and here you are, offering your hand to him to explore Ramshackle with you.
- After his arrival, the both of you started to hang out more. You would eagerly accompany him on his night strides, claiming that it helped you release stress and you'd sing tunes that remind him of his hometown, the Valley of Thorns. He'd sometimes join you in a little duet if he feels like doing so and if he knows the song. He has to admit, your voice is not bad at all.
- One day, he came upon you petting and laughing with a murder of crows. Crows are known to be scary-looking and unfriendly creatures, but you didn't care about that and just continued gushing about how cute they are to him. He's amazed at how different you are.
- If this young fae falls for you, it will be his first time experiencing such emotions and he'll attempt to court you, not before he tests if you're capable of becoming his Queen along his side in the Kingdom of Thorns. He assures you that you'll do well, and that he'll be proud of you no matter what. He absolutely cherishes you!
Tumblr media
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chanswifey · a day ago
I’m in Hyunjin mood rn so maybe him 😊
Okay... So boyfriend hyunjin 🤔 I will try to make it short 🤭🤭
Let me know if you like it 🥰
First of all, biggest baby ever. In the early stages of the relationship, he would be soo shy around you. And around anyone else, shy boy™. We all know he loves exploring little cafes so most dates would consist of the two of you walking around trying to find a place to eat. Him with his arm around your neck. ☺
Will definitely take you to practice, you will turn into his human phone tripod. You don't care cause you love being with him.
He doesn't say it but he loves when you steal his clothes, it literally makes him blush. Will 100% make you pose for his drawings.
Especially in the mornings, if you have to go out he will hold onto you for dear life to make you stay a bit longer. (And if you don't get back on that bed already istg 😠) Only able to sleep if he is holding you. Big spoon with little spoon energy.
Loves kissing (i mean, with lips like that I would not complain). Will melt if you ever cook for him.
Loves spoiling you and will buy anything that reminds him of you, also loves taking you shopping. You will often catch him just staring at you, blushing instantaneously when you meet eyes with him. Anyways, he is whipped.
masterlist | request here | what i write
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childofblackmaria · a day ago
Can i...get some shanks hc? Any honestly im not seeing much shanks around. Thanks in advance 🥺❤️
hi love! oh my, of course you can. you didn't specify which kind of headcanons, so i just took your request and ran with it?? can you tell i read a ton of shoujo manga because somehow this turned into funfair hcs? feel free to requests something different anytime if this wasn't exactly what you imagined!
Tumblr media
going to the funfair with Shanks would be fun because he would just go WILD
prepare yourself for a sugar rush because he will buy all the candy for you from that one booth. candy cotton, chocolate glazed fruits, candied almonds... not to forget his sweet smile when he hands you the whole bag of sugared goods as if he just robbed a bank
Shanks would look so good in his yukata and so would you (of course, since he was the one who picked it for you)
the two of you would hold hands nonstop on the swing carousel but Shanks would need to sit five minutes on the curb afterwards because he got dizzy (yes, even Emperors can't handle those things well with age)
Shanks would win you that one giant plushie even though you insist that you don't really need it (that's a blatant lie, you want it and you need it and you would fling your arms around Shank's neck the second he won it for you)
walking hand in hand through all the different stalls, Shanks wouldn't be able to take his eyes of you. with all the fairy lights surrounding you, you would look even more beautiful than ever. truly a magic night!
of course, the two of you would watch the fireworks together. you can make a wish if you watch them with your crush, right?
you would manage to find a spot to watch them with a good view that's not so crowded; leaning against a big tree together the two of you almost disappear in the shadows
lean in for a big kiss because Shanks is no shy kisser and he would take the chance to smooch you whenever he can, all through the fireworks
"did you make a wish?" "already came true the minute i met you."
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starry-eyed-romantics · a month ago
Lay Your Head On Me
Chris Evans x female reader
Warnings: none but fluff
Summary: having your flight delayed by a few hours, Chris falls asleep on your lap while you’re having a conversation with someone else
Word count: 1,538 words
A/N: currently going through writers' block and an identity crisis, pls bear with me LOL. And if you see a change in my writing style, that’s because I’m experimenting with which ones I like best🥲🥲🥲
"Thank you so much." you say as the barista hands you two paper cups filled with coffee which you take. "it's no problem at all," he replies, a friendly smile appearing on his lips.
You return his smile and walk away, heading towards the first class lounge where Chris was waiting.
As you make your way through the airport, he fades into view, too occupied with his phone to take notice of you walking in his direction. The sight makes you shake your head and tut under your breath.
"Hey," you say, catching him off guard. He takes his eyes off his phone to look up at you standing in front of him. You hold out the coffee in your hand for him to take.
Chris gives you a sheepish smile, obviously touched. "Hey," he replies, "oh my god. You shouldn't have."
You let out a sarcastic scoff. "Of course I had to. Our flights' delayed for the next eight hours," you say, motioning him to take the cup.
"You're right," he agrees resolutely, "gimme," he mumbles, making grabby hands at you. Chris accepts the cup from you and takes a small sip out of it. He let out an 'aah' of relief, exhaling a little steam.
You can't help but suppress a laugh at his antics, which makes him shoot his head up to face you fully. "Thank you," he says, smiling, "Come sit next to me" he then manages to let out, pointing at the seat with his head.
"No problem," you whisper back, then kissing him on the forehead before seating yourself right next to him.
Both your hands lace together as you rest your head on his shoulder, followed by him laying his head on your head.
Your eyes close shut, mind drifting elsewhere as he begins tracing the lines on your palms with his delicate fingers.
A few minutes pass, and you still can't get yourself to sleep. You're still very aware of your surroundings, and your conscience doesn't seem to want to rest.
You tilt your head just the slightest bit and give Chris a sidelong glance. His weary eyes were wide open and on the verge of closing.
You chuckle to yourself when his head inclines forward, causing him to jerk upright.
Then, a yawn escapes his mouth, jaw tightening. "I'm getting a little sleepy." he lets out, covering his mouth with the back of his hand. "how much longer are we gonna have to wait?" he finally asks, turning his head towards you, arms folding.
You take your phone out to take a look at the time, and a glimpse of disappointment crosses your face. "Chris, it's only been an hour; there's plenty of time left. We can book a hotel room for a few hours if you want?" you propose, turning your phone off and sliding it back into your pocket.
"No, it's fine," He says, shaking his head, "I'm sleeping on your lap. It's comfier."
You let out an amused laugh, making him bite back a grin. "You big baby." Then, you pat your lap, gesturing him to put his head on it. "C'mere."
He gleams at you, bright-eyed and does not hesitate to bring his head down to rest on your lap. "I love loving you in public," he murmurs, making himself comfortable before slowly dozing off.
"I know," you shrug, smirking to yourself as you run your hands through his fluffy hair.
Once you're sure Chris is asleep, in the distance, you make out a familiar woman approaching you. "Omg, Y/N? Is that you?" the woman asks, eyes squinting for confirmation, "Hi, it's so good to see you! Remember me? It's Sara. We were roommates at Stanford?"
For a moment, a puzzled look appears on your face. But then, when that moment of realisation hit you, you gasped in excitement. "Oh my God, Sara, hey! Yes, of course, I do! How are you? How have you been?" you chant cheerfully, attempting to get up and squeeze her into a hug.
But then you remember Chris sleeping on your lap. It seemed as though he was in deep slumber because he wouldn't budge when you tried to wake him up. "Chris, wake up." you insist, shaking him violently. But still, no response.
"I'm sorry, let me just," you say, apologising to Sara, now slapping his face repeatedly in annoyance. And still, he doesn't stir. Instead, his arms are folded, and his head is still glued to your lap. You swear you could've heard him snore, too.
"Oh no, it's fine," she says, making you pause, "I've been great, thank you! And what about you? It's been what, 14 years since we last saw each other? Wow," she asks, glancing at you.
You disregard her question for a second and decide to make one last attempt at waking him up, this time poking his ribs. "Chris, get up, come on." you utter.
And when he still doesn't respond, you're sure he's dead. So you give it up. "I'm so sorry. Just pretend he isn't here," you add, making her laugh. "But, um, yeah, it's been 14 years. I've been doing well, what about you? You look great!"
You point towards the empty seat next to you, indicating her to sit down, and Sara obliges. "Thank you, oh, you're too nice. I'm so glad you're doing well," she states, waving you off dramatically, "And, I'm sorry, it's so hard to pretend he's not there. If you don't mind me asking, is that Chris Evans?" she asks, pointing towards his unconscious body.
You bring down your head down to look at him, a smile spreading across your face. "Yes, he is. Chris is my boyfriend. We've been dating for four years now." you answer assuringly, smacking your hands on his biceps to give him a massage.
"Oh wow, that's great! He sure does look pretty comfortable, huh?" she says, chuckling.
An amused laugh ripples from your chest, sending a shockwave through Chris' body. "He does, doesn't he," you say, chuckling along. Your hands are now gliding off of Chris' biceps to run your hands through his hair. "So, anyway, what brings you here to Paris?" you ask, head tilting ever so slightly to the right.
Sara looks up at you, eyebrows raising. "Oh, right, I came here on holiday. It's been so much fun, I've loved it so much, and it hurts to leave." she lets out, a pout forming on her lips.
"That's so exciting!" you reply, "And, true. We don't want to leave either but, here we are." you shrug, now caressing Chris' arms.
She gives you a forced smile. "You guys here on holiday too?" she then asks, her eyes slowly tracing the movements of your fingers.
You give her a nod, lips pursing into a smile. "Yep, the both of us wanted a break off of work and spent some time together."
"Aww, I'm so happy for you both," she says, smiling, "Well, I better get going now. It was great catching up with you, Y/N. We should meet up again sometime." she finally says, slapping her thigh and getting up from her seat.
You smile at her response, pulling her into a hug while still glued onto the seat. "Of course, it was great seeing you too. Let's hope the next time we do, I'm in a better position than this one." You say, making her laugh.
"True. Tell Chris I said hi, will you?" she lets out, "Thanks again, bye!"
"Bye Sara, will do. See you soon," you reply. The two of you then bid your goodbyes. You catch sight of Sara making her way through the lounge in a different direction.
Once she leaves, you sigh, bringing your head down to look at the man in front of you. "OK, seriously, Chris. Cut the act," you say, voice stern.
He doesn't reply until, all of a sudden, a small mischievous grin dances along his lips. Chris can't help but burst into laughter when he opens his eyes to face an unhappy-looking you.
A look of mild concern appears on your face, your mouth forming into a small thin line, and your eyebrows are drawn down a little. "Ha ha, you're so funny," you say with a sarcastic laugh and smile. "Now get up."
Chris lifts his head up a little, face scrunching up. "What? Nooooooo, I don't want to. Do you need to go to the bathroom or something?" he whines, refusing to listen to you.
"God, you really do test my patience sometimes," you say, rolling your eyes at him and causing him to snicker.
"I know. You love me for it, though," Chris teases, wiggling his eyebrows playfully. "You're right. I do," you say, looking down at him.
The response you give him makes him shoot his head up and sit up straight to fully face you. "You do?" he asks, scanning your eyes for an answer.
"Shut up," you say, trying not to smile as your eyes roll. And it's true, you do love him. Nothing could have possibly meant more than him.
"I love you too," he says, finally. "Now can you please continue scratching my head?"
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oldblackandwhitetown · 2 months ago
Can you do Dom! Dream Team (seperate) headcanons for size kinks ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄
𝐒𝐢𝐳𝐞 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤 | DREAM TEAM
Pairing: irl!dom!Dream team x gn!Reader
Summary: what the ask says.
Warnings: smut, size kink, NSFW +18 only, minors do not interact.
A/N: Thanks for the request, I hope you like it :)!
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Tumblr media
Lets start by saying that Dream is big. Not like unrealistically big, just y'know a good length.
He's not too thick but it sure as hell can stretch you out when it goes inside.
He loves to be on top of you watching his dick disappeared in you over and over.
The first time it happened he was really mesmerized. He didn't know it could be possible to go so deep in you to actually see his dick pocking your stomach.
That made him more turned on.
"Fuck sweets, do you see that? Do you see how good im fucking you, how deep inside you i am. I know you can feel it."
He pressed one hand on that spot, making you let out a loud scream.
Dream knew you were enjoying it, and in fact he loves when you scream his name. Especially when he's buried inside of you.
He rejoices in the fact that you're smaller than him.
Watching you from above, splitting you in two. Being able to ruin you so good that you would me begging for more even you can't take it.
And when you suck him off but have to use your hand to work on what doesn't fit in your mouth, oh boy...
He could cum right there.
Dream just loves the fact that you can barely do something more than take what he gives you.
"Look at that, baby, that's all me."
"Would you look at that, my cock is going so deep that you can even see it."
"Holy fuck, that's so hot. Do you feel me baby"
Yeah... He definitely has a size kink.
Tumblr media
Idk about you but I'm sure as hell that this dude is packing.
Like, he seems like he's average and is just thick enough, but in reality he's really big (again not unrealistically big, just enough).
So is more than obvious that you could see him pocking your stomach.
And once he noticed it was over for him.
He literally came in that moment, just watching his cock go so deep in you was enough to make him cum.
He apologized but didn't regret it.
Now he's favorite position is whatever allows him to see the outline of his dick.
When you noticed tho, you were speechless.
You knew he was big, shit it could barely fit in your hand, but seeing the bulge was too much for you.
You didn't cum in that moment, you felt like you were.
Moaning loder than before, your hips jerking up to meet his thrust all of that while your eyes were stuck to your stomach, watching him go in you.
"Shit, kitten, fucking you that good huh?"
"Do you see that, Y/n, do you feel every inch of me streaching your warm hole?"
He can get off on the idea of you being so small to do anything more than being used as his fuck toy.
Tumblr media
I feel like he's a little bit bigger than average but sure as hell he's thick.
Like really thick.
You can feel all of him when he goes in.
I'm gonna keep short and simple.
He loves seeing his dick fucking so deep into you.
He constantly presses that spot cuz he knows it'd drive you crazy.
And Sapnpa is very vocal so he'd 100% brag and tease you about it.
"Yeah sweetheart, i know you like it. I can see how good im fucking you."
and "Shit that's me, can you see it. I bet none of your other boyfriends could go that deep to see their dicks pocking your stomach like i do."
He also loves than you're smaller than him (if you are), because he can manhandle you so easily.
Sapnap would throw you over his shoulder, making his way to your shared room to pusnish you.
"Let's see if you keep being a brat after i fuck you senseless."
He would aslo pick you up and fuck you against the wall, just because he can.
Tumblr media
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delilahfairchild · a month ago
Hey! Hope you are having a nice day!
Can I ask prompts about two friends loving each other, but being totally oblivious about it? Like, totally unaware of how the other is feeling despite their crush dropped several hints about their feelings?
hi anon! i hope you are having a good day too, and thank you for your support <3 my ask box is still open for requests and other stuff
your typical grumpy x sunshine friends duo. the grumpy one started complimenting awkwardly everything their sunshine friend does, but sunshine isn't so used to that
A has the habit of kissing B's forehead or knuckles every time they meet, but now A's kisses seem to linger a little bit longer, but B still hadn't noticed
every single person just take one good look at A and B smiling at each other like the other is the world and just automatically sighs "these two are the worst idiots i have ever seen"
A's and B's families treat the other like their own child. they also plan the future wedding in secret
always a pair of shoulders for the other to cry on. no matter the circumstances, i will always have you in my arms, and quietly pouring my heart to you "i love you, i will love you if your ex couldn't. i am here"
i bring food to your place in the middle of the night because you said that you were hungry and you were like "you are such a good friend to me!" and i want to leave because you're such an idiot you're lucky that you're the love of my life
you actually brought me food at midnight because of a text??? i love you so much but i don't want to ruin our friendship right now because of some corndogs so i tell you that you are my best friend why your eyes are twitching like that-
you idiot shit i am the one who forgot my textbook and why the fuck did you push yours under my notebook and now the teacher is giving you a disciplinary slip you stupid motherfucker-
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time-for-a-lullaby · a month ago
Tumblr media
Chris Evans x Ex!Girlfriend Reader
Summary: (Anon. Request) You're at a press conference for Infinity War and call out a reporter for asking you very personal and unimportant questions. You and Chris had a very public relationship and break up before Infinity War started filming, he comes to your rescue during the questioning. 
Warnings: Language, maybe? I don't think anything else, but if you see something, let me know! 
A/N: This one is on the shorter side, I couldn't really figure out how to make it longer without dragging it out in an unnecessary way lol
Tumblr media
You shifted uncomfortably in your chair, crossing your legs and squinting at the crowd. You could've heard a pin drop. You cleared your throat, sitting up towards the mic, "I'm sorry, what?" 
The crowd chuckled at your response. 
"What kind of undergarments did you wear while filming? Your suit is incredibly tight, there's no way anything could fit under there!" the reporter repeated, obviously not catching your drift. 
You stared blankly at the reporter, then threw Scarlett an exasperated look. You knew she'd received comments like this in the past, but this was the first time you'd gotten anything like this. The crowd laughed again, knowing that whatever you were going to say, was going to be good. You leaned forward again, "Okay, so let me get this straight. Sebastian, Anthony, and the Chris's get asked shit like 'what do you think is more important, talent or training?', 'What steps do you take to mentally prepare for the role of an Avenger?', and 'What the most challenging part of working with such a large cast?' and I get 'what kind of underwear did you have on?" 
You heard Anthony chuckling next to you while Sebastian hid his laugh by taking a drink of his water. You looked at the monitor off to the side and saw Chris smirking, looking down at his hands while Hemsworth nodded in agreement. 
"I-- uh, well-- I'm sorry, I didn't mean any offense, I promise." She stammered.
"No, I'm sure you didn't. What is up with the men getting all of the good, make-you-think questions and I get asked about my freaking underwear?" You sat back in your chair, "Why don't we move onto the next question?" you laugh, taking a sip of water.
The moderator chose a different reporter, this one choosing you as well. "I have another question for Y/N." 
You smiled and nodded, "All ears."
Anthony leaned over, "Be nice." He whispered, his tone playful. 
You shot him a smile, turning your attention back to the reporter.
"So, Y/N. We know that you and Chris have a... history."
You glanced over at Chris, rolling your eyes. You and Chris dated for a couple of years and decided to end things right before filming Infinity War. There was absolutely no bad blood with the two of you and things ended on great terms, but that didn't stop the press from asking you every chance they got about your experience with filming and your past relationship. 
"What was it like filming with your ex?"
You puffed your cheeks out, exhaling slowly. "Okay, I'm gonna say this as respectfully as I can. What the hell happened to hard-hitting journalism?" you laughed, sitting up again. "You literally just interviewed Chris. Why did this question have to wait for me? Why didn't you ask him this question?" 
Her face flushed pink and you felt a little guilty, maybe you should dial it back a little. 
"Look, Chris and I-- I mean, I really don't want to get into this. This whole conference is supposed to be about Infinity War, not my dating life," you laughed, "Chris and I ended things on a great note, there's no hostility or bad blood. Filming wasn't awkward or uncomfortable, we have a great friendship now."
She nodded, "Thank you." 
A male reporter stood, "I have a question for Y/N."
You shifted in your chair again, his tone made you think this wouldn't be a fun one. "Absolutely, let's hear it.”
"Is there any  particular reason you're being short and argumentative with the reporters today?" 
Your mouth dropped slightly, you tried to figure out the best way to approach this. You weren't being argumentative, you were tired of the blatant sexism when it came to these press conferences. 
You were about to speak up when Chris leaned forward, looking over at you, "I'll take this one if that's okay." 
"By all means." you sat back, crossing your arms and smiling. 
Chris cleared his throat, "To be completely honest, she isn't being argumentative or short. I think she's actually going pretty easy on everyone. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to be asked about your underwear? It's gross. And unnecessary. Not to mention a huge invasion of privacy. Also, not to sound like an ex-boyfriend, but Y/N is a pretty interesting person, you're missing out on a lot when you constantly question her about me. I'm not as interesting, I promise."
You smiled gently, looking down at your hands.
Sebastian sat up, leaning towards his mic, "And she's got a point. This entire conference, the men have been given some pretty good questions, you keep us on our toes. And then you turn around and ask ScarJo, Lizzie, and Y/N their favorite colors and ex-boyfriends."
"It's almost like you guys don't think we can be intellectual. It's an insult. So I apologize if I'm coming across as short or rude or argumentative, but I've been asked about my ex-boyfriend 50 times today. Ask me about my training. Where I went to college. If I do my own stunts or how I do my own stunts. Just ask me whatever questions you would direct to the 4 lovely men sitting around me." you chimed in, smiling at Chris and Seb.
Another reporter stood, "Y/N, I have one question for you."
You crossed your fingers, "Fourth time's the charm!"
"You've been in several Marvel movies at this point, which movie challenged you the most as an actor and why?" 
A smile spread across your lips, "Thank you!! Wow, I love this." The crowd erupted in cheers, celebrating the fact that you'd actually gotten a decent question, making you and the rest of the cast laugh. "Umm.. honestly, it might be this one. I can't really say a ton as to the 'why' aspect, you guys understand why, but I really feel like this movie made me dig deep. There's a lot of emotion and also several pretty intense, physically challenging scenes. I think this movie helped me improve several things I might've been a tad insecure about before we starting filming, acting-wise, of course. Like how I portray certain emotions, how far I can push myself both physically and mentally, things like that. So, my vote is for Infinity War." you leaned back, "Was that okay?" you laughed.
She smiled at you, "Yes, that was perfect, thank you so much."
You jokingly slammed your palms against the table, "Awesome, I'm clocking out. Who wants a stiff drink?" 
The crowd chuckled in response and the moderator moved onto the next reporter who directed their question to Scarlett. 
You pulled out your phone, shooting a text to Chris. 
You: My hero! 🙌
Chris: 👊
Chris: kicking ass and taking names
You: I owe you a drink. Thank you for that. 
Chris: anytime 🙂
You: the press will have a hayday with your answer, though. i can see it now, 'Chris heroically defends ex-girlfriend, Y/N. Here's 10 reasons we're convinced they're secretly married.
You glanced over at Chris after your text, smiling. He chuckled, looking over at you. 
Chris: it'll be worth whatever they say, don't worry about it.
Tumblr media
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aa-lionheart · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anon request
The parallel in which Eddie comes back home and Buck is waiting for him saying he's late vs Buck coming back home alone
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randomshyperson · 3 months ago
Love bites - Wanda Maximoff
Tumblr media
Words: 1.352 k
Warnings: (+18), smut mentions, brief mention of strap use, oral sex, explicit language, establish relationship, teasing.
A/N> One of my friends lent me this anon request and here I am. Good reading.
Love Bites - Oneshot
Groaning softly, you face Wanda through the reflection in the mirror.
"Can I stay in the room all day?" You mumble with flushed cheeks, as Wanda's hands land on your waist and she rests her chin against your right shoulder, biting back a giggle.
"No, honey." She retorts. "It's not even that visible, I don't think anyone will notice."
She just laughs again, moving her head to kiss your neck before pulling away.
While she is getting dressed, you stare again at the dark marks scattered across your collarbone, trying to think of a way to hide them.
It is definitely too hot to wear a sweatshirt, and you find yourself grumbling again as you run your fingers across the highest mark.
"You had to bite so hard." You complain loudly, but Wanda just hisses while putting on a T-shirt.
She passes behind you the next moment, and you jump when she hits a slap on your butt making you smile.
"You didn't complain last night."
You rolled your eyes, not answering.
Last night was something.
You blinked as the memories came flooding back.
Wanda's hands running over your body, her mouth biting and marking all over your skin.
When she wore the strap on you, and filled your pussy completely, her mouth against your collarbone, sucking the sweet spot when she moved inside of you.
Your nails dug into her back, a loud moan escaping your lips.
You couldn't help but dig your nails into her back as she thrust hard into you, a gasping moan escaping your throat.
"Let's go?" Wanda's voice snapped you out of your memories and you ignored the familiar feeling growing in the pit of your stomach as you recalled last night to look at her.
You frowned when you noticed the clothes she was wearing. A tank top and shorts, probably because of the weather. The problem was the scratches all over her back.
"A-are you going out like that?" You asked shocked, and noticing the redness of your face, Wanda bit back a smile as she turned away from the door to approach you again, her hand resting against your neck gently.
"Like what, dear?" She asked against your lips.
"Don’t you want everyone to know we belong to each other?" She asks, making you groan in both embarrassment and excitement. Your face warms to the same extent as your core. "You're cute when you're all shy."
"Shut up." You mumble timidly, making her laugh. Wanda stole a quick kiss before pulling away again.
"Come on, then." She says. "We need to eat something before practice."
"You can go ahead, I need to find a blouse that will hide my neck."
Wanda just laughs, shaking her head slightly. She leaves the room next, and you busy yourself finding some long-collared piece.
As soon as she steps into the kitchen, Wanda hears a teasing whistle.
"Good morning." She mumbles as she ignores the insinuating expression Natasha and Sam have on their faces.
She barely manages to help herself to some cereal until they start with their comments.
"Nat, I heard some strange noises last night." Sam counters with a false seriousness, leaving his cell phone on the counter. Nat has the same expression as him, and rests her arm on the countertop as she leans in slightly.
"Really, Sam? I think I heard it too." She adds. "A strange thing, wasn't it? I think it sounded like someone praying."
Wanda resisted the urge to roll her eyes, busying herself with pouring her own cereal.
She knew exactly what "someone praying" was.
She remembers you whimpering underneath her when she had her mouth on your wet pussy. The way you moaned loudly when she sucked on your clitoris, if she closed her eyes she could taste you again.
"Oh my god... I'm so close… please don’t stop… god..." You whimpered with your hands buried in Wanda's hair, keeping her in place, the way you sounded making the witch's own pussy pulsate and moan with pleasure against your core, the new vibration pulling even more sounds out of you...
Pushing the memories away, Wanda popped a spoonful of cereal into her mouth.
"Which is funny because I didn't know we had religious members in the Avengers." Sam continues with a playful smile, his gaze going quickly between Nat and Wanda.
For the next five minutes, Wanda was silent, completely ignoring Sam and Natasha's attempts to elicit any reaction from her as she calmly ate her cereal.
It was only when Pietro entered the kitchen, half-asleep, that she seemed almost shy at the change in posture of the other two, who seemed to see the perfect opportunity to tease her.
"Hey, Pietro, did you notice anything strange last night?" Nat asked loudly. "Any weird noises?"
Pietro frowned, stretching. He walked over to the refrigerator to get some juice, and when he turned around, he let out a chuckle.
"Jesus, Wanda, look at your back." He commented in the same tone as the other Avengers. "You look like you tried to bathe a rabid cat."
Wanda grumbled uncomfortably, but Sam and Nat exchanged giggles as Pietro returned to the kitchen table.
"You two want anything?" Wanda asked irritatedly to the two sitting at the counter who were looking at her expectantly.
"Easy, little witch, we're just messing with you." Sam teased and Wanda clenched her jaw.
She was going to curse, but the rest of the Avengers were joining the kitchen the next moment.
Reactions varied widely.
Steve went to greet everyone with a nod, but his smile disappeared and was replaced by a strong blush on his cheeks when he caught the marks on Wanda's back. He looked down quickly, and mumbled good morning as he went to sit down.
Bucky raised his eyebrows slightly, and it was almost imperceptible before he too went to sit next to the captain, a smirk on his face.
Clint muttered "someone had fun last night" lowly in Natasha's direction, but he didn't show any other reaction before pouring himself a cup of coffee.
It seemed that Nat and Sam really expected the biggest reaction from Tony, but he just walked into the room, said good morning to everyone, and threw himself on the couch, one arm over his face.
"Hey, Tony, everything okay?" Sam asked surprised at the lack of reaction. The iron man mumbled still with his eyes closed.
"Yeah, why the question?"
Sam and Nat exchanged a look.
"Nothing, we're just curious if you didn't hear any strange sounds or anything last night..." Nat started but was interrupted by the noise of Wanda setting the cereal tray down hard on the counter.
"Jesus, will you two just let it go?" she asked irritated. "What do you want me to say, my girlfriend came so hard she marked my back? Well, there it is then!"
All the Avengers, were, to say the least, shocked.
Wanda thought that would be enough for the subject to die. And maybe it was.
But you walked into the kitchen, and the moment Tony put his eye on the hickeys on your neck that you couldn't hide because you couldn't find a blouse, he burst out laughing.
You frowned in confusion, watching the iron man get up to get some coffee. He looked at you, laughed, and turned his attention back to his mug. And then he did the same thing again, and you were even more confused to see Natasha and Sam controlling themselves not to laugh.
"Sorry, did I miss something?" You asked, and that was enough for the two of them to start laughing. Wanda rolled her eyes, and turned to you, entwining your hands.
"Don't worry, honey." She said. "They're just jealous. Let's have breakfast in our bedroom."
Wanda was doing this because unlike her, you would not have handled the teasing so well, having been too embarrassed by it all.
"Use condoms!" Asked Tony loudly before Wanda could pull you completely out of the kitchen.
You ended up forgetting about the hickeys or shyness when you needed to keep your angry girlfriend from strangling the Iron Man.
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lacontroller1991 · 2 months ago
50% Off (Rick Flag x Fem!Reader)
Tumblr media
Anon Request: on a rare day off, reader and Rick go to a staff only pool, reader almost regrets it because she can't stop checking out Rick getting out of the pool all wet in his twin trunks. Rick is oblivious because he thinks his love for her is unrequited and doesn't wanna ruin their close work friendship
Author's Note: FOR A DC MOVIE I WAS SUPER SHOCKED (im a marvel girl through and through) BUT GODDAMN THIS MAN FINE AS FUCK
Warning: Language, smut, semi public sex, vaginal penetration,
The hot Louisiana sun beat down against your neck as the grip on your rifle lessened with every drop of sweat. You loved your job… when you were working inside. When you had to watch the prisoners “enjoy” their time outside of their cells it was hell. Fortunately for you, you had your close friend who was also sharing in your agony.
“Shit like this makes me miss DC,” Rick complained as you let out a huff of breath, glancing over to the colonel and watching the way the sweat rolled down his tan face. It was hot. He was hot. Though you would never admit that outloud.
“Mmmm, not as much as I’m missing Boston right now. Did you know there was a staff only pool?” You asked as he turned his head, hazel eyes piercing yours. Shifting onto his right leg, he glanced back to the courtyard, keeping his eyes on Harley, who was provocatively walking around the other members of the squad in a modified prison uniform meant to enhance her body. A pang of jealousy shot through you as you watched his eyes follow her form.
“Yeah, no one uses it though.”
“Why not?”
“No one cares to,” he mentioned as you nodded your head, watching Harley wave at the both of you.
“I don’t understand how she can strut around like that.”
“Is that jealousy I’m hearing?” Rick asked with an amused smile as you scoffed and walked away.
“No way in hell, Flag. Shift is over. I am going to use that pool, it’s way too hot out here. Wanna join?”
“Come on,” you begged, tugging at the sleeve of his uniform, “we have the rest of the day off and it’s hot, let’s go for a swim.”
“Alright, meet me there in 20.”
“Yes sir,” you mocked saluted him as he scoffed, gently shoving your arm before stalking off.
You ran back to your small little office and practically threw off your uniform in a haste, digging through a bag you had packed especially for this. Pulling out a black one piece, you quickly tossed it on before fixing up your hair a little. Yeah you were going to a pool, but that doesn’t mean that you didn’t want to be presentable. Walking to the pool, you ignored inmates' looks and jests towards you as you swung open the door that led to the outside and quickly shut it.
“Wondered if you were gonna make it,” Rick commented, grabbing your attention as you turned to face him, body immediately shutting down. You eyed the way the water dripped off his toned chest as he pulled himself out of the pool. Your gaze dropped down lower to his trunks that clinged to his body, outlining every muscle and then some. It just got 1000% hotter, you thought to yourself as you pulled your mind out of it’s trace before he could notice the way you stared at him. Setting your towel on the bench, you moved to dip your foot in the pool and moaned at the temperature.
“You alright there?” He asked, suddenly standing next to you, causing you to slightly stumble until his arm wrapped around your waist, steadying you.
“(Y/N), are you alright?” Concern lacing his voice as he lowered his head, checking you over, noting the flush in your cheeks but dismissing it for the heat.
“Yeah, I’m just hot,” you replied, quickly slipping into the pool and dipping your head underwater, relishing in the feeling of the cold water against your warm skin. Shrugging his shoulders, he hopped into the pool creating a splash that further drenched you. Swimming to the edge, you propped yourself up on the ledge, letting your legs dangle in the water as Rick came up next to you.
“Ya know, this was a good idea. The water is feeling so good,” groaning a little at the contrast of tempts. What he didn’t know though was that his little groan added to the heat.
“I’m just glad I had a swimsuit,” you lied, acting as if you didn’t intentionally plan the swimsuit out.
“Me too, but it looks good on you.”
“Thanks, I got it for 50 percent off,” you mentioned, closing your eyes and not noticing the way his eyes trailed down your body and focused on your erect nipples.
“I’d prefer it 100 percent off,” he mumbled out loud before his eyes shot open in slight panic. Yours shot open as you looked over at him, shocked by his words.
“What did you say?”
“Nothing, I said nothing. Must’ve heard something,” lying through his teeth, he looked anywhere except where you were.
“If I’m not mistaken Colonel, I think I heard you say you wanted it ‘100 percent off’,” you mentioned, slightly moving over to him as his dick twitched when you said his rank.
“(Y/N),” he warned slightly, “what are you doing?” You casually placed a hand on his chest before running it down, stopping right above the waistband of his trunks and feeling the way his muscles tensed up underneath your touch.
“What we both want,” your admission caught him by surprise, because for all he knew, he was the only one interested in you and not the other way around.
“We can’t, we’re coworkers,” he groaned slightly as you sucked on his neck, nails raking down his toned abdomen. Pulling away, you locked eyes with him.
“Rick, I don’t give a fuck. I’m tired of waiting around for you to notice,” you were cut off by his lips pressing against yours. It wasn’t how you imagined your first kiss with Rick would go, but the desperation and lust behind it made all coherent thoughts leave your brain. Wrapping your arms around him, you opened up your mouth to allow his tongue to enter. Groaning against the kiss, you felt Rick’s hands coming to wrap around your waist and bring you closer to him, causing you to accidentally rub against his growing erection.
“Fuck baby, you’re so fucking hot,” he whispered, kissing along your neck before finding your sweet spot. Moaning, your hands went up in his hair as you tilted your head to the side to allow him better access to your neck. Grinding down against him, you tugged his hair as his mouth returned to yours, hands moving to your ass and squeezing it. Breaking away, you looked into his lust filled eyes before moving your hands down to his trunks and palming his hard member.
“Should we really do this here?” He asked softly, breathing quickly and hissing as your hand glazed over the tip of his shaft.
“I don’t care if someone sees us, let them,” you whispered against the shell of his ear, nibbling the skin that was there. Turning you around, Rick pushed you up against the wall of the pool as he shoved his pants down enough for his erection to spring free.
“Are you absolutely sure?” Nodding your head, he moved one hand down between your legs and pulled the part of the bathing suit out of the way as the other hand lined his manhood up with your vaginal entrance. With one last look of confirmation, Rick quickly snapped his hips upwards causing the both of you to moan at the sensation of one another.
“You can move,” you noted, feeling accustomed to his size. Slightly pulling out of you, Rick thrusted back in a second later and leaned his head against your shoulder.
“God you’re so tight baby, you feel so good around my cock,” you moaned at his words as he continued to thrust up into you. Pivoting his hips, he began to hit a new angle that made your eyes roll back in your head.
“Fuck Flag, harder,” you commanded as he sucked on your pulse point and thrusted into you with more force that had your back scratching up against the wall. Suddenly, you felt the tip of his cock graze against your cervix, hitting that hidden spot that had you seeing stars.
“Right there,” you managed to moan out as Rick could tell you were close. Moving one of your hands down, you start to rub your clit as he continued to hit that spot.
“Fuck,” your eyes rolled back into your head as waves convulsed through you, your walls contracting around his dick as he coaxed you through your climax. After feeling your walls clench around him, Rick’s thrusts started to become more irregular as his abdomen muscles flexed continuously. Seeing that he was close to coming, you wrapped your legs tighter around him.
“Fuck Rick, cum inside of me. Let me make you feel good,” you continued to dirty talk, loving the way he was so concentrated on getting his high, “cum inside my pussy, please Colonel,” and that sent him over. You both moaned as hot ribbons of cum coated your walls as he lazily thrusted inside of you a few more times before pulling out.
“Damn kitten, you felt so good,” pulling you in for another kiss, you happily sighed against his lips, knowing that he was yours.
Author’s Note: So I am obviously not the best at dirty talk and I apologize, but enjoy!!!
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chanswifey · a day ago
for the boyfriend series i totally think you should do felix next, i feel like he is 100% boyfriend material.
And you are 100% right anon, our sunshine boy would be the best boyfriend ever 🤚😩 and I feel like I'm gonna have length problems 🤠
Anyways, Let me know if you like it 🥰
As he said himself, boyfriend material 100%. I just know he treats you sooo well. He is WHIPPED.
Stares at you in disbelief that he got so lucky. Smiles at the simple thought of you. Gets shy when someone mentions you. Whipped culture at it's finest.
His favorite thing to do with you is cook. Takes you to expensive places for dinner as an excuse to see you dress up but is actually the weakest for you with messy bed hair. Also loves to see you in his clothes. Leaves then at your place on purpose.
Takes you home to meet his family and can't contain his smile when he sees that they love you as much as he does.
Definitely one to plan romantic vacations (can you imagine Venezia with this boy?? I would faint). Idk why but I can see him popping the question at the Eiffel Tower 🤚🤠
Surprises you with candlelit dinners at home for anniversaries. Big fan of taking you to fairs (is this how they are called??) just so he can win you all the prizes.
Loves skinship, big on PDA. Holding hands, kissing, hugging, anything and everything. Holds your hand during walks and kisses it every 5 seconds. Little spoon energy is big with this one. Loves to fall asleep to the sound of your heartbeat.
The type to adopt a puppy/kitten with his partner.
Steals your hair products 🤭 and swears it was an accident (it happened 5 times in a roll, idk sweetie, smells fishy to me).
Makes you laugh until your face hurts.
Both of you collect unflattering pics of each other and use them for birthdays. Loves matching Halloween costumes. Would have married you after the second date if he could.
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earlgreydream · 7 months ago
take care.
| loki x reader | smut | fluff |
anon requested: ok so he makes the reader come until she physically no longer can and then f l u f f where he takes care of her afterwards🥺
here’s some loki overstim for you, angel 😘
Tumblr media
You walked through the castle, ignoring the bows and respectful addresses from the maids, staff, and others wandering around. Your mind was elsewhere, and you were only focused on making it back to your chambers. You stepped through the large golden doors, seeing your lover on the balcony that hung off the huge bedroom. 
Loki turned upon hearing you come in, walking back into the bedroom to meet you. He noticed the frustration that had turned your mood dark, and his long legs carried him to you. 
“What’s wrong, darling?” He asked, and you shook your cloak from your body, tossing it over a lounger in the corner, unintentionally avoiding his grasp.
“I can’t make everyone happy! Everyone expects so much from me, and I’m just not enough for anybody!” You were yelling, and Loki put his hand on your face, making you turn to look at him. 
“You’re everything to me. You’re more than enough.” He said, soothing some of the overwhelmed frustration you held. He pulled you into a kiss, and you melted into his touch, letting the anger fall away. You murmured a soft, I love you, and he said it back between kisses.
“How can I make it better? Tell me what you need.” Loki smiled at you, willing to do anything to please you.
“I need to let go,” you sighed to yourself, and a mischievous smirk adorned his face. You looked at him nervously, knowing exactly where this was going, and there was a moment of silence before you broke into a run. You didn’t even make it to the doors, a shriek leaving your lips as he wrapped his arms around your waist, dragging you back against his chest, his large hand wrapping around your throat, keeping you pinned to his body. 
“Now, now, little one. Don’t run from me,” he laughed darkly, kissing along your jaw. You looked up the god, excitement sparking through you like a live wire. 
You squirmed in his arms, but he held you firmly, dragging you backwards to the bed. Escaping him was the last thing you wanted, but you wanted to play and get him worked up, and you knew he loved to chase you. 
“Loki!” You squealed, trying to climb away as you were tossed onto the bed. 
“Are you going to be good, or am I going to have to restrain you? This is for your benefit.” He asked, holding your ankles so you couldn’t get away.
“I’ll be good,” you sighed, relaxing against the duvet and looking up at him as he leaned over you. 
“That’s my girl.” He leaned down and kissed you, lightly brushing his nose against yours. 
He snapped his fingers, and your clothes were gone in a shimmer of green. His were too, and he laid back against the pillows, lounging in all of his glory. 
“Come here, darling.” 
You moved between his legs, your back on his chest so you were laid out in front of him. He kissed the side of your head, trailing his hands up and down your sides before moving up to palm your chest. You moaned as he rolled your nipples between his fingers, working to arouse you, knowing you were sensitive. He had your body and all of your pleasures memorized, and he knew exactly how to get your body to respond to him. He was determined to make you forget about all of the reasons you had to be stressed, and you were more than willing to let him. 
He kissed your neck, and you moved to allow him more access. He moved your legs over his so you were spread open below him, pushing away your shyness. Loki never made you feel like you had to be embarrassed, and he was careful to never embarrass you himself. 
You squirmed as he dropped his hand between your legs, teasing you with light touches. 
“Can you please just get me off?” Your voice was impatient, and he raised his eyebrows. 
“Of course” 
You immediately regretted it upon hearing the tone of his voice, the one reserved for schemes and mischief. You were about to be victim to his torture in some form, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care as his fingers rolled slow circles on your button, teasing it until it swelled. You preened, leaning your head back against his shoulder, letting him get you off. 
A moan escaped as he worked two fingers into your slick sex, finding your g-spot expertly. 
“Loki!” You arched your back off him as you felt your muscles tighten deep in your belly. You didn’t wait for permission before coming, the orgasm rolling through your body. 
“Y/N, hold still for me,” he protested your attempts to squirm away from his touch. He’d given you a small break, but now he was back to stroking your clit directly, sending shocks through your nerves. 
“What’re you doing?” You asked, fighting to relax and be good for him.
“Giving you orgasms like you wanted, darling.”
“I didn’t mean-” you rolled your hips against his hand, making him laugh, your body betraying your needs, despite your hypersensitivity he was exploiting. 
“Shh, darling,” he hushed you, moving his free hand over your mouth when you yelped from him pushing his fingers back inside of you. He kept stimulating you with his thumb while pumping his fingers inside of you, the filthy sounds making your head spin. You whined against his hand, and he hushed you gently, though his voice dripped with devious amusement. 
You neared a second orgasm, and you tried to fight it off, your thighs twitching. 
“Let go, y/n,” he encouraged you, and you came again with a scream.
You sighed in relief as Loki climbed out from behind you, letting you lay on your back on the bed. Your eyes fell closed, your body twitching from the aftershocks of the pleasure that ignited all of your nerves. 
When you felt his soft hair brush the inside of your thighs, you instantly tried to close your legs, your eyes snapping open. Loki turned his head and bit the inside of your thigh, pulling a yelp from your lips. 
“I can’t take another, m’so sensitive!” You whined, but Loki wasn’t finished with you yet.
“You can, darling. Don’t you trust me?” 
Your fingers tangled into black locks, pulling at his hair as he attached his mouth to your core, giving you head. Normally, you’d be ecstatic for him to expertly eat you out with his silvertongue, but now you were overstimulated and his touch felt like fire. You blinked back tears, the pleasure and ache overwhelming you as his tongue pushed through your muscles, and back up to your clit. 
Loki tore a scream from your throat as he lightly pulled your clit between his teeth, his laughter vibrating through you. The coil in your belly snapped, and you came on his face. You writhed and screamed as he didn’t let off of you, pleading with him for relief as his overstimulation became painful after your third powerful orgasm.
“You’re so good for me, Y/N,” Loki hummed, kneeling between your legs, watching you struggle to catch your breath. 
“Loki, Loki!” You protested as he positioned himself, rubbing his head against your heat, making you shudder. 
“What did I say about having to restrain you?” He asked as you pushed against his chest.
“I can’t!” 
“You can give me one more. One more, then I’ll bathe with you, sweet girl,” Loki promised, and you writhed when he so much as brushed against you. You didn’t say no again, and he eased into you, letting you stretch around him with a weak sob.
His hips rolled against yours, and he was already close from having his head between your thighs. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him against you as you came for the fourth time, squeezing him like a vice and crying his name. Feeling you contract around him sent him over the edge, and he painted your insides before slowly pulling out. 
“No more,” you begged, and he nodded, kissing your cheek.
“No more, Y/N,” he repeated, making you sigh with relief. You were barely conscious as he carried you to the massive bathtub, sinking into hot water up to your shoulders. You jerked at the heat on your raw sex, and he kissed your shoulder, praising your resilience. 
He massaged vanilla-scented soap into your sore muscles, his touch soothing you. He washed your hair, glowing at his success, making you forget about all your stress and frustration. You were thankful, though you were already devising a plan to get him back for his brutal torture... at a time when you weren’t exhausted. 
“I love you, darling.” Loki’s kind voice filled your heart with butterflies, and you kissed him sweetly. 
He helped you out of the bathtub, and you dried off, shivering in the cold. Loki smiled sympathetically, pulling you into his arms and kissing you deeply.
“I’ll start a fire,” he told you, leaving you to dry off in the bathroom. You pulled one of his shirts over your head and walked unsteadily back to your bedroom, crawling onto his lap. He was on the lounger in front of the fire, your favorite novel in his hands. 
He knew that listening to him read was your favorite thing, and you pulled a blanket over the two of you, picking up a cup of steaming tea that Loki had magicked to you. He allowed you to get comfortable and settle against him before snaking an arm around your waist, resting his head on top of yours. He began to read to you, and you drifted off to the sound of his voice, feeling safe and relaxed in his arms.
“A kind of light spread out from her. And everything changed color. And the world opened out. And a day was good to awaken to. And there were no limits to anything. And the people of the world were good and handsome. And I was not afraid anymore.” Loki’s voice reading aloud Steinbeck was the last thing you heard before sleep consumed you.
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starry-eyed-romantics · a month ago
You’re My Favourite Topic
Chris Evans x female reader
Warnings: none but fluff
Summary: dating rumours between you and Chris are being sparked. Then, he is asked about you in an interview
Word count: 638 words
A/N: this is really short but I wanted to use this idea so bad LOL😭😭😭 so here ya go!
“Hi, Chris! How are you doing today?” The female reporter asks as she holds out the mic for him.
“Hey! Sheila, right? I’m doing great, thanks for asking. And how are you?” Chris replies with a friendly smile.
Sheila smiles at his response, which makes her weak in the knees. “Oh, I’m touched you still remember my name. I’m doing really good. Anyways, enough about me, let’s talk about you.”
The both of them let out a laugh and continued with the conversation. "So tell me, was it your mothers birthday last week? Before coming here, I saw a few pictures, and I can tell you threw her quite the party. How was it?"
Chris bites his bottom lip, looking at her intently before answering the question.
"Ah, yes, we threw her a small party and invited a few of our closest friends too. I recall it being a very private party, so I don't know how the paparazzi got the pictures. But of course, you can never be too careful with them." he answers, laughing it off.
"But yes, it was really fun." He continues while gently rubbing his hands over his chest.
Sheila brings the mic back to her chest and smiles before carrying on. "Totally. Also, speaking about fun, you were seen out and about with a mystery girl at the party,” she says, emphasising the words mystery girl.
“The both of you were spotted cosying up and sharing a little kiss….dare I say Chris Evans is no longer single?” She quirks an eyebrow and smiles cheekily, handing the mic over to Chris again.
Chris can't help but form a shy grin. He licks his lips and brushes his fingers over the tip of his nose before looking for the right answer.
“Well, I think it’s safe to say that my heart is no longer available.” He replies, a sincere smile forming on his lips.
At his reply, Sheila lets out a small aww. “That’s amazing, Chris. We’re all so happy for you. Is this lucky woman someone we know? Mind sharing with us?” She continues to ask.
Chris runs his hands through his hair, scratching the back of his head. “She's gonna kill me for saying this, but um," He pauses before continuing.
"I'm not going to reveal her name just yet, but I can promise you guys she's an amazing woman, she means the world to me, and I love her very much.”
—And I hope that once she's ready to show herself, you guys will love her too. I wouldn’t be talking about this girl if she wasn’t a keeper, so I really hope you guys love her because she makes your boy genuinely really, really happy," He answers with a sheepish smile, his face turning red.
The excited reporter forms a small pout and mouths the words aww, unable to contain the amount of cuteness.
"That's absolutely adorable! We can't wait to meet her. She sounds amazing. I can tell you're really nervous. You're completely flushed!"
Chris replies with a nervous chuckle, almost losing the balance in his legs. "Really? I suppose it's because she's not here with me to answer these questions, so I've got to kind of hang in there." He answers with a smile, scratching the back of his head.
Sheila throws her hands up in defeat, laughing. "Well, I guess that's my queue to leave. You can't wait to get back home to her, huh? Thank you again, Chris. It was really nice meeting you." She says, reaching in for a hug.
He flashes his winning smile, hugging her back and bidding goodbye. Chris then makes his way off the carpet and heads towards the limo, waiting for him outside.
Sheila was right, he thought to himself. He couldn't wait to get back home to you.
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oldblackandwhitetown · 2 months ago
Could you do Hard!Dom! separate headcanons for the dream team.
I'm just loving these headcanons right now, I need more >:)
Pairing: irl!Dream; irl!Sapnap; irl!George x gn!Reader (separate)
Summary: what the ask says :)
Words: 985
Warnings: smut, NSFW +18 only, minors don't interact please. dom! dream, dom!sapnap, dom!george. Name calling (slut).
A/N: thanks for the request, this one’s my favorite so far, I hope you like it :)!
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Tumblr media
This guy can be really intense.
Like if he's in a bad mood he woudl definitely fuck your brains out.
And not just one time, he would go for at least three rounds.
You'd not be able to walk the next day.
Dream would just smirk at you when he sees you walk in the kitchen to get breakfast.
"So I fucked you that good, huh?"
"Shut up, idiot."
Even if he was in a good mood he'd not go easy on you.
Keeping your hands pinned on the mattress with his left hand and choking you with the other.
Whispering to your ear "You're always so tight for me." or "Taking my cock so good like the little slut you are."
And the only thing you'd do is gasp for air and arch your back because home boy is hitting all the right places.
If feel that he would be into temperature play.
Like Florida can be really hot sometimes so when the sun seems like it wants to make people suffer, Dream would take advantage of that to try it.
"You just need to relax, sweets, I'm gonna take good care of you."
Bringing a bucket of ice and taking one in his mouth to run it up and down your body. Ripping the sweetest noises out of you.
"You like it, bunny?"
"Yes, I like it so much"
Your whole body would be shaking and shivering but it would bring a good orgasm out of you.
I feel like Dream is the type of guy of either praise you and treat you like royalty or degrate you and treat you like you were nothing. There's no in between.
"Oh you're such a cockslut, aren't you? begging for my cock to fuck you stupid."
"Holy shit honey, you look so beautiful on your knees taking all of me."
But his mood can change really easily.
He would go from "Your ass is gonna be seven different shades of red after that little stunt." To "You are such a good little kitten, keep going sweetheart." and kiss you so gently.
Tumblr media
Even if he seems innocent, the guy sure knows how to fuck.
I see him more of a soft dom than a hard dom, just because he doesn't like to hurt you that much or do something that might upset you.
But if you ask him nicely, he can make you cry and beg at the same time due to how good he's fucking you.
"You like that, baby? Like when I fuck that tight hole of yours until you can't take me anymore?"
And he might not be too intense but he can be very authoritative.
Asking you to use your words, and always answer him verbally.
To behave when you guys are out in public.
To always ask for permission.
To always be honest and tell him when you really can't keep going (use your safe word).
To never tease him or talk back to him.
You just need to follow the rules, otherwise he'd punish you.
And boy he enjoys doing it. George sometimes hopes for you to misbehave just so he can teach you a lesson.
His favorite thing is spanking you and orgasm denial.
He loves to watch your ass jiggles with every hit and how red is at the end. Leaving his hand print on your ass to remind you to never disobey him.
And he also loves to deny you an orgasm.
The way you cry, whimper and beg for him to let you cum makes him so damn hard.
George sometimes gets off on you not cumming.
One of his favorite things is fuck your mouth.
Going so deep in you that his tip touches the back of your throat making you choke on him.
And when your gasping for air... This mf loves to see you almost passing out, knowing it was his dick that made you like that.
Tumblr media
Okay, this boy is actually really hard on you.
If you get on his bad side he'd fucking tie you up to the bed with a vibrator deep inside of you, making you cum over and over again until he thinks it's enough.
And once he had mercy on you he would fuck the shit out of you to get you to cum one last time.
"Alright sugar, you had too much fun with that. Now is my turn to make you cum."
You'd be too fucking sensitive that you'd whimper even with a slight touch.
He's the type to bend you over any surface.
His desk.
Kitchen counter.
The sink.
Over the couch.
Over the dinning table.
Over the coffee table.
Any place.
I've a lot of people say that his favorite position would be doggy style and I hardly agree with that.
He loves to fuck you from behind and he goes so hard on you that would make your ass bright red by how much he smack you and how hard his grip is on you.
Going to the point to almost making you bleed by how bad he was smacking your ass.
You cannot back talk to him. It's just impossible.
The second ypou do it he'd get you on your knees and wash the dirty words off of you.
And don't fucking tease him, he really can't stand it.
If you take too much time he'd simply roll you over and fuck your brains out.
He loves to praise you tho.
Worship is his favorite thing to do.
Always telling you how good you are and how well your taking him.
Prasing every time you do something that he likes.
Worshiping your body like it was created by the angels.
Telling you how beautiful/gorgeous/handsome you are.
But even if he goes hard on you, Sapnap would always ask for consent.
Never doing something that might go over your limits.
Tumblr media
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