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If they do end up having a party for Calum’s birthday (which they probably will), then I think they’ll make the effort to be less public about it than they were for Mitchy’s because of the way fans reacted.

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you are right! i hope someone is giving his lil feeties a good massage right now, it’s what they deserve

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same tbh. he could ask me to lick between his toes and i would just obey him without questioning anything like the whipped bitch i am

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I am 5’1

How tall are you?

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ugh guess the world just isn’t ready for that kind of power….. it’s like they together own the infinity stones and if they meet the world simply can’t handle it

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“It’s- uh, not I can’t, but I think the people in the hospital could get suspicious.” Doppio answers.

“Precisely.” Diavolo answers, nodding in agreement. “Also, I wouldn’t want that green haired bastard Cioccolata anywhere near Doppio, should he find out…”

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thank u☺️

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And stop us from approaching them?!” Their voices begin to sound desperate, before letting go. “We will find both of them, and you can’t stop us!

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Our poor Host misunderstands- we are not trying to hurt him.” The voices suddenly growl, gripping the anon’s shoulder tight. “We need him. We need them BOTH.

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Hansa Yellow; what’s your guilty pleasure song?

Nostalgia by Crush!

Pompeii by Bastille

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Oh?” Their voices purr, full of intrigue. “What would give you the idea we would want to hurt either of them?

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sepia; name five things that always make you happy.

OKAY hmmm, flowers, going on walks, a cloudy sky, my brother Hyunjin, fruits!

Uh, quiet, night time, tea, food, sleeping.

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Oh…” Whoever it is, they seem to move behind the anon, placing their hands on the anon’s shoulder. “That is only a concern that our Host and his… friend will have- once we find them, off course.

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Prussian azure; what’s your favorite scent?

I really really really like peony!!

I guess rain? Rain smells pretty nice

English Red answered here

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I pride myself on my sock collection

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see! simple logic.

my chart will reveal more things about me, it will reveal things which arent supposed to be revealed. like chiron, Lilith and stuff like that, it will reveal my sensitive points and i dont want that. it will reveal things about my family life, my mom, my dad, my siblings and that isn’t something i want to reveal. 

it will reveal things that shouldn’t be revealed, if you are an astrologer, you will understand what i am saying. 

my pics and stuff are cool because that creates a connection between me and my followers. cause when they know a bit about someone, it naturally creates a kind of trust between the blogger and his/her followers. it’s the little details that create wonderful relationships. like calling me mai, in an endearing way. it creates a feeling of knowing between me and my followers. it creates.. i dont know, maybe like a sense of comfort or trust between us. idk if i am the only one who feels this way.  but yeah. 

a chart reveals a lot of things, especially to someone who is a well educated astrologer. and yeah that is the sole reason. 

i am always shocked by how much astrology can reveal about a person, and when strangers have an access to that information, i just feel uncomfortable. 

maybe i am the only one, but yeah  

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Rose; what’s something really positive going on in your life right now?

I’m visiting someone with horses! I packed some fruit and I’m excited! I’m having a lot of fun~

I was gifted a pet mouse and some flowers, so thats cool.

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i did know that actually

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