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Please share more pic with pantyhose 馃様

Haha, tbh I also like my legs in pantyhose 😂😂💖 don’t worry, I was thinking about wearing some today ☺️

And I turned questions off, I’m sorry to all the nice people who wanted to ask or tell me something, I’m gonna make it later so that only anon is turned off, but I’m really really sorry, people just keep on abusing anon omg that’s too much for my little heart 😭😭🙈 anon is definitely going to be turned off for a few days, until I trust that no one will abuse it anymore

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1. Current Mood? 2. Most reoccuring thought? 3. Are you enjoying all the questions? 4. Do you prefer Ask or DM 5. What are you doing right now besides answering these?
  1. Sleepy lol I need coffee
  2. Currently how badly I need coffee but sex thought ummm just getting fucked lol
  3. I am I like interacting with people
  4. For things like this I prefer Ask but for a conversation my inbox is always open 🥰
  5. Laying in bed trying to find the will to get up
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3, 9, 10

3-Do you watch porn, and if so what kind?

I sure do lol. It depends on my mood I’m really into rough sex so that or I watch the pornstar Owen greys content because he’s hot as fuck

9-How often do you masturbate?

Honestly it varies. Sometimes I can go months without and other times it multiple times a day.

10-What’s your favorite way to masturbate?

I have a nice sex toy called the rabbit and I fucking love it

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Explain what you think about Bechloe? (Beca and Chloe from Pitch Perfect)

omg they’re the ultimate couple!! one of my very favourite ships! I can’t even describe how i feel about them!

They could have done so much for them but bloody universal screwed us over! Chloe had Beca wrapped around her finger and it was the cutest thing ever

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Is it cold over there? 馃槈馃槉 I’d love to help warm you up.

It’s actually pretty warm here, I was just jogging, so I’m definitely not cold now haha 😂 😂 I really love the weather right now, nothing beats a warm but still refreshing spring day 💖💖

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Do you have snapchat?

Well, I think you’re the third person asking this 😅 I have, but I don’t share it, sorry 🙈

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Drabble request: clara is pretending to be the master (for Reasons) at mi5 and meets Dhawan master who can’t blow his cover as Oh... chaos

Again, this has turned into a fun longer fic!

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umm , im new to your blog but i already love you 馃ズ馃憠馃憟
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Really though, you'd think this whole pandemic experience would've given at least a few of the craps some perspective on what's truly important in life. Maybe even a little. But then people have to have souls and consciences to do that and they've proven time and again they have neither. It's just sick and chilling how they harp on about FICTIONAL CHARACTERS but don't give a rat's ass about real people and real lives and continue their worthless, pointless crusade of terrorizing and bullying.

Well, dear Leigh said I should search for my soul, so :)

But what is tragic about her and her followers. First of all, we are living now in very dangerous times. The pandemia is here, people are under quarantines, people die, people fear for thier and their families lives. And here we have Leigh and her pals, calling Dullara  PANDEMIC




Supercorp shippers guys :) Saying I’m disgusted is saying that I’m not fan of Lena :))))))

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The show has already touched on the domestic abuse twice already, once in passing in season 1 with Cat Grant telling the story of a reporter but also in season 3 in the Toyman episode where Winn's mom confessed the real reason behind her taking off with her kid for that fake vacation. Tbh I really hope they don't have them do it again especially with Melissa, I just feel like it'd be too triggering for her and I don't want her experiencing that for a stupid, crappy tv show. Or for any reason.

Yep. Some people love to ignore the canon. Or I don’t know, some folks don’t watch the show? Just focus on Lena scenes? Or something :)

Yes. In this case, it’s on Melissa if she would want it or not, not on some bitter, petty assholes who use her traumatic experiences to shit on fictional ships.

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Lol I’ll never enjoyed kissing and it makes me sad bc in my head I love and I crave kissing but whenever I’ve done it it’s felt like kissing a wall, I’ve even disliked it at times. I guess it’s because I’ve never kissed anyone I’ve liked or found attractive, or at least I hope that’s what it is. I have to have an emotional connection with everything so.. I’m just sad bc I want to experience that good kissing that people talk about, you know

“ guess it’s because I’ve never kissed anyone I’ve liked or found attractive” love of COURSE you don’t enjoy kissing 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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I know you’re in MI. My fam is in OH. I’m hoping I can see them over Easter, if there isn’t a national fucking shut down. What’re your thoughts on a big shut down?

I honestly didn’t know that was being talked about. I definitely think it could help flatten the curve, but a lot of logistics would need to be worked out first, ya know?

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