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The quintessence of Kells’ musical versatility!

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I think she might be done with university, rumour has it she’s either looking at Spain, England or France. She’s already played in the WSL even if it was only for a short time, so maybe she’ll head back there, I know whoever gets her is going to gain an extremely talented winger.

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Good luck anon! Let’s hope Lea can pull one out for us today and fire in those goals. We believe in the SGS 💪

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Yeah, I think I saw the exact edit you’re referring to.

This fandom sexualizes EVERYTHING Catra does to Adora, and it’s disgusting. Catra was genuinely hurting Adora, not doing “kinky” consensual sexual stuff to her…

Making sexual jokes about scars from physical abuse is NOT funny…

Honestly, even if I did ship C//A, the fandom’s behavior when it comes to stuff like this would still very much bother me…

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Yeah, I think I read something about that in a post here on tumblr.

The whole situation really confuses me for a number of reasons though…

Like, if Adora and Catra were going to eventually become canon (even though they were on opposing sides); why did Catra have to treat Adora THAT badly?

You would think there would have been moments throughout the series where Catra would have been about to hurt Adora, and then hesitates (because she actually DOES love her so much deep down), and we get a moment like:

*Catra about to scratch Adora, and then looks her right in the eyes*

Catra: “No, I just can’t do it…”

Then she walks away or something, and starts crying.

But nope… We didn’t get a single moment like that S1-S4 (at least not that I remember)…

Catra NEVER held back when it came to hurting Adora…

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Look we got another emo bitch here i hope you’re enjoying yourself today sis lmao

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Lots of u are adding Spotlight to your top 5 and I absolutely love to see it

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You’re forgiven hence the Ocean Eyes cover lmao

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🥀 🌜hi there !

no, i’m not — i’m uhh. lol idk what kinda sexuality is flowing through my veins right now but whatever it is, isn’t gender oriented. guess that could be called pan, but i’m more comfortable with the word “queer” as a way to outwardly express what i want goin on under the sheets — ya dig?

also if any of y’all exclude trans women from the qualifications of being a “gold star lesbian,” stop following me bc ur ugly and also wrong. 🤢 nasty ass. 🌛🥀

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Happy STS, @catharticallysarcastic!

I’ve actually been called out for this by the actors from the BriarRose cast a lot - when Briar is processing/doesn’t know how to respond to something, he just says


I’ve even been threatened with a supercut of “Every time Briar says Oh” lol. I do think it speaks to his awkwardness and need to acknowledge people, though; he wants them to know he hears them, even if he doesn’t quite know how to express what he’s thinking. He’s a sweet boy, just…not very talkative.

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1) I’d say Red & Grey

2) My dream date would be to just spend time. Go somewhere like the beach or grab coffee in a park near the water. With laughs and a connection at the end.

4) I think that we go to a place that’s in the middle of nowhere. Somewhere in the universe and God or someone shows us our life. For some there’ll be reincarnation. For some they’ll be free

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It’s called The Untamed! It’s on netflix and you can also find it in youtube.

I loved loved loved the story itself, and the characters are amazing, I really recommend it!

Word of warning: the show is censored. as in, in the novel the characters kiss and have sex (horrible, terrible sex, in my opinion) but in the show they can’t. So they just turned up the longing and yearning.

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Ooooo- ok first one uhhh probably like Flowers of any kind, stars, annnd different peoples features

Second oneeee probably a stuffed animal and a pencil fkfjfkf

Annnd last one- I dunno actually!! Kdhdjdhf I just like people and then I cry about everything about said people- idk how to explain my own feelings fkfhkfj

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I. Well. Okay. I watched less than a minute before uh. Uh. Well it sure does press some really specific buttons that I have. In a possibly not positive way. I appreciate the recommendation! Really! I. Do. But Wow. That was a Lot. I think I need to go take my meds and a magic power nap right now.

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