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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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Yey! More asks :DD

  1. Eheh,, guess lol
  2. Filipino ^-^
  3. Guess again ;)
  4. June, yall guess the date lol
  5. Gemini
  6. Check my descriptionnn
  7. Check the description because i cant tell the difference
  8. Black hair, dark brown eyes, and thats all im gonna give

14. A good 40 something in real life and idk how many internet frens i have because i dont know if they also count me as a friend :c

15. Somewhat legally married to @the-ghoul-that-haunts-your-mind

16. Wtf does this mean

17. Hehe,, maybe,,,

18. This hasnt happened yet lol

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I love rainy days so fucking much perfect for my music taste, and my favorite song of all time is probably flood 2 by sisters of mercy

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thank u anonnie !! m glad u enjoyed reading it !! (≧∇≦)

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Great heterosexual representation. Husband and wife actually love on another and their children. 10/10. More sitcoms where families can stand one another! Normalize functional family units.

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Nah not really. If i learned from it then it isnt worth regretting. I’ve pissed off tons of great opportunities but they all served a purpose

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I am SO single (someone pls date me) 😂

I mean, there’s a few people on here who are damn cute (like wow) but I don’t know anyone well enough to have feelings for anyone, so I’ll say not at the moment but I’m definitely open for cute girls and enby’s to slide into my dm’s 🥺

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Not gonna lie, one of my favorite things is when people tell me my smile makes them smile. Glad I can bring you a bit of joy!

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Funny to me that you skipped 4. Guess that one’s obvious. Already answered 5, though.

0: Height

1: Age
4/25/59. You know how it is.

2: Shoe size

3: Do you smoke?
Nah, even if I could stand lighters it just seems like a bad idea.

8: Want any tattoos?
Yeah honestly, I have a few ideas, they’d just be kind of difficult to get. I’d have to be real fuckin patient with my power restraint and that might be exhausting.

13: Biggest turn ons
Lots of trust and comfort and the ability to be emotionally and physically vulnerable in a safe and welcoming environment. Also having my tie pulled.

21: What I love most about myself
..uh..I..I helpful I am to my friends. Most of the time.

34: What I find attractive in women
Muscles are sexy. Confidence, a sense of fashion, the desire to kiss me and then call me names.

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88. So this only goes up to 80 lol

38. Most viewed porn categories?

Creampie and solo Masturbation/orgasms

33. answered

25. What feels better for you sex or oral sex?

I’m a big fan oral.

17. Least favorite sex position?

Anything in the shower. I’m so scared of falling lol.

16. Favorite sex position?

I’m a fan of cowgirl and missionary because I like to watch their faces lol.

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1. First sexual experience?

Lol my first kiss with a girl happened at a movie theater.

2. Celebrity Threesome?

Tessa Thompson, Lizzo, Katie McGrath

6. Weirdest sexual experience?

I had sex with someone’s parents in the room. It was wild.

7. Weirdest sexual solo experience?

I was drunk and got off in my friend’s bathroom during a party.

33. I think I answered this one.

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