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hansoeii · 10 minutes ago
You said something very interesting and it called my attention too.
Marvel/disney is promoting Owen and Tom A LOT. And If you think about it, it's supposed to be that Sophia and Tom are the main stars, but NO, they decided to show us the amazing chemistry that Owen and Tom have (even in the Assembled ep). And for me that's Very telling. It's like... they're making us feel comfortable with them on screen. BUT WHAT FOR?
For me (and I can be wrong), this is done in purpose. The whole story, and the way it ended, points out that a possible love story between Mobius and Loki can be developed in such a natural and beautiful and emotional way. They can make them feel REAL, even for the str8 people.
Honestly, they have SUCH A HUGE OPPORTUNITY here.
Honestly, the whole bts episode made it clear that Mobius and Loki are the main characters in the show! They very much made Sylvie seem like a supporting role even tho we saw her a lot. Still, Mobius and Loki are the heart of the show. I mean look, even the cover for the assembled episode is the two of them and the cover for the show itself as well! It's all Mobius and Loki wherever you look! :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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creativepromptsforwriting · 49 minutes ago
Hi again! I don’t think I worded my original ask correctly so I’m rewriting it! There’s no specific genre, just like for a story of fluff. Sorry if it’s bothersome!
Can I get text prompts for step-siblings/parents/children trying to get along and bond with each other? Like maybe kids trying to become friends when they find out their parents are going to marry each other?
And/or can I get text prompts for a person trying to get on their significant other’s siblings’ good side?
Hi! Do you have any prompts for step-siblings/step-families trying to bond and get along? Or maybe any prompts for significant others bonding with their lover’s family members? (1. ask)
Hi :)
Here are some prompts I already have for this: Enemies to siblings, Siblings Prompts, more Siblings Prompts.
And here are some new ones for you!
Step-Siblings Prompts
The best and the worst part of becoming step-siblings was looking through each other's baby photos and watching all the embarrassing home videos to find out about their childhood before this.
Being in the same class as their new sibling, meant that they had to spend practically all day together and got to know each other pretty fast.
While playing games there had always been an unequal number of players, so that having new siblings finally brought balance to their game nights.
The very first thing they achieved as a team, was getting the entire house cleaned in under 10 minutes, because their parents where on their way home and the kids didn't do their chores all day.
Befriending sibling-in-law prompts
Family was very important to their partner. There was no other reason for them to sit next to their sibling-in-law on the couch and try to kill Zombies with them.
Never having had siblings of their own, they immediately took over their partner's siblings.
They were happy that their partner and their sibling got along so well together - but they could live without them constantly teaming up on them.
Hope you like them!
- Jana
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benchtrio-updates · 22 minutes ago
ranboo arg update on the Z account
Sorry, we will not be updating on Ranboo's ARG! This is a choice we made early on and have spoken about before, but it bears repeating since it may be coming back!
- scene
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hansoeii · 2 hours ago
re: owen wilson becoming suddenly hot when in his role as mobius, maybe he always was hot but we just didnt understand it yet since we were too young
growing up means suddenly figuring out that owen wilson is hot af
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mlincorrectquotes · an hour ago
Ha-ha, you fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders, the most famous of which is 'Never get involved in a land war in Asia,' but only slightly less well known is this: 'Never go in against several super powered teenagers, when magic jewelry is on the line!'
Ladybug, to Hawkmoth, during the final battle
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1252291 · an hour ago
reiner...with a breeding kink
Your mind. Powerful? My thoughts got a little out of hand, so I put it all under a read more. In some ways, he's a lot more dominant with a breeding kink, but he can also be submissive, so stick around for that at the end ahahahaa.
Reiner's always had a breeding kink, but he doesn't make it the centre of attention all the time. He strikes me as the type of man to put your needs and desires above his own, but the moment you've got a breeding kink too, and he finds out? You're never going to hear the end of how he wants to breed you because he can't stop thinking about it. He'll be way more vocal when you're actually fucking too. I mean, Reiner is big, and strong. He's able to pull you into a mating press and keep you pinned down in it as he fucks into you, and he'll tell you how tight you are for him - how good you are, and everything on his mind.
"I'm gonna ruin this fucking cunt - stuff it full of my cum until you're leaking. You want my babies? Good, I'm gonna fill you with them." His words always hiss through clenched teeth, and past the sound of his skin slapping against yours. "Gonna milk me like a good girl, aren't you? Yeah, you like that - you're getting so fucking tight around my cock. Milk my cock, baby. Take all my cum from me."
When he cums, he always presses deep inside of you - not wanting to waste a single drop. He thrusts shallowly as he empties his balls into your aching heat, and always praises how well you take him, and how beautiful you look stuffed full of him. His cum is hot and thick - leaking out slowly when he finally pulls out. He loves it when you don't press it out - but even if you do, he uses his fingers to stuff his cum back in, and slaps your clit with the firm demand, "keep my cum inside, baby. Don't be wasteful."
When you do have to go out, or you're not just lounging around and can't afford to feel his cum leaking down your inner thighs, he'll always eat it out of you. Just be ready for the needy kiss afterwards.
Just to talk about his favourite positions a little, I think he prefers mating press when he's really into it because he gets to watch the different expressions you make. But he also likes when you try to stay on your knees, his hands on either side of your body as he fucks into you full force. When your knees give, he always pulls back and pulls you back up, repositions you on your knees, then keeps going.
You're not just going to hear about how he wants to breed you when you're having sex either. In modern, he sends an absurd amount of texts telling you how he can't stop thinking of how your pussy milks his cock, and how he loves eating his cum out of you. Of course...he also asks what you wanted from the grocery store because he forgot. He was too busy thinking about you on his cock.
Random thought I had while editing this...he'll absolutely cum on your body anywhere, but he always swipes it up with his fingers and brings them to your mouth, "don't waste any more than we already did." But it's always with a little smile, because you know the second he feeds it to you, he's going to be kissing you - his tongue licking into your mouth to taste himself.
Ahem, don't mistake this as only Reiner only being dominant either. He can still be submissive, and begging to fill you up with his cum. It's his favourite to watch you take from him as you please - especially if you're riding him, so he can watch his cum slide back down his cock out of your drooling pussy, and admire as you let out a frustrated whine and stuff his cum back inside.
Anyways, Reiner with a breeding kink. YOU'RE BIG BRAIN FOR THAT ONE. I had a lot of thoughts.
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saintqueer · an hour ago
It started when he wore the Umbro shirt one week after dwd being announced 😁 We are taking about Harry here, my dude didn’t accidentally put on a shirt from Louis that would become the biggest recent larriy proof. He’s been fighting a lot but nobody really gave it attention.
you know what, anon, yeah let's go there.
i was looking at tags and saw this little gem from @jayjeebee (sorry tried to tag you, but it isn't working) and i was like hmmm that's some tea:
Tumblr media
and honestly, looking back at it now i'm like how did we not see the build up of these very weird things. the timeline is kind of fucked.
so here is a timeline of the umbro shirt from our beloved @daisiesonafield-blog. harry goes out wearing a shirt that eleanor posted louis in during a time when we saw very little of louis on September 18th, 2020. this was right before he headed back to italy to film Golden. AND as anon says, one week after the Don't Worry Darling announcement! this makes it very clear that harry made this move after most negotiations had been made for the film (and who knows what other discussions were happening regarding his music at the time as well). you're right, harry just wouldn't accidentally grab that shirt, i can't even imagine how large their closets are.
then the next month harry films the the jingle ball performance of Golden with a lyric change that sounds a lot like "i'm hoping someday i'm open." then the slightly depressing Variety Hitmaker speech which was the very first appearance of the banana dick necklace. after that, some interesting clothing choices on set and then the backhanded brits acceptance speech.
i don't know if i have a big cumulative conclusion other than things are weird and have been for a while. harry seems more combative in his coding and everything feels a bit off.
there seems to be a fight going on behind the scenes. i never thought to link the umbro shirt debacle to the start of harry fighting back against this unknown *something* but now i'm definitely considering it.
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wheredidhiseyebrowsgo · 2 hours ago
Have any fics wherein the characters meet an alternate version of themselves? Like Displaced or Where The Inevitable Isn't, but preferably not just all about Stiles? There Are Many Names In History (but none of them are ours) is another one, actually.
Tumblr media
Where The Inevitable Isn't by Survivah
(6/6 I 41,260 I Mature I Sterek)
Stiles has a magical thingamajig that's supposed to get him out of danger. Trouble is, it took him really, really far out of danger. Like, to the point where he isn't in the same universe anymore.
"A part of Stiles had been thinking that he’d come home, and just go, 'hey, Derek, are we mates and you just haven’t said anything about it?' and Derek would reply, 'now you mention it, we are indeed! Now come to my bedchamber, where we will have super hot sex and then cuddle after!'"
There Are Many Names In History (but none of them are ours) by GoddessofBirth
(33/36 I 169,131 I Explicit I Petopher)
Stiles is driving in his jeep when the horrible, no good, very bad thing happens. In which 17 year old Peter Hale and Chris Argent materialize in present day Beacon Hills and things become awkward very, very fast.
Double Trouble by scatterglory
(11/11 I 8,198 I Mature I Sterek)
The Dereks face off across the small clearing he’d been running through, and Stiles realizes with a sick, sinking sensation that he’s not actually seeing double.
But The World Won't Stop Turning by thepsychicclam
(1/1 I 19,906 I Explicit i Sterek)
Derek glances at Stiles, who is watching him with a curious expression.
“Oh shit,” Stiles exclaims as comprehension dawns on him. “Everything makes sense now. Derek, I know what the witch did, she cursed you with – “
But before Stiles is able to finish his sentence, everything fades away and Derek is surrounded by darkness.
Fly a Little Faster by mirrorkill
(1/1 I 32,052 I Teen I Sterek)
Everyone knows when you go back in time, you shouldn't step on an ant, just in case you accidentally kill your own grandparent or something. But what happens when you go back in time and, uh, accidentally interrupt the one event that apparently made the Grumpiest Alpha in Town into a ball of mindless manpain?
Well, if Marty McFly can do it, so can Stiles Stilinski. All he has to do is get Derek and Paige to fall in love before he gets pulled back to his own time. And before he makes anything worse. That's easy as pie, right? Right?
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hansoeii · 56 minutes ago
i hope u dont mind me dropping a rant (i guess?) here.
people are so mean about fans of loki being sad about lokius not being canon. they act like they're so much better than everyone, looking down from their high horse with a snotty voice, "oh, you were actually stupid enough to seriously believe disney was going to give you gay characters? hohoho, you silly little peasants ruled by emotions and dreams, stupid and not at all a smart genius like me who follows facts and logic".
like, no. i didn't "seriously believe" disney would give us (good) representation. but i HOPED. i DREAMED. that's all i've wanted since i was a fucking kid, seeing someone on TV that looks like me. but yeah, i'm stupid. i'm stupid for thinking anyone would empathize with another hurt human being when there's "cringe" (like insulting us for even liking MCU in the first place) to laugh at.
i'm sorry i'm an idiot, i guess. i just wanted it so fucking badly it hurts.
You're not stupid for this! No one is ever stupid for wanting representation, just ignore these stupid f*cks that act like they're so much better than everyone else. They're boring and probably have never felt an ounce of joy before. These two bring you genuine joy and you hoped they would end up together, you're valid to feel hurt! But hey, there's awesome fan content out there to enjoy 💕 And also, who knows what season 2 might bring! Take care
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adhd-vibes · an hour ago
A year ago I came across a post with a lot of overlooked ADHD symptoms and it instantly resonated with me. Now I've watched a video about childhood emotional neglect and holy fuck. i cried the whole video. I'm not sure why I'm telling you this, maybe because the symptoms I thought could be adhd are actually childhood emotional neglect but I also wanted to thank you for your blog that helped me to go to therapy and kinda accept how I am and teach me strategies that really do help. I'll still be following because 1. I really like you, you are an amazing person and 2. I love your blog and the memes
Also my best friend has ADHD and it really helps me understand her
hello sweet anon! thank you so much for this kind ask. it can definitely be really hard to delineate the source of symptoms, especially when there is so much overlap between disorders. I have PTSD and it’s often can i not focus right now because i’m hypervigilant? or because i’m hyperactive? it’s tough!
i’m glad you’ve been able to go to therapy. growing up in an abusive household is incredibly difficult and i hope you find healing and clarity! and thank you for taking the time to learn about ADHD for your friend too! i’m sure she appreciates it :)
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elsewhereuniversity · 10 minutes ago
My old home recently no longer felt like home. My new home still feels unwelcoming. I feel lost in all spaces and uncertain of where I should be. May I have a name to hold onto until I find somewhere I can exist without a deep longing for somewhere else? I haven't much to offer other than empty glass bottles and mismatched buttons.
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miggiisdumb · an hour ago
Miggi it's not going away so...
Puppy!Sero who was literally the most laid back hybrid ever when you first brought him home, having amazing reviews from all his caretakers about how chill and he easy he was to look after
Puppy!Sero who's literally the best cuddle buddy because of how long and lanky he is so he can just curl up around you and snuggle in
Puppy!Sero who was literally the best dog until one night you come home from a date or smelling like your friend's puppy and something just snaps in him
Puppy!Sero who that very night destroys all the things that smell like his rival and cums all over a bunch of your other stuff, establishing his definite claim on you as his mate
Puppy!Sero who wakes you up from your slumber, humping your ass with the desperation of a dying man, his long dick leaving streaks of pre over your covers and staining them
Puppy!Sero who looks at you like a wolf would its prey and wrestles your blankets off so he can get access to your deliciously fertile pussy (he can smell it and fuck it smells delicious)
Puppy!Sero who sloppily manages to get your panties out of the way and bullies his long dick into your soaking cunt because fuck this was turning you on
Puppy!Sero who uses his long, lithe body to his advantage and cages you in from above, pinning you down and fucking you doggy style, his wirery fur tickling your most sensitive places as his hips crash into yours
Puppy!Sero who pulls about three orgasms from you before he even knots your once, his thick, gooey cum filling you up and his knot plugging you
Puppy!Sero who whines when you try to crawl away because of the overstimulation and follows after you, knot and dick still embedded in your pussy, white cream dribbling down your thighs as you move
Puppy!Sero who takes you for at least another two rounds just so he can be sure you're sufficiently marked and knocked up
Puppy!Sero who kisses your cheeks with his long, lazy tongue once he's finally finished and cleans the sweat from your cheeks, his tail wagging slowly as always
Puppy!Sero who doesn't let you go anywhere without him because he has to make sure his mate is safe as well as his beautiful pups who are growing in her
...yeah. Puppy!Sero 🧡🖤🤍
And here lies miggi’s coochie dead from puppy Sero
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hansoeii · 2 hours ago
(same s2 Sy*ki anon here) I asked because I see a lot of syl/ki shippers talking how obviously they're gonna continue with syl/ki in s2, and I kinda see what they mean. I'm of the Clown Lokius Nation myself, but even I, seeing the s1 finale, thought that the worst scenario here would be Loki looking for Sylvie across the timelines/universes (which makes no sense, but that's exactly what I expect from Loki writers at this point) - not for Mobius, but for her. Just like I thought the worst scenario for ep 6 would be syl/ki kiss, and it happened, so...
Obviously, If the writers wanna be some real idiots here and don't understand Loki at all (which sadly is the case yes) then yeah, the possibility is there. But this is the worst case scenario.
But honestly, to me it doesn't seem like it. Especially since Mobius is literally the fan favorite and I feel pretty confident that they would want to squish as much content out of this character as possible. Since after all, popularity means money. Also, they market Tom and Owen together quite a bit. They let them talk about stuff that doesn't have anything to do with the show itself. This is who they want us to focus on so I'm pretty damn sure that this dynamic will continue in season 2. Even Kevin f*cking Feige said that he knew Loki and Mobius would be the most popular pairing they ever had in marvel. These two is are the main show here! They're a packaged deal!
I feel like the whole Sylvie and Loki thing is over, it was in there to give Loki growth, but it's done now. They'll go separate paths now. It does not make sense for them to search for the other now. They just do not work and they realized that too.
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mistressemmedi · 2 hours ago
What i find super weird though is that although lando stopped liking ionas pics .. max fewtrell now started to like her pics and max even follows katerina although lando doesn’t anymore .. like what’s his agenda? Surely lando can create an anonymous stalker account and doesn’t have to use max as his (not so subtle) stalker account ..
Y'all, spoiler alert but liking pictures means absolutely nothing lol
Take a look at Pierre Gasly aka Serial Liker™ - man probably goes on his 'suggested' page and goes on a spree. Who's to say the other guys don't do the same?
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incelconnor · 38 minutes ago
I deleted twitter and I only hear about it bc of the dreamwastaken2 reddit and my god, yeah, some people take it way too far with how much power they believe they have. I genuinely feel bad for sniff. And also, idk if you saw what happened in ranboo's discord as well like... that's the outcome if you try to please everybody. You cant. Because if you try, it will inherently turn into just ableism towards a group - nony
I heard some vague things bout overtly censoring everything in the discord to avoid 'triggers' n Jus saw him sendin a message in the discord bout how it aint workin which. YEA. i feel that is kinda an example of overtly cattering for all possible triggers n how it moves into Problematic territory in such cases. Like.... a part of having triggers, esp the Uncommon ones, is learning ways to cope and manage it urself. Which i have to say im talkin from personal experiences there. BUT i dont wanna get in on that rn i wanna talk bout snifferish
Genuinely like i seen ppl sayin she got no backbone n stuff on there for catering heavily to fans on who she can or cant follow n getting her to unfollow calvin, or refollow stans otherwise they call her 'racist'. And i mean i suppose thats not wrong but it feels overtly cruel
I feel for snifferish a Lot w this shit. The mentality and how ppl over there weaponize white guilt and are essentially manipulating content creators according to their wants and their fucked up sense of right and wrong and Activism. And yea it fuckin SUCKS n i wish snifferish hadnt 'given in' in some ways, although at the same time people are especially susceptible to rash decisions or on the spot jus.... wanting to go along w ppl to make em happy. No one wants to get mobbed or called Racist and ridiculed so harshly by many ppl. So they may act in the moment accordin to what can make it Stop.
At most im like. I hope sniff backs up from twitter. Both the site itself and the people fucking suck and we see that constantly. Sniff should hopefully step back and maybe fuck w other social media to at least find a place of more Rationale yknow. Without the shit that goes on over there. I dont want them to be ruled by twitter fucks
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breakdownsbuttlights · an hour ago
Don't worry about the pre war thing, Green lives thru the whole shenanigans and stays alive. I hope. Prowl better feed her well.
Oh absolutely. He loves that parrot more than any human being.
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hansoeii · 25 minutes ago
The tags under that long-haired Mobius pic are so violently thirsty, I love it 😆 Poor Owen has no idea what beast he let loose
You guys are so shamlessy horny for long haired mobius and I think owen would feel incredibly thrilled over what he has unleashed into the world. wish I could mail him all your tags in a little letter
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saintqueer · 2 hours ago
Idk if it's because we're not seeing much of him but yeah his actions feel weird. One that I feel isn't discussed much is the 'dont ruin my fantasy' tee he got papped with on the set of a MP. It's not his usual gAy fUn tee choice, more like polari queer experience level yk. Him frowning consistently around O also feels weird, not saying he's usually all smiley when stunting but he looks especially MAD and TIRED. and of course it all started around the golden ad lib at the jingle bell ball. Maybe we'll get to see him throwing shade on tour 🤷‍♀️
tea spilled, anon!
you are so right! it feels different than usual. you brought up several more instances that feel more combative and defiant than his usual.
the 'don't ruin my fantasy' tee was not your typical 'but daddy, i love him' tee. harry doesn't usually speak through his clothing as much as louis hence why it feels a little out of the ordinary.
Tumblr media
and i think what you say about the stunting is right. it's important to differentiate between us being annoyed at the stunt and us claiming something feels off behind the scenes. harry has never been good at stunting but he appeared to get more relaxed over the years. however, this looks different. and i dont even think it's necessarily because of the stunt itself. i don't want people to think we're making claims simply based on his facial expressions in pap pics. its more all of it together building up for this general sense of unease and something that looks an awful lot like 2014 on a more subtle scale.
this isn't 2014 anymore but something tells me there is a fight going on behind the scenes, something that may have to do with HS3, his contract, his media image, his future plans, or perhaps promises Sony made in 2016 that haven't been followed through on. honestly, i have no idea and this is all speculation.
i agree at the timing...that jingle ball ad lib was filmed in october 2020 which probably would have been not long after DWD negotiations and also around the same time that harry gave that odd exhausted Variety acceptance speech. (that one seems super shady and back-handed like the Brits too) (also, it might be worth saying that this speech is i believe the very first time we saw the banana dick necklace...)
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incelconnor · 20 minutes ago
I don't know like anything the discord server situation so take this with a grain of salt, but. In a server that large you can't expect every single trigger to be catered to. Let's take me as an example. An uncommon trigger? Eggs out of their shells. Imagine if I strolled into every sever and every person's blog being like 'ayo can you trigger tag this' and then multiply it by a very large number. Everything is a trigger for someone. In severs that large you just can't cater. In dms or mutuals or very tiny servers where you know people probably, but not something that big. Idk, this probably makes no sense and I know next to nothing on the situation, but yeah.
- Slur Anon
YES EXACTLY. i fuckin feel u like.
Okay i have VERY few triggers but theres One r fucking big one that like. Is more complex. But. Christmas is a trigger to me. It goes more into specifics with certain decorations, christmas music, movies, etc. But it causes me to dissociate REALLY badly. Like i can go entire days not remembering anything. Some shit causes me to burst into tears. Its a horrible time of the year for me
But people LOVE christmas. And its everywhere especially where i live. I dont want ppl to feel they shouldnt speak of it or enjoy it. Its my job to prepare myself mentally, distance myself, and figure out how i can Deal w it.
I was in a somewhat Big server once n they tried to have Every trigger always censored. Which means well ofc. But i remember they had to slam down on he entire server jus cuz of my trigger. I felt horrible cuz ppl were just excited to talk bout what they were doing. Thats all.
Like. W friends n small groups? Yea maybe dont talk bout that shit to me i wanna chill. But im such huge servers? Its nearly impossible to handle. Trauma and triggers are much more difficult to account for in such large scales. It cant exactly be realistically done. Its unfortunate, but thats how life is.
Its much better to be open bout it and learn for urself to take urself out of the conversation when it dwells near to such territories. Esp in a server so big. No doubt itll pass fast. Or go to another channel. Idk it jus seems that some weight of triggers n managing such reactions needs to be more On the person w the triggers in such situations
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starryevermore · an hour ago
Hi!! Do you maybe do soulmate aus for requests like what if stucky and together and somehow have another soulmate and reader sees them and like they're a bit angsty (maybe reader feels they're intruding and stucky is worried things will change) but happy ending? I liveeeee for your writing !
the missing piece
warnings: angst with a happy ending, insecure reader, pet name (doll)
Tumblr media
It was something you had never heard of before. Someone having two soulmates. But the marks don't lie. Etched into every person's wrist was the first thing their soulmate would ever say to them. But where most people had one quote, you had two. "Careful, doll, don't want you getting hurt." and "Why don't you let us help you?"
For a while, you thought it was a mistake. That whatever higher being that designated who was the soulmate to who messed up the paperwork or something. That somewhere out there, there may be someone with no soulmate mark because you'd accidentally gotten two.
But then you met them.
You were at the supermarket, struggling to grab a package of paper towels from the top shelf when you lost your grip on the shelf and tumbled down. But you didn't hit the floor. No, you fell into someone's arms.
Someone, who was saying, "Careful, doll, don't want you getting hurt."
And, as you steadied yourself, another said, "Why don't you let us help you?"
Your heart was racing as you replied, "I wouldn't want to be a bother."
Everything changed from there, when all three of you realized that you were soulmates. It moved fast, but things with soulmates always moved fast. You learned their names, Bucky and Steve, and found out that they were Avengers. They had you move in with them, since they already owned a house and you only had a studio apartment.
And it was nice at first. They were incredibly kind, and they made sure you were comfortable every step of the way. They'd grown up together, knew each other well, so it was hard for you to find your place in the relationship. Most days, you felt like they didn't even need you. It was no fault of their own, of course. It was just...Old habits die hard, you supposed.
You were curled up on the couch, a blanket wrapped around you, oblivious to the world. You didn't hear Steve or Bucky come in, nor did you hear them calling out to you.
You weren't even aware that Bucky was knelt in front of you until he was pushing a piece of hair out of your face, asking, "Is everything alright, doll?"
You couldn't stop yourself from asking, "Do you even want me here?"
"Of course we do," Steve said, taking a seat beside you. "Why? Have we done something wrong?"
"No...It's just...I don't know. Sometimes I feel like you two are so in sync and I'm just causing a mess wherever I go."
"Oh, doll," Bucky said, "we want you here. We weren't complete until we met you. You're the missing piece to our lives. I'm sorry if it seems otherwise."
You shrugged. "It doesn't feel that you need me. It's always you and Steve. I mean, you work together and spend so much time without me. Sometimes I think that you wouldn't notice I just left."
"But we would," Steve said. "We'll do better. We want this to work out. We'll do anything to make you happy?"
" you have any plans for tomorrow?" you asked. When they shook their heads, you asked, "Then can we stay in? Just have a nice day to ourselves?"
"Of course, doll," Steve said, pressing a kiss to your forehead. "We love you."
"And I love you."
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