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@justmarleyrose is my bestie. Shes the best person to confide in and her sweet treats are to die for.
@thefranniefabs is probably my closest sibling since I lived with her when I first moved here. 

There are plenty of others I feel close to as well! Those would just be my top friend and my top sibling. 

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Richard: Would make transitioning for those who want to easier, wouldn’t it? Though I wonder what they’d make of someone like me, who doesn’t really swing either way – do I need to own an equal amount of each?

Alice: Perhaps. Also, blah blah insert the old “pink used to be the more manly color” factoid here.

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Mmmmm, Idk about that

I don’t really know how to use Reddit or anything about it honestly. Tbh, I just don’t think I want to learn to use another platform right now. I’ll try to keep that in mind for the future tho

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hi! aw thanks that’s sweet :-) ngl i’m not sure what you mean by colours :( like, the mobile theme, desktop theme, edits? either way thank you!

(and the icon/header were made by user dustfinger)

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