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oh no!! it turned out i am THe Bastard Man i missed the answer!! so sorry for doubling like that, ahh to be Very Shy in the world of tumblr, what can you do, thank you!!

Any time my sweet. Please return for more Mike goodness <3

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16-18, 26,27

16. I am fluent in four languages - English, Italian, French, and ASL.

17. Closed spaces. 

18. Eleanor. 

26. Paul Rudd. 

27. Chocolate Chocolate Chip. 

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I bought Lover fest in Brasil in July and i haven't bought the planes tickets yet cause i'm scared she'll cancel it. I wish she would talk about It! Like It there's a chance of happening If the corona goes over April. Idk just to give us and Idea of what can happen.

she probably can’t tell yet but i imagine they are figuring things out now. i already bought plane tickets last year in September when i got the tickets, so for me it’s hoping she will postpone to a later date so i can change the date of my plane tickets :( they’re not giving any money back, so i would lose it. personally seeing this play out now, i really don’t think any festivals or big events will be allowed this summer. still hoping for a miracle or a sudden positive outcome. but events will probably be the last thing that will be “cleared” again when it comes down to it

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there’s this gif set you reblogged of klaine dancing, and the middle prom gif, it looks like Blaine is going for kurts neck to kiss or bite especially with the whole smile slipping off his face half a second before. it’s blowing my mind.

I went back and looked through the gif set in question and I believe this is the one you are referring to:


Originally posted by dwhos-blog

Yeah.  Sigh.  Sorry - I watched this for a little while and got distracted.  There is nothing or no one who will ever be able to convince me that Blaine’s favorite place in the whole wide world isn’t wrapped up in Kurt’s arms with his head on his shoulder.  Its where he feels the most safe, the most loved.  Everyone else fades away and its just him and the boy he loves.  Who loves him back like he’s always wanted.  And he fits so perfectly there; like he was made to be the height he is for just that reason.  And if fan fiction is any indication, Kurt’s neck is a weakness for both of them.

Side note: its 2020 and I am still 10000% Klaine trash.  If you ask me the same question in 2030, pretty sure I’ll have the same fawning answer.

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Audiobooks dont count luv

this absolutely isn’t true and if anybody seriously thinks that “audibooks don’t count as reading” then you’re a fucked up, ableist, elitist asshole

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I keep seeing posts and articles about "the youth" using the current crisis as an excuse to vacation. Its clearly the rich kids doing that its always the rich that have no regard for their health. They can afford to get sick. I hate them and they keep trying to sneak onto closed beaches. Florida Keys are closed to outsiders atm and tourists keep trying to get through. I hate them

rich kids don’t have empathy and nobody seems to care

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Hope you rip and tear today! Good luck!

this is going to sound nuts considering everything people know about me as a human being but did you know i just never really got into doom. i wish i did. i just don’t think i played it at the right time in my young life to activate the doom neurons in my brain

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Hiyaaaa! Georgia’s mama here, if u remember me lol! Just a lil update!! Lil Georgie is almost 1 now, and sadly we’ve had to scrap her big bday party for the foreseeable future, but we’ll still have a nice small celebration! Her dad is still living with us, and his bf has moved in, and it’s very helpful bc they’re both working/schooling from home but since I work at a marine biology/marine life rehab center, it’s almost business as usual so they’re home with Georgie while I work! We live at the 1

beach, or a few blocks from it, so we’re getting lots of quality beach time in as a funky little family lmao. Georgie is doing great! She’s such a lil genius, talking a bit and soooo close to walking!!!! She recently suddenly got a ton of hair, so we’re having fun giving her lil hairdos, she’s so fucking cute!! Anyway I hope ur doing well and staying healthy—mentally and physically!! Sending lots of love 💛💛💛2/2

Hello love! 🥰 Of course I remember both of you! Omg I love this so much. Thank you for updating me, I’ve been thinking about you from to time, and I’m so glad you’re doing fine, and that your unconventional family is working out 😉 Stay safe my love and give a lot of kisses from me to Georgie and tell her that I also think she’s a little genius even if I’ve never met her ❤️❤️❤️

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what’ve people been saying about them?

the comments in their vlive this morning were a mess n they seem to forget johnny can read them 

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What happened to Trudy and Penny Lane (Adam and Leighton's dogs)?? Anyone know? And Thurman (Bilson's)? :( I know they are/were all old...

GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS (maybe)…… good news is that like last month i went on a full on deep dive researching penny (not penny lane as many people think! adam corrected someone on a reddit AMA he did) hehe but the bad news………….. i dont think i was able to find any photos of penny more recent than 2014 which COULD mean nothing but……….. she would be like a minimum of 15 years old right now and uhhhh I DONT WANNA think about it. 

moving on. trudy is likely still kicking ill be honest, small dogs live forever and while i didnt dig that deep but leighton DID post a series of photos of her last june so i can like pretty confidently say trudy is still alive hehe

and i dont know much about thurman!!!! but if this is him (which i think it is) he’s likely still alive because that photo is from last july!!!!

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Peach! Peach! Peach!

peach - What would your OC do if someone confessed their love to them? *bonus* asker can specify who if they’d like to confess to the OC!

Lani is… a bit bad with feelings, particularly her own. She doesn’t have a great track record for realizing people are interested in her, so firstly she’ll be shocked. In the case of Mateo (Who does accidentally confess) she has to have a bit of a revelation that she likes him back and has for a while. 

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whos the tallest one out of your siblings? also how do u keep ur quills lookin so rad man is it hairjell??

if ya haven’t noticed, sonia’s the tallest. she’s 3′5″, sonic’s 3′3″, and I’m 3 foot exactly! kinda short, but my hair makes up the difference


for your second question, these quills are all natural! just another great part of bein’ me~

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So a quick google tells me that sex traffickers are not marking potential victims with zip ties. It’s been checked by snopes, polifact and several news stories. It’s an urban myth.

okay, I’ll take the post down!

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You are so cute!!! I wish you were my girlfriend, but you're so far out of my league it's not even funny. But you are just so adorable!!! 😣

ahh thank you ^-^;;

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I’m looking for an older fic and am hoping the network can help! It features Cassian and Jyn as professors vying for the same award. It was told through e-mails and post-it notes and the like. I hoping someone else can find it or remember it and I didn’t entirely make it up in my head!

Ooo! This rings a bell for me, too, nonny, but I can’t for the life of me figure out where that bell is coming from.

While I’m poking around my recs, does anyone else recognize this story? Or maybe you wrote it? Chime in!

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Your a funny and interesting person and you always have great stuff on your blog (also I really love your tags)! And you always bring us the latest news in ski jumping and keep us informed (you are among the first blogs I check when I can't watch a competition) :)

ahhh anon, thank you so much for this, it means a lot :) hope i can continue to make my blog interesting and up to date, and i’m glad you find it useful :)

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