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rslashratsa day ago
what if tumblr anons were called Anonymouse. I think that would make the site better don鈥檛 you think
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i think i agree... there would be peace on earth maybe
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angy-mouse2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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littlemousejelly3 months ago
Lena peppering little kisses all over Kara's face: sorry if this looks gay to the audience
Kara sits on the couch warm and happy, full of good food and boundless, infinite love for her friends as she listens to them argue over whatever the hell Winn's just drawn on his whiteboard. She's warm and happy and at least five degrees past elated and veering into quiet ecstasy because Lena's laughing in her lap, hair tickling her chin, cheeks, and nose. Her body jostles with the force of her joy and Kara can't help but slide her arms around Lena's waist to squeeze her a little, affection overflowing.
She's not entirely sure when Lena wiggled her way into her lap, but she's definitely not in any rush to have her out of it any time soon. Especially not when she seems so small like this, tucked in the sling of her hips, hair gently tousled, oversized knit sweater hanging off her shoulders, thick glasses perched on the nose she's scrunching cutely as she turns to smile curiously at her.
"Karaaa," she says, drawing out the vowel in a half-buzzed, half-accented slur. "What's up?"
Kara watches her dimples wink, heart skip-skipping as she commits the way Lena looks and feels in her arms to memory.
"Kara?" Lena repeats, and Kara blinks, a big, dopey grin spreading across her face.
"Nothing," she says, pulling Lena the slightest bit closer. "Just happy."
Lena studies her for a moment, then huffs a laugh, straightening enough to press a soft kiss to her cheek. Unexpectedly. She pulls back enough to meet her eyes and murmurs, "I'm really happy too."
And she's just, so pretty. So pretty. That Kara simply has to return the favor and kiss the adorable pink of her cheek.
Lena lets out the tiniest of gasps and twists her hand into her shirt.
"Oh," she breathes, lips parted and pupils large.
"Sorry," Kara rushes out, nervous. "Sorry, was that not okay?"
Lena's hand tightens in the fabric of her shirt, then relaxes again. Her fingers brush over Kara's stomach and send a little shiver up her back.
"It's okay. It's very okay," Lena says quietly, scanning Kara's face for鈥 something, nibbling at her lip until she seems to find whatever it is she's looking for. She leans up and kisses Kara's other cheek, pulling back with her cheeks rosy.
For symmetry's sake and not at all because Kara wants to feel her peach fuzz against her lips again, she tilts Lena's chin with a finger and mirrors the action.
Lena giggles then, and it's light and lovely and perfect, quite possibly the only laugh Kara ever wants to hear again. Quite possibly the only laugh Kara ever wants to be the reason for again. But before she can think of a way to make her giggle again, Lena starts peppering kisses all over her face. Her forehead, her nose, her jaw, her cheeks, again and again, each time inching closer to her lips鈥攏ot that Kara notices鈥攁nd each time Kara finds she has no choice but to kiss her back, grinning harder and harder into every one until she's just pressing her smile to her face.
"Hi," she sighs out, nuzzling at a warm cheek.
"Hi," Lena whispers, hand somehow under her shirt now, fingers stroking directly over her belly.
"I like it when you kiss me," Kara admits, flexing her abs just in case.
Lena's fingers falter briefly before she continues exploring. Slower.
"I like kissing you," she says, brushing their noses together, mouth dangerously close to Kara's. Dangerously kissable.
"...Can I kiss you some more?" Kara ventures, and the question is barely out of her mouth before she's already beginning to tilt her head in, aching for a taste.
"Yes, please," comes Lena's reply, breath tickling her lips.
Right before a chorus of groans interrupts them.
"Aww, come on!" Winn whines, and Kara stifles a disappointed sound before reluctantly lifting her forehead away from Lena's to see what's going on.
Everyone is looking at them with varying levels of amusement on their faces.
"Seriously?" Alex asks, an incredibly pained look on her face and absolutely the least amused. "We take five minutes to tell Winn how that"鈥攕he gestures at the misshapen blob on his whiteboard鈥"is not a muffin and you're all over each other?"
Lena buries her flushed face into the neck of her shirt, letting out a quiet Ow when it pushes her glasses into her cheeks. Kara slips a hand under her sweater to rub soothingly at her back.
"This is obviously a muffin," Winn grumbles, and James ruffles his hair affectionately. "But they're totally all over each other."
Kelly wraps an arm around Alex's waist and plants an exaggeratedly loud kiss to her cheek before catching Kara's eye and winking. Kara has no idea why.
"I think it's sweet," she says. "They're cute together."
"Wait, you're finally together?" Nia asks, eyes lighting up. "Does this mean we can go on real double dates now?"
Kara blinks, still thinking about kissing Lena and more than a little annoyed that everyone interrupted them.
"Uh, together?" she says slowly, trying to tamp down her irritation. She draws aimless patterns on Lena's back and feels her heart do a funny dance when it makes her squirm. "What makes you say that?"
Alex looks like she wants to throw something at her head, Kelly's jaw drops, and Nia rolls her eyes so hard Kara's almost worried they'll get stuck.
"You're joking," Kelly says, voice flat.
"She's not joking," Alex says.
"Not even a little," Nia adds, shaking her head. "Fellas, is it gay to want to kiss your best friend?"
Kara opens her mouth to respond with No, of course not, but then Kelly says, "Super gay," just as Alex answers with, "Totally gay," and her mouth shuts with a click.
"It's鈥 pretty gay," Lena mumbles into her shirt and Kara pauses where she's dragging her thumb up and down her spine.
"It is?" she asks.
Kara continues stroking over her back as she considers, deeply enjoying the way Lena seems to be trying to burrow closer with every brush of her fingers. And when one particular brush has Lena arching into her with a pretty whimper, something inside her snaps.
"Okay," she announces, swallowing hard, limbs suddenly shaking as she thinks about making Lena do that again, and more. "So I think it might be gay?"
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cafeinevitable7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In Sweden there are artists called AnonyMouse who build tiny shops for mice on the streets of Swedish towns and cities. The idea for these small shops originated in Paris but the first actual installations were in the town of Malm枚, Sweden.
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blondebrainpowera year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anonymouse is an anonymous Swedish artists collective, notable for street installations in Sweden. They build mouse-themed miniatures and display them in public.
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tetsou6 months ago
adding onto inumaki being into rimming- inumaki has a whole ass oral fixation and no one can prove me otherwise. x anonymouse
inumaki who needs something in his mouth at all times. when he鈥檚 in public he鈥檚 eating candies hidden by his collar but when he鈥檚 alone with you he鈥檚 shameless
somehow, whenever youre sitting together, you always end up on your back with toge鈥檚 wet lips wrapped around your nipples, nipping and sucking until your buds are aching. he can be a selfish bastard at times too; he鈥檒l ignore your little whines or even use his technique simply saying, 鈥榪uiet,鈥 so you don鈥檛 disturb his peace.
and if he鈥檚 on his back while you鈥檙e riding him, too far away to take one of your tits into his mouth, he likes sucking on your fingers. he鈥檒l let out the prettiest moans as his tongue circles the digits. he looks so sweet and submissive like this, but the way his hips snap up and into you don鈥檛 doesn鈥檛 allow you to forget who鈥檚 really in charge
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askaflowercart3 months ago
(The Alolan PokeNerd on ComicFury) @ Moss, So, what's your favorite- or at least most tolerant- part of your job?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
that doesn't mean I go out of my way to avoid others though. being alone when I can is just my preference... no offense.
[ anon | ft. @ask-willowleafeon ]
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fotheringhaya month ago
Is this weird? If it is delete, fo sho. But, do you and Erry live together? You've met on tumblr right? I keep seeing these amazing couples who've met on tumblr and my heart explodes. How long have you two been together?
Hey anon! I don't think it's weird, no worries :)
We do live together! We live in a little country town with our dog-daughter. We've been together for a billion years nearly eight years now.
We didn't actually meet on Tumblr 鈥 @erry had only just discovered what the internet was when we met, let alone tumblr :P we actually met during fresher's week at uni. She thought I was a third year and then dated my housemate. It took two years for us to get together and the only person who was surprised about it was Ele (I had to ask her on a date twice because she didn't realise I asked her the first time).
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rat-zukia day ago
Okay but bkg & izu together
like conjoined at the hips or just within proximity
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angy-mouse2 months ago
Sapnap getting fed up with you, so he cums on your food but doesn鈥檛 tell you about it.
He said he wanted to make food for you, as an apology for fighting, so he makes you spaghetti (you know that white type of spaghetti? Yes, that one (definitely not my favorite))
鈥滵oes it taste good?鈥 He asked with a huge smirk.
鈥滿hm, it鈥檚 delicious, how did you do it?鈥 you asked wide eyed.
Sapnap chuckled 鈥淪ecret recipe鈥 he shrugged.
. . .
msodndckmscn he l p
- Ash
Just the thought of him getting off, thinking about your innocent expression when you unknowingly eat his cum after your screaming match earlier. Plus the adrenaline of the thought of you catching him with his shorts around his ankles in the kitchen, jerking off into a pot so he could make the 'special sauce' for your meal. He'd probably cum a few times just to make sure there was enough, then watching you eat with a sly smile and completely empty balls because he got so lost in the thought of what he was doing he ended up going until he was shooting blanks, clutching the countertop as his dry orgasm wrecked his body. But it was all worth it when you gave him a kiss, apologized for fighting, and asked him to make his secret recipe more often.
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littlemousejelly3 months ago
Lena: Urghhhhh I miss sex.
Kara: Wanna do it with me?
Lena: ...
Lena: Eh couldn't hurt right?
cut to Lena being railed right there on the couch
Later, Lena can blame it on the fact that she's sleepy and warm and full of pasta, on the fact that she's drunk off of all the places they're touching right now as she lays on top of Kara, that she abruptly opens her mouth partway through movie night and mutters, "Ughhh, I miss sex."
The fingers Kara is dragging up and down her spine don't falter as she hums in acknowledgment.
"Wanna do it with me?" she asks lowly, plainly, without hesitation, fingertips brush brush brushing like she's intent on mapping every ridge and dip of her back.
In the background, Alison Brie's character gasps breathily as she's fucked against a desk, and inevitably, Lena thinks about Kara fucking her against a desk. About Kara touching her in general. About whether she'd be rough or gentle. The shiver that racks her body tells her either option would be more than amenable.
Kara's hands settle warm and grounding on her waist, thumbs stroking, and Lena melts into her, sinking deep with no desire to come back up to the surface. She nuzzles her cheek to Kara's soft henley with a sigh.
"It couldn't hurt, right?" she quietly says, tracing over the neck of Kara's shirt, close enough to feel the heat emanating from her skin.
Kara gently captures her restless fingers. "I would never hurt you," she says, squeezing lightly to emphasize her point, so sincere and so earnest that Lena has no choice but to lean up and kiss along the curve of her jaw.
"I know," she says between kisses. "I know you wouldn't."
And since it seems like a shame to not enjoy having her mouth on Kara a little more now that it's there, she tilts her head to kiss at the mole she has on the side of her neck, feeling a thrill run through her when Kara shifts to give her more room. It makes her bold, brave, brash enough to add, "Only if I asked nicely."
The hand on her waist twitches.
"And are you asking nicely?" Kara asks, voice strained.
Lena clenches her thighs together, a familiar, anticipatory ache starting up in her belly. She tucks her face into the crook of Kara's neck, breathing deep.
"Yes, please."
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huenjin8 months ago
Seojun!! 鉁婐煆 I love this guy so freakin much
i'm a han seojun/hwang inyeop supremacist first and human second.
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xthosecemeteryeyesx2 months ago
I know she鈥檚 dmed fans in the past (and the dms were leaked too I鈥檓 pretty sure) but I didn鈥檛 know she鈥檚 dmed fans just a recent as a few months ago. What did she say? Something shitty like the shitty person she is?
Most of the dm's were petty and not worth mentioning, but I saw this screenshot where Lindsey contenues to claim she's Indian and adopted. But in her (now deleted) tweets about BLM she refers to herself as white. Both her mom and sister have confirmed that she lied.
I think these were around November/December.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here's the tweet they are referencing:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tetsou7 months ago
we were talking about inarizaki? oh great, i have a reason to simp now!! just ughhh aran is such a beefcake, imagine falling asleep on that chest while cockwarming him, this man is gonna be the death of me one day. he makes my size kink act up. x anonymouse (who has brought plentiful smeckles for you)
warnings: cockwarming
aran coming home to you exhausted from practice, but still eager to stay close to you so he can make up for lost time. he鈥檚 quick to wash up and join you under the covers of your bed, pulling you close so you can rest your head against his hard, yet somehow comfortable chest.
he鈥檒l hum against your hair and press kisses to your temple, but eventually it becomes impossible for both of you to ignore his hard-on prodding the plush of your thigh, and soon enough he鈥檚 grabbing hold of your hips and adjusting your position so your straddling him.
he鈥檚 always kind enough to prep you and before you feel the brutal stretch of his cock you receive the gentle pumping and scissoring of his thick fingers. carefully, he watches each expression that crosses your pretty face making sure every look is one of pleasure.
when he finally enters you, the only sound to leave you is a low hum of ecstasy, one free of pain that aran genuinely takes pride in. strong arms then wrap around your form keep you safe and secure as you drift away with the scent of lavender soap filling your nose.
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askaflowercart4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
whether or not I enjoy it isn鈥檛 your concern. As for a union... I don鈥檛 see that working since I鈥檓 the only deliverer.
[ @chanceinthepants鈥, @tallgrassghosts, anon ]
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sequencefairy6 months ago
13, 17, or 34, shyan
34.聽 鈥淚t鈥檚 not like I missed you or anything.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 not like I missed you or anything,鈥 Ryan says, turning to pull a mug down from Shane鈥檚 cupboard. He grabs one for Shane, too.聽
鈥淪ure,鈥 Shane agrees, agreeably. Ryan rolls his eyes.聽
Ryan makes them both a cup of tea, shuffling through Shane鈥檚 cupboards聽鈥榯il he finds the box of decaf Earl Grey and then rummaging in Shane鈥檚 fridge for a lemon.聽
鈥淛ust make yourself at home, eh?鈥 Shane asks, from where he鈥檇 sunk onto his couch, and gotten as far as pulling off his shoes before deciding that a full day of airports and airplanes gave him the leeway to be less than a gracious host.聽
Ryan pauses, box of tea in one hand, the lemon abandoned on the kitchen bench in front of him. He sets the box down, but doesn鈥檛 let go right away and there鈥檚 no quip coming, Shane can see that in the way Ryan鈥檚 shoulders have gone up around his ears.聽
Shane was only gone for two weeks, how could he have misjudged the playful banter this badly? He must be really slipping.聽
鈥淩y? I was just kidding. Mi casa es su casa, and whatever. You know that.鈥澛
Ryan blinks.聽
鈥淏uddy?鈥 Shane鈥檚 halfway up off the couch.聽
鈥淪hit,鈥 Ryan says, and he turns away from Shane鈥檚 gaze, his hands coming up to cover his face.
鈥淵鈥檃lright?鈥 Shane pads into the kitchen, and reaches for the lemon, rolling it towards himself and then sending it back to the other side of the bench. It fetches up against the box of tea, having rolled off in one direction instead of straight back.聽
Ryan sniffs, but when he turns around his eyes are clear. He plucks the box from the counter and flips it open, pulling out two tea bags and setting them on the counter next to the kettle and mugs. He shrugs when Shane catches his eye.
Shane nods.聽
He鈥檚 been gone for two weeks, and sure they texted in that time and sure it鈥檚 not like they haven鈥檛 been out of each other鈥檚 sight for longer than that before, but it鈥檚 just, well, this is the first time since--since everything, and maybe Shane missed work, missed video chats, missed Ryan, more than he realized would. It was a good visit, and Shane鈥檚 happy he went and he鈥檚 happy he鈥檚 come home.聽
Home. Where Ryan is, standing on the other side of Shane鈥檚 kitchen bench, looking at Shane the way he sometimes looks at the front entrances of haunted locations. Like Shane鈥檚 something scary to be conquered, and like Ryan鈥檚 not sure if he can do it alone, but he鈥檒l walk out on the limb anyway.
鈥淚 did, you know,鈥 he offers, because most of the time Ryan is the brave one and Shane鈥檚 just along for the ride, but he figures he can take his turn now.聽
鈥淒id what?鈥澛
Shane takes a deep breath and looks down at the benchtop, fingers curled on the scarred surface. He looks back up at Ryan, who is looking back at him, face breaking into a smile before Shane even gets the words out. 鈥淢iss you.鈥澛
鈥淢e too, buddy, me too.鈥澛犅
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starspaces2 days ago
ew u cookie run kingdoOm
Tumblr media
top 10 worst sentences you could say to me
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cacchieressaa year ago
free idea: what if leia's rescue hadn't panned out, and her plan b was to convince vader that she was force-sensitive, i.e. could be trained, and go full-on triple agent? this has bugged me since seeing that comment, leia you were going to be executed! if vader had less of an inkling that there's a daughter, and leia doesn't believe she's got the force, it would've been so much identity porn. not to mention the trilogy itself, less george
You mean, Force sensitive Leia, not knowing she鈥檚 Force sensitive, pretending to be Force sensitive so Vader would think he could train her, and yet somehow always managing to pass Vader鈥檚 weird Force tests (Leia doesn鈥檛 believe in luck, per se, but she is really good at patterns and tests, okay, and she鈥檚 prepared - she studies her opponents and is excellent at reading the mood of a room, and sometimes she just instinctively knows the right choice to make - proper preparation prevents poor performance! It was drilled into her head as Princess of Alderaan!), escape detection, and be the best undercover triple agent the Rebellion has ever seen? And meanwhile Vader is like, 鈥渓ook at my angry little apprentice! She鈥檚 going to kill Palpatine and it鈥檚 going to be great!鈥
That would be AMAZING.
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