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opossumsandoatmeals · 2 days ago
The feminine urge to binge on every carb you see
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catvenicebitch · a day ago
Istg if I don’t get skinnier by Christmas time I’ll be so disappointed
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biglittlesecret0 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
another body check! at 52.8kg
stomach pouch is still there but slightly smaller (it just isn’t as visible in this pic cause my underwear covers it)
peep my ribs comin out just a tiny bit :3
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arryha · 2 days ago
Because it makes me proud
Tumblr media
It's okay to reblog but please don't repost
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cuttybunnycals · 18 hours ago
hunger hurts but starving works,
when it costs too much to love
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