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🌟🍛food diary: january 20🍛🌟


  • protein oatmeal w ½ tbsp pb2 and ½ apple— 131 calories

lunch: /


  • ½ serving pra ram chicken w ¼ cup white rice— 297 calories
  • several bites pad se ew— 118 calories
  • 9 oz blood orange soda— 135 calories

total calorie intake: 680 - 348 (walking/hiking) = 332 calories

he makes me feel bright!! u make me mushy mister!! it’s stupid !! he took me to the beach to watch the sunset and we ate thai food and listened to tyler the creator and held hands and made out…. what the fuck…. why does he make me so happy……..


i didn’t eat too much today which was good !! i was able to eat a decent amount when i was with j and still stay under my calorie limit ! pretty cool.

i had a wonderful day, like such a great lovely day. i hope your day was good too. if not, i hope it was at least bearable. just try to be safe tomorrow. i hope something good happens to u.

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Weight log ✨

2th january

Last weight: 46,5kg (102,5lbs)

cw: 46,2kg (101,8lbs)

Total lost: -0,3kg (-0,7lbs)

I’m pretty sure I’ll weight more tomorrow, because I want to eat a bit more. I didn’t count my exactly cals intake the past 2 days, but I it was definitely less than normal. So I have to be around 1000cals. If I lose weight this fast, my parents will be suspicious. I’m happy when I’m back in my flat shared household and school. Wasn’t that low in weight since I’ve started my apprenticeship 1 ½ years ago. So my classmates and roommates will notice a difference (weighted around 54kg/119lbs the last time). That’s a huge difference lol. But I need to be careful, also need to stay focused on homeschooling and my metabolism needs a boost again. I have a lot of time left. I can do a slower & “healthier” diet.

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It would appear, my friends, I’ve managed to GAIN 10lbs in 10days… I’m trying to keep my cool but its fucking hard.

And no, I wasn’t a low weight to begin with (which would make sense to pile it on that quickly with normal eating if underweight) but the truth is, I’m closer to being overweight than I am under it and this is the absolute last straw.

I don’t know if anyone even reads these things or if anyone noticed i’d been pretty much missing from tumblr since November, but I decided I was too old and too fed up of my ED to let myself relapse again and fought against it for what, 3 months… Only to have gained a stone and have further to go now.

As much as I’d like to believe I could recover for good from a healthy weight, it seems the truth stands with the old saying…

…It has to get worse before it gets better.

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i’m waiting for everyone to go out from my home to weight myslef because they dont even know that we have weight in house

106 lbs last time but i have to see what happend. i think that i gained weight

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Good Morning! Decided that I am fasting today. I am motivated and happy about this. My actual weight is 51.80 kg which is 112 lbs. Staying skinny with y'all ❤

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I wish I could just cut open my stomach and pull out all the food I’ve ever eaten and then sew it back up

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I miss the times when I didn’t think a normal sized meal was counted as a binge.

:/ I don’t even remember where it all went wrong.

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today i ended my fast at only a little over 14hrs bc i started it later than usual last night. but tonight i started it early enough that i could easily set it for 16hrs (usually i set it for 13) and know i’ll be able to finish it, probably will even be able to hit 18hrs. anyway, i had taco bell for lunch, i was going to have a bagel but my sister wanted taco bell and i’m the only one willing to take her, and it would be too suspicious to her if i denied to eat out (she knows about some of my ed stuff), but at least now she says she won’t have the money to buy lunch until next week. then i had two ice cream sandwiches as a snack, which i wanted to purge but i didn’t, which i regret. then i had breaded chicken and noodles for dinner. any tips on how to stop yourself from giving in to all your cravings and stuff? i don’t seem to have any self control :(

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Body Check

I spent way too much time adding filters so it could look aesthetic haha

cw ~ 96.8 lbs/43.9 kg

height ~ 5’3 ft/160 cm

bmi ~ 17.1

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Originally posted by asking-jude

~How long will it take for “calories” and “fat” to stop haunting?~


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Dammit dammit dammit, I ate icecream cuz I thought I was gonna kill myself tonight but now I can’t and fuck I want to die more.

I didn’t do my homework either.

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I’m starting this workout tomorrow and it seems pretty fun actually :) also people in the comments said they did it everyday for 30 days and lost around 9kgs (20lbs)

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