motylekk-lekkijest · a day ago
jedzienie nie jest w stanie cie oszczesliwic motylku i w cale nie jestes glodna nie potrzebujesz jedzienia, jedzienia potrzebuje twoja glowa i ona ci to wmawia
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butilovedogs3 · a day ago
1kg/2lbs of fat contains 7,700 calories
So to burn 7,700 you need to create 7,700 calories deficit
So let’s say you need 2000 per day to maintain weight
2000 cal to maintain weight
500 cal per day
That’s a 1500 cal deficit in a day
Two days 3000 cal
Three days 4500 cal
Four days 6000 cal
Five days 7500 cal and you lost that 1kg/2lbs
And that is only for eating we don’t include any burned calories here
So let’s say you burn 400 cal per day (bc 10k steps burns that many calories)
So we have 2000 cal to maintain weight
And 500cal per day burning 400cal
So 1900 cal deficit per day
Two days 3800 cal
Three days 5700 cal
Four days 7600 cal and you lost 1kg/2lbs
(And it will be exactly the same if you only eat 100 cal per day without burning anything)
So not eating anything in a day
That is a 2000 calories deficit per day
Two days 4000cal
Three days 6000 cal
Four days 8000 cal you lost 1,5kg/2lbs
And not eating anything and burning 400cal per day
We have 2400 cal deficit per day
Two day 4800 cal
Three days 7200 cal you lost 1kg/2lbs
I don’t recommend the last one for more then a day :) pls don’t hurt your healthy that much
I’m sorry if the imperial system measures aren’t correct I don’t work on that system, i used google for it 💀
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proanasixmeses · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Before and after 🫥
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concavebelly · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tbh tho this is just the trigger I need to keep going
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madgirl888 · 2 days ago
That weird incredible feeling when you are totally in love with your ilness but your okay with that because you dont think live will have sense without it
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aspiring2beskinny · 21 hours ago
pov: you’re me and this is all you exist of
Tumblr media
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martwicaduszy · 2 days ago
=════════« ☽•✧༄♱༄✧•☾ »══════════=
Nocne bieganie po napadzie, z muzyką o Anie na słuchawkach i głową wypełnioną chęcią poprawy, nienawiścią do samego siebie i planami głodówek>>>>>>>
Zrobię wszystko by uspokoić ten głos który przeklina mnie teraz od najgrubszych szmat.
=════════« ☽•✧༄♱༄✧•☾ »══════════=
Tumblr media
=════════« ☽•✧༄♱༄✧•☾ »══════════=
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c0ke-z3ro-addict · 2 days ago
how long do i have to fast to lose 3 lbs? :)
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kenziskinnyagain · a month ago
saying no when offered food >>>>>
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bones1ut · 23 days ago
if u live w people and wanna seem like ur eating normal but stay low cal, here are my meal recommendations <3
- smoothie (fruit + water)
- fruit salad
- chia pudding (can be higher cal but super filling & contains fibre which is good for weight loss, research & check dosage first as too much can make u ill <3)
- oats (i think a 1/4 cup of rolled oats is only like 88 cals but don’t hold me to that lol)
- salads !!
- honestly most of the dinner options but w/ an excuse to eat a smaller portion :))
- low cal crackers w/ a dip & veg (homemade hummus w/ rocket would be lovely)
- rice noodles & veg
- again soup, or stew or curry (all essentially veg & spices cooked in a pot)
- roasted veg, w some low cal protein (tofu/beans/lean meat) & carbs (butternut squash/sweet potato)
- rice or glass noodles in a stir fry w veg
- fruit
- popcorn
- find a low cal recipe online! i’ve seen 100 cal mugcakes!
- seeds
- frozen fruit is a great summer snack, watermelon & pomegranate are especially nice frozen
general advice:
- home cooked stuff will be healthier & lower cal the vast majority of the time
- adding protein can add some calories but will also fill you up quicker (& provide u with necessary amino acids for ur both to function !!)
- take multivitamin tablets to make sure you aren’t deficient, as long as you take those you are so much safer to eat less & deficiencies can make you feel so so so much worse than you do rn
- drink lots of water, i swear i started to get thinner just from switching from drinking like 0-1L a day to 3-4L a day, & it’s 0 cal, helps fill you up, & is obvs necessary for body functioning !
i’ll update this list as i think of new things <3
stay safe,
C xoxo
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wastedvessal · 3 months ago
I hate it when people are like "You can die if you keep up with this eating stuff."
I don't care. I'll finally be pretty when I'm dead.
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motylekk-lekkijest · a day ago
nie lubie tego jak wygladam dlaczego nie mogla bym wygladac jak inne dziewczyny? te z idealnym wygladam i te ktore kazdy lubi?
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butilovedogs3 · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Woooww if I fast for 34 days I will be at my ugw at the end of the school year, perfect 💀
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venlateva · 2 months ago
⭐️ to have defined cheekbones
⭐️ to make certain people jealous
⭐️ to go to the pool this summer in a perfectly tiny body with a perfect little bikini and have all eyes on me
⭐️ so people look at me with concern when I refuse food
⭐️ so people look at me with amazement when I do eat
⭐️ summer outfits!!
⭐️ being cold, getting jackets/sweaters at night, being dainty and taken care of
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insykko · 11 days ago
I wouldnt even know what do do if I looked like that tbh. It fucks me up that some people just come out of the womb looking perfect
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hira3th4444 · 4 months ago
Things to do instead of eating
Paint nails
Brush teeth
Chug water
Drink alc
Smoke a cig
Some a blunt/ bowl .. etc
Call a friend
Watch a movie
Look at skinny girls
Go on tumblr
Do schoolwork
Go for a walk
Work out
Play with your pets
Take a shower
Chew gum/ mint etc
Drink tea/ diet soda etc..
Walk your dog
Rewatch your favorite show/movie
Play a game
Face mask
Self care
Do your makeup
Get ready to go nowhere
Listen to music
Hang out with friends
Do 30 sit-ups
Wear a waist trainer
Go on TikTok
Text people
Go for a drive
Watch YouTube
Do 100 jumping jacks
Go on a nature walk
Create a fantasy world to live in in your notes
Make a board of what you want to look like and goals
Research a topic you are interested in
make plans for the future
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apersonwhowantstobeskinny · 5 months ago
I have 100 problems and being skinny would solve half of em
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motylkianyssblogg · a month ago
"Jedz mniej, waż mniej"
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kenziskinnyagain · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
change my mind.
(repost from my old acct.)
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i-wanna-be-skinny-mm · a month ago
Weź się za siebie przecież już niedługo wakacje… chyba nie chcesz, aby widzieli cię taką grubą w stroju kąpielowym?
~Twoja Ana🦋
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