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#another dimension
deep-dark-fears · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Only a dream away. A fear submitted by Kerry to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!
My two Deep Dark Fears books are available now from your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, iBooks, IndieBound, and wherever books are sold. You can find more information here!
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thriftstoreoddities · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
oddities Note: This plate makes me feel like I’m looking into another dimension. 
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beebeebombam · a year ago
😰 Oh dear Lord I just thought of something. An AU where canon Hawkmoth makes an akuma that pulls other hims/Butterfly users to the canonverse, taking Lady Fairy to canonverse where she meets Ladybug and canon Chat Noir and has to help them stop a butt-ton of bad guys and monsters, especially with her dimension's villain is part of the multibad team up!
very interesting!
It's very interesting!
Plz don’t mind my grammar!
Marinette : Ouch! It’s hurt… what going on?
Marinette fell down somewhere where she didn't even know what had happened. Then, Nooroo pops his head out of his hiding place and looking around.
Nooroo : We were taken to somewhere. err ... It's Paris but it looks strange.
Marinette couldn't see anything because she’s blind but she can feel what Nooroo said. She smelled around.
Marinette : strange… You’re right! There is no flower smell.
Nooroo : There were no flowers planted by the civilians. Marinette! Someone comes, I have to hide!
Nooroo hurriedly hid in her pigtail hair before a glasses girl appear.
Alya : OMG! Marinette! What are you doing here? It's dangerous!
Marinette : Alya? Thank god… What happens?
Alya : There is Akuma around here!
Marinette : Akuma? What is Akuma??
Alya : Marinette! No jokes! Wait… Why are you closing your eye?
Marinette : Alya! I can’t see, you know? What going on? Where is my cane??
Alya : OH NO!! Akuma’s attack cause you got blind!!!
Alya quickly drag her from there, ignoring the white cane that laying there___________________________________
Alya : Madaaame! Marinette can’t see, plus her memories are not right!
After her speech, Marinette gets the parents hugs, consolations and tell her Ladybug and Chat Noir will help her.
Marinette : U- Umm, Of course, he does. But who is Ladybug?
That the Scarlet Bug has appeared!? She must hurry to transform and send a Champion to help!
But what is Akuma ??
Marinette hurried to tell her parents and Alya that she will go to her room. They’re worried that she can't go by herself.
Marinette : Maman and Papa already know I can.
Alya rush goes to doing her Ladyblogger duty.
Nooroo : Odd… No flowers here, no Butterflies too. Reception room not the same too.
Marinette climbs the stairs straight to her room.
Nooroo : Watch out! On right! Stop! Stop, It’s not right! I mean…
Marinette : Ouch!
Marinette stumbles into a big box she never placed here. 
Then, collided with the mannequins.
Nooroo : It’s your room! But not yours!!
No Flower smells, no fluttering sound of butterflies, no her violin.
Have a worktable, have the mannequins, have the box that she doesn’t know, in the room.
Marinette : What happened to me!!
MariFairy about to transform for find some Champion who would help her get the answer, she hears the clattering sound from the balcony then the sound of dropping into the bed.
MariFairy : W- Who are you!
Ladybug : Who are you?!
MariFairy : I’m Marinette
Ladybug : Impossible! Are you Akuma!?
MariFairy : I don’t understand what is Akuma!
Nooroo : She is Ladybug Miraculous holder!
MariFairy : No way! Scarlet Bug found me!!?
Ladybug : Who is Scarlet Bug?? WAIT! That’s Butterfly Kwamii!
MariFairy : sdfgsdfg !!!
Ladybug : wkspdkfsk!!!
Ladybug : Wait… You’re blind.
MariFairy : Since born. well…. if you are not Scarlet Bug, Are you…?
Ladybug : I’m Ladybug… Err…. The hero who protected Paris with Chat Noir.
MariFairy : Ummm… I’m Marinette Dupain-Cheng, the hero who created a Champion to help Chat Noir protect Paris, Lady Fairy.
Nooroo : And we don't know what happened to us, appeared in Paris that we are not familiar with.
Ladybug : Is that true? It's possible that caused by the villain. He calls himself Dimensioner and said that he will bring Hawkmoth from another dimension to help him, which was you who uses the Butterfly Miraculous?
MariFairy : I still don’t understand what you say. Hawkmoth? The villain? and Akuma too.
Ladybug : I think I need Tikki to help me explain to you. Tikki! Spot off!
Nooroo : Tikkiiiiii!!
Tikki : Noorooooo!!_______________
MariFairy : Is that so? Hawkmoth is Butterfly Miraculous holder in this dimension. His butterflies are called Akuma, make Champions...Err… Villains terrorize Paris.
Maribug : Your… He is Le Paon? Using Peacock Miraculous create Sentimonsters and he has Ladybug Miraculous holder help him terrorize your Paris.
MariFairy : How can I go back to my dimension? Create a Champion who has dimension ability? No… No butterfly here. and they have to think I’m a Villain.
Maribug : My power could take you back to your home but we have to defeat Dimensioner before, so, I could cure all damage, including you too.
Then, Maribug and MariFairy team-up.
Chat Noir : Who is she? This suit so fabulous.
Ladybug : Lady Fairy, the butterfly hero who was dragged from another dimension.
Lady Fairy : H- Hi… C- Chat Noir. Kya…
Ladybug : Seem like she has a big crush on Chat Noir in her dimension.
Lady Fairy : Plz don’t say!!
This is my limit. LOL. But It’s so good idea.
-Commission open- | -Ko-fi-
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meiwks · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Idk if this first one even makes sense meme wise but y’all know what I meant,,
Idk what it is with D&d podcasts/shows and having lgbt representation but I’m here for it
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incomingalbatross · 2 months ago
I think it’s funny how Alex Hirsch’s take on Gravity Falls Stuff always seems to turn out to be Lighter and Softer than the fandom’s...except when it’s about Bill.
I mean, there’s that great post that’s like “Fans: how did Stan fake his death? where did he get a body?? Alex: he put a bad dummy in a car and yelled I’M STAN PINES OH NO MY CAR” But this is also a continuing trend, honestly. Like...
Fandom: Oh man Ford must have all these terrible scars from his portal adventures, right? That’s why he always wears a turtleneck. It’s grisly. He’s been through so many Terrible Things on the other side of the portal...”
Alex: “So anyway, Ford has a tattoo of a friendly cartoon star with an ‘All Star’ quote attached to it.”
Fandom: “Why do you think Ford wore glasses as a kid and Stan didn’t? Was it because Stan’s got broken more? Was it because Filbrick just didn’t think Stan was worth spending money on? :(”
Alex: “Stan didn’t wear glasses during some periods of his childhood/teen years because he thought they looked dumb and not cool enough.”
Fandom: “...So, Bipper—”
Alex: “Oh yeah! Bill was totally planning to kill Dipper and make it look like a suicide, leaving Dipper’s spirit to wander restless forever while Bill moved on to torment a grief-stricken Mabel next!”
Fandom: 0_0
Gravity Falls usually turns out to be Not That Dark from the creator’s perspective, UNLESS Bill is involved. Bill is apparently always, constantly Actually That Dark.
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cartoongirl · 23 days ago
Roasting popular cartoons
Gravity Falls:
It took half a season for the fandom to figure out the plot twist
Tumblr media
Two parents sends their troublemaking daughter to another dimension so she could be someone else’s problem
Tumblr media
Danny Phantom:
The world’s greatest ghost hunters can’t tell their own son is half ghost
Tumblr media
Miraculous Ladybug:
A guy nearly starts world war 3 just to steal jewelry from two teenagers in a cat and a bug costumes
Tumblr media
Steven Universe:
The main character never thinks to ask any important questions
Tumblr media
Pretty much Danny Phantom but with better writers
Tumblr media
Was supposed to be a show about talking frogs but you end up crying every two episodes
Tumblr media
The Owl House:
A girl with mommy issues thinks it’s a good idea to not only live in a literal fantasy world, but to stay in the house of a wanted criminal. Stranger danger kids
Tumblr media
Infinity Train:
Who needs therapy when you can ride on a magical train with literally no ending?
Tumblr media
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dhduhfjdjidjfjf · a year ago
Tumblr media
Bringing this twitter thread back on my dash because it’s especially relevant for acoc. The hate following so many of the female character’s complex actions is getting ridiculous. Saccharina is allowed to be salty and bitter and confused without being called annoying. Ruby is allowed to be wary and standoffish while mourning without being called a brat. Caramelinda is allowed to be angry and focused and strategic without being constantly villainized.
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