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i know her song by heart聽馃尭
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what makes them jealous and how they handle it
Tumblr media
饢 various tokyo rev x gn! reader
饢 warning/s : jealousy, cursing/use of profanity, cheating accusations, suggestive themes on some parts
饢 repost cause tumblr shadowbanned me 馃拃
Tumblr media
饢 Draken, Yuzuha, Hina, Akkun, Mitsuya, Senju, Akane, Shinichiro, Naoto, Takuya
usually they're not the jealous type. letting you get touchy with your friends or their friends because they enjoy seeing you get along with people. but what makes them jealous is when a random person goes up to you and starts to flirt but you take it as a friendly geature completely oblivious to their raging jealousy.
they excuse you from the person saying that you two have somewhere to go to while wrapping an arm around your waist and pushing your body against their own to make it clear that you're taken.
饢 Mikey, Emma, Sanzu, Yamagishi, Makoto
now these people. they easily get jealous. they see you getting touchy and flirty with someone? they're jealous. they see you smiling at your phone when you two are together? they're jealous.
they become childish, throwing short tantrums here and there, ignoring you a lot and constantly asking for your attention. they get all whiney and would demand for you to cuddle with them once you two are alone
饢 Sanzu (again), Hanma, Baji, Kokonoi, Smiley, Kazutora, Taiju, Kisaki
another one that gets jealous easily. they're possessive over you so when they see someone getting a bit too comfy and flirty with you they'll get very jealous. even going as far as getting jealous when the see you whispering with someone else
kisses you in front of that 'someone'. make-out even. then would ask "do you love me?" and of course you'll say yes and once you do they'll glance at the person with a smirk that says 'they love me. not you. back off'
饢 Angry, Rindou, Seishu, Takeomi, Wakasa, Mucho, Choji, Takemichi, Kakucho
rarely gets jealous. however when you ignore them to talk to someone else they'll get extremely jealous.
they'll wait until you're done talking to the person before confronting you about it as calmly as they could. also the tsundere type. would say "you were ignoring me a lot ya' know?" and try to hint that they got jealous without saying it
饢 Izana, Kazutora (again), Kisaki (again),
they don't get jealous much, letting you do your own thing and letting you get a bit flirty with anyone. but they'll get jealous when the person you're getting flirty with is someone they're insecure about
they'll pull you away from the person and bring you somewhere secluded. "you seem to be having fun there huh? why not break up with me and go with them instead yeah?". disguises their jealousy as anger. might even accuse you of cheating
饢 Hakkai
gets jealous a lot. but not the possessive type. they're leaning more on the insecure type. would get jealous when they see you smiling and laughing at another person. would also get jealous when you support someone else a bit too much for their own liking. and would think to themselves 'do they ever support me like that?' or 'do I make them that happy too?'
would grow a bit distant. their kisses become shorter and whenever they hug you they'll pull away as soon as possible. when you ask them about their strange behavior they'd have no choice but to admit that they indeed are jealous
饢 Hanma (again), Ran, Sanzu (again), Mikey (again), Smiley (again), Shion, Peh-yan
usually they would be the one making you jealous but whenever they are the one who's jealous it would be because a someone is a bit too close to you for their own liking or someone is saying a sexual joke to you
they would mask up their jealousy by teasing you but you could see the irk mark on their cheek. "hm? seems that they wanna have a taste of you huh? would you give that to them though?" he has a mocking pout on his lips but soon smirks when you say no "yeah? 'm the only one who could see ya' naked eh?"
Tumblr media
漏 raikirii on tumblr | do not repost my works
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prompts 3 + 10 for 1k event (diluc x gn reader)
masterlist | 1k prompt masterlist | discord server
鈽 repost because i鈥檓 finally un-shadowbanned :,) sorry if you鈥檝e seen this like 3 times, it鈥檒l finally post to the tags now lol. also pls join my discord! we r having a grand old time
prompt 3: "Your hair is so soft鈥︹
prompt 10: "Can I braid your hair?鈥
Contrary to popular belief, Diluc took care of his hair. Crepus taught him at a young age that appearances mattered and hair was part of said appearance. He would never admit this but he had the finest hair products imported from Fontaine every month.
His hair is what drew you into him, actually. The way its vermillion color matched his eyes and cascaded down his back in fluffy waves caught your attention right away. So it really wasn't a surprise when your started dating Diluc that your hands were always tangled in it.
One night, Diluc was planning on closing the tavern early before the Knight's of Favonius sauntered in. And Diluc, unable to turn them away, reluctantly sulked back behind the bar. Thankfully, you were there to help out and take most of the stress off his shoulders.
After handing out drinks to your friends, you convinced Diluc to sit beside you. He was hesitant to leave his post but once you assured him you could handle any refills, he obliged.
Your boyfriend was tired - you could see it in his whole demeanor. He was on guard and wanting to destress him, your hands traveled up to his shoulders. He was surprised at first but soon leaned into your touch. Your fingers braised the tips of his hair, "Your hair is so soft鈥︹
Diluc made a pleased noise, "So you say."
You giggled and continued to rub soothing circles into his shoulder blades, causing Diluc to sigh contently. You were glad that the Knight's were too preoccupied getting wasted.
Once again, your fingers brushed the ends of Diluc's hair. "Hey, 'Luc?" You asked softly, "Can I braid your hair?鈥
"My hair?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at you. After seeing your pleading expression, Diluc rolled his eyes and turned his back to you, brushing his ponytail over his shoulder. You beamed and reached up to pull off the elastic, letting his long locks free.
Your hands tangled in his hair and you tried to be as gentle as you could as you twisted and turned the hair. Your fingers occasionally brushed Diluc's ear or neck and he shivered. You braided one large plait down his back, tucking any loose pieces or baby hairs behind his ears.
"You like it?" You grinned, pushing the braid over his shoulder so he could see it.
Diluc smiled softly, "I suppose it is nice having my hair off my face."
When Kaeya walked up to the bar to barter Diluc for another glass of wine, his mouth gaped. He was ready to make a snarky comment about his brother's new hairstyle but when he saw you press a gentle kiss to his cheek and Diluc smile sweetly at you, he decide he'd leave it for another day.
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i saw some people say that they were shadowbanned for years/months so i might make another blog and repost everything on there just in case cause wtf ???
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Why Am I Shadowbanned on Instagram and What Can I Do About It?
Have you noticed any drops in your Instagram engagement in the last few months? If so, you aren鈥檛 alone.
Starting several months ago, a number of profiles started seeing big dips in the engagement on their Instagram content. While some brands experienced this originally when Instagram鈥檚 feed algorithm was introduced, this was something a little different. Some profiles were actively seeing declines in the growth of their follower count, or their content not showing up in Instagram鈥檚 Discover section.
Some of these users could have been shadowbanned without even realizing that this is something that could even happen.
Woah. Shadowbanned?聽
What Does 鈥淪hadowbanned Mean?鈥
Shadowbans are a little bit like a time-out for users (particularly business profiles, in this context) that are placed because of certain behaviors the account makes. This often includes violating terms of service.
In a shadowban, the user isn鈥檛 technically banned, so they can still use the platform like they normally would and engage with other users, but their content may be kept hidden or given a lower priority in the algorithm.
In most cases, the platform will not tell you that you鈥檝e been shadowbanned; it鈥檚 like they don鈥檛 actually want you to know.
In the specific case of an Instagram shadowban, your followers can still see your posts, but they may appear further down in the newsfeed. Your content also won鈥檛 appear in the Discover section of Instagram or in hashtag searches. This significantly damages your potential reach, leading to drops in engagement and the declining follower count.
How Can You Tell if You鈥檝e Been Shadowbanned on Instagram
If you鈥檙e seeking consistent decreases in engagement and follower growth, you should consider the option that you鈥檝e been shadowbanned.
There are sites out there that claim to have the ability to tell you whether or not your account is shadowbanned on Instagram. From my experience, and talking to other industry experts, these sites are not reliable at all.
The best way to check is to search for a hashtag after you鈥檝e uploaded a post containing it.聽If you can find your content (it won鈥檛 be in 鈥淭op content鈥 but 鈥淢ost Recent鈥), then you鈥檙e in the clear.
Why You Might Have Been 聽Shadowbanned on Instagram
Behavior that Instagram deems to be spam-like鈥攅ven if it鈥檚 not a technical violation of terms of service, which they could actually ban you for鈥 seems to be the most common cause of being slapped with an Instagram shadowban.
Some of the most common ways you can get your account shadowbanned (or actually banned) include:
Using Banned Hashtags
Did you know that Instagram has banned certain hashtags? Typically they only ban hashtags that are consistently used in ways that are abusive and/or violate Instagram鈥檚聽terms of service. Using a banned hashtag even once can land you in hot water.
Some banned hashtags are not even a little bit shocking, like #weedstagram and #sparklingnudes (seriously鈥. they had to ban that one), but others are a little more surprising, like #valentinesday and #skype. Check out all the banned hashtags here.
When in doubt, search for the actual hashtag before using it and see if it shows up as being banned. If it does, you鈥檒l only see a top results section and no 鈥渕ost recent鈥 posts, along with a note at the bottom of the page that the hashtag has been hidden.
Repeatedly Using聽the Same Hashtags聽
Instagram may flag your posts as spam if you do this. This is yet another good reason to diversify your hashtag usage; while you can always use your branded hashtag, switch up the generic ones like 鈥#TBT鈥 and 鈥#instagood.鈥
Using Direct-Access聽Automated Scheduling Software
Some social management software has found a way to circumvent Instagram鈥檚 own technology and automatically posts content directly to Instagram. This violates Instagram鈥檚 policies. This does not include Agorapulse, which sends you a notification so you can publish it manually and abides by the terms of service.
Buying Followers
Buying Instagram followers is a bad idea for a lot of reasons; not only do you waste money on 鈥渇ollowers鈥 that are typically nothing more than bots, but they can sink your engagement rates and the practice could potentially get you shadowbanned. Technology is sophisticated and it鈥檚 shockingly easy for Instagram to detect bots聽鈥 and the brands who use them.
You鈥檙e Exceeding Instagram Posting Limits
Did you know that Instagram had posting limits for your account? I鈥檒l be honest, I didn鈥檛 until I was researching this post. You can only like, comment on, and upload so many posts (and follow so many people) within a given time frame.
Now these limits are聽really high. You鈥檒l have a hard time hitting them unless you鈥檙e using some sort of bot (and see above 2 sections on this), or you鈥檙e聽really active on Instagram. These limits include:
Following or unfollowing no more than 60 people in an hour
Liking no more than 150 posts in an hour (you can get to 300, 聽but it鈥檚 best to keep it at 150)
Placing no more than 30 hashtags on a single post
Posting no more than 60 comments per hour on others鈥 posts
聽How to Come Back from a Shadowban
If you think you鈥檝e been shadowbanned on Instagram, the first step is to figure out why.
Take a look at the common reasons this can happen, and see if you may have accidentally partaken in any of them. If you have, make some changes as soon as possible. Delete the post with the banned hashtag; you can repost it with new hashtags once you do. Get rid of software that isn鈥檛 compliant with Instagram鈥檚 terms of services (and sign-up for Agorapulse instead!)
It doesn鈥檛 hurt to give your account some cooling-off time; stop all activity for 48-72 hours as soon as possible before you come back and resume your marketing.
Check the apps you鈥檝e allowed to connect to your Instagram鈥檚 API and make sure there isn鈥檛 anything there that could be hurting you. You can do this by clicking on the cog where you鈥檒l also log out, and choose 鈥淎uthorized Apps.鈥
You can also contact Instagram directly and report the problem. Make sure you mention that your content isn鈥檛 showing up in searches, and not just that your engagement is dropping.
Final Thoughts
If you want to keep your Instagram account and its engagement growing, it鈥檚 best to avoid any behaviors that Instagram find problematic. Not only will this keep your account in working order, most of the terms of service are really set up to benefit most brands; no user wants to see content that feels like spam, either, which is largely what the shadowbanning seeks to prevent from taking hold on the platform.
What do you think? Have you ever been shadowbanned on Instagram, or any other social media site? How did you realize you were shadowbanned? How did you fix it? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!聽
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