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#another tiktok I just love to watch on loop
bunieboo · 10 months ago
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fairytheo · 5 months ago
enhypen as your boyfriend.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
boyfriend!enhypen x gen!reader. fluff. 1.9k. curse words. mention of bugs, food. not requested.
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ HEESEUNG ˙𐃷˙
super-duper caring !!
he’s so whipped for you — he smiles just by thinking about you
also very giggly around you
LOVES lending you his beanies
(aka. you stealing them..)
+ you steal his earrings as well ! not that he minds
absolutely adores singing for you / he loves singing you to sleep :D
hold up, is being heeseung’s s/o just being his personal ramen cook 🤨🤨
he aaalwaays bugs you to play games with him (especially wii and nintendo switch lmao)
either that or you’re playing animal crossing while eating takeout at your dinner table
you’re the only person in the world who he’ll ever do aegyo for. 
he secretly enjoys it, but shhh you didn’t hear that from me
i think he likes calling you names like cutie, cutiepie or just a shorter version of your name <3 (if there is one !)
booping your nose is on his everyday to do list ☝️
lowkey therapist & boyfriend in one ngl
WAIT he loves making playlists for you two,, 
“y/n! i made another playlist, do you wanna listen to it? i made it while thinking of you.” <//3 
the type to write cheesy lyrics about you, then later cringes at his own writing bUT then leaves it like that because you like it !
you have his cover of lauv’s “i’m so tired” either set as your alarm or play it on loop everyday 
(random but for some reason i can picture him giving you a cassette with his cover on it just for the vintage vibes)
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ JAY ˙𐃷˙
the mom-and-boyfriend in one ;] 
f a s h i o n  c o u p l e 
you are literally fashion icons. no disagreements. 
you have matching clothes or accessories ! even if it’s really subtle, the gesture behind it is super adorable <//3
cooking pt. 2 :D but this time there’s a gorden ramsay in your relationship
i can just SEE how you both two impersonate gorden ramsay while cooking which makes everything 10 times funnier !! checks every 5 seconds if the food is ready tho because he doesn’t wanna risk anything
never cleans up afterwards, either you do or no one does
since you’re both fashion icons your social media followers are going 📈📈📈
literally couple goals.
he loves taking pictures of you,, but also wants you to take pictures of him 
jay gets flustered easily so please make him flustered with sudden compliments, hugs, kisses, etc. !!
he’s also the only member i can really see calling you babe
confident but shy about pda at the same time ??? he’s both LOL 
you always tease him with his RAS moments and randomly quote them when you’re in the middle of a conversation with him lmao
random and idk if this fits here, but he likes making your lunch — leaves you encouraging notes too <3
last but not least: jokingly gets angry at you when he wants something from you, and you do the same thing back ♡
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ JAKE ˙𐃷˙
sweetest and softest boyfriend to ever exist. i’m so soft for him JSHSHS
definitely calls you sweetie and darling. 100%. fight me if you think otherwise. 
shows you pics of layla everyday (it’s become routine for him >_<)
a tiny bit cliché BUT lends you his jacket whenever you’re cold (even when you’re inside !!)
random thought: jake puts his hands in your hoodie pockets...
it’s his personal goal to peck your cheek and forehead at least twice a day — gets pouty if he wasn’t able to do that ))):::
talks in english a lot because you love his accent !!
if you’re an english speaker, you’ll have conversations in english all. the. time.
if you’re not an english speaker, no worries, he’ll teach you !
+ reads you bedtime stories in english (jake’s australian accent >>>) 
dreams of travelling with you to australia <33  
if there’s a bug in the house you better know that jake will NOT be removing them and runs out of the house
WILL stay over at one of the other member’s houses untill that bug is REMOVED . 
so if you’re afraid of bugs as well,,, i’m sorry bae, but it’ll be your task to remove these little... creatures 😐
ngl you have more photos of layla than of him on your phone lol
(spams you with her pictures and captions them with “y/n!!! look!!! layla with a flower!!!! layla with a butterfly!!!!” it’s just so sweet aaa)
we need some “””drama””” so you make jokes about him being a “🥶💸🔥💪” boy a lot in your relationship LMAO
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ SUNGHOON ˙𐃷˙
ice skating dates.
this has been mentioned in other headcanons a lot already but i just HAD to include it,,
convinces you to eat ice cream after your date LOL even if it IS winter
btw. fashion couple nr. 2 !!! 
ugh the visuals and the power you two hold,,,, i can’t,,,,,
has better clothes than you ngl so you share clothes lmao
it started with him lending you his sweatpants, but then you didn’t want to return them forgot to return them and BOOM 💥 here we are
extremely awkward and shy at first — don’t worry though, he becomes much more chaotic in the later phases of your relationship
he teases you SO MUCH. LIKE. SO MUCH.
always has small smile (smirk?) on his face when he’s about to make a cocky remark (so beware)
you tease him back just twice as hard which 1.) results in him in becoming flustered 2.) fails LOL
off-topic but he’d love a s/o that has a similar style to him ??? a more elegant, classy, dark style perhaps
when he’s away / busy he’ll send you some selcas and captions them with “how r u doing??” “did you eat yet?” “cheer up :P” 
kinda shy about pda but likes showing off too ???
i mean,, men... 🙄🙄 /lh
whenever someone mentions your name near him, he’ll just try to hide his smile while biting his lip (yk what i’m talking about???) and you’ll see his dimples and the affectionate look in his eyes and just AAAAA
the type of boyfriend that calls you love~
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ SUNOO ˙𐃷˙
skin care routines with sunoo 24/7 🤝
he does your hair (if your hair is long enough to do different hairstyles with it ofc !!) 
send you daily weekly skin care products he thinks you two should try out / that’d be good for your skin <3
spa nights every friday at 9pm — he only lets you in if you wear a stylish pyjama LOL
you buy him peach items because they just remind you so much of him (。•́︿•̀。)
SELCA TIME !!! his phone is always ready !!! (apart from his storage maybe?)
loves to go on walks w u
does A LOT of aegyo,, 
and i know that you knew that this point will be in this headcanon.
for eg. instead of saying goodnight or bye he’ll just do aegyo for you not that anyone minds tbh
stages of sunoo flirting (?):
a — tries to compliment you (it sounds more like a flirty remark tbh)
b — realizes then blushes
c — cringes and runs away LMAO
playfully acts jealous, so you know it’s a joke but deep down he’s actually jealous
you two match each others vibes a lot — if one is sad, the other is sad as well
+ tells you your posture is bad when you sit like a banana or tells you to go to sleep early and when you don’t listen to him, he’ll show you an article that proves that (abc) and (xyz) is bad for you and says “i told you so.” 💀
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ JUNGWON ˙𐃷˙
impresses you by doing kicks (does the kick cap challenge on tiktok and/or you play kick it by nct 127 for the funzies) 
poking his dimple is a MUST . 😩😩
though gets super shy when you kiss him and also if you buy him gifts !!
cheers you up whenever you feel down or are upset
compliments you a ton ))): will randomly come up to you and tell you that your fit is cute or that you look brighter today,,, little does he know it's because of him ;]
poking his dimple comes first, then hugging
the other members tease you two everytime you’re over LOL it’s like there are two koalas clinging onto each other
our yang garden gained another sheep +1
you two randomly play sheep,,,, like,,, everyday ???? sheep cosplays 👍
idk why ig it’s just fun to imitate sheep and go “mmmeEeEeeEhh” to annoy others
talking of that, even THOUGH he is a responsible leader he will not hesitate to do stupid shit with you
“hey how about we ring on that house there and yell “sheep for sale!” do you think they’ll open the door?”
“i don’t know... let’s find out!” 🤝
let’s just say that this didn’t end well..
also kinda bullies you (in a loving way ofc !!) pand teases you nonstop
either calls you asshole or love aHA
in conclusion: a very unpredictable relationship,, would 10/10 recommend.
very random but i feel like his love language is acts of service
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ NI-KI ˙𐃷˙
oh look it’s our tsundere 😼
can’t go a day without dancing so you two have vibing sessions at 2am everyday ft. the others telling you to go to bed
you’re the only one that can make him soft lol
if you’re older than him, you would definitely take care of him like your own baby !! 
if you are the same age as him or younger it’d be awkward for him at first, because he isn’t used to taking care of someone younger, so he’d treat you as if you were his best friend at the beginning
you love to watch him dance !! it’s so satisfying,, LITERAL asmr.
pranks you 24/7. boy has NO mercy. will not care if the others will scold him later. he will do the prank smoothly (?) — doesn’t care about the consequences LMAO
probably sets your alarm to someone screaming or a cringy aegyo song <//3
wants to film dance covers with you !! you don’t have to be the best dancer either !! as long as you have fun ^__^ 
the other members find you really cute but are also vERY TIRED OF YOU,, two energized teens in a relationship was not a good idea ☝️
likes to randomly hold your hand and swing it around 
probably distant at the beginning of the relationship because a.) he doesn’t want to pressure you/make things awkward b.) he doesn’t really know what to do either ???
(if you’re not japanese or don’t know how to speak japanese) he’ll definitely teach you some japanese phrases and words !! introduce you to his culture as well :DD and he really wants to know more about your culture too <3
teaches you phrases like “sunoo is a dumbass” for the funzies LOL
randomly makes micheal jackson impressions,,, it’s hilarious LMFAO
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markxdino · 23 days ago
so I had this idea after reading something on instagram and it so happens that I love this genre of imagines. BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS BESTIES~~
if you can’t tell…this has been my favourite trope since like I started reading and writing and it’s only a dream for me to have a guy friend and somehow that r/s changes to something more😩
warnings: very very long for each member 🧍🏻‍♀️
maknae line ver
kissing your best friend (hyung line ver)
Tumblr media
so you and heeseung have been friends for about 3-4 years now and he of course has been the sweetest of the sweetest
but about recently, you started having feelings for the boy
you can’t help it, he is so good looking and gentleman.
he has also helped you with some of college work so you had to thank him for that
you stumbled on a tiktok, ‘kissing your best friend challenge’
you wanted to try it were terrified
what if heeseung backed out of it. it would be embarrassing for you
you sighed and decided to follow your heart. you were going to do that challenge
heeseung was coming over today to help you with your college work again, thankfully the both of you were in the same major or else he wouldn’t be able to help you
“hey, wanna start with the beats or the lyrics?”
it was a solo project work and you had to produce your own song. however, you weren’t as creative as heeseung when it came to finding the beats. you were fine with lyrics.
“beats please.” heeseung nods.
“what kind of vibe are you planning to make this song?”
“umm…some sort of a sexy, alternative r&b vibe?” he smirks.
“you sure?”
“yeah. I’ve always wanted to make something like that and haven’t you heard that chase atlantic remix with maggie lindermann?”
“so you are going for that vibe?”
“alright then. Let’s start working on it.” heeseung says.
like 2 hours pass by and heeseung helped with the beats while you kinda wrote down the lyrics trying to listen to the beat sample heeseung created.
heeseung finishes it up and he turns to look over your shoulder
“those lyrics that you wrote are kinda…racy. professor probably won’t allow it.”
“I’m his favorite, he’ll let it pass.” you say as you continue to write down.
“alright then.” heeseung says.
another 30 minutes pass, you turned to heeseung
“wanna record a draft first for today? then we can work on actual recording tomorrow?” heeseung asks.
“are you tired?”
“no I’m hungry.”
“oh, want me to make some ramyeon?”
“with spam?”
“hee, go ask jake.” he pouts. “fine.” you sighed.
“thanks.” he smiles. you went to the kitchen to make him some food, you didn’t want to eat so you just opted to eat some snacks you had.
you hand heeseung the bowl and thanked you
you picked up the mic and clicked on the space-bar. the beats looped around so you knew when to start. you loosely sang some parts to see if it fits the parts
heeseung watches in amazement, hearing you sing live was heaven to his ears
you turned to heeseung and didn’t realise you were extremely close to his face. you backed a little and heeseung had ramyeon in his cheeks. he swallows it. you giggled.
“you look like a chipmunk.” you say. heeseung pouts.
“I don’t.”
“okay okay, I’m gonna be finishing the guide in my bedroom. I can’t concentrate when you’re here.”
“food tempting you or is it me?” he smirks. you rolled your eyes.
“stfu and eat your ramyeon hee.” you picked heeseung’s laptop and went to your room (which was soundproof for reasons)
you shut the door and started singing the draft.
you listened back and damn okay sexy vibes and just like heeseung said “racy lyrics”
heeseung enters your bedroom and sits on your bed
“done already? can I hear the draft?”
you jumped slightly and turned to heeseung
“do you even make noise when you walked in?”
“I did, you were just too concentrated.”
“oh. well, here.” you clicked on the space-bar and let heeseung hear the draft
his jaw drops
“(name) I think you should just use this draft as your song. it sounds great.”
“but I didn’t sing properly.”
“this? isn’t singing properly??”
“I have lost my perfect pitch place, you win.” heeseung says.
“hey, no. you’re still the best perfect pitch person I know.” you say.
“you know what, let’s just record it today and get it done with.” heeseung pulls you out of the chair and works on it.
“so am i-”
“sing (name).”
you and heeseung worked on recording until 2am. finally you were done. both you and heeseung landed on your bed, tired.
“my throat is sore.” you whined.
“I can make some honey water.”
“I don’t have honey.”
“want me to call jay-”
“no, hee. he’s sleeping and you should never disturb jay when he’s sleeping.”
“alright then.”
you turned to face heeseung and he faces you
god why did he have to look so good laying down
you counted in your head and just leaned in
you pecked his lips, his eyes widened.
“yeah.” you shyly say
“did you just kiss me?”
“why did you-”
“i-im sorry, I shouldn’t have kissed you. you’re my best friend and it’s just that I wanted to see how you’d react if I kissed you. plus I like y-”
you felt heeseung’s lips against yours
the night ends with you in his arms and he wasn’t letting you go at all, you were finally his ;)
Tumblr media
so you were friends with this cutie for about 1-2 years
he has always been there for you
even through that one rough heartbreak
the thing is poor jay had been friendzoned sooooo many times by you
but you didn’t know
you thought you were the one being friendzoned and hence you go out somehow dating jerks
this was your like 3rd horrible breakup and jay has had enough
you were crying in his arms
“why aren’t I good enough for him?”
“you are (name). he was a shitty guy.”
“I did everything for him and he treats me so horribly.”
“you don’t deserve him.”
“maybe I can never find the right guy who can treat me right.”
jay’s heart sank
you fell asleep and jay tucked you in bed, leaving a little peck on your forehead before he goes over to the guest bedroom to sleep
the next morning, you woke up and could smell pancakes
so you ran out to the kitchen
there stood jay flipping some pancakes
might I add he was shirtless, he never liked wearing shirts to sleep so he ends up shirtless in the morning
your cheeks flamed up
“oh morning (name).” jay says when he turns around.
“I’m going to brush my teeth.” you say quickly before running off to the bathroom. you did not want to hear what jay had to say about your red cheeks.
now you were in the bathroom fanning yourself
“is it bad if I try to kiss jay?”
“maybe. I mean he is my best friend…but what if he kisses me back? I don’t know!” you whined.
you heard a knock and so you opened the door. jay was at the other side.
“you okay? I heard shouting from inside the bathroom.”
“yeah I am just remembered something stupid.”
jay nods, “food is ready by the way.”
“thanks.” you went to eat
besides that nothing really happens for the rest of the day well…that is until you were watching a movie with jay
he’s still shirtless btw except he bathed and now his hair was kinda a little wet
and well…you looked over and you just felt like staring and you did for a minute.
“(name)?” he says as he turns to face you. you blushed and looked away.
“why do you always date horrible guys?”
“umm…I don’t know. I guess I have bad taste.” you say.
“then if you date me…would you have bad taste?” you turned to jay.
‘fuck it’, you thought
you straddled jay’s lap and gave him a kiss right there and then
jay kissed back quickly because mans is in love with you after all
and yes, you both ended up confessing and that night jay did not stop kissing you
it was his dream and finally he got to do it
Tumblr media
you and jake were childhood best friends
you were also neighbours in australia
well were neighbours
jake moved along with his family to Seoul so he could become an idol
and so you never got to see him anymore
until, you decided to move to Korea and continue your studies there
surprisingly you met jake by chance at a convenience store as you were trying to stock up for your new apartment.
that led to countless late movie night at your apartment with jake
oh my god, if your feelings weren’t strong as they were when you were in middle school. they are worse when you’re with jake right now
he has changed so much and like wow, definitely idol worthy
“hey (name), hand me the popcorn.” you hand jake the popcorn without even looking. you were invested in the movie.
a romance movie because you could pick it this time. it’s not that jake didn’t like romance, he loved action movies more
romance movies can be all mushy and shit and jake feels too single to watch it.
a kiss scene quickly comes on and you were awkwardly sitting there with jake. you paused the movie
“uhhh let’s change into something else. you up for marvel? I’m gonna assume yes.” you quickly say before switching to marvel.
“what? that kiss scene got you all shy? don’t you always watch romance stuff though?” jake says.
“I do but…” you trailed off. you couldn’t admit that you had a big crush on jake and that you wanted to kiss him as badly as how the actors were doing it.
“but?” you turned to jake. oh god why did he have to look so good in all denim? AND HIS HAIR WAS SO LONG GOD HE LOOKED SO GOOD😩✋
“but…forget it.” you say as you turned to the TV to watch the movie. it seems like jake wasn’t satisfied with your answer though
“oh come on tell me.” he whines.
“it’s best if you don’t know. it’s embarrassing.”
“hmm could it be you wanna kiss me?” jake teases. your eyes widened as you turned to him.
“imagining me kissing you as hard as they were in the movie hmm?” he continues to tease you. your face was flushed.
“no.” you denied but you knew jake could tell you were lying.
“you’re lying~~your face is flushed. is (name) really imagining I’m kissing her~~such racy thoughts.”
you stood up.
“WHAT IF I WANTED TO. YOU WOULDN’T EVEN KISS ME BACK BECAUSE I KNOW YOU DON’T LIKE ME LIKE THAT.” you quickly say before you walked over to your room and slammed the door. jake was startled.
“bitch thinks he could tease me, who does he think he is” you thought as you slammed your head into your pillow.
jake enters your bedroom.
“hey look, (name) I’m sorry.”
he sits down beside you and lifts you up slightly pulling you into his arms. now you looked like a baby as you were being craddled by him
you can see the way jake’s eyes darts down to your lips and you decided to take the opportunity and say ‘fuck it’
you reached for jake’s neck and pulled him down to kiss you
he happily returns the kiss and well…you can guess what happens
yes you ended up with jake and now were starting a secret relationship with an idol
Tumblr media
so…let’s say you were his buddy in ice skating and his seatmate in school
you decided at an early age, ice skating wasn’t cut out for you so you ended up just being the boy’s seatmate whenever he came to school
sunghoon however didn’t give up his passion for ice skating, he gave it more passion as he decided to take up a trainee offer
that’s when he disappears quite frequently
attending dance lessons and ice skating
until he disappeared completely and you were of course sad because you developed a crush on the sweet boy
then you randomly stumbled upon one channel and i-land came up. first episode and you noticed, “oh it’s sunghoon”
that’s when you realise, he decided to become a trainee full time and give it a try to become an idol since maybe the instructors saw his potential
you sighed, your best friend was gonna become an idol then your phone rings, it was sunghoon
“hey I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you something.”
“it’s okay.”
“im assuming you saw me on TV?”
“yeah, you’re quite good looking. they made you look even better.” sunghoon chuckles.
“don’t worry, I won’t forget you. I’ll call when the cameras are off and we don’t turn this damn microphones on.”
“mmm, good luck by the way.”
“thank you.” there was a pause. “get some sleep.”
“shut up, I know how to care for my body.” he chuckles again. you end the call that night.
of course we all know what happened, blah blah enhypen was formed, they became top idols of the 4th gen.
sunghoon invites you to their dorm to meet the boys and well…meeting 6 boys was something.
“oooo noona are you sunghoon hyung girlfriend?” sunoo asks.
“did sunghoon just get friendzoned?” jake says.
but overall, they were nice. just loud at times, after all…they are a bunch of hormonal teens.
“hey check out this tiktok.” sunghoon shoves his phone into your view. you tilt your head as you watched it. you’ve seen tiktoks like these floating around
where two best friends sit in a car or sit in front of the camera and have the audio play when the beat drops, the girl/guy usually kisses their friend and it can end up great or bad.
“what? you wanna do this with me?” you asked sunghoon. he chuckles.
“nah, I was just showing you.” ouch, okay damn. you thought he actually wanted to do it. why does it hurt when he said no? oh right…you liked him
“if you say so, give me a warning if you wanna do it prince.” you smirked.
ever since that day, you had been thinking about that tiktok. you also haven’t seen sunghoon since that day since he was busy.
well until he called you over today
you breathed in, you were going to do that challenge with him and he won’t expect it
you made it to their dorm and entered it. definitely a lot different considering the rack of clothes were now in the living room.
“hey, here I made ramyeon.”
“you made ramyeon…”
“fine…heeseung hyung made ramyeon. can’t believe you’re judging my ramyeon making skills.” he pouts.
“I’m not judging but heeseung and jake make a mean ramyeon and I’d like to take advantage of that. they should open a ramyeon store.”
sunghoon nods, he can’t disagree because it was true.
anyways, put the ramyeon and eating aside. after that, you and sunghoon kinda just watch TV. the boys were doing their own things. a few of them in their bedrooms, playing games.
“hey wanna do some tiktoks?” you asked sunghoon.
“sure why not but keep them in the draft. nobody knows about our friendship and you know how the fans get.” sunghoon warns.
“yeah yeah.”
you set your phone down, you already pre-clicked on the famous audio everyone uses to kiss their best friend on. you set the timer down.
“you clicked on the 10 sec timer (name).” sunghoon complains.
“I’m sorry?” well if you were honest, you clicked on it because sunghoon would instantly know the audio so the suspense was better for him
the audio starts and sunghoon’s eyes widened as he stares at you.
“are you serious?” he says. you blushed and nodded. he smiles.
just as the beat drops, he grabs you by your waist and dips you down to kiss you.
by now the video was captured and you two were still kissing. it kept replaying the video in the background as you kissed.
then the audio pauses. both you and sunghoon pulled away to see jake.
“congrats but can you guys not makeout in the middle of living room? there are kids in this household.”
“u-uh sorry.” you say. you were hiding on sunghoon’s chest as he chuckles. jake hands sunghoon your phone. then you felt a peck on your forehead.
“I like you by the way.” he whispers.
and of course, you accept the confession :)
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tetsuukuroo · 2 months ago
Haikyuu boys as secret guilty pleasures
Tag list: open
Requests: open
Navigation | Hq m.list
Tumblr media
I’ve said this before to someone and I’ll say it again; I headcanon the Atsumu Miya as the biggest Swiftie out there in the entire Haikyuu universe.
He will without a doubt play countless albums on loop if he goes through a breakup, is feeling like a badass or is just in the mood to listen to music.
Osamu has tweeted so many times asking people to take his brother because he can’t take having another 3am Swiftie session after a failed Tinder date. Someone save him
I headcanon him to stay up all night watching creepy WatchMojo or Buzzfeed Unsolved videos which will then lead up to him staying up all night because he gets too creeped out.
He’d probably second guess everything while he’s laying in his bed just staring around him to make sure nothing comes at him.
Like, he KNOWS he’s gonna get scared but he can’t help it when he gets curious from the title of the video.
He is a secret weeb. Like, we know he already loves his dinosaurs but he doesn’t try to hide that fact.
He definitely watches a bunch of anime. I headcanon that he’d play the theme songs on his headphones.
The reason he’s keeping it a secret? His go-to genre is the shoujo romance. I’m talking about the classics; Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama, Itazura na kiss, Kamisama Kiss, etc. There’s just something about the genre that gets him sucked in to finish it all. Not to mention the openings are amazing.
Once a month he would prioritise a day to himself. Nobody knows where he goes or what he does. All they know is that every month for just one day, Osamu can not be found anywhere.
Now, before we jump to conclusions, the reason for this is simple; he likes to give himself a well-deserved date. No, he does not get a girl to bring him out to one once a month. He treats himself.
He would go to his favourite restaurants and order his favourite thing from each, taking the time to taste his favourite foods all day, alone. He needs it after having to see Atsumu 25/8
He would rather go to Shiratorizawa than ever admit this, especially to Oikawa, but after a sleepover of Oikawa trying to get him into skincare, Iwaizumi started to get into it.
Every night, he would follow through with his skincare routine that he just recently established after trying out Oikawa’s products. He’d put on a face mask twice a week and have a little ‘me time’ while watching a movie.
It didn’t seem as bad at first but then he started spending every penny he gets on skincare. Face masks, cleansers, serums, tools. He even got a skincare fridge!
He is an avid fan of Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir. His biggest flex is that he’s been a fan of it since 2015 (me too) instead of only starting when it started trending on TikTok.
He became so invested in the love square the moment he saw it and would get so frustrated (I’m getting frustrated writing this cuz I’m thinking about it).
Lev fr made a theory board as season 3 was ongoing and let me tell you! When he saw that season 3 finale, boy broke (I broke).
Couldn’t find himself to rewatch season 3 without getting his heart pumping from the angst and love square turned hexagon drama.
If someone asks him to explain the show, he will start off with the love square and has the whole summary of the show down to a T.
This happened by an accident. So, basically he was playing a game on his phone and you know those ads that would pop up for Episode? Yeah, basically he accidentally clicked the ad instead of the X and was brought to the page to allow him to download it.
Since he got curious he decided to just download it and see how stupid the game was. Except it didn’t seem stupid for long. He got so invested in the drama that unfolded that he even paid to be able to choose specific decisions and how many he could choose in one day.
He ended up doing multiple Episodes and would scoff at how ridiculous the decision were but would still think long and hard about each one before choosing.
He loves fanfiction! We know he’s very smart and loves to read but when he says he spent the entire night reading, he means he was reading fanfiction all night.
They could be of anything! From tv show and movie characters to oc’s and x readers, Akaashi will read them.
He loves the x readers the most because he gets to imagine himself in that situation. Sometimes when he can’t find a good x reader and can only find good oc inserts, he’d change the oc into himself so he could become the main character.
Will be the person to stop and read the comments every paragraph on wattpad and will laugh if they find it funny.
He is a Gleek! Semi has 10000% binge watched all six seasons of the show and has the Spotify albums saved. He would sometimes listen to the Glee cast covers instead of the originals.
Was so invested in the drama. He hated Rachel’s character, didn’t ship Blaine and his otp is Britanna.
He didn’t hate Will Sheuster’s character but he did think he was a horrible teacher.
Would scoff so loud when someone on the show would have the audacity.
It wasn’t until Blaine suspected Kurt of cheating that Semi started to not ship them anymore. He really said Kurt deserved better 💅
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sushireads · a year ago
jungkook fic recs
Tumblr media
this is a list of jungkook fics i’ve read and loved very much! enjoy. <3
ps. all fics with 🍙 are the ones i loved a little bit more.
Tumblr media
2! 3! by @gimmesumsuga
smut, fluff | one shot | 3K words
The one at the end of Jungkook’s Wembley Vlive.
Tumblr media
a dangerous game by @goldngguk​ 
horror | series
You were in love with him. Jeon Jeongguk was everything you’d ever dreamed of and more. He was wealthy, kind, gentle, and most importantly, he loved you dearly. You knew he would always be there for you to guide you and protect you. You’d been together for just over a year and knew he had made plans to propose to you. But you found it strange that he had never brought you home to meet his parents.
Tumblr media
About Time by @yoonia
ON-GOING | 🍙, angst | series
Be careful for what you wish for, because you may never know how to deal with them once it comes true. What would you do when your wish for a second chance actually came true? But was it really a fulfilled wish? Too many questions lie when it actually happened. Were they real memories? Or perhaps a part of a past life? Was it only a dream all along? Will everything be different this time?
Tumblr media
fluff, crack, smut | one shot | 3.6K words
you tell santa exactly what you want for christmas.
Tumblr media
Amour by @taesthetes
fluff, fantasy | one shot | 6.1K words
{{ noun // a love affair, usually secret; a lover }}
To love would be committing the greatest sin.
Tumblr media
aurora. by @krreader​​
angst, fluff | one shot | 6K+ words
dawn comes after the darkness, and with it the promise that what has been torn by the sea is not lost. - lisa wingate 
Tumblr media
baecation by @1kook
smut, fluff | one shot | 5.9K words
“Lose the top, or lose the right to present yourself in any low back gown for the next three months.” He truly knew the way to your heart.
Tumblr media
banana milk by @kimnjss
smut | one shot | 6.7K words
sent to the grocery store in the middle of the day, you’d never believe who you ran into in the milk aisle.
Tumblr media
bandslam by @ironicarmy​​
angst, smut | series
Cocky drummer Jeon Jungkook has never been the type to hate on anyone. But when his best friend Taehyung unexpectedly leaves the band and leaves you in his place, he can’t really blame himself when he acts with disdain towards you. Not even when there’s a prize at stake.
Tumblr media
Be Mine by @staerrylights
angst, fluff, smut | one shot | 5.5K words
When the worlds of a campus’ star player and ordinary girl collide, sparks will fly.
Tumblr media
Bells by @taetaesbaebaepsae
fluff | one shot | 1.6K words
Tumblr media
bitchin’ by @kinktae
🍙, fluff, angst, smut | series
The 80s were a time of choices. Which perm was right for you? What color neon would you wear next? None of these choices, however, were more questionable than a certain deal you made with Jeon Jungkook.
—part of the rewind series
Tumblr media
black card by @minsprings
🍙, fluff, smut | two shots
a long night at another one of your obligatory high society functions has you desperate to relieve some stress with your husband jungkook, who’s been apparently hiding a kink from you for some time.
Tumblr media
Blackjack by @kpopfanfictrash
smut | series
Bangtan is one of the most vicious mafias on the west coast. Only six members are known by name though, with a mysterious seventh member dubbed only as ‘the shadow.’ When you become indebted to the worst of the worst – how, exactly can you find a way out?
Tumblr media
caught me. by @jeongi
smut | one shot | 13.5K words
you hate your temporary roommate, jungkook and it doesn’t help that he’s been catching you at the most inconvenient of times.
Tumblr media
Crybaby by @lavishedinjimin​​
smut | two shots
Tumblr media
dangerous love by @seulgiology
smut, light fluff | one shot | 3.7K words
Tumblr media
Departure by @nomnomsik
smut, fluff | one shot | 6.2K words
As a flight attendant for Korean Air, you’re scheduled for a thirteen-hour flight to Japan. However, things get intimate between you and your partner and co-pilot, Jeon Jungkook, when he realizes Park Jimin, the famous idol from Korea, broads the plane and blatantly flirts with you.
Tumblr media
Dumbo by @cinnaminsvga​
humor, smut | one shot | 17.2K words
you know what they say about boys with big noses…
{or alternatively: jungkook has a big dick but he doesn’t know how to use it, but luckily you’re there to help.}
Tumblr media
Dynasty by @jimlingss​
angst, smut, fluff | one shot | 17.4K words
It’s no secret that the Emperor is infertile. But even so, a girl is selected every three months and brought to become his concubine in hopes of conceiving the next heir. This time, it’s you. And in order to prevent execution, Jeon Jungkook might just aid you in conception.
Tumblr media
Euphoria by @seokstrivia
fluff, smut, angst | one shot | 7.6K words
There was always a sign on Jungkooks’ door that said something along the lines of, ‘Warning; I am naked in here. Do not enter unless you’re ready to see a whole lot of dick.’  
or, that one roommate au where Jungkook is a cocky bastard.
Tumblr media
fatal attraction by @jungcock
ON-GOING | 🍙, angst, smut | series
Your dangerous ex-boyfriend comes back to haunt you in more ways than one.
Tumblr media
first time together by @httpjeon
fluff, smut, angst | one shot | 8.4K words
you never thought you’d fall for the charms of jeon jungkook, the campus heartthrob, play boy, and fuck boy.
—part of the together series
Tumblr media
flesh and blood by @kinktae
fluff, smut | series
You are living in a society that is just now picking up the scraps that the Great Outbreak left behind after the government killed off the majority of the zombies. Still, some remain, and fear still lies within society’s walls. So imagine your surprise when the very thing you’ve been taught to fear ends up saving your life, showing you that maybe two beating hearts aren’t always required when it comes to love.
Tumblr media
For science by @boymeetsweevil
fluff, smut | series 
Jungkook asks you to let him watch you get off. For science.
Tumblr media
Game Over by @gukgalore
smut, fluff | one shot | 5K words
You try your hand at a certain TikTok trend using your boyfriend.
Tumblr media
Head in the Clouds by @taequois​​
one shot | 3.7K words
You were the third wheel for your best friend’s date but why was Jeon Jungkook kissing you instead? 
Tumblr media
Hellblazer by @jungkookiebus
smut, fantasy | series
“Few people really think about dying… paranoids worry about it without really understanding it. Victims of fatal accidents and murder don’t have time to think. You only really think about it if you take the time to. And you only take the time if you know it’s going to happen.” -John Constantine, Dangerous Habits Pt. 1: The Beginning of the End, Issue #41.
Tumblr media
HIDDEN STARS by @jungblue
angst, smut | series
It started out simple, but when your feelings start to grow for the idol who isn’t allowed to date, things get complicated.
Tumblr media
Hiraeth by @darlingwoes
smut, angst, fluff | series
Hiraeth: A longing for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.
It was confusing, the whole ordeal was. But no matter how many times you told yourself to go back, he was always there, taunting you to stay.
Tumblr media
His Name by @jimlingss
🍙, angst | series
Jeon Jungkook is a puzzle with too many missing pieces from his past and too many sides. Somehow, it’s become your job to solve him.
Tumblr media
i wish i missed my ex by @angelguk
smut, fluff, angst | one shot | 18K words
Tumblr media
It Ain’t Me by @inferno-loop​​
angst | series
Tumblr media
industrial by @taendrils​
fluff, smut | one shot | 8.1K words
❝there are lines you shouldn’t cross, things you shouldn’t touch and skin you shouldn’t mark when your hands are missing your gloves.❞
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook Must Die by @tayegi
smut | one shot | 14K words
Tumblr media
Jungkook is Typing... by @glassbangtan
mild smut, angst, fluff | one shot | 21.1K words
You and Jungkook met online when you were only fourteen years old. Neither of you thought meeting up would be a possibility, until you’re hired as Big Hit’s new editor.
Tumblr media
Killjoy by @taequois​​
smut | one shot | 9.3K words
You thought you’re trapped in the lion’s den when Jungkook kidnaps you. But he’s no lion and unfortunately for him, you weren’t a mouse either.
Tumblr media
Laundry Fairy by @bulletproofbirdy
fluff, smut | one shot | 3.5K words
You wake on Saturday to find that your boyfriend has cleaned your apartment and done your laundry–shenanigans ensue with the help of the spin cycle.
Tumblr media
love alive by @jamaisjoons
angst, fluff, smut | one shot | 17K words
a year after you and jungkook break up, the two of you meet at your brother’s party.
—part of the mixtape series
Tumblr media
Making of a lover by @smileyoongle​
angst | one shot | 2.4K words
Tumblr media
mask by @onherwings
🍙, angst, fluff, smut | one shot | 32.1K words
Perhaps you signed up for more than you expected when you agreed to pretend you were just Jungkook’s roommate when his (female) childhood friend comes to visit.
Tumblr media
mastur-bait by @kookswife​​
🍙, smut, fluff, humor | two shots
you drunkenly touch yourself in front of your neighbour, hoping he’ll take notice. you can’t help but do a double take when he actually does.
—part of The Connotation trilogy
Tumblr media
Meeting their soulmate for the first time by @sunyoonandstars
🍙, fluff | one shot | 2.1K words
Jungkook is driven by the desire to, one day, meet his soulmate. However, he had not imagined it to happen so soon …
“Jungkook’s eyes met yours only for a brief moment. Still, this split second was all it took to send a surge of thrilling heat through his entire body, the intensity of your gaze leaving every last fiber of his being vibrating and his veins tingling with what felt like a million of tiny electric shocks. He could have sworn his heart literally skipped a beat. Or two. At least. Because those eyes weren’t just any eyes. They were the eyes. The eyes which had been haunting his dreams …”
Tumblr media
melomaniac. by @jeonscript
smut | one shot | 13K words
you’re wholeheartedly, madly in love with jungkook and yet you shouldn’t be because he’s supposed to be your best friend and nothing more. worst part of it all is that you know he’s in love with you too.
Tumblr media
Mind in the Gutter by @kpopfanfictrash
smut, fluff, humor | one shot | 18K words
Starting over is never fun. Especially not when you decide to take the phrase fully to heart; new job, new city, new coworkers and new relationships. When you are dragged to a happy hour by your new co-worker, Taehyung, you end up sitting beside a (very) cute, (very) shy IT worker named Jungkook. Several drinks later, he mentions he is in a professional bowling league with his friends and you rather enthusiastically invite yourself along. As time passes and you begin to grow closer, you still find it impossible to read Jungkook. Working in the same company and seeing each other so often, it is only so long before one of you snaps. But who?
Tumblr media
more than friends by @matchakoo​
smut, angst, tiny fluff | two shots
you and jungkook have been roommates and close friends for a couple years, and you’re oblivious to the fact that the only reason why he hates your recent fuck-buddy is because he has the fattest crush on you.
Tumblr media
morning rush. by @atdawnsuga
smut | one shot | 3.2K words
You develop a strange relationship with the boy you share your morning commute with.  
Tumblr media
Movin’ by @mygsii
smut | one shot | 3.9K words
you’re moving to a new place and have called up some movers to help. you didn’t expect to find one of them extremely attractive, nor did you expect to have him all over you as soon as break time rolled around.
Tumblr media
Mutual by @seokjxnnie​​
smut | one shot | 2.7K words
Your boss was always talking about how her son would be perfect for you, promising that he was going to the staff holiday party. He turned out to be the hook up that happened a couple months ago, who you kept around for some good dick.
Tumblr media
My Type by @shadowsremedy​​
smut | one shot | 6K words
Never judge a book by its cover.
Tumblr media
neighbour by @imagniation​​
fluff, smut | one shot | 4K words
‘you think I can afford a plumber?’ your endearing neighbour jeongguk has magic hands that fix toilets and make you orgasm.
Tumblr media
one thing right by @hobios
🍙, fluff, angst, smut | series
“i’ve been wrong about a million times, but i’ve got one thing right.”
or, desperate to get your ailing mother into the best care possible, you ask your childhood friend turned enemy to marry you for his health insurance benefits. the only problem is it’s illegal. and he’s the sheriff. and you swore to hate him since the day he broke your best friend’s heart.
Tumblr media
One Year, My Love by @hayjeon
🍙, angst, fluff, smut | two shots 
You forge a marriage contract with the strangely speaking man who suddenly stumbled into your town with memory loss, but little do you know that he’s actually the lost Crown Prince, and a lot can happen between a married man and woman in one year.
Tumblr media
Orange Tulips by @kainks
angst, fluff, light smut | one shot | 10.2K words
You’d remember Jungkook with every life you lived. Only he’d never remember you, never recall how your fates were written in the stars since the beginning of time.
Tumblr media
Pay by Play by @yoonia
smut | one shot | 3.6K words
—part of @bangtansmutcentral‘s Made With Love Project
Tumblr media
Pen Pal by @chinkbihh
angst | series
As a lonely person, the idea of exchanging letters with someone apart from society was actually quite appealing to you.  In a random act of charity and desperation, you sign up for a pen pal and get paired up with an inmate named Jungkook.  The letters were meant to help him cope with prison life, but little did anyone know it was actually driving him more mad.  
Tumblr media
Piss Off Your Parents by @littlemisskookie
smut | one shot | 16.4K words
In an effort to piss off your parents you move in with their worst nightmare- a boy with tattoos, a rock band, and an irresistible charm.
Tumblr media
Play Pretend by @seokoloqy
smut, angst | one shot | 8.6K words
walking under ladders, splitting the pole, breaking mirrors, going near black cats—just to name a few things Jeon Jungkook doesn’t do before his soccer games.
And after Jungkook catches his girlfriend cheating on him, he’s going to need a little more than luck to get her back. He needs you.
Tumblr media
Quarter Quell by @chinkbihh
ON-GOING | 🍙 | series
Every 25 years there is a Quarter Quell edition of the Hunger Games. Quells mark the anniversaries of the districts’ defeat by the Capitol, and include special celebrations. The Games involves some sort of twist that makes them even more disastrous or difficult to compete in, or watch.
Tumblr media
Redolent by @baeseoul
ON-GOING | angst, smut | series
You and Jungkook have a past, but the biggest mistake of his life has him losing you in every way. It isn’t until the smell of the unique combination of vanilla and pear blossom for the first time in over a year reminds him of you and your endearing candle obsession that he’s forced to reminisce about what he had, and what he lost. He wants to reconcile, but what if you’re doing just fine without him?
Tumblr media
Rigor Mortis by @readyplayerhobi
smut, angst, horror, fluff | one shot | 28.5K words
A night out at a bar results in you going home with a young and attractive police officer. But if you think the night was something to remember, that’s nothing compared to waking up to find a zombie outbreak in the city. A chance encounter with Officer Jeon leads to him helping you escape from the plague infested city.
Tumblr media
ROTTENFOLK by @junqkook
🍙, smut, fantasy | one shot (in dire need of a part two though!!!) | 13.5K words
a look was as hazardous as chemicals, a kiss as perilous as poison; his eyes and lips felt akin to a cure, but he was purely venom.
—part of BTS Smut Club’s The Heatwave Project
Tumblr media
roulette. by @taesthetes
light fluff, angst | one shot | 1.2K words
noun : a gambling game of chance.
he loves me, click, he loves me not, bang.
Tumblr media
Ruin the Dress... Shirt by @fortunexkookie
smut, fluff | one shot | 4.8K words
What could possibly go wrong during a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner with your brand new boyfriend? Let’s be honest, you shouldn’t have even asked.
Tumblr media
Scum’s Wish by @bobagukk
angst, smut | one shot | 4.8K words
Tumblr media
Secret Slut by @jeonsweetpea
🍙, smut | two shots
Jungkook accidentally gifts you, his boss, a sex toy for Secret Santa.
Tumblr media
skype sex by @floralseokjin​​
smut, fluff | one shot | 2.9K words
—part of the first love, last love drabble series
Tumblr media
Somnolent by @forgottenpasta
fluff | one shot | 3.5K words
After spending one night in bed with you, Jeongguk finds out he is unable to sleep unless you’re sleeping with him.
Tumblr media
Sprout by @hugseoks
fluff, crack | one shot | 1.2K words
After a nice evening out with your friends, you find yourself coming home to your sleeping toddler and the new hairstyle she had tried on your husband.
Tumblr media
stand-in by @gvksp4ce
angst, smut, fluff | one shot | 10K words
frat parties always suck to a certain degree, especially when you walk in on your best friend’s partner nailing your own boyfriend on said buddy’s bed. However, drowning in self-pity was not on Jeon’s watch.
Tumblr media
strawberry lips by @personasintro
fluff | drabble | 2.8K words
it’s not your fault your professor is extremely young and oh, so hot
Tumblr media
Summer Solstice by @brokenspinez​​
smut | one shot | 6K words
Down on your luck and desperate for a successful harvest, you pray to the gods. You figure no one in heaven was listening to your prayers when nothing happens immediately. But one fateful night, your prayers are answered. Are you willing to pay the price? The sacrifice might not be what you were expecting….
GOD au
Tumblr media
Tangsuyuk Love by @full-of-jams​​
fluff, smut | one shot | 11.5K words
College student Jungkook flirts with a customer who always orders take-out tangsuyuk at his part-time job. Meanwhile he’s miserably trying not to fail his Math class, while hiding his ever-growing crush on you.
Tumblr media
tell me no lies by @jeongi
angst, smut, minimal fluff | one shot | 15.1K words
You chose to rob your boss, however; you never expected to fall in love with him.
—part of BTS Smut Club's Under Fire Summer Project
Tumblr media
the beast hidden inside by @harvcore​​
smut | one shot | 1.5K words
never come home smelling like another man, especially when it’s mating season.
or 𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐣𝐞𝐨𝐧 𝐣𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤, 𝐚𝐧 𝐚𝐥𝐩𝐡𝐚, 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐢𝐩 𝐨𝐟 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐥 𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐭𝐬…
Tumblr media
the best part of me is you by @yourdelights
fluff, smut, angst | one shot | 9K words
Having been best friends since childhood, you’re an expert in all things Jungkook. You know everything about him, from how he took his coffee to the sound of his laugh after a successful prank. There was no part of him that you didn’t know like the back of your hand, or so you thought. Your view on things gets a bit skewed after discovering the one secret Jungkook had kept from you: he’s a camboy.
Tumblr media
the coffee shop contract by @gukyi
fluff | one shot | 18K words
apparently, having an instagram profile with a different girl in every picture is reason enough for your friends to strike up a deal where they’ll pay you to have a relationship. well, jeon jungkook’s no good at relationships, but a fake relationship isn’t a real relationship. is it?
Tumblr media
the engagement by @virgoknj
angst | drabble | 3.4K words
in where your ex jungkook appears at your engagement party
Tumblr media
the jeon twins by @krreader
fluff, angst | one shot | 3.2K words
jk thought he was doing this for his twin’s good. falling in love with you while pretending to be kookie was never something he planned on doing and he hated himself for it.
Tumblr media
The Jorts by @gukslut​
fluff, smut | one shot | 6.5K words
Tumblr media
the sea & the storm by @jamaisjoons
angst, fluff, smut | one shot | 20K words
the sea is a powerful mistress. she is calm and beautiful. she is mysterious and alluring. she is a force to be reckoned with. above all, however, she is lonely. until she meets him.
—part of the Fantastical Stories for Curious Souls collaboration
Tumblr media
the train of lost souls by @inktae
angst, fantasy, fluff | one shot | 13.6K words
The moment you step inside the train, you are given two options.
You can choose to live, to be given a second and a last chance in life, in exchange for your memories and your previous existence. You can choose to be alive again, but it can only be an entirely new life. Everyone you’ve ever crossed paths with would forget your name. All the pain and the love you knew, all the ups and downs that made you hurt and made you smile — all of it, completely gone.
Or you can choose to move on, to give your life away while keeping your memories until the end of time. To step out of the world of the living and to embrace a new kind of loneliness, but with the warmth of your past always safe between your cold hands.
You are dead, but it’s up to you to do something about it.
The choice is solely yours.
Tumblr media
The Truth About Forever by @thedefinitionofbts
romance, implied smut, angst | one shot | 6.3K words
There are a lot of things you know. You knew the water in the lake was the clearest, most fresh tasting in the world and that lavender hyacinth graced every hillside, peeking through patches of wild grass and forest green shrubbery. You knew the weather was pleasant enough and the air clean enough even for someone with a body as weak as yours to sleep peacefully under clear moonlit nights. You know a lot of things, but there was one thing you didn’t know…  
“Jungkook and Y/N forever…” Seokjin reads the little inscription on the corner. “Hey, this person even has the same name as you, how weird.”
Tumblr media
the universe of us. by @taesthetes
🍙, fluff, angst, fantasy | one shot | 21.1K words
nefelibata : (noun) lit. “cloud-walker”; the one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams
The story of Icarus tells of a naive being who loved the sun and flew too close, leading to his untimely descent into the ocean. But what the tale didn’t speak of was how the sun and the moon fell in love with him, too. And with the pull of the tides due to the attraction of the sun and the moon, he tosses and turns, torn between two entities.
So if Kim Taehyung embodies the sun, then Jeon Jungkook is the moon.
And you are Icarus.
Tumblr media
The Virgin Volume by @kpopfanfictrash​
smut, angst | two shots
The year? Some point after college. The occasion? Namjoon is getting married and the Rich Man’s Crochet Club has convened once again. Somewhere between the drinks and the laughter, everyone has the same realization: Jungkook has never been in a serious relationship. In the name of all that is holy (Overwatch and booze), the club’s mission is revived. Now though, their goal is much more perilous. Now, they aim to find Jeon Jungkook a girlfriend.
—part of The Rich Man’s Crochet Club series
Tumblr media
the wedding planners by @gukyi
fluff, light smut, light angst | one shot | 28K words
jeon jungkook is three things: cocky, terrible, and your worst enemy. then your best friend hoseok gets engaged to the love of his life, and suddenly jeon jungkook is four things: cocky, terrible, your worst enemy, and the man you will be spending the next seven months with in order to plan your best friend’s wedding.
and then, as if your life couldn’t get any shittier, you make the poor decision of sleeping with him on the first day of the job.
Tumblr media
through the night by @nightbts
ON-GOING | 🍙, fluff, angst | series
Tumblr media
Travel Diary by @nitaescence
fluff | one shot | 2.5K words
Tumblr media
way down in bed stuy by @minstrivia
smut, light angst | one shot | 5K+ words
as a final farewell you fuck your sister’s unbelievably attractive knave boyfriend that you definitely do not have feelings for…again.
Tumblr media
Welcome to the Underworld (AO3 Link) by @spookitokki
fluff, smut, fantasy | one shot | 9.6K words
In a dark little second-hand shop downtown, stuffed in an alleyway you only stumbled into because you were lost, you found a charming antique radio. When you turned it on, it began to play what would become your favorite radio show, “Welcome to the Underworld”
Tumblr media
youngblood by @jinitude
smut | one shot | 14.6K words
“I don’t care if he’s got the potential to be the next big thing. I’m done trying to chase a story that doesn’t exist. The kid is a wet leaf left on the curb to dry and crumble into pieces the next day. You’re going to send me to five of his concerts and I can already tell you how each one is going to go. He’s a wannabe bad boy who jizzes his pants when he sees a girl looking at him. Assign me someone else.”
Tumblr media
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kpoppinandlockin · 7 months ago
Enhypen When They Meet Their Idol Crush Backstage (Enhypen x Idol!Reader Scenarios)
I hope this is what you meant lovely requester 😅🥰 hope you enjoy!  Also, sorry I don’t think this is that good 😣 oof
Tumblr media
♡ The others tease their leader because they know he’s a big fan of yours, but he just tells them to shut up.
♡ Being the leader, Jungwon is expected to speak for Enhypen, which is no big deal...until you approach them and he forgets all his words for a second.
♡ However, you don’t really notice as he takes a breath and composes himself well, coming across as just naturally shy and sweet.
♡ Jungwon is so smiley the entire time he talks to you, telling you that he’s a really big fan and what an honor it is to be promoting with you.  He’s so polite and sincere, too...this boy’s grandma raised him right!
♡ The other members try to wingman for Jungwon by talking about what an ace he is...then you agree, saying you wish you had talent like his and Jungwon.exe has stopped working.
♡ “W- wow,” he stutters, “that really means a lot, especially coming from someone like you.’
♡ So he manages to turn it around and make you a bit flustered!
♡ “I’ll be cheering for you guys when it’s your turn,” you tell him, “ok?”  And that gives him a euphoric feeling, a rush that gives him a high of confidence.
♡ “You’ll be cheering for me,” he teases, huge smile still present, “right?”  At this, you giggle, telling him only if he cheers for you.
♡ Overall, Jungwon is nervous, but manages to keep his heart attack at a minimum until you’re gone, when he flips out and acts like he needs to go to the hospital because he managed to talk to you and leave you with a good impression.
♡ Sunghoon actually comes up to warn Heeseung, whispering “Psst, you know (y/n)’s group is here too, right?”
♡ Heeseung’s jaw drops, but he figures you guys won’t interact and just hopes he can get a glimpse of you practicing or maybe send you a warm greeting in the hallway.
♡ Basically his MO is to avoid you, but then suddenly you’re walking up to him and he panics, looking so worried that he sees your brows furrow in concern, quickly switching to a shaky smile.
♡ “Hi!  It’s nice to meet you, though I’m sorry it’s like this.”  Heeseung can’t speak, opting to just tilt his head in confusion, silently prompting you to continue.  “Er, well I guess some of our groups’ equipment got mixed up, and when I asked Jungwon he said you were the guy to go to.”
♡ Mentally slapping Jungwon, Heeseung swallows, eyes meeting your earnest gaze.  “Oh, uh, yeah...that’s me.  Which equipment was it again?”  “Well, for starters, our mics of all things...”
♡ You two end up going on a little wild goose chase through all the performance equipment, you making little jokes here and there about what you find, like pretending to pout about how The Boyz have prettier in-ears than your group.  Heeseung, for his part, is a bit quiet, but he reacts to all your comments, earning smiles from you that gradually boost his confidence.
♡ Soon, though, you’ve found and switched your mics.  “My hero!”  You exclaim.  “Thank you again.  You’re always so cool!”
♡ “No, you’re cool,” Heeseung blurts out before covering his mouth, embarrassed.  You just laugh.  “Please go tell my members that.  Hey, but seriously, thanks.  It was fun!  If anyone asks, my bias from Enhypen is Heeseung from now on!”
♡  Heeseung’s jaw drops.  “Me?”  “No, the other Enhypen Heeseung,” you tease, giggling and shaking your head, “yes, you!”  “Y-you’re mine as well,” Heeseung says, causing you to go for a high-five.  At this point, he feels like his heart is going to explode, so he turns around to leave.  You call one last thing to him.  “Have fun performing Given-Taken tonight!”
♡ “Thank you, you too!”  Immediately flushing at his faux-pas, Heeseung all but runs away after that, wishing the backstage stained concrete would open up and swallow him.  He didn’t notice your smile or realize any good could have come from the awkward interaction until you posted a Given-Taken dance cover on your group’s tiktok.
♡ Jay’s an extrovert, and he vows to make you fall for his coolness the moment Jake tells him your group is backstage too.  To that end, he comes right up to you during a snack break, determined to say something awesome to start a conversation.
♡ The problem with that is that he forgets the line he had planned the moment you lift your gaze from the orange you’re pulling a segment off of, fixing your beautiful eyes straight at him.
♡ “So...fruit, right?”  You tilt your head at first, luckily glancing at the fruit in your hand right at the same time Jay’s expression contorts into an I want to die right now look.  “Oh, my orange!  Do you want one?  I just got it at the table right over there,” you tell him, pointing.
♡ Jay is nothing if not persistent, using the deep pain of that first attempt as fuel to just try again.  “It’s ok, I got enough vitamin C from watching your group perform earlier.”
♡  His face breaks into a grin as soon as you smile.  “Oh, really?  I can’t believe the Enhypen was watching us!”
♡ “How could we not?”  With that, talker Jay launches into a lengthy description of everything he likes about your performance, from the choreography to the outfits.  In response, you launch into an anecdote about a problem one of your members had with the outfits, Jay launching right back with some funny stories about his members.
♡ Things are going pretty well until Jungwon finds Jay and decides to have his fun.  “Oh, you finally found (y/n), huh?”  Jay glares at him, not finding the teasing cute at all in that moment.  Jungwon turns to you.  “He watches your fancams a lot.”
♡ “Because I may want to do a cover someday!”  Jay all but shouts.  “Interesting,” you reply, “why not watch our dance practices then?”  Jay’s head drops in frustration, sending Jungwon scrambling away the moment he gets the hint.  “Forget it.”
♡ “Sorry,” you apologize, turning to leave, only for Jay to call out “Wait!”  You turn back around.  “No, I’m sorry, I was just frustrated that Jungwon made things weird.  The truth is I really look up to you, but I didn’t want you to think I only wanted to talk to you because of that.”
♡ You tell him that of course it’s an honor for an Enhypen member to look up to you and that you really enjoyed his group’s songs and performances.  “But I would love to be friends as well.”  Jay practically passes out when you leave, wondering what sort of impression he left on you, not knowing you were charmed by his very earnest, funny ways.
♡ Jake is content to watch you from afar, occasionally waving and smiling, but fate has its ways.
♡ They were filming backstage content for the show, so they wanted the different groups to interact, choosing Enhypen and your group to play some games together since there were seven in each.
♡ Jake ended up being paired with you for a quiz, where your candid comments surprised him.  “Why did you give me one of the smart ones?”  Everyone laughs at that, but Jake can’t help puffing up a little that you thought so.  “I’m sure you’re plenty smart, too, (y/n).”  “He didn’t deny it!”  More laughter at the host’s words.
♡ The quiz was boisterous, full of frantically shouted (y/n)s and Jakes.  He tried not to, but he couldn’t take his eyes off you every time you did the songs’ choreos, even if the rest of Enhypen was laughing behind the camera.
♡ Jake won, but only by two points, and he couldn’t help but lift you up, telling you you did a great job and reaching for a double-high-five, which you reciprocated.
♡ “You’re a really good dancer.”  “Thanks, so are you!”  “I mean it!”  “So do I!”  You guys basically get locked in a compliment-loop until Sunoo and your next member step into the camera to compete, grabbing everyone’s attention since they were seen as the girl group dance experts of each team.
♡ Jake is really smooth and genuinely nice, so he makes easy conversation with you off to the side.  “I’m glad we got picked to play this game.  It’s a great opportunity for our groups to get closer and us to finally talk.”  “I know,” you chuckle, “it seemed like we kept running into each other without saying anything!”
♡ “Well, now we can say hi, right?”  “I’ll make sure you’re still studying your k-pop.”  “Ok, Teacher.”
♡ Jake seems to always run into you, but he’s never creepy about it, just stopping by to say hi.  He also helps you backstage a lot.
♡ They all worry about what their crush thinks to some extent, but Jake is one of the most natural, so he has nothing to worry about.
♡ Sunghoon is another that kind of just decides to avoid his idol crush once he knows that your group and Enhypen are promoting at the same show.  In his head, nothing will come of it and it’ll just be more awkward than anything.
♡ So he lowkey wants to murder Sunoo for running around making friends with everyone, coming up to all of Enhypen and saying that he agreed that Enhypen and your group would share lunch.  Luckily for Sunghoon, none of the other members know he has a crush on you because he’s never had a reason to tell them, otherwise oh boy.
♡ The time comes and Sunghoon prepares himself to greet you, get his food, and say nothing else.  You guys all head to a pair of tables designated for them to eat at...
♡ ...only for Sunghoon to be forced into the chair next to yours by virtue of the rest being taken.  He doesn’t say much at first, feeling a bit awkward about the whole thing.  You break the silence, disarming him with a question: “Did they pick you as the member whose hand catches on fire for irony value or something else?”
♡ “What?”  You repeat your question before sheepishly rubbing at the back of your neck.  “Sorry, I guess I just get a bit carried away in all the theories surrounding music videos.  Given-Taken was just so cool!”
♡ Sunghoon’s jaw drops.  You thought his video was cool and you paid that much attention to his part?  He couldn’t help but smile.  “Thank you.  That means a lot coming from you.”  At first, he wishes he hadn’t phrased it that way, but you look pleased, so he lets himself slide.
♡ “So,” you asked in between bites, leaning forward with your chin on your fist, “what is it?  Or no spoilers?”  Sunghoon swallows, subconsciously returning to a smile at having you so close.
♡ “Well, maybe I could give you a little hint,” he quips, “lean a little closer.”  Grinning, you comply, waiting for him to whisper in your ear, but suddenly Jay yanks him away by the collar, asking him what he’s doing with a horrified look on his face.
♡ “I was”  He shakes his head.  “Nothing.”  He turns to you and apologizes, but you assure him you understand.  “Maybe I could tell you what my theory is so we can laugh later at how wrong I was!”  Sunghoon goes from ignoring you to avidly listening, nodding and grinning at your imagination.
♡ The other members tease him afterward, asking if you got him flustered as if he’d just developed the crush on you that he’d harbored for some time.  He’s too busy being proud to care too much, smiling that you wanted to talk to him more.
♡ Sunoo has a cheek-aching grin the whole time you talk to him.  He’d popped in to say hi to his ‘neighbors’ for the show, only to find it was your group.  His cheeks heated up when you started a conversation.
♡ “Wow, your eyes really are cool in person!”  Sunoo practically has smoke coming out of his ears as you compliment him, giggling out a ‘thank you’.
♡ “Say, do you have any performance tips?  Your facial expressions are always really good and that always seems like the hardest part.  We’re doing a cute concept, so-”
♡ Say no more.  Sunoo is already whipping out your choreography, offering an idea for one part without even realizing that your jaw is dropping because he was half on a confidence high, half using that as an excuse not to look at you.
♡ “You know our dance?”  Your words pull Sunoo out of his reverie, back to his flustered state.  “Ah, yes I do.  I really liked it, so I practiced it a lot!  You guys already do great, though.”
♡ Then it’s your turn to thank him.  As relieved as Sunoo knows he’d feel to end the conversation, he also feels like if he does that, maybe he’d lose his opportunity, so he stutters out an invitation for your groups to hang out on break.
♡ You’re part of a rookie group, much newer and less recognized than Enhypen, so having a friendly hand extended like that means the world to you.  Beaming, you accept and he claps in joy.
♡ Sunoo is so happy he almost crashes into the wall on the way out, prompting you to ask if he’s ok.  Giddy, he says of course he is.
♡ Your group bonding session goes good, and afterward Sunoo follows you around a lot, chatting and just enjoying being around you.  Everything you say that warrants a reaction earns you a big one from him.  He’s like a cute puppy.
♡ He’s definitely one of the most obvious of the bunch, but it works well with his cute charm and gets you thinking about him more and more!
♡ When he finds out you’re around, Ni-ki wants to run away, keeping all the distance he can from his crush.  However, when he sees Sunghoon talking to you, making you laugh and smile, his heart sinks, sending him flipping a 180 as he seeks the chance to be the one who gets you reacting like that.
♡ He approaches Sunghoon and you casually, greeting you and asking what you guys are talking about.
♡ “We were talking about what great dancers you guys in Enhypen are,” you chimed in, sending Ni-ki’s heart flying.
♡ With that, he says screw it and really steps out, trying to impress you by showing off some new moves he was practicing.  You clapped, sending him spiraling straight for Cloud Nine.
♡ “That was amazing!”  Beaming, Ni-ki does one more move, sending you shaking your head.  “Teach me your ways.”
♡ “Yeah, Ni-ki,” Sunghoon eggs him on, “show (y/n) how to do that.”
♡ Flushing, Ni-ki goes over the move with you, staying relatively quiet so he can focus on the move and not the fact that you of all people are staring at him.  When he’s dancing, after all, everything else can fade away, even his crazy erratic heartbeat.
♡ Watching you do the move too, however, sends his heart doing somersaults, as does your look of joy when you master it.
♡ Since that first interaction went so well, Ni-ki starts doing whatever he can to impress you, even if that means doing something stupid or dangerous like lifting something way heavier than he can carry while you’re watching or trying a really risky jump.
♡ Everyone wonders what’s gotten into him until they notice he only does it when you’re in the room, chuckling as they suggest more conversation, less action next time before he strains his back or breaks his leg over you.  He leaves you thinking he’s the group’s official Legolas or something, wondering how the heck he can do all that crazy stuff, so effectively he leaves you intrigued even if you don’t know him very well personally.
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sugamamacustard · 7 months ago
Lips like sugar~
Pairing: Alpha! Toru Oikawa x Omega! Reader
Genre: NSFW. semi-fluff?
Request: Hey!! Can we get a sugar daddy alpha!oikawa; who's out with friends in public and sees his f!omega bby with some friends, but her group of friends decided to approach his group, and she tried her best to distance herself from him, and he was just having none of that, and became super annoyed and possessive in front of the group, later making it clear that he did have actual feelings for her? AAAA sorry if that doesn't make sense!!! I hope you're taking care of yourself <3
Summary: Toru Oikawa had no qualms about paying a pretty little thing to hang off his arm, but he expects you to be at his beck and call for the price tag you come with. And if you aren’t? He’ll put you back into your place real quick. 
Author’s Note: Holy f u c k I cannot explain how much I loved this request-- Please don’t make tiktoks on my work I might cry
Requests: Open!
NSFW Warnings: Fem! Reader, Uhm....It gets soft at the end tho- Mirror sex
Tumblr media
➵ You were so, so pretty. 
➵This was a fact that Oikawa knew. 
➵ While the price tag you came with wasn’t as pretty, he was willing to pay it. 
➵ He had the funds to do so, and though he wouldn’t admit it, you were always worth it.
➵ He would hope you saw him as more than a walking, talking bank account. Especially now that, not only were your friends, but his as well were all settling down.
➵ He could see himself settling with you, having at least two pups, big yard, white picket fence.
➵ “Shittykawa!” 
➵ Shaking his head, he caught up to his friends (Which were visiting him in Argentina), taking over and leading them around. 
➵ It had taken a lot of asking and begging to get them here in the first place and he was not going to let this opportunity go. Not one bit!
➵ He took them to the best street vendors and street stalls, encouraging them to enjoy the bright liveliness that South American culture had to offer. 
➵ Not to mention the girls and guys a like that were more than eye candy. They were more like a whole ass eye buffet. 
➵While Oikawa wouldn’t admit it, they all felt lackluster compared to you
➵ A nudge from Mattsun had him looking in another direction, his eyes widening as he saw you. 
➵ You were glammed out, tastefully of course, with jewels and gems that he either gifted you or gifted you the money to get so (He assumed); hair flowing and shining beautifully as your eyes glimmered.
➵ Iwaizumi was already talking to one of the girls you were hanging with, and Makki and Mattsun were quick to pick up the other two. Leaving you and him.
➵ He shot you one of his coy smirks, sauntering up to you, quickly wrapping an arm around your waist before you had a chance to react.
➵ Your hands rested on his chest, trying to discreetly push him away. 
➵ His grip only tightened as he leaned into your ear.
➵ “Come on, pretty thing, your fine with me everywhere else.”
➵ Truth be told, you had tried separating from Oikawa lately because unwanted-nor needed- feelings began arising.
➵ Stupid things like butterflies in your gut and your cheeks heating up whenever you thought about the brunet.
➵ Swallowing those thoughts, you plastered a smile on your face, leaning into him and acting the role you were payed to do so.
➵Oikawa seemed to appreciate it, as he played the role as your alpha as well.
➵It felt intimate in every way, meeting Oikawa’s friends, learning old memories and anecdotes of their highschool days. 
➵In a way, it made you yearn for more, but that was a strict rule you kept for yourself.
➵ The minute feelings were brought in, you stepped out. 
➵ You will admit you have kept Oikawa far longer than you should’ve, but you couldn’t bring yourself to let him go. 
➵ By the end of the day, you and your friends left with waves behind you, Oikawa dragging a finger along the bottom side of his chin. A wordless demand.
➵ ‘Tonight. My place.’
➵ You merely nodded, scampering along to prepare for the night to come. 
“Oikawa-” You yelped as a harsh smack was delivered to your ass, making you reel and your back arch. Slick gushed out of your cunt, drenching his and your thighs, but he was still relentless. 
“That’s not my name.” He snarled, nipping at your spine as he pulled your hips in time with his thrusts. The necklaces you wore that day were still on, glimmering in the limited light as it bounced with your breasts. The chain was  still cold against your skin, making your skin chill over with goosebumps. “Last names are past us, don’t you think, Y/N?”
You whined, withering as you tried falling onto your hands to take some stress off of your knees. The mirror in front of you was foggy at the edges as it reflected your own sopping cunt back at you. At this point, you couldn’t resist the thought of having this every night. Having Oi- Toru behind you, figuratively or literally, sounded like a dream come true-- and not because of the money, you honestly couldn’t care less at this point. 
Licking your lips, you bared your neck to the alpha, head falling back onto his shoulders as one of his hands snaked forward to circle your clit. Your hips bucked forward at the shot of pleasure but he stayed prevalent. “Toru-Fuck, please, I wanna cum so badly.”
“Cum for me pretty girl. Go on, gush all over your alpha’s cock.” His hand sped up as his eyes watched his dick slip in and out of you, slick trails following after it. It was erotic and breath-taking all in one. 
You obeyed his words, back arching as you reached back into Toru’s hair, yanking as you clutched around him. His knot was stuffed into your still pulsating cunt, making him groan as he emptied into the condom he had put on earlier. Nonetheless, you were stuck together for the next ten minutes, panting and coming down from you high. 
“At the risk of making the next ten minute awkward, I wanted to say I really like you.” Toru whispered into your back, holding you close with his arms looped around your abdomen. 
Licking your lips, you relaxed back onto him. “I think I like you too.” You paused before laughing. “And not your checkbook.”
“That’s good. Don’t think my poor heart could take it.” He himself laughed before continuing. “I have a courting gift in the drawer, but right now we’re a little...tied up.” 
A quick maneuver had you laying on his chest as he laid on his back, hands trailing up and down your sides. 
“All the money you gave me went into a trust fund, in case you were curious. If you want it back I’d be more than happy too-”
“I’m gonna stop you right there. That’s our money.”
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cryptidmullet · 5 months ago
more renga headcanons bc i miss them
- rekis not one to like. hide his praise or anything he compliments langa a lot but just. every so often he'll grab langas wrist and look at him all soft and say "youre amazing langa" very reminiscent of how langa praises him and it just makes langa feel so fucking mushy and in love
- rekis used to affection from his family but thats kinda it and langas family was never super affectionate but he felt loved still but after his dad died he just felt super lonely but when they meet and start getting super close they both just feel like theyre overflowing with love both given and received and i just thinks that beautiful
- rekis chronically bad at opening bottles bc they hurt his hands and hes always embarrassed but he goes up to langa and is like. open please. and langa does KKFMSMFND
- it gets to the point he'll just go up to him with a bottle and langa will open it without being prompted
- yknow when youre really tired and you feel like youre floating in the ocean reki has that but he feels like hes rolling back and forth on his skateboard
- since he first started skating the movement and feeling got so ingrained in him that he'll be sitting at his desk or laying in bed and just feels the sensation of tick tacking like hes not moving he just can feel it like a ghost in his muscles and brain
- sometimes reki just wants to. stand on his board like not do anything just stand on it so he stores skateboards in his room and when he gets restless he'll just stand on one for a little bit
- reki talks to himself a lot he'll be doing some mindless task and then have a pretend conversation with nobody without even realizing it
- whenever reki cries or gets choked up about smth drinking water for some reason makes him feel better
- reki pokes the twins' bellies and blows raspberries on them to make them laugh :)
- langa cant pick up rice with chopsticks when he first moves to okinawa and reki makes fun of him but still teaches him how to do it
- langa has acne along his jawline its just bumpy and stuff
- reki wakes up and then lays in bed watching videos as long as he can before he gets up 
- he also holds his phone like two inches away from his face
- reki uses dark mode langa uses light mode until reki notices it forcibly changes it
- rekis phone is always at like really low brightness bc his eyes are sensitive
- its battery is also always low bc its an old phone and it takes forever to charge
- he takes a lot of pictures and videos of langa just for no reason half of them are blurry and out of focus and langas not paying attention but he keeps all of them
- he has a bookmark on instagram called 'langa' and its full of stuff that reminds reki of him or he wants to show him later
- langa and reki pair up for a presentation once and when theyre presenting they cannot stop laughing reki says um and pauses for a moment too long and langa does one of those long nose exhale laughs and it makes reki snort and then they keep messing up and barely get through it and when they walk back to their desks they shove each other while the class laughs
- langa has a really cheap purple phone case he got at walmart and rekis like dude thats so boring so he makes stickers for him to stick to it
- langa loves them but he also has this weird anxiety about putting stickers places bc he likes them and doesnt want to eventually get rid of whatever the sticker is on but reki tells him he'll make him more whenever he gets another phone so hes okay with it
- langa doesnt really fidget unless hes nervous and then he twists his fingers around but when hes sitting he rolls his right ankle a lot and his foots like always twitching really minutely 
- reki carries around a hairband partly for his sisters (and eventually langa) and partly so he can fidget with it
- langa carries one around too for the same reason but one day reki forgets it during work so langa gives it to him bc he looks restless 
- and langa kinda feels really bare and doesnt know what to do without it so he just rubs his wrist a lot but he doesnt mind 
- reki will get up to go do smth but just sit down curled in a ball on the floor bc he gets distracted for whatever reason and after like 20 minutes of scrolling through his phone hes like wait what was i doing
- reki has a scar on his lip/chin bc he bailed really hard and hit his chin on the concrete and bit through his lip 
- langas a dry ass texter when he and reki first meet bc he didnt really have anyone to text before
- but eventually he googles how to turn auto caps and everything changes
- hes actually funnier over text sometimes bc hes less restrained 
- hes made a ur mom joke and then was like wait i take it back i love your mom im sorry :c 
- and he points out every time reki misspells a word just to annoy him
- reki scrolling through tiktok and he randomly starts crying at a wholesome video and langas like.. you good man and rekis like look at this FRICKING tiktok dude and then langas crying too KFMSMFND
- obligatory "we make a good team" line idk the context ill think about it later but theyre gay they have to say it
- langa promised his mom hed go to the store but had to do a last minute shift at dope sketch and rekis like oh ill do it for you i already know what you get
- langa has a sweet tooth he loves candy and hot chocolate and all that stuff and reki is lowkey an enabler he always brings candy w him or has a bag in his room
- when reki laughs he wraps his arms around his stomach and hes the type to go silent when he laughs hard enough
- he'll go from standing normally to bent over to crouched down to falling and rolling on his back or side from laughing so hard
- its pretty rare but sometimes he snorts in the middle of a laugh too
- when langas laughing Really hard its loud and kind of wheezy and almost like a cackle and he covers his mouth most of the time just out of habit
- he curls up when he laughs too so he'll be laying on rekis bed or the floor and reki says smth that catches him totally off guard and he starts fucking cackling and brings his knees up to touch his forehead hitting his leg and wheezing
- langa helps reki teach chihiro and nanaka how to ride a bike and the four of them go on little bike rides together occasionally
- the twins pulling on langas pant leg until he bends down so they can whisper gibberish in his ear and the first time langa is like ??? but then he learns to just laugh and nod 
- all of rekis sisters coming into rekis room while langa is there to be like :D langa :D and reki herding them out and yelling we're busy and then just flopping on his bed to continue scrolling through his phone in silence
- reki does the older sibling thing and just stands in koyomis doorway 
- miya makes a meme reference that reki doesnt get and hes like god youre old and it wounds reki on a personal level
- reki has a piece of graphite just like permanently stuck in his leg bc when he was younger his friend accidently stabbed him with it and it broke off and just. stayed there
- reki gets super obsessed with one song for a week or two and he'll listen to it on loop like 10 times in a row and he learns the lyrics to them no matter the language and by proxy langa always has the stuck in his head
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0nlythrowharrybeaux · 7 months ago
Flash Warning**
Okay, so I FINALLY downloaded TikTok and saw a thing and it inspired this smutty thing. Hope you guys like it....
WC: 2.4K
Harry was back in London and one of the first people he wanted to see was Y/N, his longtime friend and occasional flame. She was more than thrilled to have him nearby again and clearly he had been too since as soon as he saw her he skipped the hug and went straight for a kiss to her lips that ended with both of them giggling and confessing how much they had missed each other. After some food and catching up, Harry had asked her to stay with him for a few days and how could Y/N decline?
Just because he’s back home it doesn’t mean he isn’t busy. With the grammy’s coming up and just his own boredom, he’s been rehearsing and having meetings over zoom and long phone calls and well Y/N is currently laying in his bed scrolling through TikTok when she sees a video of a woman who flashed her husband in the middle of a meeting. At first she’s giggling along with the woman watching her flustered husband. But as the video loops she focuses her attention on the husband and takes in his reaction. The way his eyes widen before darkening and how a mischievous smirk takes over his face and suddenly she’s turned on and it got her thinking that in their occasional hook ups, Harry is the one with the confidence.
Harry always flusters her. When he’s needy or in some kind of mood he’s always the one to reach out and make things interesting. He knows exactly what buttons to push and what things to say to make her hot and sticky between her thighs and get her throbbing for him. Maybe it’s some time for pay back. She bites on her lip, contemplating her idea for a moment before she’s pushing herself off of his bed and snapping her bra off from under the t-shirt of his she’s wearing. She decides on a change of underwear and a little lip gloss before wandering down to his home office.
As she makes her way down the first floor hallway she can hear his muffled voice through the closed door and she grows a little bit nervous at what she’s about to do. She takes a deep breath as she stops at his door and hopes to god that he doesn’t get angry at her. She carefully twists the doorknob and pushes the door open quietly. Harry glances up at the motion of the door and he sees her. Y/N offers him a smile as her fingers mess with the hem of the shirt she’s got on. He glances back to his laptop as the conversation continues and she just sinks her teeth into her bottom lip as she raises her top over her chest.
The next happens within ten seconds. Harry does a double-take as he sees Y/N’s breasts just there, in plain sight. The first thing he does is bite down on his lip when he feels his cock come alive in his sweatpants. His eyes darken as his mind is suddenly clouded with lust as his eyes drift over her breasts and up her face once more, her lips looking so juicy and slick. He wants to have those same juicy lips stretched around his cock at this very moment. When their eyes meet she giggles quietly before stepping out and shutting the door behind her once again. He swallows the lump that somehow formed in his throat and unmutes his mic.
“Hey sorry guys, something’s come up, I need t’go.”
“Sorry, I really need to go.” He rushes before leaving the meeting and shutting his laptop.
He rushes out of the room, looking up and down the hall for Y/N and sees one of the fuzzy socks she was wearing down the hall. As he walks further he finds another one at the end of the stairs. He grins in excitement as he climbs up the stairs and finds his t-shirt discarded down the hall and as he glances up he sees her panties hung on his bedrooms door knob. At this point Harry’s blood is boiling with need for her. He can’t believe they actually haven’t done anything since his arrival a few days prior. He can’t ignore the throbbing of his cock as he lifts the panties from the door knob and pushes it open gently. She’s sat, crosslegged, on the edge of his bed with a little grin across her lips.
“You are a fucking trouble maker.” He chastises playfully through a chuckled and she shrugs through a giggle.
“You’re being a bad host.” She responded and he cocked his head to the side, nodding in understanding through his smirk.
“Right… sorry, lovie.” He said and she smiled sweetly.
“S’alright, H. I get it, rock star, movie star… you’re busy.” She said as he approached her, taking in her body. When he stood before her his hand came up to the side of her face, holding it tenderly.
“But not too busy for you. Ever.” He assured and she smiled, “I really missed you, y’know. You and your body, I mean…fuck,” he huffed, “look at you.” He hummed as he took her in. She felt her face grow hot at his gawking, “Is this where your little plan ends?” He teased and she shook her head. She stood and pressed him down onto the bed where she sat on his lap and tugged his shirt off of him. She leaned forward and just as his lips were about to meet her own she pressed her lips to his jaw and he grinned as her hand pressed his head a bit back, his hands squeezed at her thighs as her lips sponged down his neck, kissing, sucking, and nipping down to his chest. The slow burn of it all had him reeling and groaning as her tongue traced down his abs. “Fuck…” he groaned silently as she tugged down his sweats, he wasn’t wearing anything underneath and as soon as her warm palm circled his length his eyes shut tight. Then it was her lips on his thighs as she spread his legs open a bit, his fingers tightened up in the sheets as she started sucking at his inner thigh, her hand slowly stroking at him. His breathing was shallow and he swallowed hard at the pressure from her sucks on his thigh.
“Sorry… may or may not have left a little mark.” She hummed and he grinned, caressing her face with his hand once more. She knelt up a bit further and just slipped the tip of his cock between her lips, sucking gently.
“Shit. Love the sight of my cock between those lips.” He moaned, watching her take a little more of him. She started building a rhythm that made his body feel on fire. He was thrusting up into her mouth, moaning uncontrollably as she took him without a complaint. “Fuck, you’re so good with that mouth, lovie.” He was so close to withering, but he didn’t want to finish yet, “I need to get in you, love. Wanna fill you up with my cum.” He groaned and she pulled off of him, stroking him with the same rhythm.
“Yeah?” She asked with a grin.
“Yeah, baby. Please, please.” He pleaded and she pressed herself up on his knees and straddled his lap. Her wet and throbbing center was right up against him, so hard and ready for her. His lips met hers in an urgent and needy kiss. She was certain that this was the hottest and most hungry kiss she’d ever had with anyone. The way his hands were squeezing her ass and trying to pull her closer, it was making her even more needy for him. She moaned loudly ass his teeth sunk into her breast, sucking at her skin as she’d done to his thigh. After leaving a mark there, he did the same to the other side before licking and sucking at her pert nipples eagerly as her fingers tangled in his curls and as his cock rubbed against her center. The friction was delicious and she wasn’t even embarrassed that it was bringing her to the edge as he kissed her lips once more.
“I’m coming.” She gasped against his lips, their foreheads pressed together as she shook in his arms, moaning out the pleasure he had brought her. As she came down he hugged tight around her waist and dragged their bodies up to the top of the bed, where he pressed her into the soft mattress and grabbed his cock and ran it against her folds.
“Ready for me?” She nodded eagerly, eyes desperately searching his. With her nod of confirmation he pushed himself inside her tight, little hole. They both groaned at the pleasure of finally being connected in that way. Right away, he started with a slow pace, but his thrusts were deep and making her tummy tighten up. “Love the sounds you make for me, baby.” He grunted through his movements, “Love to hear how much you love me being inside of you.” She whimpered his name as his words made her body feel like it was slowly but surely combusting.
He pulled out of her for a second and knelt on the bed, she knew that he was about to give it to her so hard and fast. When he thrust back into her it was with a lot more power now that he had more range of motion, his large had was pressed against her lower tummy and the other was right by her core, thumb gazing over her clit at a steady pace.
“Fuck…” he panted, “Can feel my cock right… here.” He muttered, adding more pressure to her tummy.
“Oh fuuuck!” She cried out as the pleasure started building. She could feel the tickles spreading from her core all the way to her finger tips and her skin to burst with goosebumps as it started getting stronger. The groans that were flowing from his mouth were adding to her pleasure and the sounds of him fucking her into oblivion were incredibly sexy.
“Come f’me.” He panted and it really didn’t take long for her world to pause for a moment as the pleasure exploded inside of her. She was moaning his name as her legs attempted to shut around him, but instead he kept thrusting into her even harder than before, she was ready to come undone again, it was all too much. He was thrusting so hard and far too deep, right into that spot that ensured that walking be a challenge for her for the rest of the day. Her clit was too sensitive as he rubbed it gently to the point is made her body tremble and her eyes tear up.
“Oh fuck, H, please!” She whimpered, feeling her body become weak beneath his.
“One more, baby, just one more and I’ll fill your little cunt with my cum.” He panted tiredly. The idea of him even doing that… this was beyond anything they’d ever even done, but feeling him.
Really feeling him was enough motivation for her to focus on that little lick of pleasure. She was getting so close and she knew that this would be intense, so much over stimulation, such a hard fuck, she was done for. Her body froze and her breathing hitched before the moans and curses started falling from her lips. Harry quickly pulled out of her, rubbing her clit fast as her cum gushed from her entrance. Her body was writhing as he stuffed himself inside of her again, feeling and hearing her continue to squirt around him, he grunted and his eyes shut tight as he sunk as deep as he could and came undone. Thick white ropes of him filling her in a way he’s always dreamed of. Once he was done he kissed her despite them both being out of breath and hazy from the pleasure.
“Fuck… I’ve never done that before.” She whispered tiredly and he smiled, eyes still closed because quite honestly, he felt a little light headed after coming so much and so hard. They lay there in silence, recovering for close to ten minutes, all she could feel below the hips was her core throbbing steadily after taking such a rough pounding. Just thinking about it was making her skin prick with need again despite how fucked out she was, “H…” she mumbled as she glanced towards his face, his eyes opened to acknowledge her, “What the fuck was that?” She giggled and he chuckled before his face went all pink in some embarrassment. They had only had sex twice before, their encounters usually consisted of other forms of pleasure, not actual sex. And the other times it had been sweet and giggly, oftentimes on the influence of some alcohol and gargantuan amounts of sexual tension and he had never even tried to actually finish inside, even with a condom. Her eyes searched his and he shrugged.
“Just missed you so fucking much.” He said simply, “Wanted to feel close with you.” He reason tiredly and she smiled.
“I missed you too.” She hummed before they kissed gently, “Gotta change the sheets… made a proper messy of’em.” She grumbled against his mouth.
“In a bit, I need a nap.” He hummed and she turned away from him and he pulled her closer to him.
“Did you finish your meeting?” She asked softly as her fingers interlocked with his over her stomach.
“No. Not after that little stunt ya’pulled.” He said as they laughed softly.
“Hope it wasn’t too important then.” She sighed tiredly.
“It was just for planning the next tour, so only one of the most important meetings but-”
“Oh my god.” She interrupted with a groan and he chuckled, “I’m so sorry, Har.” She giggled.
“No you’re not. And quite frankly neither am I, was about to say that you’re more important.”
“Lies. I’m not and you know it.” She responded, being a workaholic herself, she knew he was just saying it to make her feel not so bad.
“Fine, fine… but at least equally important. I’m not lying. If I didn’t think so I wouldn’t have ended it.” He reasoned and she stayed quiet, happy with his answer. “You do know that you mean the world to me, right?” He asked quietly against her shoulder and she smiled.
“Y’mean the world to me too.” She whispered softly and smiled when he kissed her bare shoulder before hugging her close.
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get-shiggy-with-it · 7 months ago
Scream Therapy
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tomura Shigaraki x gender neutral!reader
Word Count: 2.5k
Warnings: extremely vague allusions to mental illness, metaphors about wounds, angst with a relieving ending, let me know if i’ve missed something
AO3 mirror
So you know those tiktoks where people go out into the woods and scream? Just like expel all the shit that’s been holding them down into an open field and let the earth reclaim all their dark, restless energy? Reveal the burdens that have been creaking in their joints and trapped in the prison of their ribs for the trees to swallow?
I’ve been thinking about that and Shigaraki a lot. 
Like the rest of the league too, but mostly Shigs. 
Just imagine: 
It’s late, it always is when shit is going down at the hideout. The League of Villains is practically nocturnal at this point. Shigaraki’s mind is a loud place—lot’s of rabid, train tearing down the track lines of thought that clatter and roar and gush toxic coal smoke.
So as annoyed as he makes himself out to be, he doesn’t actually mind the din of the bar all that much. Twice and Toga chattering in the corner, random bits of too loud laughter and the clink of Kurogiri polishing glasses as he tells off Dabi for the umpteenth time about smoking inside—hell, even Compress rambling about the health benefits of high quality wine to nobody in particular is somewhat...comforting?
That’s not quite the right word, but their noise settles around him a bit like a thick quilt and dampens the rampage inside his head for a while.
He thinks about a lot of things.
Some good, most bad, all obsessive. He’ll get stuck in these loops sometimes, small questions evolve into bigger, more complicated webs, and suddenly it’s been four hours and he’s done nothing but stare at the same spot on the wall just left of his desktop monitor.
Sleep is a terrifying venture for much the same reason. Once he gets caught in that cycling it’s so hard to break out, and that’s when he’ll stumble down the stairs and sequester himself away at the end of the bar.
There he will sit and listen to the incessant white noise of his team—which is frustrating too but infinitely better than whatever anxiety coated sludge his brain will come up with if left to its own devices, so he bears it.
And then there’s you.
Who you are isn’t entirely important.
Maybe you’re just another member of the League, dedicated to helping your boss spread villainy across the city. Maybe you’re a morally ambiguous civilian who just stumbled in much like a stray cat into a depressed college student’s apartment and simply never left.
Whatever the circumstances, where you came from doesn’t matter.
To him, your contributions to the din are just another layer of insulation against the storm. He couldn’t really care less what you do, or where you go when you weren’t there. As long as your voice could offer a different type of grating against his ears than the silent throbbing of his head when he is alone, then your presence is justified.
Shigaraki only takes notice of you when you leave, when your voice is no longer adding to the uproar drowning out whatever new thought spiral he was trying to claw his way out of.
It’s very late then. That odd, in between time when it’s closer to the sunrise than to it’s setting but somehow also the darkest portion of the night. Of course, it’s never totally dark—not with all the light pollution laying an ever present, glowing haze across the horizon—but it’s as close as it gets out here to pitch black.
He catches the tail end of your coat, a glimpse of your shoe soles as you slip up the stairs and climb the wrought iron ladder that leads to the roof. Shigaraki often catches himself wondering how you figured out exactly how to avoid each board that creaked. He thinks sometimes it’s because you like going unnoticed, that too much attention makes you feel just as shaky as he gets when he’s been inside his head too long. Or possibly you just don’t want to wake anyone up in the rare moments that some League members are actually asleep.
Regardless, he watches you go and feels strangely...compelled to follow and because he rarely feels compelled to do anything unless it’s furthering the downfall of hero society, he does.
He takes an unsteady step, then another until the brisk, cusp-of-summer air is washing over him. It bites through his thin black top and the worn holes in his jeans, but the sting feel likes something.
And since he almost always feels nothing at all, it’s good.
You’re stood a few feet from the edge of the building, where the ledge has begun to crumble away from age and poor maintenance. The wind is strong enough that it makes your limp arms sway by your sides. Shigaraki is so thin now, he’s almost afraid for a moment it might blow him away. He’s found himself feeling so insubstantial as of late, it’s shocking when his feet don’t lift off from the roof entirely. He crosses the distance towards you slowly. 
If you hear him approaching, you don’t show it.
Normally he wouldn’t start a conversation of his own volition but he did follow you up here and the silence is getting a bit deafening, even with the breeze.
“What are you doing here?” he asks.
It’s simple, but it’s all he can think to say. Funny, with how many words that run through his head, he can never find the right ones when he wants them.
You turn then, and your face is...well it’s a face. He tends not to look at people’s faces much—doesn’t want to see their expressions when they look at him, but from what he can tell you aren’t upset that he’s here at least.
“I love the city at night.”
That’s all you offer in response and he knows somehow that you’ll keep talking even if he doesn’t answer. That you know how much he hates the quiet but can’t ever fill it himself.
“When you’re up high enough, you can pretend the streetlights are stars,” you divulge, as if it’s some sort of great, long kept secret.
Maybe it is.
Maybe you have a lot of secrets. You seem to him like the type of person who would. Who keeps life changing truths tucked under your tongue to drop suddenly over convenience store dinners and cheap beer.
He thinks that maybe he’d like to know them.
“It’s always so alive during the day, the streets I mean,” you continue, eyes trained out on the buildings below, tracing constellations from block to block. “But I can’t shake the feeling that it’s rotting too like….”
You trail off and don’t finish the thought, but you don’t have to. He knows what you mean: like the city is a wound that’s festering. That all the people and the heroes that corral them like cattle are just an infection waiting to spread.
“What are you doing here?” he asks again, because he hasn’t been able to come up with anything else.
Your gaze flits over his face this time, and Shigaraki almost misses the small smile that plays at your lips. He’s close enough now that you could touch him, and you almost do, shoulders just inches away from brushing. But you don’t close the gap.
You touch the others, a lot actually, though he gets the sense you’re the type to ask first. And with his mind running on overdrive every waking second, he gets overstimulated easily. He should probably be thankful you aren’t as familiar with him. That you bother to notice the distance he keeps even when he rarely pays you any mind.
Maybe you’re thankful for that too.
“You know, scream therapy is a very effective and cheap alternative to professional intervention,” you say matter of factly in response.
He waits for you to continue and you do.
“There’s no one out this late but heroes on patrols and they won’t come to help us, so this is a perfect opportunity to give it a try.”
He can feel his brow knitting together and you raise your hand for a second as if to smooth your thumb over the wrinkled skin. Shigaraki doesn’t move, but watches your fingers pause in mid motion and drop back down.
There’s a strange charge in the air between you—a spark he distantly wishes would ignite if only so he could stop churning in his gut.
“How do you do it?”
He’s never asked so many questions of anyone in his life. But he finds he truly wants to know.
And you’re the one that can show him.
You breathe deeply beside him, letting your eyes drift shut and taking a step towards the ledge. With hands balled into righteous little fists, you bend a bit at the waist and you...scream.
Shigaraki isn’t quite sure what he’d expected, but for some reason it wasn’t that.
He’s heard shouts before, cries for help or out of fear, but nothing like this. The sound seems to bubble up from some deep, dank pit inside you and bursts forth from your mouth like a geyser spewing boiling water from the earth. It’s long and low and loudloudloud. It isn’t a sound he could ever imagine you making, but it rumbles in his chest as if it’s his own.
Just watching has a weight lifting from his shoulders.
You keep going even when he knows you should have run out of air. But you aren’t really making the noise, you’re just letting it escape. He’s not sure how he knows that but he does.
Your voice cracks and snaps and rages forth and you scream in a way he feels in his very bones. The garbled, awful sound is so clearly understandable despite the wind that carries it away.
It says: I am free and young and can feel none of it.
And then it’s words. Words that tumble from you in a torrent.
About your family, about what’s been done to you, what you’ve done to yourself.
About the lies and the injustice of it all.
You’re heaving by the end, deflated as though all the screams had left behind an empty space—an abscess drained and ready to heal over or fill back up.
“It’s your turn.”
Shigaraki stares at you, silhouetted by the dull, silver glow of the city and panting. You both look at each other for a moment, reveling in the odd connection that sometimes forms between strangers who know far too much about each other.
He doesn’t think he could top that, but the energy you’ve created is invigorating and he’s determined to ride the wave while he has it.
Taking a step, he joins you by the ledge again, and you back up as if allowing him into the spotlight. The wind will swallow whatever he says, it will eat the words like a starving behemoth and he finds himself ready to feed the beast.
He has to dig deep, scratch at old sores to make them bleed again, tear at scabs so he can let the contaminating thoughts leak out. Once he feels like he’s breached far enough, Shigaraki takes a breath.
And he screams.
His body doubles over with the strength of it, foot slamming down onto the roofing and four fingers fisted in the hem of his shirt.
It hurts coming out, rips at his vocal chords and has his throat raw to bleeding after just the first few seconds but he pushes past it.
He wonders if this is what a runner's high feels like, when you’ve pushed beyond the side stitches and knee aches and your blood finally rushes with all those elusive feel good chemicals he never has enough of.
Whatever it is, the feeling is addicting.
Shigaraki is dimly aware of you in his peripheral, encouraging the tsunami thoughts in his head to be thrust out into the uncaring arms of the city skyline.
Surprisingly, he doesn’t have to search for the words. They simply come. All his frustrations, some he wasn’t even conscious of, spill fresh and steaming like blood. Physically, his body remains but somewhere in the depths of his mind he is younger and hurt and alone and trying desperately to scream.
“I destroy everything I touch!” he roars at the apathetic, grey sidewalk below.
After the last word leaves him, he feels the same weightlessness he’d seen in the sag of your shoulders. The same snapping of the coil slack in his spine.
And suddenly, with this glorious, awful sense of revelation, Shigaraki realizes that everything in his head has gone quiet.
He’s over taken by a silence that requires no filling, a peace that he’d imagined only existed at the bottom of abandoned wells, far away from any chubby child’s hands that may toss foolish wishes down them.
He thinks about kissing you then.
And he knows now that this thought has always been there, but it was drowned like a subway rat in the aftermath of the hurricane brewing in his brainstem. He has always noticed you no matter how hard you try to blend into the background. Your voice has always been a bit better at shutting out the unending, worthless choir in his head.
He wouldn’t have followed anyone else up here—not Dabi, not Spinner, not Compress or even Kurogiri.
He can see that now. In this new enlightened state, everything is so much clearer. Though he is quickly thrust back into the present, into his body once again, as another kind of soft weight settles on his shoulders. Your coat is skin warmed and smells like you and everything he’s ever loved in his own screwy little way. He realizes then that you’ve been trying to talk to him this whole time.
“Shigs,” you call again and tuck the coat tighter around his shoulders, “you were shaking.”
Shigaraki nods, feeling relief from the cold he hadn’t quite been aware of till now. He’s not sure if you’ve ever addressed him so informally before, but he decides he likes the nickname.
It feels a bit like a gift.
“Better, yeah?”
He’s not really sure if it’s better, but it is different and it’s been impossibly long since anything has been different, so he thinks it must be good.
“Yes,” he says.
It’s a general yes, both to your question and to you, whatever that might mean. He doesn’t say anything more because he’s done enough talking and you nod like you understand.
Neither of you moves to leave the roof, but you do inch closer to him this time, closing the gap and tucking him into your side. Your arm is slung gently across his shoulders and he finds the weight of it relieving.
That seems like it shouldn’t make since but it does—a paradox of sorts, weight being a comfort.
Then the sun begins to rise and it’s as if he’s seeing you in a new light.
Your profile outlined by the stark daybreak rays, so horribly strong despite the scream he knows is forming again under the surface.
And Shigaraki wonders if you see him that way too.
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iamnotyourmusebitch · 6 months ago
Killing me Softly - Tony Stark x Reader fic (Smut)
So here is the thing I fell for Tony all over again coz of a tiktok POV series. I have wanted to try writing something like this for a good while. @saviorsong helped beta some of it and gave great creative criticism.
I know feel like I managed to go up and beyond what this fic would have been.
Enjoy my luvs. (Don’t read if under 18)
Karaoke night was a new “bonding thing” at the tower. Everyone was told they had to have a turn. Most of the team were enjoying themselves, having had multiple goes on the state-of-the-art Karaoke machine. (Stark bought).
You had never sung in front of anyone. Well, no, that was a lie you have sung in front of your mirror in your en-suite bathroom. Unless you count singing for yourself….you thought it was valid, until now.
Thor was in the middle of singing a wonderful rendition of ‘I’m a believer’ by Smash Mouth. He was impeccably out of tune, but nobody cared as the booze was flowing. His enthusiasm for the song was bringing along the crowd. Even the classically stoic Bucky was bobbing along.
It would soon be your turn; you knew this. You had managed to forgo your turn several times, but now you were running out of excuses. Snapping back to reality, you could see Thor had finished his song and was bowing dramatically to the applause the other members threw his way.
“Who is next?” Thor boomed loudly, as he pointed the mic at random people crowded on the couches and chairs.
“I know who it should be.” Natasha grabs the mic and walks over to you. “I think it is time the newbie sings for us.” Her classic smirk was alerting you to your present danger. No escape.
You start stammering that you had a go or you didn’t know what to sing. But Nat was having none of it. She pulled you up to the makeshift stage and shoved the microphone in your hand, a bit more roughly than you would have liked. You just stood there completely frozen to the spot.
You couldn’t move or form any words, let alone sing for your fellow team members.
A glass shatters next to the bar in the corner. Thor clearly wanted another drink.
“Hey, Point Break, those glasses aren’t cheap, you know.” Tony grumbles.
“You can afford more, Stark.” Clint pipes up.
Soon the other members of the team were squabbling over glassware. Your body seemed to unfreeze without having everyone looking at you. You felt more at ease.
You let out a breath. Clearing your throat, music started to float in the air. J.A.R.V.I.S queued up “Anyone” By Demi Lovato. A song that you always sang in your rooms.
“I tried to talk to my piano.
I tried to talk to my guitar.
Talked to my imagination.
Confided into alcohol.
I tried and tried and tried some more.
Told secrets 'til my voice was sore.
Tired of empty conversation
'Cause no one hears me anymore . . .”
The arguments stopped everyone looked to you on the makeshift stage. Your eyes shut to block out their loud voices. You hadn’t noticed they had stopped. So you kept on singing.
“A hundred million stories
And a hundred million songs
I feel stupid when I sing.
Nobody's listening to me.
Nobody's listening . . .”
Everyone was in awe of your beautiful voice. The song rose and fell in glorious crescendos. You put your whole heart into it.
You didn’t know what was happening; your eye’s still tightly shut. Until you finished the song, opened your eyes, everyone was staring at you.
“I-I-I have to go.” You dropped the mic and ran to the safety of your rooms.
It was all too much why did you sing, why did you let that part of you out. They are going to look at you as less than, a broken person.
“Stupid, stupid, stupid.” You had slumped on your bedroom floor.
“(Y/N)? Hey, are you in there?”
You had a feeling someone would come to check on you, but Tony was very low on the list.
“Go away, Stark.” You tried to sound stern, but the way you whispered, please. Almost like you never spoke at all.
“I’m not leaving. So let me in.” Tony announced, not much different from his usual persona. 
You pull yourself up to your full height and walk to your door and open it. You would tell him to leave again, but the face of a heartbroken and worried Tony Stark peered at you. All warm brown eyes were swirling in concern.
“(Y/n). Why did you sing such a sad song then run off?” He tried to touch your shoulder.
Your last resolve crumbled.
“I’m sorry.” You wrapped your arms around yourself. You slightly rock your body back and forth in the way you do when feeling your nerves set in. Tony seeing this makes him drop his arm to the side.
“Why are you sorry?” He think better of it and pulls you against his chest, holding onto you like you might fade any second.
“I-I-I don’t know.” You bury your face in the crook of his neck.
“Hey, hey now. It’s okay, sweetheart.” One of his hands rests on the back of your head as he kisses your temple, his other hand rubs soothing circles on your lower back.
You have no idea how long you both spent in your doorway. Finally, pulling away to look into his deep brown eyes. He was worried, yes, but there was something else in there. A little glimmer of hope. You gripped onto his jacket to try and ground you in the present.
Tony may act like an uncaring womanizer on the surface but that was more of a mask than the Iron Man suit helmet he wears daily. Deep down he had become a close confidant and dare you say friend. But it was known that from the day that you helped him through a particularly bad anxiety attack at one of the gala’s the avengers had to attend that he knew you were something special to him.
He brings one hand to cup your left hand giving it a slight squeeze. His other hand still on your lower back. He starts to sing gently.
It wasn’t a sad song but a sweet uplifting song.
You didn’t know the song but it was made all the more intimate by him singing to you and only you. You lent your forehead against his as he started to sway you both from side to side in a sort of slow dance.
You sigh in content at this lovely gesture. He smiles when he sees you are feeling better. You lean back slightly to really look at him. Has he always been this handsome? Your eyes flit from his lips and then back to his beautiful eyes.
You lean forward slightly, giving him enough time to pull away if he wants. But he leans toward you lips, they brush softly. Almost testing the waters. Before you kiss him more firmly. He reacts warmly to it and kisses you back.
When you pull away slightly you can’t help feel the swell of your soul.
“Will you stay?” You ask nervously.
He kisses you once more before replying.
“Of course sweetheart.” He kisses the tip of your nose.
Pulling away but with your left hands still clasped together. You draw him into your rooms, more specifically your bedroom. You smile at him before kissing him again but you bump noses in an awkward attempt and both laugh.
Muttering your sorrys to each other Tony cups your face before initiating the kiss again. It is not rushed but slow in a way you are both trying to map each other’s lips and lock it away in memory.
You let him deepen the kiss it was like a something from your most wonderful dreams of him.
You break for air, your eyes glistening with possibility. Tony must see this as he shrugs out of his jacket and kisses your jaw, then cheek, then lips again.
He looks at you once more and says “We don’t need to do anything more. I can spend hours just kissing you” he is trying to reassure you
“But I want to. Only if we can take it slow. Not that it is my first time I just want to feel-to feel you. To feel this.” You place your hand over his heart/arc reactor, then start to unbutton his dress shirt.
Tony watches as button by button his shirt is removed and falls to the floor with his jacket. He lets you hands touch the newly revealed skin, his breathing hitched when you kissed just above his arc reactor. You look up at him threw your lashes and smile. He gives you a lazy smile back.
“Come here.” He lets you stand up again as he kisses you much deeper than before. His hands play with the hem of your shirt. Lifting your arms he pulls your shirt up, stopping the kiss briefly to get your shirt over your head. He drops it to the floor. “Wow.” Sighing contently at the sight before him. You may be in a sports bra and jeans but he looks at you like you’re a beauty incarnate.
When his hands trace down your sides and tuck his thumbs into your belt loops, he pulls you so your chest to chest. You gasp at the feel of skin on skin and the coolness of the arc reactor. He takes this as another good sign and walks you both back to the bed.
Your knees hit the bed and you tumble back, leaving him standing. His eyes take in the sight of you laid out.
“Beautiful.” He whispers before kneeling down at your feet and start removing your shoes and socks. He kisses your ankle before gliding his hands up your calves then the back of your knees and thighs. He tugs you closer, kissing your hips as he unbuttons and unzips your jeans. You help him by lifting up slightly to assist in removing them. As the fabric descends you legs Tony licks and nips at your flesh. You sigh and squirm as his touches are almost too light but just right.
“Please-pl-please Tony.” You are stumbling over your words.
He has pulled your jeans off and stood back up to admire the canvas of your skin ready for the first true brush stroke from his lips.
“Don’t worry (Y/n) I got you.” He unbuckles his trousers and steps out of them leaving on his boxer shorts that you can see he was straining against. That was all your doing you thought. Lifting your hand, he leans over you and presses a kiss to your knuckles before telling you to move further up the bed.
You do so, never taking your eyes of him as he crawls up your body, kissing your throat, dragging a moan from your lips. He hums against your neck in response. You arch your body to try and coax him to press more of him against you. He complies as your legs part for him to grind his hardness against clothed core. Your panties are moulded to your cunt through the sheer desire coursing in your veins.
Tony kisses you without abandon now. You moan into his mouth, wrapping your legs around him. He slips his tongue to tease yours out, to deepen the kiss more.
It was his turn to moan as your hip jutted suddenly up as he ground down at a new angle. He needed more and so did you.
“Tony I-I need you, please.” You throw your head back panting.
“I gotcha sweetheart. I gotcha.” He kisses your jaw once more before moving to discard his boxers and your panties. You looked at him bare before you as he made to remove your bra. The cool air hit your now naked body. Tony’s eyes blown full from lust, which you were sure your face mirrored.
Deep down Tony wished he could stay like that for hours just looking at the sheer perfection of your body laid out on the dishevelled sheets beneath you.
“Tony.” You moaned out his name spurring him on to move.
“I know darling, I know.” He leant down and kissed the mound of your left breast then licked and brought your pert nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue expertly around it. Letting you get enveloped by the new sensation he took that a chance to take his right hand and bring it between your thighs. His fingers swipe at the juices there, making your both groan for totally different reason.
For you it was the duel sensations he was doing to your body and for him it was the fact he knew that he could cause such a state of arousal in you. Tony soon had your panting as he stroked your now dripping cunt.
You grip his hair as he switches to your right breast. Still keeping up the lazy pace of stroking through your folds. He refuses to touch you anywhere more as he wants to bring you apart by this alone and boy is it working.
Your hips start to gyrate to try and get a bit more friction. This only makes tony stop and lift his head to look at your blissed out state, yes you were mad that he didn’t do more than just make you so much wetter than you initially were.
“Please I need you so badly.” You never begged during sex but damn he was making it impossible to not.
“I know baby” He licks his fingers clean of your taste. “I need you too but you said to go slow and I just want to-to devour all and everything that is so deliciously you.” He grips the base of his erection to quell the need to cum from just hearing your impatient moans as he spoke.
“I’m ready, I want you so much please Tony.” You bite your lip to try and calm your breathing again. You felt lightheaded from everything going on.
The emotions in the room at there peak. How you both lasted so long like this you did not know.
Tony settles between your thighs, the head of his cock leaking pre-cum mixing with your ample juices as inch by inch he slides himself into your tight waiting heat. Bottoming out you both moan in unison.
“You’re so god damn tight. Ffffffuck.” Tony wanted you to get used to the size of him but he couldn’t help the stutter thrust into you. Causing you to clench around him making him bite down on your collar bone. “You’re killing me sweetheart.”
Lifting your legs slightly to dig your feet into your mattress you experiment by pulling back then bringing him home. Tony knew that this was a hint to finally move and as he did the sound of sex filled the small bedroom. Both of you panting from the need to both go slow but also the need to fall over the beautiful edge of that impending orgasm.
You rock your hips in perfect time to his. Feeling cheeky you take him by surprise by flipping the positions rolling him on his back. Wasting no time you sink back down onto his cock and resume your hips rhythm. He praises you as you move faster. He hands on your hips in an almost painful grip but you were too lost in pleasure to care.
Tony let you ride him and ride him hard now. He can feel your quivering walls tightening around him. One of his hand move to graze your lower abdomen before moving down to rubbing your clit in time with your rise and fall of thrusts.
Words were completely lost to you. You tried to say his name. Hell, you wanted to chant it but the cord inside you was so close to snapping that you head threw back as you came crashing down into your orgasm. Clenching around him as you rode out the last quakes of the sweet pleasure between your thighs, you pull him over the edge with you. He stills inside you, his back arched, hips stutter as your oversensitive clit rubs against his pubic bone.
“F-f-f-f-uuuuuck.” You groaned before eases yourself off him to flop down next to him. Your legs feeling like jello.
Tony is panting with a massive grin plastered on his face.
“That was . . .” You try to form a sentence and fail.
“I agree.” He turns his head to meet your eyes. “Hey.” He kisses your shoulder.
“Hey.” You reply softly. He kisses your shoulder again before rolling so he is half leant over you. “You okay.” He cups your cheek, kissing you gently, you hum against his lips. He pulls back pecking your lips once more before smiling again “Good.” He kisses you once more before rolling away and moving to the en-suite bathroom. The sinks tap runs briefly then shuts off.
Tony walks back with a damn face cloth in hand. The bed dips as he kneels down and cleans your spent body. He can see you getting sleepy. He walks back and throws the cloth in the sink. Turning off the lights. He climbs back onto the bed with you.
“Is it okay if you hold me.” You curl up on your side as Tony pulled the covers over the two of you. He wraps an arm around your waist then pulls you against his chest rubbing his face into your shoulder blades inhaling your scent.
“I got you sweetheart. Rest now I will stay by your side for as long as you need.” He spoke quietly against your skin. Tightening his arm around you a bit more. Hearing your breathing even out as you have drifted off into a peaceful sleep.
Tony lay there holding you close to him, feeling like a puzzle piece has clicked into his heart. He knew that you were something special from the get go, maybe you would be the person he was meant to fall for.
And oh how he was falling.
Hope you liked it. I will be posting this on AO3 too.
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kikis-writing-world · 9 months ago
Tiktok Dancing
Summary: Marcus wants to prove to Missy that despite whatever flailing and spasming is popular on that tiktok, he can dance.
Pairing: Marcus Moreno x GN!Reader
Word Count: 1.3k
Rating/Warnings: Fluff. Breif mentions of dead characters (Marcus’ wife and father.) No beta/editing.
Tumblr media
You and Missy watched the video over and over, rehearsing the steps the girls on the screen performed. Missy had begged and pleaded with you to learn a Tiktok dance with her so she could post it to her account. Marcus didn’t have a great handle on the technology, so you did your best to monitor Missy’s usage of the app. The girl had a small following - mostly her friends from school and other children of The Heroics, plus a handful of people who were hoping for glimpses into the life of the leader of The Heroics. 
After weeks of asking you finally gave in, but of course she picked something way out of your range.
“No, you have to kick your foot up like this,” Missy corrected, showing you the right way to do it. You restarted the video and watched, seeing she was right.
“Okay, okay. Like this?” You copied the motion the best you could.
“Okay, let’s try it again.” You declared, starting the video over so the two of you could dance along with the remixed song.
The two of you bumped into each other halfway through when you turned the wrong way. Missy fell on her behind, laughing the entire way down. Her laugh made you feel better about accidentally bowling her over.
“I’m sorry!” You apologized with your own laugh, offering her a hand.
“I thought you said you could dance.” She sassed, crossing her arms as she looked up at you.
“I said I would try.” You corrected her with a grin. “We’re almost there!”
“What’s all the commotion going on in here?” Marcus interrupted the two of you as he entered the den. He had a smile on his face, no doubt from hearing all the laughter the two of you were sharing. 
You’d been dating the man for two years now and had grown close to his daughter in that time. The two of you had introduced her to your relationship slowly, scared she would reject it after losing her mother. You also didn’t want to push too quickly into a relationship with Missy only for things to not work out between you and Marcus. There had been bumps in the road over the two years of course, between you and Marcus as well as with Missy, but overall it had been a great couple of years.
“We’re trying to learn a dance for Tiktok.” Missy explained, standing easily on her own.
“Tiktok again?” Marcus shook his head with a sigh. It was all Missy seemed to talk about lately, and he didn’t understand it. The technology the kids were into just moved too fast for him to get a grip on it. Just as he understands Webkinz, Club Penguin comes along. Snapchat was out, Tiktok was in. He was thankful you seemed to have a better handle on it, just so he could be sure someone was keeping an eye on Missy’s internet usage.
“See Dad, look.” She told him as she showed him the two girls doing the choreography. You bit back a laugh as his face contorted as he watched. Confusion, an attempt at interest, more confusion.
“That’s dancing?” He asked once the video looped back to the start.
“Daaaaad,” Missy scoffed, sounding every bit the pre-teen she was.
“I’m just saying. That didn’t look like any dancing I’ve ever done. That looked like they were trying to swat a fly. Or air out a bad fart.”
You laughed loudly at that, unable to hold back. Missy groaned, once again annoyed with how out-of-touch and uncool her dad had somehow become.
“I’m just saying.” Marcus held his hands up defensively, although he was grinning at you as you laughed.
“Why don’t you show her a thing or two then, old man?” You egged him on, teasing him with the moniker that came out anytime he called it “the facebook” or “tweeter.”
“Yeah Dad!” Missy challenged, cocking her hip. “You think you’re such a good dancer?”
“I never said that,” Marcus denied, glaring between the two of you. “I’m just saying that that isn’t dancing.”
Missy shot you a disbelieving look, clearly calling out her Dad’s skills. “Dad probably dances like Carlton on that show you were watching the other night.”
You couldn’t help but laugh again, knowing you had definitely seen Marcus dance like that before when he was being silly and trying to make you smile. Missy did her impression of the character, making sure to bob her head back and forth with a goofy grin. She looked so much like her dad as she did.
“Alright, that’s enough out of you.” Marcus warned, pointing at Missy with a playful glare. “You wanna learn how to dance, I’ll show you how to dance. Sit down.”
Missy plopped herself onto the couch, crossing her arms over her chest as she shot him a challenging look. Her eyebrow quirked up, clearly saying “show me what you’ve got.” You moved to sit with her, but Marcus grabbed your hand and pulled you to him.
“Oh no, you’re on my side for this one.” He told you, wrapping an arm around your waist as he held the other near your shoulders.
“Am I?” You questioned with a grin.
“I’m gonna need a dance partner.” He grinned back at you.
“I don’t even know what we’re doing.” You laughed.
“Just follow my lead.”
It took a moment to get the hang of it as Marcus led you through the steps. A slight push against your waist or a pull of your hand and he would spin you one way then the other. Push you out and pull you back in. His hips swiveled as he stepped, but you were much stiffer in comparison as you tried to follow the silent commands.
“Alexa,” Marcus called once you seemed to have your bearings. “Play my 80’s playlist.”
The computerized voice responded before Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody started to play.
“Did you plan this?” You accused him, narrowing your eyes.
“Not at all.” He smiled.
He led you through the steps to the tempo of the upbeat song, occasionally mumbling a word or two to tell you where to go. You didn’t know exactly what kind of dancing this was, but you’d love to learn more steps if it meant the two of you could dance together like this more often.
“Where did you even learn this?” You asked him as he pulled you close, your side tucked against his front.
“My parents.” He answered easily as he turned the both of you in circles. “They always used to dance together. When my dad died, I learned-” he paused, dipping you. “So she could keep dancing.”
“That’s adorable.” You marvelled, staring into his eyes. He grinned bashfully before pulling you back up onto your feet.
When the song ended, switching to another, both of you were breathing heavily. Most of it was due to the steps and the spins that Marcus had guided you through, but you had to admit that a part of it was the attraction you felt to him. You didn’t know he could dance, let alone dance like that. He had kept it appropriate, no Patrick Swayze Dirty Dancing moves, but the way he led you effortlessly took your breath away.
“Well, Missy?” He asked, grin on his face as he caught his breath. He turned to the couch and his grin fell. You turned away from him reluctantly to see what he was frowning. The couch was empty.
“When did she leave?” Marcus pouted.
“I have no idea.” You admitted with a giggle. The two of you had been so caught up in dancing that you hadn’t even noticed the young girl leave the room. “You proved your skills to me though.” You praised with a kiss.
A few days later you were checking up on Missy’s Tiktok account when you saw a video of you and Marcus dancing in the living room, taken from the doorway. The two of you were smiling, staring into each other's eyes as you spun. No wonder you hadn’t noticed her leave. The caption Missy had left on the video read “My parents are so cute 🤢🤮🤢”
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peachworthy · a month ago
okay biddies. listen. that TikTok left me in the same headspace as the basketball sketch and we 👏🏻 NEED 👏🏻 TO 👏🏻 TALK 👏🏻 ABOUT 👏🏻 IT 👏🏻👏🏻.
"A coffee.."
Tumblr media
"For me??"
Tumblr media
"You didn't have to do this...thank you.."
Tumblr media
"I know you got a lotta stuff goin' on...y'know, family stuff, work..."
Tumblr media
"...the softball league.."
Tumblr media
"and you took the time [outta your crazy life]...and you stopped."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"You stopped thinking of yourself for just one little damn second..."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I could literally post the whole transcript but y'all can just watch it. But we need to discuss the micro expressions. Link, the entire time is apprehensive and awkward when Rhett is yammering on about nonsensical things I.e softball league, crazy life, etc. Of course it's for the sketch, but dialogue like this works best when there is some urgency and Rhett does a great job of working 'bigger' for both of them.
All that's well and good, yeah? It's at this point in the sketch *video below* where Link's face is completely different. The eyes are wider. Yes, he's arguing about that damn softball league (again, silliness), but take a look at Rhett as well. Rhett's BODY LANGUAGE IS MORE UNINTENTIONALLY INTENTIONAL. His hands are resting between Link's clavicle in a way that's very intimate. He takes a half step forward, points closer to Link's face, close enough to touch him. Watch the little catch breath he takes when he says "..for just one little damn second." This is the ONLY time in the entire sketch where the tension is so visibly palpable. A tension, that breaches that line of "oh we're still in a sketch, stay in character". If we didn't know this was a sketch about Link's apparent softball league, you would think this is a precursor to a love scene in a drama. The look of concern from Link is equal parts acting and reality, standing in between the threshold of both. Also, make note of how Link's mouth stays closed when Rhett is talking to him.
I cannot tell you how many times I have watched this TikTok since they posted it. This little clip alone is amazing Rhink material. Seriously, watch it on a loop and you'll see what I mean. But not only that, it's these sketches that give me the impression that Rhett and Link just wanna hug. All day long. They are trying to make themselves even more comfortable with one another, experimenting with the boundaries of their friendship...and potentially something more.
I know this turned into a case study by 🍑, but I have so many feelings about this sketch, I need to share it with all of you.
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nosepetals · 2 months ago
Clumsy Love
Tumblr media
pairing: Miya Osamu x Suna Rintarou
summary: in which Suna helps his best friend get ready for prom
wc: 1.4k
warnings: hurt/comfort (?), unedited
Tumblr media
Suna sat lazily on his friend’s bed, scrolling through Tiktok as Osamu fumbled with the buttons of his shirt in the mirror. 
“I’m gonna have ta iron this,” Osamu mumbles to himself, smoothing out the wrinkles of his white dress shirt.
“Lemme see,” Suna lifts his head to watch Samu slowly turn around, hobbling on one foot, with his right hand tightly gripping the crutch under his armpit. Rintarou looks at his friend clad only in his boxers and his white button up and laughs. “Wow, so handsome,” he sarcastically remarks.
“Shut the fuck up, now c’mere and help me put ma pants on.” Suna tosses his phone onto the pillow and lifts himself off the bottom bunk, swinging Osamu’s arm over his shoulder while he clumsily slips his broken foot through the leg-hole of his dress pants. Suna silently eyes his friend’s concentrated side profile, the slight thinning of Samu’s lips and the furrowed eyebrows as he pulls his pants up while still maintaining his balance. Rintarou is also acutely aware of the tight grip Osamu holds on his shoulder.
“You still haven’t told me who this poor girl is.”
“Kumiko, she’s really fuckin’ cute.” Suna chuckles but there’s a slight pang in his heart.
It seemed quite out of the blue when Osamu told him he got a date to prom. It felt like Suna had spent every waking minute with the twins, so when would’ve Samu have time to find a date? 
“How do you know her?”
“She’s in Ginjima’s class. We hit it off,” Osamu shrugs like his answer explained everything, in fact it leaves Suna even more confused. Confused as to how someone Samu’s known for a month at most already has him wrapped around their finger. 
Suna didn’t have a date, nor did he even have a suit. In fact, he didn’t even buy tickets to prom. As much as he would love to watch people get scolded by teacher supervisors for slow-dancing too closely, or watch people desperately try to hide the fact that they were drunk, he didn’t really feel like watching his best friend spend the night with someone else, leaving Suna in the corner only to observe. ‘School dances are lame’ that’s the excuse he gave. In reality, he didn’t want to hold and dance with some poor girl he didn’t even like while knowing Osamu had snuck into the hallway to makeout with his date. 
That’s what happened last year anyway. 
“She’s gonna wear a red dress, so I was thinkin’ this red tie,” Osamu wraps it around his neck, “but I also don’t look good in red.” He struggles. 
“What’re you talking about,” Suna scoffs, swatting Osamu’s hands away. Suna takes the tie in his hands and carefully wraps it around his fingers, looping one end over the other. Osamu quietly observes Rintarou’s face as his hands work roughly around his check. The way he’s leaning so close almost makes Osamu’s breathing halt. When he’s finished, he turns around to look in the mirror. 
“See, you look great in red.”
“Yeah, I guess,” Osamu throws on his jacket, eyeing himself in the mirror with the complete look. His eyes scan his own body, from the overgrown roots of his hair, to the wrinkles of his dress shirt, to the loose fit of his slacks, and then all the way to the eyesore that was the bulky white cast around his left foot. “The tie isn’t really the biggest problem anyway.” Suna’s eyes follow Samu’s to the crutch under his right arm.
Osamu had broken his foot jumping out his bedroom window a couple weeks ago.
“I look so fuckin’ stupid,” Osamu dryly laughs but there’s pain in his eyes, he shakes his head. “Maybe I should just cancel, there’s still time for Kumiko to find another date.” It hurts Suna to see his friend so insecure. “Hey, what were ya thinkin’ of doin’ prom night?” 
“No clue,” Suna blankly shrugs, “I’ll probably just watch movies and play video games.” 
“Maybe I’ll join ya,” he quietly comments to himself, still adjusting the fit of his shirt. 
Suna takes a moment to indulge a bit. Imagining the two of them lounging around his living room, eating pizza, watching movies, laughing together like they always do. Suna would have him all to himself. Maybe if he was tired enough, Osamu would lay his head on Suna’s lap. And maybe if he was brave enough, Suna would finally tell him how he feels. 
“Shut up, you already bought tickets,” Suna hits his friend lightly on the back. “You’re going. Stop pitying me, I’ll be more than fine by myself.” 
“I don’t pity ya, I look fuckin’ embarassin’, that’s why.”
“Aww, don’t act like you’re not the most handsome boy ever, yes you are.” Suna grabs Osamu’s cheeks in his hands and they both giggle as Samu swats his hands away. Osamu knows it’s a joke, but there’s a slight flutter in his stomach at the compliment.
“God, I can’t even put ma pants on myself, let alone dance with this thing.” 
“That’s what you’re worried about?”
“Yes! Kumiko’s really nice and I want ‘er to have a good time. I can’t just sit on the side with ‘er the whole time.” 
Suna thinks to himself that he wouldn’t mind sitting on the side the whole time. As long as he was with Samu, he’d have fun. 
“Alright, alright, come here.”
“What?” Osamu looks at Suna’s outstretched arms in confusion.
“I’ll help you practice,” Suna pulls Osamu closer to him, “pretend I’m Kumiko.”
“I don’t remember Kumiko bein’ fuckin’ 6”1.” 
“Shut up. Now put your left hand on me.” Osamu’s unsteady hand slowly places itself on Suna’s hip. “Can you walk without this?” Suna taps the crutch and Samu nods. He gently lays it against the wall and uses his right hand to softly hold Suna’s waist. Suna brings his hands to rest on Osamu’s shoulders, being careful not to put too much weight onto them. 
“You gonna be this shy with Kumiko?” Suna teases. 
“I’m a gentleman afterall,” Osamu chuckles, making sure not to lean too close into his best friend.
He’s so cute.
“You set the pace, ready… ?” Osamu silently nods, looking down at his feet.
Suna makes sure to mirror Osamu’s hobbled steps as they clumsily dance around the bedroom. Suna realizes he probably should’ve put on some music because the silence is at times a bit awkward and he can tell his friend is slightly embarrassed. 
“You’re doing great.” His praise makes Osamu’s ears turn red. 
“I’m not on beat at all.”
“That’s cause you’re focusing on your feet too much. Look at me.” Samu raises his head to meet Suna’s gaze. It’s rare to see it so gentle. “There you go.” 
Osamu laughs at himself as he awkwardly strides in sync with his best friend. The sound makes Suna’s lips turn into a smile. 
Without even realizing it, Suna had slowly wrapped his arms around Samu’s neck and his chest was nearly grazing his. He could feel the warmth of his chest, and the tickle of his breath. 
This is so perfect. He’s so perfect.
Suna sometimes thinks of the way Osamu’s stare lingers on him for a little too long in class, or how he always knows what to buy him for lunch, and he wonders if his best friend could ever feel the same way. He wonders if Samu hears his racing heartbeat when he lazily sleeps on top of him after school. Is he even aware of what his affection does to him?
Rintarou’s cheek fits snugly in the dip between Osamu’s pecs. They understand each other in a way that no one ever has. They always make each other laugh and they always know where the line is. He feels comfortable around him. It feels like their laughter was made to sing together. He feels complete around him. Sometimes he thinks there’s no other person he’d rather have in his life forever. 
Somehow, even with Osamu’s graceless fumbling, their movements are still in sync. The weight of Samu’s hands on his waist feels so natural that it makes Suna forget what it ever felt like not to have it there. 
It was all too perfect to be a coincidence. 
Suna’s always been a skeptic, but there’s only one person who’s made him waver on his opinion that soulmates don’t exist. 
I could kiss him right now.
He’s scared to blink and let this precious moment end. 
Suna doesn’t believe he’ll ever get to experience what girls like Kumiko get to. So for now, he sways in silence, hoping that Osamu will never let go. 
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hufflautia · 5 months ago
in the soft silence of her love
Warning: biphobia 
Summary: Slytherin supports Hufflepuff after a break-up. 
Tumblr media
“And then,” Hufflepuff continues angrily, “he said I would probably cheat on him with a girl!” 
Slytherin’s forehead creases while Hufflepuff paces around the dormitory.  
“He sounds like the type of guy who would ask for a threesome after you tell him you’re bi,” she replies. 
“Right?!” Hufflepuff plops onto the bed, her arms splayed over the duvet as she stares at the ceiling with blazing eyes. “Honestly, fuck him.” 
“Fuck him,” Slytherin agrees, laying beside her. 
“I’m glad I told him I’m bisexual,” she huffs. “Otherwise, I’d still be in a disgusting relationship with that rat without knowing how much of a dick he is.” 
I always suspected he was an ass, Slytherin thinks. But how was I supposed to tell my best friend I hated her boyfriend? 
Hufflepuff’s demeanor shifts into something undeniably desolate, and she closes her eyes. Slytherin sees a stray tear slip from her eye and past her ear. 
She turns her head to see Slytherin staring with furrowed brows. She doesn’t respond, not even when her eyes become clouded with tears. 
Slytherin pushes herself upright and says her name again but in a more gentle tone. 
That’s when she wordlessly sits up and holds her arms out, to which Slytherin scoots forward to embrace her. 
Her face wrought with emotion, Hufflepuff sobs into the crook of her neck. Slytherin doesn’t ask what’s wrong. Hufflepuff will talk when she’s ready.  
After several minutes, her breathing gradually evens out, and all that can be heard is her occasional sniffles. She draws in a deep breath and exhales shakily.
“He said I should’ve told him in the beginning. He said I tricked him. And it, it hurt,” her voice cracks, “to hear that. To hear him say all those things to m—me.” 
Slytherin hugs her tighter. “I know,” she murmurs, rubbing her back in a methodical manner. “I know.” 
Hufflepuff feels herself shake and tremble from the effort of muffling her own cries. It doesn’t take long for her to let it all out. Snot begins to leak from her nose as tears streak down her face, but she doesn’t bother wiping them off. It hurts. Everything just hurts. 
But with Slytherin by her side, it hurts a little bit less. 
It’s been two weeks since the breakup. They’re studying for their Potions exam in the Slytherin common room, where it's quiet and peaceful. Slytherin is too focused on her work to notice that Hufflepuff hasn’t written a single word down in the past ten minutes. 
“It was you, wasn’t it?” 
Slytherin regards Hufflepuff with a puzzled expression. 
“You were the one who jinxed you-know-who last week.” 
Slytherin snorts and says, “If you’re talking about Voldemort, then no, I did not jinx that no-nose egg. But I would if I could.” 
Hufflepuff shoots her a pointed look. 
“Okay, okay,” she relents. “Yes, I turned your ex into a rat. But only because he deserved it!”  
Hufflepuff wants to be mad, she really does. After all, Slytherin has gotten detention plenty of times because of her—well, for her, really. But she cracks a smile. It was pretty funny to see him walk through the corridors with the tail still intact; Madam Pomfrey can do many things, but even her healing magic has limits. 
“You didn’t have to do that for me,” Hufflepuff says.  
Slytherin arches an eyebrow. 
“Who said I did it for you,” she asks. “Maybe I wanted to see him scurry around for my own amusement.” 
A wide grin stretches across Hufflepuff’s face. She doesn’t bother pressing her best friend about it. She knows the truth. 
They go back to their work, and before Slytherin can truly return her focus to the assignment, Hufflepuff speaks. 
“Thank you.” 
[I normally don’t put songs in one-shots, but I’m watching sapphic tiktoks while revising this fic, and I came across this song and it’s so beautiful that I simply have to include it because the vibes are immaculate and it flows well with the story. The song is 25 seconds long, but it loops for 3 minutes. You’ll be able to finish the story before it loops. No need to rush. Here is the link.]  
Slytherin meets her eyes and grins.  
“Of course,” she says. “You deserve the world.” 
Hufflepuff offers a soft smile. 
“Hopefully we’ll see it together.” 
And then she goes back to her work, but Slytherin doesn’t look away. Not yet. Not when she’s gazing upon the girl whom she has silently loved for years.  
Yea, Slytherin thinks. Maybe we will. 
Inspired by this post I found on Instagram (originally from Tumblr, funnily enough):  
Tumblr media
Unrelated, but that gif is of a character played Phoebe Tonkin, my mermaid QUEEN. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed. Check out my masterlist, and lemme know what you thought of this one-shot! I love reading your comments <3 Thanks for reading! 
Tags: @slytherpuff-shenanigans @axieleration @sunnniiee @just--another--bean @determinedpines @zenobiagrace @asterinflower @cinnamon-roll-unicorn @mossy-axolotl @dumbbitch11 @hitchhiker-of-the-galaxy @notsowiseravenclaw  @arianatorpotterhead @luciferswife16 @walkinganomaly @asunshinepuff @lewispoolerpayton @adreameratdawn @thewitcheswords @oncergleekpotterhead @princessstoopid @stardustzainy @flvrqnce @multi-fandom-nutjob @eunnieah @iamahufflepuff @1hufflepuff @introvertedrae @princessstoopid @jasminedayz @magnoliamermaid @HOPEFUL-HUFFLEPUFF-PEEVES @peanut-in-the-goal @pufflehuff929 @sophiexteresa @da-fox-rangerrr @dawinehouse @shipping-book-keeper @xxavaloraxx @silverhetdanes @im-a-solanum-lycopersicum @elegantcroissantplaidpony @theoriginaljohnwatsonsblog @theoriginalsherlockholmesblog @vickeyunicorn @arianatorpotterhead @hmilkwhoney @simpering-simpleton @grandcyclecreation @sweetinvisiblewriter @marvelenthusiast10 @mvlpksvthisht @qiaopa @beardedhumanoid @jadefox05 @justanotherperson @inkedintothepaper @minty-malfoy @trippy-morgan @fangirlgeekandfreak @boilyourteeth @absentmindeduniverse @colettedelaurel @halfelven1 @happy-puff @coloring-bud @in-love-with-remus-lupin @autumnpleaves @crakencc @flyme--tothemoon @hedgepuffgirl @littleemotionalpanda @pancakes-and-sugar @korra4321 @aquietkindofthunder @qixnsriess @porksoba @thatfann @hellounicorn @i-have-a-bad-feeling @aasa2102 @zuko-28 @annie-mcl @clementines-x @writtenfoxscreams @randomwriter23 @cryingabtwandavision @coolninjavoid @urfaveslytherin @malfoys-demigod @tumlbr-trasher @violayaxley @wolfpack-arts-industries99 @zainieees-stuff @milk-leaves @priii @capt-sparrow @blueberry-9-pancakes @stressy-depressy   
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p0gue420 · 9 months ago
Hold me
Tumblr media
Requested: @wanniiieeee​
summary:the band sunset curve fall into a coma what will happen next read and find out.
word count:1580
A/N: I was really deep into a depressive state writing this so sorry its bad!
Warnings:not a warning but reader can touch the boys
pairing: Luke Patterson x reader 
“Maybe I’ll try tonight…” Julie finishes talking to Ray, Flynn and I rush from the top of the stairs back to Julies room after listening to the saddened voices speaking about moving.
“Quick, act natural.” Flynn whispers as we hear Julies footsteps coming up; we both unpreparedly get into the most unnatural position, trying to act “Natural”. Jules walks in furrowing her eyebrows after a glance at the two of us.
I pick at my nails pretending to be casual as I try to spark a not so subtle distracting conversation. “Hey Jules, funny seeing you here..” I say looking up curiously.
“You heard?” she says blankly.
Flynn and I turn to each other; she stands up from the edge of the bed stalking slowly to the girl with big slippers.” If by “heard” that, you mean the fact, we get to go through the cool stuff in the loft...then...yeah.” she says with a smile on her face as she rubs the girl’s arm in comfort.
I stand from my spot at the desk wrapping my arms around the girls, putting our heads together.
“We can all do it together Jules... if that would help…” I nudge the girl’s arm putting a small smile on her face. She leans her forehead on mine, speaking up. ”That would be nice.”
“Woah dude how did we get back here!” The shaggy-haired boy says after sputtering up a cough looking around as the other two guys check out the studio. Flynn, Jules, and I scream growing terrified of the new presence in the room; The guys begin to join in on the screaming scared of the sudden noise.
First instinct and a smart one, we all begin speeding past the boys out of the studio running into Ray.
“Woah slow down, You look like you've seen a ghost” He didn’t know-how on the spot he was about our expressions. We all stare at him traumatized like as we say in unison “We have!”
Carlos cuts in “cool!” I thump him in the head with my middle finger and thumb to make him shut up but I’m quickly cut off by Ray scolding me, “Y/n, We’ve talked about the thumping.” he says as Carlos mimics his actions of pointing his index finger at me as to be stern. before Ray turns back to him with his eyebrows furrowed.
I huff turning to Carlos to apologize but quickly speed off so I don’t have to.
Flynn, Julie, and I walk in a huddle back to the studio holding a cross. I start to giggle remembering a TikTok, I begin to speak up before I could be interrupted.”Shiver me i right..?” I say giggling, we turn around at the sound of little giggles at my TikTok reference 
We begin screaming again when we’re cut off by our blonde friend who we just visited at the hospital not that long before, his soft voice asking us to please be quiet and stop screaming. 
“Guys, do you understand what’s happening?”  I ask say sadly as everyone looks at me.” If we’re seeing ghosts then that means they passed…” my eyes begin to well up with tears at the sight of our sweet boys standing there confused as to what’s wrong. 
Luke stares completely and utterly confused as he attempts to touch Julie and Flynn to test the “Ghost logic” when his hand fell through with a chill he was filled to the brim with sadness, his heart dropped in his stomach, tears in his eyes as his head began to pound and his throat felt like it was clogged, making it hard to breathe. “I don’t understand..” Reggie shakes his head.
My boy with his shaggy brown locks decides to attempt to touch me; Slowly reaching his hand out towards my face , he hesitantly brushes the pad of his thumb against my warm tear-stained cheeks, so caught up in the moment it felt like no one else in the room. He grabs my shoulder pulling me towards him to engulf me in a hug..
Time skip brought to you by Owen joyners EpiPen
3 weeks passed.
I lay across the couch thinking of lyrics in my head trying to put it all on paper, I sing the song in my head trying to find the melody when a certain boy walks up behind me sticking his fingers to my side tickling me.I know exactly who it is by the scent filling my nasal passages, I turn around prepared with a small nerf gun from my hoodie pocket shooting him, but the bullets going through him.
He snorts staring at me in awe as if he knew it wouldn’t work.”What, you think it’s funny I can’t shoot you, huh..huh?! I saw as I jump off the couch onto his back kissing and bear-hugging the boy as he lets out wild laughs; fouling my heart with warmth. I slide off his back but he’s still holding on to my leg making me stumble, he quickly loops his arm around my waist catching me before I can fully reach the ground. Our eyes linger on each other for longer than normal when we hear a faint but clear whistle behind us.
“Come on lover birds, we have songs to write and instruments to play,” Reggie says walking up to the two of his, blushing and warm cheeks clearly showing. We finally look down and realize we’re still conjoined at the hip making us move away from each other abruptly.
“Hey luke it’s me again, I know your soul is technically still in the studio and I just saw you but it’s still nice to come to check on your body.” I saw as I bring my hand to the luke laying on the hospital bed, caressing his rough calloused fingers with my own soft ones.
I giggle as i remember a fun time we had when he was quote “alive”.
“You remember that one time we went down to-” I was quickly cut off by Lukes’s nurse coming in to tell me visiting hours were over, but I can still hang out with ghost luke, right? All these thoughts in my head; what if he doesn’t wake up, what if he never gets to be seen again,to play his music the way he wants to.what if I never have my best friend back.
“In and out y/n, just like we practiced, in and out.” Alex had me leaned against his chest to  help with the tightening of my muscles as he brushed the hair out of my face helping with my panic attack.“Luke-Lu-Luke, where is-where is he.” I managed to get out in between breaths.
“He said he was on his way, It okay he’ll be here.” he stroked my hair, as I struggled to breathe at all, my test tightened, I felt cut off from the world. It was like watching myself struggle but unable to help with the pain. Just about that time, I was bursting into hot tears, luke ran into the studio immediately cupping my face with his calloused hands trying to calm me down while repeatedly asking whats wrong;I bury my head in the crook of his neck as I continue to squall about how he’s my best friend. “ Y/n you smell like pure vodka, did you drink anything?” He holds my face in his hands staring at me lovingly
“I drank some- I drank a lot of Smirnoff- a little of a lot,  cus i visited you in the hospital and started thinking about how I need you back-I -I need you back Luke, I need-need you. Please just hold me..” I trail off into whimpers as he pulls my head in his lap, caressing my hair softly as he thinks about everything I just said.
 I sit in the hospital when nurses begin to run into the rooms of the  boys,I hear ther voices and thats all i need before i start falling on my knees crying happy tears,falling from my eyes salty droplets as i begin to run straight to lukes bed but begin to be pushed out and i know somethings wrong; And my heart drops to my stomach as i hear “Whos the pretty girl?” my boy heart stops...what did he just say 
“Luke it’s me,it’s your best friend?” i said in more of a question.
Weeks passed by and luke still doesn’t remember me,and i have no clue what to do.weeks feeling overwhelmed without my bestfriend.weeks crying every second thinking about how ive already lost him when lukes ghost walks in at the same time as luke when they run into each other the sight in front of me is crazy as it looks as if his soul has been  sucked into his body when i hear “Y/n?” 
I run as fast as my legs can carry me into his arms and place a harsh kiss onto his lips knocking him back but he responds kidding back. Long minutes of being in eachothers arms when he pulls back smiling that signature smile i’ve always loved 
“I love you Y/n” He says with tears in his eyes.
“I love  you too” i say as i pull him back  in for another kiss.
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thestrangebeingyouare · 8 months ago
i love you so fucking much - coops proposal
Haha, I feel like shit so here have some fluff. Also apparently I can't just write a cute date, it always turns into some grand gesture, it's called ~love starved~ (I just had a major stress thingy, which is why I can't put my own thoughts into words, only coops cuteness)
(I had paper rings by Taylor Swift on repeat, so do with that what you will - okay update 24 hours later: there will be a paper rings lyric fic :))
And a big thabk you to my beta @tonksandherpinkhair !! I really really appreciate it!!
!! Okay so I havent been very active on tumblr lately and I literally just, like 2 min ago, found out that @fruitcoops also did a proposal fic with paper rings by taylor swift. But I just wanted to make clear that this fic (or the part 2) wasn’t stolen from them, we just got the same idea apparently lmao. (I put this "warning" here, because my anxiety just told me that otherwise everyone will hate me and think I stole the idea)
I recommend that you still read their fic because it's really fucking amazing and adorable!!! !!
Cw// food, fear of drowning, swear words
'Mon loup, you know I love you, but why are we going ice-skating? It's our job.'
'It's romantic.' Sirius raised his eyebrow. 'Okay, I saw a couple do it on TikTok, but it was really romantic.'
'But do they play ice-hockey for a living?'
'Baby, we can stay there and have dinner and look at the stars. We can stay as long as we want. Please?' Sirius was persuaded at the word baby.
Sirius hadn't exactly known what made him agree -it was the word baby- but now he stood in front of a completely frozen lake. It felt different without his protection gear and with the fact that there was ice-cold water underneath the ice. A vivid memory of 10-year old Sirius came up.
It had been his first time skating on natural ice, but I wasn't cold enough. Sirius had taken one step on the ice and his foot went right through. The worst part was that no one seemed to care, except for Regulus. It was when Sirius started to realize they simply didn’t care about anything other than his reputation.
'Pads?' Remus' warm voice broke through the memory. 'Are you alright? You don’t have to skate if you don’t want to.'
'No, I want to.' He tried to smile. 'I'm sorry.'
'No need to be sorry, come, I'll help you.' Remus carefully stepped on the ice and Sirius almost winced at the thought of Remus falling through.
But when Remus took his hand all the ghosts from his past seemed to fade away and he realized that for once in his life there was nothing holding him back from being happy.
'I got you. One foot first.' Remus helped Sirius on the ice. 'Love you. Now let's go skate, shall we?'
Sirius laughed as Remus dragged him to the middle of the lake where loads of families were already skating together.
'Honey, like you said, this is your job,' Remus laughed when Sirius slipped.
'It's the ice! It's different!' He said, but he was laughing too.
'Sure, baby.' Sirius grabbed Remus' arm and pulled him on the ice with him. 'Sirius!'
He just laughed and tried to stand up and skate away, but Loops was put on the Lions team for a reason. Remus had reached him within a minute.
'Were we planning on going somewhere?' Remus' smile still gave Sirius butterflies sometimes.
'Sir?' A small girl looked up to Remus. 'How did you learn to skate so fast?' For a second he hesitated and then he lowered himself to eyelevel with the girl.
'Hi, what is your name?'
'Everly, but, Sir, how did you skate so fast?'
'Everly, manners!' a woman interrupted her. 'I'm sorry, she's six and, well, hard to control.'
'Oh that's alright,' Remus said. 'Hi Everly, my name is Remus Lupin. I play professional ice-hockey. But I can teach you some tricks. If that's alright with your mother, of course.' Sirius heart almost melted at the sight.
'Mommy, can I please skate with Remus?' The girl tried her best to look cute and Sirius had to admit that she was almost as cute as Remus.
'You are- That means you are Sirius Black, I thought I recognized you! Ev, stay in sight, okay?' She gave her daughter a stern look and then smiled. Both her and Sirius watched them skate away.
'I'm sorry, kids seem to automatically have thing for Remus. I can't say I don't understand them, though I hope it's a different kind of thing.' The woman laughed at Sirius', slightly awkward, but apparently successful ice-breaker.
'My name is Sarah by the way. I heard everything about you and Remus on the new some months ago, that must've been hard.' Sirius normally wouldn’t answer to this, but Sarah had somewhat the same motherly energy that both Hope Lupin and Celeste Dumais had, though maybe a little less.
'It wasn't, but it got us here.' She smiled at him.
'I'm glad it did.' She turned around to look for something. 'Oh, Jack! I am so sorry, my toddler just learned how to walk and Cecile and I have trouble getting him to not walk on the ice.' She smiled apologetically. 'Could you give a shout if something happens with Everly?' Sirius nodded. 'Thank you, darling,' she said as she skated to her wife and son.
Sirius saw her kiss her wife, Cecile, on the cheek and bow down over the toddler and he couldn’t deny that he wanted that. Someday. With Remus.
Then he felt a weight against his back and arms around his hips. 'Hey baby,' Remus whispered. Sirius turned around and kissed his boyfriend.
'Where is your little admirer?'
'She's showing her mom all the tricks I taught her.'
'You'd be a great dad.' Remus seemed a little taken aback by that.
'You would too.'
Sirius couldn’t hold it in. 'I want that. Someday.'
'Me too.' Remus couldn’t hold back a smile and kissed Sirius again. 'Love you,' he whispered against his boyfriends lips.
'Hmm, love you too,' Sirius replied.
'Do you want to sit down and eat something? I brought chocolate.'
'of course you did.'
Hours later, both Remus and Sirius were getting tired. They had skated, talked and exchanged contact with Sarah and her family and Remus had eaten a shocking amount of chocolate. They had been snuggled on a thick blanket with another blanket over them in a tent-like contraption for an hour now. Remus was the first to notice it was getting dark.
'Pads. Pads, we can see the stars now,' he whispered to a half-asleep Sirius. He took his hand and dragged him up. Let's go on the ice, there is the least unnatural light.' Remus began walking.
'Honey, you forgot your skates.'
'Don’t need 'em.' He walked to the middle of the lake and promptly sat down and then laid on his back. 'You coming?' Sirius rolled his eyes, but went to lay next to Remus anyway. There they looked up, waiting for the stars to become more and more visible. The ice was cold underneath them, but Remus warmth made up for that.
After a while the stars were very visible and Remus pointed to the sky. 'Okay, if that's the north star, than North is right,' he lowered his hand in a straight line, 'there.' He pointed somewhere to into the forest next to the lake.
'How do you know this?' Sirius looked at his boyfriend looked at him.
'I might have looked up how to stargaze this morning,' Remus admitted. Sirius laughed -it could almost be called barking- when he saw Remus' grin. 'Anyway, there is Ursa Major. And I think that that is..' That was the point where Sirius stopped paying attention to what Remus said and more to him.
Remus' lit up when he talked about something made him happy. He had a wide smile and gold sparks in his eyes.
'And that's you, baby, the dog star.' But Sirius didn't look up, he kept staring at his boyfriends face. 'Pads?'
'Marry me.' It slipped out. He hadn't meant to say it, but it was sincere.
'What!?' Remus shot up.
'I- I just realized how fucking much I love you. I want to spend every second with you, I want to talk either to you or about you, I want,' Sirius trailed off in a search for words, 'you.' He smiled. 'I just want you.' Sirius had not prepared this, in any way, but he was happy with what he said.
'Bab-y,' Remus' voice broke as tears welled up and Sirius sat up and then went down on one knee.
'I'm sorry I don’t have a ring, but here goes,' he smiled apologetically. 'Remus, will you marry me?'
'Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes!' He kissed Sirius. 'Ba- fiancé,' he whispered against his lips, 'I love you so fucking much too.'
I kinda want a significant other now,, anyway, let me know if you want a part 2 where they tell people!!
(I'll probably write it anyway, but still!)
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another-tmnt-writer · a year ago
The Quarantine Chronicles
Turtles x Reader
Author: Admin Mo
Prompt: There were a few of you that asked for being quarantined with the turtles, so here you go <3
Note: There’s one part for each turtle <3 Thanks so much for 3.5k!! I love you guys!!!
Warnings: Mentions of quarantine/the virus, but other than that, none??
Word Count: 1.5k
Tumblr media
“Well, it’s confirmed.” Donnie pulled his goggles up onto the top of his head, his brothers looking at him, anticipation in their eyes. “We can’t contract or carry the virus.”
“We’re immune?” Leo checked.
Donnie nodded, typing rapidly into his computer. “Not only that, but we don’t have the ability to infect anybody either. Which means…”
“Yep, I’ll call her.” Raph dialed your number to deliver the good news.
“Hell yeah!!!” Mikey cheered skipping out of the lair.
It took about an hour for you to gather all of the things you’d need during quarantine and head down to the lair. The boys were waiting anxiously for your arrival, all of them sad about the circumstances but glad that it meant you got to spend some quality time with them. If there was anything they knew how to do, it was pass the time. After all, they’d basically been quarantined for the better part of fifteen years before they were finally allowed on the surface.
The boys set up a nice little bed for you. It was an air mattress, but Raph had knitted you a big red blanket during some of his time in the hashi, and it was warm and cozy, and Donnie had gathered a bunch of pillows, so pushed up against the wall, it was a perfect little cozy corner for you.
Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but you knew that in the lair, you’d be safe.
Leo x Reader ~ Stress Baking
“Ooh, that smells good. What are you making?” Leo had followed his nose to the kitchen, only to find you sitting on the counter wearing an apron.
“Oreo cheesecake cupcakes.” You replied, looking up at him and smiling, your legs kicking from your spot on the counter. “One of my favorite recipes.”
“You’ve been doing a lot of baking since you got down here. Are you…alright?”
“Oh, I’m fine.” You replied, nodding. “I call this: controlling what you can when things feel out of control.”
“Ah.” He nodded. “Stress baking.”
“Yes. Stress baking. Instead of writing my essay for Human Origins.” You shrugged. “I’ll do it when these are done.”
“I keep forgetting you’re still doing school stuff with all this going on.” Leo walked into the kitchen and leaned against the counter opposite you, crossing his arms. “That’s rough.”
“It really is. I’m making it work, though. I’m fine. I’m…I’m making it work.”
The oven dinged, so you hopped down from the counter and slipped on your oven mitts, pulling the tray of cupcakes out of the oven. They looked perfect. Now, they just needed to chill in the fridge for a few hours.
“Hang in there, okay?” Leo tilted his head, a concerned look in his blue eyes. “You’ve got us if you need any help with anything. I’m no expert on evolution or anything, but I’m sure Donnie is.”
“I’ll make sure to let you know if I need any help.” You nodded. After you turned the oven off, you turned to Leo and gave him a hug, which he gladly reciprocated, holding you tight in his arms. “Thank you.”
Leo rested his head against yours, pressing a soft kiss to your hairline. “Any time.”
Raph x Reader ~ New Hobbies
“Okay, so stick the needle in. Yep just like that. And then loop the yarn around. Yep, good job. And then…uh…here, let me see what you did…” Raph held up your knitting project, spinning it around to look at it. “I don’t know why it looks like that…”
You’d never seen him so patient before, but when you’d asked him to teach you how to knit, he’d been more than willing. Excited, even.
“Sorry I’m so bad at this…”
“No, yer not bad, believe me, it took me a long time to learn. It just takes practice is all.” Raph reassured you. “Why don’t…Hmm…”
“What?” You chuckled at the focused look on his face as he fixed the mistake you’d made.
Raph handed you the knitting needles and then sat crisscrossed on the floor. He patted his legs, motioning you over. “Come here, shorty, I think I know how to teach you.”
You crawled into his lap and he picked you up and repositioned you so that your back was against his plastron. He positioned your hands correctly, taking your little human hands in his giant green three-fingered ones. He walked you through the motions slowly, sticking the needle into the loop, wrapping the yarn around the needle, making the new loop, and then dropping the old one.
“Ohhhhhhhh that makes sense.” You nodded, everything finally clicking into place. “Could you do that one more time for me?”
“Yep. Like this. In, around, through, and off. In, around, through, off.” He did it a few more times so you could get used to the motion. “Alright, now you try.” He took his hands away, leaving you to do it on your own.
“In…around? Through…” you moved the needles, manipulating the yarn carefully. “Off. Like that?”
“You did it! Good job!”
“Thank you for teaching me!”
Raph hugged you, his arms wrapping around your waist. He leaned forward and kissed your cheek. “Anything for my favorite student.”
Donnie x Reader ~ Bleach and Dye
“Okay, so the box says you shouldn’t leave it on for any longer.” Donnie read the label on the box of bleach for the thirteenth time. “Ready?”
“Yep.” You leaned back in the chair you had pushed against the sink, and Donnie helped rinse the bleach out. Next, he helped you blow-dry it. You looked at your reflection, tilting your head. “I think it’s cute.”
“It’s a good look for you.” Donnie agreed, still uncertain how you’d roped him into this crazy scheme of yours. “Are you sure you want to go further?”
“Yep. I want to be purple.” You slid the little container of dye to him and his eyes widened.
“Well, alright…” Donnie exhaled, shaking his head. He read the instructions on the dye container and then started brushing it onto your hair from the tips to the roots. “Have you ever done this before?”
“Nope. But everyone on TikTok is doing it, so it was about time.” You shrugged, grinning as Donnie very carefully brushed the dye onto your bleached hair.
“I mean, if it makes you feel better with all this going on, then I guess it’s worth a try.”
“That’s my logic exactly.” You grinned and took a sip of your chai latte. You held it up to him so he could take a sip, and he did.
At first, Donnie had been a little squeamish of sharing straws, but since you had been around so much offering him sips of every frozen coffee or iced tea recipe you came up with, it didn’t bother him anymore.
“That’s good. Soymilk?”
“Vanilla soymilk.”
“Mmm, interesting.” He grinned.
The two of you sat around talking for a while before his timer went off and it was time to wash the dye out. He helped you rinse it out once again, drying it off with a blow dryer until finally, you straightened up to look at in the mirror. You squealed, beaming.
“It looks so good!!! Thank you Donnie!!!” You jumped up and latched onto him, your legs wrapped around his hips.
He grinned and grabbed onto your thighs, securing you in place better. “Of course, princess. Glad I could help.”
Mikey x Reader ~ When All Else Fails…Art
“So you take the Ziploc bag and you color on it with the markers you want like this.” You showed him, scribbling a random shape onto the clear plastic with an orange marker. “And then you pick another color, so pink.” You colored some more surrounding the orange blob, but not touching it. “And then I’m adding some yellow.”
“Okay…” Mikey watched intensely, very interested in the art technique you’d found on the internet. He was using some blue and green on his bag, and once you were done with the yellow, he used some of that too. “Now what?”
“And then you dip your fingers into the water and flick it where the marker is.”
“Alright.” Mikey nodded, dipping one giant finger into the water and copying you, flicking water onto the places where the color was.
“And then you mix it around like this.” You smudged the color with your fingertip, smearing it and blending the spots between different colors.
“Okay…” Mikey still wasn’t sure what this was supposed to accomplish, but he did it anyway.
“And then…and this is the cool part. You flip it onto the paper and press down.”
“WOAHHHHHH THAT’S SO COOL!” He exclaimed, spreading the color out on his paper. “Where did you learn how to do this, dudette?”
“On the internet.” You smiled, peeling the bag off of your paper and admiring your pseudo-water color masterpiece. It looked like a sunset. You handed it to Mikey. “For you, sir.”
He held a hand over his heart, gasping. “For ME?”
“I’m gonna frame this and put it on my bunk.” Mikey tackled you in a bear hug, pressing a dozen kisses to your cheek. “Thank you, angelcakes. I love it.”
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moonlilith · a year ago
stuck with you
↬ Pairing: Kozume Kenma x reader
↬ Timeline: timeskip  
↬ Genre: Fluff ☁️
↬ Wordcount: 1,061
↬  Masterlist: HERE!
↬ AN: another self-indulge fic that relates to me sometimes even before quarantine has started. Im currently ongoing with online classes which I believe is making me lazier than I usually do but still it's better than when my classes haven’t started. And this is basically the rules that my country had mandated during the first wave of covid where we couldn’t go out like we do now. Anyhow, stay safe everyone and thank you frontlines, may god bless you all.  
Tumblr media
“What are you doing?” Kenma popped his head and looked at you questionably as he looked at the wall clock. It was close to 2pm and you haven't even got up from your bed. “I’m meditating.” You answer as you tugged the covers off you. It was a hot day, and it has been close to two weeks of total quarantine. Only the head households are allowed to go out and its only on Tuesday and Thursday so getting the groceries wasn’t an activity you can do now.  
“Get up, y/n.” he said softly walking towards you and pulling your leg softly. “You’re not meditating, you’re sleeping and it’s only going to make your insomnia worse if you sleep during the day.” Kenma only sigh worriedly looking at you. He can't blame you for being so lethargic.  
Before the lockdown, you were always moving around from one place to another and to Kenma, the current situation isn't that much different from his usual maybe for the university part, but his university decided to have a short break to adjust with the unforeseeable events.  
“Get up and take a shower y/n. I have cooked some noodles and we’ll have to think early what we’ll eat tonight since food delivery is only until 7pm.” He walked towards the bathroom and got your clothes ready for you. You only send a glare at him but continue pouting when he pointed towards the bathroom.  
You both were eating in silence and yet it saddens Kenma out to see his sunshine all worn down. You both knew this quarantine was for the best and knew how thankful you were to the healthcare profession, but you just can't help but feel the quarantine have been dragging you so down. “Let’s do this.” Kenma reaches for your hand on the other side of the table.  
“Every day we’ll do a new activity, so you would be excited every day.Besides, I’m stuck with you and you’re stuck with me. ” You brighten up at the idea. “Hey! You made that sound like it’s a bad thing.” You pouted playfully. You had always been someone that just couldn’t sit still and Kenma was the total opposite. It still amazed Kuroo how someone like Kenma fall in love with someone as restless as you. Kenma gain the courage to confess to you right after they’ve won a game and you, you always had a crush on him.  
“Hey babe, can you get the parcel at the door. I’m still streaming.” He shouted from his work room aka his game room. You obliged since you weren't actually doing anything. You picked up the parcel that the deliveryman left after he had announced that there was a parcel. It was contactless ofcourse to avoid the virus spreading around. You picked up the box and left it on the counter when Kenma went out of his room and picked up a penknife.  
“Let’s open my present for us. Thankfully it didn’t sell out before I bought it because this is a quarantine essential.” He urged you to help him open the parcel and it was two Nintendo switch. “Babe!” You were in shock as you pulled out not one but two Nintendo switch. “You could have just bought one.” You told him again when he went ahead and open his as you still shocked staring at the box.  
“If I bought one, I can’t play Animal Crossing with you. Now less complaining, more islandning.” You thought that was the last where he had spent money just for you to have a different activity. The next day, a parcel of embroideries set came. When you asked him all he said that ‘Tiktok says it’s fun.” The next was a painting set by numbers, and the other day was skincare set that Kenma sees everywhere in Tiktok.  
The next day after he had done with his activities, he pulled you towards the gaming room. “Let’s farming.” He said briefly and you were confused until you see the ‘Stardew Valley’ intro. It was easy to get lose in the game. The next day, he taught you to play Valorant. It was intense and you play with Kuroo, Yaku and Lev too. It was fun, you must admit since you can’t physically see them.  
The next after, you played Among Us but this time there was Shoyo, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Bokuto, and Akaashi. It was truly fun and scary to see how Kenma could lie straight to everyone faces but one thing for sure was that he refused to kill you which led to Kuroo calling him a simp. A term that you definitely have heard but didn’t know the meaning off.  
“Love?” You peeked at him as he was scrolling through the online shopping site. “What are you doing?” You walked towards him. “Oh, I didn’t know you were up. I was looking for some fun activities to do.” You frowned looking at him, pulling him outside to the living room. “Let’s watch anime or kdrama for today.” He gave you a frown but still followed you out as you picked what show you wanted.  
And as much as you hated how he was spending his money recklessly; you still love every inch of Kenma for going beyond just so that he could see you smile. You were getting ready for bed when you see that Kenma was still streaming. You decided to peek at him and slowly walked behind his chair, your hand looping around his neck before kissing his cheek. “Let’s just stick to watching shows or playing games and anything we’ve had for tomorrow and the next day it comes.” Kenma didn’t paused his game yet he took a glance towards you, “You’ll get bored--”  
“As long as I’m with you and we’re together, I’ll never get bored.” You said kissing his forehead, forgetting that the stream was still on. “Ah, I’m sorry guys, I have to end the stream abruptly.” He said and pulled you towards the bedroom. “What? What about your stream Kodzuken, your fans Kenchis?.” You said pushing him softly, but he shook his head. “Kuroo’s right. I am a simp for you.” You only can tilt your head confused looking at him. “And my fans are not Kenchis.” He laid his head on your lap as you played with his hair.
↬ happy late birthday kenma!!
↬ luckily kenma is a rich btch that can buy the nintendo switch. i cant relate since im broke af and i still want to play acnh. and all i wanted is to have gaming dates with my s/o but first i need to find a s/o.
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jisungsplatforms · 9 months ago
Pairing: Yang Jeongin x gn! reader
Genre: fluff, angst if you squint; nonidolau, friends to soon-to-be lovers, mutual pining
Warning: Sad Jeongin hours, mentions of insecurity on Jeongin’s part
Tumblr media
Spending time with you was Jeongin’s favorite thing to do in the world. Whether you guys go out for food, go to the arcade to play, go take a walk in the park, or even just staying at each other’s houses to spend your lazy days together; Jeongin loves it all. He just loves your presence so much that if he had to choose between spending his last moments with the boys or you, he’d pick you in a heartbeat; to which his friends took great offense to while you laughed at their faces. This time, the two of you went to the bookstore just because since neither of you particularly even read books for fun.
The two of you walked around the store, checking out all the different genres of books, occasionally pointing at the ugliest character you could find, telling each other “that’s you”. This was fun, not because of the books- in fact, if you both had the choice, you wouldn’t even dare as far as look at one- but because you were together. The blandest of days could be the best as long as you had each other. Jeongin stood at the manga section, looking at the Black Clover volumes before he heard your surprised voice from the other aisle.
“Ah! Yeonjun?”
Hearing you say another man’s name, he instantly put the book down, quickly, but quietly, moving to where you were. Peeking, he saw you standing in front of a tall, black haired man. “How are you? Haven’t seen you for a while,” you said, smiling, reaching up to hug him. “I missed you!” Jeongin’s heart stopped for a moment. The annoyingly handsome man grinned, returning your hug.
“Hey, Y/n! I missed you too! I’ve been doing well, thanks,” Yeonjun said as he separated from you. “How about you? Are you here alone?”
You shook your head. “No, I’m actually here with my best friend!”
Best friend.
Jeongin’s heart couldn’t help but drop at the word. He knows he should be ecstatic knowing that you trust him enough to call him your best friend after knowing each other for a little over two years but knew that he wanted much more than that. Jeongin watched as you whipped your head around, looking for him. Your eyes finally met his when you turned around.
“Oh, there he is!” You enthusiastically said. You beckoned him. “Innie! Come over here!”
Jeongin begrudgingly moved from his spot, standing up straight. He walked towards you to stand right beside you. “Innie, this is Yeonjun. Jun, this is Jeongin.”
“Hello,” he murmured, bowing out of politeness. Yeonjun’s eyes widened a little before returning back to his small smile, an action both of you didn’t miss.
“Jeongin-ah, hello,” Yeonjun said, bowing as well. He took his eyes off of Jeongin to go back to talking to you. You continued to smile during your conversation with Yeonjun, Jeongin’s chest aching the entire time.
Yeonjun was tall, handsome, well-dressed, and polite, as much as Jeongin hated to admit. You know that one video of Liam Payne saying “you’re insecure” on loop? That is exactly what was going on in poor Innie’s mind.
He couldn’t stop himself. He really couldn’t.
“How do you guys know each other?” he blurted. He felt a little embarrassed asking, but he was curious; he just had to know your relationship with each other. Your eyes widened at the blunt question. You glanced back at Yeonjun, silently asking him to answer instead. Yeonjun, luckily, merely laughed.
“Ah, that. We actually used to date.” Jeongin’s world crumbled. Glancing back and forth between you and Yeonjun in shock, he asked, “Oh, really?”
You nodded a little awkwardly. “Yeah, actually. For a while we did,” you said. “But this was before the two of us met.”
“Hmm, okay. Cool,” Jeongin mumbled, looking down. So these are the type of guys you like, he thought, sadly. If he wasnt so busy sulking in his own little world, he would’ve heard the rest of your conversation with Yeonjun.
“Sooo,” Yeonjun smirked. “Yang Jeongin, huh? Finally got your hands on him, I see. Are you sure you two are ‘just friends‘?” You blushed.
“Shut up. I’m working on it!” you aggressively whispered to him, glancing at Jeongin to see if he was listening. Yeonjun laughed.
“Okay, okay! Good luck over there then,” he patted your shoulder. “I’m rooting for you two!”
You laughed, embarrassed, blushing even more. “Thanks, Jun.”
“Alright, I’ll see you both later!” the 6’ foot man said, snapping Jeongin back to reality. “It was nice meeting you, Jeongin!”
“Y-yeah. You too,” Jeongin feigned a smile.
“Bye!” Yeonjun said one last time, winking at you.
“Bye.” the both of you said. It was awkwardly quiet between the two of you. You tried going back to flipping through the books to get your mind straight. You noticed though how Jeongin just stood in his place, looking down. “Innie, you good?” you worriedly asked. Jeongin slowly looked up.
“Uh, yeah,” he said with an unconvincing smile. “Yeah. I’m okay, don’t you worry about it.”
You hesitantly walked towards him, putting your hand on his shoulder. He looked at you, wide-eyed, while you gave him an adorable smile.
“Hey, don’t you worry about anything,” you said. “No one’s taking me away from you; I’m all yours.” Both yours and Jeongin’s hearts fluttered at your words. Finally letting out a genuine smile, he took your hand into both his own.
“Yeah, I know,” he laughed, blushing slightly. Your face turned red. You smiled at one another, continuing your day together.
Yeah, I should confess sooner, you both simultaneously thought.
Tumblr media
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