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riacte · 3 minutes ago
Ok now Watcher Pearl and Watcher Gem have taken over my life i am blaming you for this /j
Just my duty <3
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dictator-future-warden · 3 minutes ago
@missfaythie: Oh, and I'm finished applying the ice pack to the burns. *covers the wounds with sterile bandages*
*he sighs in relief as he kept still*
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cc-ichigo-kurosaki · 3 minutes ago
Anonymous asked // May 15 · a month ago
Do you and your friends still see that Afro Guy fighting hollows around Karakura? I think I saw him jogging through town making a cop siren call...
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“Rarely, we usually end up dealing with the hollows ourselves before he even shows up, he’s as unreliable as ever, and are you sure that wasn’t him running away from something again? Jeez...”
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riacte · 3 minutes ago
So i saw Watcher!Pearl on your blog and i blacked out and made a whole list of headcanons about her and Grian and what their friendship may have been like in Evo and when Grian became and Watcher and how they both left to join HC help I've never even seen Evo anyways the headcanons are here
👀 yes I’ve seen them, and oooh angst~~
All this Watcher stuff is making me feel like I’ve been transported back to HC6 ahaha
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spixi · 3 minutes ago
so i just woke up after the fever dream that was last night but bro !!! that was so cool !! you guys are all awesome btw <3 AND there's movie coming out?!!? /pos
it is a very good day to have joined the bakuten fandom 😌
fjdkskshshsk good morning!!
im really really happy youre here. i love everyone in the fandom and to welcome newish people is literally the best thing ever !!!!! youre super duper awesome and it makes me so happy that youre glad to be here!!
AND YES THERES A MOVIE!! sk8 take fucking notes. im really excited :3
im really glad youre here ^.^
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seanfalco · 4 minutes ago
Sean of course. But also, I don't know if you've ever watched The Librarians (I know it's a Dean Devlin production, and also that I talk about it a lot) but I feel like you and Jacob Stone would get along really well. He's a cowboy/art history expert and Very Charming.
D'aww <3 I've never watched The Librarians much, but I looked up this man, and he's cute! I do like cowboys and art (and charming men ;p) Thank you Shye <333
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subbydean · 4 minutes ago
Jensen longcon aka John and Mary reboot aside, seeing how Jared reacts (with absolutely no grace at all and unprofessionally) like I wouldn't want to involve him in my production shit either lmao
lol absolutely. gen, play baby shark to calm him down.
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acciorudolphx · 5 minutes ago
Goodmorning beautiful you look lovely today ;)
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translesbiansonic · 5 minutes ago
bro u r. goinkg to make me cry no UR a legend
no shush the legend is YOU im holding that drawing so gently
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swordsxandxshadows · 5 minutes ago
“Have a good life. Do that for me. Have a fantastic life.”
☯ 60 ways to say ‘I love you’ (DW edition) ☯
The sentiment had caught the other off guard, having been stretching his legs. His brothers were still limiting his activities and such, making sure he took it easy till they were certain that his leg was fully healed and that there was no further injury. At the very least they had let him out of that bed, something he was grateful for having come to absolutely loath whenever he was stuck on bedrest. It was exhausting to him to sit day in and day out like that with anything he could do constrained to what he could do in the vicinity of the bed.
So, the second Ryou and Ryota gave him the go ahead that he could get out of the bed, he had practically leaped out of it. Course he had to promise them both to take it easy and to rest every other hour or so to give his leg a break. Ryou even insisting he use a means to assist his walking till than, avoiding calling it a walking cane but Ryoma was fully aware that was what it was. He almost griped at his ‘eldest’ brother if he hadn’t threatened to tie him down to the bed if he didn’t follow their orders, the seriousness on his face telling him that he would indeed follow through with that and trying to wrestle his brother with a bum leg was going not be easy. Any other instance he probably could successfully wrestle out of his brother’s hold, it took considerable effort, but he could do it. So, an agreement had been made, primarily to finally escape the confined of the bed but also to reassure and alleviate his brothers’ worries. 
It felt almost like eternity since he had just hung out with Yang. Sure, she had visited him when she could, often teasing him in good fun about his situation or bringing him something to stave off his growing boredom. Appreciating the time she took out of her day and planning to repay her in some way once he could, wanting to show her all the gratitude he could with the time she spent with him. It couldn’t have been all that fun after all.
The man was at a loose for words for once, not sure how to respond to the genuine sentiment that almost spoke volumes of the love and care she seemed to have for him. Causing a rush of color to paint his cheeks ever so lightly, the heating pooling there and radiating a bit. Ryoma did hold a bit of a fancy for Yang, she was a strong and powerful warrior as well as a overall beautiful and caring person with such a lively and infectious personality. How could he not fall for her like he did? Though, he mostly keep that infatuation and attraction to himself, feeling like she could do better than someone like him? After all, while he shared similar traits to his brothers there was also starch differences between them and if anything he was the ‘odd one out’. The ‘black sheep’ of the three. Yang deserved better than a disaster and in his opinion disappointment than him.
“...only if you promise to do the same in return.”
Finally finding words, a soft and tender look passing over his features as he returned the sentiment towards her. Nothing would mean more to him than Yang finding happiness, in fact it meant the world to him. Her happiness was all he wanted.
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wooyukh · 5 minutes ago
18 & 22 bestie🤩
18. What tattoos do you want?
hmm,, i honestly don’t think i’ll ever get a tattoo but if i ever do it’ll probably be like a small flower with its stem. idk how to describe it but i have a certain imagine in my head and if i ever decide to get a tattoo i’ll definitely get something like that!
22. tag someone you think is hot.
@wooyukh ;)
ask game :D !!
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dictator-future-warden · 6 minutes ago
@missfaythie: I'm sorry, this will sting. *when she is finished applying pressure, she cleans both wounds*
*he grits his teeth at the pain but he soon relaxes*
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transdean · 6 minutes ago
kisses and flowers for ely comin thru 🌹🌺💐🌷🌸MWAH i hope u have a very good day <3 -xara
AA thanks xara!! 🥺💞 i gift you: this 🦤 dodo bird and a warm cup of tea 🍵
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msgrumpygills · 6 minutes ago
I've been saying this for a while, but yes Danneel is just better than Geneva. D seems more legit, sincere and her posts don't feel forced or fake. It also helps that Jensen doesn't act like he hates his home or family, so there's that also. Meanwhile Geneva tries to show off and pull the ''family goals'' thing, it doesn't work as Jared doesn't even seem to care. Instead, it comes off as flat, forced and fake, and often downright gives second hand embarrassment to audiences.
For example look at D's new pride post and Jensen's response. They just feel like a natural couple and a happy family. That's not the case with Pads however, and... I just don't get their mindset at this point.
You've asked if Geneva follows the anti-blogs or not-- I don't think it's a conspiracy theorist mindset to question that. It's not like she doesn't know that anti-blogs exist. And also consider the SPN fandoms 'toxicity' and that how there are fans out there who criticize or just outright hate on both D and G... they are both aware of the blogs' existence. It wouldn't surprise me to see that Geneva sometimes search such blogs in order to get an opinion/idea from what ppl say about her or Jared or her family in general.
I won't lie, when this blog first started, I disliked D and Gen equally, but I think that D has kind of had a humbling moment? Not sure what it was, but she seems like a different person than she was when I started this blog.
I know there are people who think that Jensen and D aren't together but are co-parenting, and some who say they're still happily married. I have thought both options, but I'm not so sure where I stand now. I will agree though that Jensen and D seem a lot more comfortable with each other and seem to at least be able to tolerate each other for more than an hour. Even when they're out and about, they're (from what I've seen, it's been a while) at least acting like they enjoy each other. I think it says a lot that even though D hasn't had much of a social media presence lately, she is STILL seen as more genuine and more likable than Geneva who desperately posts all the damn time. The Ackles' STILL look like the more real and genuine family and they don't have to try. That's the point though, Geneva tries way too hard. Just take the L, sis.
I also really respect Jensen and D for not shoving phones and cameras in the kids' faces at every moment for content and ads. Before anyone calls me a hypocrite here, when they do post the kids, it's genuine pictures that a regular ol' family would take while doing activities, living life, etc. It's never manufactured and fake looking, it just seems like the nice neighbors next door would post.
While I'm on a roll here, when the Ackles' do have pictures with the kids or post them, everyone looks like they're genuinely enjoying themselves. Now I know that kids aren't always feeling 100, that's just not realistic, but they seem like they're having fun together (and the Ackles' aren't monetizing their bad days along with the good ones.)
Also, look at the difference in Jensen's kid posts and Jared's kid posts. Jensen acts like he's proud to be a father, you can tell that he really does care about his kids and when he gets the chance, he spends any time he can with them. The only complaints from him that I've seen about the kids are that they're growing too fast, or that they can't be with him when he's working. Jared on the other hand, bitches about his kids any chance he gets and races for the opportunity to stay away from home as long as he can. He acts like some frat boy that knocked up his girlfriend 3 times and refuses to take any responsibility for the kiddos.
I think it's getting even more suspicious that Gen keeps trying to post more candid shots instead of the photoshoot ones. Maybe D's post successes in the last week have made Geneva realize that she's just not gonna get those likes she's so desperate for unless she changes something.
Unlikely, but maybe.
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cheeseburstthoughts · 6 minutes ago
I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in chemistry. 😌
Hahahaha xD....
In school, there were two subjects that I hated the most.... Social Studies and Chemistry...
So, Social Studies, I love history...I love knowing all the stories and the battles and how government works and how economy goes on....but why the hell do I need to memorize each and every point....that's just pointless....I barely passed SST....
And then comes Chemistry...nothing makes sense....then people will try to say that it has rules and everything.... But the number of exceptions are more than the number of rules.... It might be science....but we have no idea what goes on... It's a Chaos...and then in exam they want us to remember how Chaos works....
Thank god I never have to touch those subjects again😌😌😌
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sadahaqhindi · 6 minutes ago
Exclusive: GISP: पढ़ाई के लिए विदेश जाने वाले छात्रों को सरकार की सौगात, एक पोर्टल पर मिलेंगे सभी सवालों के जवाब
Exclusive: GISP: पढ़ाई के लिए विदेश जाने वाले छात्रों को सरकार की सौगात, एक पोर्टल पर मिलेंगे सभी सवालों के जवाब #sadahaqurdu #saaddahaq #sadahaqhindi #sadahaq #sadahaqnews #sadahaqpb #facebook #instagram #twitter #google #saaddahaqnews #saaddahaqhindi #saaddahaqurdu #youtube #saaddahaqpunjabi
नई दिल्ली. विदेश में शिक्षा की चाहत रखने वाले भारतीय छात्रों के लिए सरकार (Government of India) नई सौगात लेकर आई है. सरकार ने इस साल ग्लोबल इंडियन स्टूडेंट्स पोर्टल (GISP) लॉन्च करने का फैसला किया है. इसके तहत छात्रों और पैरेंट्स को विदेश की यूनिवर्सिटी, कोर्सेज, जैसी चीजों की अहम जानकारियां एक ही जगह पर मिल सकेंगी. मौजूदा हालात में विदेश जाकर पढ़ाई की इच्छा रखने वाले छात्रों को एक स्थान पर पूरी…
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subbydean · 7 minutes ago
One good thing about the mary and john prequel is that amy gumnick is back, but then again, at what cost.
to quote fitzwiliam darcy, "tolerable. but not handsome enough to tempt me."
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its-chuuya-bitch · 7 minutes ago
So mean- also btw, you cant fight me. You have no fighting skills hahah -Mark
Response: I know but my Tsar bomb will surely defeat you-
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