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I see where you’re coming from but you’re not exactly correct… you see the reason Mary, Elizabeth andJane Grey were able to become queens were because there were no other male heirs who could inherit the throne. Literally. Once Edward died there were no other male heirs. If Mary Tudor (Henry’s sister) had any male children they would have inherited but she didn’t she only had daughters. Margaret (Henry’s other sister) was cut from his will and though she had two sons they both had died before henry. The only real heirs to the English throne at that stage were the Mary, Elizabeth, the Grey sisters and Mary Queen of Scots.

In Edwards own will (when he was replacing his sisters in favour of their cousin Jane) he had first written Jane’s male heirs but had changed to just Jane AND her male heirs when he realised he wasn’t going to live long enough to see if she had any male heirs.

Usually if there was a male family member outside of the immediate family they would inherit. Women were not necessarily forbidden from inheriting but it was really hard for them to do so if they had male relatives. Because of such rules the daughters of the family were very quickly married off so that they had a secure home because in most case once the male relative took over they were required to leave.

In Diamonds case, or in Sphene and Rune’s case, Rune has a female cousin through his mother’s sister who would be inheriting her title.

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Of course you can! Here you go and I hope you like our little community 💕

(this time I made sure it works al the time)

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I think they’re an awesome gang, dark yes, but awesome. Not only that but Banica finally has a family who doesn’t abuse her like her late mother.

So yeah, they’re a dark but wholesome found family.

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I hope I am interpreting this correctly, because gods do I love this. Much like I enjoy inflation in general, come inflation in someone’s bladder is… a guilty pleasure of mine(same with come inflation in someone’s balls no matter how unrealistic)

So Geralt is pent up and complaining about it, Jaskier telling him he’s exaggerating and ignoring it. So Geralt decides to show him just how bad it can be being pent up with so much thick, sticky come inside and ties the bard up. He works the sound inside slowly, careful with Jaskier yet smiling at his eager moans. It’s hollow and long, perfectly shaped to go all the way into the man’s bladder and open him up for the witcher. After breaching the sphincter he watches as Jaskier loses control and empties his bladder into the chamberpot, Geralt nice enough to not soil the bedsheets.

By then Geralt is so hard he can’t keep from touching himself, sighing and grunting as he jacks himself off. Jaskier is speared open before him, his most precious place stretched and ready to be filled by him. When he feels his balls draw up he kneels just before the bard, aiming his slit right at the hollow sound and lets go. Jaskier is immediately catching on and I think he freaks out just a little at first, squirming as he can feel the hot seed travel down the cold, metal tube and then pooling inside of his bladder. And it’s so much, much more than what the witcher normally produces and what would dwarf anyone’s volume. By the time Geralt is done Jaskier is sure he’s filled to the brim with the thick come, too sticky and viscous to leak back out of his hard cock the way his piss did.

But Geralt has no intention to stop just yet. His balls are filled with the stuff and aching with need to get it out, so he keeps stroking himself. When Jaskier protests he tells him it’s all to trach him a lesson, to make sure he knows how bad it is for a witcher to stay pent up and that he is in fact not exaggerating. He can see it’s uncomfortable, but the constant scent of lust coming off the man tells him it’s all okay. So he shoots another lod down the shaft, and a third. It takes several minutes to make it all flow down into the tube, it sticking to the surface and going down in thick globs.

By then Jaskier’s bladder is bulging, making a small dent in his otherwise flat stomach and Geralt smiles as he leans down to inspect it. He smells so much like him, claimed by Geralt from all directions, and it’s intoxicating. He is careful as he pulls the sound out, can tell just how badly filled Jaskier is from the way his belly cramps up trying to expel the liquid. But it doesn’t work, the bard panicking as he can’t get it out. It’s stuck, clinging to the tight walls and refusing to move anywhere, barely escaping the sphincter and travelling torturously slowly down his urethra.

Geralt asks him if he aches, if it’s too much pressure. He asks Jaskier to imagine all of that inside his balls, filling up in his sac and prostate trying to escape but not being allowed to. He starts pumping his shaft slowly, coaxing more of the fluid to seep out, bubbling out of his slit and dragging more along. It’s stringy and gooey, Jaskier almost sure he could start pulling on the small amount dripping out of him and would be able to pull more out just from that. But each time Geralt pumps his cock, it pulls more along, seeping out like sap.

The witcher presses down on his bladder and the pressure is too much for him, the thick seed trying to make space while sticking to his insides and desperately trying to escape. It’s packed into his urethra so much that it can’t escape any faster, just a long torturous experience as the man forces more out of him slowly, slowly.

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This is a tough one… I have never read a book twice, though I have read a few books in two different languages, if that counts. One was “Die unendliche Geschichte” by Michael Ende, another one was “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde.

Besides reference books, which I read and check several times, I think I would read again “Le città invisibili” by Italo Calvino. That book is gold.

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hi :-)

you need to create your own image of the simstagram community, but what I mainly disliked was the drama and cancel culture. It got so worse over the past months. There were tea pages that created more drama, a lot of people left the community. You couldn’t post what you want anymore. Someone would complain about a little detail and constantly attack you, it wasn’t fun anymore. + the worst is that people on simstagram don’t care about someone’s behaviour, what they did or said (even if it was offensive or hurt others with their actions)

in general everyone would keep quiet and just close their eyes if a person has a huge following or is well known. No matter what they did or how much people they hurt.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I left. It’s a fake show for me.

Sorry this was such a long answer😅

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“…This is your doing, isn’t it?”


{{ In my defense, even though I assisted in the spreading, it wasn’t me who ignited the flame in the first place. People should know the truth, and you cannot deny it. }}


“When it comes to such matters, I would be more content with the ignorance…”

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