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I can’t believe it took me four years to realize to make a gif you just gotta convert your video to a gif. I asked so many ppl and they just told me about the text bit. I know how to do that but now i know how to make gifs so. Anyway I’m going to make gifs from the Ateez answer my bc i like it and I’m about a month late ok. Expect those in the next week.

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yeah tilly birds are these bitches tbh, I liked them just fine at first but now their album might be my fave of the year lol. telex telexs song ao yang ngai might be my fave song of the year though, I adore it so much!!! though I need to check out more of their stuff as well as mirr & yented bc I only know one song of each. also I think the student is surpassing the master bc you’re making me hear about bands I didn’t know about lol :’) anyways I’m really glad I prompted you to listen to more thai music, it’s so underrated & different from western music but once you get into it, it’s hard to get out ;)


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Setsuka… he begins, unsure of how to proceed. There’s surprise written across his features as he takes a step closer, closer and closer. When they’re mere inches away, he pulls her into a tight hug.You’re alive, he says, pulling back, hands gently placed upon her shoulders. It’s been so long I thought you were– you were… he trails off and glances to the side.But you’re not. Eyes glance back to her.I’ve missed you.

“Come on, it must have been nice for you! No one to rag on you about taking care of yourself or forcing you to take breaks!” 


This position couldn’t have been comfortable for him, but at the same time, she was not going to say anything bad about it. For him, even if she really could not explain why she disappeared, it was fine enough. She never wanted anyone to see her die, even if she returned eventually. He had been through enough. It was fine that she would disappear for a while if it meant he didn’t have to watch and never truly be sure if she’d return. She was fine alone. But even so, she refused to stay away from him. “Have you been taking breaks though? Or have you been working yourself too hard again?”

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