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Jahrgang 1-10 (Grundschule + Mittelstufe): Klassen
Jahrgang 11/12 (+13) (Oberstufe): Kurse
Uni: Kurse, Vorlesung, Seminar… aber nie Klassen 

Seminare (gibt kaum einen Unterschied zwischen Pro- und Hauptseminaren tbh, zumindest hier) und Vorlesungen sind immer fachspezifisch, wobei man dabei natürlich schon auch ein paar soft skills lernt. Für wissenschaftliches Arbeiten oder Zitieren etc. gibt es meistens zusätzliche Tutorien oder Workshops, die freiwillig sind. 

Meine Seminare laufen ganz gut, es ist eigentlich relativ entspannt dieses Semester. Ich hätte auch noch ein weiteres Modul machen können, aber ich konnte schlecht einschätzen, wie viel Arbeit man im Master wirklich hat. Ich habe Glück, weil zwei meiner Kurse relativ leicht für mich sind und ein dritter keine Prüfungsleistung erfordert, das heißt mein Shakespeare-Kurs ist eigentlich der einzige, der mir wirklich richtig viel Arbeit macht 😅

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Neither of us tell the truth we’re literally just here for a laugh and I keep touching the organ keys making passers by shit themselves

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i used one of those big tapes that you’d use to tape parcels and stuff! I just cut it into smaller pieces. the fairy lights aren’t heavy at all so i’m hoping it’ll stick!

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Hi! I personally never studied Mandarin but I highly recommend checking out reddit (r/chineselanguage). The link is already filtered by the flair “resources”, I think if you scroll a bit you’ll find great recommendations by fellow learners! I’m on the r/korean subreddit and it’s been a huge help since there are both native speakers and learners of all levels, it’s an amazing opportunity for exchange and advice. 

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I can’t say I have that problem - wouldn’t autocorrect tell you if you spelt something wrong, at least most of the time? Maybe just type more slowly or train yourself to type more accurately, if that’s the issue. Otherwise, proofreading is always a good idea - I do skim professional emails as well before I send them. 

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We have a word for coziness in general which is Gemütlichkeit - if you want to make it autumnal just put the word for autumn in front of it (Herbstgemütlichkeit). I’d maybe say Schlechtwettergemütlichkeit (coziness during bad weather) because that’s really what I love about autumn! 

As for Korean, I recently learnt the word 단풍, which describes colourful autumn leaves! 

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Of course I don’t mind! My tangible goals at the moment are to get to a level where I can hold easy everyday conversations in Korean and understand the structure of written texts more easily. Right now I could imagine sticking with it until I’m actually fluent (it actually surprised me, I like it way more than I thought I would!). 

In terms of usefulness, my main motivation for Korean was linguistic - it’s a different language family and a completely new challenge for me. I noticed when I took Italian classes that I wasn’t as “into it” because I could just guess most things from Spanish and it never felt like I was making much progress. Some factors came together that led me to choosing Korean in the end, and I think it was a good choice for me! I don’t think knowing a language can ever be useless - it’s always educating to learn new things and who knows when you might need it! Of course it’s understandable to focus on languages you might need for work/employability, but I think with German, English, and to some level also Spanish I have those crossed off my list, so I now have the luxury to choose which ones I want to learn :’) I have a family friend who often visits South Korea, maybe one day I’ll get to do that too and then I’ll be glad to know it :D 

I mean, you could just dabble a bit in Norwegian, you don’t have to commit to it until you’re an absolute pro at it! I’d maybe try not to forget all German you’ve worked so hard for but it’s not like Norwegian will magically make you forget it. Sometimes shifting the focus a bit can also bring back motivation! 

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like, specific things I want to do or learn instead of “work out more” and “eat healthier” because i need clear targets. for example in 2020 it was graduating, starting to learn korean, trying something new with my hair… then i know once i’ve done it that i reached that goal, whereas with things like eating healthier i only know if i’ve done it once the year is over and that’s really demotivating for me. idk it’s hard to explain but to each their own, i completely support anyone in how they set their goals! :) 

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Sounds like a really great list! Good luck with German :D My resolutions are always more like mini bucket lists because I can’t hold myself accountable otherwise lmao 

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Yeah I completely get it! Sometimes it’s difficult even as a native speaker. I just try to be really to the point without lots of preambles, and there are a few safe bets for greetings/well wishes that I resort to if I don’t know what else to do, haha. The most difficult ones for me are colleagues that I’ve never met personally since I don’t even know their age, and being too formal is also pretty awkward in that case. I don’t really have advice but I can assure you you’re not the only one suffering haha

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hi queen! your thoughts on scorpio sun mercury and rising, taurus moon, virgo venus and capricorn mars pretty please 🥺

hii! I’m so sorry that I haven’t answered in weeks!

First off, the combination of the scorpio placements creates an intense energy, that everyone around you picks up on. You seem put together and determined from the outside, even when you’re struggling. You don’t trust easily but once you let someone in you are completely honest and open with them, with a special focus on communicating emotions. This is especially because of your need for commitment and devotion in any kind of relationship. If you can’t rely on someone to give you the stability and support that you crave, you don’t let them in I’m the first place. These expectations for your loved ones lead you to hold grudges forever, when you feel betrayed by someone you trusted.

You’re very ambitious and determined when it comes to work and career. Your stubbornness and analytical skills can come in handy. But be careful not to get too invested in competition of any kind.

A potential partner should provide the same stability you expect from everyone in your life. A good match might be someone who provides a certain rationality to complement your emotional side. An earth sign would be a nice fit (especially virgo) or someone with some other earth placements in their chart.

I hope this still helps you despite the late response!

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Unis “werben” in dem Sinne eigentlich kaum, deshalb ist das hier nicht so relevant. Die meisten wählen ihre Uni strategisch nach Standort, nach Fächerangebot, oder wie einfach sie mit ihren Noten da reinkommen. 

Die Sache mit “Ausländern” (ein schwieriges Wort hier) ist nicht ganz so einfach in zwei Sätzen zu erklären und ich bezweifle, dass ich überhaupt genug darüber weiß. Innerhalb der EU gibt es sowieso kein Konzept von reinlassen oder nicht reinlassen, weil wir offene Grenzen haben - wenn jemand in Deutschland studieren will, kann er sich genauso bewerben wie ich, ohne ein Visum oder sonstiges. Für Nicht-EU Bürger*innen sieht die Sache sicher anders aus, wobei ich vermuten würde, dass ein Studienplatz hier ein ziemlich guter Visumfaktor ist. Aber wie gesagt, das ist eine Angelegenheit, die ich nicht wirklich auf einen Tumblr-Ask reduzieren will oder kann. 

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That’s a really good strategy, I do that too in English! 

I never really struggled with public speaking in terms of fear, but for stumbling over words I recommend finding a good flashcard style for your notes, and then gradually reducing the amount of notes you need with every speech you give until eventually you need only a few or none at all. Practise your speech or presentation, with a timer and ideally an audience you trust (like your parents), until you gain confidence. Once you’ve had a few good experiences with giving presentations or speeches, you’ll be more comfortable with improvising your words and reacting more flexibly to your audience. Make sure you speak slowly and enunciate well, for your own benefit as well as for the audience’s. 

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Lots of biscuits, hopefully! I do need to go shopping at some point, I basically have no ingredients, so I need to make a list of the recipes I want to try and the overall amount of ingredients. I do one big baking day every Christmas :)

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