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thank you so much!! this is very kind of you! Also, don’t be shy to hit me up in pm’s or anything! i would love to be actual moots cause I’m sure you’re a lovely person! And I would like to know your thoughts on my work 🥺🥺🥺

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I agree that you can critisize her writing! I am 100% ok with that and I even do it myself many times on this account. I also love Sasuke and I completely agree that his ending butched him/what he stood for.

However, I have to disagree with you saying that most of her hate is about how Kishimoto wrote her. I can’t even count how many times I was having a conversation with a Sakura anti and I said “yeah Kishimoto handled her really poorly” and they said “Stop trying to use Kishimoto as an excuse for her shitty personality. She is such a bitch and you need to acknowledge that her flaws are her own fucking fault”. That’s what I hate. People are acting like Sakura is somehow to blame for her own actions and not the writer. She’s not real, she does not have control over her actions. Sakura isn’t an evil bitch for begging Sasuke to lover her, just like how Sasuke isn’t a hypocrite/coward for backtracking on his beliefs in the ending, Kishimoto just fucked them up.

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Really? That seems crazy to me that someone would waste energy for a decade on something like that. And considering Rob is basically the living antithesis of negativity, it makes even less sense to me that people would begrudge him so severely.  Everyone will be so much happier if they let go of some of that needless negativity. Ugh!

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oof, that does sound quite nervewracking!! it’s okay though bb, regardless of how your test goes things will carry on and you can always retake if necessary. i think for me, what helps me to calm down is a) asking myself what the absolute worst case scenario is (and how likely it is to happen, and what i would do in said scenario) and b) doing as much prep as possible. a lot of my stress usually just comes from feeling as if i’m unprepared, so preparing as much as i can helps to combat my fear. also, when i picture the worst case scenario, it’s usually v v v far fetched and improbable which helps to ground me too. i hope it helps you as well!!

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i don’t know what this is in context of but i whole heartedly agree anon ,, what a mood

also: some murderer is pointing a gun at them or whatever, ya know just normal things, and shawn shoves gus out of the way and says “you will not shoot my husband,” and gus just glares at him and pushes shawn out of the way and says “yeah well you won’t shoot mine either” and then they get in a whisper-bickering slap fight and the murderer is Annoyed and just looks at them absolutely astounded and says “god you two are insufferable”


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lmaoo hey!! welcome to the club of rich white children with way too much time on their hands (lol i could never; i’m Asian & broke). but yeah, that phrase really stuck with me & now it’s like a mantra. have fun with the Logan era!!

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10. weirdest thing that ever turned you on

Uhh one time when I was coming down from some *substances* a particularly bumpy bus ride did but I blame the *substances*

44. Any strange or extreme kinks

Idk I think it’s all relative like some ppl might be like woah that’s instense and other ppl might be like ooo that’s nothing but yeah let’s just say yes

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Oh, I have a lot of thoughts and it involves me having to chew this fandom out for being spiteful little hypocrites (what’s new).

I do not care if you do not like Harry. There are probably valid reasons to not care for him (not hate him though). But I have yet to see a single good reason from anyone in the media or on Tumblr to make for Harry to be stripped of his military patronages specifically when it was already agreed that their patronages should be kept.

Not a single valid argument to be had. Only whining unfounded bullshit about Harry not caring about the patronages or him being personally undeserving of them. I’m sorry, but citation needed because there is not a single member save Phillip who has devoted himself to the military during and after his service like Harry has. No one. I know this family doesn’t like painting Harry as someone with redeeming qualities because that makes him harder to hate but those are facts.

There are only two reasons people want to see this happen:

They hate Harry. They hate him having anything that brings him joy.

And/or they want William to get the Captain General position. And it shows because they only care now about it with the slight prospect of William getting something.

It’s the twisting of facts for me, because in order to think that Harry’s patronages should be sacked you would have to paint him as this huge disgrace to the armed forces when consistently, the most vocal supporters of Harry who have stood up for him have been, members of the military.

The Captain General of the Marines situation is a joke that doesn’t consider the circumstances of what has happened. It was the royal institution that made him suspend his duties in the first place. So, now for military higher-ups to blame Harry, when he was the most upset about the Captain General of the Marines, is a little dishonest. So is the fact that Major General Thompson is acting like COVID isn’t a thing anymore and Harry just decided to take a nap while servicemen stand outside his bedroom window hungry and shivering.

Also JUST AS I WAS WRITING THIS, it has come out that Harry is threatening The Fail with legal action over the claim that he as fallen out with the military. It was going to write about how if you use The Fail as a source, you lose all credibility. But there you go.

Tsk, tsk, relying on personal bias bolstered by false statements isn’t the best foundation for any argument. Yeah, claiming Harry doesn’t care about the military and trying to remove the military appointments is wrong and simply a way go kick Harry when he’s already down.

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As someone who has started AwaE 5 weeks ago because I saw a gifset on tumblr with a letter Anne wrote to Gilbert combined with scenes of them, I wholeheartedly agree. But I’m a romantic, I always start shows for romance. I regret nothing about starting Anne with an E though, I love Anne and Gilbert sooo much. I also recently started Grand Army because I saw a cute gifset of two guys. Turns out that show is nothing for me. But it proves your point - love sells. And juke is one of the most unproblematic teen ships. They deserve more appreciation.

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