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Aaaah, esse povo não tem criatividade né mano?! Pqp Kkkkk

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Raising Hell is exclusively told through Kai/Nya/Lloyd pov’s, so in the distant future that I do get to season 6, it’ll be…tricky hnjkdgh. Other seasons that don’t focus on them won’t be too difficult, like season 3, because while it’s Zane-centric, there’s still plenty of focus on the trio to work with, but s6 is an…exception. Actually the only seasons I should really run into difficulty with are Jay seasons, because then I lose about two thirds of the trio for a major portion of it :’D The nice thing is that those are very far off, so I’ve got more than enough time to figure it out, and this is totally not me saying that I don’t actually know what i’m going to do, nope, not at all, I definitely have it figured out!!

(I really don’t know yet T-T I’ve got three different routes of handling it that I’m bouncing around, but again, I’m trying to focus more on the season I’m currently on, as I’ve got a very long way to go XD)

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1) my gf 🥺🥰💕

2) sunny weather (sunshine rly just makes my brain go 😌)

3) working on my paint by numbers/doing any creative activity

4) a good comedic movie or tv show or even just some of the memes people share on here

5) when I have a good night’s sleep and bonus points if I have a cute or funny dream

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“Cannot deny all the wonders are sacred burst

Under the weight of this world”

— Powerwolf - Incense & Iron

Thank you💖💖

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“Yeah, I know, I’m just… nervous. Like, I’ve never had a pet before and I’m not sure O can take care of one.”

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not only chapter 15 but like 14 + 15 and all i can say is: nomin

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Rapunzel has a job. Just because the series doesn’t focus on her day to day princess life, it does make a point to let us know she’s busy. She’s a statesman, and she has a lot of duties and responsibilities while also learning how to be the queen some day. She also had a lot of damage in the kingdom to help rebuild from the snow storm. It’s not like she sat around and did absolutely nothing but twiddle her thumbs.

She’s not blameless, but it also wasn’t her responsibility to tend to Varian. QFAD was the third time they’d interacted in their lives. And you know what? If someone I barely knew told me they needed my help and I wasn’t able to help them at that time, but then a lot of other stuff happened to me and they never brought it up again, I would assume things had been worked out without me, too.

The instant she got his note in Quest for Varian, she took the journey to help him. The instant he came to her in Corona, she helped him (despite what he wanted being against the law).

Varian used and manipulated Rapunzel, and all Rapunzel did was have a life outside of Varian.

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