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saintlaurentproblems · 3 minutes ago
Is people for real? I don’t want to believe that Olivia Munn and John Mulaney are dating
I knowww like whatttt
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saintlaurentproblems · 3 minutes ago
can Demi read the room why is she doing a podcast - she is SO overexposed right now where is scooter.
She is the last person who should have a podcast. Unless scooter is holding a mute button for emergencies
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fluffomatic · 3 minutes ago
If someone left the island can they come back to the tickle island?
Oh yeah absolutely! Dr. Cackle asks every test subject before they leave for contact information if they want to come back but that part is totally optional
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raindogs · 3 minutes ago
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deritsyawla · 3 minutes ago
That would be so cute 😍 I don’t know where you live but we live in the same town - I think 🤔
I’m really drawing a blank here. 😩 What did I say to you when we spoke?
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thehairingrove · 6 minutes ago
9, 34 and 40?💓💓💓
9- What are my favorite fanfics?
I honestly don’t read a lot of fic bc I’m currently a very busy gal, but of my own, my favorites are probably A Stake of Holly in Her Heart and Chase the Wind! Both on ao3!
34- How did I find the magical world of fanfics?
Purely by accident. Years ago I was on my little iPod touch I shared with my brother downloading the most popular apps, and I downloaded wattpad! This was way back when when it wasn’t as popular, because I remember there only being like a few pages of one direction fan fiction tops and there’s so much of that on there now. But that was probably my first introduction to fic!
40- Do I have any rituals before uploading a fic?
Not really! I sort of just make sure it’s all tagged and then post it! I don’t like to dwell on it because then I chicken out and wait another day or two to post! After posting I do have a ritual where I change the page color of the draft to green and change the title to “(title) POSTED” and that always feels really nice!
ask me!
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corruisset · 6 minutes ago
turquoise, sea green and coral please 🌷
turquoise: favorite sea animal?
I've always been insanely fond of cephalopods, nautili and octopi mostly!
sea green: can you fold a fitted sheet?
I can! After watching several YouTube tutorials and a lot of tears
coral: an animal you wish hadn't gone extinct
All of them 🥺 but specifically probably the Dodo, honestly. If we hadn't hunted them to extinction its likely that they would have been our friends. They just wanted to be our friends 😭😭
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theisleshq · 6 minutes ago
would anyone want a connection with lili reinhart?
Hey, anon. Sadly we won't accept Lili as a FC due to things she's done being problematic. But we would love to have you in the RP and there is a list here of alternate FCs for her.
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deritsyawla · 7 minutes ago
Fair enough 😅 how would I tell if you’re wearing blusher if we cross paths again?
Trust me, it’s pink and vibrant. You’ll know. 😂 And how would we cross paths again? Do you live near me?
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clumsyclifford · 7 minutes ago
hello loveliest roommate 💕 5, 11, & 36 for the 5sos asks? (also the fact you said ashton is current fav we love to see character growth /t) -megs 💙
hello favorite roommate ever <3 i said at the MOMENT. i can pick a favorite at the moment whenever it’s just always bound to change so there’s no POINT
5. what are your hopes for their next album? said it here, Pop Punk 2: Electric Boogaloo. more hopes? mmm i think someone (adri ? maybe ?? was it you??? whatever) said they hope michael sings more which i definitely agree with, his voice is cool. also though, on the flip side i hope they still do really nice four-part harmonies because those are DE FUCKING LISH i mean those badass harmonies were part of the reason wildflower immediately took hold of me when it came out. so like. more of that please and thank you
11. unpopular opinion? omg i was actually thinking about this. i don’t think good things about michael’s armband tattoos. it’s not that i don’t like them, it’s just. he said that they took a really long time to do, and that they hurt a LOT, and after all that the whole purpose of them was to like frame other tattoos which he didn’t end up getting (or at least not yet) so to me it’s just like. a wasted effort? and he went through all that pain for nothing??? i don’t know the more i talk about this the weirder it sounds but basically it doesn’t seem like it was worth it for him to get the armband tattoos and. yeah.
36. you can only say one thing to one member of the band. what would you say? okay well i’ve already spoken to ashton (here) so now i turn to michael and luke and ask them if i may please have their cool jackets. they already know i’m talking about the that’s cool baby & the denim untold scandal jackets. and of course they say yes because i have been nothing but lovely since i got here and punched ashton. since after punching ashton i have been nothing short of lovely. i feel bad that i haven’t addressed calum but i’m really only allowed to talk to one member of the band and i’ve already broken that rule so sorry calum. do something really offensive to me personally  or own something really cool and then maybe you can win my attention
5sos asks :)
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beaujes · 7 minutes ago
@panevie replied to your post “i’ve leveled up with this outfit...”
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xharliesangel · 7 minutes ago
71 72 84
71: whewww🥴long story short, he put it on meee🤤 i woke up inlove w the man & i didnt even remember the dude’s face.
72: “i need you to cum”, “you feel so good baby” , “ daddy loves you”. “you aint leaving me”, "youre mine" etc etc🤗 nothing degrading works for me
84: ehhh i was basically claimed to being a hoe & i would eventually hate on my (ex) bf so he was suggested to back off from me even though i was loyal & very supportive to him, his choices, his family allat. 
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heisenho · 8 minutes ago
The three daughters would probably try to keep a lycan as a pet.
THEY WOULD OMG!!! Heisenberg and Alcina are tired, but the girls keep coming up with different ways to bother them. Like keeping a Lycan as a pet fhdudjdm
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tengens-bunny · 8 minutes ago
im working on something too with sanemi! it takes place in the rld arc and my oc, Chikiyo, went with the boys to pose as brothel workers. the first thing they do when she is in a house is to sell her virginity. Uzui, not knowing she was a virgin, asks Sanemi to do him a favor and buy it and get it over with. he does , "BUT ONLY BECAUSE UZUI ASKED ME TOO!"
ahahah i love the concept already! 😍
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alabaeforever · 8 minutes ago
for! goodness! sake! i! was! joking!
simply bc i do love harmless attempts to bully buyern fans xx
I know jdjdjskke sorry I'm part of f1blr you can't bully me, I'm immune
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fiduspawn-master · 9 minutes ago
M!A: bean that makes you small.
> Okay this one you notice.
> This is a sort of Alice in Wonderland ‘Eat Me’ situation huh?
> You regard the new bean thoughtfully, one of many you have been (bean) harassed with. This one could potentially be kind of cool and useful though, once.
> But then you have a brilliant idea!
>You take the bean outside to your little experimental deck garden, grab and empty pot, and stick it in there with some dirt.  You water it generously and hold the pot, thinking about that weird plant growing magic you’ve been given and have no idea what to do with ever.
>Shortly, you have a whole plant of beans that make you small!!!
> You’re so gonna try this out...
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soulnottainted · 9 minutes ago
you should, there is technically 2 seasons but really its one season for the European fairytales and a mini season for ancient greek myths. Both are marvellous. there is also a comic series if that's more your type of jam. But there has been talk of rebooted the storyteller with Neil Gaiman. TAMB is a witchy/ folk anime with fae. the main girl Chise deal with depression and trust issues in a way that is respectful and inspiring- I truly can't praise it enough
I'll definitely have to look into watching Storyteller sometime because that sounds great!!! And a reboot with Neil Gaiman?? That sounds so good!! P
And I'm glad that TAMB is something you enjoy!! Anime isn't my thing, but Im glad you like it!!
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joenns · 9 minutes ago
shes lying « nes » isnt common in france c plutot ines oui viens on echange de blaze 🥲
MDRRRRR c ce que g dit!!!!!!! mon full blaze c pas commun ici pcq c un blaze turc 😭
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alabaeforever · 9 minutes ago
did you see that photo of haaland and brandt where haaland got h*rd? haha
no please 😭😭😭 I hate him i don't wanna see
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theabominableblogger · 9 minutes ago
Who are your favorite Critical Role characters so far? :)
Cadeuceus, Essek, Caleb, and Jester (with the two WIZARDS being at the top).
I also really like Astrid and her connection with Caleb. I think how Liam and Matt put together her story is really great.
Tumblr media
Also screw Trent. All my homies hate Trent.
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