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ddarker-dreams · 2 days ago
Would there ever be genuinely soft moments with Childe? Like between the fact that he’s practically begging you to fight back so he has an excuse to torment and punish you, is there anything other than fear holding you back from trying to run?
the times where you'll get a soft childe are few and far between, but it's not impossible. for example, he exudes a big brother aura around his family and yours; your younger siblings/cousins will love him. which is infuriating in its own right. all it takes is a few visits and they'll start asking you when you're going to marry him. meanwhile you're just trying to keep it together because lord knows what this unhinged man might do at any given point and time. childe's always smiling around your family, but this makes his grin even wider. he'll respond with something like,
"Haha, I'm working on it. Don't worry."
to which many cheers are received. they love big bro childe because he always brings toys and candy, plus he's down to play games. you're nowhere near as happy to hear he's working on marry you. what does that even mean? do you want to know? you probably don't.
when he introduces you to his family, you'll be even more conflicted. how your family acted around him pales in comparison. his siblings absolutely adore him, they light up the second childe enters the room. they'll take to you fast enough as well. anyone that childe likes must be good, right? you can't bring yourself to hate them, even if their appearance reminds you of your tormentor. they're so genuine in their questions, asking about how your travel went, or offering you cards they made upon hearing you were coming into town.
it gives you whiplash how many sides to childe there is. how does he manage to juggle them all without getting mixed up?
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biggersons · a day ago
top of my spn episode wishlist (next to a parks n rec style mockumentary) is a long take bunker ep where the camera never cuts and we follow everyone around. think it would have fucked tremendously.
BUNKER STYLE CHARLIE WORK BUNKER STYLE CHARLIE WORK. except it's like. Jack work. anyways yeah love this i'm writing it in my head currently
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exilethegame · 2 days ago
I don't remember of it's been asked but when (at what age) Syfyn falled in love with the Commander? It was a specific thing/moment that made her realize or it was so gradual that the feelings just shifted so she was aware of their changing the entire time?
It was a gradual growth in feelings, but she didn't really know what it was. It's like... when you're raised with someone and you eat, sleep, and train together, you automatically develop this intimacy and closeness that you wouldn't really have with anyone else. Pair that with them both being expected to run the army and they are quite literally the only people who can truly understand one another. So she'd basically be falling in love with MC over the years and not really even realize it, because that type of closeness had already been there. The only thing that changed was how she viewed MC, and everyone wants to kiss their best friend a little bit... right?
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hotgirlwonwoo · 2 days ago
hello i would like to request a svt reaction where their partner is an idol and can barely walk the next morning but they have schedules 😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗 and bonus if they're appearing on the same programme and svt sees them trying their best to walk normally
Tumblr media
reader as one of the hosts on a variety show seventeen is appearing on:
seungcheol: he’d be soooo cocky oh my god just smirking the whole time and watching you try to keep it together. fans would definitely catch on and post about his “crush” on you later
jeonghan: ALSO a cocky mf, maybe even more so than cheol. he’d be elbowing the other members to get their attention when you’re limping around like lowkey bragging about it
joshua: he’d be so red throughout the program the other hosts would be asking if he was ok and the members would be point it out like he’d embarrassed, which of course he was, but no one would know why except for the two of you
jun: his eyes would keep glancing over to you, checking on you. soonyoung would notice and ask if you’d hurt yourself playing sports or something to which jun would just turn bright red and not answer
soonyoung: tell me why he’d be an absolute asshole about it and ask you why you were walking funny in front of everyone… the way he’d smile would clue all the other members in, and your co-hosts would know too since they’re your friends and it would be a whole mess as you tried to come up with a lie
wonwoo: please it’d turn him on all over again, seeing the effect he’d had on you the night before… it’d give him such an ego boost!!
jihoon: agh he’d be so shy about it like not even look at you the whole program because he’s so paranoid that people will notice
seokmin: he’d mainly be worried about you, going as far as to pull you aside during a break to ask if you were okay- you might snap at him, telling him it’s his fault you’re so sore, but he’d just smirk and give a fake apology
mingyu: insufferable. but he’d be insufferable anyway regardless of your walking. he’d be flirty with you the entire time. you wouldn’t reciprocate, but everyone would be able to tell he’s whipped
minghao: i picture him catching you or being ready to catch you each time you stumble just out of instinct, but no one would bat an eye at it because hao’s just naturally that kind
seungkwan: being the variety show king that he is he’d be very professional and no one would suspect anything was up between you
vernon: one of few scenarios where he’s totally obvious about it. he’d be smiling like an idiot half the time and looking like he wanted to take you on the hosting podium the other half. again, everyone in the comments would be talking about how he’s down bad, but they wouldn’t know to what extent it was true
chan: he’d pick you to do all of the dancing challenges with him just to fuck with you and make you suffer LOL but you’d get him back at home
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enjoli-paige · a day ago
Post a new selfie please x
Here you go Anon !
Tumblr media
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ask-avengers · a day ago
you're my bestest friend
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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babyphat05 · 2 days ago
what's the most beneficial advice you learned from the spiritual books that you read?
The biggest thing I’ve learned from spirituality books is that time is nonexistent. Time is an illusion. Reminiscing about the past or planning for the future is irrelevant, what’s really important is focusing on the now. I'll always love vision boards buttt not so much. It's cool to plan for the future but it puts too much pressure on everything. It's best to just go with the flow and focus on the now rather than anticipating for a particular year/month to do x,y, and z. Make the best of now rather than later.
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seriously-sebvettel · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you’re absolutely right bestie
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evanbucxley · 4 hours ago
eddie saying 'no no everything is great. it's great, right?' while looking at ana as if he's trying to convince himself, and her, that everything is fine not just with him but between them as well oof
absolutely couldn't agree more, anon. the way he looks at her, almost like he's silently begging her to confirm for him that things are great, because things should be great, right? he's asking her to put him at ease, to prove him wrong -- that their relationship is working, and it's not this Thing that's looming over him so terrifyingly. things have to be great, because if they're not, what does that say about him?
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reh-hateshumans · a day ago
How did you end up liking monsters?
𝒊 𝒘𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒆𝒓𝒆𝒅 𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒐 𝒂 𝒇𝒂𝒊𝒓𝒚𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒘𝒂𝒔 𝒃𝒍𝒆𝒔𝒔𝒆𝒅 𝒂𝒔 𝒂 𝒄𝒉𝒊𝒍𝒅.
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ddarker-dreams · 9 hours ago
I saw that one ask someone saying like
darling: *shows affection*
scara: ew disgusting
darling: *stop showing affection*
scara: I didn't tell you to stop
and it reminded me of
scara: what is this
darling: a hug
scara: disgusting. do it more
it's almost sad when you consider the fact that'd be his first time receiving a hug 😭 he might even consider it a sneak attack depending on how you went about things. that puts him in the high risk hug category. well... now i'm feeling the need to elaborate the various categories. here is professional assessment from least to most risky when it comes to darling giving hugs.
kazuha - he'll be over the moon over receiving a hug from you. returns your embrace a bit tightly, but loosens up when he hears you go "oof". might try to twirl you around in circles and stops just before you get dizzy.
kaeya - gets a lil handsy but is overall nice to hug. he smells good and you can put your head on his exposed chest, which is a bonus. his skin is soft and warm.
zhongli - hugs for an appropriate amount of time. no funny business. gives a pat on the back for good measure. might rest his chin on your head. his heartbeat is very slow, which kinda creeps you out. he'll remember to speed it up should you point it out.
childe - annoying but acceptable. if you hug him just know that he is not letting you go for at least five minutes, if not more than that. also has a habit of commenting on your height. he might pick you up for fun, but ditches the idea when you kick him out of instinct.
albedo - he's the one that hugs you. which is strange, because he comes off as so indifferent at times. proceeds to scribble down notes after hugging you for a specific amount of seconds. the hug itself isn't so bad, it's just the behavior that follows after that concerns you.
xiao - it's like when you pet a cat and they put their hackles up. he goes stiff as a board. slowly asks what are you doing, to which you forget what the word hug is. he might think you're about to body slam him. warms up to it soon after though.
scaramouche - cursed. if you are brave enough to hug him, he returns it way too tight, and thinks you're being overdramatic when you complain about it. he doesn't want to admit he's hugging wrong so you're stuck with the vise-like grip.
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how do you think rinharu will solve this issue? having rin stay in japan won't solve haru's abandonment issues and i wonder if competitive swimming is meant for haru, he seems to struggle a lot
Nah-ah, competitive swimming is not the problem here. He has the same amount of struggles with it as Rin and Ikuya. He actually as we saw in s3 surprisingly likes it a lot, and he was very excited about taking on Albert and he wasn't even upset about losing to him, he got worked up. It's like yeah, he takes pressure from others worse than Rin, but Rin for example is taking loses far worse than Haru. But this in fact doesn't mean they can't handle those. They both know that it's just how competitions are and they both knew what they were going for. And when Haru is happy, trash-talking opponents make him go lol and he just has his fun with this too.
The additional stress just simply unlocked the real reason why he's hurt. If it wasn't for this Rin thing he carries with him for like 10 years this would be nothing. Stress from the competition, but more specifically the fact that Albert kinda took away his main stress-relief by "polluting" the water just gave it a rise, but it's not the cause of that. Thinking of Rin easily resolved the "water pollution", letting him pass the free race. It's watching Rin lose and taking it this way that just triggered his ptsd.
The problem was and is what Aki said back when they were little “Nanase-kun seems like he can do anything all by himself, doesn’t he? He’s good at studying and sports and even art. He really can do anything, right? That’s why everyone relies on him, but it would really be something for Nanase-kun to rely on anyone, wouldn’t it?”
It's the fact that he feels too much, feels for everyone and his inability to ask for help in this case from the only person who can help him and from whom he needs it the most.
The problem is that last year when Hiyori decided to laugh about Rin leaving him into his face, rubbed salt into his deepest wound, Haru in return only gave him positive energy, swam with him, gave him happy Ikuya back and watched them being happy while smiling. Did Hiyori maybe say that he didn't mean those words? No. Did someone else the moment he said it corrected him? No. Where do you think stuff like this go?
The problem is that s1 drama was resolved just for Rin. It was never resolved for Haru. It's been just piling up for like 7 years now. I once again will say it, Rin only told Rei that none of that was Haru's fault, Haru still to this day thinks it is.
As for the second part, in my opinion, this isn't quite just about his abandonment issues, it's about his Rin issue. Bc it really doesn't matter if he's in Japan or not in Japan, in a free race or not in a free race (bc whether Rin chose to swim free or not, Rin is right there, and they can still be on a relay team together, and travel together etc). This is only partially about his fear of him leaving.
The problem here is that for Haru it's never enough. When everything was fine and he could swim against Rin and had a great relay team of his friends, he wasn't satisfied.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rin was near the whole season, he still missed him.
Tumblr media
They spent whole days alone together, was that enough? No. He still didn't want him to leave.
Tumblr media
But saying stuff like "I know we came here to support our kohais, but please, don't leave, sit with me, not with them" is selfish, no matter how much you want it.
Tumblr media
Here he is right next to him. Still not enough.
Tumblr media
My point is.. thats not what this is about and I'm pretty sure that's not what Haru's talking about. It's bc he always does everything to stay with him for as long as possible, but Rin is blind as a bat and deaf as a doornail.
And I don't really know what else you can say in some situations. Bc like when Rin spent the night at Haru's and Haru asked him to wake him up at 5am just to spend more time with him Rin answered with something like "hahaha that's great, good night".
And I will never in general understand how Rin even translates what Haru says. Bc when Haru asked him to call, Rin read it as "let me disappear for 5 years, go home for each holiday and avoid you like a plague".
And this outburst of "the greatest pain of my life is when you leave" was read as "let me just leave again".
The problem is Haru tried and tried to ask and show things in many different ways (which was pretty hard considering how he is), but couldn't ask directly for what he really wanted for obvious reasons. And no joke, there is a chance that Rin still wouldn't get it even if he did.
Rationally I think the resolve would be pretty simple, Rin will just enter the free race, bring him back and they'll talk after that.
It's just that with the way this set up right now, for Haru to be happy... I only see one option for how this talk can go, that I always was sure this anime can't give us. But then again I also do not quite get why even go there then.
I guess what I mean is with all my imagination I can't understand how he can ask for help in this situation, except for like I wrote here to ask him "just... be with me. I really need you to just be with me." If he already admitted how much it hurt him each time he left, idk what he's supposed to say at this point.. "please, stay and love me"? also "please, tell me what happened all those years ago isn't my fault" (he won't, bc he thinks it is), "please tell me you painfully missed me each time you were away too" (not to this extent, no, at least first times)?
What I personally want is same thing as in a fic for Rin to ask him to just tell him the truth, ask him to "please, I need you to talk". Gradually, step by step, from the beginning, all that's been eating him up all this years. Just to please tell Rin everything, so he could honestly reassure him, clear up all their misunderstandings, just TALK.
Bc if he let it all out, Rin can easily erase all of Haru's doubts and that nonsense that he is the reason why Rin never stays, that he was the reason he left in the first place etc, and eradicate the root of the problem, after this Haru would stop reacting to each time Rin leaves for a grocery store as if it's WW3.
P.S. I honestly think everyone should just go turn on Sam Smith - My Oasis and cry with Haru, bc this is probably the closest it can come to explain how he feels and just the whole mood for this situation rn. Like I've made a gifset to this a while ago, but rn the whole song is just super on point.
P.P.S. what I'm saying shortly is we all know how you can stop Haru's struggles easily, but what they would come up with hell if I know.
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exilethegame · 7 hours ago
To bounce off that last ask, if the Commander HAD died in Exile, would the pre-exile cast have even found out about it, and if so, how would each of them react to the news?
They would've had to eventually because Marcelle would've sent people out to find them.
Sabir wouldn't be surprised, and while he'd be devastated, I think he would be able to take it in stride. He wasn't in denial when MC was exiled. He accepted his emotions and he worked through them, and as a result, there's no baggage there. And I think Sabir would've been able to understand at that point that if MC died, it was because they wanted to, and I think he would've just hoped that they got a peaceful ending, and that the afterlife treats them kinder than life did.
Syfyn would breakdown because her little "imagined world" would come crumbling down. MC is dead. She'd be in denial-- horrible denial-- and you'd have to really sit down and force her to accept the fact that yes, MC is dead, and they're not coming back. I honestly can't see Syfyn being able to function after MC's death, and I don't see her living long after receiving the news, either, unless someone essentially forces her to. But even then, she's a hollowed shell of who she was.
Esmerelda would be angry: so, so angry. Mom would just break down crying. There would be a lot of fights between Esmerelda and Marcelle, though they'd be one-sided with Esmerelda hurling insults as Marcelle just stands there, silently accepting every word of it all. Meanwhile, Emeline would completely resent Marcelle, and their marriage would be in tatters. The family would break entirely to the point that calling them a family wouldn't even be accurate.
Trystan would probably make some sort of grave for MC somewhere special regardless of their alignment and just stand there for a long moment. MC was their mentor, their big sibling/parent figure, and they were the one who showed faith in them when no one else did. They won't ever deny that, and no matter what MC did, they should be remembered as the hero they were before everything went to shit.
The Overseer would be relieved... so incredibly relieved. Not happy, necessarily, but it would be like the weight of the world was lifted off her shoulders so she could finally breathe.
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allboutheyaoi · 2 days ago
Which volume is the screen cap of Same Difference from? <3
It's in GUSH August 2021 vol.! I wanted to do more coz the art is amazing but I don't have the right tools to do more tedious edits. Just gonna drop these *shrugs*.
Tumblr media
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howelljenkins · 3 months ago
you have issues
you noticed 🥺❤️
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llupinremus · 5 months ago
hey what is buzzfeed unsolved about?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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keanurevees · 5 months ago
U like the Mandalorian ?
yeah i think theyre easier to peel than oranges
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babyphat05 · 3 months ago
What do you look like?
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sothasil · 8 months ago
bingus khajiit
bingus of the dungeons
Tumblr media
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