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jeongwife · a month ago
can we pls talk ab joshua big cock!!!!!!! like imagine you're over at his apartment just to hang out and ur about to watch a movie and he's wearing them grey sweatpants so while he's getting everything set up ur kinda just like👀👀😳ahem ahem !!!! and you guys cuddle but then he gets a little bothered bc </3 yeah and you offer to suck him off 😌😌 AHHH IDK I just ... really wanna see how big his dick is
“babe, where’s your popcorn?” you scanned your boyfriend, joshua’s cupboard, registering the popcorn on the top shelf and reaching up to grab it. the shirt shua let you borrow, riding up showcasing the lingerie you had decided to adorn. an arm reached from behind you, your back meeting joshua’s firm chest, as he grabbed the popcorn for you with ease,
you turned around to face him, dressed in a fitted white t shirt and loose grey sweatpants that made your stomach flutter. your mind clouding with thoughts of—
“should we watch the movie now?” you snapped out of your reverie, joshua, already by the couch, bowl of popcorn in hands, beckoning you over.
“o-oh yeah sure.” you sat on the couch, grabbing popcorn kernels absentmindedly as joshua got the movie ready, your eyes fixated on his sweatpants, a clear outline of his bulge poking through sending sparks to your stomach as you pressed your thighs together. quickly averting your eyes as he approached you, setting the tv remote on the coffee table before pulling you into his lap on the couch, holding you close.
as you fidgeted throughout the film, your mind wandering to thoughts of what was underneath those sweatpants of his, and how big, he was, his grip on your hips tightened, as you felt him stiffen. you ignored it at first. his hardness poking your behind, until you couldn’t help it anymore. getting off his lap you kneeled in front of him,
“need a little help there?” you nodded at the growing bulge tucked under his sweatpants as he nodded quickly,
“only if you’re sure.”
you spent no time pushing his sweatpants down, taking his boxers with them, his cock springing up, your mouth watering at the sight. you lightly licked the tip, teasingly as joshua grabbed your hair, letting out a low groan,
“stop teasing.” using his hand on your hair to pull you closer, you took more of him in your mouth, tears springing at your eyes as his length hit the back of your mouth, as you bobbed your head, your mouth working your way up and down his shaft, picking up your pace gradually as he moaned, moving his hips involuntarily, causing tears to form in your eyes again,
“mm baby, you take me so well.”
your legs clenched around nothing at his praise, one of your free hands reaching down to your drenched panties, as you started rubbing your clit, whining around his shaft.
he pulled you away from his cock, a string of saliva linking from your mouth to his shaft, “don’t touch yourself.” he said sternly, eyeing the hand underneath your shirt.
“such a dirty girl for me. i bet you were thinking of this all night. don’t think i didn’t see you staring. you’re probably dripping already.”
you whimpered, nodding slowly, before wrapping your mouth around him again, his cock throbbing as he came close, thick bursts of warm cum pushing down your throat as you eagerly swallowed, licking his length of any residue before pulling away, joshua pulling you back onto his lap, his mouth eagerly finding yours, tasting him on you. his hands found his way underneath your shirt, feeling your ruined panties, chuckling from how wet you were, the movie still playing in the background as the two of you lost yourselves in pleasure,
“i suppose i should help you out now for being such a good girl for me…”
— admin ryu (who went way too overboard with this ask)
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georgiadixon · 7 months ago
Hi, I just binge read your writing and it's so cute I just can't get this idea of out my head but what if the reader (any pronouns) starts carrying around a notebook to jot down things they find interesting when Spencer goes on his rambles. And no one really notices what they're noting down until Spencer finds the book on the plane because they forgot it
pairing: spencer reid x reader
genre/warnings: fluff fluff fluff! spencer feeling insecure
a/n (to anon): hi, ty!! oh i just love when spencer’s partner appreciates & encourages his rambles because he doesn’t really get that with the team. our boy deserves passion! i’m going to turn this into a little something if that’s ok! :)
spencer reid, to everyone who knows him, is complicated. he doesn’t disagree, but he’s sometimes confused as to why the people closest to him don’t see right through him. they may not think about it often, but the side glances and the subtle comments are telling. he loves his friends, he values them but he’s been through a lot. years worth of trauma manifesting in anger and anxiety and his friends chalk it up to complicated.
he doesn’t think anyone truly understands him.
he doesn’t think anyone has ever tried to.
but while he sits and wonders about just how alone he might be, you’re sitting and wondering what you did to deserve him in your life.
because to you, spencer reid is the most beautifully complicated man you have ever known.
you never knew watching someone stir their coffee (with an insane amount of sugar) in a mug with a label reading their name could be so intriguing.
or that the squeaky sound of converse on the sixth level floor could make you feel so safe.
it’s like every little thing that doesn’t mean anything means everything because it’s him.
you’re fairly certain he doesn’t know this, but when his voice picks up from his information bursts, when he starts speaking faster and his eyes light up with something you can only describe as passion you can’t help but feel like it’s your favorite thing in the world. like you’d sit there and listen to him intently for the rest of your life if that’s what would make him happy.
you can’t deny the inevitable crush for him that snuck up on you until it slammed into you full force. now you’re not sure if anyone else could ever make you feel the way he does.
the smiles for no reason, the soft and comforting touches somehow exactly when you need them, the thoughtfulness and the all around pleasantness of his company is something you wouldn’t trade for the world, and something you don’t think you’ll ever be able to give enough of back.
that might be the reason why you’re huddled in the corner of the jet, pen and notebook in hand with “things spencer told me that i want to remember” written at the top of the open page. and it might be the reason why “and things i can learn about to impress him” is written underneath it. it might be why you’re staring at him with a look of pure adoration in your eyes as he talks to your friends and tells them all about something new.
but the week full of nonstop work with no sleep could also be the reason for the last one, as well as your near delirious state as you feel yourself drifting off.
your eyes close just as spencer glances at you, a smile appearing on his face with how peaceful you look. he stands and walks towards you with the blanket that was in his lap to give to you. as he’s covering you with his blanket he can’t help but think about how right it would feel to do this every day. to have you with him every day.
he’s looking at you and he remembers how lucky he is to have you in his life. he doesn’t think you’ll ever know just how much a smile from you means on a bad day. or how much he appreciates you asking if he wants to talk, even though he never does. he knows you’re probably just being nice, but something in him really hopes you feel something a little more. his heart stars to swell at the thought but he remembers why he doesn’t let himself think like this, because it would be damning himself to hope that you would ever look twice at him.
a voice in the background tells him they’re landing soon, so he takes his seat and wonders what you’re dreaming about, selfishly wishing it’s him.
by the time you open your eyes you’re back in virginia, having slept through the rest of the flight. you rub your eyes and yawn, ready to go home and get a real night’s sleep for the first time in a week. you stand and grab your go bag to leave the jet, forgetting your notebook and pen in the seat.
from not paying attention and your sight still a little blurry from sleep you bump into someone, big hands grabbing your shoulders so you don’t fall.
you look up and it’s spencer, still trying to gracefully regain his balance and not succeeding.
when he gets control of his feet he pushes his hair back and smiles. that smile. the one that makes everything better and felt so real in a distant dream.
“did you get some good sleep?”
he asks you, putting the book he was reading away and his satchel over his shoulder.
“not good enough.” you say with a rough voice as you’re still half asleep.
he giggles a bit in the way that he does, the way that you’ve committed to memory to replay when you’re missing him.
you wish you could stay here with him forever, but you know you need to rest and you’ll see him soon.
“night, spence.” you smile softly at him as you head out the door.
“goodnight, y/n.” he responds with his little wave and something bright in his eyes you probably won’t remember tomorrow.
he moves to follow you out the jet when he notices something you left behind. he turns to see if you’re still there, but when he knows he’s the only one left on the jet he goes to retrieve it for you.
he picks up the notebook and begins to put it away, but your handwriting on the top of the open page catches his eye.
“things spencer told me that i want to remember”
he’s not sure if he’s reading it right, if he actually sees his name on the page. if the one he would move the moon and stars for really cares enough about him to not only listen to him but care about what he’s saying. he wasn’t sure anyone did.
“and things i can learn about to impress him”
oh, that does him in. he feels tears behind his eyes but they’re pushed back at thoughts of you thinking you would ever have to do anything but be yourself for him to love you. to want you. to need you.
he knows he wants to ask you about it, but he doesn’t think he should.
he figures some things are better left unsaid.
still, he begins to think of all the things he’s ever wanted to say to you.
he walks off and smiles to himself.
thanks for reading! feel free to send me asks!!
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zorasalazars · 4 months ago
Why do you think Zora is ND-coded?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
idk just a feeling i get :)
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felswritingfire · 6 months ago
*slams door*
I love your mafia AU Vil x reader
Can I ask for more ??
*Physically Vibrates*
Anon, thank you for my life-
Also if you want a continuation of this (or fluff, I'm just addicted to angst, because apparently I'm a DUMBASS EMO--) or anyone else feel free to ask! I fucking love this AU tbh
(Also no I'm not done with April Brain Rot, I'm just working on one that's like- it's turned big as FUCK- ;0;)
TW: violence; blood; strangulation; uncomfortable vibes; creepy men; cursing
The chime to your door rang loud and clear. A happy bounce to your step as you go to greet the first customer of the day (or Dol and Sul). “Good morning!” You say as you step out from your back room, rounding the corner of your little counter to see the two men who walked in. They’re both big, firm mouths and sharp eyes. Your brows furrow for a moment until you school your expression back into a professional and welcoming smile. “What can I do for you two?”
The one to the right offers you a closed eyed smile. You count the piercings that line the cartilage of his ears as he says: “ah, we were looking for something a little…” His hands trail over the purple fabrics you have. Tapping at a roll of fabric that was lavender, light beige roses outlined in a gold decorating the expanse of it. “Delicate looking.”
Seven. You count, frowning. “Delicate, hm? Anything in particular it’s gonna be used for? A dress? A suit? That might help narrow it down.” You stand next to him, skin pricking with the sensation of eyes boring into you. You fight the urge to glance back.
“A suit. For someone with delicate features. Almost like a porcelain doll.” The man says, his thumb rubbing the patterns of the fabric.
“Are they flashy? You seem to really like that particular one, sir.”
He lets out a laugh, something deep and wispy. You don’t like it. “No. It just reminds me of someone.”
You hum. “Any color you have in mind?”
“Red, huh?” You press your finger to your lips, turning around just to almost walk into the other man. You forgot about him. You gulped as you crane your head to look up at him. A shaky smile making its way onto your lips. “And you, sir? Are you looking for anything in particular?”
He tilted his head, his pupils almost being eaten up by the dark browns of his irises. His frown deepens-
You let out an ugly noise as the air is caught in your throat by the squeeze of a hand around your throat. The chill of his rings burning your skin as he raises you by your neck until your fingers dangle above the floor. “Why don’t we just deal with them?” The man hisses at the way your nails dig into his wrist and he squeezes harder. You can feel the slight bulge of your eyes and the blood rushing to your ears in a panic.
“No, no.” The other’s voice sang out, thin hands coming to wrap around your waist and squeezing. You felt dizzy and sick. “We need answers first- you can’t just expect someone to talk through brute strength all the time, hm?”
“Shut up. If we beat them- they’ll talk.”
“Not if you kill them first.” The one with piercings raises his eyebrows as he watches the way you claw at the ringed man; drool dripping out of the corner of your lips and your eyes squeezing shut, tears slipping from your lashes and onto your red cheeks. He shivered, mouth watering. “I can see why Schoenhiet likes them so much.” His finger traces down your spine and you flail your legs at the uncomfortable shiver that shoots through you.
“D- don’t t- tou- hhh-” you try to choke out only to have the ringed man tighten his grip, your words becoming an awful gurgle.
“Where’s Shoenhiet.” He demands, loosening his grip on your neck.
You gulp down saliva while sucking in air into your aching lungs. “I- I don’t know who- who that is!” Your voice goes high near the end as the grip around your windpipe tightens again.
“Don’t fucking lie to me.”
“I- I’m not-”
Your legs kick and you hear the way your bones creek against each other- one thought floating above the panic that floods your body: they can’t know- they can’t know where Vil is.
“You’re going to kill them.”
“They just need to be a little more force.” The ring man tightens his grip to an impossible tightness, his knuckles turning white and the skin around your throat turning a dark purple. A wheeze escapes your open mouth, the edges of your eyes turning blurring into darkness.
You suck in breaths, greedily heaving in huge gulps of air. You’re suddenly dropped to the hard ground, your body landing with a loud thud! And numbing pangs of pain jumping around your bones. You squeeze your eyes shut. A foot settling on your head.
I hope… Vil won’t come.
Vil bounced his leg, impatience and something… anxious settling at the bottom of his stomach. The night lights of the city blurred past him out of the window of the limo.
“Roi du Poison, is something bothering you?”
Vil’s eyes drifted to Rook, the hunter unusually stone faced as he waits for him to answer. “And what of you, Rook? You’re not your usual self.”
Rook lets out a quiet laugh. “You didn’t answer my question.” He claps his hands. “But to answer yours- I’m…” his face falls suddenly. “There’s something wrong, non?”
Vil raises his brow.
“I am worried about our tailleur chéri.”
“You too, it seems.” Vil says, his fingers pinching his chin.
Rook hums, cradling his crossed knee in his intertwined hands. His green gaze drifts down to his lap. “I’m afraid.”
Vil’s eyes widened looking up at Rook. “You are?”
He nods. “Dol and Sul… they haven’t heard from them all day.”
“They haven’t?” He could feel his face heat up in barely suppressed frustration.
“You cannot blame them, Roi du Poison. They have been busy with preparations. They’ve been worried sick.”
Vil grows quiet, swallowing, before he turns to the radio type device next to him and presses the red button. “Epel. I need you to take us to (Y/N) Boutique. Make it snappy.”
The radio crackles. “Got it.” Epel’s says. The limo lurching as it picks up speed. Vil could hear the blares of horns outside the car, but he couldn’t seem to care right now. His leg bounces quicker, the anxiety molten in his tummy.
The click of Vil’s heels are deafening as he walks into the boutique, Rook and Epel both flanking him. His eyebrows are drawn into a stern angle. He takes a deep breath and his fingers twitch: the sting of copper sinks deep into his senses. Blood.
Vil clenches his hands into fists and leans towards Rook. “Go find them.”
Rook nods, sinking into the shadows.
Vil gestures to Epel and the purple haired boy reaches behind him, pulling out a pistol and clicking off the safety. He stays close to Vil, stepping lightly as they go through the few aisles there was.
Vil’s nose crinkles at how… cold the boutique suddenly seemed. He hated it, this wasn’t your boutique- not the one that he came to adore as soon as he stepped in.
It was a day that started out awful: realizing he was out of his favorite shampoo and conditioner mid showering, Epel being a touch more unreasonable than normal (speeding, acting unruly every time he tried fixing his bow), and to top it off a rookie spilling his favorite smoothie on his favorite suit. He was seething by the time he was out for his evening walk when he stumbled upon the little shop. He had glanced at it a couple of times out of the limo, even on his morning jogs.
He didn’t know what compelled him to walk in, but when he opened the door and stepped in, he took a deep breath, the smell of vanilla and fresh fabrics flooding his senses. He closed his eyes at the warmth that enveloped him.
“Hello!” He turned to see you standing there, a warm smile on your face and you absolutely glowed in the afternoon light. “Is there any way I can help you?”
“Don,” Epel whispered. “The… the counter.”
Vil glanced at the corner of the polished counter: red glistening under the light from the street lamps outside. He grimaced, gaze trailing down the edge of the counter to the floor. Drips of red splattered across the tile in small specks and towards the back room. His eyes widened.
“Vil.” Rook stood in the doorway of the backroom, his eyes drooping into something mournful.
The man broke into a sprint, his long legs carrying him there in a few steps. Rook makes room for him, his hand coming to settle on Vil’s back.
The breath is knocked out of him when he lays his eyes on your broken body. Your arms were tied behind your back with ribbon. He didn’t miss the fact that they were purple- a light lavender with gold accents. The blood was smeared across your face, already caking with dry blood. Your hair disheveled, white dress shirt stained with red and blurry pink, and your neck a thick ring of ugly, dark bruises. Your mouth half agape as you're curled up on the floor in splatters of blood underneath you.
He takes trembling steps forwards. The click of his heels uneven and obnoxiously loud as he makes his way to you, his head pounding. There was no way… no way this was happening.
You had nothing to do with this. Nothing. Just an innocent bystander in the midst of things. One that he was waiting to spend more time with. One that was special.
He didn't even realize he was grinding his teeth until he saw your eyes flutter open. “Vil?” you mumbled through a bruised jaw. Your hands, heavy like lead, reached to touch his face. He caught your hand in his. “Vil! You’re… you’re ok…” You smile up to him the best you can, your eyes heavy and bleary with exhaustion.
“Who did this, my Sweet Potato? Tell me who.” Vil pressed you close to his chest, turning to gesture to Rook and Epel who nodded.
You hum, pressing your cheek into him and taking a deep breath. “You’re ok…”
Vil can feel the way the tears catch in his throat, an awful choking thing. He cleared his throat. “Who did this to you?”
“They kept… asking ‘bout you but I didn’t… say nothin’... Nothin’ at all.” You mumble against him, voice raspy like it had rocks stuck in your throat.
“Why? Why didn’t you? You didn’t have to do that.” He almost laughs at how he feels a happy blush warm your cheeks. He dips his head closer to your ear, his lips almost brushing against the shell of it as he speaks. “You’re not even mine, my Sweet Potato.”
A giggle leaves you, tired and quiet. “I… I can change that… very quickly, Mr. Schoenhiet.”
He laughs, pressing his soft lips against your blooded cheek as Rook and Epel rush back in with his medic, Dol and Sul, pushing behind him to see you, both clamoring with emotion.
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leaena2go · 17 days ago
Death Teller??? 😯😯
Also, what does YCCMH mean?
Oh the death teller one has the potential to be dark and angsty, and so very soft. It's Jaskier centred with him having the ability to either tell when a person's death is due or feels when someone is about to die- so when he meets Geralt he simply cannot let the handsome, obviously lonely, grumpy witcher meet a horrible fate. After saving Geralt it kind of.. becomes a habit and along the way of course feelings happen 😌
Also: You Can't Claim My Heart ;) the lovely geraskier warlord au I absolutely struggle to ever finish
All my wip titles can be found here!
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queenofmandy · 3 months ago
Do you still make Hc? :0 If you do could you do an LJ with a preppy s/o that like vintage stuff? Like, wear vintage clothing that littery make them look like an old painting from the 1800's and is an art history nerd? If this isn't too much of to ask of course ^^
hello! yes, i do still write hcs surprisingly lmaoo. thank you for your request, this one is so cute 🥺
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
🕊.⋆ this clown has lived through the victorian era, so he clearly remembers the fashion that was popular back then. the off-the-shoulder evening dresses, the blouses, the leather ankle boots, & the corsets! he truly believes that the victorian era was one of the best in fashion.
🕊.⋆. but time goes on and fashion has changed. he recognizes that all of those vintage fashion trends have been mostly left behind. right?
🕊.⋆. honestly whenever he sees you in your vintage clothing, his bright blue eyes widens to the size of saucers & he cant help but slowly raise an eyebrow while gawking at your attire. every single time. he always stares, not because he thinks it's strange, but because he just likes to revel in your uniqueness & creativity.
🕊.⋆ he would definitely ask you where you get your clothing and beg you to take him to the store/website to see if he can get some outfits for himself as well.
🕊.⋆ "where'd y' ge' tha', luv? an- OOOO! wha' abou' this? and this-- this is quite nice, innit?" his pointy claws would gently pinch at the fabric of your clothing, his head tilting a bit as he leaned down to your frame. his bright blue eyes carefully examining your outfit, a small smile creeping upon his lips.
🕊.⋆ he is happy to give you advice, but you'll have to take it with a grain of salt because his fashion choices arent always the most practical. he'll pick out the craziest accessories
🕊.⋆ regarding you being an art history nerd, you'll be the one to teach him everything bc the poor man has peanuts for brains
🕊.⋆ he just adores watching you ramble on and on about when various paintings were created, who created them, and even what mediums were used! the clown loves whatever you love, and so the fact that art history brings you joy would be enough motivation for him to learn more about it as well
🕊.⋆ he'll even try to impress you sometimes by reminding you of a painting you were telling him about the other day; although he usually gets the dates wrong. but you have no problem correcting him!
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stutteringpeach · 6 months ago
hi! i loved your analysis of vincenzo's character arc! could you elaborate more on vincenzo and cha young's relationship development and/or character arcs? thank you!
Hi there, thanks for the Q! I love talking about this stuff lol.
I think for both Cha Young and Vincenzo both of their character arcs are based on acceptance.
For CY, her desire for acceptance comes from her relationship with her father. At the start of the show they are at odds, with Yoo Chan even going so far as to try and disown her. If CY truly didn’t care what her father thought, this wouldn’t bother her, but instead she keeps showing up at his office and house to confront him about it. This is compounded by the fact that when her father is murdered, she doesn’t just mourn him, she takes up his sword to fight the battle he was fighting. CY clearly has an inward struggle - she’s spent so long trying to fight off the weight of her father’s expectations (and she does this by turning herself into everything he isn’t: a lawyer for a big company, doing dirty deals and using cheap tactics to win for corrupt clients, throwing off any kind of honour), but she still wants his love and approval. Deep down she is more like her father than she wants to admit - they’re both stubborn and headstrong. And her father says it best, only someone who is strong and tenacious and who is willing to fight dirty like CY can win against a company like Babel.
As I mentioned in the last ask, V’s desire for acceptance comes from his lack of a place in the world. He has no home or family (he looks Korean but is culturally Italian, therefore displacing him in both Italy and Korea). He has turned himself into a consigliere in order to be accepted by his Italian family, but believes that this is the thing that will prevent him from being loved by anyone else.
So we have CY, who distanced herself from her father by doing dirty work, and V, who attempted to insert himself into a family by doing dirty work. They are each other’s counterparts in that respect but they have the same desire - to be loved and accepted for who they fully are, and that includes their willingness to do evil in order to win.
What I love about their relationship is that neither character is attempting to better or improve the other. There are no hints of a redemption arc for either of them. They are both still greedy (as we see from the gold storyline) and willing to do terrible things to win (not a change in personality for either of them). Their goal may have a touch of nobility in that they are fighting on behalf of people who can’t fight for themselves and they want to bring down Han Seok and Babel who are truly evil, but this is ultimately fuelled by their desire for revenge, and to avenge Yoo Chan.
As the show has progressed we’ve seen CY go further and further into darkness, and V has not been attempting to stop her. In fact, the further CY goes the more V reveals of himself to her. We now actively see him enjoying her reaction to the dark things he does (him watching her take control gassing the three guys in the van, her delight and enjoyment of the pig blood show) and now he is starting to do these things just because she wants to see them. Similarly for CY, she is finding acceptance in V that she didn’t get from her father - that her tricks and tactics are welcome and even encouraged. And they are finding each other more attractive because of the dark stuff they are doing.
I don’t see a redemption arc for either in the future because it is not needed. V and CY are equally flawed but neither are trying to change the other - and that is why this relationship has lasting power. Now all we need is for them to have a conversation to that extent!!
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promizedland · 28 days ago
kh is a fever dream i have nkt played any gamed but ivr spent probably 30+ hours on the wiki by this point and im so enamored with it not a single thing makes sense. mickey mouse being naked at one point is a plot continuation event thats referenced over like 12 years of games. donald duck is homophobic.
what the fuck is going on in kh
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the-children · 28 days ago
I'm curious as to where the entity comes from! What events gave birth to it, and how does it pick who it reaches out to? :eyes:
OOCly speaking, The Children started 5(?) years ago in WoW. They were the product of the 'Bad End' of the last major server-wide public event I hosted at that time. The end of that event saw one of the Gods that took part in it go insane from the loss of basically everything he loved and held dear. So as a final 'Fuck You' to the mortals, immortals, and reality that scorned him, he committed the ultimate crime possible for him. It was a prophecy, really, that he was fulfilling. Spilling his own blood into the lifeless mouth of his stillborn son to revive him.
This was the Firstborn. The original Child. It consumed him as its first meal, and then began to seek out other children to take. This is the super summarized version of course, and I can't go into much detail as to what happened after that without giving too much away!
As to how it picks? It doesn't. Because that would be to say it wouldn't choose certain others, and that's just not the case. OOCly I'm just not very connected in the FFXIV Tumblrverse, so I can only send asks to whoever I find. But otherwise, that's what the public prompts are for, like this one here and more to come! Anyone can jump in, because anyone would be affected. So make use of the prompts! And if you want a personal ask but haven't gotten one yet? Ask me!
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moths-agere · 5 months ago
I was just reading some of your post and i was wondering what you consider the little laws are? i just found your blog from another person and i love it already and i've only read two stories!
I would LOVE to expand on them!! thank you for the ask, so happy you like what i do! ^-^! 
Little’s Laws!  
  The Littles’ Laws are a collection of rules that everyone in the SMP must follow, regarding the protection of all littles and caregivers of the server. The first time someone regressed was in the first few days of the server, the founders of the SMP then put their knowledge of regression together afterwards, and came to the conclusion that there should be rules protecting regressors! Eret was the only real form of law there was in the SMP, so Dream enlisted her help in the drafts and eventual submission to the SMP as a whole! 
Several other Servers, SMP’s, and Realms have rules keeping littles safe! Hypixel has the Hypixel’s Small’s Housing Program. Where littles could be transported to vacant/popular plots if someone is in a specially marked “Smalls” guild, player, or party! “Smalls” roles are also given to caregivers, in order to allow them into those plots, and take care of littles in their free time!The Hive has the Honeycomb Markers! Honeycomb Markers serve as a chat filter and separate mini-game servers for regressors and caregivers alike to play in together! Some aspects of the Hive are changed, like Murder Mystery being replaced with Tag and Survival Games being child-proofed and plenty of emergency first-aid kits hidden in supply drops! The rules consist of caregiver safety, little’s happiness, and mental health help. One of the main priorities of the Littles Laws is the health of everyone on the server! In terms of caregiver protections, there are rules against blackmail, theift, and for general wellness! 
Photographs of caregivers, babysitters, or bigs without clear consent given are illegal under these protections. Caregivers are to use their own comms with the admin consoles to mark when they are with a little, after a few went missing for a few hours in the earlier days of the server. Caregivers have check-ins once every month, to ensure that everyone is keeping themselves healthy and safe!
Littles are not to be on the battlefield when in headspace. Several of the older members of the SMP know how to spot someone regressing, and can give orders to their soldiers to remove the little from the battlefield. Almost all caregivers have a first aid kit on them before battle or confrontation. There are emergency caregiver roles that can be given to those who are very active on the server, people can ping people from that role and are automatically sent coordinates in the comm’s chat! Little are also given check-ins, mental and physical well being is very important to everyone on the server! 
[DNI if you are nsfw, dd/lg or any thing related to that, basic DNI criteria. A minor runs this tumblr!]
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jeongwife · 16 days ago
jeonghan, mingyu, wonu, seokmin and hoshi reaction to you calling them daddy before and during sexy time? ✨
hi anon! sorry for taking so long to reply to this akdjdjsn ;-;
anyway let’s go!
jeonghan: would tease you so much about it. like if you called him ‘daddy’ one time, he’d expect you to call him ‘daddy’ all the time, especially during sex. like if you moan out his name instead of daddy, he’d pause what he was doing, whether it be thrusting his cock into you or eating you out and say “that’s not his name” with a smirk on his face as you whine at his teasing. he basically gets an ego boost and turned on by the term.
mingyu: as soon as you call him daddy he’s dropped whatever he was doing and kissing you passionately as he wrestles with your clothes. similar to jeonghan, he gets so turned on and such an ego boost by it, he probably wouldn’t respond to anything but it. he’d probably be teasing you by edging you, imploring you to use your words instead of whine to tell him exactly what he wants and when you slip up and call him mingyu instead of daddy he slaps your ass with a smirk, “that’s not my name, baby. ask again.”
wonwoo: regardless of how soft the situation may be, wonwoo would snap easily, and go feral. hard dom mode activated. he gets SUCH an ego boost when you call him daddy, that head goad you to continue calling him daddy.
seokmin: he’d be so flustered and shy when you call him that!! but when he’s domming you and thrusting into you and you moan out daddy, his confidence just grows and he becomes a lot more cocky about making you feel good.
hoshi: would go absolutely animalistic and feral. like mingyu, i reckon he’d stop whatever he’s going to pin you against the nearest surface and fuck you hard. making you call our daddy as he thrusts deep inside you at a fast pace.
— admin ryu who is very much not suffering from brainrot
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genius-eccentric · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Good to know I still have my juicy booty even when I’m old!
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nonmaliamc · 8 months ago
You know I was thinking about your Bright hc specifically the one about romance and how getting attached to people would be scary for him and as the (self proclaimed) disgrace of this fandom you have forgotten Bright x 682 is a possibility
Tumblr media certainly wouldn’t be the weirdest thing to happen in the scp canon. i’d pay good money to have somebody write this, just for shits and giggles, and see if they can actually publish it on the wiki-seeing as i lack the experience and writing capabilities necessary to do so
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felswritingfire · 9 months ago
Hi i see you did a Baki imagine say do you think you could maybe do Yujiro's reaction to this really strong female S/o who punched him so hard he landed on a totally different continent.
Caught between this and this tbh:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
On a more serious note: he'd be forced to acknowledge how strong you are when he realizes he's iN THE MIDDLE OF ALASKA????????? AND HE WASN'T A SECOND AGO-
He'd be real angry (and horny) for like,,, a while djkdkdmd
Bonus for Baki and Jack's reaction:
Tumblr media
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leaena2go · 18 days ago
All of those titles look absolutely fascinating so I'm having a hard time picking one! Hmm... how about Truth Teller?
Oh ho ho we're diving into Geralt's self-worth issues and him being absolutely confused by one affectionate bard!
For Truth Teller I picture Jaskier being under a spell that forces him to always tell the truth, he blurts out what he's thinking at all times- including gazing at Geralt across the campfire and not only thinking, but also saying, how striking the witcher looks all focused on sharpening his sword in the light of the flames.
I think you can picture Geralt handling these random compliments and all the endearments and little confessions of love very well. (He's not.)
The thing is. No one actually suspects that Jaskier is cursed, least of all Geralt who tries his best to just brush it off. That does become quite difficult when he's deep down longing for it to be the truth.
All my wip titles can be found here!
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bubblywriter0 · 2 months ago
Mikasa + overstimulation and dumbicifaction<2
tw: smut, slight corruption kink, praise, overstimulation, humiliation, creampie, dumbicifaction, fingering, oral (f. receiving), dom Mikasa but she’s still sweet<3
word count: 402
Tumblr media
Mikasa is obsessed with having you completely fucked out of your mind, back arched and broken gasps falling from your parted lips.
“Look at you,” she’ll coo, pinching you clit as her second finger slides into your weeping cunt, you’re whole body shuddering at the intrusion.
“Two fingers and you’re already about to come?” you’re so sensitive baby,” she notes as her fingers curl inside you and you cry out, practically sobbing as her fingers begin to rub slow circles against your wet little clit, the fingers inside you curling.
She leans forward, dark hair falling over her pretty eyes and she practically moans as your bottom lip begins to tremble, rocking her body back and forth over your straddled thigh. “Oh- baby, you’re going to come already aren't you?” She coos sympathetically, bringing her other hand up to brush the sticky hair out of your eyes.
She leans forward so her lips attach to your neck, teeth scraping your soft skin as she sucks at the tender part of your neck. You tremble and let out a moan that almost has her cumming in her panties, leaning forward and encouraging you, “Come for me my sweet girl.”
Your eyes shut tightly and you gasp as you obey her, trying clumsily to hump her hand as you feel a warmth between your legs increasing with your pleasure, and soon enough your cumming all over her skirt and you’re bedding, soaking everything in your warm bliss.
It takes a few seconds for your foggy brain to re-focus, panting as you whine, you’re senses slowly coming back to your exhausted form. You can feels Mika’s tongue lapping at your clit now, the raven-haired girl eagerly cleaning you, selfishly enjoying your sweet and tangy taste on her tongue. Then you feel it, the aching sting down there, and your face suddenly burns with a shy embarrassment as you question softly, “Mika, w-what are you doing?”
Her grey eyes flash up at you, her lips curled into a drunken smile as her fingers rub quickly and harshly at your clit, ignoring the way you jerk away from her touch. “H-hurts,” you sniff and she laces her hand into yours, “I know baby, but you can take it for me. You’re a big girl, right?” You nod quickly, breath quickening as you feel a finger slip back inside your messy cunt.
“One more for me, okay?”
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sparkly-haechan · a month ago
i saw ur post as i was stalking the results for search: 'jaemin smut'. so yes. yes we are. 😩
also here is a link for jaem smut recs :))
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stutteringpeach · 6 months ago
I feel like Vincenzo having a female director plays a huuuugggeee role in the potrayal of the show ... if a man were to done it , i feel cha young would have left to the side. Even the tenants are all given character which is something that is very hard to do. But in each eps, we see both of them as equal ( even with the lack of chayoung's pov which we need). Your take on it ?
Yes we love 👏 to 👏 see 👏 it 👏
Cha Young is such a well fleshed-out character and I think a lot of that is down to Kim Hee Won’s directing and Jeon Yeo Been’s portrayal. She is very much a protagonist of the show despite the fact that SJK plays the titular character. I saw quite a few comments early on about how people found JYB’s acting to be kinda over-the-top, but as the show has gone on people have understood that’s just Cha Young’s characterisation and have grown to love her. She’s a wonderfully unique character, quirky and opinionated and resourceful - I haven’t watched a wealth of kdramas but from what I have seen she’s cut from a different cloth to the usual kdrama leading lady. I am really enjoying the female characters that have appeared in recent kdramas and how they are emotionally healthy and prioritise themselves above any romantic interest (Mi Joo from Run On 🙌🏻 and even Song Ah from DYLB - that gal’s got a lotta anxiety but she didn’t let it stop her from going after what she wanted!).
Kudos to both KHW and JYB for making us root for and fall in love with a pretty insufferable character (honestly if I met CY in real life I’d probably find her so irritating lol)!
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kath-trashh · a month ago
My farmer Hope baked all three of you a pie! She hasn’t really gotten to get to know any of you very well, but maybe this could be the start of a new friendship? Hope strawberry rhubarb’s okay! It’s one of her favorites 🥧
Tumblr media
iris: i’d be down to be friends :D
ajax: honestly the first way to become friends is through my stomach
maxwell couldn’t come 😔 he might be allergic to rhubarb who knows
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