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First of all thank you 🥺 I haven’t been able to write in a long time, like mentally, I haven’t been in the write (ha leaving it) place and my migraines were out of control for months so I’m healing from that and I just feel like… Not a writer anymore yfeel? So it’s really really. Just it feels good to get stuff like this in my askbox of people discovering my fics when I haven’t done anything new really in a long time. So thank you.

Aaaaaa. OK.

Here is the post i was looking for with bottom!Toki fics I like.

With the caveat again that as a (mostly…) straight cis girl I am generally uncomfortable addressing top/bottom beyond sexual positions in fic, if that makes sense. I think fetishising fujos became obsessed with uke/seme yaoi shit, and turned the top/bottom roles in fan works into character traits. Which, again, in my view, is fetishising. If your intent is solely to feminize and subordinate the bottom and make the top this masculine dom, that’s some fujoshi bullshit. To the point that people often misuse the term “switch” (BDSM term for someone who doms and subs) with “vers/versatile” (someone who tops and bottoms). I don’t like it, because I think it comes from people who are not mlm defining relationships that are not their own, and making equivalences that are based on stereotypes. I’ve said before that I am NOT in a position to comment on whether top/bottom roles are important to one’s sexual identity, rather than one’s sexual preference, so I approach sex scenes in m my fics individually, what’s the goal of the moment, who’s doing what and why. And as a result, they’re always different. I think that better informs a character and a story, anyway.

I have explained this better in the past when my head was hurting less :/ But these fics steer clear of the stuff I just lamented lol. I’m going back to sleep. 🖤

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I pair you with 10


Originally posted by doctorwhogeneration

He first met you back in that physics class he substituted for the last time he saw Sarah Jane. While you were only the student teacher, he was mesmerized. Frozen, really. Your wit and intelligence for a human was far superior than he has ever seen before. A physics major and flutent in more than one language? He has seen the greatest minds in history as work, but there’s something about falling in love that changes perspective. Your dates with him usually include traveling to influential times of change, or a romantic night in with classical music and a suffer by the fire.

One thing that The Doctor could never understand was the usage of human women and their fascination for makeup. Face paint for warriors and tribes he did understand, but winged eyeliner and cut crease? Baking, but wasn’t that for food? What’s the difference between cream blush and powder? Contour? Admittedly, the man was baffled at all the terms and various products. Overall, he turns into a mushy, bashful marshmallow around you. Especially when he doesn’t try and is trying to be the almighty oncoming storm, damn you.

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jagjshdijsjs CAITLYN i honest to god made a weird animal noise when i first read this. like some kind of choked whimper and then immediately ceased to function for about 2 hours ily

its scary how much u got right about me. ive spent the last 2 hours since i got this trying to figure out a way to reply to this that wasn’t several paragraphs of keysmash but ill just say ur the best person on this site and id throw hands for you. ily.

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anon! i’m so glad you found me 😭

it makes me beyond happy that you like my stories. getting messages like this makes my day, always.

i am well but work has been hectic this weekend so i’m still trying to polish the second chapter of guarded. was hoping to post sunday night but might have to push back to monday?

i hope you are staying well out there, too 💜

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I can do that for you. Fun fact I would have had this out sooner but my dad bought me Animal Crossing and I spent over 4 hours playing.


Your heart was pounding wildly inside your chest. Today was the day. The day you decided to finally tell Loki the good news. But a thought kept bothering you…what if this was bad news. What if he wasn’t happy about it? 

Natasha sighed as she watched you pace in front of the elevator and wait for Loki to come back. She had watched you go back and forth for what seemed like hours. It was obvious that you were completely on edge.

Nat grabbed your elbow to stop you. 

“(Y/n), calm down. It’s gonna be okay,” she reassured. 

“But what if it’s not? I mean, we’ve never even talked about having kids.” you asked as you reached up and bit your nails.

She gave a look that pretty much said ‘are you serious right now?’ to you. She gave your elbow a little squeeze before letting go.

“He needs to know,” she said. 

As much as you wanted to deny it, you knew that Natasha was right. Loki deserved to know. She took a step away from you and crossed her arms. 

“It’s bad enough that you waited this long. I’m surprised he didn’t realize something was up this morning.” she shrugged. 

You bit your lip. She was most certainly referring to your morning sickness. Just that morning you had been sitting with the rest of the Avengers and Loki while eating; you’d suddenly gotten a wave of nausea. You were lucky you didn’t throw up while at the breakfast table. 

“That’s because I told him it was nothing,” you muttered. 

Natasha nodded at the same time that the elevator dinged. You turned to it quickly and stood up straight. Your body was as stiff as a board as Loki walked in with Thor and Wanda. Loki’s eyes lit up when he noticed you were standing there and he exited the elevator quickly. He pressed a kiss to your forehead lovingly. 

“Hello love,” he mumbled to you. 

Your mouth felt dry as you responded quietly, “Hey,”

He ran his fingers through your hair and looked at your face. 

“I wasn’t expecting a welcoming party, shouldn’t you be resting after this morning?” he asked. 

You glanced over at Natasha, Wanda was talking to her and showing her something she must have bought. Nat noticed you and gave you a curt nod. 

Swallowing the lump in your throat that had magically appeared you looked back to Loki 

“C-can I talk to you about something? It’s kind of important,” you asked. 

Loki’s eyebrows knitted together but he nodded. Damnit! Now he was concerned. You didn’t want him to be worried about anything. 

The two of you walked to your shared bedroom in silence. The second the door was shut all of your doubts came flooding back. What was about to happen? What were you supposed to do if he reacted badly? What if-


Loki now stood in front of you with his arms crossed loosely. 

“What is it?” he asked. His eyes were full of concern. 

Were you supposed to just say it? You didn’t know how to do it. You really wished Natasha was with you. It was times like this that you wished Loki could read your thoughts. In your fit of nerves, you stayed silent and Loki started to assume things. 

“Are you breaking up with me?” he asked, his voice suddenly sounded very worried. 

You shook your head quickly, “No Loki it’s not-”

He unfolded his arms and took your cheeks in his hands. You took a step back at the sudden movements and your legs hit the edge of the bed. 

“You’re not sick are you? Are you going to die?” 

The fear in his voice mixed with the look in his eyes made your heart almost stop. This news wasn’t nearly as bad as something else you could tell him. You had to get it out. 

“I’m pregnant.” you blurted out before shutting your eyes. 

For some reason you thought that would help you. 


Then there was silence. You felt Loki’s hands move off of your face and heard what sounded like shallow breathing. When you opened your eyes he was standing a couple feet away from you. 

He looked into your eyes, searching for any form of deception. When he found none he breathed out a small


Your heart dropped. 

“I-I-I…I can’t I…” he reached up and tangled his fingers in his own hair. 

Not knowing what to do, you let him have a moment to think. And you took your own to think. Was he really upset about this? When Loki finally spoke up it was a low sound, almost like a sob, that caused you to feel awful.

“I can’t be a father.” 

You walked closer to him and put your hands on his shoulders.

“Loki of course you can, why would you say that?” you asked. 

“I don’t know how to do it. I can’t father a child, I’d be a terrible father. I don’t even know what being a good father looks like.” His eyes were darting around the room quickly and you almost thought that you saw tears in his eyes. 

You thought about his words. You remembered that unfortunately Loki had never actually had a decent father figure in his life. Odin was a liar and Laufey was…well…Laufey. 

Gently cupping his cheek, you held his face so that he was looking at you. Right now, what he needed was reassurance. You had been so worried about just simply telling him. Those weren’t tears of sadness in his eyes, it was fear. 

“You will make a wonderful father Loki, you-”

“But what if they-” Loki pulled back and hugged himself as his skin started to turn blue, “What if they’re like me,” his voice cracked. 

Looking into his now red eyes you sighed. Looks like you’re gonna have to make sure he understands. 

“Loki,” you said softly

“What if they’re a monster?” 

“Loki.” you snapped, you weren’t trying to upset him but you needed him to know you were serious. He flinched which made you suddenly feel bad. However, you pushed your guilt away. 

You rested your hands on the sides of his head. They became freezing cold in an instant but you ignored it. 

“I’d be just fine if the baby is frost gianty like you or humany like me, or even both,” you admitted. 

Loki reached up and grabbed your wrists. You shuddered under the icy touch and yet you still refused to let him go. His eyes watered more and a few tears fell out. They froze on his cheeks. 

“But I don’t know how to do this,” he stuttered excessively as he tried to stop himself from hyperventilating. 

“That’s-” you sniffed to clear your nose, “that’s okay Loki,” you told him. 

Sobs raked through Loki’s body and his lip puffed out. You felt a shiver through your body. A bad shiver. An emotional shiver. Your own eyes watered up quickly. 

“That’s okay because we’re going to get through this together,” you assured him. 

His hands moved from your wrists to your waist as he pulled you to him. When you were against his body you felt just how cold he was. Loki held onto you tightly and nuzzled his head into your neck as he sobbed lightly. 

“Together?” he mumbled

You ran your fingers gently through his hair to soothe him. 

“Together,” you responded quietly. 

The two of you stood holding each other in silence. This was good. This was what you needed. Each time you shivered, Loki would loosen his grip on you only for you to tighten yours on him. It was like that for about four minutes while Loki thought about what you’d said. 

And he knew you were right. Everything would work out fine as long as you did it together. 

You felt Loki’s freezing body become warm again and he let you go, grabbing your shoulders and bending over to meet your level. He moved one hand to wipe his eyes before placing it back. His blue form was gone which meant that you were now looking into his green eyes. 

“I’m going to be a father!” Loki cheered. 

He lifted you off the ground and spun you around while laughing in your ear. You could only manage to giggle as you became slightly dizzy. He sat you back down and cupped your face 

“We should tell Thor and the others,” he suggested. 

You smiled and said, “I already told Natasha,” and when he looked confused you quickly told him, “because I needed help figuring out how to tell you.”

He smiled and took your hand to pull you out of the room with him. You couldn’t help but smile at the excitement Loki was showing. You understood his fear. Hell you were afraid yourself. But you were confident that things would be okay. You had plenty of time to prepare yourselves. 

And plenty of people to help.


I also want everyone to know that I have never been pregnant so I would prefer to not write for pregnant characters. However, if you do request it I can try my best to write it. My preference is to not though.

Regardless I hope you enjoyed this, now I have to go work on another Loki ask. - AJ

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