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mewtwoandme · 8 days ago
If Newtwo leans more towards the feline side, can she become a broken pretzel like TC's Newt?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh absolutely XD
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jacketbones · a month ago
why doesn’t anyone talk about how sans and papyrus wouldn’t be able to use phones because the screens wouldn’t pick up their bony little fingers
Y/n: So how do you use your phones, anyways?
Sans: i only have a nokia, no touch screen.
Y/n: Really? Why not upgrade like your brother?
Sans: i use it to open walnuts.
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whumpster-dumpster · 6 days ago
Can you give alternative words to whump for those who aren't finding the results they desire when searching for fics? I know for certain fandoms there's certainly plenty of whumpy fics, but they aren't always tagged as such! I do try other words (I.E. Torture, Burns, H/C) But I always feel like I'm forgetting some!
I've seen all of these general tags used before. They might help!
Angst and Feels
Heavy Angst
Hurt No Comfort
Hurt [Character Name]
Sick [Character Name]
Common Cold/Influenza/[Insert name of illness]
Major Character Injury
Head Injury/Broken Bones/[Insert specified injury]
Blood and Injury
Blood and Violence
Blood and Gore
Near Death
Near Death Experiences
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mewtwoandme · 10 days ago
This is about how it would be if someone saw Bluey and Newtwo XD
Tumblr media
Any chance you could draw this with Bluey and Newtwo please?
Tumblr media
Mama protec X3
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king-psycholyze · a month ago
As an artist who is an artist you enjoy?
Tumblr media
@ / nachosforfree
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whumpster-dumpster · 5 days ago
Do u have any whump ideas for merpeople?
You bet I do!
Hit by a boat
Hunted for fins
Choked by nets
Cut on fishhooks
Cut on sea glass
Attacked by shark
Poisoned by oil spill
Caught in marine litter
Bashed on ocean rocks
Pinned down under anchor
Trapped in filthy aquarium tank
Sound torture; people tapping on tank glass
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mewtwoandme · 13 days ago
Can we see TC's Newtwo meeting lil Blu?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Just a little while longer"
Inspired by an idea @xxtc-96xx gave me XD
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crankydee · 27 days ago
lmao till how far will you defend homophobic racist louis? i can't speak for them but i'm pretty sure black ppl and lgbtq fans are disgusted by him.
How long will it take you to learn not to slide into my inbox with this shit.
I can't speak for anyone either, but as a poc bisexual, I can tell you that I am not disgusted by him nor do I see how your input is worth a penny here. How homophobic of him to work with Jesse Thomas as a co-writer, a non binary artist. He's so bad isn't he, working with Bryn Christopher [a member of the lgbtq community] as a co-writer on two of us. So horribly misogynistic to go to Africa to shoot his Walls music video with the cast and extras consisting of pocs. Throughout he's supported and defended all his fans- despite their identity of orientation, fought back and snapped at interviewers for trying to get them to hold a prejudice against gay fans and yet you bring your ill-informed and resentment filled self here to my blog just so you can while away both our minutes. His merch company ships to Palestine even after many artists don't:
Tumblr media
and then you come and whine to me.
This man has worked with many women, supported lgbtq+ contestants as The XFactor [not only lgbtq+ contestants, Dalton Harris too, a black male] and has worked many people of colour in his career - for example the model Marlee Bell, a black female - and if you still insist he's misogynistic, then don't do it in my fucking inbox. I, as a poc, lgbtq community member tell you that I see nothing wrong in Louis Tomlinson's behavior and next time please take your cishet white tears somewhere where I can't see them trying to wet all over my comfort place.
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whumpster-dumpster · a day ago
So people always talk about someone's eyes "glittering" or looking "too bright" when they have a fever and I know what they mean but I'm wondering what exactly causes that ~look~? Is it like extra tears being produced or something?
Here are a few potential reasons:
Extra tearing, like you said, caused by a ramped up immune system makes the eyes look more "shiny".
Fatigue from fighting the sickness make people less likely to focus or be as alert, which make the eyes look "dull".
Some drugs or medications can give your eyes a glassy look as you tend to blink less frequently if the drug is depressing the nervous system and making you sluggish.
Hypoglycemia can give the eyes a glassy look too; higher temperatures such as fevers can enhance insulin absorption and contribute to having lower blood sugar.
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mewtwoandme · 13 days ago
Blu meets Huey? Please?
Brothers from different (but technically still the same) mothers XD
Tumblr media
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chrisevansarchives · 9 days ago
hi love! could you possibly list any chris evans (you can even add the characters he played) angst fics? i need a good cry rq
𝐭𝐨 𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐚 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 by @celestialbarnes
For Better or For Worse by @your-highnessmarvel
Always Remember Us This Way by @babylevines
Never Enough by @chantelle-x0x
Insensitive by @buckys-other-punk
Fixing the Broken Series (Masterlist) by @maemelany
Let Down Part 1 Part 2 by @my-emotional-self
A Burden To Carry by @bluemusickid
Shattered Heart by @christ0pher-evans
Lover Of Mine by @romaxnogersav
I don’t know by @stxvercgersslut
Make Up Your Mind The Prenup by @vannybarber
Out of love with you by @little-diable
Too Tired by @captainchrisfics
Pray You Catch Me Part 1 Part 2 by @fallinforevans
Baby, If You’re Watching by @vanilla-seabass
You’re Not Sorry by @darlingsteve
Broken Pieces by @shellbilee
We Need To Talk by @wxntersoldiers
Maybe by @hlkwrites
Wandering Eye Part 1 Part 2
Happy Birthday by @jamielea81
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incorrectnorse-quotes · 17 days ago
Everyone saying Loki can’t be bi because he fell in love with and married Sigyn. Like what do they think bisexual means?
Fr those are the same people that go "What do you mean you're bi? You're dating someone of the opposite gender!"
Like... Hello?
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whumpster-dumpster · 23 days ago
What are ways to make a whumpee involuntarily shake or sway while trying to stay has still as possible
Sleep deprivation
Cold exposure
Low blood sugar
Hyped up on caffeine
Muscle stimulators
Wearable weights
Just a few ideas!
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mewtwoandme · 24 days ago
So, we seen what Mewtwo looks like when he’s mad with his glowing eyes and powers but what would teen/adult Amber look like when she’s mad?
Tumblr media
She burns with golden fury
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kulfidraws · 20 days ago
TWO WHOLE WEEKS OF NONSTOP HARASSMENT????? I am about to throw a fucking boulder
The timeline of events if anybody is curious:
June 21st: I release my fangame.
June 22nd: Proud Hufflepuff posts a misinformative message about Twisted Wonderland: Your Story, claiming it had viruses and goes against copyright, is a phony version of twisted wonderland and should not be downloaded. This message was posted in her discord server as an announcement, on her youtube community and on her Instagram. After unknown circumstances (presumably backlash or critique), she deleted her Instagram and youtube post. Her discord message still remained.
June 23rd: I was contacted and told that Proud Hufflepuff was upset with my fangame. I messaged Proud Hufflepuff on Instagram to delete her discord message (as she has many members in that server) or at the very least, talk it out with me so we could reach a conclusion. I received no reply despite Proud Hufflepuff being active at the time. I realise it is her 21st birthday and hesitate to contact her. She posts several screenshots of her playing Obey Me and then I decide that while she is online, we can just have a civil chat with a peaceful resolve. I comment on her youtube community post asking if she can check her Instagram dm. She said she has her dms closed because she is "getting too many messages about a fake version of twisted wonderland" (a problem that is entirely her fault as she chooses to run her mouth instead of contacting me about it first to clear up any confusion). We have a civil back and forth where I ask her if she does have any other socials I can contact her on and I am then ghosted once she realises I am the creator of the fangame. Not realising I was being purposely avoided, I figured she was offline and decided to ask her on a later date, until she continues making community posts. I ask her if she missed my message. She deletes my comment. I then figured out it is purposeful and leave a message on her previous post that avoiding me is not going to help solve the problem. I am once again ignored. I leave it be. Ami Yoshiko defends my game on her Instagram story. Proud Hufflepuff expresses her distaste for Ami Yoshiko's actions on her server.
June 24th: I receive messages questioning the legality of my game.
June 25th: I make a post on my addressing some of the concerns and reference that "somebody" claimed that my game gives viruses and the like. I do not name Proud Hufflepuff in my post at all.
June 26th: Ami Yoshiko posts a review of my game on her youtube channel with a positive response. I thank her for reviewing my game on tumblr. Within the hour, I receive three suspicious hate anons. One in English and two in Japanese. I translate and find that the two Japanese anon messages are fake and written by a fluent English speaker. I check the IP of the three anons to find they all came from an identical IP. I do not respond to the anon messages but I take note of the suspicious style of writing. I do not tell anybody about the anon messages.
June 27th: I receive messages from the-heartslabyul-hatter. They express the same ideas Proud Hufflepuff held; the game being against copyright, (non-existent) Japanese fans being upset, claiming I have a "strong" likeliness to Twisted Wonderland despite my layout not being similar at all and how I should delete my game. Out of pettiness from Proud Hufflepuff's actions and not being able to come up with a response to a message that basically is reduced to "delete your game. source: dude trust me", I do not respond.
June 28th to June 29th: Heartslabyul hatter spams the official Twisted Wonderland twitter account with tweets complaining about a "shamgame" despite knowing very well that it is a fangame. All done in Google translated Japanese. Topped off with facepalm emojis and a plea to rally against me. Totally had my best interests in mind.
July 4th: Heartslabyul Hatter makes a call-out post about me, packed with lying and misinformation. I then decide to go public with all the proof and evidence I have of her being the abuser in the situation and target harassing me.
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incorrectnorse-quotes · a month ago
Eclipses are caused by Sköll swallowing Sól but they end when Loki finds him and makes him throw her up.
I love how many weird "jobs" Loki has that have pretty much nothing to do with his original correspondences or domain as a god?? We love a multifaceted king
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whumpster-dumpster · 20 days ago
Any ideas on how an obsessive whumper could be treating the whumpee as more of a precious item than a person? I'm a little stuck. Love your stuff!
I sure do!
Cleaning them obsessively -- scrubbing their teeth and hair and skin raw to keep them pretty
Decorating/polishing them with jewelry, makeup, glitter, etc.
Putting them on a literal pedestal -- expecting them to stay there perfectly still on display for hours on end
Forced to hang a decorative plaque from their neck
Getting angry and controlling when there’s a hair out of place or a wrinkle in their clothing or food on their face, etc.
Bragging to friends that they won the whumpee at a high-end auction (even if it isn’t true)
Posting jazzed up pictures or videos of them online for others to admire
Selling fan merchandise of them
Snuggling them like a favorite stuffed animal
Microchipping them so they’ll never misplace them
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mewtwoandme · a month ago
With all this about newtwo, I keep trying to find the picture of your newtwo meeting TC's Huey. Do you think you can find it again? Or is that too off topic?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She's not as cold as she lets on X3
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zeldaiscool19 · a month ago
🍃🌺🌙If you receive this you make somebody happy. Go and send this to ten of your followers who make you happy or somebody you think needs cheering up. If you get it back even better 🌙🌺🍃
thank you very much friend!
@i-am-an-idiot @midaris-headmates @weirdthoughtsnstuff @weird-questions-from-an-infp-t @sentienttoast @rick-the-troll-riordan @mellowcupcakeperson @iheart2manyfandoms @genderqueer-bastard @dimitrescuscatboy
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incorrectnorse-quotes · 17 days ago
"Loki is genderfluid" "no, he's cis" fools, you absolute fools, Loki is Loki
Gender: Loki
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