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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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No, Amber is my own oc. I know, they both look very similar cause of color but I made Amber slightly more pinkish and her tail is a darker purple than Newtwo’s. The biggest difference is that Amber has yellow eyes.

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Jackie’s got superspeed, so he can make the commute easily; he’ll drop the others off if they need to get somewhere fast. Otherwise Chase will drive them or they’ll take a cab. How long it takes varies; their individual jobs are different distances. Marvin may or may not have the longest way to travel, depending on which theater hires him to perform.

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Absolutely! It seems that they have a lot of fun while filming, and it’s amazing 💛 Also, looking at their doubles, we’re going to get some great mother - daughter scenes this season! Will Yen call Ciri “her ugly one”? 💛

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No I do not, I actually do have a couple of rules about it, though these rules seem to be pretty standard for a lot of blogs so I don’t think they’re surprising? I assume you’re sending this because you want to send me something nsfw to write, so these are the guidelines to be aware of, they’re not over the top and I’m pretty agreeable to plotting and plotting nsfw in these guidelines.

1. I don’t write it with anyone under 18 (I don’t even write threads with under 18 at all) hard rule no exceptions
2. I typically only write nsfw threads with someone I’ve been writing with pretty consistently/have established chemistry writing with. If I’m writing it with someone I don’t know very well/have barely written with likely I’ll keep it relatively vanilla, if you’re going to write something really explicit there needs to be comfort built up in writing that with the other person. If I have been writing with you for a bit however, feel free to pitch anything, I’m pretty open minded/into being creative with the nsfw.
3. I don’t rp with a blog for solely nsfw threads - if I’m rping with someone, I do like writing nsfw but there needs to be some substance to the relationship/characters and other adventures being had in the threads, or honestly I lose interest pretty quickly. In my opinion, nsfw is way more interesting in context of a larger story like ‘sex because you were hurt and I need to be close to you’ or ‘sex because we’re mad and we need to burn this off’ rather than random threads. So I typically shy away from blogs that only write nsfw, or only want to write nsfw with Lena and nothing else. It’s not that I’m not into writing it with established relationships, I just get bored with relationships that are only nsfw threads

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“Chase? What are you doing up this late? You should be in bed,” Jackieboy called out in a hushed voice. “Oh. You both should.”

“I-I know, I just…wanted some time with her to myself,” he murmured, smiling tiredly down at the bundle tucked against his chest. “Brianna doesn’t even seem real yet.” Jackieboy chuckled as he approached.

“She’s beautiful…but if you want anything to seem real in the morning, you should probably get a few hours’ sleep.”

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The nerve of that lot! Reprimanding your every move, each looking down their noses and not a ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ out the door!” Jameson signed irritably, pausing to squeeze Lydia’s hand as she slid his coffee across the counter. “I’m sorry, angel.”

“It’s fine, it’s…whatever,” Lydia sighed with a pressed smile. “In this industry, you learn to get used to it.”

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ajwhhwjs I am very far from cool but thank you so much! You sound like a really nice person so we should absolutely be friends!! Feel free to come yell at me about whatever you want anytime I’m always around and you are always welcome💜💜💜

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okok lets go!! keep in mind that my tunnel vision is Terrible so . it’ll probably derail into schoenheit lovemail

riddle: he’s so funky kjahfjkdshgj he’s literally like a younger brother like hell yeah funky tart boy absolutely superb !! i like his overblot design a Lot, and one of my earliest twst memories is just going 👁👄👁 whenever someone said he looked like tsukasa suou from enstars (enstars was the reason why i was fairly fond of heartslabyul early on)

leona: CATBOY!!!! gjdhjkhdjkhjkgdhjkgfhj admittedly im more of a fan of foxboys and p- p*a- p*aco- 🤮 but bOY am i weak for monsterboys in general! i don’t have a very strong opinion on him, but i do wish we got more lore and development during his arc but who knows 👁👁 maybe we’ll get more in the future

azul: ahhhh he’s another boy i didnt really care for that much ? he’s still a very neutral character, mostly bc i have . bad tunnel vision sdjkhdkjgjfd but i do enjoy studying his character a lot, bc i struggled (and still do struggle) with pinning his character down Just Right between his suave persona and his true, much more hidden personality 

kalim: when i first got into twst, a handful of my friends thought he’d end up as my fave bc he resembled mammon from obey me a lot (before you ask: no i dont play obey me so dont ask about it sakjdhfjkdshgjksah i just thought mammon was cute). i like kalim! i think he and i are the closest as far as personality similarities go so . insta good boy

vil: [vibrates really hard] i . i got into twst bc i saw a picture of him in his dorm uniform and my brain went ooga booga hot boy and ive been barking at him ever since skdjhdkghd he shot up my list to number one so fast when i realized his views on gender norms (it’s about the projection, baby 😎), and i love him a lot!! ksdjgdkdgkfkjf im sorry im trying so hard not to bark rn . i’ll save barking for my sideblog

idia: waaaa he’s another boy who’s started growing on me!! admittedly, i only took an interest in idia bc ortho’s ceremonial card reminded me of dj sona’s skin from league of legends, but i like cracking jokes abt his mythological origins + my own name’s mythological roots . he’s a funky boy! i love writing for him, and i wish i got more individual requests for him !!

malleus: hhhhhhhhh i also didnt care for him a lot in the beginning thx to tunnel vision and the fact that everyone liked him bc he was the poster boy wwww writing for him was also hard bc of the lack of info we had on him so i didnt rlly think too much . and then mf taku assigned him to be my fake bias during ebg and now i close my eyes and refuse to perceive for my sanity

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So far the only fanfics I’ve written for are Aziraphale and Crowley and I totally ship them. Before I have written more original fiction with my own characters that I get to ship and make up. :)

Thanks for the ask!

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