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Of course! I don’t find a lot of content for a lot of my favourite ships, so I enjoy anything I find! Plus, your stuff is cute!

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How did the place your muse grew up in affect them?

Growing up on the prairies gave Rachel an affinity for and an appreciation for the snow and all things winter. She loves it all and it’s where all of her best childhood memories come from. However, most of her life was spent on the west coast, and as a result, she can never truly divorce herself from the mountains and the ocean. That’s her heartland. That’s where peace is. In fact, it’s the reason that she actually has a favourite body of water - which is a strait, by the way.

How has your muse changed as a person over their life? Have they changed for the better or for worse?


She has changed a lot over the course of her life. She was a happy go-lucky kid when she lived on the prairies but her young life on the west coast was far from idyllic. She’s had a lot of experiences that have made her a bit volatile. That’s what trauma does and she’s had to work really hard to become a better person and divorce herself from that. But she’s much stronger and while she has a hard time trusting people and believing that they actually have her back because she has really bad abandonment issues, she still chooses to be kind and persist. She chooses to believe in the best of people and in the best of humanity.


He has definitely changed for the worst. While he was a very smug and obnoxious kid, he was still, overall, a good person. Self-absorbed and overconfident, sure. But a good person. He cared deeply about his relationship with his sister, but he was constantly used for his success growing up and it really embittered him to the point that even his relationship with his sister fell apart. And now, he cannot believe in relationships that don’t start and end with ownership.


He has not changed a great deal. In fact, he’s only grown more and more into the person he was kind of always meant to be when he was a little kid. He always knew where he wanted to be and what he wanted to do and everything he’s done was done to strive towards that goal. I’d say he’s only ever gotten better, because now he can actually do the things he’d spent his whole life studying instead of just studying them. Now he can actually take a far more active part in his passions rather than just learning them as a child, though that had its own value and excitement for him.

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“i’ll keep flooding you with content” yeah ma'am i’m sure about that and that’s what i exPECT bc wow he’s handsome thank u biba my darling my sun my sweetheart ily too

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As if her life isn’t already cursed. The worst curse for her would either be being cursed to be stuck in the same position for the rest of her life or to never be able to form personal attachments ever again.

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“Expect the worst and hope for the best.” She answers without hesitation. “If you expect the worst, you’re already prepared for it if it happens. If you get the best, then you’re pleasantly surprised. Either way, you’re not at a loss.”


He puts a finger to his chin, scratching it in thought before he supplies a reply. “Take charge of your own destiny.” He decides. “You cannot wait for someone else to do your job for you. If you want something, all you have to do is achieve it. The only thing stopping you is you.”


“You are the center of your own universe.” She says, absentmindedly checking her nails. “Everything in your life revolves around you. You are your world and the center of your own universe. So no matter what, you have to come first before anything else. Nothing else matters more than you.”


“If you never fail, you’ve never tried.” Nathan says, his attention focused on a particular piece of wiring in a device. “Don’t be afraid of failure. Everyone makes mistakes and every mistake is another step closer to success. People fail thousands of times before they succeed. Every failure teaches us something important and every failure is a chance for growth. Don’t fear it. Embrace it.”

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Snack pack

Hikari: We’re doing well,thanks Rosebud

Larimar: we’re alright

Becky: estamos bien bebe, gracias

Khajaana nods

Zillion: we’re alright,alright,alriiiiight

Vivienne: i’m doin good,thank ya dar'lin

Ellie: mmmhmm

Beatbox Barrier Reef

Jade and Emerald:Good

Raven nods

Zacheriah: We’re ok, thank you

Alexa: indeed, no need to to worry ms. Rose

Swifter X: just stay'in fresh

Ase: Thanks for your consern R.B, we fresh

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She has…so many nightmares. They usually flip between two, but sometimes they are just really bittersweet and instead of waking up in a panic, she just wakes up really sad. Her dreams often flip between being centred around Howard and her fear of him dragging her back into his clutches or all of the crushing guilt she feels about her decision to flee Detroit.


He hasn’t really dreamt for a long while, but once his obsession with Rachel was blown into full gear, all of his dreams are of her and they are less than appropriate. He’s dreaming of all the things he wants to do to and with her and they range from typical crazy ex stalker sex dreams to actual torture.


They’re of when she used to be at the Eden Club. Fragmented memories of past clients that used and abused her. She doesn’t really wake up in a panic or a cold sweat, but there’s a sense of coldness and numbness that sweeps over her when she does awake from stasis. She doesn’t really…need to sleep. More often than not, she just doesn’t. But when she does, they’re of that.


He has a couple kinds of dreams. The most common ones are the very basic almost childish ones. Dreams of the technological future, of being in space, of flying. A lot of his dreams are of the fantastical and the grandiose. But sometimes he has bad dreams and they’re usually of nightmare scenarios where his technology is seized by the government and used for nefarious purposes he never intended it to be used for.

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DUUUUUDE. My love for AO3 knows no bounds.

Now, I will say, it used to not be a thing, for Excludes to exist, BUT!

I could legit find a fic, and be like, hmmm, do I wanna read this? And then look through the tags and find DEAD DOVE DO NOT EAT. And then I, the intelligent reader that I am, could think to myself…

Hmmm. That doesn’t sound like the fluff I want to read today.


Like, all these people that complain about AO3 just letting anything exist, like, it all still existed back in the day… you just had random works that would get deleted, though.


You used to have to like… read a fic. Get fifteen chapters in, before you discovered - oh shit this is not for me.


My one complaint would be that I desire secondary tags, however. Like, a background ship tag / background characters. Cause like… I see people that only tag the main pairing and the main characters, and that’s cool that’s great, and then other people are like, WELL, BECAUSE THESE TWO ARE THE PARENTS. AND THE PARENTS ARE MARRIEd. WE MUST TAG THEM. AND THE GRANDPARENTS. AND THE CAT THAT GOT MENTIONED THAT DIED TEN YEARS AGO. AND WE BETTER TAG This HisTORICAL FIGURE.

like no stop. You’re now overdoing it. We need secondary tags to deal with this.

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1) Pvris🖤

2) The 1975🌹

3) My girlfriend🏳️‍🌈♥️

4) nature / photography - sunrises 🌅 and sunsets 🌇

5) dogs (aka puppies) 🐶

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This is so sweet, and definitely needed today! I had all of the plans of getting up and finishing the last chapter of Five Minutes, and then I basically just.. went and worked out, came home, and got into my bed still wearing my gross clothes and had a good like cry. Thank God the baby was taking a nap in her car seat, so I just set her in the stroller in my bedroom, and checked out. ( the oldest had netflix )

You know, reading and writing can be such an escape, and I’ve seen all sorts of explanations as to why we love fanfic over original fic, but here’s the tea.

I want a happy ending. I’m too tired for sad angsty stuff anymore. This year has just about worn me out already. And so like, you the reader, should be able to come in and know it’s going to be okay, because I told you it’s going to be okay.

And we’re all going to be okay.

thank you for this message sorry for my ramblings I’m trying to get my act together now.

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yeah there’s definitely a difference. nonpremed kids tend to be a lot more chill than premeds because the nonpremed kids don’t have to scramble for a 4.0 gpa. they also tend to complain less in chem courses, because unlike most premeds, chem majors doing only chem actually like ochem. i don’t know a lot of bio kids who just did bio (literally all the bio majors at my school are premeds) but i know a lot of chem kids who just do chem and they’re funny as hell and i like them a lot. i’m not friends with a lot of premeds and my closest circle is all other majors but premeds, because premeds uh. they are neurotic and i’m including myself in that

summary: nonpremed bio/chem majors are tired, premeds are WIRED

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They would cry and hug her saying sorry for her loss. Pretty sure they would feel the same way if Nigel died

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anon you are so stinking kind. thank you so much for coming to my inbox <3 i’m so glad you’re enjoying the story!! i’m having a blast writing and posting it

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good point!! i do use eggs for baking all the time :)

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Hi @aetherwrites

Oh wow, that’s really cool! I always seem to forget that roller rinks exist XD Does she do roller derby at all? I seem to recall being told that gets hyper-competitive.

Elowyn is probably the most sporty of my fighting Fantasy - Titan folks. She does lore-friendly fantasy yoga, and also competes in the arena to work through her aggression.

Of my Oblivion characters, Rowan and K’Rin have to be physically fit due to the rigours of their jobs. Rowan is more likely of the two to engage in whatever passes for sports in Cyrodiil.

Honestly, it’s not something I’ve really thought about much – possibly because of my own aversions XD But thank you for giving me some food for thought :D

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Of course. Makes a great ass and stomach. A girls best friend 😋

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How trusting of strangers is your muse? Would they accept a gift from a stranger?

Generally speaking, Richard trusts most people on a basic level. Fundamentally, he knows that most people are just normal people going through life like everyone is, so he trusts them on a basic level. Depending on the context and how it’s presented, he would accept a gift from a stranger and the context of the circumstance would determine how suspicious he is of it.

What does ‘being a winner’ mean to your muse?

‘Being a winner’ doesn’t really matter to Richard. But if he cared to actually give a definition that would make sense, it would be holding your head up high knowing that you’re right and that you’re doing what’s best. It’s being stalwart in what you care about no matter who tries to convince you otherwise or who tries to insult you.

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Oh, they know exactly what’s happened, and how I’ve moved forward and am doing my best to change. Tell me, would that friend want you to be harassing me through tumblr? I severely doubt it. I hope you have a great day.

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pre covid i was going to travel overseas! my friends and i were thinking a couple of weeks in europe, but those dreams have been squashed :/// we’ll probably end up planning a road trip around the states though, maybe like a national park tour, and i’ll also probably visit family in illinois and wisconsin as well. i haven’t had the chance to travel much in college so it’s something i’ve wanted to do for a while. 

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