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Okay I don’t know what happened with the bit I wrote claiming there was a Czech album because in that sentence I also wrote there was a 2011 German album which also is not true. Nothing about that sentence is true, I’m sorry I don’t know what braincell died in me when I wrote that.

Ah- Well I found my error, for some reason the sentence was copied and pasted from my Die Päpstin summary and I forgot to delete it.

I’m aware you have another Dracula musical, which has also recently started playing in South Korea if I’m remembering right. I would have included the other Dracula musical in the post but I couldn’t find much information about it and wanted to just include ones I could find either video and/or audios to link people too.

Thank you for pointing out the mistake! I’m going to go edit it

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Oh hm well I hope I can think of something nice, though I’m historically not good at self care, I guess I had this idea that self-care had to be doing big things when really it can be any little thing that cheers you up, so for me if I was trying to remember little things:

  • I know you said not basic things like music but I have to say it anyway as it’s my biggest love and either listening to it or playing my piano or ukulele really clears my head of all other thoughts
  • Plushies and squishes, sometimes my hands like textures or want to stim and cuddling a soft toy or grabbing a squishy and just watching it deform and then bounce back, might sound silly but it can help me
  • Making Pintrest boards for my ocs, although I can accidentally spend way too much time on there
  • Watching shows I used to watch as a child, old British stop-motion shows like Bagpuss, Old Bear and Friends, the original Thomas the Tank Engine. The episodes are short and nostalgic.
  • Comfort audios! Voices to more for me than reading comfort fics, in particular I like to listen to Rainy Day Audios as he has audios to help you sleep, for panic attacks, depression, and for me personally I love the audios for gender comfort for trans people.
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Actually no, I’ve never dyed my hair and I don’t ever want to. I don’t mind how dyed hair looks on other people, but I hate it on myself and like how it naturally looks (even if I wish it was a little longer).

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Nooo never apologise for spamming! Thank u lovely ❤️❤️

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oh well i’m very glad. i get very scared talking/writing about my eczema. i’ve only ever done it once before and it was sort of disguised as a vent poem that wasn’t obviously about eczema to anyone not in the know. so i’m glad that something nice could come out of me talking about it

i’d love to also recommend a comic my friend makes about eczema! ah i should have done that on the main post but. she got eczema just recently and we’ve been talking about it but she makes this really cute comic raising awareness of it you and others might enjoy. she’s @prawlette on instagram (and here but she doesn’t use tumblr anymore)

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Hiiii, it’s this one 💗

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Hey anon! It’s been queued! 😋

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Sooo here’s the thing 😅, I was supposed to start a hiatus the day after tomorrow. But what I’m gonna do is I will review The Host, WW84 and Soul in the next few days because I saw them already and I’ll see what I can do about the rest once I come back from the break 😌 thanks for the recs!

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Sure! Hopefully, these tips will help! Admittedly, writing Sly comes naturally to me me, so I had to sort of meditate on what his character and voice “sound like” to me.

I think the first thing that helps is remembering who Sly is at his core. He’s got a heart of gold, and even though he comes across a bit snarky, he loves his friends and Carmelita deeply, and he’d do anything to help them out. (I think Sly 4 really does Sly a disservice in this area, but I could go on about that all day…) Striking a balance between “smug egotistical bastard” and “soft uwu child” is kind of hard, and I think it hits a bit differently in everybody’s interpretation of the character. If your Sly is more snarky, roll with it! But to keep him from being unlikeable, pepper in some words of genuine care or worry. Or, maybe Sly’s in a bad mood, and somebody needs to call him out on his bullshit! Don’t be afraid to have other characters call Sly out. Bentley for sure can go toe to toe on snark with Sly; the first game absolutely makes that clear.

I did a lot of research before I started writing for this fandom, mostly through watching gameplay and cutscenes of Sly 2 and 3, where I personally think his character is strongest and most developed. I spent a lot of time watching Sly move and the way he interacted with other characters. I brought a lot of anxiety to Sly, based on the way he moves in the games, keeping himself taut and alert. But that could be interpreted in numerous ways, so don’t feel limited to one person’s perspective!

That’s all I can really think of for now, but I’ll definitely add more things as I think about them! Hopefully, this helps a bit, even if it’s kinda incoherent!

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Seriously hope ya proposin’ to do that in the summer, otherwise this pup will be a pupsicle…ya heard of ‘exposure’ right?

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Jeez Shades, I dunno…one that ain’t gonna break my legs or impale me wiv’ silver or eat chunks outta me? But this is slavery right? So I guess I don’t have much of a choice an’…dunno if I’d make a good claim either…I’m an outdoors kinda wolf so probably won’t make a good lap dog bein’ cooped up in a master’s suite all day…

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Depends watcha lookin’ for I s’pose, Shades. If ya lookin’ for a nice, fun time Conall’s got more experience with guys an’ can probably make ya feel better than me. But if ya plannin’ or a beatin’or a cuttin’ or a maimin’, then I’m ya wolf. Ain’t nothin’ gonna knock my bro around that ain’t gotta get through me first…

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1. I collect anything related to giraffe. Literally anything. They are my comfort animal and I just think they’re so neat :)

2. My childhood bedroom was Ariel from the Little Mermaid themed and since I moved out at 13 bc ~boarding school~ it was just never changed and honestly it’s still a mood (is this two facts??? who’s to say)

3. I have to have some sort of show on when I go to sleep. My neurodiverse ass can’t have the silence

this was surprisingly hard why do i not know facts about myself lol

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Uploaded all at once on your claimed due date. So people can take in the longfic deliciousness in one go. Thank you for asking!

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The Arbiter pulled the Lucario’s shoulder back, pulling him away from the seething writhing mass of heat and miasma. The smell of burning was unimaginably strong. Smoke and fire, brimstone, sulfur–the smell of destruction. The smell of burning jealousy.


“Jeez…  You’re a reckless one, aint’cha. Not even a Fire-type… Aren’t most  Lucario Steel-type? You’ll get burned if you try to touch her.”  

This was The Judge’s true form. Staring at it for too long hurt one’s eyes, yet it was nearly impossible to look away. Sinewy flesh like raw silver meat skin, a crunching sound like bone being scraped by teeth rattled from the creature. Everything had a pulsating quality but never at the same rate or pace. Everything looked painful, like an abrasion rubbed raw.


“It’s best to leave her alone when things get like this. Give her space… And don’t let her see you looking at her. At least until her Glamour is back up.”

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Hey there! First of all thank you for stopping by and also I love fall and candles, so I’m going to for sure stop by your Etsy. Also thank you for sharing the coupon code and I wish all the luck to you with your shop especially during these tough times!

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Thank you so much for your beautiful and kind words ❤️

Also it has pockets so that’s how you know it’s a good skirt.

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You’re absolutely right it’s not. I can hike five miles with over 1000 ft incline like it’s nothing. I’m healthy and that’s all that matters. Thank you so much and much love to you❤️

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Hello to the 🍯 who sent me some asks!! I will definitely answer them for you as soon as I get a spare minute😊

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That’s a tough one since I’ve seen so many good bands. If I had to pick one I would say Knocked Loose. I’ve seen them live so many times and the energy they put has been amazing and the crowd gets super fucking intense

Blog rate:9/10

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