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#answering asks

I’m glad I could help normalize DID and provide some information on it–I definitely do talk about DID/OSDD a lot on this blog, through my own content and things I reblog from others. I guess in that way I can be a DID blog.

I’m really not going to get away with answering this publicly unless I make the big disclaimer that in general I’m not really comfortable with being called a “DID blog” since I’m not formally diagnosed with DID. I know it’s a bit nit-picky and I know you meant no harm by it (so please don’t think I’m upset with you!), and this hangup seems especially ridiculous since I literally have a dissociated part grumbling at me about how “we don’t have DID, we just have all the symptoms of it but there’s been no diagnosis” (one of us specifically asked our therapist not to make unnecessary diagnoses……..)

Okay so like. I’m trying real hard not to go off on a super long tangent about this because again, it really doesn’t matter that much, I’m just thinking about it more because lately I’ve seen some people anguishing over feeling like they can’t be part of DID spaces because they’re not formally diagnosed and like….establishing myself as someone who is aware of my dissociated parts but doesn’t have a formal DID diagnosis feels important somehow.

All that said, if I’m interacting outside the DID community, I will sometimes use “I have DID” as shorthand because explaining how someone can be aware of having dissociated parts but not be diagnosed with DID is…a lot for casual conversation. So I’m not like. Offended by being referred to as such.

This got really long, wow sorry. (Maybe I should have made this a separate post…) Like I said, it’s just been something on my mind lately. But I did really appreciate this ask, and the way you’ve been respectful and kind ever since the first time when you reached out to ask about content boundaries!

–a mix of parts

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2: I’ve been told how much she cries herself to sleep. It’s been impressed on me 6 ways to Sunday, that because she’s my mother, and by default is- I suppose- an ever-loving, patient, and kind demi-goddess of a woman. So seeing you talk about how your family treats you, and how you respond- it validates a lot for me. And in some moments, it has even helped me keep myself safe from people who never apologized for that night, and continue to blame me for how hard I’m making things for them (and mom) 

I’m sorry your struggles have been so minimized and invalidated by other people. I don’t know your story, but just hearing that you left is enough to know that you shouldn’t return unless it’s on your terms and you’re ready.

I heard a lot of similar things from my family when I moved out. For a lot of those people, I think they just can’t fathom such a strained relationship with their own mothers. Or, they consider their own familial squabbles (because “everyone fights with their family, right?”) and think your situation must be like whatever they’ve been through, no matter how many times you explain it to them. Because people tend to be egocentric and project things like that. And for them, the idea of “She’s your mother, she loves you” probably did get them through some conflicts.

But it’s not like that for everyone. A mother can love you and also cause you serious harm. And it’s up to you how to handle that–no one else knows the full extent of your story except you. Anyone else who thinks they know better can kindly fuck off.

–a blurry person

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(these prompts came in at around the same time, so I just combined them, thanks!)

Ben stretches out, groaning softly as he slowly wakes up. His mind is still cloudy and his eyes are heavy, and he feels— feels really good, surprisingly. He reaches down to scratch his stomach, and then there’s a quiet moan, and he nods, and then realizes— “Rami?” he asks, voice scratchy, lifting his head up to look down at him, seeing Rami between his thighs, head bobbing up and down. “Oh— holy— fuck, Rami.”

Rami swirls his tongue around as he slowly draws back, licking his lips before he smiles up at Ben. “Hi,” he says softly.

“Uh, hi,” Ben says, “I— good morning.”

Rami nods eagerly, moving up to settle on Ben’s lap, leaning down to give him a kiss. “Is it?” he asks, and Ben smiles.

“Uh, sure felt like it to me,” Ben says, tilting his head up to give him a kiss. “What are you doing, just…having some fun?” He swallows hard, and shifts his hips, feeling his cock drag against Rami. “Can I make you feel good now too, or…”

Rami smiles. “If you want, I won’t object.”

Ben laughs a bit at that. “No?” he asks. “Okay.” He leans up, giving Rami another kiss and then Rami drops off Ben’s lap back onto the bed. As Ben turns to the nightstand to grab some lube, Rami stretches out on top of the blankets, making a quiet noise as his hip pops, and then Rami lets out a yawn. “Or we can go back to sleep,” Ben says, smiling at Rami.

“Mm, no,” Rami says, even as he yawns again, “I think I’d like your fingers in me.”

“Oh, is that all?” Ben asks, and Rami nods slowly, stretching out a bit more before he spreads his legs, shifting to get a bit more comfortable on top of the bed. Ben opens the lube and squeezes some out on his fingers, then curls against Rami, pressing his lips to his arm as he reaches down, trailing his fingers around Rami, gently teasing him before he starts to push into him.

“Mmm, oh,” Rami says, “that’s— mm, that’s nice.”

Ben smiles, and shifts a bit so he can push his fingers in further, still moving his mouth over Rami. “Just nice?” he asks softly.

“Pretty great, actually,” Rami says, and Ben laughs a bit. Rami yawns again even as he wiggles his hips to take more of Ben’s fingers inside him, and Ben just looks at him.

“Maybe if you weren’t up so early sucking me off, you’d be more awake right now,” Ben says, and Rami’s mouth falls open in shock before he starts to laugh.

“See if I ever do anything nice for you again,” Rami says, and Ben whimpers a bit.

“No, I’m sorry,” Ben says, “I’m sorry, I was teasing.” He curls his fingers up, rubbing them inside Rami, as if to prove his point, as Rami takes a deep, shaky breath, eyes closing, fingers digging into the bedsheets.

“Oh, fuck, Ben,” Rami moans, head lolling to the side and he lets out of soft whimper, starting to work his hips against Ben.

“Shh, shh,” Ben says, softly trailing his lips over Rami’s skin, soothing him. “I’ve got you, I’ll get you there.”

“Yeah?” Rami asks, voice already a bit desperate as he turns his head to look at Ben, and Ben nods, leaning in to give him a kiss, gently licking at Rami’s lips.

“Of course I will,” Ben says, pulling back. “You took care of me, I’ll take care of you.” He smiles, kissing him again. Ben keeps fingering and stretching Rami, Rami moaning breathlessly, unable to stop writhing, rocking back and forth on Ben’s fingers. Ben gets more lube, spreading it over Rami, then stroking himself with it, nuzzling Rami. “How do you want it?” he asks softly.

Rami smiles a dazed and dreamy smile, shifting on the mattress, stretching out as he yawns again, and Ben smiles, pushing himself up, rolling onto Rami.

“Don’t fall asleep on me now,” Ben says, spreading Rami’s legs, taking himself in hand to start pushing into him.

“I think—” Rami’s breath catches, his head pressing back against the mattress, chin tilted up. “That technically—”

“You’d fall asleep under me?” Ben asks, kissing Rami’s chest as he keeps pushing in.

“You ruined my joke,” Rami says, shifting his hips, Ben thrusting deeper inside.

“Shh,” Ben says, kissing up along Rami’s neck, under his chin, finally his mouth, gripping at Rami’s hips and he thrusts back and forth. “Just go back to sleep.”

Rami laughs at that, wrapping his arms around Ben, his grip loose, his movements still tired. “No, I’m awake now,” he says, and he lets out a tiny gasp with each rock of Ben’s hips against him. “Very, very awake.”

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I’m so so SO glad you liked that first chapter ao much that you’re rereading it!! This means a lot to me 🥺♥️

With every new part of this series, I basically write about an specific month of the pregnancy, that means there are a lot of changes going on and I wanted to address them with writing a story about every single one of those. So Tommy reminiscing them was the best option and I love how that turned out!

The second chapter will be about Tommy telling Polly and Arthur (and Ada) about his decision and it’s a mix of feelings, but it is for the best. At least that’s what Tommy keeps telling himself.

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4- Best girl

Hrnnnn gonna make me choose… it’s a tie between Haru and Ann I love them so much ok

12- favorite awakening

I love all of them? But Ryuji’s and Haru’s are really good too and I also love Joker’s it’s just *chef’s kiss*

33- favorite OST


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Ben can do nothing but lay there, mouth hanging open as the moans and whimpers fall from it, never-ending. Gwil’s got Ben’s hips gripped in his large hands, holding him still as he fucks into him over and over. It’s not even the first time this afternoon; Gwil can feel where his come is still smeared over the inside of Ben’s thighs as he thrusts into him— he’d asked Ben if he wanted to clean up, but Ben had shook his head, happy to wait until they could go again.

There’s no come on Ben’s stomach, since they first time, Gwil had finished him off with his mouth, tongue teasing and swirling until Ben’s back arched up, despite Gwil’s hands on his hips trying to hold him down.

Ben’s got his hand on his cock, fingers teasing and moving over himself just the way he likes, while Gwil looks down between them, watching. “God, Gwil,” Ben says, and he starts stroking himself for a few seconds before he goes back to just teasing, fingers trailing over the head of his cock.

“Are you close?” Gwil asks, and Ben nods.

“Yeah,” Ben breathes, “I— uh-huh, I think so.”

Gwil wets his lips, leaning in, mouth by Ben’s ear as he breathes heavily. “What do you need?” he asks.

“No— nothing,” Ben says, “don’t stop, it’s— right there, it’s—” He swallows hard, nodding eagerly. “Fuck it’s— feels, oh my god. Gwil, I’m— keep going, I, yes—”

Gwil swallows hard, desperate to keep the pace up, he doesn’t want to slow down or change an inch of his position, he wants to keep this as good for Ben as he can (and of course, it all feels fucking amazing for him). “I can feel you getting tighter around me,” he says, and Ben whimpers. “Can feel it— god, Ben, yes, clench down, fuck, fuck, come, okay? Come for me.”

Gwil,” Ben whines, and it almost sounds like he’s actually crying, his eyes are squeezed shut and his hand is moving harder and faster on his cock.

“Good lad,” Gwil says, panting harshly, “be a good lad, you’re right there, come on, come for me, want to feel you come, alright?”

“Yes,” Ben whimpers, and he arches up, biting down on a louder sound, and then he gasps Gwil’s name, muscles tightening, coming as he keeps stroking himself. He whimpers some more, shifting under Gwil, feeling the come shoot up. He feels it hit just near his Adam’s apple and then his brain stops registering everything except holy fuck, holy shit, and he whines as Gwil keeps fucking him, until suddenly Gwil drives his hips forward and stills, coming inside him as Ben keeps clenching around him.

Gwil looks down at Ben, breathing heavily, Ben’s chest rising and falling quickly, and Gwil wets his lips, seeing the spots of come up on his chest, some on his neck. He leans in, moving his mouth over Ben’s skin, tongue trailing out, feeling Ben shiver below him. Gwil lifts his head up and leans in, kissing Ben, tongue slipping into Ben’s mouth.

Ben moans loudly, and he clenches around Gwil some more, wishing he could come again. He pulls back, panting, and Gwil pulls out of Ben, collapsing next to him on the bed.

“Ben, love?” Gwil asks breathlessly. “Are you alright?”

Ben just nods. “Fucking brilliant.”

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Hi! So, I do not know for certain when the next chapter if the petite prince will be out, but it will either be late this week or early the next, for the idiot list I’ll probably make a separate post for it (also thank you for asking, when I saw you mention the idiot list I straight up cackled) and also thank you so much! I hope you have an amazing pride!

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Oh my, this is very touching to hear, and so sweet of you to say! 😊

Ngl, I have never been described as ‘wholesome’ before, so this is new, haha! Thank you for your words and your message, it makes me all warm and fuzzy. ✨

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Joe kisses his way down Ben’s back, fingers thrusting in and out of Ben as he goes, Ben moaning loudly beneath him. Joe shifts on the bed, leaning in down to press his mouth to Ben as his fingers stretch him, and Ben shivers, back arching as he clenches around Joe’s digits.

“Joe, please,” Ben whimpers, cheek pressed to the bed sheets, rocking back and forth. “God, I’m— just— already.”

Joe looks up, and then dives back in for one last push and wiggle of his tongue against Ben before he sits back, wiping at his mouth with the back of his hand. He carefully withdraws his fingers and takes himself in hand, sliding the head of his cock against Ben a couple times before he starts pushing inside him. Joe curls over Ben’s back, kissing his shoulders and along his spine, feeling the fluttering of Ben’s muscles as he stretches around him.

“Joe,” Ben gasps, rocking his hips back against Joe’s, taking more of him in. “Oh god, fuck me.”

“Fuck you feel amazing,” Joe says softly, smoothing his hand up and over Ben’s ribs, trying to soothe him. “God I love you,” he says, pressing another kiss to Ben’s back.

“Yes,” Ben nods, “yes, I love you.”

Joe draws his hips back and slowly pushes inside, Ben’s voice breaking into a moan that stretches out until Joe’s hips are settled against Ben’s, and then Ben takes a loud harsh breath, whining as Joe starts thrusting in and out at a faster pace. “Fuck, Ben,” Joe says, gritting his teeth. “Fuck, you— yes—”

Ben nods, trying to shakily push himself up onto his arms, fingers curling into the bedsheets. He tilts his head back, and Joe surges forward, kissing Ben’s neck. Ben reaches back, awkwardly gripping at Joe, holding him close. “Please,” Ben gasps softly, “please, I—”

“What?” Joe asks, kissing Ben’s shoulder.

“I—” Ben blinks wildly, nodding and breathing heavily, rocking back against Joe’s thrusts, working his hips just as much as Joe is working his. “God, just keep going.”

Joe huffs a quiet laugh, kissing Ben again. “I don’t plan on stopping any time soon,” he says, and Ben nods.

“Thank god,” he says, and Joe smiles, sliding his hand down over Ben’s hips to take him in hand, starting to stroke him, trying to keep in time with his thrusts. Ben shifts his weight, reaching down, putting his hand on Joe’s.

Joe nuzzles against the back of Ben’s neck. “I think I got this, babe,” he says, and he squeezes Ben’s cock for emphasis.

“I know,” Ben nods, moaning softly. “Just— close. Wanna be close.” His hand flexes around Joe’s, and he turns his head, trying to catch Joe in a kiss. Joe stretches out, pressing his mouth to Ben’s, feeling him smile. “Love you,” Ben says softly, before his head falls forward again, and Joe nods, moving his hand a little faster.

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I’m all for body-positivity, but I think you’re better off asking some other blog to write something with boobs as a focus (or anything related to body-parts specifically). 

I’m also not sure what I’m supposed to write? I think, if you look at the style of my blog, that I put much more emphasis on character rather than body. 

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No worries, it didn’t make me uncomfortable, but it was definitely a space out of what I usually write. It is definitely something I need to experiment with more before I believe I can do it proper justice.

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