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#ant man
artist-issues · 12 minutes ago
I want you all to know I see you out here radiating the same “we love that Agent guy” energy and dedication that we had for Phil Coulson
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And when Woo meets a sad fate and gets his own TV Show I’ll be thanking all of you for it, again
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robertssvgden · 9 hours ago
Favorite marvel movie without steve/bucky/sam init?
Captain Marvel or Iron Man!
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all-action-all-picture · 9 hours ago
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The first appearance of the Taskmaster from The Avengers No. 195, May 1980.
George Perez used the same colour scheme and similar look for Deathstroke the Terminator who made his first appearance later that year.
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thatspookyagent · 11 hours ago
DON'T MIND ME STALKING YOUR REBLOG, BUT UH— YOU LOVE SCOTTIE TOO? ❤️❤️ love that for us, it's the superior opinion 💅 can we talk about how they lowkey did him a little dirty in endgame though? Like a lot of Scott's story is wanting to see Cassie grow up, one of the reasons he stops being a criminal is so that he can be there for her and thegn they just... Stick him in the quantum realm and have Cassie grow up without him? That shit fucking hurted ngl
Yes! Ant-Man has always been my favorite MCU superhero and one of my favorite superheroes in general! And yeah, I think overall the amount of credit Scott gets is really not enough. Everytime someone brings him up I always make sure that they acknowledge that without his positive attitude and Quantum theory knowledge, Endgame wouldn't be a movie. Point blank period. Never mind the rat memes. Let's talk about how none of the Avengers were getting anywhere until my dawg showed up. But of course, Scott doesn't have any special powers and he's just an ordinary relatable guy. Pay him no mind.
And yeah missing out on time with his daughter was hard, also I consider Scott the best dad. Every freaks out over Tony and his kid but like did y'all not see how cute him and Cassie were in Ant-Man and the Wasp? Uh okay. Also I miss Scott's representation that he brought. Disney actually showed a divorced family with a single dad and the mom with a boyfriend, all getting along and making things work. Do you know how freaking RARE that is it see? Like a lot of separated families are portrayed as really depressing and facing constant tension which happens but what about the happy separated families yanno? :)
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snowgaming34 · 12 hours ago
Free tacos. 🌮🌮
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*Quarantine life makes me wanna do toy photography again.*
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all-action-all-picture · 23 hours ago
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The Avengers by Jack Kirby and Dean White.
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thatspookyagent · a day ago
I saw in one of your reblogs of an ask you said your favorite marvel character was Ant-man so I was wondering which Ant-man movie was your favorite?🖤
This is GENUINELY a really tough question for me! I love the humour of both and fun fact, I actually went to go see both in theaters! Scope (Scott x Hope) is like my favorite MCU ship and I really like seeing the relationship between them start and develop in the first movie! That and how protective Hank is over his daughter! And I like seeing how Scott started out and how we see his relationship with his daughter at first!
Ultimately I HAVE to go with Ant-Man and The Wasp on this one! I like Ghost more as a villian plus the whole stuck at home while under house arrest makes the movie a thousand times funnier and better! Plus we get more of Scott being a father to Cassie and those two are utterly ADORABLE together! The jokes are funnier and better, and the dynamic between Hope, Hank, and Scott is much more familiar to! Can't forget about Scott's buddies as well! His second movie sets up Endgame to!
Thank you so much for this ask hun! I don't get many like this and I treasure them! Giving me the chance to infodump about things I'm really passionate about is really a reward!
Also I'm hyped for future Ant-Man content releasing! I've been championing him for a long time and I love seeing him get more exposure! I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on Quantum Realm! :))
Also he's my phone lockscreen! :3
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scottlanganon · a day ago
yes ofc!! i'd love to share some with you <3
thank you!!
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elvinisaev · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Don’t mess with Ant-man.
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lilytracy · a day ago
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scottlanganon · a day ago
i have some orange slices if you'd like some 🥺
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vodkertonic · 2 days ago
Chapters: 4/? Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ant-Man (Movies) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Scott Lang/Hope Van Dyne, Kurt (Ant-Man movies)/Ava Starr, Dave & Kurt & Scott Lang & Luis (Ant-Man movies) Summary:
Bros being bros feat. Dave and Kurt, and Hope being completely twitterpated with Scott.
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mgopalace · 2 days ago
Help me find moots pls!!
Rlly into the mcu (Steve, Nat, Wanda, Carol, Sam, Bucky- they’re all major Stan list but I simp for everyone) and also a lil bit of starwars. AND I love Taylor Swift toooooooo so pls interact if you do as well :)))
I also write (I can do requests if u want) and I’ll read your stuff too <3
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