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#ant man and the wasp

So last night I had a dream about the upcoming Spider-Man 3.

It had very little to do with any potential premise or potential villain but I liked it because it had Spidey teaming up with the Ant Family. I can’t quite remember but the plot had something to do with fleeing police (or someone that arrests people). Scene included 

  • Peter and Scott flying around in some sort of craft. Peter falling down at somepoint wondering where Scott was. Scott being fine but running into some blonde classmate of Peter (Not Betty) and her going off on him
    • I think it was a mall/airport of some kind
  • Scott peacing out and leaving the next phase of the mission to Hope who took it up.
  • And Hank literally switching places with Mr. Harrington. (This was one was at a table in a restaurant (again mall))

It’s very hard to remember at this point but I just remember liking it because I love Ant-Man and now I want Marvel to make it.

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um i’ll delete this later probably when i realize this is a dumb idea but send me antfam as ___ prompts and i’ll try to answer them mostly because im bored but also because i realize i don’t post much anymore :)

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Grayson: I’ll be seeing you again.

Avery: Where?

Grayson: Huh?

Avery: Where will you be seeing me again?

Grayson: Like… In general, I’ll see- like- the next time you… do something bad, I’ll be there to catch you.

Avery: Oh. You’ll be watching me. I thought you were inviting me somewhere.

Grayson: Why would I do that?

Avery: That’s what I was wondering. Why would you do that?

Grayson: Like a party, or a dinner, or something?

Avery: I don’t know. I thought you were planning the evening.



Grayson: … Did you wanna grab dinner or something? I mean, ‘cause I’m… free…

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