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Duke Reviews: Ant-Man

Hello, I’m Andrew Leduc And Welcome To Duke Reviews Where We Are Continuing Our Look At The Marvel Cinematic Universe….

Where Today We End Our Look At Phase 2 By Talking About The First Outing For The Pint Sized Avenger, Ant-Man…

This Film Is About A Recently Released Prisoner Named Scott Lang (Played By Paul Rudd) Who Gets Recruited By A Man Named Hank Pym (Played By Michael Douglas) To Become The New Ant-Man And Help Him Steal A Simiar Suit To That Of Ant-Man That His Protege, Darren Cross (Played By Corey Stoll) Is Making With The Money In His Company, Can Scott Steal The Suit For Hank Before Cross Releases It To The Public?

Let’s Find Out As We Watch Ant-Man…

The Film Starts In The Year I Was Born, 1989 As A Young Hank Pym Marches Into The Offices Of The Heads Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Which Includes Peggy Carter (Played By Haley Atwell) Howard Stark (Played By The Guy That Played Him In Iron Man 2, I Don’t Know His Name) And Mitchell Carson (Played By Martin Donovan) At The Under Construction Triskellion To Talk With Them About Their Attempt To Replicate His Work Without His Permission…

Despite Peggy Not Knowing Anything About This, Howard And Mitchell Believe That The Pym Particle Is Revolutionary Find And It Belongs To The World And Not Just One Man, This Leads Hank To Resign His Position At S.H.I.E.L.D. And Swear That As Long As He’s Alive Nobody Will Get His Pym Particle Formula…

Wow, This Film Could Have Just As Easily Become Ant-Man: The Winter Solider With Howard Stark Just Saying That Line…

But Instead We Cut To Present Day As Scott Lang Gets Out Of Prison And Is Picked Up By His Friend And Partner, Luis (Played By Michael “I’m The Best Part Of This Damn Movie” Pena)

However, Just Because He’s Good In These Movies Does Not Mean He Can Replace Ricardo Montellban As Mr. Rourke In Fantasy Island, Blumhouse!

Aside From My Bitterness Over That Movie, Luis Picks Up Scott And Immediately Tells Him About Some People He Met But Not Interested In Doing Another Heist As He’s Going Straight For His Daughter, Despite Jobs Not Coming Easy For Ex-Cons…

But Knowing He Has A Masters In Electrical Engineering, He’s Like How Hard Could It Be? Turns Out Pretty Hard As The Job He Can Get Is Working At Baskin-Robbins….


Yeah, But It’s About To Suck More When The Corporate Heads Of B&R Discover Scott’s Criminal Record And Fire Him, Despite His Manager Liking What He Did To Get Thrown In Jail…

Returning To Luis’ Apartment, Scott Meets Luis’ Friends Kurt And Dave, Who Like What Scott Did As Luis Tells Us That Scott Used To Work For A Company Called Vista That Were Overcharging Their Customers For Millions And He Tried To Tell The Heads Of Vista About This But He Got Fired Instead. So, Scott Hacked Into Their Security System Transferred Back The Funds To The People They Stole It From…


But Not Happy That Luis Is Telling His Life Story To These 2 Guys, Scott Asks What He Wants Which Leads Luis To Tell Him About A Job His Cousin Told Him About But Still Saying He’s Out, Luis Drops It…

Meanwhile At Pym Technologies, Hank Pym Arrives To Meet With His Daughter, Hope Van Dyne (Played By Kate From Lost) And His Protege, Darren Cross, Who Makes A Big Announcement That Pym Technologies Is Working A Battlesuit Called The Yellowjacket That Is An All-Purpose Weapon Of War That’s Capable Of Altering The Size Of The Wearer For The Ultimate Combat Advantage…

And Despite One Board Member Against It Because Of What Our Enemies Could Do With It, Everyone Seems On Board. Talking With Cross Afterwards, Pym Begs Him Not To Do It Because There’s A Reason He Buried These Secrets, But Looking To The Future Of The Company But Not Cross Exits As He Talks With Mitchell Carson About Selling It To Him First…

Going To His Daughter’s Birthday Party, Scott Gets An Uncomfortable Welcome From His Ex-Wife (Played By Judy “I’m A Bitch In Everything I’m In” Greer) And Her New Husband (Played By Bobby Cannavale) Who Tell Him To Leave Until He Gets A Job And Can Pay Child Support…

Now, No Offense I Know What Scott Did Was Illegal But In My Opinion What He Did Wasn’t Bad Whatsoever, He Stopped A Company That Was Stealing Millions Of Dollars From Alot Of People, Hell, Even The Manager At Baskin-Robbins Called Him A Freaking Hero For What He Did And She Should Know That What He Did Helped Alot Of People…

But No, Instead She’s Condemning Him For It And Him A Damn Criminal And For That I Say Screw You, Scott Has Every Right To See His Kid…

Meanwhile At Pym Technologies, Cross Kills The One Board Member That Went Against The Yellowjacket By Using A Gun That Turns Him Into A Miniscule Pile Of Goo…

(Sighs) Yes, Folks This Actually Happens We Have A Gun That Can Turn People Into A Pile Of Goo, What’s Next An Alchemy Machine That Can Turn Dog Shit Into Gold?

And Don’t Write In The Comments That That Thing Already Exists In Comic Books, I Already Know It Does It’s Just The Point Of How Stupid This Is…

Taking Hope Out To Dinner, Her And Cross Talk About How Hank Pym Is A Failure As Both A Father And A Mentor, Before We Cut Back To Scott, Who Decides To Do Luis’ Job After Realizing Nothing He Does Will Ever Work Out…

So, Luis Tells Him…

(Start At 0:41, End At 1:54)

So, Getting The Necessary Supplies And Coming With A Plan, They Go To The House, Dealing With The Phones Around The Area And The Alarms In The House They’re Breaking Into. But When Scott Reaches The Safe, He Has A Hard Time Breaking Into It…

But With A Little Water And Nitrogen, The Safe Blows Open…


You Bet Your Ass It Rules, Bill Nye…

Going Inside, Scott Finds No Money But He Does Find What He Believes To Be A Motorcycle Suit But Is Really The Ant-Man Suit…

Grabbing The Suit And Getting Out Of What We Realize Is Now Hank Pym’s House, They Consider The Heist A Failure And Move On. The Next Morning, Scott Looks At The Suit And The Helmet And Decides To Try It On…

Noticing Buttons On His Hands, Scott Shrinks For The First Time…

(Start At 1:15, End At 3:41)

Freaked Out By What Happened, Scott Returns The Suit To Pym’s House Only To Be Arrested By Police, However, While In Jail, He’s Visited By Hank Pym Who Says That He’s His Lawyer…

Apologizing For Stealing The Suit, Hank Tells Him That He Was The One That Caused Everyone To Give Luis That Tip And That He Has 2 Choices Go To Jail For The Rest Of His Life, Or Wait In His Cell For Further Instructions…

So, Going Back To His Cell, He Waits Until Something Happens Which It Eventually Does When 2 Ants Bring In A Shrunken Ant-Man Suit Only To Make It Large So Scott Can Wear It…

(Start At 0:28, End At 2:41)

Getting Lightheaded, Scott Passes Out…

Waking Up The Next Morning In A Fresh Set Of Clothes, Scott Awakens To See Hope With A Bunch Of Tropical Bullet Ants On The Floor…

Is How A Normal Person Would Probably React…

Saying That Her Father Wants To Talk With Him Downstairs, Scott (When He Stops Being Afraid Of The Ants) Goes Downstairs To Meet With Both Hank And Hope, Who Reveals That She Had Scott Arrested By The Police…


Admitting That He’s An Admirer Of Scott’s And Really Liking What He Did With Vista Corp And His Vault, Hank Offers Scott A Job To Break Into Pym Technologies, Steal The Yellowjacket And Destroy All The Data After Telling Him About The Pym Particle And Darren Cross And Why It’s Important To Stop Him…

Knowing That He’s Good But Not That Good, Scott Suggests That They Use Ants Or Call The Avengers To Deal With It But Unfortunately, The Ants Aren’t Much Without A Leader And He Doesn’t Want The Avengers Involved Because Of Tony Stark And What His Father Did At S.H.I.E.L.D. To Hank Years Ago…

Dropping In On Her Father And Scott, She Tells Them That They Now Have Days As Cross Has Perfected His Formula So Hope Decides That She’s Doing It As She Knows The Place Better Than Anybody And She Knows How Cross Thinks But Hank Is Absolutely Against Hope Doing This…

With Scott Asking Why He Doesn’t Do This, It’s Not Because He’s Too Old For This Crap But Because Wearing It Has Taken It’s Toll On Him, Thus Scott Is The Only Option Saying That This Is His Chance To Be The Hero His Daughter Thinks He Is…

And So, The Training Begins…

(End At 4:08)

Continuing His Lessons By Introducing Him To The Fire Ants Which He Uses To Get In And Out Of Places And Making Specialized Discs That Make Things Large And Small, Scott Faces One Problem And That’s Controlling The Ants…

Running Out Of Patience In Scott’s Training, Hope Decides To Leave Only For Scott To Follow Her To Her Car Where She Tells Him That She Only Became Apart Of This For A Chance At Making Peace With Dear Old Dad But She Still Thinks That He Doesn’t Trust Her..

(Start At 2:06, End At 2:27)

However, Scott Manages To Convince Hope That Her Father Does Trust Her And The Reason He’s Wearing The Suit And Not Her Is Because He’s Expendable And Hank Would Rather Lose The Battle With Cross Than Lose Her…

Apologizing For Calling The Police On Him And Asking About His Daughter, Hope Suggests To Focus On Cassie And How Much He Wants To See Her And It Works…

So, Scott Can Now Control The Ants…

Going Back Inside, Hank Finally Opens Up To Both Hope And Scott Telling Them About How His Wife, Janet Who Was His Partner And Hope’s Mom Really Died Saying That In 1987 Some Separatists Had Hijacked A Soviet Missile Silo And Launched An ICBM At The United States And The Only Way Into The Internal Mechanics Was Through Solid Titanium…

Damaging His Regulator When Attempting To Shrink Between The Molecules To Disarm The Missile, Janet Sacrificed Herself By Going Subatomic To Disarm The Missile And Save Billions Of Lives…


Saying That He Didn’t Tell Her Because He Trying To Protect Her Saying That He Lost Hope’s Mom But He Didn’t Mean To Lose Her And So With All Forgiven With The Father-Daughter Duo, Training Resumes…

About Getting Everything Down Pat From Jumping Through Keyholes To Working With Ants, The Final Phase Of Scott’s Training Commences When Hank And Hope Have Scott Steal A Prototype Signal Decoy To Counteract The Transmission Blockers In Pym Technologies From One Of Howard Stark’s Old Storage Facilities Which Just So Happens To Now Be The Avengers Training Ground…

Telling Scott To Abort The Mission, He Tells Them That He Doesn’t See Anyone Superpowered On The Ground So Scott Decides To Land On The Roof Only To Run Into The Falcon (Played Again By Anthony Mackie)…

(Start At 0:57, End At 3:31)

Believing That Scott Almost Jeopardized Everything, All Is Forgiven When Scott Gives Hank And Hope The Tech They Want, But Going Out To The Living Room, Hank Finds Darren Cross Waiting To Tell Him That Pym Tech Is About To Become One Of The Most Profitable Operations In The World Because Of The Yellowjacket Suit And He Wants Hank There To See His Moment Of Glory…

As Cross Leaves He Asks Hank What He Saw In Him All Those Years Ago And Why Did He Push Him Away, Hank Says He Saw Himself In Cross, A Little Too Much Of Himself Unfortunately…

Believing That Cross Is Baiting Hank, Hope Suggests Calling It Off But Knowing That There Would Be Risks, Hank Refuses. Getting A Phone Call From Cross Shortly After That, He Tells Hope To Get The Assembly Line Up And Running And States That He’s Tripling Security With Full Sensors At All Entrances And Adding Air Vents With Steel Micro-Mesh…

Wondering How They’re Going To Get Scott In Now, Scott Suggests Using The Water Vent If They Can Decrease It, But Knowing That Her And Hank Will Be By Cross, Scott Decides To Bring In His Own Team On The Mission, By Making Luis A Security Guard That Will Lower The Water Pressure So Scott Will Be Able To Get In, Having Kurt Hack Into The Power Supply To Kill The Laser Grid And Making Dave The Getaway Guy…

Despite Hank Not Liking This, They’re All In As Hope Gets Luis’ Credentials In The Pym Tech System. The Next Night, Scott Enters The Sewers Once Luis Is Inside Of Pym Tech. Eventually Lowering The Water Pressure, Scott Manages To Get Into Pym Tech With The Help Of Some Fire Ants To Which He Boards Ant-Thony Afterwards And Takes The Vents…

However When Scott’s Ex-Wife’s Husband Discovers That Pym Pretended To Be Scott’s Lawyer, Him And His Partner Decide To Take Hank Downtown To Question Him, But Before They Can, Dave Steals The Ex-Wife’s Husband’s Car So Pym Can Enter…

Meanwhile Scott Uses Bullet Ants On A Guard So Luis And Hope Can Enter The Hardware Room To Place The Signal Decoy Inside Of One Of The Server Boxes…

Once Hope Leaves, Scott Moves Into Position To Get The Ants To Fry The Server Boxes So Nothing Can Be Backed Up Before Going To Formula Room To Set Charges To Blow It Up, Only Thing Left Is For Kurt To Shut Down The Security Grid So He Can Grab The Yellowjacket Suit, Which He Manages To Before Him And Dave Are Arrested By Scott’s Ex-Wife’s Husband…

But As All That Goes Down, Cross Takes Hank And Hope To The Yellowjacket Room Where They Meet With Mitchell Carson Who Is Revealed To Be Working With Hydra Along With Darren…


So, Yeah, When Scott Falls In…


Again Begging Cross Not To Sell To Hydra As If They Get The Weapon, They’ll Use It To Spread Their Chaos Across The Globe, Cross Doesn’t Care Saying That He’ll Sell Them The Suit But Not The Formula…

Telling Carson’s Men To Kill Hank, Hope Tries To Convince Cross That The Particle Is Messing With His Brain Chemistry And That It’s Not Who He Is But Too Far Gone, Darren Decides To Kill Hank Himself But Not Before Scott Breaks Out And Deals With Carson’s Men But It Doesn’t Stop Cross From Shooting Hank…

With Cross And Carson Trying To Get Away, Scott Follows Them With Cross’ Guards Along The Way While Hope And Hank Escape In A Gigantic Tank Keychain…

(End At 3:33)

Arrested By His Ex Wife’s Husband, They Soon Hear Over The Radio Of A Disturbance At The Home Of Scott’s Ex-Wife And Daughter…

Yes, It Turns Out Cross Survived Being Zapped By A Bug Zapper And Has Kidnapped Scott’s Daughter, Cassie Who Thinks Cross Is A Monster…


(End At 4:34)

But Despite Killing Cross, Scott Went Subatomic But Managing To Find One Big Disc, He Places It Into The Regulator And Becomes Big Once Again, Reuniting With His Daughter…

Letting Scott Go As He Saved Cassie, He Returns To Hank’s House Where Hank Asks Him To Explain What He Saw In The Subatomic Realm, But Having No Memory Of The Experience Whatsoever Hank Lets Scott Go So He Can Make Out With Hope As They Start Their Relationship…

Invited Over By His Ex-Wife And Her Husband, They Tell Scott That Any Evidence That He Escaped From Jail Was Somehow Erased So Scott’s A Free Guy Now…

But Getting A Call From Luis, He Tells Scott That His Cousin Ignacio Told Him That Some Writer He Met At A Bar Where Stan Lee Is The Bartender…

Stan Lee Cameo!


A Minute There I Thought This Was Going To Be The Only MCU Movie Without A Stan Lee Cameo And (I Know Stan’s Dead Now But) I Would Have Loved To See A Show Where Stan Lee Played A Bartender…

Anyway, The Writer Tells Luis’ Cousin That Falcon Is Looking For Him, Ending Our Movie…

We Get A Mid-Credits Scene Where Hank Shows Hope An Advanced Prototype Wasp Suit That Both Hank And Janet Worked On Together But Now Hank Realizes That They Weren’t Working On It For Janet But For Hope To Someday Follow In Her Mother’s Footsteps As The Wasp…

We Get A Preview Of The Next Film, Captain America: Civil War As We See That Cap And Falcon Have Captured Bucky (But None Of That Matters Now As I’m Going To Be Talking About It in The Next Review)

Anyway, That’s Ant-Man And It’s Okay…

The Story’s Interesting And The Characters Are Decently Written However, This Is One Time Where I’ll Admit That The Villain Is Okay But Didn’t Seem Like A Major Threat Unlike Some Of The Other Films In The MCU But Either Way I Say See It…

Well, With Phase 2 Behind Us Now We Move Onto Phase 3 Next Week With Captain America Civil War, Till Then, This Is Duke, Signing Off…

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So I’ve been watching every movie in the MCU for the first time and was discussing it on discord with some friends (because yay social distancing). 

Anyway, we were discussing how the colors of the infinity stones don’t really make sense. Like, the reality stone should have been white, or a light color, space should have been dark purple or blue, etc. Then I suggested that maybe it was just to set the tone. Like, the reality stone was red, which feels like something menacing and dark, as well as foreshadowing all the bloodshed that occurs in Thor: The Dark World. 

Which led to this thought in my brain: 

You can predict the villain with almost 100% accuracy based on their color scheme. Heroes have primary colors and villains have secondary colors.

Hear me out. I know it sounds ridiculous, but there are rules/exceptions, which I will address as we go along. 

Iron Man (2008)
The Iron Man suits are red and yellow/gold, which are primary colors. Iron Monger was blue in the comics, but this is where the first rule comes in. 
Rule #1: If a character is introduced with storytelling elements that show that they are very obviously a bad guy, they may have primary colors. 
Obadiah Shane is introduced as the typical “Number Two to a very powerful person who dies and doesn’t become CEO because the powerful person has a playboy son who doesn’t deserve it in Number Two’s mind” guy. He’s got the fake-somber look at Howard’s Stark’s death and is quite literally in Tony’s shadow while giving him a not-so-subtle evil glare.

The Incredible Hulk (2008)
This is a fun one because Hulk is Green, which is a secondary color, but it’s symbolic in a couple ways. (This is one of those exceptions)
1) Banner sees the Hulk as a disease, a monster. To him, Hulk IS the villain of his story. It’s also a hint towards the real villain.
2) The actual villain is Abomination, who is basically just a large Hulk and also green. 

Iron Man 2 (2010)
The main villain is Ivan Vanko/Whiplash, who’s big entrance is in an orange jumpsuit. You could argue that Justin Hammer is the bad guy, but we know him from Iron Man 1.

Thor (2011)
Thor gets red and Loki gets green. Enough said. I know it could be argued that Loki is a good guy, but I’m talking about just this movie. You see Loki in an all-green outfit, you know he’s going to do a bad. (Also, Hawkeye is introduced in this movie. His color scheme in the comic books is purple, but he’s on the “other side” in Thor, so it checks out.)

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
Cap’s suit is red and blue. I know Red Skull is, well, red, but this goes back to rule number one. Very obviously a villain. He’s a Nazi. Even the Joker doesn’t like working with the Nazis.

Marvel’s The Avengers (2012)
Loki’s the villain again, and Thanos, who is purple, is behind it. We also introduce Black Widow here and her colors are RED and black. ALSO ALSO, who is the only Avenger who gets mind-controlled? Hawkeye, who is purple in the comics, black the entire time he’s with Loki, and gets maroon (dark red) accents once he’s back with the Avengers.

Iron Man 3 (2013)
Killian’s power makes orangey fire.

Thor: The Dark World (2013)
Kurse has a mostly black and white thing going on, but he does get some red here and there. But… Rule 1. The red looks like blood smears…

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)
We get introduced to Falcon! Who’s main color besides silver is red. 
Also, I think Pierce falls under Rule 1.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
Oh boy, this should be a fun one
Okay: Star-Lord is red, he’s the main character, we’re supposed to like him, we’re supposed to root for him, cut and dry.
Rocket is introduced with an orange outfit, Groot is greenish, and Gamora is Green. But they’re all introduced as Peter’s foes. They all become friends later on, but we’re supposed to be rooting for Peter right now.
(Also Gamora’s hair is redish)
Drax is grayish with red.
Once they become a real team and wear matching outfits THEY. WEAR. RED.
Yondu is blue, which may be a nod to the fact that he’s not really a bad guy.
Ronan is blue, but this is where Rule Two comes into play!
Rule #2: If a character truly believes they’re the good guys, they may have primary colors. (Based on self-awareness.)
Ronan was finishing a 1,000 year war, upholding the traditions of his people, and avenging his family. Think’s he’s the good guy.
Nebula being blue could be a nod to her loyalty shift later on in the story.
I probably missed some, but let’s move on.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
Scarlett Witch has red, Quicksilver has blue, Vision is red, blue, AND yellow. All of the primary colors.
Ultron is red, but Rule #2: Ultron was fighting for his idea of peace. 

Ant-Man (2015) 

Ant-Man and Wasp suits are both red. Darren Cross mostly falls under Rule 1, but I think he was wearing a green tie.

Captain America: Civil War (2016)
So, Zemo’s an interesting one. In the comics, he’s got a purple thing going on, but the MCU movie has him mostly wearing black. Maybe he had a Rule 1 kind of entrance, but I don’t really remember.
Black Panther is also weird because his aesthetic is purple, but he’s kind of trying to kill Bucky in this movie so…. Maybe misdirect? Maybe?
Spiderman is red and blue, nothing new there.

Doctor Strange (2016)
Doctor Strange is red and blue. (The Eye of Afamotto is green, but I think it represents how it could cause evil if in the wrong hands, as well as the choice Stephen has to make to consciously do something good with such a powerful item.
Kaecillius is a combination of Rules one and two. We are directly told he’s a villain and there’s no doubt with the way he is introduced. He’s also doing what he’s doing in order to learn more about the mystic arts and all that good stuff.
Aaaaand Dormammu is purple. Yeah, ‘nuff said.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)
Ego’s outfit has greenish undertones, especially when he reveals he killed Peter’s mother. He also sees nothing wrong with his actions and is allowed to have touches of primary colors, but everything has touches of green here and there.
(Again with the Yondu is blue thing.)

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)
Vulture is green! I know that’s short, but there’s not much else to it.

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)
Guess what? Hela has a green color scheme.

Black Panther (2018)
Okay, yeah, Black Panther is one of the exceptions to this rule.
You could say that since T’Chaka and Erik are both the Black Panther and make mistakes for the greater good, it’s a symbol of the mistakes past Black Panthers have made. And T’Challa has to overcome those mistakes with the same name? They also both believe they’re doing the right thing? I dunno, Black Panther is just an exception movie since everything in it is just SO colorful.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
Yeah, Thanos is Purple. That’s about it.

Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)
Ghost is white with red eyes but mostly falls under rule one. (I think the energy blast that created her was orange, but don’t quote me on that.)

Captain Marvel (2019)
Despite the fact that I can never decide if I like this movie or not, this one is the most fun with this theory. 
The Kree uniforms are green while the Skrulls are blue, which gives you a hint that the Kree are actually the bad guys. 
And when Carol changes her uniform SHE CHANGES IT TO RED, BLUE, AND YELLOW/GOLD.

Avengers: Endgame (2019)
Oh, this one’s really hard no it isn’t, Thanos is still purple.

Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)
So, Mysterio’s costume is red and blue because he’s trying to look heroic. BUT his magic smoke stuff is green. This is the first movie I watched after figuring this out and I immediately did not trust Mysterio. (I’m a sheltered preacher’s kid and these movies are my only experience with Marvel.)

This mostly works with the MCU, but a few other series as well.

One my friend brought up was the Grinch. He’s green, obviously. But! He does start out as the villain and only becomes a good guy when his heart grows. What color is his heart? RED.

Only Harry Potter house with a reputation for being evil? SLYTHERIN. Only Hogwarts house who’s color ISN’T a primary color? SLYTHERIN.

So…. yeah, don’t trust characters who’s outfits are mostly secondary colors.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk: An Introduction to Color Theory in Modern Film

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Marvel Cinematic Universe + DC Extended Universe + Fox Mutant Universe Mash-Up Timeline

  • Wonder Woman
  • Captain America: The First Avenger
  • X-Men: First Class
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  • X-Men: Apocalypse
  • Wonder Woman 1984
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix
  • Captain Marvel
  • X-Men
  • X2: X-Men United
  • X-Men: The Last Stand
  • Iron Man
  • Iron Man 2
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Thor
  • The Avengers
  • Iron Man 3
  • Man of Steel
  • The Wolverine
  • Thor: The Dark World
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Ant-Man
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Deadpool
  • Suicide Squad
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • Black Panther
  • Justice League
  • Doctor Strange
  • Aquaman
  • Black Widow
  • Thor: Ragnarok
  • Venom
  • Deadpool 2
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey
  • The New Mutants
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Eternals
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home
  • Morbius
  • Logan
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Antlord fic for @elisaphoenix13! Based on the prompt “you aren’t even gay” from her AntLord discord server! Set in the Mama Bear AU this is an alternate ‘getting together’ scene for Scott and Quill. 💕

Scott really wasn’t one to procrastinate.

He was almost relieved every time Luis sent him an assignment, not doing well with boredom after years of being locked up - either in prison or at home, so it wasn’t something he dreaded or wanted to put off.

He could amuse himself like the best of them, of course, and with the amount of people in the tower it really wasn’t that difficult to keep himself off his boredom. It was one of the reasons he liked living there so much, and why he constantly went up to the family floor despite having a perfectly fine floor to himself.

But not everyone worked from home like Scott did. Stephen was off to the sanctum most days when all the kids were at school, and even Tony still had to leave for meetings every so often.

With the others - well, Scott didn’t want to bother them. He knew he could be annoying at times, and it really wasn’t difficult to feel … inadequate around the superhumans and trained assassins.

So, whenever he got a job sent through, he was happy enough to start working on it as soon as the tower was empty. It had also made him a bit of a perfectionist, fussing about his work for longer than was strictly necessary, just so he wouldn’t be bored again.

And Luis still always gave him more than enough time, even if he knew Scott would finish it within the day.

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