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artsyrobinn · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Doodles from today except I got one more but for two hours later since I’m proud of it enough that it’s worth it’s own post.
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mysso · 17 hours ago
> tubbo became friends with gumi! > tubbo will now die for gumi
(tubbo and gumi gang beasts compilation; transcript and video description under the cut)
tubbo: wait gumi you've appeared to have grabbed onto me, please let go
gumi: (in a bad british accent) i'm sorry, here, i'll do this then
tubbo: thank you
[cut; karl throws gumi's character off the platform they're standing on]
tubbo: OH NO GUMIII!
karl: (with fake worry) what happened to her?
gumi: it's almost like i got pushed off
tubbo: (crosstalk) DON'T WORRY GUMI, I'M COMING! [he throws himself off the platform as well]
gumi: wait - tubbo - [antfrost falls off] ANTFROST!
ant: (laughs) what's wrong with me?
tubbo: (crosstalk) we were all - we were all -
jack: (crosstalk) why did we just provide karl with a win!
ant: actually, i just - (laughs)
jack: whose idea was this?!
[cut; tubbo's character stands AFK in the middle]
gumi: oh, what's - tubbo are you okay?
jack: i fucking dropkicked off your head!
gumi: here [drags tubbo's character to a more protected corner] get over here tubbo
[cut; gumi's character falls into the holes of a meat grinder]
tubbo: (loud and distressed) GUMIIII!
gumi: KEEP GOING! [tubbo chucks himself into the chute as well; gumi giggles]
[cut to tubbo and gumi, both swimming in lethal pink sludge]
gumi: no i'm falling tubbo, i'm falling!
tubbo: (crosstalk, yelling) i've got you! i've got you gumi!
gumi: (yelling) tubbo i think - i think karl's trying to kill us!
karl: no, i wouldn't, i wouldn't
tubbo: (crosstalk, yelling) no it's fine, i've got you gumi, we're doing good
gumi: i'm pretty sure karl just -
ant: (in the background, fighting jack) no - jack, stop!
tubbo: no, gumi, gumi, i'm pulling you up, i'm pulling you up gumi!
gumi: thank you, thank you tubbo!
tubbo: gumi, go, grab onto karl!
gumi: (laughs) i'm grabbing!
tubbo: (laughing) go, gumi, oh god!
karl: (strained) oh god - oh god - oh dear heavens, oh
jack: (in the background) we're both knocked out, okay
ant: (in the background) we knocked each other out, okay, yeah, i'll call a truce now, call a truce now
karl: wait, ant -
ant: karl, what are you -
tubbo: [flailing over the pink sludge] wait, how do i -
gumi: (gasps) tubbo, grab onto me! here you go! there you go (x2)
tubbo: (crosstalk) i've got you - AY! thank you, thanks for the assist bossman
ant: (background, as he's thrown into the grinding mechanism) NO! JACK!
[cut; tubbo, gumi, and antfrost's characters are on a rooftop]
gumi: (aggressively) i want tubbo to win one!
tubbo: thank you - [ant immediately headbutts him, knocking him down] - oh, fuck. well, i did just happen to get decked in the forehead [gumi punches ant, knocking him out]
ant: (gasp) NO!
tubbo: GO GET HIM! GO! [gumi carries a limp antfrost over to the edge and throws both of them over] YEAAHHS!! THANK YOU! [he launches himself off after them]
ant: no what's wrong with you, what's wrong with you!
gumi: i wanted him to win one (x2)
tubbo: i won one! oh, my god
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lepidia · 2 days ago
Dsmp characters as kids being funny in youtube comments (screenshots taken from thread by @/ghobsmacka on twt)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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felinedetached · 2 days ago
He logs out so fast ;-;
[Illumina: Alright. I gotta, I gotta— no, no, no! I gotta go now.
Gumi: Goodbye, Mr. Illumina.
Sneeg: Wow.
Pete: Dude just logs off, like in a second!
Sneeg: What are you gonna do, get some sleep?
Illumina: Yeah.
Sneeg: You gonna sleep? Get some nice rest?
Illumina: Yeah! Mhm.
Sneeg: Get your eight hours, like a healthy person?
Illumina: Yeah, I’m healthy!
Sneeg: Fuck you! (laughs) He’s just—
Pete: Dude, Illumina’s literally that guy that, like, in a public server, will say ‘Goodnight’ then leave immediately, giving nobody an opportunity to say goodnight back.
Gumi: (laughs) Don’t wait for anybody— Yeah!
Ant: Yeah, actually!
Pete: You’re just in the middle of typing “goodnight!” and then, just, they log off and you just gotta delete your message like, “oh. Well I wanted to be nice.”]
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patchesstan · 2 days ago
punz silently coming to foolish's rescue and blowing up catmaid ant and hbomb <3 i love him
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grailknightmonty · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
shoutout to another absolute BANGER of an MCC team that deserved the dub full stop <33 🌊💙 i love them so much
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belovedgamers · 15 hours ago
The funniest part of Gumi and Ant reviewing VODS last night was Antfrost reaction to Sapnap and Dream’s opinions on him/his team
Sapnap: that’s Antfrost’s team— they’re easy
Dream: Ant’s good
Antfrost: aw Dream that’s so nice 🥺
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cupqueencake · 2 days ago
I hope whenever anyone on the SMP visits the cat house/Cafe they just have to deal with Hbomb and Antfrost. I can imagine everyone's reactions and c!Technoblade's would be the funniest.
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vyeoh · a day ago
I love how he was behind jimmy for so long and did nothing and as SOON as scott saw antfrost he LASER FOCUSED and WENT for it
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randomchips · 2 days ago
Oh my god i just noticed Mamafoolish is watching Foolish's stream, while Hbomb, Antfrost and Foosh are doing this bit. I-
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oceantail-oceantail · a day ago
(posted on the mcc subreddit too)
Fruit: Easy!! We're so good!!
Dream: Illumina and Fruit both won
Antfrost: Oh my god Fruit and Illumina are crazy!
Punz: Wait Fruit and Illumina both won that, holy crap they both stayed alive
5up: Oh god! okay
Quig: Holy! Of course Fruitninja got that
Ren: Look at Fruity Loops and Illumina dominating!
HBomb: Yup, not surprising at all
Cubfan: Yup Fruitninja, Fruitninja
Martyn: Don't worry, soon as we get to PVP, those two are getting clapped
Pete: Oh reddit is absolutely loving this moment right now
Scott: It's you and two pink left, I believe! Its you and Illumina and Fruit!
Shubble: You did so good!
Ranboo: Got third though!
Scott: It was you and Illumina and Fruit
Ranboo: Oh oh of course
"I can't wait for the Simmers to win this event!"
"Oh my god they're actually going to, aren't they?"
"Good start good start!"
"I mean Illumina and Fruitberries are pretty good"
"Yeah I mean that's the reason Scott hasn't put them on a team before 'cause it's so difficult to balance them and he was like 'that's it I've balanced them'"
"I'm voting for pink now"
(sorry i can't identify the admins voices)
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punzoblr · a day ago
Tubbo: wait, where’s all the ships?
Gumi: I think they’re on Ao3
Antfrost: yeah
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chalky · 2 days ago
In the future.
I need a scene.
I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a scene of Dream looking for Quackity after escaping prison.
And he needs to find out where their bunker is.
And he needs to get the information
from Catmaid Hbomb
Because he canonically helped build the bunker.
Please, god, I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this scene
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neapolitantoebeans · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The whores (according to Foolish)
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boonbeenblade · a day ago
Suit Up
It's hard to impress if you don't dress your best And there's a quick and easy path to success in dress - a suit! The server is well aware of this fact, and suits abound, as varied as their owners.
Business is meant to be done in suits. What better suit for business than a business suit? Schlatt had the original business suit, a design so iconic it never even crossed his mind to change it throughout his presidency. Why change into the Presidential Uniform of L'manburg, when his own would serve perfectly as Emperor of Manberg - no matter what the country he won the election of actually was? Tommy's business suit is modeled on Schlatt's, to the surprise of no one who knows him. His tie is worn loose and the sleeves are cuffed back instead of tailored, but it's still a mature look for the young man. Ponk's business suit follows a similar model, but he adds a snazzy pair of black gloves. Appropriately stylish and functional, for the doctor used to keeping his hands covered. Fundy's business suit is more simplistic, aiming for the purest black he could find. Something to give him a little more gravitas, even if the hat stays on. Niki's business suit was perfect for dealings with her bakery in L'manburg, and she was rarely seen in it without the proper tri-corn hat. A proper black suit looks good on anyone, and Niki knows it.
One of the hallmarks of the political world is the dress code. A suit easily passes, and conveys a sense of dignity - or something else. Quackity might know the importance of a varied and impressive wardrobe more than anyone, boasting three different suits for varied political occasions. A classic tailored grey suit, a simpler off-blue one in early days, and a snappy blue suit with matching gloves - the man knows how to show off what he's got. Wilbur Soot created a nation, and with it, the Presidential Uniform of L'manburg. A navy suit with gold accents, to evoke the old revolutionary uniform, its somber tones a promise for a stable future that never came. Jack Manifold founded his own nation, of himself - and of course, that means his own Presidential Uniform. Simple enough to double as a business suit, with a proper checkered tie and appropriately colored handkerchiefs. Tubbo had a classic business suit of his own, and a daily grey political suit for the day-to-day in L'manburg. When Wilbur ceded the presidency to him, it came with the uniform, and Tubbo had it tailored down as best as it could - though it never quite fit completely right.
For formal and special occasions, nothing beats a tailored, pressed, sharp suit. It's practically a requirement. Badboyhalo's banquet suit was the timeless grey suit that's carried many a host through many a party. Subtle red accents along the inner lining and matching shoes were the icing on the cake. Antfrost's banquet suit was far less subtle than Bad's, even if it might have simply been the one he had. As red as his eyes, and even tailored for his tail. Purpled wasn't even invited to the banquet, but when showing up to crash the party, he decided to fit in. A suit as fitting and vibrant as his name - though it must've been hard to get the blood out with dry-cleaning later.
And of course, there's one more suited resident on the server. On what occasions does he wear his suit? Well, at all times! Ranboo's suit leans to the classic, a charcoal number with a red tie. Suitable for both the everyday (if a bit fancy) and the fancy (if a bit everyday) - hard to go wrong. In the early days, it was ill-fittingly short in the limbs and wide in the shoulders, and constantly rumpled, as if dug out of the back of some closet (or a dead man's discarded collection). A few conversations with an insistent Tommy and a few measurements fixed that, and now Ranboo's in the running for the sharpest-dressed member on the whole server. How does he clean it, if him and water don't mix? That's a trade secret. (Though dry-cleaned Ranboo would be a sight to behold, itself.)
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