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#anthony bridgerton
sidonidoneeey · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley as Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma, but make it modern-day
Bonus canon-era content because that teaser was just chef’s kiss
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peterpparkrr · a day ago
art is to feel (ch. 4) | A Bridgerton Series
Series: art is to feel
Paring: Anthony Bridgerton x F!Reader
Summary: Anthony Bridgerton has only one goal for this upcoming social season. To find a wife. What will he do when a young woman with no desire for marriage comes waltzing into his life? 
Word Count: 2.6K
Warnings: N/A
A/N: Let me know what you think of this chapter! Also - life update: I got a new job! It’s why this chapter took a little longer than usual (so many interviews, so many emails) but I’ll officially start at the beginning of november :)
(Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3)
Tumblr media
It seems that Ms. (Y/N) (Y/L/N) has caught the eyes of not one but two Bridgerton brothers! Just last Thursday Mr. Benedict Bridgerton was seen promenading with the lady in the morning while Mr. Anthony Bridgerton called upon the young lady that very same afternoon. 
Will the pair of brothers be able to reconcile their corresponding interests or will the competition for Miss (Y/L/N) put a wedge between the two brothers?
And of course, the most important question of all, which brother will (Y/N) (Y/L/N) choose?
Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers, 11 April 1814
Tumblr media
Anthony Bridgerton was fuming.
He was rarely bothered by the things written about him in Lady Whistledown. Most of the stuff said about him was actually rather positive compared to the treatment many people received. 
Even though he was often called a rake, it was a reputation he enjoyed maintaining. Anthony also liked to think he was above the feminine obsession with rumors and gossip. But this latest installment of Lady Whistledown’s writing had gotten to him. Though he wasn’t quite sure why. 
“Is there a reason that Lady Whistledown seems to think we’re fighting over (Y/N)?” Anthony asked as he pushed through the door of his family home’s sitting room.
“Because we’ve both been seen talking to her. You know what the rumor mill is like,” Ben replies patiently as he looks up from his sketchbook. Unperturbed by his brother’s dramatic entrance.
“Well, what exactly are your intentions with (Y/N)?” Anthony asks as he sits down on the couch across from his brother, his posture refusing to relax as he pushes forward, his forearms resting atop his thighs. “What are yours?” Benedict countered.
Anthony huffed as he glared at his brother.
“Anthony, she is a friend -simply a friend-,” Benedict emphasizes as he holds his hands up in surrender. “We have similar interests and we get along well. I don’t know, I get the feeling that she’s lonely. It’s just her and Lady Danbury alone in that big house. She seems rather desperate to want friends, to have someone to talk to.”
“I harbor no interest in her hand,” Benedict continues, “And I certainly hold no delusion that she would accept my marriage proposal. She told me explicitly that she does not want to marry.” 
Anthony can’t help but scoff slightly at his brother's comment, causing the usually indifferent and relaxed Benedict to sit up straighter in his chair, and study his brother more closely than he had before.
“Anthony, if she’s the woman you’ve landed on to marry I feel like you need to know that when she says that she will not marry, she means it. She’s not being demure, she will not have you.”
Anthony considers his brother’s words for a moment before shaking his head slightly, “Do not be ridiculous, brother, I don’t intend to ask (Y/N) to marry me. I’d have to begin an official courtship before I could even consider it.”
“I’m afraid I must go, I have a meeting with a business partner,” Anthony tells his brother before standing up just as abruptly as he had entered the room. 
“Anthony!” Benedict shouts after his brother, though even if he hears him, Anthony soundly ignores Benedict’s protests as he leaves the house. 
Tumblr media
You and your maid were making your way down St. James Street, hoping to stop and peruse the print shop windows and enjoy the latest satirical cartoons whilst on your walk. But you were distracted far before you could reach it by a familiar figure crouched beneath a bakery awning, peering around the corner.
“Miss Bridgerton,” You called out. Causing the younger woman to whip around, a guilty look painted across her face, clear as day.
The guilt was quickly replaced by relief. 
“Oh, (Y/N), thank God it’s just you,” Eloise replied. 
“Just me,” You repeat as you make your way over to her. 
“You know what I mean,” She replies, dismissing your jest easily before turning back around.
“What exactly are you watching?” You ask as you step closer, standing at her back, peering around the corner curiously.
“So you’re investigating the identity of Lady Whistledown?” You ask after a few minutes of following behind Eloise in silence.
“How did you know?” She asks as she turns to look at you.
“You’re trailing one of her delivery boys,” You reply with a wry smile.
“I’ve been trying to uncover her identity since last season, she wrote some really horrible things about my friend, and… well I hoped that if I could figure out who she was that I could convince her to print a retraction.” She tells you.
“I thought I’d found her but...I was wrong, So I’ve spent most of this season trying to track her down,” Eloise adds with a shrug.
“If you wanted help with your investigation, I could help,” You offer as you glance behind her at the delivery boy as he turns the corner, “I’ve always thought I’d make an excellent spy.”
Before Eloise can respond, you’re interrupted.
“Lady (Y/L/N)?” You hear a voice call out behind you. You turn to face the unknown, schooling your features into an innocent smile as Eloise turns around as well, her face far more guilty looking. 
You shoot her a look before you realize just who you are now facing.
“Eloise?” Anthony Bridgerton
“Oh, good day, Lord Bridgerton!” You reply cheerfully as you take Eloise’s arm in yours and step to meet her oldest brother with confidence, “What business brings you to St. James Street?”
“I was just about to ask you the same thing,” he replies, as he glances between you and his sister.
“Well, Eloise had agreed to accompany me on a trip to the milliner’s, I am in desperate need of some new ribbons for my bonnet,” You tell him as you bring your hand to your cap feigning self-consciousness. You know that your bonnet ribbons are brand new, but you can’t imagine that Anthony pays attention to ribbon fashions.
Anthony studies the bonnet tied around your face curiously, “I see,” He replies, though he must admit that he does not.
“I was just on my way to a business meeting,” He adds as an afterthought when he finally recalls your original question.
“How exciting,” You reply politely. “Well do not let us keep you from your business, I’m certain it must be very important.”
“Ah yes, it is,” He replies before he recalls that you said nearly the same exact thing to Lord Wirthford last week when you’d been attempting to dismiss him.
“Though I must say, ribbon shopping is just as important, perhaps even more important,” He adds as an afterthought.
“Lord Bridgerton?” You ask cautiously.
“My business can certainly wait, I will escort you two to the milliner,” He deicides as he turns in the direction of the nearest hat shop.
“Anthony!” Eloise hisses.
“What a splendid idea!” You reply with a smile as you shoot Eloise a warning look.
“What should we discuss as we walk? Perhaps barley fertilization?” You ask as Anthony offers an arm to each of you as you set off.
“We don’t grow barley on our lands,” Anthony replies smoothly. “Though we do have quite a few sheep farms, perhaps we could discuss sheep husbandry, or the shearing?”
Eloise stared between the two of you like you’d both gone mad. And you probably had.
You assumed that once you had arrived at the milliner’s shop that Anthony would leave the two of you to it, confident that he had put a stop to whatever it was that he thought the two of you were up to. 
But he came inside with the two of you. Clearly, he thought the two of you more suspicious than you’d hoped. Maybe your innocent act had been as believable as you’d hoped. You’d have to work on it if you were going to spy for Eloise’s mission.
“Which one do you prefer?” You asked as you held up two ribbons in slightly different shades of blue. 
This was probably the tenth pair of ribbons you’d held up for Anthony’s inspection. You weren’t sure what he was basing his preferences on, but each time you asked his opinion he was more than happy to indulge you and give you a response.
“Do you need any feathers, Eloise?” You asked your companion as you continued to mill about the shop and join Eloise at a counter covered with all sorts of accessories.
A rather unladylike chortle erupted from the young lady’s throat as you turned to her. Causing you to crack your own broad smile and hold back on your own laughter, as Anthony’s gaze snapped to his sister at the sudden outburst.
“What was that?” You ask quietly as you step next to her.
“I’ve always been of the opinion that the feathers only serve to make young women look even more like birds squawking for a man’s attention.”
At her biting comment, you struggle to hold back your laughter. 
“I’ve never been particularly taken by the fashion either, and I don’t think I could bear to wear it again now that I will think of myself as a peacock the entire time,” You admit as you set the feather you’d held up for inspection back on the table.
“Have we made your brother suffer enough? Is it time to put him out of his misery?” You finally ask her with a glance over at where Anthony is standing and pretending to look at brooches. 
If he hadn’t been the one who forced this errand upon himself, you’d have felt bad for him.
Eloise smiles at you, “I suppose, if not for my own sake.”
“You bore this unintentional punishment very well,” You tell her with a grateful smile. “I’m sorry that he had to actually follow through on this, I would have come up with a less tedious errand.”
“It’s probably what I deserve,” Eloise replies. “Thank you for covering for me, I cannot thank you enough.”
You place your hand on her arm and shake your head. “It's nothing.”
“I think that these will do,” You declare as you make your way back to the counter and exchange your coins for the ribbons in your hand. 
“I dare say you ought to escort your sister home now, Lord Bridgerton,” You tell Anthony, “This trip has surely tired her out,” You add as you spare a glance in Eloise’s direction, where she’s staring out the window of the shop glumly, unable to hide her distaste for shopping any longer.
“Milady, we ought to be returning home as well,” Martha adds as she takes your purchases from you and places them in her bag.
“I do need to get back to Lady Danbury,” You say as you glance at the clock.
“Good day, Eloise, I’ll call on you later this week,” You still had much to discuss with the young woman, today’s chance meeting ending with far more questions than answers.
“Lord Bridgerton,” You add as your bow your head slightly to Anthony before taking your leave from the shop.
Anthony’s eyes trained after you as you made your way out the door and out onto the busy street before you disappeared.
“Anthony-” Eloise begins.
Anthony shakes his head at his sister, silencing her excuses. 
“We’re going home. Now.” He tells his sister sharply. “I don’t know what hair-brained scheme you’ve concocted, but leave Lady (Y/L/N) out of it. That is final.”
Tumblr media
The Earl of Euston and his wife, Lord and Lady Grafton, were holding a ball this evening in his London home. Anyone who was anyone (and a whole bunch of other people who had managed to receive invitations) would be in attendance. 
“Bridgertons,” You greeted the trio of brothers as Lady Danbury led you into the ballroom. 
“Lady Danbury, Miss (Y/L/N),” The brothers greet you in return as you help lead Lady Danbury over to them.
“I do hope at least one of you will pluck up the courage to ask our dear (Y/N) to dance,” Lady Danbury adds slyly as she let her eyes rake over the three brothers.
“Gigi!” You hiss as you turn sharply to glare at your guardian. 
“Of course, Lady Danbury,” Anthony replies easily. 
But before he could say much else Benedict offered his arm to you, “May I have your next dance, Lady (Y/N)?”
Your eyes flitted over to Anthony, and then Lady Danbury before you looked back to Ben and smiled, “Of course, Ben,” You replied as he led you away to the dance floor with the other couples.
“You truly are the worst Benedict Bridgerton!” You chastise the man once you’re out of earshot of your guardian and Anthony. 
“There’s only one sure-fire way to make Anthony jealous, my dear (Y/N),” Ben replied with a wicked grin, “And this will surely light a fire under his-”
You swatted at his arm before we said anything improper but couldn’t help laughing at the ridiculous antics of your friend. This family was mad, the whole lot of them, but you sure did enjoy their company. 
You’d never realized just how desperately you’d want a large family around you until you got to watch the Bridgertons interact with one another. You certainly understood what had first drawn Simon to them.
As much as you loved growing up with Simon as an older brother of sorts, you couldn’t help but admit that as close as the two of you were, it was nothing like the true bonds that the Bridgertons had with one another. A bond forged by blood that neither of you would ever fully understand. Well, maybe Simon understood it now, with a wife and a baby. But you had no clue what that could be like. To know someone so deeply. 
“What has you so lost in thought?” Ben asked you as your hands were once again joined together as you stepped and skipped your way through the dance steps.
“Nothing,” You tell him, “Just wondering what it would be like to have a brother or sister whom I could tease as ruthlessly as you lot tease one another.”
As the two of you were pulled away from one another in two separate circles as caught a glance of Anthony watching the dance from the edge of the ballroom.
“I could always tease you more, if that’s what you desire,” Ben quips as you two come face to face again, “Or you could just marry one of us, and then you’d be stuck with us forever, just like Simon.”
“Now wouldn’t that be horrific,” You tell him as you wiggle an eyebrow at him, causing him to fall into his own bout of laughter as you’re whisked away from one another again. 
If you hadn’t been so caught up in the dancing you would have noticed the death glare that Ben was currently receiving from his older brother as the sight of him laughing so unabashedly at something you said. What Anthony wouldn’t have given at that moment to slap that stupid smile off Benedict’s face. Or at least to have heard what it was that you had said to make him behave so ridiculously. He knew you had a sharp wit, but he didn’t like the thought of you making sarcastic comments with someone who wasn’t him.
Anthony hated it. He hated that he needed to settle down and get married. He hated that Benedict was holding your hand as you both twirled around with the rest of the dancers. And he hated that he wasn’t the only one who saw just how wonderful you were. 
But he didn’t hate you.
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bonniebird · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anthony Bridgerton - Credit if using
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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newtonsheffield · 2 days ago
Ok but like imagine that the Elle pic of Simone is a pic of Kate in the Bridgerton and Sons AU being honored for being a badass lawyer and Anthony won't shut up about it and has plastered their office and home with copies of it
Okay but yes.
Anthony would be so excited about his fiancée being featured in a Women in Law spread in a magazine.
Pictures of her got taken, pictures of them got taken, Kate sitting with her feet up on her desk, tugging on Anthony's tie as he perches on it next to her.
And Anthony's really excited. It's obviously amazing publicity for the firm, but more than that he's excited that people are recognising Kate for the incredible work she does. Because she's amazing at it. Sure, she's ruthless, an hour of her time is worth hundreds of pounds, but she also does the most probono work of anyone he knows, because she genuinely cares, and everyone else should see it.
So yes! He preorders a whole stack of magazines, even when Kate rolls her eyes and says
"They only picked me because I'm Anthony Bridgerton's fiancée."
He doesn't care. Because this isn't about him. This is about her.
So when he finally flips open the magazine and finds, not a picture of them as they'd all expected, but a picture of her. Confident and powerful and he burns with pride. He posts it on his instagram, he neatly clips it out of the magazine and frames it leave on the front desk at work, frames it to hang in their house, reads it aloud to anyone that will listen.
"You have to stop, Anthony, you're being insane." Kate rolls her eyes, after he's cleared his throat and said to the woman in the line in front of them who'd been flipping through the magazine, My fiancée's in there! She's incredible look!
"You haven't even read what they said about you! It's great, and I'm really proud of you, just let me be proud."
Kate has to admit it's very sweet to see him opening copy after copy of the magazine in the newsagents and leaving them all open to the article on her, and she definitely quietly contacted the photographer and got a print of the picture of them together, and frames it for her desk.
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ladyjunebridgerton · 16 hours ago
Anthony “I don’t let anyone win at Pall Mall, especially my wife” Bridgerton
Benedict “I fell in love with my wife twice, but probably need an eye exam” Bridgerton
Colin “ My wife. Have you heard about my wife? She’s Lady Whistledown and the coolest” Bridgerton
Daphne “I may have a failed sex education, but at least I married a Duke” Bridgerton-Hastings
Eloise “My Husband doesn’t need to talk, I talk enough for the both of us. Plus he has all the flowers a gal could want. ” Bridgerton-Crane 
Francesca “Worshipped by my husband, as I should be” Bridgerton-Stirling
Gregory “Fascinated by necks, crasher of weddings, lover of love” Bridgerton
Hyacinth “ Indiana Jones and my husband is my damsel in distress” Bridgerton-St. Clair
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The Bridgerton books and what I call them when I'm pissed off at them (because I do get angry at all of them at some point when I'm reading)
Book 1: mutually manipulating each other and pulling a con on friends and family #great way to start a marriage
Book 2: Kate and Anthony vs the inevitability that is death
Book 3: get a reality check Benedict it's not that hard! Ft #Justice4Sophie4k
Book 4: when the love of your life turns out to be sort of a bitch but since you're sort of an asshole too you cancel each other out
Book 5: Traumatized adults, children and plants and where to find them
Book 6: Oh get over your catholic guilt and bang already! John died we get it!
Book 7: Hyacinth Kardashian takes Miami London
Book 8: the one where Lucy needs better friends, a new fiance and possibly a very strong drink but only gets one Gregory.
Tumblr media
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bridgertonh · 21 hours ago
The way Johnny makes everyone around him laugh 🥺❤️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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youritalianbookpal · a day ago
"Between him and his brother, I don't know which one of them will kill me first," Lady Bridgerton muttered.
"Which brother?" Sophie asked.
"Either. Both. All three. Scoundrels, the lot of them."
But they were scoundrels she clearly loved. Sophie could hear it in the way she spoke, see it in her eyes when they lit with joy upon seeing her son.
And it made Sophie lonely and wistful and jealous. Julia Quinn, An Offer From A Gentleman
I’m not sure if I’m supposed to laugh, scream into a pillow, or go cry in the bathroom, so I’m gonna do all three.
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aspoonfuloffiction · 2 days ago
would love to hear your thoughts on the non period-specific misogyny in Bridgerton! I definitely picked up on the ones relating to the almost comical extent to which Julia made double-standards for men and women before marriage (men weren't just sexually active- no, they were always the biggest rakes in all of England, and women weren't just sheltered- they knew absolutely nothing about sex). what are your thoughts?
This is very very late because I thought I posted it but saved it to my drafts because I am stupid.
But thanks for asking!!! This is very long.
The Bridgerton books are filled with misogynistic tropes and themes. While some are period specific not many are not:
The Character Dynamics:
The dynamics between the 4 Bridgerton brothers is pretty well established in canon we see Benedict and Colin supporting Anthony during the season he decided to get married. We see Anthony, Benedict, Colin, and Gregory work together to gang up on Eloise and Philip. The main plotline of OTWTTW opens with Anthony and Gregory talking about Greg’s plans for the future. Colin fencing with Ben when he needs help with his emotions re Sophie…I can keep going
Meanwhile how many scenes can you name where 2 or more of the sisters have a meaningful conversation (not passing quips but a conversation that is meaningful in both quality and depth) with each other?Other than Eloise and Francesca in the second epilogue for WHWW…I can’t think of any.
Also adjacent problem—Save for Eloise in TSPWL the Bridgerton women are almost always treated as the secondary character in their respective books. While the Bridgerton men share equal or are the main focal point in their book.
Daphne takes a backseat in 75% of TDAI for Simon’s daddy issues. Her reason for entering the fake courtship deal is glossed over by chapter 5.
Francesca starts off promising in WHWW, JQ makes you think the book’ll explore Francesca’s grief. Nope! There are 2 chapters in the immediate wake of John’s death-1.5 of them are in Michael’s POV. By the time we actually get into Francesca’s perspective JQ has jumped forward 4 years. All of Francesca’s grief settled. And we spend most of the book dealing with Michael grief and guilt.
Hyacinth in INHK is just Hyacinth in TDAI but in a grown up body. The whole book is about Gareth’s daddy issues and Hyacinth is an accessory. In fact the best development we get for Hyacinth is actually in her scenes in OTWTTW.
And when you contrast that with the Brothers —in the end it leaves you feeling like you barely know the Bridgerton women. (For example I could not tell you one thing about Hyacinth’s motivations)
Female antagonists
Most of the antagonists in the series are plays on the “bitchy superficial woman” trope. Portia in TVWLM, Araminta and Rosamund in AOFAG, Cressida and Portia again in RMB, Marina (not exactly bitchy superficial but the cold unaffectionate wife and mother is still not a great look) in TSPWL
TDAI, INHK, and OTWTTW are the only ones with a male antagonist in Simon’s father, Gareth’s father, and Lucy’s uncle. (Granted OTWTTW gives us the absolute terrible character that is Hermione Watson who I argue is just as bad.) And WHWW doesn’t really have an antagonizing presence.
So 4 to 3 isn’t exactly a strong majority to find fault except that the female antagonists are all plays on the same trope over and over again. Araminta has some depth but even she is just the frigid, gold digging, superficial trope at the core. Meanwhile the male antagonists are actual characters we understand their villain-y motivations.
Sexuality and Femininity
You touched on this in your message- the men are always these experienced rakes deflowering and pleasing their virginal partners. (I mean for all the credit Bridgerton the show got for being about the female gaze the books are written as the ideal male fantasy)
And even in WHWW where Francesca is a widow therefore experienced and knows what she wants even then Michael has vastly more experience than she does and Michael still thinks of their first time together as compromising Francesca so the power dynamics are more of the same. ( Btw how interesting this dynamic be if Michael was less experienced than Francesca? A woman teaching a man about sex in a regency romance???)
In the same vein: none of the Bridgerton brothers marry great notable beauties. Kate, Sophie, Penelope, and Lucy are all described as alternatively beautiful in some way. That is some regency “not like other girls” nonsense. Meanwhile all 4 brothers are stellar husband picks. In A,B, and C’s case its noted in text that they settled. (With Lucy and Gregory it is a slightly different dynamic as Lucy has the higher title-but still Greg was perusing Hermione first and it took a while for him to then noticed Lucy).
And with the Bridgerton sisters the same “not like other girls” vibe applies. Daphne just can’t find a match because she’s “one if the boys!”. Eloise is a spinster-y feminist unbothered by boring things like marriage. Francesca and Hyacinth are not explicitly part of this trope but they are also hardly developed all that much to be a trope.
Its the vilification of traditional femininity that I find uncomfortable. Women can want to feel pretty, get married, and crave domesticity without being superficial or vain.
This is not to say Julia Quinn isn’t a phenomenal writer with beautiful books. This is just to say its good to be critical of the media we like!
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hptriviachamp · a day ago
I’m curious to see how serious Anthony will be about Edwina in the show. It’s dishy and fun in the book but in season 1 he was such a dick, so I wonder if they’ll tone it down. How is it going to come off when we makes out with Kate and then continues to court Edwina when the audience already doesn’t like him.
I'm just rooting for awkward scenes where Edwina and Anthony are sitting together or walking together and it's like:
Edwina: So...
Anthony: Um....
Kate in the background: *giving Anthony the evil eye for besmirching her sweet baby sister, oblivious to the notion that there is about as much sexual tension between Edwina and Anthony as a potted plant*
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hallownight89 · 2 days ago
Kathony + 1 in regency AU where Kate is pregnant for the first time and its their secret for a while. Anthony is very dazzled(more than usual) about how pretty pregnant kate looks
Kate had realised during their stay at Aubrey Hall when the season had ended, that she was expecting their first baby.
Violet and the younger Brigderton’s had gone to Clyvedon with Daphne and Simon having promised them some time on the beaches. Benedict had buggered off to his cottage and Colin had returned to the continent so they had been very much alone.
Mary was helping Edwina settle into her new home in Oxford following her marriage.
After three days of being sick every morning, Anthony had finally snapped, his wits at their end when he had declared that Kate was seeing a doctor and if she refused he was going to tie her up and lock her in a room by herself until she either a) stopped throwing up or b) saw sense and agreed to see the doctor.
Kate had agreed but on the condition that Anthony wait outside whilst she spoke to the doctor, she did not need him hovering over her like a demented chicken.
When the doctor had left 20 minutes after his entry with a nod to Lord Bridgerton and a “Lady Bridgerton will see you now” Anthony had run into the room, not even stopping to thank the doctor or hear anything else.
Kate was sitting on the bed, looking radiant, more radiant than Anthony had ever seen her, his breath caught as she seemed to just glow.
“Is… is… is everything okay?” he stammered, his brain having been going through countless different scenarios, each more horrifying than the last, all of which had him feeling sick and desperately wishing he was in his study with a brandy.
“Oh my love” she smiled at him, tears sparkling in her eyes.
“Tell me… I can take it” he whispered, still fearing the worst.
“i...I…” she stammered as he reached the edge of the bed “I am pregnant” she breathed.
Anthony’s world had stopped, his ears seemed to roar and his mouth fell open in shock.
“Ex...excuse me?” he blinked, not quite sure he had heard her correctly.
“I’m pregnant” she said again, a tear falling down her face as Anthony started to laugh, a happy laugh as he whooped in overwhelming joy.
“Are you really?” he said brightly, as he finished practically dancing around the Viscountess chambers and crawled onto the unused bed, his hand pressing gently on her stomach “our baby is really in here growing?” he asked.
Kate pressed her hand over to the top of Anthony and nodded. “It is”
“Oh. I love you so much” he said, reaching up and pressing a soft kiss to Kate’s lips and then to her clothed stomach, then he peppered her face with kisses, thanking her, and whispering his love to her over and over again.
Kate returned his kisses, his love and she could not wait for their family to grow.
They stayed hidden away at Aubrey Hall for a few more weeks, in a little bubble of their own news, Anthony didn’t want to share, he wanted to keep it to themselves for a while.
Every time he saw Kate, everytime he was near Kate after the news, he was inexplicably close to tears. She seemed to shimmer and shine. She was radiant and dazzlingly beautiful with an ethereal glow.
He got very little work done as every time he saw his wife, he had to take a break, he was making sure she was comfortable, that she had everything she needed and he couldn’t help but kiss her and sometime he would just pop into a room, to press a kiss to her cheek or forehead, and then her still flat stomach, and reminder her how much he loved her, loved both of them.
The day their family arrived, he barely lasted 5 minutes before he burst out with the news “Kate’s pregnant!”
Poor Kate wasn’t even present when he announced it so when she returned to the room she was met by a swarm of congratulating Bridgerton’s and a sheepish kiss to her cheek as she sternly said to her husband “you just couldn’t wait”
Anthony laughed and smiled, looking younger and happier than he had looked since before his father had died.
Everything was going to be alright, Everything was going to be perfect, because he had Kate and she was having their baby and she looked radiant
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newtonsheffield · 2 days ago
Can we see some GG jealous Anthony please??? Like boys flirting with Kate when they're in a "its complicated stage?"
Ehhh Anthony and Kate don't really do It's complicated in Good Girls after this first little bit tbh.
But plenty of boys have tried to shoot their shot with Kate over the years, and Anthony fucking hates it.
The music was thrumming through Simon's house, rattling off the windows, and Anthony could feel his heart beating in time, Kate pressed against his side, his arm around her waist, brushing lightly over her chest, her hand tucked into the back pocket of his jeans.
"You want another drink?" he mumbled in her ear, his fingers tightening around her, as she nodded.He kissed her cheek, "I'll be right back, just wait here."
He let go of her reluctantly, shoving his way past person after person, most he didn't recognize.
"Bridgerton! Where have you been?!" Simon's voice boomed, his hand clapping him on the shoulder before he rolled his eyes a little drunkenly, "Oh let me guess, with Kate!"
He sighed her name in what Anthony assumed was an imitation of him, grunting in response, "Not my fault you can't find a girl who can stand you long enough."
Simon scoffed, " You Bridgertons are so boring, Ben's been in the corner with Sophie all night, and now you'll take off soon so you can fuck Kate beh- ooof!" His voice cut off in an intake of breath, gesturing in the direction Anthony had just come in.
Anthony spun around, his eyes searching, and the plastic cup in his hand crumpled in his grip. Kate was right where he'd left her just a minute before, leaning against the wall, but someone else was leaning over her, his hand on the wall above her, the other resting on her waist, and anger flared in his chest.
He knew, that it shouldn't be like this, knew it was stupid, Kate loved him. She said she did, and Kate didn't lie, what was more, he could feel it, feel her support, feel how much she believed in him, but it was difficult to remember that, when someone else had his hands on her, leaning towards her, invading her space, and jealousy burned in his chest, an ugly part of him screaming Mine Mine Mine.
"Who the fuck is that?" Anthony practically spat at Simon.
Simon shrugged, "Dunno, someone must have brought -"
Anthony didn't wait for him to finish, barging his way through the crowd, as Kate tried to shrink away from the guy, shaking her head,
"I'm not really interested in-" She had started to say but Anthony didn't let her finish either, forcing his way between Kate and the guy, his eyes widening a little as he took Anthony in.
"Can I help you mate?" He said, as Anthony crossed his arms over his chest, Kate's hand slipping back into the pocket of his jeans.
Anthony cleared his throat, "Yeah, you can take your fucking hand off my girlfriend."
The guy laughed, adjusting the collar of his polo shirt, "This is your boyfriend? This little pussy."
Anthony let a slightly smug smirk come to his face, shoving against the guy's chest, "Well I guess the saying's true. You are what you eat."
Kate gasped behind him, as the Guy's face dropped open in surprise, his brow furrowing almost immediately, his hand clenching into a fist almost in slow motion a fist cocked back. Anthony preparing to shove Kate out of the way, and Suddenly she was standing in front of him, her hand on his chin forcing him to look in her eyes, all the tension leaving his body.
"Come dance with me." Her voice a soft command, her hands tugging him away, leaving the guy floundering as Anthony's feet stumbled trying to follow her.
Kate stopped on the makeshift dancefloor, her arms wrapping tightly around him, pulling close as she started to sway them to the music, one of his legs sliding between hers, Kate humming in his ear.
"See how nice it is when you don't fight anyone?"
Anthony huffed, "He had his hands on you, I don't like it when men think they can grab women whenever they want."
She hummed again, "Feminist Anthony is still hot as fuck."
Something like pride burned in his chest, and then it stopped when she stepped back, tugging on his hand, "Jealous Anthony can fuck me tonight though."
And really, who was he to complain?
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bridgertonh · a day ago
I love how we all agree a few things about each couple, whether they are extensively mentioned in the book or not-
Daphne & Simon- Simon is worried about each of her pregnancies and stays with her no matter what.
Anthony & Kate- He doesn't let Kate move a single muscle throughout her recovery of the carriage accident, and that no matter what Kate always wins an argument, even when Anthony thinks he won.
Benedict & Sophie- He doesn't let Sophie so much as lift a finger, Sophie finds it hard because she has worked relentlessly all her life, but he spoils her no matter what.
Colin & Penelope- Colin will somehow find a way to enter 'My Wife' in any conversation whilst eating a sandwich simultaneously.
Eloise & Phillip- Phillip is whipped and even though he is an introvert, he'd socialise for her sake and they'd shag later in the garden.
Francesca & Michael- These two cannot keep their hands off each other no matter what, and Michael worships her every moment. Frannie tenses everytime he so much as coughs and takes care of him all the time.
Hyacinth & Gareth- Gareth doesn't stand a chance when Hyacinth talks. He just has to gulp it, and he loves it. Even when Hyacinth talks about the diamond necklace.
Gregory & Lucy- Lucy constantly keeps things in order and Gregory tugs her towards him and calms her down. He gives her all the love she didn't get growing up and she in return understands just who he is and loves him for that.
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