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I are the sick; so Bonus Chapter prolly won’t be up til later on but! Ja. This one took a little extra because of that sick.. head cold; so it’s screwing with me a bit writing wise. That said.. I had an easier time of this one I think otherwise.

Love you goombas!


CHAPTER 11 Summary:

Tony and select members of the team are brought to the Mare as in the aftermath of the Celt’s visit; Loki is forced to push up his internal timetables: resulting in their very brief –and early– introduction to Penman. Among other things..

Barnes manages to stumble over several of the Coven visiting during a late night sparring session; and receives his moniker – Wolfkin – before ever setting foot inside the Vestibule door. To Loke and Lisan’s surprise, he also manages to impress and intrigue their usually over-aggressive third. After, the near-death experience of ending up under his blade anyway.

Steve has taken to drawing the unique views and vistas inside and looking out from Mare Nectaris; but it’s the the haunting, odd feeling and strange changes that his granted room has that takes him out to the Origin to draw the planet-rise again: and end up getting half-dragged into a conversation Bucky has about him by a Loki not his own.


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This one is .. a lot longer than previous chapters. In part because it’s the end of the Civil War arc.

*THROWS CONFETTI* YAY! I loved writing it, but was also so stressed out while I did. For those waiting? There’s more than a little resolution in this chapter too. Not just in the main portion, but also in the Bonus Track; which I knew I wanted to post/publish at the same time. Hence, why this particular chapter took so long.

By now, the shifts in the timeline are I think really obvious though. I hope I managed to capture Ormr’s more vindictive side well between last chapter and this one without giving away the goose. >wo

Anyways, links down below.. enjoy and, as always:

                All the love in my Universes,

                                                  ~~—LK aka blind



Ormr checks everything off the list from that letter that started it all; resulting in a very different ending to the era from the universe we know: for the Avengers, for Zemo, and for Stark in particular.

Clint decides to stalk the Asgardian ghost after catching sight of him jogging around Thirteen’s property in the darkest pre-dawn hours; getting a rare view and overhearing a conversation in the process that he hadn’t expected. Putting two and two together, plus the conversation? Proves to him that Loki wasn’t the only one  who had some idea what happened in the days preceding New York’s invasion, and that Barton should probably be banned from going anywhere near the lake dock. Or at least.. that’s what he thinks.

Tony puts a few more things together himself in the process of Clint attempting to confront Snakeface with his questions cannon; an attempt that turns into a chase and minor explosion of aggression that Steve and Ormr end up getting between. The joy ride after turns pretty into Stark calling Ormr out though, and managing to talk him out of his mask for the first time in two years in the process..


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This one wasn’t difficult because of the content so much as because of the amount of action that happens in this entire sequence. The airport scene was well done but also a mess when you think about writing it in anything but script form (which is still nuts to me to even think about, and HUGE kudos for whoever did write that outside of choreography.)

That said, it took me and the muses a while to figure out how I was going to do that without it getting -too- crazy on the page.

Which, is how I ended up breaking my own promise to myself, and giving a very careful chunk of it to ‘Ormr’ as looker-on and unofficial ‘referee’, and Tony instead of using other main players. Initially, I was going to not give Ormr a perspective slot until next chapter, for reasons but: after having tanked three other options post re-read and attempting it from two other perspectives? I think that may have worked out for the best.

Also, I don’t ask this often; but if you have opinions about the fic; and especially this and the previous chapter I would appreciate any feedback as I am trying to find a middle ground in action sequences when they do pop up: and am not incredibly confident in them. So.. yes and feedback especially in those particular chapters (7 [Demons] and 8 [Thunderstruck]) would be greatly appreciated! Links below!

Thankies and as always: All the Love in my Universes;

                                                           ~~—————LK aka blind



Things continue to change; and now…

Clint gets some unexpected extra help rescuing Wanda from Thirteen.

Tony’s faith is put to the test as Ormr continues to follow through with his plan; meeting up with one team before the other arrives: and Wanda dropping the name of his predecessor in the mix sends more than a few eyebrows up than ‘Snakeface’ could manage on his own, before he takes a stroll through the chaos he lets loose and so enjoys reveling in.

His words are in the right place? But Steve can’t help but feel something is off about Loki’s replacement…





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Tony: If I could rearrange the alphabet, the first thing I'd do is put U and I together.
Pepper: If you could rearrange the alphabet, the first thing you'd do is spell S E X and then laugh about it for hours.
Tony: Yeah you're right.
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These last few chapters being what they are in particular have a little less space between them  in part because of how the flow and feel goes in them made me work on them all at once rather than in back and forth spurts I often do when running more than one fic at a time.

That Civil War has a particular and actually really happy place in my heart regardless of the sucker punch it is to the feels; cringy bursts of temper and shitty politics? Should probably be pretty telling before I say it as to where the movie ranks for me on the MCU movie listings.

Which is? WAY the hell up there.

More so for the comparisons between Loki and Zemo in particular. It was kind of a kick in the face that, they thought and somehow managed to deal with a galaxy-class manipulator; and a couple years later? Couldn’t manage with the much smaller, -thousand plus- of years younger manipulator and still come out whole, never mind on top.

Low point? Yeah. But also a very human story; and in my opinion that much more incredibly real for it, and the performances delivered that pulled it off.

That said; getting any universe’s version of Civil War on the page is an incredibly difficult and testing thing for me. Because I want to do it justice, and keep that integrity -while- I’m adding to and taking away from it. And pardon my french but that’s fucking hard to do in a story -that- complete, that you care about as much as I do.

Anyway, rambling again. Or might soon lol! So Imma sign off my update letter here. As always, enjoy and:

         All the Love in my Universes,

                                                    ~~—-LK aka blind

P.S. – Popping NaSyu’s gallery link in here again because they deserve the love:


GROUNDED Chapter 7 (-Demons-) Summary:

Tensions between the team are rising, though the awkward wrench that is Ormr’s presence being thrown in does allow some of them to redirect their issues, frustrations and worries at a new target.

The creepy shadow seems content to allow that too, with little to no complaints; and a whole lot of information to distract him otherwise in the meantime that only raises more questions from the team, and even from Tony himself.

Maybe as expected? All Hell breaks loose; and some are a little quicker on the uptake than expected.

Bucky escapes the Joint Counter-Terrorist Centre in Berlin with some unexpected results when it’s all said and done. But and well; it isn’t the agents he’s running from, actually. Not that anyone will know that until he tells them himself..

Tony gets sort-of carjacked in the aftermath of Berlin; and confronted with some very harsh facts and reminders before he can even set eyes on Queens.


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