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gif breakdown (part 2)


Okay, so much going on here.

Paul Rudd: Admiring Chris & Seb’s onscreen and off screen bond (Scott Lang Level Fanboying)

Mackie: leaning sideways, smiling, shakes his head going *this is an everyday thing for me. not surprises there*

Chris: Flustered, giggles like a school girl and sways in his seat. (I imagine the jellybeans dancing in his stomach) Very happy and excited that someone knows him this well. But also immediately tries to explain to the crowd that he is so much more of a disney nerd than they’re giving him credit for.

Sebastian: All bashful and proud that he is now officially the expert of ‘Know-Your-Chris-Evans-Facts’. Throws his head back and smiles like it was always the most obvious thing in the world. Promptly proceeds to do an impression of Sebastian- the crab 🦀 from Little Mermaid with perfect expression and hand gestures.

  • Notice how Seb is wearing the tie of a colour similar to Chris’ blazer and vice versa. They both have matching black tie-bars on.

Suportive, teasing friends group *check* ✔

Justified confidence of 'I know you better than everyone else’ *check* ✔

Gelled hair & Co-ordinated Outfits *check* ✔

Complimentary actions and behaviour, disney love, proud goofballs *check* *check* *check* ✔✔✔

a screenshot from the original video so you can notice all the details more clearly yourself. 'A picture is worth a thousand words’

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What’s Your Number? 6/10

This definitely gets a high rating because Chris Evans was in it. I didn’t really think it was anything exceptional. It made me laugh and it was fun to see so many actors, but I probably won’t see this again.

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Mackie is super private. I think it would be very hard to find the blind unless you know where to look. And who is to say he isn’t a stern parent who doesn’t allow his kids to be on a device all the time? I would assume he has rules because he has rules when it comes to his sons having as normal of a life as possible. He doesn’t like to talk about them much and likes to keep them separate from his work, he said that recently in the interview he did with Daveed.

Also stop stigmatizing strippers, there is nothing wrong with strippers or seeing them. Also actors literally bare their bodies in television & films.

- Tribeca

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It shouldn’t? I think they are adults capable of making their own decisions. If they are only being entertained by strippers, cool. If they are sleeping with escorts and have gfs, that is between them and their gf. Open relationships do exist. Look at Brad Pitt and his current gf.

- Tribeca

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Does he? Because I haven’t heard about her. I know that he was married to his childhood sweetheart but they are divorced now.

- Tribeca

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Mackie is single and portrays himself as such (meaning no possible pr relationships at the same time he is seeing strippers and escorts). That’s the difference. Also, I don’t think anyone should be shocked by any of this. I’m pretty sure it’s a poorly-hidden secret that the MCU men engage with strippers and escorts in ATL. And there’s nothing wrong with that if you are single, it’s normal.

- Tribeca

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Did he?? I do know Chocolaccino and Vanilla Ice are their nicknames for each other of course, but if they talked about those t-shirts in particular then I don’t remember that 🤔 But it’s very possible that they did! In any case, I love that Mackie was wearing that shirt in the airport lmao 

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