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B#tch baby b#tch.

Immmbjjffg soo TIRED of drawing “wolf ears” HGGUIFOUEOFDU I’m so done with drawing animal EARSS!!! he’s supposed to be a god defying anthropomorphic “wolf” BUT IM SOOOO SICK OF AnIMAl eArS!! Some of my OCS be looking like garBaGe bc of it!!! Ya know! NOPE! Im tired of these ratchet ass ears!! They’re animals but they are also creatures that us humans can comprehend.


Hide yo grandmas bc I will FUCK someones grandma up today I swear!!!

Love ya all and thanks for the support 💖💖💖

Day 126

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@fluorescent-floof​ ‘s furtober day 26

prompt: big ears

my manokit, snail! what a cutie. (i have like no art of him, so i draw him all the time to make art of him, and yet i somehow still have no art of him.)

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