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Oh don’t mind me, just wanted to see if the irl spring outfit I thought about putting together would actually work.

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Sketch of commission for OromisDuriel

Characters © their owners

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Seaside Dream

Thought this song from kimagure Orange Road might fit: song


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iconic scene, these are actually redraws of something from 2019 lmfao

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a lil anthro briar bc i havent drawn her like this in AGES


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POV: You lost a fight and your wallet to Santiago

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a friend :icongckwolf: asked me to draw a badge for him themed around “día de muertos” mexican holiday.
I got to say it was very fun and time consuming… I spend several time looking up references and pictures related to it, also figuring out how to adapt the character to my style which is a little more complex than the usual pictures I’ve seen of him.

Día de Muertos is a really colorful and saturated with imaginery holiday, I find it really interesting tbh… there’s nothing similar in my country.
I also streamed the process of drawing this commission in Twitch! (follow me in twitch!! and got to chat a little with some mexican friends about the holiday and other curious stuff.

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this is so far my best shot to become a full time artist, so every little help counts

Tools used:
Photoshop + Wacom Cintiq small

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Late holiday present for a friend of mine! I made an anthro fantasy design of their stuffed animal horse 💕

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