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$5 P2U Sergal Base

Like what I do? ^^ Consider supporting me on Patreon ( or Ko-Fi (! I’ve just set them up but there are lots of perks and rewards to choose from!

Here’s a P2U Sergal Base that’s up for sale~ $5 and it can be yours!

~General Info~

Pay to Use (P2U) Sergal Base
Contents: .PSD and .CSP Files with Ready-to-Paint Layers
Files Include: Full Body Lineart of a Sergal
Sergal Species by Mick39 (
1. Always credit me for the base
2. Always credit Mick39 for the sergal species
3. Do not remove the “” signature
4. Do not redistribute this base
5. Do not claim the lineart itself as your own
You Can:
Use the base for customs/adoptables/trades/commissions/etc. and price them however you want
Alter the linework if you need to
Add features, like horns, wings, etc.

Buy It Here:…

Or send me a note! I can send you an invoice through PayPal and then email you the files!

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Are they on a mission or maybe on a date? My commanders really don’t know.

[Id: a digital artwork of Rytlock Brimstone and Canach from Guild Wars 2. They are both in PoF expansion armors. they are standing next to each other facing the viewer and looking at different directions. They both grin as they stand in positions ready to fight with weapons in their hands. The background is dark blueish, with green horizontal strips at the bottom. Characters are faintly lighted by their weapons and armors. There is a very faint horizontal light far behind them, although it doesn’t iluminate them. End ID]

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[Image: An anthrophormic lynx mid-jump, holding a floating Mickey Mouse symbol in one hand and peace signing with the other, as noted by the bisexual flag colored text “peace signs bisexually” behind them. They are tan, with large ears and stripes on their tail and arms.

Their light blue jacket has fallen off one of their arms and is swaying in the background, and they have a necklace, gray circle earrings and dark blue jeans.

The signature reads:

“@EmilyLocke Chickensmoothie

@dahlingplease tumblr

@andoptri toyhouse” End image description.]

Contest on Chickensmoothie… what a fun sona

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Edan et Ewan MacGowan à la plage…plus ou moins.

Edan et Ewan sont des jumeaux, et aussi les plus jeunes frères d’un certain panda appelé Maxwell, que vous avez peut être dû voir par ici une fois ou deux…ou dix…x) Je les avais déjà dessiné mais je n’ai jamais fini le dessin en question, donc je ne l’ai pas publié ici.

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