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Utena starts off being pretty bad at dealing with people in general, and I love that the series doesn’t downplay that

She’s such a flawed, beautiful main characters who simply isn’t good at connecting with other human beings as they are and has to learn how to do that, which means she has to “graduate” and go to the Outside World. And that’s brilliant.

I don’t think that “impulsive” is the proper way to describe Utena’s behaviour, “impetuous” would be more fitting. 

When she duels Saionji in the very first episode, it’s not really for Wakaba’s sake, she doesn’t take the time to comfort the poor girl either, she’s doing so because “that’s what a prince would do” rather than what Wakaba truly needs. It’s also a way of protecting herself from having to truly face her friend’s struggles.

And that’s just not great, is it? That’s a bad way of engaging with other people, assuming that you always know what’s good for them and not listening to them. There’s some nobility in fighting against what’s unjust and douches like Saionji, sure, but just mucking about with a sword rarely solves much of anything.

And so, it’s an idea the show keeps exploring as it goes on, Utena’s not the friend Wakaba needs, she doesn’t get her and the two drift apart as the series goes on, they share fewer scenes together, she’s not good to Anthy either for most of the show, her obliviousness shines through her interactions with most of the series’ cast and these points are addressed, they have consequences.

And the anime does all of that without feeling patronising.

That’s quite a directing and writing tour de force.

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I’ve only just started Revolutionary Girl Utena,but I believe that Anthy deserves to have a service dog that only likes her and Utena, grounds her when she starts to dissociate and attack any man that comes too close🐶

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I’m digging into the throwback archives again for #31daysofcosplay day 19. I feel like these pics really represent early 2000s cosplay: the shiny fabric, the shiny wig, my wonky handmade dress, and the fact that I’m cosplaying Anthy from the Utena movie. These pics are from Katsucon I think 2005, and this was the first costume I made that won an award. I think it looks sooo hideous in retrospect but at the time I was proud of it. 🤣 I remember it being one of the first times I ever drafted a pattern for a dress, the first time I worked with paper clay, and the first time I entered a con masquerade. I think my sewing skills have come a long way in the past 15 years!

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Utena and Anthy’s first meeting post canon, and how they’re making a life after everything that happened. Just rough sketches cause I’m drowning in school shit, but still had to get this idea out of my head and onto paper. I might revisit it later or I might not who knows. Anyways while I had the idea in the back of my head for weeks before I found time to sit down to draw it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I wrote a whole ass fic of backstory in my notes app.

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realizing i never posted these rly niche utena ballet au drawings i did from twitter but,, lms if u too think about how rgu’s already established relationship to theatrics and archetypal roles could be executed in a choreographed ballet allegory à la princess tutu 😳😳

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