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#anti aelin
worldsnotsaid · a month ago
I think what bothers me the most about Nehemia’s death is more what came after. It solidified, for me, that SJM’s dealing was more prejudiced than an honest mistake. Because I think the greatest indicator of one’s intention is their reaction and subsequent progress. If SJM released TOG and then after receiving and listening to the criticism, changed the way she wrote black/poc in ACOTAR and CC, then I could have taken her writing of Nehemia as a blunder, and not of an indicator of her being racist.
But, SJM, after receiving a lot of criticism about how she handled Nehemia not only ignored the criticism, but she DID IT AGAIN, to another woman of color, for the same fucking reason. And then her handling of black/poc becomes even more violent from this point forward, and just really disgusting. We have F/enrys, who literally is tortured for A/elin, willing to literally die to save her, and bound to her in a blood oath. Then the treatment of both of the “good” queens. The ugly, violent, and extremely weirdly coded language around Demetra’s death. F/eyre’s narration sexualizes her, and gives not even a second thought after she died for them. Sorscha is forgotten so quickly by the narrative it’s sickening. Her death little more than shock value.
Almost everyone WOC is characterized as closed off, villainous at first, or as rivals. Not one of them are just introduced as smoothly as the white characters. The Summer Court shitted on, and they still fight for the people who stole from them in the middle of a war.
The pattern concerning POC is insanely racist. I need people to stop thinking of racism as something that’s okay so long as it’s not intentional. It’s an ideology — people are interpellated into it, most racists don’t think they’re racist. But SJM isn’t unaware, she’s never even tried to change, and the fact that she’s consistent in her treatment of POC insanely racist. The fact that she felt comfortable using the death of a black woman to sell her books literally reiterates how she treats woc/poc in her books. And if that ruins your fandom, than idk what that says abt you but hey...I just want to let you know that I literally have zero sympathy for racists and their apologist. Like zero, zip. If your idea is that it’s not racist, then idk what to say. You literally can’t get any more racist then SJM’s depiction of her POC.
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quillify-tries-to-talk · 8 months ago
How YA authors show their feminism
Author: so there's this girl. 🧚‍♀️She's not beautiful but she has long golden blonde/white blonde/honey brown/red hair to her waist, extremely tiny waist, blue/green/grey eyes. Now despite her lanky frame, she can wield 101047472 weapons 🗡🗡🗡🗡and she's a badass😏 and a lost princess/queen/monarch/head of a space organization.💫💫👑👑🙈🙈 Her world is filled with evil men🤢🤢🤢
It's extremely patriarchal so I can show how ✨different✨ she is
She has to work so hard to be on par with men. 🥺🥺
But she hates soft, girly women. Because they are airheads 🤬
Every plan of hers works flawlessly because she is also smOrt👌👌👌. Everyone loves her but no one bothers to call her out on her bullshit, even as she burns down cities.
She will not take your shit but she will take her creepy, immortal 1020102920 year old love interest's shit😔✌👌.
Or alternatively,
Author: so there's this girl🧚‍♀️
She's the best!!! The smartest!!! But she's very plain (jk, she has eurocentric features and make up transforms her into a swan 🤪🤪)
Kinda bossy and nagging but it's cute☺️☺️
Has one (1) female friend so that she has a someone to call her best friend without any scrutiny. Usually more popular than her😒
She can do a ton of questionable things, hit her love interest, manipulate people around her, physically harm "traitors". She also hates those gossipy bitches those girls who don't study😱 but are popular and play sports and like makeup 😱😱
But that's okay. She's not like them. She's a badass feminist💫💫🗡🗡
So everyone will just like her actions and she'll never need to develop or have character growth because she's strong and my fAvouRitE
Or alternatively,
Author: my main girl looks exactly like me🤪🤪🤪
She's the most beautiful, but kinda plain and doesn't think of herself much because she's that kind and that good🥺🥺🥺
And she manages to make a broody, abusive angsty bad boy change for her. 🥺💫❤❤
You know how? Because she's not like other girls😤😤😤
They wear makeup. She doesn't because it's 💫fake💫
They're all boring plastics, gossiping bullies and she's quirky and nerdy and clumsy and like reading books and drinking tea and being alone.🍵🍵☺️☺️
And the bad boy wants her because she is sassy with him🤪🤪 and wants to change him🥺🥺❤❤🙈🙈. Doesn't matter that he's emotionally, verbally, physically abusive.
What, the boys?
Oh they'll all be hot, 6+ feet, abs, black/blonde hair, gemstone eyes, pale skin, no scars unless they're hot, no acne, nothing except American or European😍😍😍🥵🥵🥵 and seventeen/eighteen so it's not creepy and pedophilic for me to write some sexy times😏😏😏
And other than that... eh not much. They're just there for the romance. It's not like we can create good role models right🤔😒
Setting: mostly America, European middle ages, Europe, or alternatively, Victorian era, futuristic Europe. No mentions of colonization or genocide because what's research?☺️✌
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nemuri-ibarahime · a year ago
Tumblr media
Her corset—the stupid, cursed thing—pushed on her ribs so hard that the breath was sucked from her. This was why she mostly preferred tunics and pants. It was hard to breathe with the corset crushing her ribs. She had difficulty focusing on his face as she breathed in and out, in and out. She hated corsets. She hated the king. She hated glass castles.
Well, Sarah has no idea of how corsets work, look or do. They were just acient bras. As an historical nerd I also want to say this: SHE IS IN THE EQUIVALENT OF THE MIDDLE AGES, SHE SHOULDNT BE EVEN WEARING A CORSET. Maybe stays or a bodice...Or that tunic I don’t remember the name of...BUT NEVER, NEVER, NEVER A CORSET.
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cinaja · 2 months ago
I feel like many books just miss out on a lot of potential when including characters who are ruthless/willing to do whatever is necessary for their goal. Usually, it's really only just "I would kill for it" and "I would die for it" and this is just BORING, partially because it's been done so many times and partially because it often isn't the option with the most emotional impact. It just lacks punch!
The thing about a character being willing to kill for something is... it just rarely seems like a big thing because most of these characters don't have a problem with killing! Especially in fantasy, characters in fighting professions are very popular, and for such characters, killing is normal. It's no big thing. Now, dying is a bit of a different matter because it is more often treated as a big thing, even for characters who live with the threat of death (like soldiers). But it also just quickly feels cheap. If it happens out of the situation, fine, that works more often (like a split-second decision to jump in front of danger for your friends, or take the suicide mission, or stay back to distract the enemy). But when there is lots of run-up and it's all the character nobly sacificing themselves, going like a lamb to the slaughter etc, it feels ridiculous and over-the-top more often than not.
The prime example for this is Aelin from tog. She is very much sold as a hero who is ready to do anything to save her country. She's willing to kill for it... but then, she is an assassin. Murder is her reaction to the slightest inconvenience, so it hardly seems like a big thing. She is also willing to die and go through bodily harm for it, but more often than not, that just seems over-dramatic. Her being willing to die to forge the lock is all fine, but it's just so over-dramatic it is difficult to take seriously. It has this whole "lamb to the slaughter" aspect that just slips into melodrama really quickly.
There are far better and more interesting options! Especially for your typical ruthless, brash, slightly arrogant fighter hero. Just giving up something they really wanted (that isn't their life) to reach their greater goal. Or, instead of dying themselves, being willing to sacrifice a loved one (hardly ever done - the protagonist always gets to save the love interest AND defeat the villain - and therefore 100x more impactful). Or, especially for proud/arrogant protagonists, being willing to humiliate themselves or beg someone they hate for help/forgiveness. Or, for revenge-driven heroes, being willing to let the villain get away unscathed to achieve their larger goal.
Back to Aelin, who COULD have had some of those aspects but never did, which really made that entire "ready to do anything" narrative bc "anything" now seems reduced to "kill people and maybe die". She isn't willing to give up her throne when the lords demand it. She never once bothers to show respect to possible allies (the lords, chaol's father, rolfe), much less explains herself (the lords) or apologizes (the lords&rolfe). She comes close to choosing other things over revenge ONCE (when she decides to use the power she had planned to kill Maeve with to stop that flood), but honestly, with the stakes in that situation, it's less "ready to do whatever necessary, even give up her revenge" and more "not a complete asshole who lets thousands of people who are fighting for her die and also loses an important army in the process". But that aside, she never once chooses the nonviolent option or puts her revenge second or anything like that, and not only does that make her seem far too violent and generally rather unpleasant (and, at times, incompetent and/or callous) it also really dimishes the whole "ready to do anything for Terrasen" thing the book is trying to convey. For her character specifically, I think grovelling to get an alliance or letting go of revenge or anything like that would have had 100x more impact than her being willing to die.
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cozisaidso · 3 months ago
It blows my mind that people can read these books and hate Chaol or blame him at all
 First of all he brings Aelin back to life by making her believe in love and a future again and then she gouges his face and tries to kill him. Even after all of this he trades his freedom to go back to his abusive father so she can go to wendlyn and be safe from the king( even tho he doesn’t end up going he didn’t know that at the time). Then she comes back from wendlyn constantly puts him down and is a absolute b*tch to him right off the bat and inserts herself in all of his plans. Chaol is the only fully mortal character in this series and at this point he did more to help people then she did. Every single thing he says to Aelin in queen of shadows she deserves. She could have sent them warning about the Valg. She did provoke the king by holding doranelle hostage. She constantly puts him down for working for the king when she did too KNOWING HE KILLED HER PARENTS. Aelin is selfish. She is all about herself and Rowan and that’s it. She just gets worse as the series progresses. Chaol has the best heart out of everyone in this series.
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purplelochnessmonster · 2 months ago
lmao when will s///jm stans understand that the "parallels" between t0g and ac0tar aren't parallels at all, but extreme lack of creativity, overuse of phrases, repetition of the same goddamn words (night-darkened, starry, sheer power, starlit etc.) and lazy writing in general
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mylilcorner · 3 months ago
Aelin flaws:
Is ‘feminist’ but seems to dislike feminine women -oh, except for when she’s feminine cuz she looks cute (Lysandra)
Keeps deadly secrets from people who care about her/work with her/people who will be affected by the secret (legit everyone)
Kills for fun (remember those brawls she’d choose to get into??)
Hates people who show slight disapproval in killing (Chaol)
Is a spoiled little brat (all I learned from Assassins Blade)
Was willing wanted to kill a loyal true friend for some ‘save the world’ and ‘greater good’ shit (Dorian)
And that’s just off the top of my head 😒
Honestly how can anyone read ANY of the the books and somehow stan that bitch??
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thebookisalsobad · 7 months ago
I think part of the reason that T/og and A/cotar haven’t really made it far in the realm of TV is because those stories would be torn to absolute shreds by the non-reader audience. 
R/hys’ actions under the mountain would not get a free pass, and T/amlin’s abrupt character switch wouldn’t fare much better . . .
The death and tokenization of POC characters would become extremely visible . . .
The meandering nature of the plot in both books would need to be re-written to get even a semblance of a working show . . .
Those stories would not fair well among media critics, I just know it. 
It could make money with her established audience and maybe a few teens (like a riverdale situation), but not without raking S/jm’s reputation among respected creators through the mud. 
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croissantcitysucks · 7 months ago
okay so. thought. i know a lot of the fandom who liked nesta (and some antis as well) usually gave her a penchant for finances/bargaining/etc when fleshing out her character, so i find it very,,, curious that s//jm went ahead and gave her dancing as a hobby. obviously sarah’s not obligated to conform to fanon/hcs (although i certainly hate this decision, mainly because she already gave dancing to bryce), but i still think it says something interesting about her books.
mainly, that her female characters really aren’t allowed to have traditionally masculine hobbies. or exist in any way that isn’t really feminine. ael/in plays music. fey/re paints. elain gardens. bryce dances. nesta dances. emerie may own & operate her own business, directly in conflict with the sexism of her culture, but that fact is somehow less focused on than the fact that she & nesta both like smutty romances. the same thing goes for gwyn, who is admittedly (somewhat of?) a librarian (or smth), but, in contrast to merrill (who is made out to be an asshole), she is not an academic or a scholar. she doesn’t do research of her own or specialize in any particular field. in fact, she readily admits that she doesn’t understand any of the equations merrill’s working on, despite being her assistant. obligatory disclaimer that there’s certainly nothing wrong with having feminine interests and hobbies, but for all that s//jm goes on about feminism, she seems to be unable to write a main female character with less traditionally feminine hobbies/interests. how many main women in her books have we seen who like math or engineering? chemistry? ecology? or even history or any of the social sciences, which can be considered more feminine than stem stuff? especially in ac0tar & c/city, the female characters are all put into very traditionally feminine roles, even if maybe once or twice they do put on some pants to go fight in a war.
and oh, the fighting! that’s not groundbreaking either. being able to fight is demanded of all the main characters, both men & women, because sarah janet seems to view “being badass” as one of the only valid traits a person can have. still, though. the female characters don’t fight in the same way that the male characters do. they might know how to use their powers, sure, and put on “””illyrian fighting leathers””” whenever they need to take part in a war, but after that war they (ALL) put the pretty dresses back on, relinquish whatever authority they had during the war, and go back to their feminine hobbies and having kids. they’re not allowed to have fighting or strategy or spying or etc etc be Their ThingTM the way being general is cassian’s Thing and being a great spy is az/riel’s Thing. and, at the end of the day, on the battlefield they’re ordered around by men. they wield their powers & training at the behest of the men who are allowed by the narrative to specialize in these things and be in charge. now, if this was only one or two women? sure! characters who fight only because it’s either that or die and would really rather prefer to live a civilian life are great! i have characters like that in my stories! but once again,,,,, with sarah janet,,,, it’s every. single. woman. and it just ends up enforcing a binary standard for How Women Should Be.
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sunrisinqsky · a month ago
also, to those who keep going on about members of the ic, the band of exiles, etc etc ruling places that their at best claim to, is conquership
y’all are …. almost to the level of aelin considering colonialism.
places have a rule of inheritance, and a line to the throne. just because you like a character, does not mean the character can become a ruler of a place that they have no claim to. cassian and nesta ruling hybern? the fuck are y’all on? elain ruling over spring? lucien, despite being the son of autumn, and the heir of day, has no ruling claim to spring. vassa is already a queen of a kingdom, she does not need another one. why would jurian want the fae lordship of a territory?
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bythenineshards · 4 months ago
If you gotta say "Stick with it. It gets good after book 3" and book 3 is where the author completely changes the MCs and plot, it's not a good thing.
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worldsnotsaid · a month ago
The thing that kills me is that many antis are abuse survivors who were triggered by crap in Sarah's books? We’re not complaining just to complain? We’re trying to warn others so they’ll avoid being triggered too and explain why that behavior is so bad? Like Jeez.
Hi, anon!
Yes, anon, you are absolutely correct. This will be long.
Sarah willingly allowed a narrative that not only justified abuse but celebrates it. The foundation of F/eysand's relationship is R/hysand's abuse UTM. It is the driving force of their relationship, and it sets up the dynamics we see throughout the books -- and it's so damn realistic to real-life abuse, and that is because...I don't think SJM recognizes it as abuse. And usually, we don't recognize we're in an abusive situation until we step back and look at it, truly. And what R/hys did to F/eyre UTM, was a textbook example of domestic/sexual violence -- "I only did it because I love you/want to protect you."
And F/eyre looks at the abuse as her catharsis, she looks forward to it and praises it. She licks his tears and blushes at what he did to her because -- "it was to protect her" and then she binds her life to his because she can't stand to be without him. That is a textbook example of an abusive relationship.
And honestly, I think I physically recoil to even think that people justify that. That sexual assault and violence are excused as "he only twisted her bone," or "he only drugged her" and "he has no loyalty to her at that point so it's okay." . Or even sicker -- "he could have done worse." And that makes me upset. And I mean upset, sad. Because I think the worse thing I did was read these books at such a vulnerable time, with this type of messaging.
Because R/hysand did feel real -- but not in the way SJM intended. He felt like something I always see, the "he didn't mean it" types or the "he'll never do it again." It's to the point that people won't even admit that any of the abusive shit R/hysand did was abuse. It's like screaming underwater to even get people to look at him as an abuser. And it's so invalidating. I would never want someone to read that, or to go through life thinking they should allow a man to "protect them" a certain type of way because he might mean well or he might treat you like a princess. He'll dress you up and put a crown on you -- and then abuse you all the same.
No one's hates R/hysand because we hate him. No one's pulling this shit out our ass.
And it's like -- she gets this with Tamlin, understands that what Tamlin did was absolutely, a thousand percent abuse, but she chooses to ignore this with R/hys. And may I say, what R/hys did was just absolutely fucking disgusting. But it's okay because F/eyre's fine with it. She's not pressed, so we should all just ignore that what R/hys did -- and that fucking kills me.
Let's get this straight: R/hys is an abuser. He's a perpetrator of sexual assault and violence, and whether or not F/eyre forgives him, or how much she isn't fazed by the abuse will NEVER negate that R/hys is her abuser.
And let's not make any mistakes, R/hys is still an abuser in MAF and WAR. He does the same shit Tamlin does, but he's much more charming with it, so it's okay. And of course, since F/eyre's okay with it, the reader has to be too. I don't even think I have to talk about R/hys in SF.
See, I can understand the hateful feeling towards Tamlin, I really do. I think what he did was fucking hideous, ugly, and vile. I don't give a shit about how much of an asshole he was to F/eyre when we're discussing R/HYSAND'S ABUSE. Tamlin is a shield for the narrative. Whenever we need to question R/hysand's we get reminded of how much of an abuser T/amlin was -- and I fucking hate it. At least T/amlin reaped the consequences, at least he expressed regret. You know how horrible of an author you have to be, to have the bar in the ninth ring of hell?? Where the actual villain of the series expresses more sympathy/regret than the main character??? Tamlin is whatever, he's abusive, there was never an argument there. His character is horribly written and there's that. But that has no bearings on R/hys's abuse. That has nothing -- nothing to do with R/hysand's abuse of F/eyre. IT doesn't. If T/amlin dies, so be it. But that will never negate that R/hys is a fucking abuser -- one who feels real and who is backed by people who would die on the hill of his abuse.
And it's all over SJM's works. Look at Rowan and Aelin?? He brutalized her to the point where she nearly felt like dying. And for no fucking reason. And then?? She falls in love with him.
F/eyre and R/hys, Aelin and Rowan, they're marketed as enemies to lovers. But the enemies part is one-sided because neither F/eyre nor Aelin do anything to their love interest. F/eyre isn't R/hysand's enemy, she's not equally yoked with him. He abused her. The same with Rowan and Aelin. They are both victims of violence, they're not equal enemies fighting on the battlefield, or from warring houses, etc., they just get abused. And you children have no choice but to eat this shit up because SJM is EVERYWHERE. I don't give a shit about R/hys's Velaris, or his dying, or his trauma -- not when that's used to undermine his abuse, not when it's only used as a shield.
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judesknife · a month ago
In my opinion liking a Villain is acceptable but stanning a hero who's villainous actions are glorified is so not okay🤷🏽‍♀️
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corrinisantisjm · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
guess what i found in the school library
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cinearia · 2 months ago
TOG was basically for me a guide of how don’t write arrogant/morally grey characters that we are supposed to root for. But I have just a personal rant in mind, I don't know if i'll make sense but I decided to do it.
When I took TOG to read, I had finished a rereading from one of my favorites books: We have always lived in the castle, by Shirley Jackson. I know I'm comparing two books with different premises and genres, but I have a point here.
In TOG, Sjm wanted Celaena to be a professional assassin, so this concept is needed from a different or specific moral code for someone who kills people for work. She wanted to be really good at her job to the point she is known as the best, but also had to be liked by the other characters -- despite the part where an assassin is called the best assassin of a place if her name is so well known and was in the prison.
Sometimes, Celaena has to be kind and altruist, like when she saved Nox (which I still don’t understand why???); in other she is described as fragile and beautiful and then the narration showed her as dangerous and strong (all in the pov of Chaol and Dorian). She’s hurt and traumatized by her time in the mines, but then acts as if she wasn’t locked in a prison for one year. Celaena changes according to the plot, not the first time I see it in an sjm book.
But I mainly keep with her trait of arrogance and sarcasm, because I think is one of the more coherent(????) even though sjm itself doesn't let her be recognized as arrogant without glorifying. I discovered last year that I liked these types of characters, but specifically when the story doesn't ignore their flaws and, at some point or not, they are called out or suffer the consequences of something they did.
Some days before i take Shirley Jackson book to reread. We always lived in the castle. It's the kind of book that I know if i read again after two years, i would notice some things that i didn't the first time and with another way of interpretation. The main character, Merricat, is the narrator in the first person, and we see her routine through the village and about her family. She loves Constance, her older sister, and they live with their uncle Julian and her cat in the mansion of the family in a small village. But some years before the story begins, the rest of the family, the parents and the uncles, died in a family dinner from poison, and only Merricat, Constance and uncle Julian survived. Merricat loves her house and her sister and always describes them with love and perfection, and anyone who is not them and uncle Julian are terrible. She hates the village where they live, and barely goes there except to shop for food or something they need in their house, because everyone thinks that Constance killed the rest of their family, though she was declared innocent.
Since then they live isolated from the rest of the world in the mansion of the family. Anything and anyone that is outside is despised by Merricat, while she walks in the village she fantasizes about murdering everyone around and describes how every house is ugly, and when a distant cousin comes to visit them after years, Merricat constantly call him a ghost and that he has to be get out of that house, if not the demon itself.
Rereading again I remembered how much Merricat is obsessive and immature and the things she thinks are darker than I remembered. Her fantasies are infantil, basically everything in her view is black and white. For her, only Constance was good. Only their house is good and safe. I pause sometimes while reading because girl, wtf are you talking about it?
And I don't know, I see how much flawed Merricat is and how the situation she is in the book can actually look like, in another POV. Was the first book with this premise I read and I really liked it. Is everything so glamourized, because it’s from her perspective we are seen everything, and was proposital.
Just funny that the next book I'm picking up is from a main character who is so flawed but not actually flawed.
Tbh, the beginning was fun to me, i already didn't expect so much (my cousin lent her book, so yeah i have to read), i was more seen how much Celaena was such an idiot than rooting for her. The middle of the book it's where it starts to tiring me, if I am not mistaken it’s when the romance starts. Celaena's character is so incoherent that it seems to me that she has different versions of herself. Always depends on the situation (I will assume that the next book is the same because sjm, but i will just talk about the first book). And when we leave her POV, the world is forced to have this impression from Celaena, always Chaol and Dorian, as if to be reinforced by more than one person how incredible Celaena is.
I root more for Merricat while she is fantasizing her ways in killing the people around her and her cousin (and not doing any of this because this is literally her own mind, basically showing how much her mind works for only thinking that), than Celaena in any moment of triumph.
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anti-sjmessy · 6 months ago
In throne of glass SJM tried to combine Christmas a crostini holiday and Yule a Pagan holiday
And as a pagan it really makes me mad that she did that
Yoooooo, but like she also minored in Religious studies.
Tumblr media
I think it’s just hella disrespectful and lazy as fuck that she did so too. I think it’s super telling that she couldn’t even make up her own religion, but instead had to go and take two major holidays from two different religions and smash them together.
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tailorgenyasafin · a year ago
s/jm defies her own logic so much that it honestly gives me a headache whenever I think about it. I’ll never get over F/eyre coming from an impoverished background and later happily accepting a third mansion as a mating present and taking gifts from poor people struggling to recover from the war. She was also born a human and knew what it meant to be treated horribly by the fae and still fitted in with them so easily - and in fact began looking down upon humans (esp in a/comaf). 
The same goes for even A/elin who came from a kingdom whose people had been oppressed but still contemplated the possibility of conquering the world and bringing “books and music” when in fact, Orrynth’s library was destroyed because of an invading ruler who wanted to conquer her kingdom. She knew how M/aeve abused her oath and instead of taking that as a cautionary tale, she still allowed people (Rowan and A/edion) (and forced L/orcan) to take the blood oath.
Don’t even get me started on B/ryce being half-human and sympathising with the very people that have enslaved her kind for 15,000 years (demonising the humans who have resorted to violence out of desperation in the process), or spending the whole book talking about how she would never date an alphahole and still going on to fall for one anyway.
And coincidently, they are all people who come from positions of power (or attain it at some point) and privilege who have absolutely no sympathy for the powerless apart from when it serves as an aesthetic for s/jm to glorify them and pass them off as saviours :/ (the one exception being that B/ryce actually doesn’t care about humans).
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I’m writing a throne of glass fic where post-KoA “I am a god” Aelin Ashryver Whitethorn Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen, the Queen who was Promised, the Heir of Mala Fire-Bringer, the Faerie Queen of the West, Holder of 19 Titles and 5 Aliases (I counted), gets her special-snowflake colonialist ass kicked by a POC explicitly-stated-to-be-lesbian assassin. Without powers.
tell me/reblog/whatever if you want to be on the tag list.
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thebookisalsobad · 3 months ago
After reading assassin’s blade and throne of glass i’m fully convinced sjm doesn’t actually know what an assassin is. Sis how can anyone be “the best assassin in the world” and also “the most famous one” when even semidecent aren’t well known?? Also the shit in the dessert
A trend you might notice in these books is the tendency for the characters to have jobs/titles but never really do them (or be shitty at them). R/hys is high lord, but the text itself barely shows him doing any actual governing. A/elin has no leadership experience, and all of her assassin stuff in the first book is done off screen. I think it’s because s/jm doesn’t world build or develop her characters as their own organic concepts, but rather as props for the romance/self-insert character.
The books aren’t really about the politics, or the world, or the themes, so those things are never developed.
People say it gets better at hof, but I think that’s because a/elin is no longer just an assassin so her showy personality is less jarring. Alas, everything that makes the characters interesting is stripped away in favor of making A/elin look good, so I’m inclined to disagree.
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croissantcitysucks · 5 months ago
friendly reminder to Certain People to stop fucking crosstagging, all it does is bring more angry stans into anti notes & inboxes and none of us want that! the fact is that if a stan wants to hear criticism of the series they will come TO us and that passive aggressively crosstagging posts only makes people madder & less willing to listen.
anti posts should be tagged exclusively with anti tags & anti tags should only be used on anti posts. 
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