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#anti amber heard

If even a Private Investigator couldn’t find any dirt on Johnny Depp, it finally puts to bed the rumours of him being an asshole a lot of you fuckers paint him as :) Once Again Amber Fuckin twisted bitch Heard has proven him innocent. 


Originally posted by staerde

A big FUCK YOU to Amber Heard and a big FUCK YOU to stupid people still dumb/ignorant enough to support her!

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I’m completely losing my shit over Amber Heard’s grand plan of hiring a P.I. to get dirt on Johnny Depp. 

She really went: “Okay I want you to find every horrifying skeleton in his closet.” 

And her P.I. basically came back with: “Wow, what a nice guy. By the way, I now own all his movies and we got friendship bracelets.” 

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if amber heard and her team have all the evidence they need against johnny depp, why would she need a private investigator to dig up dirt on him going back 30 years ago? 100 people, plenty of countries and in all that time not one person has anything bad to say about him? amber and her legal team have NOTHING and it shows, and she clearly does NOT have $50M to give to johnny which is why she keeps trying to get her case dismissed. if you have nothing to hide why dismiss a case if you want justice? why aren’t you getting the judge on skype or video call to bring your evidence forward?

unless she wasn’t abused and trying to cover up the fact that she herself was the abuser. if i claimed that i have evidence that my ex husband abused me throughout our marriage, best believe that i’d collect my evidence and take it to court, i wouldn’t be dancing around technicalities and trying to get cases dismiss. i’d want justice.

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why are y’all saying the evidence against amber is biased when that evidence includes her word for word admitting to abusing him on multiple circumstances and that he never fought back. you just don’t wanna update your “side status” bc you cant handle the fact that you supported a psychopath.

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I am just now learning about what is happening with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. I have read transcripts of audios and read many different articles.

It hurts my heart and I hope that the justice he deserves is delivered.

Men can be abused. And it is horrible that their voices are hard to be heard.

I stand with Johnny Depp.

If you stand with Amber Heard, go ahead and block me. We are not friends.


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Watching Labyrinth. Its the scene with the bog of eternal stench. Makes me think of Amber Heard. Its all her lies and her shitty bad acting combined to make one big pile of stinky, prophetic mess. Bare in mind this movie came out when she was born.


AMBER HEARD WAS CONCEIVED IN THE BOG OF ETERNAL STENCH. I’m sure her parents were doing somethin’ nasty under there

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From now on anyone who calls Johnny Depp an abuser despite the fact he’s been proven innocent by the very bitch who falsely accused, I’m gonna assume you support abuse providing its a woman that’s doing it.

Abuse is never okay regardless of who’s doing it but if you support Amber Heard then you are a disgusting abuse supporter and the true abuse apologists. 

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